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Wayward Pines Ethan Dies Time Jump

Wayward Pines Boss Talks Series' Final Twist, Time Jump and 'Lost' Nomads

Fox’s Wayward Pines truly defined “limited series” by bringing its 10-episode storyline to a decided, dramatic close on Thursday night, while offering a non-maddening hint of what was ostensibly to come for the finale’s survivors.

To recap: With mobs of abbies scaling the powered-down perimeter fence and terrorizing the town, Ethan, Theresa and Kate did their best to usher everyone to safety via the Plot 33 bunker. Meanwhile, Pam confronted David, who had declared the town “too sick” to be saved and thus was ready to replace them with “Group C.” Pilcher then had his sis detained and thrown back into her cryo-chamber.

When the abbies infiltrated the bunker, Ethan was led to make the ultimate sacrifice and blow up the internal elevator, with him in it, thus crushing the many abbies beneath and blocking off superstructure access to any stragglers.

Ethan was not the only major death, Wayward Pines Finalehowever. When a sympathetic guard freed Pam from her cryo-chamber, she returned to David’s suite and gunned him down, ending his run of ill-advised decision-making.

Wayward Pines’ destiny, though, may have remained unaffected. Because as seen in the final moments, Ben Burke wakes up from an injury sustained during the elevator shaft explosion to discover that more than three years have passed, during which the First Generation’s first class, led by bratty Jason, had orchestrated a coup, put all of the adults on ice and taken over the town, reckonings and all!

Here, showrunner Chad Hodge breaks down the finale’s big twists — including several that were not in the books — and reiterates his stance on the prospect for any return to Wayward Pines.

TVLINE | That was quite the finale. WP-ep110_sc62_064_hires2So much gunplay, organized chaos…
[Laughs] Yes, exactly. All in one little town. I was on set for just a little bit of it; it was safer in the editing room!

TVLINE | How many actors did you have made up as abbies at any given time?
I would say it was probably 12 or 13, and a lot of them were reproduced digitally.

TVLINE | How did your finale differ from how the book trilogy ended?
In Episode 9 you saw Pilcher shut the power down, which effectively let the abbies in to tear apart the town — that’s the same as the book. But the very end, with Ethan sacrificing himself, Pam killing Pilcher and the First Generation taking over years later, that’s different. [BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD] In the book, all of the adults — led by Ethan, who does not die in the book — decided to go back into suspension for another several-thousand years, because they realize that on this planet at this moment the abbies are in control.

TVLINE | Was there anything that author Blake Crouch especially enjoyed about the TV adaptation?
He was a consulting producer on the show and he also co-wrote Episodes 5, 8 and 10, so he was definitely a part of it. But one thing he really liked was how Theresa and Ben come to Wayward Pines, how you think that plotline Wayward Pines Finaleis happening at the same time [as Ethan’s], but it’s not; it’s 2,000 years earlier. In the book, Theresa and Ben have been in Wayward Pines for five years when Ethan arrives.

TVLINE | Just to confirm: At the very end of the finale, we’ve skipped ahead to the year 4031, 4032…?
Right, yes.

TVLINE | And at some point during that time jump, the First Generation staged a coup and threw the adults back into cryo?
Correct, yep.

TVLINE | I sense that if you had any druthers, you may have wanted to spend a bit more time with those rapscallions from “the first class.”
Yeah, they were great. Tom Stevens, who played Jason, is just fantastic. But yes, of course you want to spend a lot more time with things, but I really enjoyed the 10-episode model where it’s compacted and you’re forced to make decisions about what to use and what not to use. There’s really no excess fat on the story.

TVLINE | There were also some dots left to connect regarding the video journal left by Adam Hassler. He was, what, a member of some scouting party…?
This is something that is explored more in the book and something I wish we could have gone more into in the series. Certain people were sent out from Wayward Pines by Pilcher. They’re called Nomads and they were sent out to see if there’s anything else out there — what’s left, what resources we can use, what can we bring back…. And no one has ever returned. But [in the office beneath Plot 33] are their video journals.

TVLINE | As you filmed the very final scene with Ben roaming the street, was Charlie Tahan like, “I’ve got my own show now!”?
[Laughs] That’s so funny. You’d have to ask him, but that was intended to be almost a shot-for-shot replica of the way that Ethan enters town in our first episode. He wakes up in the hospital with a nurse standing over him, he escapes the hospital and then walks up Main Street where people are staring at him, and he’s in this weird town…. We literally did it shot-for-shot once he’s on Main Street.

