So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Miracle on Third or Fourth Tweet

A beautiful and completely unexpected thing happened on the first So You Think You Can Dance results show of Season 12.

No, Travis Wall didn’t renounce his usual mangling of the word “choreography,” nor did executive producer Nigel Lythgoe stop his nasty habit of trying to sway audience opinions via pre-performance packages.

The good news, though, is that thanks to a new Twitter-save twist (borrowed from those social-media savvy cats at The Voice), we the people (obsessed with reality-competition series) were granted the ability to remove the most egregious at-risk dancers from the ever-capricious whims of Tweedle Weeee, Tweedle Duh and Tweedle Brit.

Granted, I’m not wholly convinced that we didn’t end up losing two of the season’s most talented performers by the end of the telecast anyhow, but at least we’re the ones who dropped the eggs out in the supermarket parking lot, as opposed to having the cashier hurl ’em down against the conveyor belt while we stood by in silent horror (so to speak).

Anyhow, let’s hear it for the Twitter Save — and Cat Deeley’s Emmy nomination, shall we? And with that out of the way, I shall spill the results, then endeavor to rank the night’s routines, and then cook up power lists for the Street and Stage sides based on individual members’ performances during the entire episode.

Bottom 3 Team Stage (Based on Last Week’s Vote)

Bottom 3 Team Street (Based on Last Week’s Vote)

At the start of the night, I couldn’t have imagined a scenario in which I’d rank either Derek or Moises over Darion, but the guy who leapt so powerfully in last week’s ballet duo sank like a three-day-old helium balloon throughout the show. But while Neptune’s Broadway number was arguably the best of Team Street’s Bottom 3, I couldn’t shake my loyalty to Lily, and thus Tweeted as follows:

Well, I guess this early in the season, one out of two ain’t bad.

Twitter Saved

Saved by the Judges


Routines (Ranked Worst to Best)
7. Derek and Ariana (Jazz — Ray Leeper, choreographer) | It wasn’t exactly a Barack-Obama-takes-the-stage-with-Sarah-Palin level of disconnect, but seeing how we were promised a routine about the shared “pain of losing a loved one,” it might have been nice had Derek and Ariana at least looked at each other a couple times. (Good critique, Paula!) Granted, it’s never easy to get excited by mime-style costumes and literal painted-on tears, but despite the judges’ praise of the duo’s movement, I thought they both looked a little labored as the routine wore on.

6. Lily, Gaby, Burim and Edson (Bollywood — Nakul Dev Mahajan, choreographer) | I always feel for the kids who land the Bollywood numbers, mostly because Nakul never deems it necessary to give his routines an emotional backstory (and backstory often translates into votes). (Has dude never watched Devdas, I wonder?) Anyhow, I wish Nigel or Paula had at least credited Edson for vastly superior crispness and extension compared to the wobbly Burim — but neither of the ladies (both faves of mine going into the week) fully nailed the combination of speed and lightness that’s the backbone of the style.

5. Yorelis, Hailee and Darion (Salsa — Oksana & Jonathan, choreographers) | I didn’t disagree with the judges’ assessment that Darion got outshimmied, outsexed and upstaged by the limber Yorelis and the hard-charging Hailee, but in his defense, he was stuck in an anchor position without a lot of opportunities to let loose and join in the fun (though that’s no excuse for nearly dropping Hailee). Of the two women, I actually thought Yorelis brought more heat and hip action to the number, but since she’s not a direct competitor of Hailee’s — them being on different teams and all — I suppose it doesn’t matter much, especially since Hailee delivers so much facial intensity that she’s a winner in her own right, too.

4. Neptune, Asaf and Kate (Broadway — Spencer Liff, choreographer) | Raise your hand if you wish that Asaf’s whiny attitude had earned him an automatic DQ (and the return of Standing Ovation)! Anyhow, dude definitely got left in the dust by fellow Team Street-er Neptune, whose bones practically turned to brass as he channeled a horn in this peculiar but intriguing routine. Kate shone, too, with the elegant breeziness of a classic film star — but I’m worried Nigel’s criticism that her “cool” comes off as a lack of performance ability might land her in the Bottom 3.

