NCIS Season 13 Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, NCIS, Empire, Supernatural, NCIS: LA, B99, The Middle, H50 and More

Will there be blood when NCIS returns? How best to sum up the Once Upon a Time Season 5 premiere? Will Supernatural‘s Dean pay a price for snuffing Death? What’s the state of the Hawaii bromance? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Have The Powers That Be at NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans clued you in on what their respective season premiere episodes are entitled? –Caitlin
No, but thanks for the reminder to ask! Airing Tuesday, Sept. 22, NCIS‘ season opener is titled (gulp) “Stop the Bleeding,” while NCIS: New Orleans will follow with “Sic Semper Tyrannis” – which, and I may be wrong, sounds like an awesome Jurassic World riff! What, no? (To complete the hat trick, I can tell you that NCIS: LA‘s Sept. 21 premiere is titled “Active Measures.”)

If possible, could you retrieve any teases for Season 7 of NCIS: LA? – Tony
Funny your name there, because I am hearing that NCIS fave Michael Weatherly’s crossover, currently penciled in for October, is quite hilarious. Said simply: DiNozzo + Deeks = LOLOLOLOL.

I require information on Once Upon a Time‘s Camelot crowd! –Meredith
This casting notice would seem to apply: For Season 5’s fourth episode, Once is guest-casting the role of a medieval manservant who is devoted to his employer but harbors a deep resentment… that may lead him to do very bad things.

If there’s anything you can tell me about Once Upon a Time, specifically on Emma being the new Dark One? –Sarah
The cast touched on that during our free-wheeling, at-times blush-worthy Comic-Con Q&A, but maybe there is a smidgen more to be gleaned by watching this “deleted scene,” in which everyone teases the Season 5 opener with two words:

Hi Matt, can you give us some spoilers on Hawaii Five-0‘s Steve/Danny? –Mary
I can’t get into specifics, but I have it on good authority that there are some very sweet and “bromantic” moments on tap for Season 6, especially in the first three episodes. Danny is very much going to have McGarrett’s back, I hear, maybe even being a bit protective of his partner in crimesolving.

Will NBC air the remaining episodes of About a Boy? -Michelle
I chased this one like a dog for you, Michelle, but alas, there currently are no broadcast airdates for About a Boy this summer — though “Matty” in Comments (no relation) claims they are available via iTunes and other space-age doohickeys.

I am loving ABC Family’s Stitchers! Do you have any scoop on Cameron? –Ashley
The “scoop on Cameron” is that in the Aug. 4 season finale he’ll find that being in a covert government agency can be dangerous, when he and Det. Fisher are targeted in a shooting. Meanwhile, “Camsten” fans will enjoy watching Kirsten find out that she has a previously unknown connection with Cameron…..

Do you have any scoops on Season 2 of TNT’s Legends? Will Ali Larter and Tina Majorino return? –Ivan
As revealed in my thorough and handy Ins & Outs photo gallery, neither Larter nor Majorino are returning alongside Sean Bean for Season 2, though Morris Chestnut is.

Do you know if TheMiddle_DavidHullwe’ll be seeing Sue’s Abercrombie & Fitch model friend again on The Middle? I thought they were pretty cute together. –Amy
I smell… no, not remnant body spray wafting out of the A&F store… but an encore on the horizon, since David Hull is set to reprise his role as oft bare-chested Logan.

Since the finale of Supernatural, fans have been wondering: Will there be consequences for Dean after he killed Death? –Ana
Rest assured there will be repercussions “to a certain extent — and probably in the first batch of episodes, we’ll start to address that,” executive producer Jeremy Carver teases. “You can imagine that it causes some issues.”

Any scoop on where our Supernatural boys will be in Season 11? Particularly Cas? —Meg
Cas has a lot on his plate, like “dealing with the effects of the attack dog spell and the stabbing of Crowley and The Darkness,” Misha Collins previews. Speaking of that pre-biblical foe, “It is a very, very big bad ominous force that angels only heard of as a scary bedtime story,” the actor explains. “Cas didn’t think that The Darkness was a real thing. So it’s that old of a force.”