TVLINE | So a theoretical Season 2 would be Ben trying to overthrow the “first class” brats and thaw out some adults as needed?
Honestly — and I’ve said it all along — it was never designed to have a Season 2. It was always these 10 episodes. So this ending was just intended to show that history repeats itself — ergo the episode’s title, “Cycle.” That no matter how many lessons you think you learn, violence continues and bad decisions keep getting made.

TVLINE | Did you purposely direct Ben’s hospital scene to let us think, if only for a second, that he had dreamed this whole thing?
[Laughs] No.

TVLINE | But you did want to have us guessing what the hell was going on. I mean, Amy’s suddenly a nurse!
We always want you guessing. But throughout the entire show, what we all tried to hold ourselves to was no lying or manipulation or “Just kidding!” Like, when Juliette Lewis’ character dies, she’s dead. When Terrence Howard’s character dies, he’s dead. When we say it’s 2,000 years in the future, it is. It’s all meant to be mysterious and “What the f–k is going on?,” but we tried not to do any manipulation.

TVLINE | How was this experience for you, working on a closed-ended series?
It was really, really satisfying and thrilling, and creatively challenging in all the best ways. Being able to say, “OK, we know were doing these 10 episodes, it’s based on these books,” you can really plan out the story and know what you’re doing instead of flying by the seat of your pants as you tend to do in the traditional model of network television.  It was nice to have it feel contained and not like a runaway train.

TVLINE | And yet we’ve seen some unexpected renewals with “single season” summer shows. Is there a scenario where Fox is looking over their numbers and they’re like, “Know what, we need this thing back”?
There’s nothing official to report yet. As I said, it was always designed to be one season, from a creative standpoint. But if anything changes, I’ll let you know!

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  1. Bryce says:

    Man, everything was good until the flash-forward. Not into how that went down, but otherwise I’m so glad Fox decided to air this project. Smart and original programming. I’m very impressed. That was great—beginning, middle, and most of the end.

    • Rob says:

      100%. The show was amazing until the end of the finale. I hated it!

      • Mike M says:

        With literally NONE of the big name main cast in the final flash forward I am even wondering if it wasn’t shot part way through the season airing and CGI’d. It was SO MUCH of a SETUP for a season two it’s not funny. To say “Fox’s Wayward Pines truly defined “limited series”…” is about as wrong as can be put in words. And all because of that ending. There was absolutely NO resolution, only deliberately left threads and HUGE brand new ones. It will be back for Season 2, it has to now because that ending otherwise is just totally stupid, there were a dozen other ways to end a REAL limited series and actually give the viewer closure that made true sense.

        • JCfromNC says:

          Eh, the books didn’t have much of an resolution either, so it doesn’t surprise me that the show didn’t.

      • Mike M says:

        And to just fully clarify my above post, I’m suggesting here the show got so popular that the end was re shot DURING the air dates to set up an opening into Season 2 and that in fact the ending as originally shot with real closure as a limited series was NOT screened.

    • Temperance says:

      Loved it! I would have preferred the book ending, though. Too much ‘dark’ for the sake of being dark these days.

    • Shadaja says:

      I know I think they should have made it into a movie instead of only 10 episodes like who watches only 10 episodes of the best show in the universe like who does that

    • RealityEngineer says:

      It wasn’t “smart”, it was written by scientifically illiterate writers that have trouble with basic logic. The backstory of abbies wasn’t rational, evolution doesn’t work that way despite the religious-like nonsense that the earth somehow would decide to get rid of us and somehow this major shift would be implanted in our genes and only Pilcher could see it. Even if they did start to appear, the early ones would be locked up, then genetically screened for or genetically engineered out (since presumably Pilcher must be doing this since he wants them to have kids, implying they won’t be abbies). If they did escape and start to grow, given the coin from 2095 or whatever indicating some more decades to go, automated drones would have taken them out. Pilcher says they will wait until the abbies migrate away for winter to reclaim things, as presumably they imply was done. Yet they assume the rest of the human race was too stupid to migrate north to where its too cold for abbies even during the summer. Pilcher somehow had all these volunteers able to know the “truth’ in the control center, yet somehow supposedly they couldn’t fill a town with such people? Somehow the “first generation” managed to overpower all the adults to take control?

  2. timmyb says:

    Can someone explain what happen at the last 5 mins when the son wakes up and everything is different?? What happen to the saviors and who is watching?

  3. Alyssa says:

    This was such a great finale until’ the ending. The ending made me so mad! But it did have me on the edge of my seat until’ the end. Great season. But the way this show ending it made me go from wanting a season 2, to not wanting one.

