Banshee Cancelled

Banshee Sets End Date: Season 4 Will Be Cinemax Drama's Last

The jig is almost up for Lucas Hood.

Although unconfirmed by Cinemax, TVLine has learned exclusively that Banshee‘s upcoming eight-episode fourth season will be the show’s last.

I’m told producers have known for some time that that end was near, and, as a result, were able to craft an “epic” conclusion to the series.

In an interview with TVGuide.com last March, EP Greg Yaitanes — who’s currently helming Cinemax’s new hitman drama Quarry — acknowledged that Banshee “always had a limited premise and lifespan,” adding, “We push hard to make sure every episode is better than the one before it, and that takes an enormous amount of energy and creativity and work.”

Banshee‘s fourth and final season — featuring Eliza Dushku! — is slated to bow in early 2016.

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  1. brutus says:

    worst news of the day! One par with shameless as my favorite show on TV

  2. Tim says:

    One of the top shows on TV right now

  3. Glen Williams says:

    I’ve enjoyed the show..so be it..

  4. DougMac says:

    Not surprised they want to end now, but I wish it wasn’t a shortened season

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Makes sense. It’s time to end the story.

  6. m3rcnate says:

    acknowledged that Banshee “always had a limited premise and lifespan,”
    Hmmmm, i wonder if this has anything to do with it being so freaking good…do ya think? Hey, other TV show creators….take a page out of this show runners book. Create a great story, limit the story to 4-6 seasons, 10-16 episodes a season, and work really hard to make sure every episode has a purpose, that it drives the plot and develops the characters, and has minimal filler.
    I love Banshee and it will break my heart to see it go, along with Strike Back…but there is a reason they are so good, which i just stated (always had a close end game in mind, series only goes 5ish seasons, seasons are relatively short). So im glad to see it go out on top. Here’s hoping a ton of people that act on the show go off to get other good shows, they deserve it.

  7. dee says:

    Saw this coming when they cast Dushku.

  8. Das Snow says:

    I was going to start watching again because of Eliza. Oh well

  9. DarkDefender says:

    I hate gratuitous violence, but I do love this show. It has been (and sounds like it will end) as one crazy action packed ride. Looking forward to the final 8.

  10. Evan says:

    You don’t bring in Dushku just to end the show! Yeah, with this and Strike Back both ending, Cinemax now needs to reexamine that whole idea of “We don’t want to be called Skinemax anymore”.

  11. Bill says:

    Terrible news. I like this show

  12. Fido says:

    Shame to see this almost perfect series go (only once did it go too far for me, just once) but since they knew the end was coming I’m confident we’ll get a cracking send off. :)

  13. Mary S says:

    Of the 30 shows listed in the “Cancelled Too Soon” slideshow, I only watched 4…and I agree entirely that they were gone too soon! Of the rest of them, I have only even heard of one, and that’s because I love Castle. I learned of Firefly last year, long after its demise. I found Cupid by accident, and was charmed, when I was out of town, staying with a sick friend for a few months. I returned home, ready to record it, but by then it was gone. And I adore Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, 2 other shows I did not find until they were in reruns on a cable network. I bought both series. I watched Smash from the first episode and was very upset to lose it…again, I bought the series and the CD.
    Other shows that were gone too soon are FOREVER, Perception, Intelligence, and HARRY’S LAW. The only one that I have been able to find on DVD is Season One of Perception, which I bought.. If anyone knows how I can get the full series of any of those shows, please let me know! I have season 1 of Perception, but none of the others are available from “the usual sources” – I have 8 episodes of Harry’s Law on my DVR, but I would love to have both seasons on my shelf!

    • BLKKGB says:


  14. meatwad says:

    this show suprised the heck out of me three seasons ago. i’m glad it’s going out on top instead of the slow painful death that some shows get.

  15. meatwad says:

    ok Cinemax here’s your new show, a spinoff with Hood, Job and Deva!!! They try to keep her on the straight and narrow but she ends up taking a liking to their more darker influences

  16. Murica! says:

    No!! This horrible news!!

  17. obriensg1 says:

    Damn, just watched Season 1 on Amazon Prime last week. I’m currently waiting for the Season 2 Blu-ray to arrive. It’s a surprisingly addictive show. 5 seasons would have been better at least, but good to end with a plan I guess.

  18. Will says:

    Brilliant show.Anthony Starr is a fabulous actor and should be a heavyweight in Hollywood.