Are Sam’s sister and father going to return this season on Rookie Blue? —Rosemary
We’ve got some good news and bad news for those hoping to see Sam’s family again. First, the bummer: “I don’t think we’ll see his sister,” executive producer Tassie Cameron reveals. “I know, it’s too bad. But we have so many characters to juggle and we felt like she served her dramatic purpose in the first couple of episodes last year. We loved [Robin Brûlé] and maybe they’ll bring her back if there’s a seventh season, because there’s a lot more we could do.” Now on the bright side, “We see Sam’s dad (Nicholas Campbell) again… but it’s more comic this time.”

Can you confirm if this is the plot to Castle‘s season premiere? –CBO
I can confirm that that could quite possibly not be more wrong.

Any scoop on my No. 1 show, Empire? –Kendra
For Episode 4 of the new season, the Fox hit is casting the role of Chloe, an aggressive reality show producer who firmly believes in getting good video by stirring up bad ish. Believing the Lyon home to be a veritable hornets’ nest, you can count on her to poke at the troubled fam with a sharp stick.

Do you have any spoilers BROOKLYN 99on Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? –Allison
The Sept. 27 premiere will pick up exactly where the finale left off, with the squad facing the elevator doors waiting for the new captain to arrive. (Fun fact: Kyra Sedgwick will reprise her role as Madeline Wunch in the Season 3 opener.) Fans of the team’s former boss, meanwhile, needn’t worry – we will see Holt and Gina as they head to their new offices in Public Relations.

Is it too late to ask the Wayward Pines question I’ve been wondering about since, like, Episode 2? Why did the other bartender say that no woman worked at the bar when Ethan asked about Beverly? —B.
I brought your Q to showrunner Chad Hodge, and he assured, “Beverly really did work there.” Her colleague simply was keeping newcomer Ethan on his toes. “They were trying to mess with Ethan’s mind, to make him calm down and think he was the crazy one,” Hodge explains. “That’s one way of getting people to chill and follow the rules.”

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. matty says:

    FYI: All the remaining episodes of “About A Boy” are available on Amazon and ITunes now.

  2. Drew says:

    I wonder if Castiel could take over as Death. Tessa’s death never made sense to me, since I I never considered Reapers to be in the angel family. But if they are, maybe Cas could become the angel of death? I’m not sure where else that character goes in the long run.

  3. Grace says:

    Thanks so much for the H50 scoop, Matt! So happy there will be some bromantic moments for Steve and Danno. It’ll be an interesting turnaround to see Danno being the protective one for once!

    • Rachel says:

      I am also very thankful to hear some news on H50.

    • Fannie says:

      Well regarding H50, those are not spoilers or nothing new, We always know that Steve will always have Dannys back and viceversa. What it be something new will be the status of Steve/Catherine relationship, will she be gone or not from his life.Or something new will be what about Chin love life in S6?

  4. murley says:

    Since the video for Once no longer seems to work could you share what those 2 words were? Thanks!

  5. Just one thing says:

    Oh, no. I was really hoping James Brolin could grace Castle’s cast, crew and viewers with his presence. What What’s missed opportunity.

  6. Val says:

    I love Emma Swan!!! And Emma/Hook. And Charming family

    • Cassie says:

      I know I’m in the minority but Emma is not one of my favorites. Definitely not a fan of Emma/Hook. I admit, the other Charmings are charming.

  7. Really looking forward to seeing DiNozzo and Deeks banter on NCIS Los Angeles!!! Thanks for sharing the scoop, TVLine. :-)

    • Agreed – to be honest, I’m not an LA fan and don’t watch it, but I might tune in for this episode.

      • Sherri says:

        Me, too. Love the original and like NO, but LA has never been must see. But with DiNozzo dropping by, I will probably tune in.

      • Erin says:

        I don’t watch LA either but will definitely make an exception to see Weatherly. He doesn’t do much on the Gibbs Show anymore so maybe the producers at LA will actually be allowed to let him do something interesting for a change.

        • tyranthraxus says:

          Im not sure. Tony isnt anywhere near what he used to be. (Watch last season compared to Season 1). I actually think he and Deeks wont get along because their core personality is too similar. Its why I think Tony and Tony Sr bump heads so much.