3. Marissa, Moises and JJ (Jazz — Ray Leeper, choreographer) | I don’t know why certain SYTYCD contestants get slapped with negative labels even in the positive critiques refuting ’em. “Who says you’re not strong, Moises? All season we’ve said you’re not strong — but you are! We were so worried about your lack of strength, but we didn’t need to be!” Ugh. Give the guy credit for serving impala-esque leaps and bringing enough nasty sexuality to his role of cheating-boyfriend that he held focus even against Marissa’s gleeful punisher. (Girlfriend comes off a little too bubbly offstage, but she’s kind of a beast when the music starts.) Asked to mirror Marissa, poor JJ kinda disappeared like Gwyneth Paltrow’s likability in the GOOP era, and methinks she might find herself at risk next Tuesday.

2. Megz, Alexia and Virgil (Contemporary — Dee Caspary, choreographer) | I let out a full-on howl when Virgil floated over the ladies during that intricate lift, but Megz’s expressive eyes and tricky combination of strength and sensuality proved even more hypnotic — and it has to be said her lines were as clean and pretty as her contemporary counterpart’s. Poor Alexia faded into the background a bit paired with such a vibrant duo, but at least she didn’t stand out in a bad way, I guess?

1. Jim and Jaja (Hip-Hop — Christopher Scott, choreographer) | I’ll get my sole complaint out of the way — I could’ve 20 percent less perma-smile from Jim, but that said, I haven’t seen a dancer loosen up that quickly since the Tin Man got his oil can in The Wizard of Oz. Dude hit every note with convincing hardness, and didn’t miss a single intricacy during the hand-ography portion. Jaja, as the judges noted, brought some beautiful softness to her devastated-woman character, and clued us in that she’ll be far more than a one-krump pony. (It must be said, also, that she was especially good in this week’s group numbers, too, no?)

Team Stage Individual Rankings
1. Jim
2. Moises
3. Marissa
4. Kate
5. Hailee
6. Edson
6. Gaby
8. Alexia
9. Derek

Team Street Individual Rankings
1. Megz
2. Jaja
3. Virgil
4. Neptune
5. Yorelis
6. Ariana
7. JJ
8. Burim
9. Asaf

With that, I turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 12 Top 20 results night? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    I really liked Megz Alexa and Virgil tonight they really adapted so well as a group and as individuals
    Jim and Jaja were great too
    The opening number was AMAZING!
    Not surprised with who went home but glad Ariana is safe
    Asaf needs to change his attitude don’t see how he is getting through
    I missed solos before voting hope they bring that back
    Are they going to do groups the whole time or will they eventually go to partners and/or Allstars once there is a top ten?

  2. Me says:

    The choreographer is Dee Caspary. Oopsie whoopsie.

  3. Connor says:

    I know it’s really early in the season but I want Jaja to win!

    • Jenks says:

      I’ve liked her from the beginning. She brings so much life to her performances. If she can nail other choreo, I think she is a real contender.

    • TrickyGreyArea says:

      I was so sad when she missed being cast last season (their “Please come back to us next year” makes me nervous anymore because each season feels like it could very well be the last). She impressed me in Vegas last year by picking up different styles quickly, and I’m disappointed we have not had the chance to see her dance outside her style yet. She is definitely one of my faves this year.

  4. Dave says:

    I’m so happy that Neptune was saved. I think he can make it really far in the competition if he keeps performing like he did tonight. Same with Alexia.
    Predictions for Bottom 3:
    Team Stage: Edson, Derek, Hailee. Twitter Save: Hailee, Eliminated- Derek
    Team Street: Asaf, Burim, Ariana. Twitter Save: Asaf (unfortunately), Eliminated- Ariana

    • MAS says:

      You don’t think the judges will cut Asaf in a heartbeat? I thought they worked really hard to convince us they wouldn’t to stop votes going to him. I was ok with him be given the slot, but he really, really needs to go.

      • Dave says:

        Originally, I thought twitter was going to save Asaf, but after reading comments here, Youtube, etc. I think that twitter will probably save Burim, give Ariana one more chance, and send Asaf home.

  5. Danelle says:

    Megs is ranked higher than Jaja because she performed outside her style right? Right, Slezak. She was servicable but Jaja was so on point. I know she hasn’t been challenged yet but still….

    • sarahjane says:

      I thought it was weird that he ranked Megz at the top of team street and Alexia at the bottom of team stage. I thought Alexia was very good in their routine.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        I agree sarahjane, I really enjoyed Alexia in the routine and was pleased to see Nigel acknowledge her talents. Virgil just shines with his wonderful attitude and personality and did a good job on the routine. Megz is obviously talented but her appeal had been lost on me since the beginning and I found her posture and hunched shoulders distracting in this routine.

