19 Kids and Counting Cancelled

TLC Cancels 19 Kids & Counting in Wake of Josh Duggar Molestation Scandal

TLC has cancelled the reality hit 19 Kids & Counting, the Associated Press has learned, nearly two months after eldest son Josh Duggar’s admission that, as a teenager, he sexually molested underage girls — allegedly including some of his sisters.

The show, which premiered in 2008 as 17 Kids & Counting and wrapped its ninth season in May, follows Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their enormous brood — all of whose names begin with the letter ‘J’ — as they’re raised in the Independent Baptist faith.

Controversy erupted in mid-May when InTouch Weekly published a 2006 police report investigating allegations that Josh Duggar forcibly fondled several girls — and that his parents waited more than a year to report the abuse to authorities.

Days later, TLC — which at one time was an abbreviation for “The Learning Channel” — pulled the show from its schedule, saying, “We are deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims at this difficult time.”

At that time, a TVLine poll found that more than 80 percent of readers believed TLC should pull the plug on the show.

Following InTouch‘s report, the now 27-year-old Josh released a statement which read in part: “Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably, for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling.

Did TLC (finally) make the right call?


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  1. fiberlicious says:

    ’bout danged time!

    • TLC still did the right thing unlike HBO and their own child molester.

      • Kind of drawing a false equivalency. I mean, don’t get me wrong, what Lena did was messed up and I’m not setting out to defend her (don’t care for Girls or her for that matter), but how old she was and the nature of the actions described are fairly different from nearly fully grown man Josh Duggar and his multiple instances of abuse. Age may be the biggest factor though.

  2. Sparks says:

    Wow it only took them two months.

    I’m sorry TLC should not be getting any kudos for this. Its very apparent that if the scandal had blown over than it did they would’ve kept it going because the channel is one exploitative nightmare. If they actually cared about doing the right thing they would’ve cancelled it immediately like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

  3. what says:

    lol idek what this show is

  4. Ding Dong the nasty family is gone!! This ladies and gents is what is called KARMA!! You can’t be that filled of hate and NOT have something bad happen to you..i say GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • Kate says:

      “…that filled with hate…?” Seriously? Out of 21 family members, ONE person acted egregiously. So the entire family is filled with “hate?” You’ve got some serious hate in you.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        Actually if you go back and read what the family has said about the gay community then you will see how much hate they are filled with

        • tvjunkie says:

          And if you look at how the gay community persecutes anyone with religious beliefs you’d realize just how nasty any hypocritical the gay community is.

          • Joey says:

            The LGBT community doesn’t persecute anyone with religious beliefs. It holds those accountable who wish to impose their own religious beliefs over those who don’t share those beliefs. Those are two completely different things, but you know that already, didn’t you? It seems more like you just want to sling hate at the LGBT community.

      • Dmac says:

        One person? Their son molested their daughters and they chose to do nothing for over a year, a year in which he continued to molest them. When they were finally faced with the fact that something might be wrong with him they sent him to build houses with a family friend. His parents new about him and instead of protecting their daughters they chose their son.

    • tvjunkie says:

      The hypocrisy in your statement is screaming for karma.

    • fiberlicious says:

      Karma, shmarma. This is what is called (belatedly) paying the consequences for your actions. Karma would be if he were run over by a bus….carrying 100 victims of child molestation.

  5. John says:

    Good. What took them so long, though?

  6. Ethan says:

    Only took ’em a few months.

  7. Annie says:

    Took ’em long enough.

  8. dragons3 says:

    It’s about time. TLC should have cancelled the show when the story first broke.

  9. GldnGrl says:

    FINALLY! What took so long?

  10. Pat Mosey says:

    The family didn’t do Josh any favours by delaying the inevitable. It is very sad for Josh & all his victims. I feel sorry for the entire family.

    • Kate says:

      From what we know the family took Josh in to the police (he was a minor), a report was made/charges filed, Josh got counseling, apparently the victims got counseling too. Josh’s actions were criminal and so wrong, but many criminal records of minors are sealed. Was the family supposed to just announce on live TV that this took place? I feel bad that everyone judges the entire family, punishes the entire family for what one person did.

