Vampire Diaries Video: Stefan's Deleted Dance, Kat Graham's Bisexual Bonnie Pitch and an Exciting Season 7 Couple

As The Vampire Diaries heads into its seventh season — its first without Nina Dobrev — there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds for Mystic Falls’ finest. But know this: It’s going to be a big year for Bonnie.

Not only is the oft-abused witch going to be powerful, alive and in the present day this fall, but as executive producer Caroline Dries reveals in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview with the cast (above), Bonnie is “going to have her own love interest this year — and it’s not going to be Damon.”

While Kat Graham’s not opposed to a romance with Damon, she says she’d actually love to see her character fall for a fellow female witch: “I’ve pitched Bonnie having some discoveries, sexually, about herself,” Graham says. Paul Wesley, meanwhile, has some very strong thoughts about Bonnie’s love life, as you’ll see.

Speaking of Wesley, did you know that Stefan was supposed to have his own Damon-dance moment in Season 6? That’s in the interview too, along with a preview of the cat-and-mouse game he’ll be playing with Caroline this fall. (As Dries notes, she’s not going to fall for him as easily as Elena did; he’ll really have to work for it.)

Lastly, if you’re extra good and watch the entire video, you might also be treated a romantic scoop about another unlucky-in-love character. (Here’s a hint: His name rhymes with “Fatt Fonovan.”)

So hit PLAY on our interview with the TVD cast above, then drop a comment below: What do you want to see in Season 7?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    The CW hasn’t made a decision on whether TVD will end after seven but the series will never be the same without Nina Dobrev. Also, don’t know why Paul Wesley is bad at dancing in real life.

  2. spindae2 says:

    So Bonnie maybe gets a love interest, Matt maybe gets a love interest! *cough*Monnie*cough*Batt idea*cough*

    Paul is a hilarious douch. Looking forward to S07, should be an interesting ride.

    • Samantha says:

      WOW….You just kinda made me ship them

    • Missy says:

      Ok I’m not sure people are getting what Paul is saying between here and twitter it’s obvious you’re not. He is shading Dries! Kat was saying how Bamon got like 11 million votes and she knows people want them then Dries shoots it down by saying not right now, then Paul turns to the camera and says SARCASTICALLY (because of DRIES) says sorry even though there are 11 million votes they’re still not going to do it. Calm the heck down and rewatch the video.

      • jordanjanellejoy says:

        THANK YOU!

        Paul has been shading these people for a while now. His sarcastic comments are nothing new. I think Paul, like Kat and Ian, is just tired of this show and storylines. Paul is done after this season and it should totally end.

        I only wished that Wood could’ve stayed. Bonnie and Kai would’ve been awesome.

  3. Stina says:

    So now Bonnie will be bi and 2 new lesbian vampires will join the season?? All of a sudden the show had became gay? Why?

    • A says:

      i say why not?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Bonnie being bisexual was merely Kat’s pitch. Probably not going to actually happen, so just relax.

      • Ian says:

        It would be better than Bonnie dating some random leftover side character whenever she gets the chance to appear on screen, like every 3rd episode.

        • Sam says:

          That’s why I think Bamon is a good idea. They at least have chemistry unlike the other pair they are trying to force.

          • zed says:

            Agree with you Sam, Bamon is the only one with tones of chemidtry that could have carried the show, everything else sounds like snoozefest

          • Mary says:

            Bamon is too much of a prediction that everyone is waiting for. When someone creates a story they aren’t supposed to do or create what the people want, but what the people do not expect. It’s really mind blowing to all of a sudden get a lesbian couple and or gay in general. They have never done it before and no one could have thought of it until it was spilled out or happened. I did not want to watch it if it was Bamon because it was too much of the same thing. Love triangle, friends dating exes, etc. What if Nina decides to come back. CW did mention welcoming her right back in whenever she decides to jump back into the action. That would be too much drama and we have already had too much drama in TVD over who’s with who and what messes up what relationship. It’s time for a change.