        • maryg says:

          Yes she needs to unhunch her shoulders! It drives me crazy!

        • Daisy says:

          THIS ^^ I was incredibly surprised that the judges didn’t give Megz that feedback (though the judging is not all that great this year anyway, but…:))Especially after telling Jim they were worried that he wouldn’t be able to hunch his shoulders the way he should for a hip hop routine. *sigh*

  6. msemmyjones says:

    Just like on Idol, I really think this twitter save is nonsense. This is supposed to be AMERICA’S favorite dancer, and yet half the country doesn’t get to participate in the twitter save since we haven’t seen the episode yet!

    • nyla says:

      Totally agree. If you’re not on eastern time, your opinion has no way of being counted.

    • Python Rose Quartz says:

      Holy crap right??? All the people that work or have class in the evening too.

    • Monique says:

      THIS. SO MUCH THIS. I absolutely hated the Twitter save on The Voice (which I no longer watch) and I hate it even more now because I’m much more invested in SYTYCD. Not to mention all these shows are taped in Los Angeles. Major fail.

  7. Margi209 says:

    I think Hailee is under rated by the judges and Michael. She wasn’t featured in Vegas but caught my eye anyway. Last week she gave the judges whst they were asking for, but didn’t get credit for it. I hope she gets her moment to shine.
    Also am fed up with Asaf’s attitude. Hope the judges never save him. Must be frustrating for the choreographers.

    • Sandra says:

      I hope he gets Sonya Tayeh cause she’s the one choreographer who won’t give him the special treatment and change the routine so its easier for him.

      • Jenks says:

        Now THAT will be a fun pre-performance package to watch.

      • MAS says:

        That would be worth it. I am tried of the cameras panning away from him so we can’t see how well he is really doing with things adjusted down just for him.

      • Monique says:

        I’m just waiting for a Sonya routine in general, but this would be TV gold. Asaf needs to go home ASAP. I’m sick of choreographers having to dumb down routines because of him. That’s only going to hinder those paired with him. Boo.

      • Kris says:

        THIS! Yes, put Asaf in a Sonya routine STAT!

        I wasn’t watching closely, but I couldn’t tell if the convo between Twitch and Asaf was the same one from the first live show or not. If it was a second convo about the same thing, get him outta there! Tired of his wah wah it’s too hard crap. If it is a rehash, shame on the producers.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      Absolutely agree that Asaf’s attitude is inexcusable. If the choreographers get any say this season, I imagine he will go first chance they get to send him packing.

      • David says:

        Asaf should never have made the show… Can’t believe they put him back in. It’s not only that his attitude is inexcusable. There were so many other great people to chose from… And to see Lily leave before him is heartbreaking. Hope America get’s it right the next time.

  8. Andrea says:

    LILY WAS ELIMINATED. WHAT???? She was literally 100x more likable than Ariana, Burim, and Neptune and she outdanced Burim in her routine last week AND this week. UGH.

    Jim needs to get injured or this season’s gonna be boring.

    Let’s pray that Moises and Marissa get African Jazz next week and Ariana, Burim, and Asaf get Quickstep and the judges decide to eliminate 5 people in one episode.

    Top 5 Stage- Kate, Hailee, Edson, Jim, Gaby
    Top 5 Street- Yorelis, Virgil, Megz, Jaja, Asaf

    • Jacob Harris says:

      Fortunately, whose the best dancer on a dance show is 100X more important than who is more likable.

    • Jane L. says:

      Hey now! No need to wish for Jim to follow completely in Alex Frickin’ Wong’s footsteps after nailing a hip hop routine. And we don’t know if he’ll nail other street styles or ballroom. The competition is still open, and as long as we get to see great dancing it’s never boring. Plus, since there’s no million dollar contract at stake, it doesn’t really matter who wins. It’s all about exposure and experience for these dancers.

    • MAS says:

      How do you figure Asaf is Top 5 Street?

    • Python Rose Quartz says:

      I know, lily was my favorite. So disappointing, I don’t know how others didn’t see how great she is. She’s just as likable and gifted as jaja or virgil.

  9. Alex says:

    Christopher Scott is the man. Most seasons I hate 90% of his stuff and like 1 or 2 routines he does but he’s bringing it this time around.

