Nicolle Wallace The View

The View: Nicolle Wallace to Exit

For those playing The View Bingo at home, you can now put a chip over “Nicolle Wallace leaves.”

The political commentator, who joined the ABC talker last September, will not return as a full-time co-host next season.

Per our sister site VarietyWallace’s exit is largely due to her lack of pop culture and celebrity knowledge, as well as a failure to dissent on political topics.

According to the site, Wallace has been offered a guest contributor position for next September’s Season 19, but has yet to decide if she will take it. A rep for The View did not immediately respond to a query about Wallace’s departure.

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for the daytime series: Rosie Perez, who was also brought on as a co-host last fall, recently announced she will leave the show in August. Actress Raven-Symoné and comedienne Michelle Collins, meanwhile, have been brought on as permanent co-hosts.

Your thoughts on Wallace’s departure? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Tom says:

    NO! I love love love Nicolle and what she adds to the show. With an upcoming presidential election, they’re really dropping the ball by getting rid of her. They definitely lost a viewer in me.

    • Jan says:

      So true! The timing is the worst!

    • Lizo says:

      It’s true they need a political commentator, but they need one that isn’t completely ignorant of pop culture. Failing to even google your co hosts isnt just rude, it lacks care for entertainment news. Which is a key part of these talk shows

      • Can't Stand Cameron says:

        There are 4 other women on there who can recite what the Kardashians had for breakfast every morning–it was nice having one who was actually informed about IMPORTANT topics, i.e. real NEWS, and not ignorant of things that actually MATTER–READ: things not related to Beyonce, her rear end, husband, or ridiculously-named spawn. I’ll miss Nicole’s I.Q., and I’m a Democrat.

        • Cassie says:

          Agree! Nicole was a breath of fresh intelligent air. There are people out there who actually don’t watch the ABC/Disney/MTV/WH1 networks non-stop. ABC is so into Disney/ABC company self promotion that I cannot even watch the sugar coated GMA anymore. I guess the ABC exec’s and producers want to appeal to the 20 somethings – (who by the way will go back to work someday when their kids go to school -they don’t stay at home forever).

        • Kathe says:

          Be ready for a really bible thumping, biased smart mouth….thats Cameron..and be ready to dumb down for the return of Sherri Shepard

          • Lilly Buck says:

            I agree. I really loved Nichole on the show, she is so smart and made talking about politics interesting. The View has gotten it so wrong letting her go. I have watched th show for a long time and this season has been the best by far because of Nicoles intelligent talk and interview skills. Bible thumping Cameron and dumbing down with Sherri, I totally agree. They have lost me, so sad.

        • Debbie says:

          I totally agree!

        • Kathy Walters says:

          I’m a Republican and I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you. The View is really missing the whole point. We love Nicole because she made politics fun and entertained as well as helped us get back in touch with our White House in a new and personable way. Good luck Nicole I have no doubt you will end up where you are supposed to be.

        • Barbara Wright says:

          Absolutely….The View has lost me.

        • Bonnie says:

          Me too and I’m also a Democrat. I found her refreshing and informed. Not knowing all about the Kardashians was a plus for me. There are more important things to know about. As far as Carneron coming aboard , I can think of a lot better choices and she didn’t impress me at all. ABC should have polled their viewers before axing Nicole.

        • Kathy says:

          I think the View doesn’t want intelligent… they want only pop news… Kardashian is more their style, I guess.

      • Geri monroe says:

        I feel sorry for Nicole, her respect has been dropping since the pallon disaster. She was unable to stand up for her political views, ad she seemed very concerned when the table would disagree or when challenged she did nothing for her party. Maybe set back become a soccer mom for a bit. Nicole has lost her T.V. Way. Good luck!

    • Pam says:

      You do understand that she MUCH too smart for this program. She is a political strategist of the highest level. This show has become a first class joke and she cannot afford to have her name associated with something like it.

    • I agree! I’m a liberal and I always felt Nicole did a good job or representing the conservative side of things without being over the top and without relying on talking points somebody else wrote for her. *ahem* Hasselbeck

      • Mike Roberts says:


      • Jennifer says:

        Yes, I am a liberal, too, and don’t agree with Nicole on politics, but like Nicole and the way she presents her point of view. I became a fan from seeing her on Morning Joe. i am done watching The View. Already took it off my TIVO

        • suzieq1 says:

          Me, too!

