Walking Dead Cast Talk Season 6's Big Decisions, the Carol-Daryl 'Connection' and Rick (Finally) on the Rebound

Ladies and gentlemen, The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes is officially back on the market.

But don’t go buying any walker wedding-cake topper just yet, despite how it seems rather likely that something will happen between the single dad and Jessie.

“It’s tough, dating in the apocalypse,” star Andrew Lincoln joked when he — and castmates Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride, Chandler Riggs, Michael Cudlitz, Lennie James and Sonequa Martin-Green, as well as executive producer Scott Gimple — talked with Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Speaking of potential romances, McBride acknowledged Carola and Daryl’s “incredible connection and bond,” then went on to say that the action-packed trailer released Friday doesn’t even begin to hint at what’s to come.

“We haven’t even finished shooting half the season, and we’ve gotten so much stuff,” she said.

VIDEO The Walking Dead Releases Season 6 Trailer, Sets October Premiere

Gimple, meanwhile, previewed some serious decisions (are there any other kind in this show?) the gang will face in Season 6.

“This is a group that knows how to survive in a world where a lot of people don’t,” he said. “They’ve reache da place of safety. They have the power to survive. What are they gonna do?”

If you’re wondering that yourself, press PLAY on the video above.

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  1. SeanC says:

    Daryl and Carol need to hook up already. Last season would have been the perfect timing, at this point they’re dragging it out too long. I mean you can die anytime in this world, so what are they waiting for? And it’d be very interesting to explore that considering their pasts, it would make for some great character development, and I’d much rather see that than continue to watch this seemingly never-ending build-up which is really starting to get old. They should just let it happen naturally instead of forcibly dragging it out.

    • Katie says:

      They really should be together, but when has the heart-throb (if you can call him that anymore…) ever gotten with a gray-haired middle-aged woman? TWD isn’t feminist show, they’re not going to risk putting Daryl with someone like Carol. If she was 15 years younger than him and had blonde hair I’m sure it woulda happened by now.

      • Homesick says:

        I just like how Andrew’s and Melissa’s body language is in sync by now, it would only make sense for Carol to explore the connection with Daryl since Rick is ready to explore his with Jessie. Why the double standard just because one of them is a male and the other a female?

      • mars says:

        Yes, daryl and rick go to hooters restruant and find some young hotties

      • Arien says:

        She isn’t that much older. Just because her hair is salt and pepper you think she’s old. Lots of people go grey early. Agist, aren’t you. They’re only a few years apart. Sure, if she dyed her hair, but it’s the apocalypse. And to have a daughter Sophia’s age, she isn’t old.

      • Elaina says:

        The actor’s age and the characters ages are not suppose to be the same. Reedus is in his mid 40s but Daryl’s TWD Wiki page lists him as early to mid 30s. McBride is almost 50 but Carol’s page says she’s in her mid 40s. Either way, I think it comes down to the way they act. Despite being a survivor and tough-guy, Daryl is very innocent and childish at heart. Carol is more mature and motherly. She mother-hen’s everyone, including Rick and Daryl, hence the reason she seems so much older than him!

      • Cheryl says:

        If that was the case, it would’ve been Beth.

      • Jesus says:

        That’s stupid…. they have been building up their relationship since season 2. Why would they not put them together. And just for your info melissa McBride and her character are younger than Norman reedus.

        • Soleil says:

          Ummmm… can I introduce you to IMDB? Reedus in RL is four years YOUNGER than McBride. Even on the Walking Dead Wiki page it says that Daryl is mid 30s to early 40s and Carol is in her mid 40s. Internet research is easy done.

    • mars says:

      Why punish daryl so harsh? Carols not even on his level and is way to old

      • Vancouver says:

        Gotta disagree here – Sorry but carol can do better.

      • Arien says:

        Carol isn’t old, gfg.

      • Anita says:

        50 isn’t depends on how old you let yourself appear and act.lots of stunning women in there 50s and I’m so sick of guys thinking they won’t even age and change..happens to all! Mellissa is a beautiful lady and Norman looks nearly the same age..he only slightly younger n who cares..age is a number..