    Also, the opening number may have been the 1st and only Pharside and Phoenix routine I have ever liked (and mostly likely will ever like).

  10. Betty says:

    Asaf needs to go. He can only do one style of dance and he is a whiner. He always wants special treatment during choreography and brings the rest of the team down.

    • Aki says:

      I think what bugs me about Asaf is that the show is giving him the Cyrus treatment. The issue with that is that Asaf has neither the respect, discipline, or the work ethic that Cyrus had. Cyrus wasn’t the strongest with technique or choreo, but he never, ever complained and he worked his butt off. He was likable and was extremely respectful of the opportunity he was given.

    • Zayne says:

      Yeah, the fact that he wasn’t even in danger this week is crap. Same goes for Burim. I guess all you have to do is be fit and repeatedly take your shirt off to get the votes on this show. Ridiculous. At least the moronic vote eventually gets outweighed by people actually voting for talent but it’s frustrating for now.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        I’ll agree that Burim is somewhat limited in his knowledge of choreography, but he does seem to maintain a positive attitude and is really working hard on whatever he gets. That is always wonderful to see and especially compared to Asaf who is acting like a spoiled diva. So kudos to Burim for bringing everything he can.

      • missvci says:

        Burim and Asaf better be in the bottom three next week. I hate when people vote based on abs versus talent/personality. Asaf and Burim lack both of the later. However their abs won’t be missed.

    • Jenks says:

      Could not agree more. He showed his attitude in the finals and has no business being on the show. I bet the choreographers want him gone.

  11. Melissa says:

    I thought with the whole Stage vs Street thing we’d finally have some more balance this season. But no, it’s still So You Think You Can Be A Contemporary Dancer. The street dancers are being shafted, as usual. Forced into completely foreign dance styles while the street dancers are never asked to do anything besides weak, lyrical hip hop.

    • Jenks says:

      I thought the same thing. I wonder if next week they will flip it and there will be more street numbers. If not, I really don’t see the point in this format.

    • maryg says:

      I have to agree. I thought we were going to see the different types of street dancing from the street team and different styles of stage dancing from the stage team.

  12. Kris says:

    What has happened to the costume budget this year. All I can remember seeing so far is black, brown, some white thrown in with lots of straps. Most colorful outfit so far was tonight’s bollywood. Cough up some money for the 10th year dancers.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      My thoughts exactly Kris, it would appear the wardrobe department has been shopping at the “Mad Max” yard sale. Bondage harnesses and earth tones do not make for exciting visual appeal. Apparently they can not afford the fabric needed for complete skirts so we are seeing strings and “carwash skirts”. And while I don’t think salsa requires the hundreds of yards of ruffles and gazillions of rhinestones so popular on that other dance show, who costumes what is supposed to be a hot sexy salsa in black costumes apparently recycled from last weeks chairs and stilettos jazz routine?
      And the few colors that did manage to make their way into this season, outside of the Bollywood routine, have been dusty muted fall like colors, an odd choice for a summer show, and was it just me or did the colors of the costumes in Kate, Neptune and Asaf’s routine seem to be fighting each other rather than uniting the number?

  13. Shirl says:

    I think it is an insult to all of us that Asaf is allowed to continue. I wonder what the politics of him being chosen is?

    • sheba says:

      He’s eye candy. And he’s a character. That’s why he ‘s there.

    • Secret Garden says:

      I wonder why you use the word “politics” in reference to Asaf.
      Can you expand on this?

      • Tiny dancer says:

        You know as well as I do what she meant by that comment, and it’s appalling. By the way, Shirl, hon…I’m Jewish and I think he should go. Feel any better now?

    • bern says:

      Just a pretty face who is also has that sassy-mouth-syndrome – 2 things Reality TV Loves – Now they will love beating up on him. Notice how Twitch is so irritated. He probably had no say in Asaf being the one to come on the show as an alternate.

  14. Hannah says:

    I am so annoyed with this show right now. I love love love that people can save someone in the bottom. I have missed this greatly since they got rid of the results show. However living on the west coast, it is completely unfair that that the option is closed to us. To me, this show has gone down hill since they got rid of the results show.

    Also, gonna start a new drinking game. Every time Jason says something like “I’m going to mirror what Paula said” we all do a shot! However, in his defense he had a lot more creative criticism in this episode. I still am annoyed by him and Paula though. I think it’s time for some guest judges.