        • jhnutter says:

          I agree with you…my political viewpoints are very different from Nicole’s, but I have enjoyed her on the view…the show has become a joke and I doubt it will last….it will be a big mistake to get rid of her…she is the best of all on the show.

        • Diana says:

          I agree whole heartedly! I was impressed with the intelligent viewpoint she added without trying to hurt anybody in the process. I’m not going to watch the View anymore.

      • traci breazesle says:

        Totally agree! She absolutely brought respect to the right..I will truly miss her..and btw, I could give a rip about pop culture knowledge, our world is in turmoil how about making the view what it once was in its prime…80% important issues and 20% pop culture..we have the internet for all the ridiculous antics we call pip culture.

      • Can't Stand Cameron says:

        TOTALLY. Me too–she’s a plus for conservatives, unlike Hasslebeck, and now—shudder–Candace Cameron.

      • JoAnn says:


    • baby ruth says:

      Love Nicolle, she is the real deal, ABC making a huge mistake, get rid of woopie & raven, the undermine the view, to quick to pouce on anyone if they cant handle a differnt point of view, Woopie is also to brash and shouts out are a overkill. Keep Nicolle and bring back Sharpard.

    • Hillary Rodham Clinton says:

      This show started off with educated women in respective fields of work giving their professional and personal opinions on important topics and has turned into The Wendy Williams Show with slightly less ratchetness. Pretty sad.

      • Jv says:

        I agree .. I enjoyed the early shows but with Nicole leaving. They have lost a viewer big mistake letting Nicole go.. She brought a different type of of smart experience. It is becoming a Wendy Williams type of show.

      • Lucille Loiselle says:

        It’s unfortunate that you chose to publish the alleged comments of HR Clinton. There is NO way she would ever publish such remarks ( she may feel this way but would never state it publicly!) And the Wendy Williams comment is so out of line!

      • Definitely… I have always liked Whoopi, but when seeing these women day in and out, now it is getting too BORING… The talent and intelligence has LEFT THE BUILDING, and it is TIME for someone to CANCEL the hour of NONSENSE/BOREDOM.

      • Kathe says:

        Agree…what most women want is conversation with and information from women who know current events that impact their lives…not what the cushy wastrel lives of reality stars etc have to do with real life. What an insult to the viewers, thinking that they want Cameron, Simone and Shephard

    • Rusty says:

      Didn’t know who she was until The View … she is the best thing that happen to The View in a long time … my own personal opinion is that ABC TV is making a big mistake in letting her go … they also lost me as a viewer ..

      • I only HOPE that Nicole Wallace will be on another channel, be it in the political arena, or a WOMENS show of *Who’s Who* and where there isn’t so much shouting. There wasn’t one show that Rosie Perez didn’t ANNOUNCE her Latino heritage, and that began to get BORING… at first it was TOLERABLE, but after a while it just didn’t WORK.

      • Tink says:

        Nichole was absolutely the best addition to the View! BIG MISTAKE
        Probably will be the last season! She was the only reason I watched!

    • Ginny says:

      I could not aggressive with you.

    • sharon h g says:

      Couldnt agree more

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree with Tom. I love what Nicolle brought to the View. Actually wanted to watch the show, but now I am not sure.

    • Micki says:

      I agree with Tom, I hate to see her leave being on current news is refreshing. And seeing when the light comes on great.

    • beverley says:

      I agree with you what a mistake but they have made many

    • Kathy says:

      She’s the only decent host on that show aside from Whoopie… Joy Behar instead??? Have to stop watching the View again. Don’t think they’ll be around much longer…

    • Elane says:

      Totally agree. Removing Nicolle from the panel was just plain old stupid especially with next year’s election around the corner. She was knowledgeable and fair. Who cares about the pop culture. It’s surrounds us in every media. Tired of the favorite things segment as well. Adding Joy back to the mix is ridiculous. She is not funny and disruptive. Bye View.