    • Tabitha says:

      Omg me too!! I was like what the hell. Not only was I disappointed that the star of the show died, because be really didn’t even have to, he could have blown the bomb up from on top of the elevator as he was climbing up the ladder on the side, but the end didn’t make sense. His death made me upset, but then how the hell did the “first generation” even take over??? There were still a lot of adults, and people who worked for Pilcher alive…i just hated it. And i LOVED every single episode. The last 5 minutes of the seaon finale ruined the whole show for me. Can we get a do-over please?? Is that possible?!?!

    • hamdanifebrian says:

      OMG me too!

      I laughed reading this vote above:
      Having gotten a sense of what or who Wayward Pines Season 2 would be about, should Fox renew the ‘single-season’ series?

      For me, all I can think is: Yes, but Fox needs to let the writers get eaten by the Abbies first, then wake a new wave of writers so they can make a better new season. If those current writers are still alive, then don’t. NEVER let them make a new show.

      The end is definitely forced, it’s not smart at all. It is so smart from episode 1 – 9, but then ruined perfectly.

      Wayward Pines show you know is gone…

  4. B says:

    Is it too late to ask the question I’ve been wondering about since like episode 2? Why did the other bartender say that no woman worked at the bar when Ethan asked? Juliette Lewis served Ethan on his first night (and made that super-quick hamburger), then Ethan asked and the man said she didn’t work there, and then she was shown working there later. It was obviously her assigned job, so why’d he lie? This is the one thing that’s really bothered me, and I only ask now because Wayward Pines is about to fade into pop culture past.

    • The man was under orders. She did work there, but I think at the beginning Pilcher still didn’t trust Ethan enough to let him go around asking questions.

    • I so agree! It made you think that there was so much more going on… and then nothing, it was never explained! Also in that episode when Ethan and the bartender are arguing they show the mirror behind the bar where their reflections should be and there is nothing there! like this whole scene was a hallucination or something. I just think the ending could have been so much more than just the cliche monsters chasing people.

    • She says something in that episode like “they’re trying to break your mind”.

    • Vicki says:

      My question as well !

    • Tabitha says:

      I was actually wondering how she made that hamburger so fast myself…wierd.

  5. B says:

    I wonder how many people are going to mis-vote in that poll because of the last five minutes

    • laurelnev says:

      If you mean “down grade by one,” then (waves hand)! :) See my own comment below for what would have made it an A in my book.

    • It’s not a mis-vote if you think the last five minutes ruined the tone of the final episode.

      And possibly the entire series…

      • laurelnev says:

        I’m just pretending it didn’t happen. ;)

        • Derek says:

          That’s something I had mention it can alway b turned into a dream of bens someway lol it’s happend other mind bending shows and the whole next season could be Ben fighting the town and try to save and it flashes back to parts of the first season like add little things in here and there. Then farther in Ben awakes and has to pretty much save the town. It could make for a interest one. Didn’t want to keep adding things in cause I have tons of ideas that can provid a season 2 we just never know what’s to come of anything………

      • So agree, a strong build up and then a flat cliche , monsters chasing people end!

  6. splusm says:

    I really enjoyed this show. I can honestly say this has been the closest thing to Lost in years. I hope they renew it.

  7. laurelnev says:

    I’ve got to say, I would have preferred it if it ended with that Kate/Pam scene. I really don’t see how a handful of punks could overwhelm Kate, Pam, and what was left of the original volunteers and go back to Pilcher’s way. A future season could focus on re-building a kinder, gentler, less wild wild west type society.

    And Ethan could have easily climbed on the roof of the elevator, grabbed the ladder, and thrown the bomb into the car as the abbies broke through, obliterating the abbies while potentially saving himself. That “self sacrifice” made absolutely no sense at all.

    I understand the full circle thing, but Ethan could have woken up in the hospital, after being rescued from tossing that bomb, with Nurse Pam, and we’d have had the same mirror effect.

    LOVED the series as a whole, but like with the movie “The Family Man,” I’m replacing the aired ending with my own (superior) ending in my head.

    • laurelnev says:

      Oh, and for those who are wondering, in my head, when Nic Cage and Tea Leone get into the cab at the end, it’s being driven by Don Cheadle. :)

      • Diane says:

        The movie ends at the airport with Nick and Tea just talking.

        • zerb says:

          Apparently the fact that laurelnev flat out said that she was replacing the ending then used a smiley after saying her replacement ending, went way over your head lol.

