Stitchers Season 2 Renewed

Stitchers Renewed for Season 2

ABC Family wants to make more memories with its newest sci-fi drama.

The network on Tuesday announced that Stitchers — the story of a brilliant young woman (Emma Ishta) who helps a covert government agency solve murders by entering the minds of the deceased — will return for a second season.

“Fans are enjoying the camaraderie of the Stitchers team and a lead character that is unapologetically smart, focused and a great role model to young women,” reads a statement from Karey Burke, Executive Vice President, Programming and Development, ABC Family. “We look forward to seeing more of the Stitchers team tackling diverse cases as they unravel the mystery behind the program’s creation.”

New episodes of Stitchers air Tuesdays at 9/8c after Pretty Little LiarsDrop a comment with your thoughts on this renewal news below.

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  1. nate says:

    Well that’s honestly shocking

    • Carrie says:

      Right? It’s just an okay show with absolutely no fanfare. I figured it was doing terribly in the ratings. I’m stunned.

      • nate says:

        I don’t mean that I just mean every other show that’s not a half hour or a family show gets cancelled Unless it’s name is pll

        • kelsey says:

          I like the show . The characters are starting to grow . I found kristen kina anoying at first but now i really like her . I like her independence and drive . The love interest are not the best. But I Ike the over all concept of the show .I think it can be one of those shows that really grows and becomes a hit . I didn’t like pll at first but it grew on me and now I watch it every Tuesday night .

      • Ok show? It’s a horrible show. The dull, almost monotone acting drove me away after two episodes. I’m amazed it made the full season, not to mention renewed. The girl from Warehouse 13 is the only thing that makes it watchable.

        • Emily says:

          It’s a fantastic show actually.

        • niketa says:

          This show is far from dull. I absolutely love the show and all the mysteries involved . This is the type of show to make you think , guess, and the suspension is awesome. I wish this wasnt the end of season one. I cant wait for season 2. Hopfully it doesent take months to premiere.

          • Follie says:

            I can’t wait for season 2! I love the characters and all the suspense and uh answered questions. I can’t wait for the two stars to fall in love, and the other two love birds to get back together! Season 2 is going to be epic!

        • Tracy says:

          I loved the show and can’t wait for it to come back on so I can watch it again…

          • Rose says:

            I agree with you Tracy. I just found it on demand and ‘binge-watched’ the entire first season this weekend and I think it’s a great show. I can’t wait for it to return for Season 2!.

  2. Helvetica says:

    I was so afraid they would cancel it – though I don’t know how they do ratings-wise – which would’ve been a shame since it’s really getting into the spin of things. The start was a bit so-so but if you stick with it long enough, and endear yourself to Emma Ishta/Kirsten Clark, it grows on you. I’m glad there will be a second season.

  3. Roger says:

    Yes! Like this show. Great funny writing with a diverse cast.

  4. Alyse says:

    Yes! I love this show and was really worried about if it would be cancelled or not. I’m glad it’s getting a season 2!

  5. Steven says:

    I tried watching this and it just feels like an interesting premise with a bad execution. It reminded me of a bad knock off of the early seasons of Fringe.

    • Sheila says:

      I tried this show too. Love Allison S. and Salli R.W. Watched both their SYFY shows. This show just isn’t working for me. I am shocked it got renewed…so shocked that I had to click.

  6. Dude says:

    This just in, ABC Family is crazy desperate.

    • Patrick says:

      You aren’t wrong. I enjoy Stitchers, but I’ll watch Allison Scagliotti watch paint dry (she would somehow make it interesting). But it is growing on me. That said, the numbers aren’t great, and ABCF is getting desperate. PLL is aging, and will in the near future be too expensive to continue. There are no other “hits” on the network right now. There are some solid performers, but nothing major. They may give Stitchers a S2 to see what happens, but its probably on a short leash.

  7. matraupach says:

    The good part is that I’m know almost sure that The Fosters gets a season 4!
    The Fosters has almost twice the ratings Stitchers has and that in it’s 3rd season!
    Only a complete fool would not renew the Fosters, but renew Stitchers instead.
    Well marketing wise at least ;)
    Not to mention that the Fosters has again 4 Teen Choice Nominations including best drama and other huge critical acclaim.

    I always get the feeling that ABC Family wants to cancel the show, but are disappointed that they don’t have a justified reason to do so.

