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The Originals Nathaniel Buzolic

Originals' Nathaniel Buzolic Talks Kol's Return in 'Flashback-Heavy' Season 3

We hope you’re thirsty, CW junkies, because your long, Nathaniel Buzolic-less drought is almost over.

In addition to starring in the new comedy Significant Mother — a clothing-optional environment, to say the least — Buzolic will soon make his long-awaited return to The Originals, a fact executive producer Julie Plec revealed during the show’s panel at Comic-Con earlier this month.

Though Buzolic has yet to make the trek back to “New Orleans,” he tells TVLine he’s excited to continue exploring the fan-favorite character.

“From what I understand, this is going to be a flashback-heavy season, which is cool, because it means there’s more opportunity for Kol to come back and you can see more of him,” he says.

Buzolic says he’s always blown away by the support he receives from fans on social media, asking when they can expect to see him as Kol again.

“I made it clear when I signed on to Significant Mother that I wanted to also be available for The Originals if the opportunity came up,” he says. “I’m incredibly grateful to Julie Plec for giving me that opportunity; being a part of that show has been a life-changing experience for me. I’ll always have a soft spot for that character.”

Originals fans, what do you hope to see from Kol in Season 3? And will you be tuning in to the premiere of Significant Mother Aug. 3? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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  1. Ari says:

    Too little too late. He should have been brought back in the season finale. I’m not going to get Plec’d again.

  2. Alex says:

    they have to bring back Nathaniel Buzolic cause they still have his ashes

  3. Riana says:

    I want to see if he and Davina have chemistry together

  4. FatherOctavian says:

    Class act through and through. I thought Daniel Sharman was terrific as Kol, but I love that we get Buzolic in flashbacks.

  5. Chad says:

    Nathaniel Buzolic soul was placed in a witch body kaleb, in the present time u can bring back Nathaniel Buzolic, can’t just put kol in someone else body if they gonna use his ashes a soul never changes, Look at how these producers brought back his mom using her ashes. If these producers don’t bring nathaniel Buzolic back to the present they must not like him or something.

  6. tayslick says:

    The bosses from the Originals show just keep short changing us from Nate/Kol, so much it ask the question is there beef in side that camp with him. They resurrected Mikael and Esther from the dead. I thought he was in there when Claire left for another show and yet she still plays a roll in the show. No disrespect to their cast but he’s well deserving a part to this show.

  7. Stern des Südens says:

    Can they please just make him a series regular?

  8. Jess says:

    the producers need to make Nathaniel Buzolic & Casper zafer series regular they deserve their roles & I mean in present time I mean this is the originals. These producers need to add some demons they need to get creative. Am really not excited about a new detective coming to New Orleans, come on give fans what they want b supernatural, Buffy & angel creative demons like creative! The originals are too powerful they need to meet there equal in a fight, couple different species

    • Julie says:

      I soooooooo agree that Casper should come back as Finn. I just didnt see the Finn we got to know in TVD. Season 3. In the actor that portrayed him in the originals last season. I just didn’t buy him as the Finn I remember.(although he is a good actor he’s just not Finn!!!)

    • cadycakes says:

      Casper Zafer who played the original Finn has retired from acting. Though Julie Plec said at SDCC they will try to get him to return for a flashback appearance.

  9. Julie says:

    I hope to see Kol in present day new Orleans rite along side his siblings, also I would to see a softer side of him u know with a little humanity that he was missing during his time in Mystic Falls. And though Daniel Sharman did an incredible job as Kol ( he really brought Kol back to life down 2 the way he spoke and his swagger) I want Nate back in present day as kol. I’m loyal to the original actor

  10. jade says:

    I just want him back as Kol in present day and alive (or undead if the case may be.)

  11. Poy says:

    Hopefully Claire Holt will be back soon since Aquarious is likely to be cancelled. I was so stoker when The Originals began but without Claire and Nate I just kind of lost interest.

    • Marco says:

      Aquarius was renewed last month.

    • tayslick says:

      I watched Aquarius and clearly her roll is disappointing.
      Claire don’t get a lot of time on this show.
      She’s not in the plots like she would be on T.O.
      It might be a bad move.