  15. nyla says:

    I am not feeling the new format at all. The stage vs street thing is lame; dancers in threes instead of couples is off-putting, and the whole thing feels like a hodgepodge. Major bring down from previous seasons.

    • msemmyjones says:

      Agreed. One of the great things about past seasons has always been finding a couple that you connect with, seeing them.grow together as artists into a team. So this whole thing of groups and partners changing every week is just not working for me. Changing a format that’s not working? I’m all for. But change for the sake of change is just a mess. I’ve watched this show since its very first season and right now we’re getting a good bit of mess.

      • maryg says:

        I absolutely agree with you and Nyla. I loved the couples working together and bonding as a couple. I cannot stand the 3 person groups. And I think Darion got shafted having to basically lift the 2 girls in that supposed Salsa routine. And please, please, please, stop the judges from commenting every single time that they are so impressed with the street team dancing outside their style!! Can we get honest and find out how many of the “street” team have been trained in a studio?

        • nyla says:

          Agree with everything you say about Darion: shafted for sure. It almost seems like Travis knew ahead of time that he was bottom 6 because he criticized him during group’s rehearsal. Feel really bad for Darion and hate to see him go.

    • Sammi says:

      I completely disagree. I actually love the new format. Only thing is, I feel like dancers in groups of 2 have huge advantages over groups of 3 and especially groups of 4. Not only because its harder as a viewer to focus on more people, but also because the judges critiques are a lot shorter per dancer and not as indepth.


    • Tiny dancer says:

      Totally agree. Don’t like this at all and Jason Derulo annoys me no end. Useless. this show keeps taking huge steps backward when it comes to who sits at the judges table.

  16. Nichole says:

    Have yet to see this weeks show, but wanted to say of last week that the directing of the performances was BS!! During all but one of the “Team Street” dance numbers the directing was chopping all over the place for different angles, so you hardly had the chance to see the entire group in shot at one time. “Team Stage” had the usual style of directing, though the camera man in the middle of the shot on first team stage was pretty funny lol. Had the feeling that the chopping of camera angles so much on team street performances was to try and hide the weak and out of sync sections. Especially felt that when the B-Boys performed. BTW how on earth did Asaf get picked to take the place of the injured contestant and not get eliminated first week after really $hit performance in all the numbers and whining so much about having to do choreography, very upsetting for the other street performances that made it through Vegas and would have been much better on the show.

  17. christopher bee says:

    I find the camera settings and staging terrible. Please get rid of the “flying away” moves,i want to get close to the dancers, nothing else.

  18. LynnH says:

    Christopher Scott is just awesome. The routine he choreographed for Jaja and Jim was just fantastic. And the group “see-saw” routine he did with Phillip Chbeeb was mesmerizing.

  19. Rafael says:

    I think Alexa, Megz, Jaja, Virgil and Jim stole the night. They were all safe and had the best positive criticism at the same time last night. Both Contemporary and Hip-Hop dances won last night.

    Lily and Gaby both looked hot in bollywood last night, but Lily should have been saved than Ariana because Lily has shown better feelings than Ariana. I’m glad I saved Derek than Dorian.

  20. Scottie says:

    Why is there no mention anywhere of JaJa being in the last Step Up movie? Of course she’s more rounded than just being a krumper!! That said, I love her!

  21. John says:

    The new stage/street format along with the 3 at a time dancing has me about to stop watching…no feeling of association with individuals nor couples. In fact finding it all a bit boring. Costume budget obviously slashed to the bone. Not good.

  22. Rafael says:

    Paula Abdul is getting a little better explaining her criticisms, but she should be polishing along the way. Jason Derulo is probably too young to explain and polish his criticisms correctly. If he does not correct it, then he might leave this show officially.

    • Zayne says:

      I think Paula is getting more and more on point. She seems much more coherent and relevant here than she did on AI. Derulo is useless and a waste of screen time. There’s not having polish and then there’s not having anything useful to say. He is the latter.