    • Dude says:

      The fosters suck but seem like all the crap shows that suck get 2 or more seasons when a crap show has teen sex lots of it that is only watchable for under 30 crowd
      Gets a pass good shows take a beating stitchers memphis beat being human,sinbad,continuum,bitten,almost human,terra nova,legend of the seaker fringe,revolution ,off the map,crusoe ,moonlight,witchblade, and more

  8. Michelle Simms says:

    But somehow ABC Family couldn’t give BUNHEADS a second season… :/

  9. Cate53 says:

    Amazed this got a renewal. Love Alison Scagliotti but the lead girl is incredibly wooden. I know the character has communication issues, but her and the lead young guy are dull as dishwater! Premise is ok but the characters (apart from Scagliotti) are unmemorable

  10. Amy says:

    Ah, the most this show does for me is make me miss Eureka and WH13…The writing kills me. The premise is that they are a super secret gov’t agency? Where’s the security on the building? (That’s an easy one to point out) Or the repercussions for every time Stitch Girl blabs about said super secret government agency.

  11. anonymous says:

    I think this is the best news ever!!!! I’m soooo glad that they renewed this show because it’s an awesome show and deserved to be renewed. The other new shows are absolute crap. Becoming Us is the most boring show ever and is not interesting at all and the new comedy Kevin at work looks like the dumbest show ever. I hope both of those shows are canned.

  12. Jared says:

    I guess when the network hasnt launched a hit show in years it has to renew something right?!?

  13. Hodan says:

    Color me shocked!!! I watch the show whenever it is on my DVR but I thought it would get cancel due to it’s bad ratings. I really hate the lead girl and that tech guy. They are incredible soo boring together.

    Only watching it because of Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Oded Fehr now.

  14. JC1 says:

    I’m actually surprised. The show is terrible – I figured it was getting horrible ratings. I only started watching it because of Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Allison Scagliotti. I’ve watched five episodes now, and only the faint background hint of conspiracy has me even slightly interested, and I’m not sure it’s enough to keep me going, even during a very boring TV summer. At this point I think I’d be more interested in just re-watching Eureka and Warehouse 13. :(

  15. A says:

    PHEW! I was really scared it would get cancelled. I really love this show!

  16. Fern says:

    ABCFamily renewed this crap with terrible ratings, but canceled my Bunheads.

    • Dr. M says:

      Hey, don’t blame Stitchers. Everyone hates that the cancelled Bunheads TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Every year, and you see this with the networks as well, it takes less and less viewers for a show to get renewed, because with few exceptions viewership is down across the board and that has been the trend for many years now, probably the last decade. the reason being a vastly expanded array of choices, including more cable channels producing original content and online only original content such as Netflix and Amazon.

  17. Ashley says:

    So glad it got renewed! I honestly was starting to loose faith in ABC Family because they keep canceling shows right away. Obsessed with the characters so far.

  18. Dr. M says:

    I really like this show. It’s like iZombie, but not nauseating with some old school VR5 thrown in.
    Might seriously not feel a need to come back to iZombie season 2 now.

  19. Ashley says:

    I’m happy that they gave this show a second chance but why the network couldn’t give Twisted and The Nine Lives of Chole King a chance. That’s what pissed me off.

    • Radha says:

      THANK YOU. That is my complaint as well. They were just hitting their stride with Nine Lives of Chloe King and then BOOM –canceled. Then they take off Lying Game when it was getting interesting and completely ruined Twisted’s premise.

    • fiberlicious says:

      I really miss Twisted. I adore the guy who played Danny, but no enough to watch Tut.

  20. Fido says:

    Maybe for season 2 they can give her a proper stitching suit to wear, and maybe change her exit code to a simple button press, because these two things are unnecessarily plunging and unnecessarily complex.

    • John NYC says:

      Had the actress more curves the “plunging” might matter, as it is for her, notsomuch.

    • fiberlicious says:

      As far as “please fix,” I will admit that they need to watch the overdubbing when they change the script after the show has been shot – her British accent is very obvious on the overdubs.

  21. Kay says:

    Blech, this show is terrible.

  22. rox says:

    I can now start watching it. I refuse to watch any show until it is renewed. I have wasted too much time on shows that were cancelled after just a couple of episodes.

  23. bonnie says:

    i fell in love with stichers from day one! gotta love Kristen……. and her boss… omg….. lol.. happy for renewal… cant wait!!!

  24. I dint’ thing it would last but, oddly enough it has. The best thing about the show is when she enters the dead brains and the bonding of the characters. I’ll continue to watch it as I actually kind of like it. Maybe it just the idea of entering the brains of dead people that keeps me watching.

