Person of Interest Cast, EPs Tease Possible Series Finale, Bringing the Machine Back to Life

Don’t be dismayed by CBS’ decision to cut Person of Interest‘s Season 5 order to just 13 episodes.

The reduced workload may actuallyinvigorate the “spirits and energies” of the show’s cast and crew, star Michael Emerson told our Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Still, EP Greg Plageman conceded, the Season 5 finale “could be the series finale as well” — and he’s already envisioned how the series’ final moments might play out, despite his belief that there’s still “a lot more story to tell.”

Whether Season 6 comes to pass or not, though, right now, the Person of Interest writers’ room is grappling with how The Machine might be brought back to life — and how Harold will relate to it in its new form.

Press PLAY below for the full conversation, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Person of Interest’s future!


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  1. . (@yikes77) says:

    The first thing I said “Wow Jim Cavizel is wearing something else other than his black and white suit and I’m enjoying it.”

  2. Nothing about Shaw?

  3. Murica! says:

    Best show on tv!!! It shouldn’t have been reduced to 13 episodes.

  4. Murica! says:

    Now that Netflix is going to stream previous seasons maybe they will save the show if CBS decides to cancel it.

    • drhenning says:

      It’s one thing to show repeats… quite different to produce new episodes.. Netflix or Amazon can’t save many…

  5. Steven says:

    I’m ok with the show ending. It’s become more of a chore to watch recently than something I actually looked forward to. According to Zap2it they’re in talks with Sarah Shahi to come back for a few episodes. I hope it happens!

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope that Season 5 will be its last. POI has always been edge-of-your-seat TV since the beginning and I can’t wait to see how the 13 episodes are going to played out until the very end. There’s an old saying: Never say never.

  7. Elena says:

    It’s so sad to read news about POI these days…everything Nolan and Plageman were talking about at Comic Con was: A.I., Samaritan, Root and Shoot. Thumbs down, they haven’t realized that many, many viewers are simply not interested or invested into that part of the show. That’s why the ratings tanked (the season 4 season finale rating was horrid) and that’s why they only got 13 episodes.

    What about the numbers? What about the human elements? Gone. And no, this forced love story between Root/Shaw is not what i would call human element. It’s stupid and boring and implausible. Just like the Root redemption…

    They lost so many viewers, i don’t think these viewers are going to return. Yes, they have a Netflix, WGN deal, but did it ever came to their minds that people are going to fall in love with (for example) Joss Carter again. I bet many will, she was the best female character of the show. Those new fans will be devastated to see her getting killed off. Even if they know what’s going to happen. I stayed with the show after they got rid of her. But after a few episodes of Season 4 i said BYE POI. The show was never the same without Taraji.

    If Season 5 is going to continue with it and it 100 % looks like it, i predict a sad ending for this once must see tv show!

    • John says:

      It’s been years get over carter already. YAWN. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Also POI’s ratings are fine, if CBS owned it they would get 7 seasons easily, but they don’t own it so they don’t think it’s worth keeping anymore. Root or any other character have nothing to do with ratings. This show still gets 10 million viewers, and that’s without any netflix catch up service. I’m with kevin chapman here – the show has did really well considering CBS don’t care about it, never promote it, and have breaks inbetween almost every damn episode. CBS have more or less tried to kill the show since they moved it to tuesdays (and I can’t watch at that time!).

      Also you want less machine? less root? less AI? Sorry go watch NCIS if you want two dudes solving crime. There’s plenty of shows out there for ya. This one is about the future and it’s staying that way.

      To Netflix we go! I’ll cross everything that it happens, CBS never deserved this gem.

      • Odalys Ortiz says:

        Maybe you should try telling Jim to stop talking about Carter too since he still mentions her too.

        • ? says:

          On good drama shows, good characters die. Welcome to the world of good television, this seems like your first visit.

