Sense8 Renewed

Sense8 Season 2: EP 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Pickup

Netflix did not have Sense8-tional news for fans of the twisty freshman thriller at the Television Critics Association press tour on Tuesday.

Many assumed the show’s TCA panel would kick off with a Season 2 renewal announcement. Instead, executive producer J. Michael Straczynski told reporters that he’s “still awaiting word” about a pickup, adding, “We’re cautiously optimistic, but, ultimately, it’s Netflix’s call.”

Sense8 — which also counts Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix) among its executive producers — follows a group of eight individuals from around the globe, all of whom are connected by a mysterious vision. The cast includes Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill), Naveen Andrews (Lost) and Tuppence Middleton (Sinbad).

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Creatively, Straczynski said he and the Wachowskis already have a plan in place for Season 2 (and beyond). “We are long-game people. We need to know where we’re going, where it all pays off and what it means,” Straczynski elaborated. “Season 1 was an origin story, Season 2 has its own particular arc and so on. To spoil that here would not be in the best interests of the surprise we have in mind.”

All 12 episodes of Sense8‘s first season are now available to stream. Hit the comments with your thoughts on a potential Season 2 renewal.

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  1. webly3 says:

    This show was amazing. I would be crushed if Netflix didn’t give them a 2nd season. There are quite a few shows that Netflix should have never renewed anyways (*cough* Hemlock Grove *cough*), so it’d be terrible if Sense8 was cancelled and those horrible shows got renewed.

    • Joey says:

      I can’t understand how Hemlock Grove continues to get renewed.

      There really shouldn’t be any reason why Sense8 doesn’t get renewed. Marco Polo’s reviews were lukewarm at best compared to Sense8’s, and it still got renewed. It’s also another great Netflix show that didn’t get the accolades it deserved from critics, either.

    • Jason says:

      I don’t get Hemlock Grove either. I liked Sense8 a lot. I am really hoping for a renewal soon!!

    • ScottJ says:

      I suspect Hemlock Grove is rather cheap to make compared with Sense8. So long as the production costs are covered and it makes a profit, it can survive with fewer viewers. In any case the imminent third season is its last.

      • Dr. M says:

        IIRC Hemlock Grove was only given enough time to tie the show up. It isn’t a full renewal.
        I would think if they wanted Sense8 back, they would know by now and not just be ‘optimistic’.

    • tvlover44 says:

      a commenter on another site explained that you can go to netflix’s help center and have a chat with a netflix rep – which i did immediately – and recommend that they renew the show. i explained that this was my favorite netflix series, that i found it gorgeous and so emotionally affecting and was very much eager for more. the rep i chatted with said they take this feedback seriously, so everyone who is commenting here and wants the show renewed, give netflix this feedback directly!

  2. Mare says:

    I want a season 2! I want to know how they’re going to free Will from the psycho guy! And find out more about that poor little girl from Will’s past! And Sun needs to get out of prison and take down her evil brother!

    • DarkDefender says:

      Easy with the spoilers there, tiger. A lot of people haven’t discovered this show yet.

      • Joey says:

        That’s not Mare’s fault. The show has been available for almost 2 months already.

        • DarkDefender says:

          Yes, it is. Mare posted the spoilers. If this were a well publicized network show I would agree with you. But if one viewed this show an episode a week, it would take 3 months for the season to play out. That is an acceptable wait. Not everyone can binge watch a show. Relax.

          • Joey says:

            I’m not relaxed? I believe I was the one asking you to calm yourself to Mare about spoilers. I didn’t watch the show when it came out, and I didn’t binge watch it either. Nonetheless, I finished the show almost a month ago. As I stated above, its been out for quite awhile. Even AV Club, which took its time posting episode reviews, has been finished reviewing the show for awhile now.

        • Mare says:

          Thanks, Joey!! Yea, it’s been almost two months. Everyone I know – even the ones who took their time with it – has watched it. I figured after a month or so, it was fair game. It’s not like it just came out last week.

    • Jeff S says:

      I’m through 2 episodes, and kinda wishing I wouldn’t have read her post.

      DarkDefender is right. If you’re going to post spoilers EVER on a message board you should preface the comment with ****SPOILER***. Don’t assume everyone lives by the same schedule of when they watch certain programs. Two months is a very short amount of time in today’s world of binge viewing and online streaming.

  3. JJ says:

    They better renew this! It’s my absolute favorite show Netflix has done. Actually, it may be one of my favorite shows of all time.