  23. Ally_D says:

    Asaf needs to go! In the real world he would never cut it as a commercial dancer. Just one whiff of wanting the routine changed because he couldn’t hack it and he’d be kicked out faster than a muddy dog on a white couch! Every choreographer that has had Asaf so far has complained about him. Twitch has had to give him 2 pep talks on camera – no-one else has had to have one. If I was a dancer on SYTYCD I’d be quietly praying I didn’t get paired with him. The routine that he, Kate & Neptune were given by Spencer Liff was really simple. Granted Spencer isn’t known for particularly intricate routines but Asaf protesting that he couldn’t do it just exposes further how weak he is. It annoys me that other dancers are being sent home when it should be him. In the past I haven’t minded too much when dancers are praised for their growth and kept around i.e. BluPrint or Rudy because they had good attitudes and seemed prepared to work hard to keep up with their partners. Each time Asaf complains I roll my eyes and wish we had StandingO back instead.

    • Ally_D says:

      My favorites are currently Jaja, Jim, Gaby & Virgil. Jim needs to keep showing versatility. I’m hoping Jaja gets a stage style next week. I’m looking forward to seeing Virgil do a routine where he can really use his personality. Along with Jaja, Gaby stands out for me in all the routines and I’m crossing fingers that she gets a good partner/group next week.

    • Monique says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Asaf brings down the rest of his team because the routines have to be simplified due to his involvement. Total BS. Send him packing!

  24. Amy says:

    I am still a bit dumbfounded that Kate is in Travis’ Shaping Sound company and the two of them act like they just met! It’s weird. It doesn’t seem fair that she was selected over others to be on the stage team when he clearly helped pick the group. She also somehow managed to get him as her first week choreographer. Not saying she isn’t talented or deserving, it just all seems a bit unfair to me. Travis is her boss at her day job.

    • Suzanne says:

      If you read Travis’ blog on another website he clearly states that Kate is in Shaping Sound, and how the judges are actually being tougher on her because of it. He also mentions that Moises has been taking classes from him since the age of 13, and that he has known Alexia her entire life.

      • Amy says:

        Then maybe they should be more forthcoming with that info on the show. Why the secrecy? If it isn’t a big deal, talk about it. That’s all I’m saying. :)

  25. Jenks says:

    Maybe the reason for the groups of three and four is to make time for extended commercials for Degree and Ryan Seacrest. Otherwise, I’m mystified.

  26. Magali says:

    Both team group number were awsome.

  27. Mona Cattanach says:

    So glad that twitter saved Moises and Neptune! I really liked Moises last week and like him even more this week and Neptune was so impressive in his jazz routine this week.!
    I was also glad to see that overall the choreography was much better and much more interesting this week.

  28. Love Hebrew,Love Israel says:

    Forgot last week to comment on Cat’s description of Asaf’s nationality. She described him as “a Hebrew”. Would you please tell the writers that Hebrew is a language, not a country. People
    who are ISRAELIS generally speak Hebrew as their first language. So get this–Hebrew= the language of Israelis. It is an ignorant mistake and worse that no one picked it up before broadcast. Someone should have shown it to Paula–she would have prevented a major insult and a rather infantile knowledge of the world.

    • DeusExMachina says:

      Asaf’s self-described style is “Hebrew Breaking.” So when Cat calls him a “Hebrew Breaker” she is not mistaking language for nationality. She is simply referring to his style of dance.

  29. Python Rose Quartz says:

    Last night’s elimination was the most frustrating thing. Most of team street should have gone home before Lily did. I thought the judges would be on her side but they weren’t? this show is f*ed because asaf is still there, the guy that complained about a choreography in which he stood for most of.

    Twitter save is what made watching american idol this season unbearable and voting utterly pointless. I was excited last week for this season but not in the least after last night.

  30. elkay_sf says:

    The whole Twitter save thing is a joke. Only eastern timezone viewers can participate so how does that mean anything?

  31. I have to disagree with your Team Stage rankings for the ladies. I’m surprised you ranked Marissa as high as you did and Alexia so low. I find Marissa kind of clunks through her numbers (although she was better this week than last), and she doesn’t stand out in the group numbers at all. Alexia on the other hand has some really great energy and tends to be a group number standout. Kate I want to like, but I think she isn’t connecting as much as Hailee or Gaby or Alexia. Gaby is my favorite lady here though. She’s killing it every week.

    We’re in more of an accord with Team Street, although I’m a solid JJ fan. I’m so over Asaf though. He’s a charming guy, but there’s always an issue and he isn’t performing nearly as well as the others. Jaja is definitely my favorite to win. I can’t wait to see her do not hip hop next week!