          • Janice says:

            That might be true, but this was never a pure drama and the way and especially when they killed off Carter was a huge disservice to the show and its fans. “Good” shows are also smart about how and what they do. This one wasn’t. Welcome to the world of decent writing. Please take notes.

          • lisa says:

            I heard she’s coming back

      • Janice says:

        And just because YOU say something, John, doesn’t make it true. FACT: A lot of people miss Joss Carter and they lost significant ratings because of her departure. FACT: A lot of people liked the human elements of the show, the conspiracy with AI in the background, and working the numbers while learning more about the main 4 characters that started the show. You can say what you want, but POI’s ratings are NOT “fine.” You must not understand how ratings work and have your head in the sand if you think they are. The show was never just “2 dudes solving crime.” If you think that’s what POI was then you must never have been really watching it. That’s okay, the rest of us caught up with you and turned it off, hence the huge tank in ratings!

        • John says:

          Lady you don’t even own a neilson box so your ratings never counted in the first place. Of course the show would lose some fans killing carter, just like they probably lost fans “killing” shaw – welcome to television – where people die.

          POI’s ratings are fine if it were a CBS show, it’s not a CBS owned show so they’re not fine. You didn’t even read my post correctly.

          Also for a show you claim not to watch nor care about you sure do love talking about it in random comment sections. Bye.

      • Ohreally says:

        Well unfortunately POI viewers ARE yawning and the ratings are crap. I wish them good luck with trying to have good ratings while pushing the “AI WAR” and “Shoot” and “Iris” and whatever other garbage they wanna drag out. The show got so boring I didn’t finish the 4th season!

        • John Hanna says:

          Haha you’re boring. It just got more interesting as it keeps on going, go watch some NCIS if you’re just looking for one or two character, The rating is going up the roof hahaha, Check all the IMDB rating, all the episodes got at least 9. You got on clue what you’re talking about, people like you tend to make great shows go bad.

      • Tawrens says:

        John get over yourself. I’m in complete agreement with Elena. Carter left and the show flat lined. I tried to watch it then I stopped and watched Forever. Now when POI since ABC in it’s stupidity cancelled it I’ll probably watch Castle on TNT or something else rather then POI yawn.

    • Rain says:

      Totally agree. The ratings have been in a slide ever since S3 started, and the season finale was dismal. They have made so many mistakes and alienated so many viewers — the numbers don’t lie. If Nolan wanted to make a show about AIs, he should have started out that way, not with his promise of it being about “ordinary people, people like you”. He made the mistake of believing that his viewers were irrelevant. Obviously, he was wrong.

      • p77n says:

        To quote the great cancelation bear: “every show loses ratings and every crazy fan likes to think they know why”. At the end of the day, no show retains the same amount of viewers it gets in it’s first season, every season there is always drop off on the live count, no matter how good a show is.

        Why do you think nielsen ratings are starting to factor in DVR figures and tweets during episodes? Why do you think Netflix has become the biggest network around?

        If you put all a shows worth solely in it’s ratings then you’re not living in the modern age and you’ve lost the argument. Tv landscape has changed and POI’s ratings are still really impressive (10 million going into a 5th season! More people watching this show than some other shows CBS renewed for full 22 episode seasosn)

        But don’t let facts cloud your fan-goggle covered eyes.

        • Rain says:

          CBS renewed shows that it owns with mediocre ratings. It doesn’t own POI, so it was short-seasoned and will probably be cancelled. DVR ratings are certainly worth considering (POI’s were down sharply, BTW) but from the advertiser’s point of view, live and same day are the ones that count — and POI pulled a 1.1 in the demo for its season 4 finale.

          But don’t let facts cloud your Nolan-Koolaid-addled eyes.

          • p77n says:

            Yep the finale was the lowest rated in the core demo, but it’s not like the entire season was getting that, when episodes aired back to back, and during the special 3 episodes mid season it was getting 1.7 in the demo. Still better than other trash CBS renewed like H50 and CSI Cyber (LOL!). You’re right of course though because CBS greed will win out here.

