Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: If Books Could Kill

Because all roads on Teen Wolf lead back to Eichen House, Scott’s pack on Monday booked a round-trip flight to the cuckoo’s nest, where a familiar face — one with a not-so-blind third eye — eagerly awaited their arrival.

In what I now consider to be a somewhat Little Mermaid-inspired trade, Dr. Valack — Peter’s former cellmate and the author of that Dread Doctors book Malia found last week — requested a recording of Lydia’s banshee scream in exchange for vital information about the masked murderers. Here’s what they squeezed out of him:

[The Dread Doctors] were scientists once, scientists who worshipped the supernatural. They found their secrets in electromagnetic forces — ways for them to prolong their lives, give them more power and, most importantly, making you forget you ever saw them.

Valack also blamed Scott and his friends for screwing with the Nemeton, thus drawing the Doctors back to Beacon Hills (which is actually a pretty fair accusation… because they totally did). The tense encounter, like so many of my high school English classes, ended with Valack screaming “Read the book!” while Stiles and Lydia ran for their lives in the opposite direction.

Among the many questions I still have about the group’s trip to Eichen House, though, this one definitely tops my list: What the hell was this thing?


I’m pretty sure Valack identified it by name, but it sounded like he called it a “Slore,” and I figured that couldn’t be right. Anybody have a bestiary handy?

KILLER STILES | I’d like to back up a bit and discuss this week’s killer — in every sense of the word — opening scene. The Stiles-vs.-Donovan sequence felt very old-school horror and even reminded me a lot of Teen Wolf‘s first season. Dylan O’Brien’s performance in the moments following Donovan’s accidental impaling was brilliant; it was definitely Nogitsune-level material for him and he knocked it out of the park. It’ll be sad to watch him lose his mind, and I already didn’t like Stiles’ tense moment with Scott (“We shouldn’t be killing anyone we’re trying to save”), but at least we know O’Brien will put on a damn good show.

Teen Wolf Theo MaliaHOT FLASH(BACK) | Question for the group, and be honest: Am I a bad person for kind of enjoying Theo and Malia’s episode-long flirtation? The naughty library glances, the hand-touching during that (illegal) driving lesson… all of it. I know Theo’s probably evil — we literally watched him tip off the Doctors about the gang’s trip to Eichen House — and I’d never genuinely wish heartbreak on Stiles, but the electricity between Theo and Malia this week was indescribable; it was like Kira holding hands with Pikachu in the middle of a thunderstorm. Being with Theo even made Malia’s latest flashback of the Desert Wolf, who apparently caused her adoptive mom’s car accident, an oddly intimate experience. (See the photo to the right for further proof.)

STYDIA SHOUT-OUT | While we’re on the subject of sexual confusion and repressed emotions, was anyone else (pleasantly) caught off guard by Scott’s speech about Stiles still liking Lydia, and how they’re “pretty good together?” Don’t get me wrong, I ‘shipped the crap out of those two in Teen Wolf‘s first few seasons, but his crush seems to have fizzled out, thanks mostly to Malia’s arrival. So why would Scott bring it up now? Could the sails of the mighty ‘ship Stydia be catching a second wind? It would make about as much sense as anything else happening in Beacon Hills right now, so who even knows.

teen-wolf-505-inset-3WHAT THE FOX, KIRA? | I’m not really sure how kitsunes work, but I think Kira might need new batteries. After going Super Saiyan on Lucas last week, she started muttering unsettling Japanese phrases in her sleep. And as a show-stopping third act, she turned her electric wrath on Scott during their field trip to the looney bin. She also accidentally disabled Eichen’s electromagnetic barrier, allowing the Doctors to break in, but I’m more worried about Kira than those wannabe surgeons. Do we think she’s going to be OK? Do we need to make a Kickstarter? Just dare me.

To be fair, there was one upside to Kira’s light show. It allowed for this badass moment to happen:


Your thoughts on this week’s explosive hour? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Mary Kate says:

    Hale yes. Give me Stydia! This episode was incredible. Best of the season so far!

  2. Mo says:

    Stiles’ crush on Lydia might have “fizzled out” but it is also very apparent that his desire to protect her is still very strong.

