Nashville Aubrey Peeples Series Regular

Nashville Promotes Aubrey Peeples to Series Regular in Season 4

Make room for one more permanent resident in Music City.

Aubrey Peeples will be a series regular when Nashville returns for Season 4, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Peeples, who plays reality-show-runner-up-turned-country-singer-songwriter Layla Grant, joined the ABC drama in Season 2. She’ll next be seen as Jem in the big-screen, live-action adaptation of Jem and the Holograms.

The actress’ Nashville promotion comes as Layla tests the waters as a Highway 65 artist and figures out her relationship with manager/kinda boyfriend Jeff (played by Oliver Hudson, whose status with the show has changed from series regular to recurring).

Are you looking forward to seeing more Layla in Nashville this season? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. steven says:

    Her? Make Sadie a regular instead.

  2. This character should have been long gone NOT getting a promotion. I have never seen so many people rooting for a character to not get out of the pool alive as this one. Why hasn’t Nashville writers gotten a clue and gotten rid of her?

    • Wordsmith says:

      First off, Nashville has a long history of turning around unpopular characters (remember season 1 Avery?) Personally, I think she’s just about reached the tipping point.
      Secondly, if they did write Layla out, they’ll just have to write in a new character that fans will like even less. With Rayna running her label, the show inherently needs new blood for her to sign and mentor.

    • Shira says:

      It may be true about the second season but last season Layla actually got interesting and many fans changed their minds. Think it’s also good for her character that Oliver Hudson will not be a regular anymore. Will give her more opportunities to shine on her own.

    • Bryce says:

      I honestly really like her, even when she’s at her worst or most-annoying. I think when they sent Zoey home, that was a great decision. Not having Layla die in the pool, that was a great decision. Nashville knows what it’s doing.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    I feel like she has pretty much already become a regular fixture on the show, and her music style certainly brings a different and welcome element to the soundtrack. Overall, I’m glad it’s now official.

  4. Grace says:

    I really love Layla so I’m so happy about this news!!! I like that she’s young and makes mistakes, and doesn’t always learn from them as quickly as TV usually makes characters. Plus she has an amazing voice–really really happy she’s been upped to regular status.

  5. abz says:

    Nothing against her as I do like her voice and the character sometimes, but they should have made Chris Carmack (Will) a regular instead (if he isn’t already one). His character/story is constantly pushed to the side an episode or two at a time.

    • Chris says:

      Chris Carmack was made a series regular back in season 2! I also wished they made Kyle Dean Massey (who plays Will’s boyfriend Kevin) a series regular too!

      • abz says:

        Oh okay. Doesn’t really feel like he’s a regular. Feels more like heavily recurring or something. They push his character to the side a lot sometimes.
        That would be great for Kyle Dean Massey to be a regular or at least heavily recurring. We see Avery/Juliet and Rayna/Deacon constantly in almost every episode. I don’t see why we shouldn’t see Will/Kevin as well. They better bring Kevin back.

      • Brandon Parker says:

        I totally agree with and especially my girlfriend she loves Kyle Dean Massey maybe the producers will come to their senses and add Kyle as a regular I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  6. ? says:

    I’m a fan of the character and how the actress plays her. No, I don’t always like her (and we aren’t supposed to) but she never lets me hate her, either.

  7. Mika02j says:

    Capitalizing on her Movie releasing this fall. Might back fire though the Jem trailer looks like a travesty.

    • KT says:

      I was thinking the same thing (that they are capitalizing on her having a movie and that it looks just so, so awful. So, so awful.).

  8. meltjk says:

    Why? She is a totally unnecessary character and just can’t find her niche in the show. They have had her in so many character stories and yet she just can’t seem to make it work. Why keep her? She really should be gone.

    • So true. She has not worked at all in any story they try to force her into. Not sure why they insist on holding onto this character. Time for her to be revealed for what she did in season 2 and for her to leave.

    • abz says:

      I think the problem is that they’ve saddled her with Jeff. She could have shown some promise had they let the character finally catch some sort of break and have her make some good progress with Rayna, but then they created that drama between her and Jeff and him taking control, thus impacting her storyline with Rayna a bit (similar to how when Juliet joined Rayna’s label and I thought it would be a great way of seeing more of the two leading ladies together, but in fact we barely see them interact and have more drama to create rifts between them). I honestly blame the writers more than I blame her. She has a good voice and I’ve personally never hated her character. Felt a lot of sympathy for her during her Will problems. They need to write her better and they should start by getting rid of Jeff I think. Who knows though. They made her a series regular so perhaps they have specific plans to give her more to do.