        • Eric says:

          Once a marquee timeslot, the 10 PM timeslot is now a deadzone, especially with the rise of DVR and streaming services. I think this past season, only 3 shows averaged over 10 million and/or 1.5+ 18-49 demo in that timeslot. Once CBS moved PoI away from its younger-skewing Thursday 9PM slot in favor of a bunch of bad CBS-owned comedies, I knew its ratings would drop hard after the NCIS shows on Tuesdays.

        • Janice says:

          Not true. You are either forgetting, or just don’t know, that there are show that actually increased in their ratings as time went on because the production/writers stayed true to their premise and characters and built on that. This show WAS doing (see season 2 up until Shaw arrives) that until they starting messing everything up by changing their premise and killing off characters that either should have lasted longer (i.e. Stanton) or probably shouldn’t have been killed off at all (Carter).

  8. mike says:

    Could Jim have looked any less interested? Or was it my imagination?

    • stacy says:

      Jim is well known for having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and his fans that have followed him for a long time can always spot his rather different behaviors in interviews, fidgeting, the blank stare, etc. Actually I think when he looks bored he he just concentrating intently so he doesn’t miss the drift of the conversation, especially if he might be tired, as in the case of being at Comic Con.

      • Stevie says:

        had the pleasure to meet him once. he’s such a nice, humble guy.

      • mike says:

        I didn’t know that makes me feel bad I said that now

        • stacy says:

          hey, if you didn’t know most everyone would think exactly what you did. I think the more tired he gets, the more the symptoms emerge.

          • DanielleZ says:

            Jim Caviezel is amazing and unforgettable in the film ‘The Thin Red Line’ if you’ve never seen it. It’s a tough war movie to watch but his character and the character’s voiceover adds a different dynamic to the film. As far as POI, it’s a terrific show and I’ll be sorry to see it end although it lost me a bit the past 2 seasons. For both seasons, the 2nd halves were better, in my opinion.

    • Ohreally says:

      He looks just like me during the second half of POI Season 4.

  9. Deion says:

    You write every season finale as a series finale? Please. 3 of 4 of them ended on cliffhangers. This past season you sent your main characters literally into a hail of gunfire in the episode’s closing moments. I will flip a table if at the end of this 13 episodes we don’t get some real closure just in case the show doesn’t come back.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Closure meaning a happy or at least hopeful ending? The season 4 ending would be all of the main characters die and Samaritan wins, that might not be an ending most of the fans would like, but it is an ending.

      • Deion says:

        A definitive ending. If that ending is that now the machine is in the briefcase and Team Machine is still fighting, ok. Don’t end your episode with them walking into a barrage of bullets. That’s a cliffhanger.

    • Linda says:

      As I see it, they have a real dilemma. If Jonah and Greg truly wind it down and kill off all or some of the main characters (as they’ve always said they’d do), what then if another network like Netflix wants to pick up the show and keep producing it? It just wouldn’t be POI without Reese and/or Finch, IMO. So do they proceed, tell the story and the ending they’ve always wanted to….or leave the final episode ambiguous….so that our Team Machine can live on. Tough call. I suspect they’ll tell the story they’ve had in their heads since day one….but that may kill the chances for POI to live on beyond season 5. And I love this amazing show so much, I’d always hoped for at least 10 seasons. Could there be any more relevant show on TV these days? I swear their writers are all prescient. The powers that be at CBS are fools to let this gem slip through their fingers.

      • p77n says:

        I think they’ll leave it open ended. They’ve always said they’d kill off Reese though and maybe they will.

    • Roman says:

      Every season finale seemed, well, a total finale for me. And I was kinda glad to see, that it’s meant to be that way. Actually, when they introduced Samaritan and all the main characters had to go underground (literally, as it turned out), I thought, it would be a great finale for the whole series (yet, a grim one).