      • Cassie Survilas says:

        You just loss me. The only one with a brain is Woppi. You will be off the air very soon trying to be a gossip show with no substance. Bye Bye

  2. Peter Allan Ker says:

    The View should be Cancelled!

    • Mary says:

      I second that.

      • Diane Martin says:

        I third that!!! This show was so very educational and professional. While the women sometime disagreed with one another, you know that it was their own personal opinion and not done in malice. What in the world does Raven Simone bring to the view, or that comedienne lady. I also agree with Hillary, cause for sure Wendy Williams is all kind of ratcheness. And stop trying to make Whoopie agree with what you think is right. and who gives a damn about Bill Cosby.

  3. Jared says:

    Another one bites the dust ! It’s like a ever revolving table around there. I hope they can get their act together soon.

  4. Guy says:

    LMAO for real, WHAT is going on behind the scenes at The View? Everyone ends up jumping ship!

  5. julia says:

    This show is now such a joke…a punch line
    “Wallace’s exit is largely due to her lack of pop culture and celebrity knowledge, as well as a failure to dissent on political topics. ” – Should she not have gone through a rigorous interview process to make sure she knows & can keep up with pop culture, celeb & political news, seeing as the show deals with precisely these issues! How did she even get hired in the first place

  6. . (@yikes77) says:

    (looks at my dachshund.) “You can do a better job at this point. “

  7. Bradster says:


  8. Liz985 says:

    “…Failure to dissent on political topics…” LOL! Isn’t she the only conservative on the panel? I would think that makes her the most likely to dissent from the status quo on political topics with that crowd.

  9. Monique says:

    Loved Nicole, found her lack of pop culture entertaining!!!

  10. Jimmy says:

    I don’t always agree with her politics, but she’s way too smart for this group. The view hasn’t been worth crap since the original crew left.

  11. big cheddar says:

    Noooooo. She was really the only one l liked. Why is it an issue that she didn’t know enough pop culture? I appreciate the fact that she admitted it, instead of speaking idioticly about stuff she didn’t know (like others on the panel)

  12. Ellamae Braun says:

    I can’t believe their letting the only intelligent person on the View let go. Whoopie and Nicole are the only reason I still watch the show. The others open their mouths just because they want to be heard, not that they know what their talking about. You want a comedian on the show bring back Joy. I’m done with the View, just a bunch of loud mouths talking over one another.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree. Woopie and Nicole should be the core of the show. Then find others to compliment them. The View use to discuss important topics with a small amont of pop culture. Now they spend most of the time with stupid insignificant topics shouting over each other. I switched to The Talk.

      • Chrissy says:

        Agree 100%

      • *The Talk* is a wonderful show. All of the hosts are GREAT and PLEASANT…Sheryl Underwood is HILARIOUS every day, and she is just a BREATH of fresh air… All of the women are supportive of eachother, and that is WHY I like it… Julie Chen, sure does a FANTASTIC recreation of her mother and I love that. Aisha Taylor and Sara Gilbert are always there with such sensible and unique opinions. It is a fun show all the way around.Sharon Osborne is plain silly and fun and no matter what, she is so sincere, and can be a HOOT when one least expects it…. just my opinion…

      • Angela says:


      • Lilly says:

        Totally in agreement !

    • RobMel56 says:

      I was sad that they made the decision to not renew Nicole’s contract, wish they would reconsider the decision. They are talking about Candace from Full House joining the cast, that would be a big mistake. I find her to right wing, Nicole’s point of view is intelligent and insightful. Candice ends to be so far to the right it borders being radical. Bring Nicole back.

    • mensa2 says:

      I didnot find Nicolle ‘Intelligent’ nor did I find her ‘ Knowledgeable ‘! There was so much about current events that she was just CLUELESS about! and constantly reminding us that she is a Republican got very Old!…………. Good Riddens!

  13. JEF says:

    I rather enjoyed her naivete. This show needs to go bye-bye now.