  9. FatherOctavian says:

    A worthwhile tradeoff of Oliver Hudson’s character being downgraded to recurring status. Jeff Fordham is such a consistently loathsome character that he’s not even a villain you love to hate, he’s just someone you hate. He brings out the worst in everyone around him, Layla included.

    • Chris says:

      The reason why Oliver Hudson (Jeff) got downgraded back to recurring status is because he’s also starring on Fox’s “Scream Queens”.

  10. JK says:

    Ugh, no. She, Jeff and Teddy need to go away for good.

  11. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Do the writers and producers of this show ever go online to see what fans think? Everyone hates Layla. They keep giving her crappy stories and the actress, although she is a great singer, is not the greatest. GIVE ALL HER SCREENTIME TO RAYNA & DEACON! (…or ANYONE else.)

  12. Shira says:

    Good! Layla Grant was just getting interesting! Her voice is incredible and it would be interesting to see how she develope as an artist.
    Plus, less Jeff is great. He managed to ruin all the lives he can ruin already I believe :)

  13. Jill says:

    I’m sorry, but she’s one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. The quality of this show took a big nose dive last season, and with decisions like this I only see that trend continuing.

  14. lorna says:

    Yay. Disappointed about Oliver, but excited to see him on Scream Queens. And he’ll still be on here.

  15. Dyrektywa ErP zachęca do tworzenia i wdrażania projektów przyjaznych dla środowiska (tzw.

  16. Na naszym rynku w ostatnich trzech latach ceny spadły 60 procent – musieliśmy na to zareagować.

  17. J says:

    Just why?? She cannot act. It’s painfully obvious when she’s in scenes with people like Connie Britton.

    Layla has been written a bunch of different ways -she’s been someone screwing over Juliette, and cosying up to sleazy DJs to get ahead, she’s been a wounded innocent virgin, and crazy blackmailer over Will’s secret, doing pills and getting drunk. Now she’s ‘not a traditional artist’, but what exactly is the point of her? How can anyone root for her when her character changes every couple of episodes in a desperate attempt to make viewers like her more?

    There are too many characters in this show, it’s bitty and fragmented as all of their different storylines are shoehorned in – Clear the Clutter!!! They should have started with Layla.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes, too many characters and things moving too fast. But Connie Britton talks through her nose and is very hard to understand. Clare Bowen talks too fast and in spurts, so she’s hard to understand. The guy that plays Luke is a terrible actor and needs some lessons. Layla has not been given a chance to show what she can do, but this girl is the best singer on there. You never really HEAR Connie Britton sing because she can’t. Juliette Barnes is a decent singer, but not like Layla. Sam Palladio is nothing to brag about either. Nashville needs some new writers because all the scenes are predictable and too choppy. Get rid of the doctor, Jeff, Juliette’s manager, Luke, Will and his boyfriend, Deacon’s sister, Teddy and his call girl friend, and Sadie. Then develop some deeper character roles with what’s left.

      • tahonia2 says:

        May I say I totally disagree with your assessment of the show.😳

        • J says:

          Me too!! Anyone would think from that assessment Layla’s the best character on the show not the worst! Her voice is ok but her songs suck and she gets more than anyone else.

      • Alicia says:

        Connie Britton should not be mentioned in the same sentence as the girl who plays Layla. Connie is an Emmy nominated actress and it’s the accent she is portraying. Connie has never accoladed herself as a singer but she does sing what you do hear. However she says herself she’s an actress not a singer. Totally disagree with what has been said there.

      • Benjamin says:

        I’m agree.. there is too many recurring characters that add nothing to the show. The predictable plots and boring cliches (like all that gay stament with Will and his boyfriend) are really boring.

        I always like more the “mean” Layla instead of the goody-crazy-Lindsay-Lo kinda Layla (they change the character every season)… currently it’s like all the women in this show have issues and are kinda helpless. Come’on!.. give us some realilty… where are the sharks on nashville?… sometimes it feel like there is too much public relations for the country scene (puting Juliette aside the rest of the characters seem quite kindly and dull). And no talk that the show need a strong male young character that can really sing (to fulfil the hole that Luke left in the main plot as perfect match of Layla character).