      But still, I’m looking forward to season 5, hoping this would be the last. Not because I don’t like the show, I’m just afraid, that season 6 and others (if any) would be out in left field

  10. Dziś kotły są również ekonomiczne i w
    żadnym stopniu nie niszą otaczającej dom flory i fauny.

  11. ourbonesaredriedup says:

    13 episodes means it will have syndication rights, so yes, this is the end, no point pretending it will go to season 6.

    • John says:

      No one is pretending, but it’s obvious why they’re suddenly telling fans to watch on Netflix. Acker outright said the show could continue there and in this very video one of the EP’s said they feel they have much more story to tell. It’s not looking good but Netflix could give the show a second life, and Netflix would be lucky to have it! They gave Longmire a second life and that’s a much lesser show than POI. I and many others would certainly love more of this fantastic show! Or maybe even a spin off!

      • Patrick says:

        I feel like this is a false carrot that Netflix (and other streaming services) hold out. “Watch the show on our service, and maybe we’ll save it.” It rarely happens. Even if it did, the budget would have to be trimmed to the point where the show would be a shadow of itself.

        • p77n says:

          Usually those pleas are for scrub shows not even in syndication with less than 6 million viewers by deperate fans. POI is a diamond in that sense. Netflix would simply buy the episodes from Warner Brothers like CBS currently do. I don’t think budget is an issue for either of these companies. Even another 13 episodes would make a big difference.

          There’s also some names with clout behind this show – JJ Abrams and Jonah Nolan.

          If everything in the tv industry came down to money and reputation like I suspect it does then POI could easily get another shortened season with Netflix. I’m not going to assume it’s happening though, we’ll see nearer the time, and as far as I’m concerned it’s still a CBS show since they’ve not cancelled it.

        • Eric says:

          The best thing about PoI getting on Netflix is people who missed out at the start and never had a way to catch up can now do that. Abrams and Nolan were trying very hard to get it on Netflix after Season 2 but CBS held the streaming rights at the time and wanted to keep it on their own outlets, which really aren’t all that great and hindered any chance for a sizable amount of people to find it. Plus, it has a syndication deal with WGN America, which gives the show another outlet for viewers to catch it.

  12. Marmee Cruz says:

    Love this show and its cast of intriguing characters. More episodes please!

  13. AW says:

    I hope it gets renewed after Season 5, so it can get to episode 100 for syndication purposes.

  14. sladewilson says:

    I like a condensed season. I’m already scared for Empire with it’s increased episode production. Scandal has never recovered from it’s increased episode production. With a limited number, they can get right to the heart of the matter and cut the filler. I’m hoping for a season 6 and if it goes to Netflix, even better. Personally, I think end it here and now – one final season and pull out all the stops. Go out like a champ.

  15. Stephen says:

    Jim doesn’t laugh much, does he? And that lady has the loudest MMMMMM i’ve ever heard haha

    • Linda says:

      In Reese mode, no, Jim doesn’t laugh much at all. But in real life, he has a wonderful laugh, a goofy sense of humor and a quick wit. He’s also a very talented mimic. Watch the other SDCC panel discussions on You Tube (except 2013 when he was so sleep deprived) and you’ll see him laughing and joking around quite a bit. Also….check out the gag reels on the POI dvds. I think he likes to be seen as a “serious” actor but there’s an irrepressible silly side to him that is so much fun to see….and often unexpected. I wish he’d do a comedy next role he takes….he has a wonderful sense of comedic timing and the perfect facial expressions to go with it.

  16. Pat says:

    It is quite sad to know, that this might be their final season. I have enjoyed this show from the beginning and I will enjoy every epidode this upcoming season knowing that this could be leading to the series finale. I can only wish that everyone will get a happy ending.

  17. fan1am says:

    I have noticed that these breaks in programming may look like the season is longer but it makes it so difficult to follow story lines. POI has been my favorite show for many years, the short season is disappointing but gives the cast time to look for and work on other projects.