  14. Jennifer says:

    S,he was the reason I watched it. I’m done

  15. David says:

    Maybe its time for new leadership at the View. turn the show over to the people who run GMA. Nicole was the brightest addition to the cast last fall. Raven Symone is ok, Michelle Collins is a snooze. Very disappointing. Maybe its time to bring back Joy Behar and Sherry Shepherd or Ali Wentworth or someone from ABC News. The View wasnt broken last year until Walters and Geddes exited.

  16. opinion says:

    At first I did not like her, but I really warmed up too her and liked her. I think The View has made a mistake. She was a good fit for the show. I am starting to think like so many it is time to put a fork in it and be done with it.

  17. Mr. Tran K says:

    The View needs to end or we riot.

  18. knd24 says:

    Just put this show out of it’s misery already.

  19. deb fadyk says:

    I am very disappointed about this news. Nichole was an intelligent light in an otherwise, except Whoopi, very dull mix of trivial popular culture programming. 2 thumbs down ABC!

    • Joan says:

      I agree. Have always loved the View until this year. Whoopie and Nicole are the only two worth watching. It will be a very sad political year with out Nicole!

  20. Jan says:

    I hate to see Nicole go (and I’m a liberal)! I think her lack of pop culture knowledge is rather refreshing and her political knowledge more than makes up for any such “lack.” The addition of Michelle & Raven has been rather “useless.” I’ll miss Perez, too.

  21. :) says:

    I am still a fan of the view. I like Nicole. I wish she would let her views speak for themselves rather than laying everything a the door of being a Republican. She is a mother, a wife, a woman, an author and so much more. The reason they didn’t get the drama they wanted from her was because they didn’t give her someone that could compete with her on the issues. I watched her present republican talking points without the crazy day after day. Sometimes the same ones presented by Fox News. Because she was calm, rational and not deliberately insulting many points floated by with little to no push back unless it was something one of the other panelists was passionate about. Give Nicole an equal from the left and I believe we could get the sparks the network wants. I’m a sucker for reasoned informative discussion. Put nicole and donna brazil on together with a good hot topic

  22. Wendy says:

    Goren and Eames finally put her in jail? (Someone had to say it!)

    • Annie says:

      Thank you!!! When I first heard her name, my brain went to .goren and Eames!! He was on the shiw recently and I would have loved a Criminal Intent reference!

  23. JK says:

    I can’t stand the cadence and tone of her voice. I stopped watching because I couldn’t stand listening to her speak.

  24. Muffie Burke says:

    Nicolle Wallace is the reason I watch the View. Her comments are refreshing, well informed, and intelligent. She offers information on politics that can only be offered by someone that worked in the White House and seems to be unbiased. I found her to be pure and refreshing. Poor time to let her go considering the upcoming elections and what she has to offer.

  25. Joan says:

    The View did not get rid of her,she wanted to go.She’ll probably work for Jeb (Bush).

  26. Gus says:

    I dunno guys… I kinda look at May as rhe sweeps months / The View rumor mill to kick in full gear. God only knows who the hell else they are going to drag in there and make it a red hot mess.

  27. Connie Niave says:

    I hate to see Nicolle go, she is good for the View. Keep her, Rosie and for sure Whoope.

  28. Samantha Rivera says:

    Yeah, we need more dumb bimbos on the air discussing pop culture instead of hard-hitting news topics. Now we’ll have to listen to idiots ask Presidential candidates what they think of Beyonce’s latest video instead of their solutions to the Nation’s problems. I like that Nicole doesn’t know pop culture as well as she does current world eventsm but she still enjoys it. Let’s bring back shrill asinine Republican dissenters who speak only in pre-programmed soundbites. The only way to shut Elizabeth Hasselbeck up was to put her on Fox where she’s mesmerized by her own on-camera reflection while sitting straight-backed pretty between two white men babbling nonsense.

  29. seawing says:

    Wait! The View is still on?

  30. Ella Wade says:

    You have got to be kidding. Someone that actually knows what she’s talking about and they let her go! ABC, what is wrong with you? No conservative opinion allowed. Rename the show Whoopie and just be done with it. I am so finished with ABC daytime.

  31. beauboy says:

    Thank one of the Bush administration should ever be allowed to comment on anything ever again.