    • The Daryl/Carol connection isn’t romantic, they’ve all but said that already, they’re just really close. If they didn’t get together at the prison, or any other place by now, they never will and honestly, if they use the verbiage “sibling like” it kind of drives the point that they’re not going to be romantic. I mean Norman and Gimple have talked a ton, they’ve said so, and Norman’s made mention so many times that he’s glad they’re listening to him about this.

      • Sam says:

        you could be wrong

      • vicki says:

        Those were the same people that said Daryl and Beth were not romantic but you ignore that part don’t you Chandra.

      • Oh Chan Chan u never miss an opportunity to discuss this topic. I can find an article that’s a year old…yep there u are!! Usually with a brother sister comment~whatever happens between these 2 characters, u can not deny there is a very strong bond. Other than Rick, Carol is his closest bond. Saying there is no chemistry doesn’t make it so…and will never result in u snagging Reedus.
        Remember, Melissa and Norman ARE very close friends. =)

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    So sick of the Daryl/Carol crap. Personally I don’t care if they hook up or not but if they’re gonna do it then just do it so we can move on from the shipping crapola.

    • Spence says:

      Preach it! Completely agree. Also, I am loving Sasha so much I hope she lives through this season! Sonequa is a gem.

  3. NoSleeepinBK says:

    Caryl needs to get together. Also Sonequa is adorable. Love Lennie and Danai and Michael dammit why are they so adorable. Don’t you kill any of them Gimple! lol

  4. Chris says:

    Ethan Embry is joining the cast (I swear I saw him in the trailer)? I like him but if he shares scenes with Sonequa Martin-Green that will bring up some bad memories from Once Upon A Time (that was a terrible story arc).

  5. Bwhit says:

    I don’t see TWD as a type of show where you watch to see who is getting together with who. I am most excited to see how Rick and Morgan co-exist because the trailer made it seem like there might be a power struggle looming (but trailers are always deceiving!)

  6. negan says:

    SDCC had a better vibe this year compared to last years.

    Season 6 looks to be awesome the wolves Dwight Walkers and the Savior’s in 6b.

    Don’t ship but Caryl but I would bet they go canon in season 6 with Richonne going canon in season 7.

    • Rhiannon says:

      Richonne isn’t going to happen. Ezekiel is coming and he’s meant for Michonne! I can’t wait!

      • mars says:

        Morgans ezekiel

        • Rhiannon says:

          No, TWD is actually casting Ezekiel.

        • Jo says:

          Did you read the comics? Morgan is his own character in the comics. Why would they turn Morgan into Ezekiel? And where is Morgan getting a lion and an entire town who treats him like a king? I know they have made some new characters with traits of others in the comics but those are characters who weren’t in the comics and they have added them to keep the story running (sort of) close to the comics after killing off people who weren’t suppose to die yet. For example Sasha has taken over for Andrea in the show since they killed her off so soon. She was still alive in Alexandria in the comics. She was the sharp shooter in the tower like Sasha is now.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    good interview with the cast. excited to see new season in October!

  8. Joseph says:

    A lot of typos, did michael slezak write it?

  9. Relaxxx says:

    Good interview! The cast looks amazing! Daryl and Carol. …no thank you! Rick and Jessie nope, nope, nope! Loving DG,SMG, AL, CH, and the rest of the gang. Nice to see LJ at CC this year!

  10. Jenny says:

    Love the cast!!! Now the romance aspect of the show is all over the place. I’m Not feeling or buying the love story between Rick and Jessie. given how apprehensive Rick is when it comes to unfamiliar people, Rick falling for Jessie seems forced and unnatural. But maybe this is his way of trying to force himself into this normal life and escape the world beyond the walls. Rick may also have a type like Lori. But again, this Jessie arc seems rush and out of place. Now Rick getting with michonne makes more sense and is consistent with the character.

    • Rhiannon says:

      I never got the impression that Rick and Michonne had any interest in each other. They’re just good friends, plus they are not each other’s type. I think they rushed Rick and Jessie’s romance to make sure Pete dies by the finale. They will probably slow the romance down in Season 6 to make it more believable.

  11. mars says:

    Rick and jesse, daryl gets with maggie after glenn dies, michonne and morgan be an amazing couple.carl and the young girl..