  4. Ameya says:

    Yes to Stefan having to fight for Caroline!! We saw her fall for him & him holding back.. & this will prove the depth of Stefan’s feelings for her!! Hopefully they dont drag it out alot though.. They need to get together and fast..

  5. Dmac says:

    It doesn’t seem that Paul and Caroline Dries are each others biggest fans. LOL

    • Ian says:

      Kat and Paul were shading the hell out of Dries the whole interview. Amazing.

      • Sam says:

        Who can blame them really? The stories they are pitching seem more exciting than the ones we actually see or will see. I thought CD would’ve been replaced by now and another writer or at least EP would’ve taken her place.

      • Robbin says:

        LOL I loved that. She’s the ultimate Dullena stan and she’s probably the reason why they are saying Bamon is not happening. Caroline Dried still wants to please DE fans and will do what her masters tell her to do, a.k.a., give Damon a chastity belt. Caroline Dries-everything-she-touches deserves the shade.

    • Jenna says:

      LOL at Paul and Kat. Keep them on their toes guys! Not sure what the hold up is with bamon they have the dynamic. I hope they aren’t playing the Elena card for an excuse because Elena was suppose to be Stefan’s epic love and look where he’s at now. I feel like they are running out of excuses and not only fans but the actors are wondering why.

      • Ian says:

        Its clear thats what its all about. I almost felt bad for Dries with all the shade and awkward laughs. Andy was for sure bringing up all the uncomfortable subjects, and Id like to think he was in on the joke. No wonders he was sitting as far away from Kat and Paul as she could, with her pets in between. Kat’s mmhmming and taking charge of the interview and bringing up the Bamon nom, and Paul backing her up and being super sarcastic. I didnt know whether to laugh or cringe. Yikes!

        • lolstop says:

          What are you even talking about? Paul and the entire rest of the cast were shading Kat about being so Bamon thirsty all day every day. She’s gotten as bad as Ian about jumping into every question and out-talking everybody else in the interview. They’re also probably giving her a little s**t for saying something as dumb as 11 million people voted for Bamon in the MTV poll, too. Nice attempt to flip it, but, no. Kat got a set-down, BD got a set-down and everybody else had a good laugh.

          • Ian says:

            I can only suggest you rewatch it. Paul was supporting Kat and being sarcastic about Steroline. If Kat’s thirsty, than so is everyone else, since Andy himself said half the questions he got were for Bamon and they did in fact get a best ship nom. So Dries came up with her lame excuse and Paul was shading her with his THANKS FOR THE NOM AND LOVE FANS BUT DRIES STILL WONT GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT SO SUCKS TO BE YOU. He’s suggesting we should take offense enough with her to not even watch the show anymore. And saying Ian would still qualify as a lesbian relationship for Bonnie… Its clear you didnt interpret it right, lolstop.

        • Vera says:

          agree Ian, I know I was laughing and enjoying her uneasiness. Quite frankly someone needs to hold Dries accountable for all these stupid writing and show directions. So you put a couple who don’t have chemistry together but not put together a couple who do have chemistry. It makes me wonder who put her in charge. Also I was cracking up when they said Candice has chemistry with everyone…..except for the one who they are pushing her with. LOL Go Paul and Kat!!

          • Mary says:

            Like Kat said in the video all Bonnie and Damon did was hold hands in a life-death situation. It was not chemistry at all. They seem to be better as friends because they help and leverage each other. I saw no chemistry at all and I do not like the Bamon idea because Nina Dobrev is welcome to changing her mind. Lastly, it is way too predictable. I read a book where an author killed the best character and I cried and did not want to read the next trilogy. Now I wish to read it without any changes because it is flawless and these people work hard to figure out what’s going to happen and what will be a huge shocker. It will not ever be a shocker if all of a sudden Bonnie and Damon get together. Their ‘chemistry’ only looks like a friendship. I have seen people like them that are really great friends and never get together because it’s not the REAL chemistry for an ‘in love’ relationship.

