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Supernatural Season 11 Preview: The Winchesters Return to Basics and Face Their Past — Plus: An All-Impala Hour!

If you’re missing the Supernatural of yore, you’re in luck. Season 11, premiering Oct. 7 on The CW, is returning to its old formula — and bringing back some mysterious elements from Dean and Sam’s history.

“One thing we bat around in the writers room is, ‘You can’t escape your past,'” executive producer Andrew Dabb noted in the Supernatural press room at Comic-Con. “We’re bringing some things in from the boys’ past – some very distant, some much more recent – that we haven’t dealt with in a long time but will have some really interesting repercussions for both guys.”

And you know what that means: “Yes, there will be flashbacks,” the EP confirmed, “in a lot of different ways and on a lot of different levels.”

But more imminently, since the season opener picks up right where the finale left off, the brothers must deal with the release of The Darkness and “figure out what that is, how far it reaches and how to fix it,” star Jensen Ackles explained.

Since the new Big Bad is pre-biblical, “we have no one to really turn to because no one really knows anything,” co-star Jared Padalecki added. “But I know that Sam and Dean will be side-by-side, and that’s f—ing cool.”

Ackles is equally pleased about the Winchesters’ united front. “One of things I like about [the Season 11 storyline] is it’s going back to the original format of having both brothers unaffected, meaning not drinking demon blood, not with the Mark of Cain on their arm,” he said. “[It’s] just Sam and Dean as Sam and Dean, fighting a common target.”

Having saved each other in spite of the greater good, the brothers will also be feeling some responsibility for what’s been unleashed on Earth. “I always like it when the boys do something, and it’s not that they’re held accountable, but they hold themselves accountable,” showrunner Jeremy Carver said. Sure enough, they’ll be laying on the guilt trip when it comes to The Darkness. “There’s a sense of, ‘We brought this. We did this.’ …. That means a return to, ‘We’re not going to ignore things. We need to go back to the very, very basics. It’s not just hunting things. It’s saving people.'”

“There were things they did in the old days that, somewhere along the way, they cut corners with,” Carver continued. “You’re going to see them trying very hard not to do that. And frankly, that’s a lot harder said than done, so it’s going to cause a lot more complications.”

At least they still have their trusty respite in the form of the Impala, which will be in every single shot in the upcoming season’s fourth installment.

Supernatural Season 11 Impala Episode“We are doing an entire episode [titled ‘Baby’] in the Impala,” Carver revealed. “It’s going to touch on, ‘What happens in the moment when they agree to take a case and normally you cut to whatever and they’re walking in? What if you stayed in the Impala for another five minutes? What do they talk about then?'”

For Ackles, the special hour eagerly evokes a certain Tom Hardy film that takes place entirely in a car — as well as some anxiousness.

“I’m excited about that [episode],” Ackles said. “I’ve watched that movie Locke. Fantastic movie. But then I’ve also seen the movie Buried with Ryan Reynolds. It was great. Ryan did a great job, but all I wanted to see was just a shot of the desert. ‘Just get me out of the box for a second! Give me an establishing shot! And then we can go back in the box.’ And of course, it never happens, so it felt a little claustrophobic.

“But with Locke, I never would have imagined that sitting 90 minutes in a car would have been as interesting as it was. So if that’s the formula we have to follow, I’m very nervous. We might have to call Tom Hardy and have him come over and guest-star in that one,” he added with a laugh.

(With reporting by Andy Swift)

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  1. bar says:

    Felt like last season was pretty pointless. Some seasons have been better than others, but this one didn’t even have a clear-cut danger. Dean having the mark is pretty non-threatening because what’s the worst they’re going to do to Ackles? Rowena felt like a reason to keep Shepherd as a regular while giving him enough material. The stakes haven’t felt so low in a long time. It’s not like the early days when the Winchesters were involved in a war between Heaven and Hell. That was cool. Since, there has been some cool mythologies that have been developed, but a lot of times they seem quickly forgotten, like the tablets. I’ll obviously always watch, but I’m certainly hoping for a little more this go-around.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      The tablets haven’t been forgotten, and they were never going to kill off Sam or Dean permanently, so I don’t see how that hurts the threat of the Mark. The danger of the Mark wasn’t his death, it was that it would cause him to do things that are appauling, like just shooting that kid in the head for simply being a member of the Styne family.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I was tired of the Heaven/Hell storylines by season 6, so I hope they’ve moved on from that permanently, or at least in so much that it’s not the main focus ever again. I lost track of all the angel/God/war twists & turns because I just didn’t care anymore. Personally I really liked the introduction of the Styne family last season & thought they were eliminated too quickly. I felt like there was more potential for playing with the Frankenstein mythology.

