Bones Sleepy Hollow crossover

Blind Item Revealed: Sleepy Hollow, Bones Crossover Eyed for Spring

My hotly-debated crossover blind item is a mystery no more.

I can now confirm that Fox is planning to stage a crossover event between Thursday companions Bones and Sleepy Hollow this coming season.

The idea was initially eyed for fall, but logistical issues forced The Powers That Be to postpone it until later in the season.

Specific details surrounding the crossover, including which characters would appear in each episode, are not being disclosed at this time. But I’m told the EPs at both shows have an inventive idea in place that organically merges the vastly different Bones and Sleepy universes.

Thoughts? Are you in favor of a Bones-Sleepy mashup? Also, did you correctly guess the shows at the center of my blind item? Hit the comments!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Another Powers That Be reference. Do I spy a hint toward another blind item???

  2. m3rcnate says:

    Lol, one word; Desperate.

    • brandi says:

      LOL! I was thinking seriously how they gonna pull this off. Sorry, not sold on this idea.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Not a coincidence this is happening with the show (Bones) that is on the decline and on its way out but still has a fan base to be tapped into and a show (Sleepy) that will be living on a thread and need to show improvement and get more viewers or else it is cancelled.

        • herman1959 says:

          So, both shows go down together? This whole thing sounds like a joke to me.

          • Dave Allen says:

            Herman, I agree – I stopped watching “Bones” years ago after it turned into “Forensic Fantasy” where all of the lab techs were multi-millionaires who could identify a perp w/a single MOLECULE of evidence. Not that it would have mattered – all of the cases would have been dismissed as they were violating laws and police procedures in EVERY show.

            If “Sleepy Hollow” is being associated with a kludge like that, I guess I won’t be watching it either. :-(

    • GeoDiva says:

      Took the words right out of mouth and I am a Sleepy Hollow fan.

  3. Just one thing says:

    Nice scoop, guys. I was surprised by how many were rooting for it to be ABC.

  4. WAHOO!! awesome! Can’t wait!

  5. ggny says:

    X-Files should be involved to!

  6. July Lark says:

    That should be hysterical, so which one, Brennan or Booth wont believe Ichabod’s story of time travel? It should be a hoot. Well done Fox.

  7. dioxinblues says:

    Science and magic collide.

  8. Lysh says:

    WOW. I was thinking ABC shows. I’m so hesitant with Sleepy Hollow after last season and Orlando not coming back. But I bet Bones would be fascinated with Crane! And Abby could talk about almost joining the FBI with Booth. I’m actually excited. Someone write a fanfic to hold me over.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      I’m not sure where the story left off with the headless horseman but someone could find the skull and the squints are called to investigate… Crane can claim he killed the man but they won’t believe him considering how old the bones are…

  9. Gilded Lady says:

    Both bizarre and a crossover no one was asking for. Brilliant?

  10. Aeryn says:


  11. Lucille says:

    It boggles the mind how these characters could be in the same planet…

  12. J lilly says:

    This is a GREAT idea. I can see how it would work.

  13. Mark says:

    Terrible idea…

  14. Rhonda says:

    Let me guess, the Bones cast discover some bones from colonial times of yet someone else Crane knew, lol.
    Bleh. And these 2 shows exist in entirely different universes. You cant cross them over and then say that magic and the supernatural and science fiction arent real in the Bones universe. You’re just making a mess, Fox.

    • KatsMom says:

      When have they said that magic/supernatural/science fiction aren’t real in the Bones universe? I mean, sure, Bones herself says it, but the show sends entirely different messages occasionally. Cyndi Lauper’s recent guest spot as Avalon involved her communicating with the spirit/ghost of Sweets, for example. While the episode involved a fraudulent psychic, it also made it pretty clear that there are real ones out there, like Avalon. Angela recognizes Avalon’s gift. I suspect, if she makes it into the crossover, she’ll similarly recognize something in Ichabod.

    • Anon says:

      It’s yet another goofy dream sequence episode of Bones.

    • Susan says:

      This scenario could be made interesting if Crane knows exactly how the person died because he was there, but this does not match what Brennan comes up with. I would love to see her proven wrong.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      Isn’t the headless horseman’s head out there still? That could be the bridge. Someone could still it from it’s hiding place and get busted with it???