  32. Mama says:

    Bring back Bill Geddie!!! The show is tanking because he was shown the door. When he was leading The View you had relevant hot topics, guests you wanted to watch and current musical talent. No wonder Nicolle wasn’t on today. They were breaking the news to her. Let’s see who sits in the chairs next. Better be someone with class and non liberal views. Because it’s called The View for a reason.

  33. Deb says:

    bad decision.. Although she wasn’t up on “pop culture”, she was entertaining, smart and had a lot to say. She’s the only Republican out there, I will actually listen to. Raven-Symone, seriously.. with all due respect, talk about not being “up on”.. She may know her pop culture, but she’s a kid,, and has no worldly knowledge on anything! and Michelle whatshername, I don’t even find her funny. If it wasn’t for Whoopi, I would cease watching this show altogether.. Too bad. Bring back Joy Behar and Sheri Shepherd!!!

  34. Kate says:

    only reason why the view was worth watching

  35. Thomas hunter says:

    The only woman left in the show that I respected.

    Leaving The View? CONGRATULATIONS, Nicole !!!

  36. Barb says:

    I hate to see her leave.
    Whoopie I think she has been a plus to the view. She’s spicy and does not mind expressing her views that’s why we love the view because you allow everyone to have a view. SHE is a keeper.

  37. Helen Casteel says:

    ABC has taken the brains (Nicole Wallace and Rosie Perez)out and left the stupid. I’m not a member of her political party, but she was refreshing. So far all the people they’ve brought in may know about celebrities but they sure don’t have common sense nor can they maintain a sensible conversation. Whoopi, if you need a lifeline I’m here. I can talk about celebrity, politics, career, education, family, animals…and – I’m not blond, don’t have perfect teeth, have gray hair and will converse with anyone about anything. Oh, and I’m a senior on meds!

  38. spignejr says:

    They should add Candace Cameron Bure full-time! She did great against disrespectful Raven and her eye rolls last week!

  39. norma Parker says:

    I really like Nicole and so do all my friends. Please have her stay. She is the most Intelligent
    person on the view. We still watch the view because of Nicole. I cannot believe you would
    let her go.

  40. Ladymoonkac says:

    Works for me! I will NOT miss her a bit. They need to “tweak” the chemistry.

  41. Kaye says:

    This is the last straw for me. This show has been so watered down, I will no longer waste my time. My advice to Nicole is to tell them to take the job and shove it! She has too much class and some other venue will quickly pick her up. I feel sorry that Whoopi is locked in a contract.

    • I so agree. All we hear on every talk show is the ongoing Hollywood gossip. Enough allready. The only one on the panel that has some REAL CLASS. What does that say about new producers. I too am over the View!!!

  42. Jay says:

    wtf!?! She’s the only one on the show I like – and I’m not even a republican!

  43. barb gibbs says:

    I will never watch the view again…she was a representive view for the lite conservatives. A different view that obviously doesn’t work or isnt respected in this overwhelming liberal country. What a joke. And with a election year…this figures. Shame on the view.

  44. EM says:

    She is too nice and too smart for this show. And that is okay. Now I can officially give this show up. The dumbing down of America continues.

  45. Ronald Roland says:

    I enjoyed Nicole’s time with the View and am sad to see he go.

  46. Charles James says:

    You mean to tell me that the last two clowns that were put on the view are intelligent and know more than Nicolle . Well , it is time to remove the view from TV . It is TERRIBLE.
    It is a BIG TUMBS DOWN.

  47. Denise says:

    Nicole Wallace was refreshing. She did not pound you over the head with her views and was very respectful of Democratic lawmakers (ie…the President) Why can’t we have a show without all the nastiness and fighting…wake up people at the VIEW.

    • Can't Stand Cameron says:

      EXACTLY why I love her. She’s fair and can have an intelligent political conversation w/out getting in your face and having a meltown. Sadly, that’s exactly what is going to happen when Cameron gets in there—she’s smug, reactionary and a pain in the rear instead of having any sort of constructive commentary. What a drag.

  48. Margaret says:

    Shame on ABC ref can’t a person with a BRAIN matter? This show has been doomed since Barbra & Joy left. Hello Wendy Williams