        • I don’t know – I’m hoping that S13 will be different. MW has already tweeted about being “in the driver’s seat” so maybe that means Gibbs will actually need some recovery time (I don’t for a moment believe he dies) and Tony will get to lead the team.

          The fact that Scott Williams is co-writing the season premiere gives me hope as he, for the most part, tends to write “smart Tony” and good team dynamics – Grounded, which he wrote, is one of my favourite episodes and a great example of what an NCIS episode should be, in my opinion.

          • Pat says:

            I just adore Tony and am afraid to get my hopes up. Grounded was a favorite of mine too although it was team centric, it was nice to actually see Tony matter. My fear is that they are spoiling a strong Tony presence just to get people to tune in and that season 13 will be another Gibbs angstfest with McGee portrayed as the only other agent of value again this season once the premier is over. I just don’t trust them to be flexible or care enough about Weatherly and his fans to let Tony shine in a good way on a regular basis. The last several seasons he’s been either insignificant or the evening’s humor moment.

    • MP says:

      I’m looking forward to this, also. I don’t love NCIS nearly as much as I used to. It’s gotten stale for me. But I really love NCIS LA and the chemistry among that cast.

    • Jerri says:

      there should be a spin off with Deeks and DiNozzo, not a drama but a sitcom.

    • Stephanie says:

      Ever since Deeks showed up I’ve been of the opinion that he and Tony would be comedy gold together. Now we finally get to see it happen! :)

  8. Dan G. says:

    I know it’s fairly lightweight in comparison to other TV dramas, but I do look forward to the return of HAWAII 5-0. Alex nails it as the modern day Steve McGarrett, and is surrounded by a good supporting cast. When I hear that opening theme, I get a rush and I am ready to ROCK !!

  9. Mary says:

    Such a pleasant surprise to see my question answered and such a great spoiler (the Steve/Danny one) you gave me! Thank you!

  10. fiberlicious says:

    So glad to see you talking about Stitchers – I’m loving it!

  11. Dean says:

    Never could get into LA but if Tony’s paying a visit it should seem interesting.

    • graze says:

      I’m almost liking LA better than NCIS after last year, which is very sad. Sorry for the actress but Bishop just isn’t working. The cast dynamic is great on LA, love their banter, and how much they all look out for each other.

      • Dean says:

        well I still like original recipe NCIS Bishop included so I’ll stick with it. LA hardly does anything Navy related its always terrorists or foriegn operatives of the week they’re suppose to be NCIS not CIA. JMO

        • graze says:

          I guess since I grew up So Cal I know a lot of the location shots but I really do like the group chemistry on LA. I do like NCIS but something’s missing in the team dynamics.

        • Pat says:

          The original NCIS is all about terrorists with a personal vendetta against Gibbs now so I guess it’s not terribly different. At least LA lets all the characters shine occasionally whereas the original only features Gibbs now. I’ve lost interest in it because of this. Gibbs is not the be all/end all character that he seems to be for Gary Glasberg.

        • Enuff Said says:

          They are the undercover unit of NCIS so it kinda makes sense most of their cases would involve home grown terrorist plots.

      • ndixit says:

        I watch all three and I like all three. Honestly, the issue with LA is that its so ridiculous that I have trouble with the whole idea that it exists in the same world as the other two shows. The cast is great and its definitely got the most action of the lot. NOLA is still finding its feet when it comes to stories but I like the cast. The original is still the best when it comes to gravitas. But it does have a worn out quality to its serial stories. Its to be expected for a show going into its 13th season.

  12. Amy M. says:

    “The Sept. 27 premiere will pick up exactly where the finale left off, with the squad facing the elevator doors waiting for the new captain to arrive. (Fun fact: Kyra Sedgwick will reprise her role as Madeline Wunch in the Season 3 opener.) ”

    Is Wunch going to be the new captain? She’s too highly ranked to oversee the squad, but the proximity of these sentences now has me suspicious.

    • Marc says:

      I’ve always had the feeling that Wunch is going to be the Captain. Her rivalry with Holt is intense enough where I believe that she would take a lower rank position just to beat him.