  4. Cory says:

    If this is Netflix’s first cancellation (after the first season) I will be sooo livid. It’s by far their best series to date.

  5. Scythe says:

    I had all the troubles in the world getting into the series for most of the season, like it is soooo slow and borderline boring up to episode 8. Then it finally took off, and the last episodes are surprisingly enjoyable, with cool twists and some interesting character developments. Now I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing where this could lead now that they have set the (long, boring) origin story and they can move on with the drama.

  6. DarkDefender says:

    I love this show. It is a cross between the Joss Whedon penned movie “In Your Eyes” and the TV show Orphan Black.. But it is Way more diverse in cast and stories. It is also way more sexy and it is nice to see an uncensored story play out – something the traditional networks can’t do. Sense8 is a gem and if you can get to the end of episode 4 you will get hooked. By the end of episode 5 you will love it. I hope the do a season 2.. Plenty of story to be told with these folks.

    • Temperance says:

      Agreed. One of the most refreshing things about the show is that they can actually show all the actual possiblities – upsides and down – without editing for pointless prurient views.

  7. Carmen says:

    I really hope Netflix renew it. I love it and I want to see more of this amazing show.

  8. Ash says:

    I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t a second season. It took a few episodes to find it’s footing but I ended up really loving a lot of the characters and curious to see where the story goes.

  9. Cindy C. says:

    Love this show and have been anxiously awaiting news of it’s renewal. As a big fan of shows like Lost and Orphan Black and Fringe, this fits the bill exactly. Wonderful diverse cast and very unique story that I am so excited to see continue. Hope Netflix doesn’t give up on it, the production values are well worth it. IMO the best original Netflix show to date. By far my favorite.

  10. GhostWolf says:

    Hope there is a season 2 as well. I was planning on watching about 2-3 episodes a night but wound up binging the full show in a day (it did get better as the season progressed).

  11. Richard says:

    Enjoyed season 1.
    Would watch season 2

  12. Steven says:

    The plot was slow to get going and at the end of series one it still has some more building. I really enjoyed the first series. The filming is absolutely fantastic.

  13. I’m up to the fourth episode. It’s been slow, but it’s getting interesting.

  14. Ric says:

    Love the show. Would be gutted if it wasn’t renewed!

  15. abz says:

    There has to be a second season!!! Lito and Hernando are too damn cute together and I LOVE Hernando. He’s hilarious. It’s nice to see the show have some really good portrayals of lgbt relationships. I want to see more of them and I want Lito to tell Hernando about the sensates.
    And while I did enjoy some sensate stories more than others, Ireally enjoy all of the sensates. Sun is such a badass. Loved her visiting with Capheus. Capheus always puts a smile on my face. I love the way he marvels at things. You can’t help but smile. I like Will, Wolfie and Nomi too. By the way, how hot was that scene in the 6th episode. Probably in my top sexiest scenes on TV in the past few years.
    The one issue I had was the whole conspiracy plot. I don’t know, it just didn’t feel like it was well planned out. But anyway, I loved the character building and the sensate interactions.

    • Liz says:

      So I just knocked out the whole series in a week. And only reason I started watching was because of the actor who portrayed Hernando (big Mexican star). Let’s just say I was crushed at his character (lol) But he plays it too damn well and then I was so intrigued by the whole story and cast. I love the diversity and just how everyone plays their part in being surprised by their surroundings. Love it! Please give me a second season besides Bo Jack Horseman this is the first Netflix series I’ve watched through.

  16. Kyle says:

    More orgy scenes, please!!!

  17. slayerangel78 says:

    This show needs and deserves a second season. One of the current best tv shows out there. I liken it to Heroes, only better and more diverse. Strong female characters AND male nudity? Yes, please!

  18. Will says:

    Hopefully not jinxing anything, but hasn’t every original Netflix series they’ve created (vs picking up a show that was canceled by another network) been renewed *at least* for a 2nd season? I’m not worried

  19. Temperance says:

    sense8 was amazing TV! It was one of my top 5 for the entire year.

  20. B says:

    What’s even to think about, Netflix? This show is the most original, amazing thing out there. It has to have a second season and beyond. Make the announcement already! Better yet, green-light two seasons at once.

  21. Jared says:

    Sense8 was one of the few Netflix Original series I couldn’t get into. I wanted to love it but..