      • The thing is while it started with one person it was effectively covered up. Yeah they shouldn’t just announce it but continuing to have them live in the same house together and the fact that for a time before it was reported this had been going on for a while (with at least some knowledge that i was going on too on behalf of the parents), the whole situation quickly becomes troubling. Sealing the records, while of course the law as was the destruction, also ended up fueling the fire a bit since the exact nature of the crimes is unknown, and nothing fuels speculation like a lack of specific allegations.

      • Kimberly says:

        Except pretty much everything in your post is wrong. A report was taken, but no charges were filed. So there were no records to seal. Josh did not get “counseling” – he was sent by his family to build houses, this is ADMITTED to by Michelle. The family didn’t take him to the police – the family had a cop friend speak to him. The family waited until the statue of limitations had passed before taking him in to the police. So no – what YOU know, is not what WE the reading public know.

  11. Terri says:

    It was the right call.

  12. Cassie says:

    The Duggars – a show that helps teach the super religious American Males how to drag their women and children back into the last century by covering them up. Good Riddance.

    • evi says:

      American males disregard females value with porn so dont relate long skirts w/dragging women back in time. Porn drags women into the dirt and often children too. And their skirts are shorter now, more fashionable, but still modest. Maybe they are trying to protect their females. Be fair.

      • Evi- “Maybe they are trying to protect their females. Be fair.”

        There wasn’t much protection going on when Josh molested FIVE of those females, all underage, and most related to him.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Thanks for insulting Islam

      • shaun says:

        Islam is a defective religion,and many males come out zealots and woman abusers.

        • tvjunkie says:

          You’re missing the point, from their perspective the west are the barbarians. That’s why they hate us so much, because we, as a whole, push the attitude we’re better than the rest of the world. It’s a bit hypocritical. It’s even more prevalent among liberals.

        • Ijjunne says:

          Islam isn’t a defective religion, it’s how some people practice it that’s wrong. I’m not sure if you know anything about Islam, or if like most people you judge it because some fanatics act like barbarians without any respect for life and the real message of this religion, which is to love, respect and help your neighbors. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, most of them live peacefully and only want to be left alone, live, love, find happiness like everyone else. They shouldn’t be punished for the sins of a few. I really hope that one day people will educate themselves instead of spewing hate and prejudices.

  13. Janessa says:

    It certainly took TLC long enough to have a conscience. I’m guessing it had more to do with low ratings overall for them as viewers refused to tune in to a station that failed to address multiple child abuse for over 2 months.

    • evi says:

      This happened and was reported to police and the teen (Josh) counseled PRIOR to TLC show.Family did at the time address the behavior! The teen reported himself; his actions wrong, but certainly not rare. He changed. For you folks who feel this is not reform-able look at teen stats…teens make mistakes and this behavior is seldom repeated when counseling is administered. Leave the Duggars alone; they have many wonderful qualities that surpass the long skirts.But god forbid…one of them was imperfect!

      • Patrick says:

        But they held themselves out as perfect. If someone other than their son had committed those acts, they’d have pressed for criminal charges. If it was your daughter that was molested by some teenager, would YOU be ok with counseling rather than a lengthy stay in Juvie? Ideally with his life ruined as a registered sex offender? I would not be OK with my relative’s molester being given a pass.

        • JenJ says:

          So true, this family has been claiming themselves as the perfect model for how all families should act. Never mind their homophobia and other self-righteous beliefs and comments, everybody was supposed to hold themselves up to their higher standards. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find having my daughters and their friends being molested by their son and brother to be anything to be any example I’d want any family to live by. Good riddance to those self-righteous hypocrites.

        • Joey says:

          When the father was running for public office, he was quoted as saying as those who molest children should be put to death.

          He really shouldn’t be throwing stones in that nice glass house he’s built for himself.

      • Mary says:

        He was a teen who should have known better. He didn’t get counseling, he was sent to a friend of the family. It wasn’t reported till way after the fact. People who have skeletons in their closest should not go preaching and spread hate, which is what this family did. I am sure some of them have good qualities, but if it was a stranger or a friend of the family this family would not have classified it as a “MISTAKE”.