        • laurelnev says:

          Again, in my superior ending, they leave Tea’s apartment (which is where it ends,) get in the cab, and it’s being driven by Don Cheadle. 30 seconds that would have greatly improved the movie. Just like a different 30 seconds, or just even cutting the last 5 minutes, woyuld’ve greatly improved the ending of Wayward Pines.

          • Your “superior ending with not only a different plot, but an entirely-different cast?!

            No problem with you rewriting Episode 10, but not recasting from the first minute of the whole thing!!

          • laurelnev says:

            ??? NOWHERE did I ever suggest recasting WP?

          • Since I can’t reply to your statement with the question mark, I will simply respond here, pointing out half your comments mention Nic Cage (never in the show), Tea Leoni (never on the show or with her surname spelled that way), & Don Cheadle (not all African-American Oscar winners are the same).

          • Jenny holcomb says:

            She’s talking about the movie The Family Man- did you not read her comment?! Please read before you make a reply that does not make any sense…it makes you look a little stupid, sorry!!

    • SK says:

      I like your ending better!

    • MC says:

      It would have been great if Ethan had survived, but the bomb was instantaneously detonated by a hand-held trigger.

      • laurelnev says:

        He had enough wire to do it from the top, detonate and toss. Ben and co. would have pulled his shrapnel damaged body up the ladder.

        • CountryQueen says:

          It appeared he had to hold the trigger until it exploded, so he wouldn’t have been able to toss it. Remember, the bomb was not finished. Poor Tim, eaten alive!

          • laurelnev says:

            And that was another unrealistic decision made by the writers or the props department. The bombs were for the fence, and unless one of the rebels was planning on being a suicide bomber, was another choice that diminished the ending for me. Even a manually detonated bomb has the detonator a safe enough length to not take out the bomber.

    • Ann says:

      It wasn’t just a handful of”punks” though. It was nearly the entire group of first generation kids. Didn’t you see all the students from wayward pines academy in that room? Pilcher provided them everything they needed to survive. There were also a group of those volunteers who were still loyal to pilcher as well. Plus the people still frozen, it’s not known where their loyalties lie. So it’s quite possible something happened to allow the first generation people to overthrow whatever government pam and Kate created….Maybe they ruled too nicely and people walked all over them and there was chaos with no firm rules set. In regards to Ethan, yes he could have survived but matt dillon probably made it known he would not do more than those ten episodes. Besides, he had to be in the elevator to detonate those bombs. The wires weren’t long enough to hook up the detonator from a safe distance.

      • MC says:

        Exactly. The wires were definitely not long enough and throwing the bomb would be risky. It is possible to miss the target. Ethan had to be 100 percent sure the abbies could not escape the explosion and the elevator itself had to be destroyed.

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more…and, by the way, your alternate – and superior – ending would suit the whole thing perfectly.

    • Me too! I am replacing the ending with my own scenerio where they were abducted to another planet and not on earth at all, and it is present time with mankind still going strong back on earth. Jenkins is actually turning people into abbys as a warfare weapon for the goverment. Lot 33 is where the aircraft are kept to return home…

    • Derek says:

      Like your answer on that one. But he had to hold the trigger down to work but your right could of had tape and dropped them down from above. Yes very good like I said I like this answer👍🏻

    • Bernadette says:

      I had the same thoughts as you, but then I remembered the first generation had all the supplies! That would have given them the upper hand, at least over time, to overtake the “adults”

      • msbellalugosi says:

        They didn’t have all the supplies, they had a stash of supplies that was put there for the worst case scenario. The adults were still in the building where all the supplies are made. The behind the scenes workers lived there, so there had to be supplies enough for everyone there. The place where the kids were was like a bomb shelter, those supplies had no effect on the every day lives of anyone else.

    • dman6015 says:

      As the producer says, the series was only intended to be the 10 episodes. The show was filmed from Oct. 2013 through Feb. 2014, so it’s been almost 18 months. Everything was tidied up at the end. No one left to return for a second season. Granted, if Fox decides a second season could make them more money, then there will be a second season, but it won’t be the same and it won’t be loosely based on the book series.

    • Faye says:

      I concur with you completely…including The Family Man as well.

  8. David Wallis says:

    Thank God, this abomination is over. I thought the trilogy was fair, but under-written. But this series that used the trilogy as its basis was just plain appalling. And the ending? As if Crouch and Hodge could not come up with anything for humankind other than a Fascist ending.

    And Shyamalan should go back to making movies about trees attacking humankind. He failed in this project most miserably too.