    • Lizz says:

      Yes! more than Scott’s speech about them too was Stiles actions with Lydia. Not letting her go to Eichen House alone even with him being hurt. Watching the orderally as he watched Lydia and not being to pleased. Oh that ship is catching a storm now. And it’s freaking going back to that damn tree and remember Lydia was Stiles tether there. I’m so freakin excited.

  3. Ditty D says:

    Great episode. Can we get TV line performer of the week for O”Brien?

  4. DL says:

    The creature was a sluagh. :-)

  5. nate says:

    Yea the slaugh was created by a fan of the show that won a contest or something

    • Amelia says:

      Do you mean created as in designed what it looked like? Because if you mean created as in they created the whole creature then that person is taking credit for a creature that already exists in Irish mythology 😕

  6. Bryce says:

    O’Brien’s acting was top-notch and there were definitely a few other good nuggets (Stydia and Kira’s kitsune being cray), but the rest of the episode kind of fell flat. Lydia find this book last episode and looks at the cover. The girth of the episode is spent around the mystery “what does the book do?” and the only real answer is “hey, try reading it!” I know this is Teen Wolf, but even a toddler has the conception that books are meant to be read. I don’t really think we needed to spend a whole hour solving that particular “mystery.”

    • DL says:

      To be fair, they did start looking through it. But as anyone might in such a dire situation, it seemed they were only skimming it, trying to glean valuable information ASAP. To actually sit down and read it cover to cover is different. That said, I do concede that it was a somewhat shallow plot point, its purpose mainly to connect Valack to the doctors and give us the awesome “attack on Eichen” scene.

  7. Ian says:

    Hmm. So seems to me like Theo is also serving as a plotdevice to clear the way for Stydia. And so was Malia and Stalia just a way to fill out the cast and give her ties?
    I like Parrish, but I was never crazy about him and Lydia, so if this show is going to give me Stydia, I can finally start watching again and not just read these recaps.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Feels a bit strange you would watch a show just for one ship.

      I thought it was a great episode. Stiles has finally killed someone .. sortoff. No doubt he will start internalising it. Theo’s next action to drive a wedge into the pack is to target Malia. Good move!.

      Seeing Lydia at Eichen house always fills me with a sense of Foreboding because I feel like she is constantly moving towards being the next Meredith. The voices just get too much and well.. look what happened to Meredith.

      Im still not sure what to make of Parrish. Is he still a good guy? Not sure. Is a bad guy and dosnt know it? maybe.

      • Ian says:

        Well, Im certainly not watching the show for its coherent storytelling and musical chair relationships and meaningful LGBT representation, am I. It’s all Jeff Davis boytoys and slow-mo action sequences and special effects. It’s not ‘strange’ if I only want to watch Dylan and Holland play an awesome relationship with their chemistry and acting ability.

  8. Ellie says:

    O’Brien is great, but the whole thing was ruined for me because it was so CLEARLY not an evil, premeditated “murder”, but self-defense. It wasn’t even intended to be lethal – Stiles was clearly just hoping the scaffolding would knock Donovan on his ass, prevent him from chasing him – what were the odds he’d end up impaled like that? So while Stiles’ panic was maybe understandable (have they really not killed ANYONE else in self-defense on the show? I find that hard to believe), his fear of Scott’s judgment rang totally false for me. No way in a million years do I buy that Scott would argue Stiles should have just LET Donovan murder him because “we don’t kill people”. Ridiculous.

    • Amelia says:

      I think the fact that it wasn’t evil or purposeful is what makes it so hard for Stiles to get over, as well as the fact that in Scott and probably Stiles’ eyes he was an innocent teenager. The last time he felt like everything was so out of control was when he was being controlled by the Nogitsune and he couldn’t stop it from killing and injuring a lot of innocent people. I think the fact that he’s just killed someone, accidentally or not, has reminded him of when he killed all those people, especially Allison who Scott was still in love with, and he’s scared that when Scott finds out, that this is going to be the last straw for Scott who believes they’re all innocent teenagers who are just being controlled, and is panicking that when everyone finds out they’ll hate him. Idk maybe I’m reading too far into it but that’s what i think. :)

    • superhappygenki says:

      I think the only person we actually see killing someone for some kind of greater good was when Derek killed Peter. But, since Scott said to Morell in season 3A that if he killed he couldn’t be a True Alpha anymore (which she confirms to save her own ass), he hasn’t wanted to kill anyone for anything. He was fine with wanting to kill Peter in s1, had a moment of considering killing the kanima in s2 before he found out it was Jackson. But after that conversation with Morell, he thinks everyone can be saved, even Peter, and it’s so much like Batman who won’t kill you, but he’s perfectly happy to change your circumstances so you’re miserable. (Look what he did to Gerard.)