  18. njartist says:

    I hope that POI will not end after next season but it does conclude I ask the EPs
    do not give us another mess like the ending of “Lost”. Michael Emerson has become
    one of the best character actors on TV. I love the cast . Amy Acker was on Angel and that
    ended with the gang going out in a blaze of glory. It is a shame that CBS has
    given a short shrift to POI. Perhaps it could continue as a summer series similar
    to ZOO, UTD ,etc.

  19. Greg Adamson says:

    It would be worth the script writers delving back into Norbert Wiener (founder of cybernetics, the “cyber” in cyborgs and cyberspace) especially Human Use of Human Beings, or God and Golem. Someone who thought through these questions more than 50 years ago.

  20. Ellse says:

    I hope they dont stop at Season 5 ! I love what the show is about , and how it keeps you on the edge of your seat & the build up of anticipation ! Lol, Although with season 4 I would’ve rathered that they ended the season not telling us if Shaw was dead or not ! Lol jk , i would of probably lost my mind waiting to know what happened .

  21. Will Findley says:

    Absolutely one of my favorites. Good guys vs. Bad guys. Language is very acceptable; there is feeling and attachment with everyone remaining clothed. No need to keep the channel changer in hand in case the kids come into the room. Story line is science fiction tempered with plausible scenerios. If it has to go, so be it. But please, syndicate it to cable like Big Bang.

  22. Chris says:

    POI is and has been from the start an awesome programme.complex charachters easily played out and enjoyable watching.any decision to cut the show is a terrible act of lunacy.this show could run for at least another 3 seasons.

  23. Debbie says:

    I am devastated!!!!! POI is by far one of THE best shows on TV! And for CBS to cut S5 to 13 episodes and perhaps the last season is beyond comprehension!!! I wish to God another network would just pick up POI!! I’m sorry, but CBS is NOT smart about their TV shows!!!! :(

  24. Abdullah says:

    I just finish season four and I am very excited to watch the next one. So many questions need to be answered in the last season like what is the story with Shaw, is she gone forever? what about control, they didn’t kill it yet.

    I actually tear up in the last scene and I hope the machine return in the next season better than it was.

  25. Each season ends properly? Um… if season four was the last season I would have been very disappointed wiht the conclusion

  26. Sabby says:


  27. Sabby says:


  28. marcia says:

    I believe that the show will be back for season 6. I do so love the show.I hope Shaw comes back even if it is for a few episodes. I want the machine back.

  29. Taraina says:

    I’ve been biting at the bit to see if Season 5 was coming back. I had thought “why wouldn’t it?” To my great SUPRISE POI is! I absolutely love this show, and how it’s written is just astounding. And to the actor’s? Fantastic! Bear too! It’s just too bad that they’re a few other’s out there that do not share my enthusiasm. If you don’t have anything nice to say about “POI”, keep it to yourself!

    • Herbert Ivan says:

      The show is dead. The writers killed it with that stupid Root character and god machines fighting each other. The writing is sophomoric and moronic. This idea of god machines was old forty years ago.The only thing that made this show great was the first season and part of the second, then Root,aka Renfield to the machine got the front stage. I stopped watching at that point. Very disappointed

  30. Myopinion says:

    The writers sure know how to ruin an excellent show. It had a weekly story that was always interesting. The machine was the backbone of the story. Then some moron decided to kill off the machine and make the good guys consistent losers. Boring, boring, boring. Kudos to the cast though. All excellent. Fire the writers and get back on track.

  31. Herbert Ivan says:

    This show should be used in writing classes to show how to ruin a perfectly good, even possibly great, series. After about 1 and a half seasons, the writers destroyed any chance of a legendary series.Probably Jonathan is to blame for that. I am glad to see that the show is finally being put out of its misery. A great show would still be pulling at least 13 million in its fourth season. As it is now, the numbers are sinking some where in the single digits. The Root character ruined the show significantly.