  12. Rudy says:

    Why are the producers refusing to make Sebastian Roché, Nathaniel Buzolic & Casper zafer a series regular? & klaus should just remain evil we like him like that, if Nathaniel Buzolic comes back to the present he should remain the same old paranoid evil ass original kol, he’s only weak spot should b davina & enough wit love relationships let Elijah, Rebekah & marcel find love if they want but not klaus & kol, if kol comes back to the present.

  13. Dominique says:

    if only julie plec&co were smart enough to realize what a goldmine this character is. fans LOVE him and the actors who played him. and yet she keeps killing him off.
    nathaniel is one class-act, to tell the producers of his new show he wants to be available for the originals.

  14. Letti says:

    With Plec, I believe when I see it. Or rather when I read it on the net, because I won’t watch TO without Nathaniel anymore. He should be a regular since the pilot. Season 2 finale was the last straw for me. Anyway I hate almost all characters on the show right now.

  15. jermain says:

    They can put a story together to make Nathaniel Buzolic, Casper zafer & Sebastian Roché a series regular. They just don’t want to do it & since when does a soul changes, it’s Nate/kol not kaleb/kol. Just use his ashes like u producers did for his mom. What game are they playing here?

  16. jermain says:

    Right now Nate is the most popular topic & why can’t they just bring Nate to the present. Nobody cares about a new detective coming to serve justice lol, add couple different species the originals need to fight someone in equal strength.

  17. Jorge says:

    Kaleb/kol? What the hell is he talking about? A soul doesn’t change unless u producers make that happen. Man U producers really hate Nate then. We already seen that hate wit Sebastian Roché & Casper zafer

  18. zed says:

    Absolutly love Nate in the role of Kol Mikaelson, the one and only! He is a compelling character that has shown all different shades from super dark through very grey up to nearly white. Happy about the flashback heavy season coming.But seriously wish to see him as series regular, he so deserves it!!!!

  19. zed says:

    And just one more comment-the whole body switching was rubbish- it just killed the magic of the Originals,in my opinion. Daniel S.could not bring what Nate did. It wasn’t really Kol to me.It was more Kaleb, and I hope they make it out that Kaleb ciuld interfere with Kol so it makes more sense.
    Norhing against Daniel’s acting, just that it didn’t translate the character of Kol well, in my opinion.
    I also don’t think that Davina and Original Kol will have chemistry-who cares. Davina is soo boring nd out of place in my opinion.

  20. Jerico says:

    I want to see lol return in present time resurrected to rejoin the original family
    I also even as unexpected as it might be hop to see the return of Finn In his original body and Rebecca returned to her original body so that they may become a whole family as the full original family

  21. Amber Tucker says:

    I would be more than grateful to see Kol return to himself as his cruel and vein self. I prefer Nate as Kol since, he was chosen for the role of Kol. He portrayed the character well and I despised Julie Prec for allowinhg another to take his place as Kol. If this lady can be less hypocritical about her choices. She’s back and forth with it. Kills Kol, brings him back. Kills Kol again, the brings him back. And thanks to Plec for making Davina a love tool to Kol, she ruined the character. Especially for Elijah, who she made incredibly soft. Can’t there ever be one single male character that doesn’t need a relationship? I’m glad he’s coming back in flashbacks instead of the actual show. God only knows Plec will destroy a perfectly designed character some more. And the tirle itself bothers me. The Originals? If it were about the originals, than Plec wouldn’t have added the next Twilight New Saga scenario. Really? A werewolf pregnant with Klaus’s child? How typical. It’s a replica of Underworld and Twilight. I wish she could hand her show over to her second in command. He’d probably refresh it and make more sense of the show. Plec had a good run, however, she needs to stay away from the books of Twilight.. and possibly her own tv show lol xD

  22. Rk says:

    Bonnie should go to new Orleans she would be more at home because there’s a lot of witches there that will appreciate her and her skills

  23. Bob Wood says:

    I wish Plec and the CW Network would stop dicking everyone around and bring back this character as a regular and these BS flash backs. If the CW would just Make the actor a good offer and sign him to a contract.

  24. Teresa says:

    I realy, realy hope that Kol will be back, because he is my favourite character.

  25. Lily says:

    I’m hoping he’ll go back with Davina ❤️, that’s all I care.😌

  26. Ny'la says:

    I hope that Kol will actually be resurrected by davina , but as a vampire