  14. Not a Duggar Fan at All says:

    If it looks to good to be true, chances are it is. Finally. TLC, please put something on that ireflects your name and is more educational and informative. Not this kind of ilk.

  15. RD says:

    no choice

    • Patrick says:

      Very true and very sad. That they waited this long is just proof that they were hoping it would blow over, or at least that they could show SOMETHING about these monsters.

  16. Erin B says:

    I wonder how fast they will put out a show with the molested daughters showing them moving on with their life. Sick, but you know they might do it.

  17. Took them long enough. Who knew doing the right thing would take 2 months.

  18. CactusRose says:

    I can’t believe it took them 2 months to cancel it. I’ve never seen that show, rarely if ever even watch TLC. Looks like all you can learn from TLC is how to be idiots. Good riddance.

  19. Ron says:

    I find it pretty abhorrent that it took TLC this long. There should have been zero discussion about whether to continue the show or not. It should have been cancelled immediately, not just temporarily pulled from the air. Why would they even want to consider doing business with an admitted child molester and the family who covered it up?!?!?

  20. D. Oaks says:

    i think TLC has made a wrong decision by dropping 19 Kids and Counting. I also find it hard to believe that 80 percent of your readers want this show pulled. I think the people making these decisions only poll the people they know will answer the way they want them to. Josh did make some wrong decisions in the past but it was taken care. You and the press have made it worse by keeping this situation in front of everyone by victimizing the ones that did not need to be brought forward. Why did they open this case anyway? Someone wanted their day in fame? Why don’t you cancel shows that show men kissing men and women kissing women, those with explicit sex scenes. I am tired of watching over and over the people that have murdered others and hearing about Caitlyn Jenner being called a ” hero”. So you pull one of the best shows on TLC? Explain that to me. Who in this world has never done anything wrong? At least Josh did what was right. Have YOU asked for forgiveness for your wrongdoings? I have. Take a “random” poll and I am for sure that the decision for pulling 19 Kids and Counting will be a different one than the one you say you have already made. So disappointed in TLC.

    • JenJ says:

      If this is your idea of a good show, well then I would hate to see what else you watch.

    • Ron says:

      – “Josh did make some wrong decisions in the past but it was taken care.”
      Uh, no. It was not taken care of. It was swept under the rug by his parents with little care for their victimized daughters. They had him paint houses as a punishment for molesting his sisters and other girls. They didn’t take it to the police, but rather talked to a now convicted child pornographer about what to do.

      – “At least Josh did what was right.”
      Uh, again no. He showed little visible remorse and only apologized after he was outed as a child molester. And he also showed no true agency to seek rehabilitation or professional, legitimate counseling on his own after his parents did nothing about the situation.

      Oh god, I’d love to just tear apart your entire comment, because I could. But my fingers would go numb from typing too much.

      • Delilah says:

        Uh, YES. It WAS handled correctly and promptly. I have never heard such hateful and judgemental comments against the Duggars. TLC has made a mistake cancelling the show. I won’t watch TLC any more; they put on a show about a teen transgender and remove the Duggars because of the stupid (and not rare) behavior of a teenaged boy? Please.

    • Amy J says:

      Having read through these comments, I’m surprised the poll wasn’t 90% pro cancellation to be honest. Must be hard for you… where are you going to find your televised bigots to worship now?

  21. Jackie says:

    Who said god does not exist? TLC cancels the Duggars, and last night I Am Jazz premiered. Jazz is a transgender girl and the Duggars call transgenders pedophiles… Sweet Devine justice! Yeah!!

  22. Jimmy says:

    Thank god, take these people off the air and keep ’em off! After reading that interview with Jim-Bob and Michelle, it disgusts me to look at them. They shouldn’t have had a TV show in the first place, and after all the crap they said during that horrendous interview, I would have pulled the plug right then and there.

    And how ironic is it that TLC was once “The Learning Channel,” when nearly every single show on that channel is a complete and utter waste of time and money. Some of the stupidest, mind-numbing programs air on TLC (including 19 kids, Honey Boo Boo, etc) and yet it takes the network 2 months after the fact to cancel it. Unbelievable.