        • Missy says:

          At least some people are getting that BOTH Kat AND Paul are shading. Are people watching the video or just going by what others are saying? Paul is making fun of Dries.

    • Robbin says:

      My 95 year old grandma has more spark and life in her than Caroline Dries. She’s such a humorless boring bitch, not to mention a s#%* writer, I wish she was fired. Paul is hilarious and so is Kat lol!

  6. guest says:

    Poor Kat Graham. She’s gotten discuss her own character without including the words “Ian”, “Damon” or “Bamon”. It’s sad because that relationship is actually the least interesting thing about Bonnie, followed closely behind by whatever her sexual orientation might be. You’d think Kat would be pushing for something to make her character relevant in her own right, as opposed to just having her importance attached to the male lead as it was last season. But, that’s all this show seems to offer anymore, so, I guess she’ll just take whatever she can get and be happy for it.

  7. Robbin says:

    I love Kat, but I have to disagree with the bi Bonnie pitch. Bonnie loves the D and that’s so clear.

  8. Robbin says:

    “You don’t wanna mess with a good thing” – Caroline Dried-ass on Bamon

    Bitch that’s exactly what you did to Stefan and Caroline and you ruined their friendship, that’s no excuse for you to ditch the idea of Bamon. But if you’re gonna ruin Bamon’s friendship yeah, ho don’t do it.

    Paul made me guffaw, he’s hysterical lmaooooo

  9. Ann says:

    So let me get this straight….”dont mess with a good thing” on the friendship of Bonnie and Damon quotes the Exec producer in regards to reason the fans cant have BAMON….however every reason they cited was apparently not reason enough to keep Delena from happening and Damon and Elena also had a friendship. Ok I was/am Delena…but I WANT BAMON now. I LOVE the acting and chemistry between Ian and and Kat and so do a ton of other people. Newsflash Elena cannot rise until Bonnie B dies so I think surely Miss Dries and the writer wizards of smart could work us in some BAMON friendship romance in there. Nothing against same sex couples but I am not watching the show for some new characters. I want fantastic storylines for the characters and actors I already enjoy. Quite contradicting to blame it on Candace for having great chemistry with every actor on the show as reason the writers explore all these relationships and pairings with her and then completely ignore Kat’s chemistry. Im having a Battlestar Galactica flashback of having my ship sunk. I say let the BAMON ship sail and I speak as one who loved the Elena/damon thing. (Pssssst….Elena’s asleep…she wont know!!)

    • Vera says:

      There really is no logic being used when Dries speaks. I cringe every time her mouth opens.

      • jane says:

        True and that’s because her obsession with DEstructionlena comes first than logic and good writing

        • Mary says:

          I agree with Caroline Dries. Damon took 145 years to get over Katerina. What makes you think that Damon will get out of character and all of a sudden in just a few episodes forget about Elena and go for Bonnie? That wasn’t how the character’s personality was made. A person can’t just decide to make a character out of there characteristics already shown in previous seasons. Plus, Bonnie is Elena’s friend. She’s too loyal and wouldn’t go for it. She was hesitant on going out with Jeremy, so why create these two characters and change their personalities after a long time? Writing doesn’t happen like that. Damon said that Elena was the love of his life and that he is ready to live the sixty+ years without her. He never said he was willing to live forever without her.

    • Bella says:

      No Bamon this season :(

    • Mary says:

      Degrassi’s characters changed a lot. Villain’s characters changed a lot. You haven’t even seen the new characters and or seen their personalities. People should be more willing to change because great things come out of it. Lastly, it hurts writers to have really hard criticism. They have put SOOO much work into it. If that’s what they want to write that’s what they going to write. If you don’t like it go write your own books, movies, and shows. I personally am a writer and if someone told me to change my plot completely after I have worked a month to maybe even a year on I would be upset. You either take it as is or you don’t take it at all because it’s the work behind it not what you think is best for it. It’s like art. People create it and a lot of people don’t understand it or get upset because sometimes it’s just a splattered dot of paint. But it’s how the person who created it perceives it. You can either look at it as hard work and find your own interest in it or you can just walk away without waiting to look at every line and shade in the work.