  15. kathyb1953 says:

    What?? I like both shows, but unless Bones is moving into scifi/fantasy, I cannot fathoms such a crossover.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I’d say that a solid 30% of the science on Bones is already fictional, so it’s not that far off…

      • Delirious says:

        Yes, but within the show, it’s pure science, not supernatural. And I’m not buying the “this will become canon”, because it’s something that would totally break Brennan’s spirit and mind. And with it, the show’s whole raison d’être.

    • Delirious says:

      My thoughts exactly. This will establish that fantasy/supernatural exists in the Bones universe. Which, considering much of the base of the show is the scepticism and grounded/analytical/scientific/earthly mind of Brennan… Yeah, simply not processing it.

      • Britt says:

        I’m glad Bones is still what you say it is. I stopped watching when it looked like she was going to be made into a god-fearing housewife.
        I thought by now, they were living in Amish country, raising 7 kids and forgettin’ all about that silly science stuff.

  16. anonymous says:

    this is an awesome idea!!! I love both shows a ton!!! now the two best shows on fox are crossing over and im soo excited and cant wait!!

  17. madbengalsfan85 says:

    I am in love with this idea!

  18. Jane says:

    I’m not even gonna pretend I understand what Fox is doing with Sleepy Hollow at this point, but I’m sure it will be Ichabod on Bones, even though Abbie is the cop who was on her way to work at the FBI before Crane showed up. This show makes no sense what so ever.

    • Rhonda says:

      They can’t even fix all the problems with Sleepy Hollow, which with how it’s looking now, is sure to wind up cancelled before spring anyway. A ridiculous crossover should be the last thing on their minds.

    • sam says:

      Of course.

  19. KC says:

    Wow, what a dumb thing to do!

  20. taran63 says:

    Didn’t Hodgins once say that he watched the show Sleepy Hollow? It can’t be a true crossover. Maybe one show’s characters visit the actors of the other show?

    • Anon says:

      That has potential….
      During the filming of an episode of Sleepy Hollow, a body is discovered….making for a crossover of casts without actually being a show crossover.

    • Lysh says:

      You’re right! I forgot about that. I think Bones aired after the pilot maybe.

    • Agon says:

      That is definitely a possibility and makes sense for Bones to appear on the set of Sleepy Hollow. But I’m not sure how Sleepy Hollow characters would tie into Bones. Unless it’s a two-episode with the tv set murder scenario.

  21. Angela says:

    Never seen “Bones”, but familiar enough with the show’s concept to be quite surprised by this idea! But if they can somehow make it work, I’ll be willing to give it a chance.

  22. dragons3 says:

    This will either be brilliant or a flaming disaster. Right now, I’m leaning toward disaster, but I can be persuaded to change my mind. I like both shows, so I’ll watch. Won’t guarantee I’ll like.

  23. Joei says:

    Wow! This is INTERESTING! I can’t wait to see what they come
    up with. Only two ways it can go – either amazingly brilliant or an epic fail! Let’s see. I will definitely be watching. :-)

  24. BTM says:

    Is this a prank? I enjoy avoiding the Deschanel sisters. Why is this happening?

    At least it’s not Boreanas as Angel on the Vampire Diaries.

    • Lizo says:

      At least that would have made sense.

    • kmw says:

      Then keep on avoiding them. You do not have to watch. I hope it turns out good because I would hate if this is Bones last season for them to waste an episode on this so late in the season. When this blind item came out it said this would boost ratings. Both are not going to recover from last years tumbles for this stunt to make up for it FOX is desperate. This wont hurt BONES as much as Sleepy Hollow. However it still very early in process and maybe they will find a way to make it work. Good luck to both shows.

  25. jc says:

    Wow how desperate are the sleepy hollow writers to get people to watch their terrible show. This is just going to ruin bones.

  26. skrable2 says:

    I’m all for experimenting with form within TV show universes. So, it might not work … who cares? You’re talking about one episode of each series — one that barely got renewed, the otherin possibly its final season of a long run.

    There’s decent possibilities for an enjoyable two hours. It shouldn’t cause anyone’s life to be ruined.

    • Angela says:

      Oh, but don’t you know it’s the rule of the internet that people must freak out and make dramatic remarks over things they haven’t even seen play out yet?!
      Seriously, though, I agree, it’s a fun one-off idea. If people don’t like this idea, then…I guess they just won’t have to watch it when the time comes?
      I will say that I can’t entirely disagree with the people who think “Sleepy Hollow” needs to sort out the issues it’s been having first and get itself stabilized again…but if season 3 does wind up being a pretty good season in general and fans are satisfied, then the crossover event would just be a nice clincher to the season. And if the season isn’t working, well, then they’ll have their fun with the crossover and leave it at that, I suppose *Shrugs*.