  23. robert says:

    Cut his balls off!!

  24. Jimmy says:

    The world is a slight better place.

  25. Clandestine Green says:

    I am glad that TLC did the right thing and cancelled this show…not only because of the molestation but because if their hateful views. TLC struggled with this decision because of the high ratings..unlike Honey Boo Boo

  26. shar says:

    .Very angry about this. They way this family has been treated is wrong. The show could have come back without Josh. This was something that happened a long time ago and was handled at that time. To bring this up now is wrong. I will not watch TLC anymore.

  27. Probably a good call, but they could have added Caitlin Jenner to the cast. She/he is an unrepentant murderer. Could have made it interesting.

  28. knd24 says:

    Took them long enough

  29. Pat says:

    Well it was about time that TLC cancelled this. For anyone who is upset that this show was cancelled and still find that the parents did absolutely nothing wrong,well you basically are condoning how they swept what their son did under the carpet.

  30. Vicki S. says:

    It is okay for entertainment people to live together without marriage and have kids and sleep around but a young man makes mistakes, unforgivable as they are, and the whole family is punished for it. They still have their values and we enjoyed watching them. How can you judge them and then read in the news about the antics of entertainers that are worse in many ways. Josh should be punished but not his whole family.

    • Isobel says:

      It wasn’t just a mistake it was a crime, and his parents helped cover it up, sleeping together without being married isn’t a crime

    • Mary says:

      Ever heard of the expression of practice what you preach. This whole family put out the image of holier than though, yet one of their own committed a crime and they did nothing about it really. What he did was a CRIME not a MISTAKE, please learn the difference. HIS parents covered it up pure and simple. Their so call values are out of wack. Josh should be punished but so should his PARENTS who did nothing about it.

  31. DaLaya Dugas says:

    I think that Josh Duggar should have never did that because at the end of the day thats his sisters and he should have never done that and I don’t respect him of that.

  32. DaLaya Dugas says:

    I think that Josh Duggar should have never did that because at the end of the day thats his sisters and he should have never done that.

  33. Fern says:

    Good riddance to this freakshow garbage.

  34. Chris Butler says:

    I would say yes because, Josh Duggar’s crime is serious.

  35. Janet says:

    Yes what Josh did was wrong but that happened before they started doing 17 Kids and Counting. I don’t think TLC should of pulled the show. And yes the Duggars should of reported what josh did instead of waiting over a year to do so, they were in the wrong for that. This is how i feel about what happened it is just my opinion. I don’t pass judgment on people but josh does need to face the consequences of his actions regardless of the incident happening 12 years ago.

  36. Donna croley says:

    It really liked the show people make mistakes and everyone should get aeconed chance it is easy to judge others.

  37. Melissa says:

    I think they should have a reality show with the rest of the family and cut Joshua Duggar out of the reality show.

  38. Carolyn S. says:

    You betcha tlc did the right thing. I was tired of this huge family who portrayed themselves as this perfect bunch of church people. So big deal that jim bob is a horn toad and that michelle can’t keep her legs closed. I feel so bad for Anna who is trapped in this story and Josh got away with a slap on the wrist for punishment.

  39. Actually if you go back and read what the family has said about the gay community then you will see how much hate they are filled with……..so check yourself before rack yourself now have a nice day

  40. Nene smith says:

    Everbody do wrong u acting like u could take him out the show u all are wrong for taking the show off the air

  41. shayna says:

    it is very sad what josh done to his family i mean this was a great show

  42. Cha'nijah says:

    I really can’t not believe it sometimes I really had thoughts about something like that because how could he live in a house full of very beautiful girls with out having a Like in the them or bring attracted to them in a way sometimes.

  43. Tammynichols80@yahoo.com says:

    Is he going to pay the consequences,counseling for him lol he needs jail,his victims need the counseling???? Any consequences for the child molester,and I know he’s gay,n the closet I knew when he got married and way before,why isn’t anyone elses gaydar going off??? I will be there my life he’s bisexual or homosexual I think homosexual,he has that look in his eyes most all gay men have,I’ve seen very few without the “gay eyes” I think it is the gay spirit looking out of them!?