  10. Mr. Tran K says:

    Without Nina Dobrev, TVD will never be the same once Season Seven begins. Where does the series go from here?

  11. lolstop says:

    I don’t know why some people are so pressed for Bamon just because Ian and Kat keep pushing and pushing and pushing for something that doesn’t actually make sense for the story right now. There’s no way Damon would even consider hooking up with Bonnie at the moment. He’s not in love with her, he’s grieving the loss of the woman he does love, and he has hope for a future with her still. Some of you seem perfectly okay with a contrived, ooc relationship because that’s what you got in S5 but, maybe, you’ll appreciate it more if it’s actually earned onscreen instead of just in your imaginations. You know that ship will happen eventually. These writers are desperate to try and hold onto whatever viewers they still have left and it’s obvious to everyone that Bamon shippers will hang in there indefinitely for whatever scraps are left. By the time Bamon actually happens, the very last of the Delena shippers will have stopped watching the show (most of them already have) and you can ship your couple in peace without all the fighting and trying to justify it.

    • lolstop says:

      *in S6 (but also in S5, tbh)

    • Ann says:

      Lol all the ships are fun. Im a multishipper which comes in handy on this show. I agree do not want Damon out of character. I want some angsty Bamon love. Just because I want more Bamon interaction doesnt mean I dont think Delena being end-game doesnt make sense. Im sure it does and will happen. I know I was losing interest in the ships until Bamon. They peaked my interest and I was a die hard Elena/Damon fan. I will watch the show regardless. Not much on tv worth watching these days. Love the acting on this show and the quick turnaround of villans is also pretty nice. :-)

    • Mary says:

      Finally, someone who agrees!! It takes both Damon and Bonnie out of character. What are they supposed to just change who they have been all throughout the show just to make Bamon fans happy? Delena kept me watching and NOT hating the relationship spiels. There were too many of them and they were the only interesting ones. Plus, it is respectful to keep that Elena coming back and Damon waiting for her. Nina Dobrev may change her mind to make it closure for Delena. That’s how it was supposed to be originally in the books. Shows and movies change that way too much where people are always saying the books are way more interesting.

  12. liza says:

    God so no Bamon? Damon is still going to be crying for elena? We get steroline who have NO chemistry at all only as a brother and sister. Where the hell is this show going? I don’t even know for what i should watch now… what a bummer, i really believed this season was going to be different.

  13. I think they should keep Bamon as an option though. Not right away, but, you know….eventually

  14. Miranda says:

    Honestly, I’d love to see Klaroline and maybe Bonnie and Tyler….?

  15. Tammy says:

    They are not going to write Bamon because the writers do not appreciate Kat. She will have another half written love interest that they put all of two seconds into creating. Damon will hate her and quickly forget every sacrifice she has ever made for all of them. They connected her to Elena this way because they want there to be as much distance between Bonnie and Damon as possible. CD just shaded Bonnie and dismissed the nomination but all the while going on and on about how much chemistry Candace has with everyone. I don’t even think she’s watching her own show. Just because you try to pair Caroline with every guy in Mystic Falls does not mean she has chemistry with them. I don’t even think there has been one Caroline pairing that I actually paid attention to or cared about. Not even Caroline and Stefan I would rather see him get a new girl if we couldn’t have him and Elena.

    Meanwhile, they ignore every pairing Bonnie could have even though the fans are screaming for Bamon, Bonkai, etc. etc. One had to die and one they will never consider. The minute Kat and Chris showed chemistry, they took Chris away and put him on another show. They are blatantly obvious in their disrespect of the character and the actress. Bonnie is the most tortured character on the show.