      • Maggie says:

        I agree, I loved the Steins and I got really sick of the angels and demons hour for a little while. I hope they find more ways of bringing in new things, though I know that angels and demons will never go away completely and I am ok with that.

    • alex says:

      well the stakes got a heck of a lot higher in the finale.

  2. Shaula says:

    Thank you for the article.

    Loved last season, can’t wait for season 11. The spoilers are making me even more excited!

  3. I love how thoughtful Jensen is about his character and the show. It’s clear that even going into year eleven, he loves them both. SO looking forward to seeing badass Dean Mofo Winchester again!

    • Chrissy says:

      I could not agree with you more. I am old lady (almost 60), who has always believed in supernatural stuff, from ghosts, demons, evil spirits, witches, etc. I love the various legends and biblical story lines brought into the episodes, much of it based on actual bible stories and Judeo/Christian beliefs. I think Jenson Ackles as bad boy Dean WInchester is one of the hottest things on TV! Jared Padelecki as Sam is not too bad either! I do miss Bobby, though.

      • Kathy says:

        Crissy, honey — 60 is by no means old. It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t still be involved in fandom. Fandom is full of boomers, and none of us are hanging up our t-shirts to sit in a rocker and knit.

        • Chrissy says:

          Thank you for your kind words! I have a few health issues I deal with, but I am really young at heart and Supernatural is one of my guilty pleasures! My husband and kids think I am nuts, but I don’t care. I am so looking forward to the new season!

          • SPNFan24 says:

            Chrissy, I agree with Kathy. You’re never too old to watch Supernatural (kids under 12 though I recommend parents watch with them to ensure they don’t get too scared – never know what will scare them :D) and welcome to the fandom :)

            I LOVE the fact that there is a variety of ages in the fandom and that they are all welcomed (I’m in my 30s) :) My family all think I’m nuts as well to watch the show and go to conventions but I don’t care :D LOVE meeting other fans face to face and of course having the opportunity to meet the cast and get photos/autos with them are a major highlight :)

            I may not enjoy every single episode but I have watched it from day 1 and will continue to watch it long past the end of the series :D

        • Victoria says:

          Amen to that Kathy…I’m 68 and I don’t care that I don’t care. I love this fandom.

  4. Nikola says:

    As a student of dramaturgy, a humble writer myself, all I can say is BRAVO to the writers who crafted 10. season so well and had done such a good job on both the characters and the plot. It feels like that 10. and 11. season will be last because in the 10. season we visited heaven, hell, purgatory, and closed some doors that were opened a long time ago (Like Claire, Jimmy`s daughter, memory of Benny, Bobby`s “life” in heaven and so on) No matter the studies I`m a huge Supernatural fan and I rank the last, 10th season, as the best season of the series, side-by-side with season 5. It seems that the next season will also be very well crafted. I made some notes about the premiere. I think that Crowley won`t die. The last two scenes of the season 10 finale are happening in the same moment. The darkness rising happens as Castiel lifts his blade to kill Crowley. They then get separated by the impact, the spell brakes, and everything gets erased from THE BOOK OF THE DAMNED. The only thing that will kill SEASON 11 is, I wish you could read this Carver, PERSONALIZATION AND MATERIALIZATION OF THE DARKNESS. If THE DARKNESS ends like a demonic entity which can crawl into a person, like Leviathans, we will end with a crappy season. We don`t need another Dick Roman, Carver! So, the darkness needs to stay evil amoral force that twists and negates everything the God has created. That`s the only way the season is gonna work. Thank you for reading.

  5. SammiD says:

    Reading this article, and watching all the interviews from Comic Con, makes me so excited for season 11! Hearing that Sam and Dean will be completely united is the most important part to me. As long as the two of them are fighting together as a team, I can deal with anything else the season has to offer. Also, I’m incredibly excited to see more flashbacks. Flashback episodes have always been some of my favorites, and we haven’t had many in recent years. I have a strong feeling that we are going to see John this season as well. With all the talk of people from the past, and JDM saying he would love to come back. I really hope we see John this season, I know John gets a lot of hate from fans, but I’ve always loved his character. I really can’t wait for this new season, because old school Supernatural is a big positive in my book!

  6. The Darkness is Erebus. Just find a professor of Greek mythology, lol.

  7. Joanna Eve says:

    The only thing that disappointed me about Season 10 was Deanmon because the trailer said ‘SEASON OF THE DEANMON’. But I am looking forward to that episode in the car in Season 11…. I wonder how it is going to play out….it will be 90 minutes…so… also If the next season is somewhat going back to the beginning it’d be interesting to see flashbacks and more than likely old characters return.
    I have a theory that most old characters will return and it will have something to do with the darkness. Also I reckon Supernatural (although I hate to say it ) is concluding soon since I feel the show is going full circle. But I pray it lives on for at least a few more seasons despite a rumor that it will wrap up in Season 12.