    Season 2 for Wayward Pines would be as useful and interesting as a Season 5 would have been for the 4400. Waste of time, talent, and money.

    • Spence says:

      So… You hated it and yet you watched every episode? And felt the need to comment about that? Okay, grumpy, go take a nap.

    • Temperance says:

      Wow, it’s amazing when you run into people that completely lack any taste… well, not ‘amazing’ exactly. Or at all.

  9. David Wallis says:

    If my short stories ever make it to the little screen, I pray to God that Hodge won’t be directing them.

  10. Michael says:

    In the last shot was Ethan hanging from a light pole?

    • Mark says:

      No. Ethan was vaporized when the bomb went off 3 years earlier.

    • Derek says:

      I think it was not the real him but statue like to remind people of what happend just like that pitcher statue lol all I can say is I see potential for a 2nd series be still has his mom sleeping of course but he might b able to awake the adults in the next one if it comes on. Like I say u just never know.

      • Helen says:

        I agree Derek. I thought it looked like Ethan too. It flashed up so fast and then gone. Maybe Pam and Kate returned to a pod and the next gen had not thawed them yet, thus a possible sequel, with Ben thawing them

  11. Martha D'Angelo says:

    There were earlier references hinting Wayward Pines was a possible covert government operation. This storyline was never completed.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, that was Adam Hassler trying to steer Kate away from the truth.

      • Bryce says:

        That makes sense! I was wondering about that as well

      • Evelyn says:

        What about the man on the phone on the first episode saying he wanted to reverse things and he was told it was too late? After Ethan went missing. It was someone Theresa called. And if you watch the GONE series it doesn’t match. Hmm. Still great. Just trying to piece it all together.

        • Evelyn says:

          Oh was that Adam that Theresa called? Got it!

        • Tabitha says:

          Omg yes!!! AND, if you notice, when Pilcher released group “A” he’s walking down the street “younger” than he was…making it past tense. So when he met with the man (i think it was Adam), he looked the same as he did at the end. So it was like “present” time. It just had me confused for the entire series, because I’m like how did these abbeys exist in the 80s (i assume its the 80s because of his mullet-like hair), and then in 2014, he looked older, less hair, and was clearly talking to a man (Adam?) on a 2014 street and everything is normal. He says “its already been done…wtf…He didn’t have the throwback hair!! When he met the crazy teacher chick, he had that mullet, so that was definitely passed tense!! But he had the mulllet in the group A flashback…in 2014 he had the same hair as with group B (the current group)…Did anyone else pick up on this?!?! Its driving me crazy.

  12. ScottJ says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a finale of a show with the feeling of dread that this one engendered. Although I thought it unlikely the show would have a bleak ending it was always a possibility that most of the main characters would die. Bit of a shame we didn’t actually see Megan die though, but I suppose it might have been a bit too gross.

  13. Mark says:

    Ethan did not have to go….it felt so forced.

    The guy basiclaly ripped out the last page of the book and wiped his arse with it

  14. tyranthraxus says:

    I had a feeling Ethan was gonna die and it came to pass. and he died so that the people down below could ‘live’.

    Pilcher dying I never saw coming.

    I for one am glad this was a limited run series.

    It raised some questions

    It gave some answers
    It gave us great vistas, a contained environ (and under the dome could have learned a lot from this) and some interesting characters.

    Please do NOT make a second season. What we got to experience was great as it was, and it would just dilute that greatness continuining after the conclusion.

  15. Fred says:

    I absolutely “LOVE” that shot for shot Ethan/Ben… Opening/Ending. BRILLIANT. Excellent story telling. I hate you killed Ethan off…but otherwise BRAVO. again…amazing shot for shot ending. One of the BEST endings ever. LOVE the name of the episode ….”Cycle”
    And history repeats itself again. Thanks for the 10 episodes of pure entertainment. ….just add popcorn and stir

  16. Ehhhhh says:

    LOL that pipe bomb elevator scene. Ridiculous. Really couldn’t come up with anything better than that?

  17. Data1001 says:

    I was totally on board with this show until the final “twist” ending. It was a twist for the sake of a twist — it made no sense.

    There was at least some reasoning (albeit convoluted) behind the original surveillance/martial law/reckonings. In Pilcher’s mind, the adults could not be trusted with the truth, so they needed to be kept “in line” (i.e., not question too many things and never, ever try to go outside the wall). But with the kiddies in charge — and since the abbies came over the wall — all the current residents of the town know the truth. So continuing that same sort of insane police state/murderous regime carries absolutely no logic whatsoever.