    I’ll give TVD a few episodes of my time but if it’s the same mess as we always get for Bonnie, I’m tuning out.

    • tiredoftvd says:

      100% agree. This isn’t even funny anymore. I’m tired of their lame excuses about Bamon. Any excuse about Dullena is mute because the same can be said about what happened to Stelena and they are making boring Steroline a thing regardless of Elena being Stefan’s epic love. Why would they bring another sorry excuse for a character in for Bonnie. Why can’t Bonnie have it all? She can be a powerful independent female and have a love interest with Damon. The problem is TVD doesn’t have the writers to execute a strong female lead. They call themselves feminist but they certainly haven’t shown that in their writing. Look how Elena was written, she was a complete joke for at least three seasons and she was supposedly the female lead.

    • Letti says:

      Don’t forget Kennett. Bonnie and Kol also had a big fanbase, but the writers shot them down with Why would you want the sweet Bonnie to be with the evil bad guy Kol? But they never adressed how Kennett is different to Klaroline or Delena, both of which got a free pass. And then Kol was killed. Bonkai got exactly the same. I guess Bonnie only got Jeremy because she didn’t make any competition to the precious Elena and Caroline.
      Also, they are always saying how great chemistry Candice has with everyone, but it’s only because they want to pair her up with everyone. IMO Kat has way better chemistry with a lot of guys on the show, she just never gets the chance.
      Have you read one of the last Julie Plec interviews? She said that now that Kat had a lot of scenes with Ian, she showed how good she became and proved that she is as valuable as everybody else. So disgusting. Like she wasn’t valuable before the precious Damon.

      • Karen says:

        Yes I laugh when they use that excuse. Like please dullena is the most disgusting and toxic relationship a girl could ever be in and so was klaroline but none of the writers have ever addressed that. LOL So what is the truth writers? Are you ok with female characters being in bad relationships or just certain females?

        • Tammy says:

          I see a lot of people going on about Bonnie being bisexual and they better hope the writers never do that. Not because there is anything wrong with it but it will be because they can’t find anything else to do with her. It’s the same thing that happened on True Blood with Tara. They took every possible romance Tara could have had and turned her into a lesbian with no rhyme or reason. It’s lazy writing and shows a lack of appreciation for the characters history. If Bonnie showed signs of being bisexual, that would be different. But she has not and they would only be writing it because they don’t value her with any of the other male leads.

          • jordanjanellejoy says:

            Tara should’ve stayed with Sam. Period.

          • Mary says:

            Why would they show signs in earlier seasons that Bonnie was bi if there wasn’t a girl she was ACTUALLY interested into? People don’t look at the same sex and feel like they’re falling for them if they don’t find a person of the same sex to fall for in the first place.

      • Tammy says:

        I can’t even listen to JP or CD without wanting to reach through the screen and choke the slob out of them. Yes, Bonnie and Kol would have been another great love story. I agree with you about Jeremy and he had to be the worse boyfriend ever. First cheating on her with a ghost and then sleeping around because he thought she was dead. Yet, Damon must mourn Elena to eternity. GTFOH. That’s why I love the fanfics because what the writers won’t do, the fans will.

    • Mary says:

      Okay, did you write TVD and its plot? Did you spend hours thinking of what’s best and un-predicted? No. I did not expect a gay couple in this show and it’s intriguing. A writer can not and will not write what the fans want otherwise they are a people pleaser. It’s good at times, but now when it comes to story writing it won’t work out. If you don’t like the way someone writes go write something of your own and see if people will like it. You’ll spend so much time into it and think of every possible way to make it great and then people will criticize you. After you put in all of that work and you’re a people/fan pleaser then you’re going to feel bad because some aren’t happy. Most writers ignore it because not everyone is going to like what is written. If it’s written one way people will criticize and other won’t and if it’s switched then the people who liked it will now hate it. But all you have to do is give it a chance.