        • abz says:

          The show is essentially a primetime country soap, so predictable plots and cliches are pretty much a given (remember the finale car crash with Deacon and Raynafrom a few seasons ago).
          Characters have to change a bit every season or else they get a bit boring (although I would agree that they haven’t done the best job with writing Layla).
          Juliette had to be pushed aside due to Hayden’s real-life pregnancy. I do hope she comes back to the forefront of the show next season.
          The show kind of already does have some good young male singers. There’s Gunnar and Will has a good voice.
          Will’s storyline is relevant due to the existing stigma on being gay in the country music scene.

          • Benjamin says:

            Yeah… we all know that it’s a soup.. but the ratings keep been low… even dropping.. and with less cliché plots (some of them are FULL cliché) and more crude “reality” that situation may improve.

            And i wasn’t talking about a good young male singer.. i was talking about good (strong) young male CHARACTER that also can sing… did you see how in this show all the “young” guys are goodies, likeable and quite similar?… the show need a douchy sexy str8 young male character to add some spice and drama… ’cause let face it… there are a loot of womanizers, cheaters and party–loving male singers in the REAL country scene, but not a single one in this show… the guys in Nashville looks like church material in comparison!.

          • abz says:

            Nothing against adding another strong male character on the show with some edge. However, not too keen on him being a douche. To be honest, this show has already made us put up with some douchey and annoying male characters (e.g., Luke and Jeff) and I don’t think they’ve had a positive impact on the show at all. Luke was insufferable when he was with Rayna. I personally couldn’t stand him and was waiting for his character to be kicked off the show, but he became somewhat likeable post-breakup I guess. Jeff, on the other hand, is still an annoying character who is nowhere near likable. Plus, womanizing and partying may be the real country scene, but that stuff can get old on a TV show quick. Doesn’t really further much character development. Also, I find cheating storylines to be a bit tedious sometimes. It may be realistic, but it’s not always interesting to watch. Look at how annoying Avery became after Juliet slept with Jeff. They just dragged it out forever.

          • Benjamin says:

            You have several points. But i wasn’t talking about an antagonist, “evil” or just a vicious kinda character.. i’m sure that they can do a character douchy but still charming (Grey’s Anatomy haves a master about it). And… i also hate all that cheating cliché plots… and i didn’t ask for more cheating.. i was just asking some “reality” (the males characters can’t be all goodies). Furthermore.. if SVU can milk every police headline… why Nashville can’t make interesting complex histories of real people.. like that of Blake and Miranda b.e?… i’m not talking about the typical-basic jersey shore kinda of cheating (or about Juliette’s single night mistakes).

          • abz says:

            I see what you’re saying. The show can definitely improve in many areas. I think it does okay in the relationship drama aspect sometimes, but it does struggle a bit with the music business side too. I mean Rayna has now had her label for what two seasons (?) and she’s like the only artist making money as Juliet had all those issues with people hating her and then the baby, etc. She still hasn’t successfully signed an artist and seen them through actually releasing an album. I don’t know how she’s still in business. I’m hoping now that they got rid of Teddy and his useless story that it will give them the opportunity to write some better stories.

          • abz says:

            Also, you may get your wish. They just cast a new male character played by Riley Smith. Looks like he’ll be causing some trouble for Rayna as her new artist.

    • Alicia says:

      Totally agree she needs to go not hog more airtime away from the main cast. Love your description of clear the clutter haha

  18. Lauren says:

    I thought she already was a regular tbh. I hope they make Will’s boyfriend a regular. And YES to Sadie becoming a regular. Can’t wait for Nashville to be back.

  19. Dori says:

    Yay! Season 4!!

  20. Kate says:

    I didn’t like her in the beginning. I changed my mind completely when she sang a ballad, giving it her all. I have all the Nashville CDs and am glad she was included on Season 3, part 2. Her voice is an asset to the Nashville sound.

  21. Joanne says:

    Great! Layla is the best singer on the whole show. Give her something to sing, and she can do it. I have liked her from the beginning. Very attractive girl. Some of these people need some acting lessons, though… Luke for starters. And Scarlett and Raina need to learn to speak more plainly so people can understand them. Love them both, but NOT good actresses.

    • Ptf says:

      Connie Britton’s not a good actress??? Really?! Jeez.