  19. Niigger says:

    I shall gladly give each of your nîgger holes the old Fist a roo

  20. Scotty Ehrlich says:

    I just love way locus hood play best park that movie banshee … Just love them all .. Great show ever …

  21. Eric says:

    hope its not real that they are cancelling the show…. it’s my best show so far… looking forward to see it go up to season 5.

  22. Mahdi Ramadhan says:

    Ofcourse Banshee series has been incredibly nyc bt press hard to mek sure de season finaly mekes it best, i can’t wait for 2016, Great work Guyz

  23. Wire thagodd says:

    This is upsetting news. Banchee was one of the best series I have ever watched. To have me devote my time into this and loving each and every character like a family member to get this news is like looking a love one. I paid a high cable bill for cinemas just to see this show to end with just 4 seasons. I need to buy the box set. This is one for the collection and remembrance of a great series.

  24. Mike g says:

    Really hook on banshee and several freinds would hope writers find a way to continue story line very good show and plots and tons of action. All adults scene were very creative kept story line looking for next episode .hood was great in all action moves.

  25. kgkaney says:

    I am saddened by the news of Banshee being cancelled. This is my favorite show on television. I feel certain if a poll was conducted by the producers they might reconsider the decision to cancel this great show.

  26. i love this show. I wish the would sell the rights to Netflix. If they had advertised correctly, the show would have been a big hit. Please sell to Netflix!!!!!!

  27. Brian says:

    Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Banshee. Those are the three best shows on television right now. How could you even think about canceling any one of them? When this happens Cinemax will go back to being a complete joke. Nothing but a late night destination for bad soft-core porn.

  28. Janos says:

    Must find a new way to see Lily Simmons naked, or life will not be worth living!

  29. Ron says:

    That sucks. Great show

  30. Mario says:

    What a pitty..It has become really one of my fav..best shows i have seenb

  31. corey says:

    VERY disappointed to hear that Banshee is comming to an end…one of the best shows on tv.

  32. Jennifer wallace says:

    I would have liked it to go for at least 6 seasons!…It was GREAT while it lasted!!! Excellent characters, great direction, awesome storyline…And a Really Fantastic Cast, who did some amazing work!! Sad to see it go; Can’t wait to see the next body of work these great actors bring!
    I’ve heard some say they thought BANSHEE was better than BREAKING BAD! 😊

  33. cmblake6 says:

    I do not want to see this show end.

  34. Joe says:

    Banshee is the best cable it tv series to date. How could you cancel it?
    What in gods name are you people about?
    Hmmm.. Ratings I thought.
    Go figure.
    When is the fourth season to start?😒

  35. Barb haloskie says:

    When does banshee start this year

  36. Canadian Iceman says:

    Nooooo… Banshee is my favorite show. It’s ending to soon. You could have gone atleast 5 seasons, minimum. Maybe if enough viewers beg?? Wow, I’m shocked and saddened.

  37. Beth says:

    This was an amazing show and it’s horrible when the good shows end.

  38. sysan says:

    When does the last season start? Date?

  39. Donna says:

    Last season? For real?? Big mistake!! I waited on this season. I have watched everyone and wait for it to come back. Don’t do it. You got something good and people wait to watch. I hope you rethink! Don’t end it!!! I love it!!

  40. Donna says:

    Don’t end it!

  41. BLKKGB says:


  42. caleb says:

    Its all good in watching Banchee

  43. Joe says:

    This is one of those shows I love watching and can’t wait till the next episode. It sucks they couldn’t squeeze out a couple more seasons. Hope Cinemax realizes how great this show is and create a spin off. Maybe move the crew to a new town to start over.


  45. Ruth Gant says:

    No! Love this show.

  46. Kayla says:

    Banshee is a very good show and has potential, so why take this show off the air? Every time i get hooked on a show it seems to go off air and i really don’t understand why this is happening. In my opinion it has so much room to grow!! i love this show and i can see many fans being upset that it is not going to renew for another season. Please reconsider!!

  47. Eric Tendam says:

    I will miss Banshee. It was the best series I have ever scene on one of the movie channels. None of my other all time favorites even come close, not even the Sapranos. I wish that cinemax would reconsider and hit us again! That would be such an awesome surprise maybe a year or two from now!!!

  48. Elizabeth Stoker says:

    I’m very sad that banshee has ended…it was one of my favorite shows…. I just got my boyfriend watching it and he was enjoying it immensely…we were both very disappointed when we learned it was over after season 4

  49. Mark says:

    Pointless watching things if they keep cutting fantastic programs really short. Most disappointed.