  16. i love it because it is my favourite

  17. Letti says:

    LOL Kat and Paul are so over TVD. Just like most fans. xD

  18. Pushpita Ghosh says:

    good to know Bamon is not happening…..I rather stop watching this show as am a huge fan of Delena and hope to see them together soon. Wish klaus to be a part of this season- interesting triangle Klaus/Caroline/Stefan

    • Bamonlove says:

      I wish all the DULLenas would get a clue. DULLena isn’t happening anytime soon because your fave CHOSE to LEAVE. As far as everyone is concerned she is dead. What kind of storyline would it be if they just kept Damon whining and “waiting” on his dead gf for a season or for how ever long this series goes? Answer: there wouldn’t be one and it would be pretty boring although not as boring as their actual relationship but still boring. Bamon will happen Dries just said not now which is good because I want Bamon to be a REAL and True love/relationship instead of one that happened because of a sire bond that’s toxic. So if it takes time to get Bamon because they are writing them right then I can wait for them…..Bonnie is Damon’s epic love.

      • JJ says:

        Except that it’s difficult to establish Bamon as true or epic given that Damon and Elena have had no closure. Bonnie would just come off looking like a second choice or a placeholder for Elena. And yes Delena can’t happen now but the fact that Bonnie will die and Damon will go back to Elena, who he still loves is a pretty dark shadow over any potential relationship Bonnie and Damon could have. I would understand that it would be a reasonable business decision for Bamon to get together because you can’t just leave Damon single for 3 seasons but story wise it doesn’t make sense. I’m not a Bamon fan but there were so many good ways they could have gotten Bamon together. Having them get together while Damon is waiting for Elena to wake up from a coma after Bonnie dies so they can start their lives together like they planned is pretty much the worst way they could bring this couple together.

        • Krissy says:

          First of all this would only be a problem for the de fans because most others don’t even think of de as a real relationship. But I will talk like it is, the writers could certainly bring closure for de. There are a lot of ways the writers could handle it one of which is to ‘wake’ Elena up without Bonnie having to die. As for “story wise” TVD never has consistent storytelling/mythology anyway so they can come up with a ‘cure’ or loop hole to bring Elena out of her coma. So I’m not too worried about Damon’s ‘love’ for Elena putting a shadow on Bamon.

          • Mary says:

            Bamon fans don’t realize that it would take both characters Damon and Bonnie out of character. If they had not put Damon in as someone who was searching for his love for 145 YEARS maybe. But they did so it can’t happen. Damon was single for a while in beginning (besides his petty hookups with random people). It wouldn’t be different if they did the same for now. They left that door open for Elena to come back on purpose. Nina can change her mind anytime she wants to. Damon and Bonnies, like Dies said, are great friends. That friendship is fun and can be bent any sort of way. They could have ups and downs in a friendship way like in season six but not have to kiss after every single time they do. Plus, it’s rumored to be a female witch she gets feelings for. That’s way more interesting than a predictable Bamon relationship. Like, how does this female witch come in? What’s her personality? Will they make it into a cute gay couple? They’ve never done it before, so don’t just jump to conclusions it will suck because they decided to not change Damon and Bonnie’s personalities just to get them together and forget about Elena. (AGAIN!! Damon was in love with Katerina for 145 years!! It’s ridiculous to just say he drops everything and hope of being with her because that is not who he isssss.)

  19. Dinesh chandoo says:

    I think bonnie and Damon

  20. cc says:

    Kat is so thirsty for Bamon it’s embarrassing. I don’t see any sexual tension between Bamon. I saw a lot of chemistry between Kat and Chris Wood. I think the only reason Kat wants Bamon is because she knows the relevancy of Damon. Paul Wesley is so funny.