    • Alicia says:

      Omg I can’t believe what is being said here? Layla needs acting lessons as the actress has admitted to never having had any. Have to disagree Connie is an Emmy nominated actress so Yeh she’s a pretty fricking amazing actress. They are portraying accents that are not there own. Clare Bowen is an Aussie

      • Ptf says:

        It’s so very, painfully obvious Aubrey Peeples has never had acting lessons. She’s really wooden and never fully in the scene. Connie’s been nominated for Emmys; there’s just no comparison. She can convey so much emotion with a tiny look, AP will never master that.
        I will agree that Clare Bowen talks too fast though, but part of that is just Scarlett’s character.

    • Stella says:

      You’re entitled to your opinion about Layla but saying Connie Britton is not a good actress ruins your credibility right away.

  22. Tahonia says:

    “Are you looking forward to seeing more Layla in Nashville this season? Sound off in the comments!” Uh, let me think about it….NO!

  23. Alicia says:

    Omg how depressing. Layla takes up to much screen time as is with some pretty pointless storylines. Can we plz refocus on the main cast. We need more Deyna Javery Scunner and TheStellas. Storylines R suffering due to trying to cut scenes short to squeeze everything in. The Deyna getn back together and Deacons cancer should of gotten more dialogue scenes. Javery stuff was sparse in the second half of S3. I fast forward every scene Layla is in so I’m not very happy that im going to have fast forward even more of my fav show coz the only character I dislike is getting more airtime. Crazy decision by the show imo

    • tvaddict says:

      yes to all this. When you compare season 1 of this show with the current season, it is crazy the difference! We don’t need more Layla – the main cast is already exceptionally talented! Give them more screen time and more stories to work with. Aubrey has a great voice but next to these stellar actors….I barely pay attention when she comes on my screen.

  24. Al B says:

    I love the Layla character!

  25. judy pennell says:

    I am happy she will be a regular. I like her a lot.

  26. acurat says:

    Layla or Jeff? Layla as series regular in a heartbeat.

  27. Julie says:

    Yes! I love her character and she has a fantastic voice! She needs to be right up front with Hayden. I think Aubrey has a better voice than Connie Britten.

  28. Marie says:

    I’m on the fence about Layla. I wish they hadn’t paired her up with Jeff. And I wish they had gotten rid of Jeff last season. His story line with Layla was so boring… But I think since they’ve kept her for a regular then maybe they plan on giving her a better story line. Glad Oliver is moving to fox. Hopefully we won’t see him in Nashville too much. I won’t be watching scream queens that’s for sure.

    I hope they don’t push the gay agenda even more now that gay marriage is legal in all 50.
    I hope they don’t give Reyna and deacon too much drama. I’m surprised that they didn’t have his daughter save him.
    I hope Hayden isn’t a monster and that her marriage works out. I love them both together.

  29. Yes! Want to see more of that story father an son/ really uncle and nephew.

  30. Stella says:

    A couple of comments here are hilarious. There’s trying to defend a character and there’s being realistic. Aubrey has a great voice but she’s a poor actress when compared to someone like Connie Britton, it’s another league entirely. The writing of this show has so not been worthy of Connie since season 1.

  31. jarod85 says:

    Very happy about this development. The best part of this show, at the end of the day, is the music aspect of the show, not the soap opera crap. That being said, musically speaking, Aubrey has been a massive asset to the show. She has an incredible voice, by far the best female in the cast. And I think, she’s handled her own on the acting front for someone so inexperienced. You can’t make comparisons with Connie, she’s friggin Connie after all. It’s the writing that’s usually been the issue with Layla’s likability, so here’s hoping they build a better storyline for her outside of Jeff.

  32. Helena says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. I love this series, and everyone it! I hope Deacon is still on.

  33. Linda Rizzo says:

    I think just making her a regular this season is great. I actually like the new character she has become. Much more than before… I don’t want to see more of her and less of the other character’s on the show though. Seen as much as before would be great!

  34. Carol says:

    So glad they made Layla a regular!! We love the show and have watched her “grow” into someone you don’t want to miss. Her potential is tremendous. They need to give her wings and let her talents fly this year.

  35. Tony says:

    Ole varovainen kun tilaat nämä bonukset ja sopia
    olla mukana niissä .

  36. john downs says:

    I am looking forward to more lala on Nashville

  37. Mike says:

    YES!! Love Aubrey its pretty funny the hate is only coming from jealous immature females. Every damn show has This pathetic curse. Glad showrunners are starting to ignore these crazies and focus on the storyline instead. Aubrey is fantastic and quite frankly the Best Singer on the show.