    • AF says:

      IA. It seemed particularly dumb to me because Stiles really had no more control over killing Donovan than he did slaughtering the entire staff of Beacon HIlls Hospital when he was a nogitsune and they never even brought that carnage up again.

      I know the situations are different.. But I feel like if he’s logical enough to know killing hundreds of people wasn’t his fault because he can’t control his body, he should be able to rationalize that accidentally killing someone who was actively trying to murder him is probably not really his fault, either.

    • DL says:

      Never felt like Stiles was upset or wouldn’t talk about it because he thought it was evil. It was simply the traumatic, terrible fact that he killed someone, and that he lacked the strength of Scott and the others to actually have the choice to spare Donovan’s life.

    • Monique says:

      Couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I could see why Stiles was upset – killing someone no matter the circumstances would be traumatic. But when said person was trying to kill you AND threatened to kill your dad, you shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

  9. Jasmine says:

    I think it was a “Sluagh” instead of a slore. It’s apart of the irish and scottish folklore and is believed to be restless spirits. I’m hoping this could be a reason Allison or Aiden come back. Oh please please please and bring back Isaac, Derek and Eithan while you’re at it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    he tense encounter, like so many of my high school English classes, ended with Valack screaming “Read the book!” while Stiles and Lydia ran for their lives in the opposite direction.

    That’s my favorite line. Typical high school interactions.

  11. Isobel says:

    In Irish and Scottish folklore, the Sluagh (Irish pronunciation: [sɫuə], Scottish Gaelic: [slˠ̪uaɣ], modern Irish spelling Slua, English: “horde, crowd”) were the spirits of the restless dead. Sometimes they were seen as sinners, or generally evil people who were welcome in neither heaven nor hell, nor in the Otherworld, who had also been rejected by the Celtic deities and by the earth itself. Whichever the underlying belief, they are almost always depicted as troublesome and destructive.

  12. Ash says:

    Oooohhh I can answer that question the creature is called a Sluagh its a made up character designed by a girl who won a contest to design a monster for Teen Wolf. Although the name Sluagh is from Irish and Scottish folklore and meant spirits of the restless dead

  13. “it was like Kira holding hands with Pikachu in the middle of a thunderstorm.” <- THIS!!! :))))))))

  14. James says:

    ok….This has been irritating me for 5 years now and I finally have to say it. Why does nobody ever lock that damn school? When I was in high school, there was no way anyone would have been walking around in the school in the middle of the night.

    As far as I can tell, Beacon Hills only contains a school, a sheriff’s office, a hospital, a forest, and a nut house.

  15. Ash says:

    I have to admit the stiles/Lydia shoutout was pretty sweet. When it comes to Parrish, my only 2 guesses on his behavior at this point are 1) it has nothing to do with the dread doctors at all as in maybe he’s cremating the dead supernatural because it ties in with whatever creature he is or; 2) whatever that hybrid werewolf guy with the talons did to him is somehow the way the doctors are getting him to clean up their messes. Hmm. I’m wondering whether these doctors are kind of like a Freddy Krueger scenario like they’re there and they’re not and can only hurt you in the right dream state/different dimension..or reality. Interesting season

  16. Bre says:

    Am I the only one that’s wondering why the heck Stiles is hiding his wound from everyone? And what the bite is doing to him?
    Thoughts on any of this?

    • Radha says:

      He’s hiding it because they will ask him how it happened, and what is he gonna be able to tell them? He can’t bring up Donovan and that he bit him because then they’ll want to know what happened to Donovan.

  17. Joe Taylor says:

    The weird creature at echien house is called a sluahh ( not sure bout the spelling). The are from ancient fairy lore ( not tinker bell The fae are rarely cute). And the sluahh are the worst of the worst. The they are most often associated with the wild hunt and and will often be summoned to avegene kins slayings and oath breakers

  18. Joe Taylor says:

    Does anyone think the dread doctors looks ALOT like the pest doctors who monitored and quarantined plague outbreaks