  21. JJ says:

    I’m never going to be a Bamon fan but I could understand putting them together if there is enough fan support and because it’s difficult to keep a main character single for several seasons. But if they do get together, the way its been done is horrible. Elena and Damon have had no closure. She’s not dead and they plan to be together in the future. So what Bonnie would be Damon’s second choice or a place holder for Elena? You could never solidly say Bonnie and Damon are true love because Damon will never have made the choice. At least Elena formally chose Damon several times. If they wanted to do Bamon, they should have had Elena and Damon break up or had Elena leave or even die. They could always have reunited Delena at the end of the series even if Elena had left town for a few years and then it wouldn’t feel like cheating or as if Damon was waiting for her. The writers write themselves into a corner with the finale.

    • Rhea says:

      I agree wid u..sort of.coz , goin back to d master book line, i think d writers of #tvd really need to explore d sparking Bamon chemistry, dats as great as its in d original book itself! so i think Bamon can certainly b given a chance!!
      PS. I support u , @kat graham

  22. Rhea says:

    I bet most of us , umm.. diehard fans of #tvd.. r literally thirsty and starving for a #Bamon romance.. in a way dat Bonnie falls for Damon as she brings back his humanity through d new season….
    P.S. Bonnie being his sole string towards humanity, as he lost Elena to save her.

    • Mary says:

      That’s kind of lame because Elena was JUST that to him. They should make it where Damon gets it through on his OWN for once. The way Dries has it is great. People are just too blind about having and wanting Bonnie and Damon even though they had no chemistry but hatred to friendship like any normal tv show.

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  25. Lily M. says:

    So last season we saw a OOC Caroline for Steroline happened and in s7 we will see a OOC Stefan to happen it. Great!!! -_-

  26. Williams says:

    Well lets cool down and improve more about love and not sex…i hate bisexaul in t.v… Dnt make bonnie a soil brat thanks

  27. H8 Steroline says:

    I Hate Steroline Couple With Passion… No Chemistry Between Them Atall… Steroline Sucks So Much Like Hell…. I’m A Diehard Fan Of D.E.L.E.N.A… Without Her On Dis Show I Dnt Think It Will Be Dsame Again… I Love Damon So Much, I Don’t Want Him To Be Alone… But I Dnt Think Being With Any Other Girl Will Be Okay… I Really Loveeee Him With E.L.E.N.A… Cant They Just Do Anything To Bring Her Back To The Show? I Just Miss Elena So Much Because Of Damon… D.E.L.E.N.A Is The Best Couple I’av Ever Seen.. The Rest Couples On The Show Just Sucks Except K.L.A.R.O.L.I.N.E… And Saying Caroline Had Chemistry With All D Guys Sound So Lame.. Is Just Becos She Was Giving The Role To Date Almost All D Guys In The Show Which Is So Immatured And Stupid…. Steroline Sucks! I Hate Dat Couple.

  28. Kobby says:

    Won’t bonnie ever hv a coven on her own

  29. Lydia says:

    Bonnie and damon

  30. I didn’t want Bamon to Happen 😂 but i really want to see seaosn 7! Paul es Hilarious 😂 they are so good actors, and the TVD is my fave. btw, #DelenaForevah

  31. Chantall says:

    The epic damon and bonnie friendship trumps all the couples on the show…i still cant get that bamon jump hug outta my mind

    • Mary says:

      That jump hug was a thanks for saving her and getting her out of a prison by writing the notes out to the island. She was going mad and changed slightly in that prison. The most interesting relationship is the spill about a gay one for Bonnie. Everyone keeps thinking and saying it isn’t big or special, but it is. She will be the FIRST character on TVD to actually have a unique relationship without dating an ex of a very close friend’s like Caroline. And or having a lame love triangle that ALWAYS seems to exist. Like when Caroline thought that maybe Stefan still has feelings for Elena in that one scene.