    And why would the kids still spy on the other kids?? They’re the generation that trusts each other. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    I greatly enjoyed the show up until those last few minutes. But that ending made me feel like I’ve been Shyamalan’ed for no other purpose than because they wanted to mess with people’s heads, logic be damned.

    • Maryann says:

      The kids were too young and inexperienced and zealous to understand WHY the surveillance was taking place. They simply thought that was how you do things, to honor the “right” way established by David and their schoolmistress. Makes me shudder just thinking about how totally they misunderstood.

    • Danielle says:

      I think you phased it perfectly–“Shyamalan’d”…that twist, the infernal Shyamalan twist. Didn’t the adults have all the guns? How did…oh never mind. Gonna be mourning Ethan, the show’s end, and 10 weeks of sitting hopefully on edge crumpled in 5 minutes like a human’s fragile windpipe under an abby’s fingernail. Or a noose. :(

      • Ann says:

        No, the First Generation had a complete supply of everything. Plus, there were still many armed volunteers in the mountain who were loyal to Pilcher and I suspect some might have switched over from Team Pam to Team Savior after Pam killed her brother.

    • Marissa says:

      Sorry, a little late to the show, but I just finished watching the finale… Still trying to decide how I feel about it, to be honest! But regarding your comment, I think the First Generation felt they had to carry on that shady, creepy way of introducing all the rest of the population, that I’m assuming they continued to “de thaw” on a semi-regular basis like Pilcher did. (All the other adults that WEREN’T part of “Group B” that “wouldn’t understand” but that they still needed to repopulate mankind.)

  18. webly3 says:

    The ending ruined everything. I would’ve much rather preferred how the book ended.

  19. Rich Sherwood says:

    Great right up to the end. The ending was aweful. Entire household Felt cheated. Only way to fix it is to have a season 2.

  20. Maryann says:

    The ending was horrendous — even worse than if the abbies had killed everyone or if they had just stopped with the two women talking. I did not sign up for a horror movie — but that is the kind of sick-twist ending it had. I thought it was going to be straight sci-fi. Why couldn’t they have stuck with a hopeful, upbeat ending in which David is killed, the abbies are defeated, and the town moves forward to rebuild? Even the book ending would have been better. I want my ten hours back!

  21. hawks52 says:

    Plot holes? Yes. Unanswered questions? Yes. Conventional tidy happy ending? NO!

    To me that made the ten week journey well worth it. Well done!

  22. dustin says:

    Way to ruin a show within the last few minutes. Haven’t been this disappointed since The Village!

  23. cej says:

    I’m confused by the statement “Theresa and Ben have been in Wayward Pines for five years when Ethan arrives.” Weren’t Theresa and Ben woken up so they could be with Ethan?

  24. Benjamin says:

    I firmly enjoyed every second of this show and feel like you have officially set up our season two. Ben is going to find a way to seahawks the adults and there are going to be other survivors naturally coming into wayward pines. All of this is in my head but it’s practically writing itself. Please renew this gem of a show

  25. Ann says:

    I don’t understand why everyone hates the ending. It was great. It ended the way it began. There’s still the mystery of how the first generation overthrew the the new “government” that was supposedly formed by Pam and Kate. Did the C Class of people get unfrozen and help the first generation overthrow the government? Did having a “nice” passive government allow dissenters to walk all over them? I would love to see a season two that’s full of flashbacks.

  26. Robi Riley says:

    Love this show.was sad to hear they only did 10 episodes. Hope they decide to renew it. You could have a base character and then add new cast members cause it could easily be explained but jumping in years. This series could go far and I would be right there watching it with my family. I found the writing was excellent and the depth of the characters. I have enjoyed this show. I have high hopes they will pick this show up and renew Wayward Pines.

  27. Ror Cococbun says:

    Call me a cynic but the “first class” had the combined intellectual capacity of a gnat, so I’m giving the “history repeating itself” nonsense a big fat 0

    • Ann says:

      I don’t think they were dumb. I think they were just taught one way and that’s all they know of life…Pilcher’s way. So they fought to defend the only way of life that they knew.

  28. levibluez says:

    i liked the ending . it brought memeries of the original Planet of the Apes and Solent Green. Not everything ends happily. great show

  29. Spence says:

    Am I the only one who loved that ending? It’s a great, if not slightly unrealistic, message about society- which is what the whole show is about!

    • Suzette says:

      I didn’t mind it at all. I thought it was pretty dang creative. The title of the finale was “Cycle”. That’s exactly what we got!!