      • delorb says:

        Angie, the reason I am freaking out is that it could have the potential to damage both shows going forward. I don’t know about you, but continuity is a big deal for me. I don’t want to be told after this horrid cross-over idea to forget it ever happened.

        • Angela says:

          It could do that, yes…or it could wind up being a fun crossover. That’s the point. We don’t know either way yet. We don’t even know the specific storyline they plan to come up with to get these shows to cross over in the first place. So until we find out further, more detailed information, it seems premature, to me, at least, to automatically jump to worst-case scenarios and start freaking out.
          Besides that, “Bones” is a long-running series that probably won’t last too much longer, and a lot of “Sleepy Hollow” fans will be surprised if the show gets a season 4 at all. So if these shows are going to wind down fairly soon anyway as it is, then whether or not this crossover works won’t really matter to the shows’ respective futures in the end, will it?
          And if it does wind up working out and gives both shows a new jolt, then there’d be nothing to worry about there, either.

        • Angela says:

          Adding on, ’cause I forgot to address this in my above post: I appreciate it when a show follows continuity, too, yes, but I’m also aware that every series, at some point, will have continuity issues the longer it runs, so I deal with those goofs as best I can and handwave away the things that don’t match up or make sense, or find some weird way to try and work around them when possible.
          I’m not sure how you feel this crossover might affect continuity of either series, but I’m willing to hear your concerns. Some people have suggested this could be an AU/dream episode, so if they go that route for the crossover, then continuity doesn’t have to be quite as big an issue there.

          • skrable2 says:

            Heck, I appreciate continuity as much as the next person, but these are two shows where continuity hardly matters.
            On the one hand, you have a show wherein historical figures meet the modern day. If continuity were an issue, they’re dead and should stay dead.
            On the other, Bones has always had a way with alternative episodes — whether turning the Lab into a nightclub, or celebrating it’s 200th with a charming cat and mouse game.
            This sounds like fun. Let’s allow ourselves to have fun.

          • Rhonda says:

            I really hate that there’s always those people who come to comment on these articles that try to be sarcastic about everyone else’s issues with something when theyre COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. Always with the ‘stop prejudging and taking it so seriously’ argument with an air of superiority. Continuity matters and a stupid idea is a stupid idea. No one’s just being negative for the sake of it and dont know what theyre talking about. God.

          • Angela says:

            @skrable2: Exactly! Well said :).
            @Rhonda: Nobody’s trying to be rude, I don’t think, and while I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, I apologize if any of what I said came off that way.
            But it is true that a lot of people are already making a lot of assumptions and thinking the worst when we don’t know anything about this crossover right now other than FOX is planning it, and for some of us, we just don’t understand this immediate need to do that. When we get more details of what the story idea will be, when we hear more about who’s meeting whom and whether this will be a dream sequence episode or an AU or the casts will work together on a case and so forth, then I can understand questioning the logic of the storyline and whether the ideas will work or discussion of which characters might or might not click best.
            Until then, however, it just seems very strange to me and to other people to make assumptions over and begin criticizing things that may not even wind up being issues in the end. Nobody’s saying people can’t voice their complaints, we just think it’s a little soon to do so when we barely have any information to work with.
            And mind, I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t even watch one of the shows in question here! If it were up to me I’d love to see “Sleepy Hollow” paired with a show I DO watch. But despite the fact that I’m not a viewer of “Bones”, I’m still curious to see how this’ll pan out.

  27. KenL says:

    And in one fell swoop, Fonzie jumped over two sharks, one for each show. File this under “desperate”. I absolutely love and adore the show Bones, and this just makes ZERO sense.

  28. JenJ says:

    Ummm, so does this mean that Angel is back and working to help his old friend Ichabod Crane who he met years ago when he was in his young vampire days???

    • nolanola says:

      That’s cute JenJ. =)

    • Steven says:

      I hope they at least throw in a reference to Angel.

      • JenJ says:

        Me, too. I can’t help but think of Angel when I see this crossover story. This would have been a terrific idea years ago when that show was still around. Hey, I wonder if by any chance they’ll have Amy Acker as a guest star? That would be interesting.