  32. Alliebaby32 says:

    This show is going down hill as I have been saying since Elena got with Damon and they started trying to push Stefan and Caroline.. Bonnie and Damon have always had so much more chemistry than Damon and Elena and why couldn’t caroline be with klaus they had more chemistry than her and Stefan. What should’ve happened was that Caroline went to the Originals and Elena and Stefan rekindled their relationship and Bonnie and Damon got together and Jeremy should’ve just stayed with the ghost vampire chick. Anyways I am done with this show have been done for the past couple of years maybe if they make some serious changes and actually listen to the fans then I’ll watch again but it’s unlikely..😿

    • Mary says:

      Bonnie and Damon never had chemistry. They had a strong friendship that I see everyday around me. Nothing that fancy where they can just drop everything, forget about Elena, and stab her in the back. People that move on to another lover after their former one died are suspicious in killing them. It’s out of character for both Damon and Bonnie to do that to Elena. Especially since Damon is IN LOVE WITH HER. It took 145 years for him to get over Katerina. Plus, after all the bad things Damon had done to Bonnie why would she just jump into a relationship with him? Lastly, Bonnie hasn’t had that many interesting things happen. Her to become bi?? That’s huge. It’s not everyday where a character is slowly growing feelings for the same sex in shows. Especially in TVD. They have had only one gay character (Luke), but he was just off to the side and didn’t have a special someone besides his sister Liv.

  33. Mary says:

    I enjoy the fact that Bamon being a thing is cleared up and out of the way. It was the only thing that kept me from wanting to watch season seven. I have not seen Buffy the Vampire, but I hear that the female gets with female plot is similar. Fortunately, these are two really different stories; therefore, it does not seem to be a problem if a person looks at it in a way that it is just in two different versions. I am excited to see the Bonnie becoming bisexual plot come to play. TVD has never had a same sex relationship play out at all. It could be cute and interesting.

    • Mary says:

      We need at least ONE character that we see often in TVD that doesn’t fall for the Salvatore brothers. For once! I mean Vicki had sex with Damon, Stefan and Caroline. Elena with both. Katerina with Stefan. And some older ones I have probably forgotten. Let it be Bonnie! It’s tiring that they all are just falling for the same guys and have the love triangles. It’s not only with the Salvatores, thought. Also with Caroline/Tyler/Klaus way back when Klaus and Caroline were a huge voted poll. Plus, in this last season of TVD where Bonnie leaves Kai makes me slightly upset. If she can’t be there for someone and believe there is a greater good in them like Elena no way Bamon would last. The way Kai looked at Bonnie a lot was adorable and SHOWED pure chemistry. The way Damon and Bonnie looked at each other was like happy friends that just got out of a scary/bad situation. They smiled with the kind of smile you use at a friend that you had been through a lot with and Damon never sneaked glances at her like Kai did. He only did that with Elena. Maybe if the plot were different I would like Bamon, but it did not lead into it good enough for me to get the butterflies I had gotten from the Delena relationship. Just throwing two together won’t make butterflies it’ll create disaster. From Delena fans leaving to in story plot to no cuteness to it where it gets you really into it. I easily got into the Stelena and Delena when they created the gradual feelings you could see going on between them. It wasn’t easy for the Bamon one because there wasn’t any of that ACTUAL relationship build up. So sorry Bamon isn’t happening fans, but it’s not the way they wanted the plot and it’s not the way they would’ve liked it. They meaning Caroline Dies. Thank you for clearing that it won’t happen because it wasn’t a good enough build up that it created feelings in me that made me not like the show anymore.

  34. Mit says:

    If bamon happens i will stop watching the show, simply because its way too out of character for them .damon waited for katherine for 150 years and she was a bitch! He loves deeply so how much more for elena!! Bonnie is elena’s bestfriend. No way she’d take her man while she’s sleeping so she can live! Too weird. They never should have done steroline in the first place. It can never compare to stefan and elena in the season 1-3..carenzo would be more interesting..but i love the new season!