    • Ann says:

      No, I loved the ending. It didn’t have a happy ending like everyone expected and I’m glad about that. I think it is a realistic end. It makes a bold statement about humanity. Pilcher’s first government were full of people who had full knowledge of everything. They couldn’t handle the truth. The second government created were with people who didn’t know anything and some with full knowledge of the truth. This government was full of touch security, but how much personal liberties should you lose to be same from harm? Those who didn’t know anything tried to thwart that government. Then they formed a new “nice” government, one assumes. But chaos still ensued somehow and that government was taken over by a more heavy handed government whose sole purpose was to defend their “savior’s” way of life and teachings. Does any of these forms of government sound familiar to you? I think this series was excellent.

      • Ann I agree with you completely. I loved the ending. History does repeat itself and the first generation had many people who could “take over”. I think they unfroze many people to make up for all of those killed by the Abbey’s and just repeated the history they were taught. Children are easily brainwashed. I loved the series and would love to see where a season 2 would go.

  30. Andrew Gash says:

    I stuck with this all summer just to watch every character I love die or get frozen for all eternity…..I cannot begin to express my extreme disgust.

  31. Suzette says:

    Please please please bring on SEASON 2. It breaks my Heart that only 10 episodes were made. I didn’t mind the ending. I actually thought it was pretty creative. IT LEFT ME WANTING MORE!!!!

  32. Dara says:

    Absolutely loved the show. Each episode got more and more interesting, not a dull moment. Would love to see a season 2. Hopefully with some flashbacks of some kind to keep Matt Dillon in it. He was fantastic.

  33. Kathy says:

    I read the books after the first TV episode. Would have so loved it if it had ended like the books.

  34. beth says:

    Did anyone make out what the signs around the dead people’s neck said? Or exactly who they were?

  35. Laura says:

    The TV series was so disappointing after reading the book trilogy. They changed way too many key points and story lines from the book. If I hadn’t read the books I would have probably enjoyed it but the books were by far much better.

    • Britt says:

      I feel like I really should have read the books because to me, a dirty coin and a couple of freaks doesn’t prove it’s 4028. I thought it was a joke, I never took it for a fact.

      And the video? I can make a video right now with me saying it’s 4028, that won’t make it true.

  36. Stephanie Ruch says:

    Hated the ending. Will never watch a show by him again. Always has bad endings. They should have followed the book. The books were awesome!

  37. Judy Laney says:

    I was hooked on the first episode. Was hoping it would last longer. Hoping there would be season 2. Great show

  38. Rob says:

    Hated the ending of the finale. Loved the show. I mean with all that, it ends like that? C’mon guys.

  39. Mekenna says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring back another season ! I NEVER get into a show until this one came on ! Viewers would be VERY happy !

  40. J. Marchand says:

    Loved the series until the end. It felt like such a copout. Left too many things up in the air. If it comes back for season two, better. If not i feel like i soent this time watching it for nothing. History repeats itself..too old a saying that adds nothing new to a new idea which is the show. I mean at the end i was sitting starring at the t.v. saying, what, what the hell was that. My son said..huh?

  41. skrable2 says:

    I’m torn about the ending. That it ended as it did wasn’t the choice I would have made, but it worked for what it was trying to say. My problem is with all those cryo-chamber adults?

    What is the First Generation going to do with them? Keep them frozen? Even Pilcher was eventually going to activate everyone.

  42. Angela Fitzgerald says:

    If episode 10 was the HUGE finale that you promised then you failed, quite poorly I might add. I was told everything would be brought to light and in ways it was but to end it with Ben waking up 3years later and the reckonings still happening is just awful. This would’ve made a great show, more than 1 season and you did an awful job with it all. The show was good but it only got better in the 8th show. Now it’s ended and the writer has NO imagination and his lack to write a show is poor in detail and taste. The 10th show sucked!

  43. Lori says:

    .Still stunned at the ending. So will there be a season 2????? Very disappointed that Matt Dillon was killed off.