  25. anonymous says:

    I love this show! The acting is great and I’m so glad it got renewed for a second season! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  26. I’m so glad it’s renewed. Just finished the season finale & most new shows (the ones I really like anyways) leave me hanging bc they don’t get renewed. I just want to say, “Please don’t kill off Cameron.”

  27. Lisa says:

    This show is awesome!!! I absolutely loved this show and I’m so glad it has been renewed. The characters are so dynamic, especially compared to other shows these days.

  28. Lisa Krostag says:

    So glad there will be a second season me and my 16yr old daughter love this Show! That was a horrible ending so we have to know what happens next! If you don’t like it don’t watch it but let us that love it have our show!

  29. Jo says:

    cameron :…(

  30. kevin says:

    I love the show one of the best show for people with brains to enjoy cant wait to see the next show by the way when is the season start hope in jan. /16 how about a christmas episode when cam wakes up just in time to give kristen a kiss under a misltoe oh well we will hve to wait and see till then seeya

  31. hannah says:

    I was so worried it would be cancelled! I’m very excited for season 2! At first the show was a little boring but once it got into the swing of things, you see that it actually has a good plot line. Forever praying for Cameron and Kirsten to be together!!!

  32. Teresa says:

    U beetter hurry up with season 2 my baby died noooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭plzzz i beg u at least let season 2 come up in like september not october😭😭

  33. Katelyn says:

    Glad theres going to be a Season 2! I Love this show!

  34. Vicki says:

    I didn’t know if I’d care for it so I recorded all 10 episodes. Then I sat down and had a marathon. I really liked it and I’m glad it’s been renewed. Can’t wait till Season 2!

  35. ok about the rating drama idk the only thing i do know is that the show is muuch better than pretty little liars after one milliion episodes finally we know who is A but stitchers has a good plot and the actors are AMAZIING if you really have just seen 1 or 2 episodes you wouldn’t get it anyways but my question is WHEN IS GOING TO AIR SEASON 2??!!! :'(

  36. Elena Schnaible says:

    My daughter and I are so happy to hear they renewed Stitchers. We really enjoy watching the show.

  37. My 14 year old daughter and I love the show….Tuesdays are our favorite night now. We record it as well in case we are not home intime.

  38. i thoroughly enjoyed this series and I am very happy its been renewed…its nice to see something different.

  39. I think this is a great show and I can’t wait to watch more episodes. So glad their renewing it for a season 2.

  40. I LOVE this show its the best its my favorite show im so glad they renewed it i love it hopefully season 2 has many more episodes then season 1 and also hopefully they make a season 3 fingers crossed 😍💖❤❤😊☺

  41. I LOVE this show its amazing its my favorite show im so glad they are making a season 2 hopefully season 2 has many more episodes then season 1 and also hopefully they make a season 3 once again i LOVE this show.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    I have watched every episode of S1, and I am glad to see them adding more backstory to the characters, furthering the mystery. However, I have to admit I’m surprised that it has been renewed. It seemed very wooden, emotionless, with a “one-season-only” feel to it. That said, I’m glad it will be renewed so that we can watch the characters grow.

  43. Lisa says:

    Awesome! lOVE this show’

  44. says:

    Season 1 was awesome😍😍😍!!! Can’t wait to see what kind of surprises that season 2 brings.

  45. Christopher Garcellano says:

    I saw one episode and just got hooked. Interesting with relationship stories on the side.

  46. Dominique says:

    Does anyone know exactually when it is suppose to start again I don’t have cable and am unfortunately forced to watch it online so I am not aware of when most shows start up again

  47. Emma says:

    My husband and I really like this show. It’s funny and has a great character base. We look forward to seeing how Season 2 takes off. We were hoping for a conclusion to Cameron’s stitch before the 1st season ended. Also, it will be interesting to see if “whiny Linus” changes his spots. We adore it and look forward to the next season.

  48. MeeeeMo says:

    Awesome! I love Stitchers! But I watch it on Hulu and season 2 hasn’t been loaded yet. (Maybe it’s not out yet)

  49. Follie says:

    I am so happy there will be a Season 2! I can’t wait! Love the characters, the concept, the mystery, the suspense, the potential love story, and of course Sally Richardson! Always been a fan of her acting! I like the leading lady too! Her character is amazing and original!

  50. Larry says:

    Any word on season 2 premiere date?