  13. JohnHasADHD says:

    Sic Semper Tyrannis – jurassic park – really? Come on dude – at least PRETEND you were at one point an actual journalist as opposed to playing to your juvenile twitter loving crowd

  14. GraceM says:

    Sam’s father is in the season finale? Whoo hoo!!!! Surprised his family didn’t make it in for the arrival of his daughter.

  15. BetsyBoo says:

    Please, is there ANY WAY we can eliminate the pop up banner ads on the bottom of the gallery photos??? I get that you want one to pop up in the first slide…but you minimize/x out on the first pic and it continues to pop up in every slide!! so annoying! Now i’m just reading the narrative and not even looking at the pix. /endrant

  16. Marie says:

    Love NCIS LA – Love the group – Since Ziva left – do not watch NCIS – Bishop does nothing for what used to be a terrific hour.

    • Leia says:

      so you stopped watching because of one character. wow. somehow I doubt it, since you always seem to put your two cents in. LA is fantasy land, but they are a very good cast. NCIS is a dose of reality right down to the way the people are characterized, and yes leadership does matter in government agencies. There is always a pecking order, and the top management is usually featured, and taking the credit. For the record I heard a retired NIS agent say the Leon and Gibbs were the typical bosses. And it wasn’t Leon Carroll who said it.

    • Dean says:

      so you only watched with the delusional belief that Ziva would give birth to Tony Dinozzo 3.

    • Oh, LA is pretty awesome these days, and the dynamics that we used to see on NCIS is now on LA. Plus LA doesn’t focus on one person to save the day, they allow each and every character to shine. I’m looking forward to seeing DiNozzo banter with Deeks, something that’s been lacking on the mothership.

      • Erin says:

        Gibbs seems to be the only competent agent these days on NCIS. He’s either the super hero of every episode or/and suffering personal loss and angst constantly. It’s become a soap opera about the awesomeness and tragedies of GIbbs. The rest of the cast only serves to highlight one or the other of these Gibbs themes. Tony is the character who has fallen the farthest in terms of going from cool and important to the irrelevant joke.

        • Sherri says:

          Erin, to me the soap opera was the whole Tony & Ziva relationship business. I liked them both as agents but got so tired of the will they or won’t they story line.

        • Leia says:

          wouldn’t say that getting played and shot by a kid makes Gibbs super agent. Never thought that Tony was cool. Thought he had issues with the life of things from day one, hiding feelings behind his clown face. McGee even worse. They both grew up in the last yr. Had to at some point don’t you think?

  17. Christine says:

    I love watching NCIS: LA and I always tune in every week. NCIS: NO is good as well but NCIS is getting stale for me. At the start of this season, I might decide to watch NCIS on the weekend or even leave it till the Xmas break to catch up. Too many shows on Tuesday and I really like some of the new shows that’s coming up.

  18. Dawn says:

    SUPERNATURAL, sure does have ALOT coming its way!!¡ AND I CANT WAIT!!!!!! I LOVS ..J2!!!!!

  19. Bob Backus says:

    OH NO! All you “Angel” conspiracy nuts who’ve been filling these boards with silly Powers that Be notes, must now be thinking the titles of the NCIS shows must have something to do with Bones or Angel since they used “Have The Powers That Be” in the question. Hope this finally shows you that when they use the expression, it just means the heads of the show etc. and has absolutely nothing to do with Angel etc.

  20. daphne says:

    where is zivas new show i thought it was starting this year

  21. Jeri says:

    …. more “not wrong”…. Doesn’t that mean “Right?” I don’t see other comments on this so maybe I’m overthinking here.

  22. DRush76 says:

    Oh look . . .it’s the Dark Swan . . . or the White Witch. Or whatever Emma Swan is supposed to be. Actually, she looks more like the White Witch but with black clothes.

  23. Julie says:

    Is Ziva coming back to NCIS? Really missed her character.

  24. I just watched a episode of Hawaii five o called. Kahu season 3 episode 11 it mostly features Steve andcatherine together there is a beautiful bit at the end and if you watch it you will see why they should be together. I season 6