  44. Mark Kemp says:

    What a disappointment! This series was solid in most of the episodes. There were some holes, but there always things that don’t line up. I am glad to see more of these types of models being made. It always sucks when you invest a bunch of time in some series and then boom, it gets cancelled. All kinds of things never explained, no resolution. The last episode of this series was not good. They should have reworked the episodes and maybe developed the finale into two or possibly three episodes. There were several episodes that did have really anything significant take place. Those episodes could have been condensed to ten minutes of content each, tops. But I guess if it is considered “good writing” to send up two people in an elevator, when you have multiple trips that need to be made, and you have a bunch of man, bear, pigs,(pretty much every mutant/zombie/monster in these types of plots, “abbies”) approaching ever closer on their way to kill the remaining people. Or if it is more likely that the man, bear, pigs would find it easier to break through the bottom of an elevator to get to its prey then climb up to the top and enter the open door. How did Terrance Howard know where to find Ethan’s wife and son on the Highway and pull them over outside of the 2015 Wayward Pines. And how did they find such incredible mechanics that Terrance Howard was able to keep the same cop car in such solid condition for 2,000 years? He kidnapped people from everywhere. How odd that he would wait for Ethan’s wife and son outside the very city they would be living in 2,000 years later. Since they obviously had to have them under surveillance, why not just take them out at their house, or anywhere along the way? Just seems like they should have had a little more continuity throughout the story line. You definitely can see there were multiple teams of writers that didn’t communicate with each other about each others story lines. It was a great series overall, I just wish they would have done a better job tying everything together and really worked together on the project, not just wrote the piece they were assigned and called it good. The person responsible for overseeing the entire story itself or the interpretation needs to do a better job following up with the different “teams” involved with the project and force them to learn the other teams part of the story as well as their own. Focus on tying things up and tying them together a little better. Maybe then you wouldn’t have even the person doing the interview asking questions about portions of the story giving off a vibe that wasn’t intended. Article above. Lastly, yes I am from Colorado. Yes, that is why this is so long and rambles.

    • Mark Kemp says:

      And, yes watching Wayward Pines, and TV in general and posting long drawn out opinions on the internet as if it actually matters does make me feel like I am making a real contribution to society, and fills my life with meaning.

    • Robert says:

      About Ethans family kidnap… originally,his wife and son wasnt going to be kidnapped. When Theresa used Ethans password to get access in the computer , Adam Hassler was informed. Then Hassler called Pilcher and told him there was a problem,that Ethans family was searching him, in that moment Pilcher decided to kidnap Ethans wife and son and put them in the chambers

  45. Alicia says:

    I was hooked on this show from the first episode, I never knew the books existed or that this was intended to be a one season 10 episode show. The last 5 minutes of the finale ruined it for me. One thing I can’t stand is a show being a cliffhanger when there is no intention for a next season. I honestly believe that if it had ended with Kate and Pam’s discussion it would have been perfect, but nope let’s show that every mistake is going to be repeated, instead of there being two women running the operation. Everyone knew what was goi,g on and that fear alone would have kept people from trying to leave, a second season with humans hunting abbies, the town somehow expanding and more info on the nomads that sent the videos would have been great to see… I am very sad to see this show, I think that it could have gone on to be another post apocalyptic series like the Walking Dead.

    • Ann says:

      I like the ending, it works both way as both a backdoor to a second season, or a bold statement that history repeats itself. You’re forgetting that there were many other people who were still frozen who were unaware of all the events. It’s quite possible that these people turned on Kate and Pam’s form of easy-going, passive government. Maybe there was a lot of chaos due to the loose sets of rules they probably provided. I would love to see a second season with flashbacks.

  46. Charles and Paula Brown says:

    Loved the series but somewhat disappointed at the final outcome. Hoping for ( at least ) one more season ….maybe a 2-4 hour mini-series to “clean things up” and give this thing a positive spin.

  47. Louis Tyson says:

    I love the tv show! But am i only the one that was under the impression there would be a massive twist on the finale? I didn’t see any twist that i wasn’t going to expect i thought there would be a huge twist so although it was a great episode i was left kinda disappointing with no major twist… I thought perhaps either somebody dreamt the whole season or one of the main characters was secretly working woth pilcher and would turn on them at the end!

  48. Louis Tyson says:

    I love the tv show! But am i only the one that was under the impression there would be a massive twist on the finale? I didn’t see any twist that i wasn’t going to expect i thought there would be a huge twist so although it was a great episode i was left kinda disappointing with no major twist… I thought perhaps either somebody dreamt the whole season or one of the main characters was secretly working with pilcher and would turn on them at the end!

  49. Maggie says:

    I loved Wayward Pines. I’m so disappointed that there may not be a season 2. If there is any justice in this world, I will be watching season 2 to find out how Ben saves the town. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEASON 2!!!!!

  50. Lew says:

    Please bring it back for a second season and bring back Matt Dillon. I get a small amount of down time , if I invest my time, when can’t you. Bring it back or your network is toast with me.