  12. mars says:

    Ok ladys, lotta guys watch this show..we dont watch for your day dreaming love fantasies..go watch days of our lives..this show better not ever turn into a soap opera or its finished..we get sick of andrew and his bf, hearing about michonne and rick and daryl and carol…none of these are even good matches anyways…so let it rest..

    • mars says:

      Agree, i lost interest with the andrew and his guy friend kissing, that was not respectful to all fan base..and michonne is no match unless maybe morgan…carols not even a hottie for daryl, why punish these guys with michonne and carol????? Please let ricks group find a hooters restruant and get some hotties in this show for the guys…we need some eye candy…to me maggies hottest one and she is just average..

      • sayde says:

        Talk like a typical douchebag. They will be lucky to have michonne and carol.

      • malissa says:

        You’re such a dang dick. Talk about ladies fantasies….sounds like you have more issues with the “eye candy”. Get a real woman prick and stop with your own “fantasies”. SMH

  13. Okthen says:

    How about Michonne and Daryl get together?

  14. mars says:

    Morgan and maggie fall in love…rick gets with doctor he killed offs wife, glenn gets maggie pregnant right before he dies, daryl sees carol as a mom figure, a new hot girl arrives in show and daryl and her get together…i think daryl roams off with a new few people he meets and likes one of the girls..the wolves kill carol after she kills a few of them..

  15. Karin Reck says:

    Daryl and Carol are already a couple but they just can’t bring themselves to admit it to themselves. We know they both have serious issues with abuse in their backgrounds and trust issues. Beyond that Daryl is deathly afraid of becoming attached to anyone because people have been dying and leaving him his whole life. His mother died and left him with an abusive father. His brother left him being in and out of juvie and then running away from home and leaving Daryl to fend for himself. A relationship beyond the obvious one they have right now is so emotionally risky for both of them they would rather go through life alone but side by side than risk being emotionally devistated if one of them should die. They are both walking wounded and that is their common bond, they just get eachother instinctively. If anything ever does happen it will have to be Carol who makes the big first move. Daryl is too terrified to ever make a move even though he really needs to in order to heal.

  16. An Actual Smart Person says:

    Carol and Daryl need to be together. Their relationship is beautiful, and it doesn’t matter how old she is. She is the only acceptable character for him and no words can explain why their pre-relationship phase had to stretch out close to six seasons. They could be dead tomorrow and they’re just ignoring that fact.

  17. dani says:

    that’s because Rick is blind and doesn’t know how to value the Queen Michonne, I hope Morgan or Daryl smarter.

  18. Elaina says:

    I would hate to ever see Daryl and Carol have anything more than a friendship. They have a good “Buddy Bond” but there are no romantic sparks there at all and I’d feel uneasy ever seeing those two kiss. Especially because Carol has become a bit dark, manipulative and cold. She is closer now to being like Mary in Terminus than ever before! Daryl is too kind hearted at his core to role with that!

    • Vancouver says:

      See I tend to see carol as being half pragmatic and smart and half traumatized by that happened to her. I don’t think they should be together either but its more because of Daryl. They’ve made him too weak, emotionally, for him to seem like he could be a good partner to a woman. He’s a great survivor but I hate how everyone has to coddle him, especially females.

    • Elaina says:

      I’ve never particularly liked Carol’s character from the beginning. MM plays her to a T and she’s a great actor, but Carol began as a pathetic victim who didn’t even have the spine to confront her husband when she suspected he was molesting Sophia. Then after she survived her near death in the prison she got better, but I don’t like where she is now. Killing innocent people, becoming cold and callous– Even willing to lie to her own group like she did in the Season 5 finale. I understand why so many love her, she’s an underdog and she creates great drama, but I personally cannot stand duplicitous and unearnest people.

      Probably the reason I love Daryl so much. He is the exact opposite and wears his heart on his sleeve and tells it like it is. I don’t mind Carol as long as she is stirring the pot and creating drama for the show. But if a romance developes for her and Daryl, I feel it’s only pandering to the fans who want it. I’ve never sensed anything more than (and even the actors have alluded to) a sibling like admiration and familial love btwn these two characters.

      • Crystal says:

        Elaina, I agree with you 100% on everything you just said.