  22. Alexander says:

    I love the show! Please renew it!
    I’m a Berlin citizen and I love that they included the Molecule Man in their opening credits. The cinematography is out of this world!

    • Joey says:

      As someone who lives a relatively conventional American life, I love the opening of the show because it shows so many things from around the world and so many parts of different cultures. :)

  23. Just binged watched!! I can’t wait for season 2! Beautifully written characters and storyline!

  24. April says:

    Needs to be renewed. The last few episodes were awesome.
    I need to know how they will save Will. He’s beyond dreamy. And so cute seeing him and Riley together.

  25. Stern des Südens says:

    In the middle of season 1 now and really enjoying it. I feel like this show has been pretty buzzy so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get a second season.

  26. James says:

    If Netflix drops sense8, I drop Netflix.

  27. Bmoody says:

    If they don’t bring season 2 of sense 8i might cancel Netflix. That’s how much I enjoyed the season. It started out slow but that was just an introduction of all the diverse characters. Absolutely love it and looking forward to season 2

  28. FtheFreys says:

    Oh man it better get renewed. I love this show. I need more Sun in my life.

  29. annie says:

    Adding my two cents worth of PLEASE renew this amazing show!!!

  30. Alichat says:

    GAH!! It has to be renewed!! I need to know how they handle Will!!!

  31. Kaye Weiss says:

    I would have to say that it’s the most unique, thought provoking and possibly the best series I’ve seen in a long time. It would be a shame if Netflix did not renew. I’m crossing my fingers.

  32. pirate says:

    Best show of the season, and yet it barely gets any buzz on most websites. Like here. Why is that?

  33. meatwad says:

    i genuinely enjoy every one of the Sense8 and their friends/lovers. i was so hyped for this show and it exceeded my expectations!!!!!

  34. Bark Star says:

    This can not be renewed for another season. It needs to be renewed for another FOUR seasons so JMS can tell the story he intended. Not gonna happen, I know. So I would settle for a Season 2 renewal. Despite the Wachowskis involvment, this show is brilliant.

  35. Dale says:

    I honestly believe that was an amazing 1st season it would be a real shame to end it now as I am emotionally connected to the characters please continue the next season Netflix thanks regardless really enjoyed it

  36. Cari says:

    I’m feeling optimistic, as well. Why would they even go to the TCA’s if there wasn’t a chance?

    I loved this show, thought it was beautifully filmed and exciting! I binge watched and was very disappointed when I watched the last episode.

  37. bytemebill says:

    I just started watching this show and am hooked. I am about halfway through. It is just amazing and I truly hope it gets picked up to continue.

  38. itsmrchacha says:

    The show was a surprise I never knew people could still think in that manner

  39. Amsyar Iman says:

    This is one of the best tv shows. I am serious. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if this show got cancelled. Fingers crossed for a second season.

  40. sense 8 says:

    I will be really upset if itndoesnt get renewed. I loved this show!

  41. Some of the best storytelling on Netflix. OITNB, Misfits and Sense8 are the three best arguments for having Netflix. So, come on, season 2 now!

  42. logan says:

    Sense8 is such a good show! Please be smart about it and give us season 2!!!!

  43. Pam says:

    Loved season 1. Bring it back for season 2!

  44. Mel Price says:

    i am totally into this show- it’s so interesting and the character development is awesome! There’s nothing like this show anywhere on TV! I want season 2 like yesterday!!!

  45. Morna says:

    Really need a s2. When good series just stop at cliff hangers it’s awful. Don’t

  46. Jimmie says:

    Please renew! Season 1 was epic and I’d absolutely need, need NEED to watch season 2 and so on! C’mon Netflix! RENEW! RENEW!

  47. pat says:

    I am looking forward to Season 2, don’t disappoint!

  48. For there to not be a season 2 would just be cruel. I was so captivated by season 1, and there are so many places for the show to go. Netflix don’t fail me now!

  49. kirads09 says:

    My hope for a S2 of Sense8 would be
    WAAAAAY more Naveen Andrews
    More explanation of the “mythology” of being sensate. What are the benefits to humanity or even personally?
    Because what I took away from S1 was that it seemed only to complicate, mess up lives and put them in danger frankly.
    Sun is probably my favorite of the group.

  50. Charlee Jay says:

    I would just like to say that I’m a junkie for a series like this one. The intensity the wonder of how things will turn out! It’s has been more gripping than most movies I’ve watched this year so far. I just want them to continue bring us season 2 I can’t stand the wait!