    • Luis says:

      Perhaps I’m mistaken, but of all the trendy social phenomena “Bones” has used as inspirations for episodes, the one I can’t ever remember them using is . . . vampires. Coincidence?

  29. Lizo says:

    Well that’s stupid.

  30. Sleepy-Bones says:

    Good, this will give me the motivation I need to catch up on Sleepy Hollow. Thanks, Fox.

  31. Saynay says:

    Just, no! This has to be the jumpy-est of the jump the shark moments for both shows albeit this would do far less damage to Bones. With the Nikki Reed announcement today, and now this, Fox might as well cut their losses on SH now. It’s like they’re doing everything they can to bleed the fan base as quickly as possible.

  32. Deb says:

    The character Bones only believes in what science can explain. Booth is spiritual, believing in things unseen. That combined with Sleepy Hollow where nothing is as it seems, if done right, the combination could be awesome, or really bad. I don’t see a middle ground. But my first thought when I read this was that my husband,, who was a big fan of both shows, would have loved the idea..He passed away less than a month ago. He really would have loved the possibility of it all.

  33. rutland says:

    I thought Sleepy Hollow had jumped the shark with the karaoke episode, but this crossover with Bones could be the real finale to a series that started out with such promise. What is it about this show that it runs away from its own premise with such determination?

    • delorb says:

      You got me. They have lightening in a bottle and are afraid to use it. Good luck trying to get this to syndication with 49 episodes, most of which are crappy.

  34. Drew says:

    Ugh. This is not the way to get Sleepy Hollow back on track. I personally find Bones to be one of the most annoying shows on TV. It is like nails on a chalkboard. The thought of those characters being on Sleepy Hollow makes me want to skip watching Sleepy Hollow that week… The opposite of what a crossover is intended to do.
    This is why crossovers aren’t usually done between shows that are very different. It just alienates fans.

  35. kmw says:

    I do not see how it will work and it most certainly will not help either shows ratings. Very interested to see how they do this

  36. Jenna says:

    This could be fun!

  37. Jooshua says:

    Oh sounds strange! There has always been a hint of religion in Bones. I’m interested.

  38. The creature Ichabod created using the Horseman’s head ends up in the city where Brennan and Booth iive in. The police kill it, or it dies, which results in its head making its way to their laboratory, where they analyze it and discover that it originates in Sleepy Hollow.

  39. Charissa29 says:

    Seriously, are they on crack?!

  40. Amber says:

    Interesting… Definitely didn’t see that coming. How in the heck are they going to pull that off though?! Not to mention the ramifications its going to have on the scientific nature of Bones. Excited, though!

  41. Bernie Sanderson says:

    Not a good idea. Because it is happening on other shows doesn’t mean they have to follow suit. .especially combining a fantasy with a cop show. You can combine shows like bones and Rizzoli and isles, or sleepy hollow with grimms. Bones deals with murder and sleepy hollow already Is in the future flipping back and forth. .I already get confused!

  42. Bernie Sanderson says:

    Also, Fox, your starting to sound like Fox News! desperate for attention!

  43. Spence says:

    I’m just praising the Lord it’s not OUAT and AoS as some people suggested! That would’ve been a disaster.

  44. Jared says:

    Womp womp..I had so many better crossover choices in my mind. Oh well

  45. Brooke says:

    Uh oh… we jumping the shark?

    • delorb says:

      And all they need to do is focus on the two witnesses. So simple. So easy. But nope. Gotta throw in a fighting/spying Betsy Ross and a cross-over with a show that’s all about science and not science fiction.

  46. Betisa says:

    Ridiculous crossover. Both shows are desperate for ratings.

  47. Remember, when Sleepy Hollow premiered, on Bones that week Hodgins mentioned wanting to watch the Sleepy Hollow show. Thus the Sleepy Hollow shows exists on TV in the Bones universe. This could be a problem for many cross-over ideas, but I think it also suggests a very interesting one: Bones has done alternate reality episodes before (the one where Booth and Brennan had a bar or the 200th where they were a cop and a jewel theif, etc.). I suggest that a Bones episode start with Hodgins watching a Sleepy Hollow episode. The rest of the episode then is Hodgin’s dream where his coworkers and he are in Sleepy Hollow helping Ichabod and Abbie solve a supernatural crime using forensic science. I know I’d watch that.

  48. John says:

    Eww. Worst crossover idea ever.