  8. Im glad they will be going back to basics. Season 10 was boring. It wasn’t interesting . Maybe I will begin watching it again when it comes on in October.

  9. ? says:

    I want to see an episode where the car becomes possessed and turns into a monster and the boys have to hunt it and kill it to get it back to normal.

  10. Oh Jeez says:

    I had to do a little facepalm when Jensen complained about Burried ‘feeling claustrophobic’.

    Seriously Jensen? It’s about a guy who was buried underground in a coffin and was slowly suffocating to death. I really feel like I’m stating the obvious here when I say it was SUPPOSED to feel claustrophobic.

    That man is darn sexy but he can be a real dork sometimes.

    • Mo says:

      Just because it’s supposed to feel claustrophobic doesn’t mean you have to like it. I thought his comment, “Of course, that never happens…” showed he understood the intention. I think the episode idea is promising, but I certainly hope it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. I’m very interested to see just what kind of camera work we’ll be seeing.

  11. Carrie says:

    This all sounds very promising. Season 10 was great and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season.

  12. Alyan says:

    i would love to see lucifer and michele get out of the cage because they r still in there maybe theres something in the tablet that metatron got off with that would set them free

  13. Guest says:

    Love those Winchester brothers!!!! Always fighting the good fight!!!

  14. Raz says:

    Hopefully there will some Destiel this year.

  15. It would be awesome if they are mentioning LOCKE now in interviews because Tom Hardy will be playing the big bad next season :)

  16. The Grinch says:

    I am only at the next to last episode of Season 1 on Netflix. That’s a log haul of episode in front of me. Anyone remember when this show was only going to go 5 seasons, period?

    • Brooke says:

      And the ratings in those days made it so iffy if we were going to get all 5! It’s funny looking back at that now, seeing how it turned into the network’s most solid and reliable performer.

  17. Ninamags says:

    A Baby episode!!! OMG, cannot wait.
    As a long time fan, I’ve always wanted an episode where they show the day-to-day stuff of the Winchesters’ lives. The minutia that fills their days when they are not monster-hunting. We caught a glimpse of that one time while they did their laundry and I always wanted more.

    Sounds fantastic!

  18. henry says:

    I have a feeling this season is going to play out like Buffy’s last season, whereby the Darkness is something akin to the First in the Buffyverse. All this talk about old character returning may be an indication that the Darkness may take the form of previous allies/foes to taunt Sam and Dean… I feel like this upcoming season has all the right things to make it an epic one, specially if it may be their last, I do hope they go out with a bang!

    • Ninjachic says:

      Season 11 so far sounds promising.. I just hope “going back to basics” also includes more episodes where they are hunting creepy monster things. I feel like supernatural lost its solid brother-got-your-back/scary elements included in season 1 and sidetracked onto really lame storylines, chartcters, and shady relationships. It’s borderline boring now. I also miss when Dean was carefree and hilarious. He was the comic relief and I miss that! Here’s hoping season 11 is better than 10!

  19. Joe says:

    I’m just waiting for the Behemoth to be part of this series. They should be far more difficult to take on knowing that they are the strongest creatures known to the biblical route Supernatural has gone through. It’ll probably be an actor who has some body building features and can take on the role. Want to see these creatures lift cars and heavy industrial equipment like a feather and see Sam and Dean take em on.

  20. Missy says:

    Sounds awesome!

    I’m really excited about ‘Baby’ getting a feature episode. It’s not been since, ‘Swan Song’ that she has gotten her due! :D

  21. Maggie says:

    I am excited to hear they are moving a little back towards their roots. I love just about every episode but the high drama can get a little taxing at times. I have been rewatching the first seasons and I love the early connection with the horror film style. Can’t wait for season 11 (and 12 and 13 and…)

  22. pam says:

    Dean should have a run in with Ben. Ben may turned Hunter because of flash backs tries to find Dean. Bobby is also needed someone to talk to besides Garth.

  23. Cheryl says:

    This is awesome! I loved the other episode explaining how the Impala (“Baby”) anchored everything and was the one constant always in their lives. Dependable, reliable, reassuring and familiar. I am thrilled and cannot wait to see the episode devoted to ” Baby”! I also love when Dean talks to her. “Aww Baby I’ll never leave you again!”

  24. Crissy says:

    Can’t wait for season 11. Currently DVR reruns on TBS. Outstanding!!!! Are the tattoos for real or henna?

  25. Bela Talbot says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  26. Lydia Gale says:

    Would love to see John back for a episode. Would be interesting. Better yet send Sam and Dean to take care of Began. Sure it would be complicated, but the writers of both shows are brilliant. They can make it happen. Maybe a dream sequence.