        Daryl being straightforward as he is, I don’t think he’d like to be in a relationship with someone as conniving as Carol is right now. Daryl respects honesty and integrity and I think Carol has lost some of that in his eyes. Yeah, he still cares about her like family and trusts her with his life, but I don’t see him trusting her with his heart. Plus, there is absolutely no ROMANTIC chemistry between the two; I think even Reedus knows this and is why he isn’t pushing for “Caryl”.

  19. vicki says:

    I love hearing mmb’s views on her character. Love the caryl bond whether it goes romantic or not. This is how you answer without trolling, some should take lessons

  20. Venus says:

    Come join our awesome group on f.b called fighters of the walking dead

  21. alison says:

    Jessie and ricks love story is the most disgusting, rushed, unoriginal love story I’ve ever seen on a big show as twd. It was awful to watch. I hope they don’t hook up cause it ruined rick. They turned me off completely especially knowing how untrustworthy rick was to Aaron yet he allowed jessie to cut his hair and kissed her on the chick. Worst of all, telling her he wouldn’t do it for anybody else. I mean really. I’m just done with their scenes. Please end it. Him and michonne however I will take at this point cause I finally saw the sparks in their last scene (finale)

    • Jemjean says:

      This show is about survival. I like the Rick, Jessie characters, but I don’t need or want a romance. The Glenn, Maggie marriage is a bore in the context of a survival story. No more hooking couples up.

    • Priscilla says:

      i agee with you on the rick jessie “love” storyline, i dont like it at all. however, not on the rick michonne thing…dont see it

    • Crystal says:

      Agreed (on the Jessie thang). I just hope they kill her quick. But I’m all for a Sasha and Rick slow burn (not Michonne/Rick).

      Comic Spoiler:

      Jessie’s character doesn’t last long in the comics. So in that regard I hope they stick close to the comics.

  22. Jemjean says:

    I think shipping on these shows is a horrible past time. I don’t want to see anyone hook up with anyone. At this point, I want to concentrate on who these characters are as individuals and there’s no room for romance in this situation. Glenn and Maggie don’t have time for slap & tickle, so I don’t see how linking couples would add anything to the show.

  23. JRo says:

    Excited to see all the zombies.

  24. jessie says:

    I don’t know, I think they might go the”Gay” route with Daryl. I hope not, he needs to be with Carol.

  25. MaggieCP says:

    Love the idea of a Rick & Jessie romance. They have an undeniable chemistry. The actress is wonderful. She was great in True Blood & now in TWD. What Carol & Daryl have is so strong. The relationship has grown through the years & endured. Whether or not they should be linked romantically, though? Not sure about that one. Perhaps. The love is definitely there.

  26. says:

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    secretary of state.

  27. wesley thompson says:

    I love carol and she has come a really long way since season 1 (which is still by far the best season) so far. Carol does what needs to be done karen and meka (both killed by carol) & they weren’t walkers/zombies either. I really hope this season get back to being darker and lot and lots more walkers.

  28. aon says:

    Daryl take on the gloom. Most of the time he miss Beth. It’s time Daryl and Carol need to hook up already.

  29. susan burk says:

    Need any extras? I am in Johnson City and would love to do it.

  30. fabiola says:

    Someone needs to get a boyfriend/girlfriend already!
    It will give so much intensity to the show, just knowing that one of them might not come back it will bring tears on many of us, besides is not fair for some of the characters to face the apocalypse by themselves!

    • Crystal says:

      I kinda agree with you. Regular life is sometimes about making romantic connections. I don’t understand the people who are completely against any and all romantic relationships (because THAT’s not normal).

      TWD is about a group of regular human beings thrown into a zombie apocalypse. Just because they see or experience horrors doesn’t mean they stop addressing certain human needs.

      And a good writer can make a relationship way more interesting than “Gleggie” if they tried. You don’t have to sacrifice entertainment for romance.

  31. Anita says:

    It would be great to see them finally hook up and yes, they are nearly the same age in real life. Someone said a middle aged grey hair woman..hello..I’m sure they have more important things to do besides dye the hair and she is beautiful just the way she is and tough to boot!! I’m sure the bleache’d blondes would all be back to normal also lol. I hope they eventually explore this and don’t get why they only focus on love for Rick, Maggie and Glen. Let them have a little fun with this too!! the Walking Dead and please hook them up!