  32. really le show wen it started. No so much now

  33. I liked the show at first. Not much now. Too hard to follow with all the people in it

  34. judi hubble says:

    don’t cancel it I love the show

  35. Person of interest is one of the best shows on. Cds does not own the show so they don’t make as much on it. So they order less shows.looks like greed wins again.

  36. Lenore says:

    This has been one of the best shows on tv, intelligently written and executed by some of the best actors sice episode 1 and they are cutting back on production? WHY? Is it because the story lines are getting too close to the truth about this electronic age we are living in?

  37. lisamkeene87 says:


    • lee s says:

      Oh, a JJA show, starts with a spark, ends with a sputter. Wake up, man, & stop disrespecting loyal fans of your shows who all deserve happy endings. I’m very certain that your banking & investment accts make YOU smile with contentment.

  38. E . Foster says:

    Don’t cancel Person of Interest. It’s a great show! Jim Cavezial is so sexy!

  39. Tina says:

    I miss Shaw…she stole the show…bring her back!!! …keep the show on track people..dont go off on tangents…stick to the original mission…that is why I watched in the first place!! JC is one heck of a one man army, the dog is hysterically funny in his own way and I like Amy Acker but her place is getting stranger by the episode… least try to keep it feasible for those of us that actually think while we watch this show.

  40. Lucinda T. Trabue says:

    I am so distressed to hear that the series is ending. The reason: confused, weak writers!! Introducing love interests into John’s life after Carter didn’t work. This show was the darling of the network when it first aired. Weak writers just killed it!! I’m glad it has gone into syndication on WGN. A total winner of a show that is just going to die from poor management. Shame on you, CBS!

  41. I didn’t hear a date of when Person of Interest will be starting and on what night? Also, will Shaw return to help Finch, or is she on the bad side–or is that being held as a secret! I am anxious to hear what is going to take place!

  42. Cat says:

    This why I don’t watch new shows anymore.. They cancel and never give the shows a chance. So now I watch my old shows first. Then when I hear the new show got good ratings, I on Demand and watch, then if I like I TVO. I had to watch the first 3 eposides of Empire on Demand. Omg love that show. I love POI 2. Hope they don’t cancel it. WTF do these networks want. You can’t watch every show.

  43. M Fair says:

    The story of Person of Interest is so very original – mystery – Sci-Fi. New – hope it continues for many years – even if that means a reduced number of episodes

  44. Val says:

    I love this show and I think CBS would be stupid to cancel it. It’s kinda exactly the sort of thing we always said would actually happen back when I was in school.

  45. Ginny says:

    Bummer about both Forever and person of interest. Two of the better shows on

  46. BRYAN says:


  47. Brenda says:

    Please do not end Person of Interest. I do get a chance to watch the reruns on tv 36, but it is not the same as continuing the show. You guys already took away my Mentalist. That was a great show. Now that I have gotten past the square boxes around the people, I really enjoy the show, not to mention Mr. Reese is easy on the eyes!!!! OK, that is not the reason I watch, lol!!!

    • Y. Ha says:

      My husband and I really enjoyed watching POI, we hoped that there’s season 5,6. Please do not end this show. When will season 5 be on?

  48. mike yekich says:

    Best show in a long time , great cast but miss Carter. Can’t wait to see this season should have more episodes.

  49. Nah-nah says:

    I loved the show from the beginning and hate to see it go, also hated to see Carter killed off. But whether the show stays on TV or Netflix starts producing it they really cannot kill off John & Finch unless they slowly introduce characters that will replace them well in advance. Give the viewers time to love those new characters first to minimize the loss in numbers. BTW, yes Carter could be written back into the show but this viewer has not forgotten her (Carter’s) final moments with John and the episodes that followed so they probably should not but if the writers are going to bring her back do it right.

  50. Joseph Edwin King says:

    Please bring back show enjoy the drama and humor in show also. Hope Shaw and Root get back in picture and beat the bad guys every time.