Salem Renewed for Season 3

Salem Renewed Season 3

Salem‘s cauldron was bubbling over with good news Saturday: The witchy drama will return for a third season, the series announced at its Comic-Con panel.

The spooky historical drama’s second season finale aired in June.

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Per the network, Salem‘s second season averaged Live+7 numbers of 1.1 million total viewers and 545,000 adults in the 18-49 demo.

Production on the third season will begin later this year; the series will be back in late 2016.

Are you excited to hear about Salem‘s good fortune? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Keyo-Ann Goodwin says:

    Salem is an amazing tv show with an amazing cast!! Should never even think of cancelling it yet its just getting started!!! So excited for season 3

  2. O'yaya says:

    I could have sworn it was already renewed … wasn’t it?


    I can wait to see how they are going to get themselves out of the hole they dug themselves into in the season finale. I would think time travel but that would include bringing back Lucy Lawless and they’d have to keep her alive,,, or at least until they kill her again …. anyways, good news

    • Bartimeus says:

      I’m bummed about Lawless. Clearly the character can and most likely will return soon but how do you top LL?

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yeah, I gotta say the character of Marburg is my favorite role that Lawless has ever done; she was magnificent.

    • Poster4392 says:

      I agree, I’ll look forward to seeing how they’ll manage to undo all of the deaths that occurred in the finale, but I think time travel will be a hard sell. I would think a “Pam Ewing” type fever dream sequence would be ok by me, as long as it wasnt for the whole season, just that one episode! lol I really like Tituba, Mary and Marburg……..I know Lawless is busy, but I hope Janet and Ashley come back.

  3. Shara says:

    YA!!! Such good news! I love this show…all of its twisted, creepy, gory goodness.

  4. JoeyPadron says:

    Great news! Sucks next season will start late next year & not in April. It’s gonna be a long wait!

  5. Bill says:

    Good News, love it

  6. liame says:

    My fav is Tituba, I hope she survived, if not, I won’t watch. I’m more loyal to the character than the show.

  7. Ray ashcraft says:

    My wife and myself were excited to hear another season of salem. Great series , great cast, good script, keep up the good work we could see numerous seasons!

  8. paulette says:

    I am TOTALLY in LOVE with this show!! I think Tamzin Merchant…Anne Hale is WONDERFUL!!! A GREAT actress!!!!!! I think she goes above and beyond her role!!! Along with Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibling, Shane West as John, and Seth Gabel as Cotton, these are my favorite!!! Tamzin has done such a great job, I hope she will be in other films!! A VERY GOOD ACTRESS!!! They are all my favorites!! Mercy, Elise Eberle is also a good actress!! Your whole cast is GREAT!! bUT THESE ARE MY FAVORITES!! As they say…THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!
    PLEASE….dont leave us hanging! I think I was born in the wrong life….LOL..if indeed, this really happened, I should have been there!! Also love the VICTORIAN age!! I LOVE THE SHOW….REALLY…LATE 2016 for it to continue?? Thank you for such a FANTASTIC show!!!

  9. Very Happy for the 3rd ….. bring it! Can do no wrong!

  10. Pierre says:

    Super excited, 2016 is a bit far away. I’ll be home every week to watch the next episode.

  11. Margaret hardesty says:

    Please don’t kill off Mary she makes the show I never miss it

  12. Michal Diane Cottrill says:

    Love the Salem series.
    Need to run Season 1 & 2 again this year before Season 3 begins in 2016. I’ve been to Salem, MA during October and it is “exciting”. Wishing all the best with Season 3.

  13. Amy says:

    This is great news! While there’s enough room to fix what is happening to Mary and John in the last scene, it will be a challenge and I can’t wait to see how the writers will pull it off.
    The writers have created an unpredictable story and I hope this continues.

  14. sara says:

    Love Salem can’t wait to season 3

  15. Shelle says:

    So excited to hear that Salem has been picked back up for a Third Season !! It’s been a long time since I have looked forward to a TV program coming on each week ! The Actors and Actresses are great ! I hope to see the same cast members in season 3 !! Can’t wait until it airs ..

  16. luke says:

    to wgn i must have 50 more folower 4 you great show make this like dark shadows u will get more followers year after year barnabas

  17. Trish Sewell says:

    Looking so forward to new season. We base our whole evening around watching it.

  18. I can’t wait why doesit have to take so long to come back out. it can’t in now it has to be more I’m too excited can’t wait for season 3.

  19. Adam Leite says:

    Very much so. But I want Lucy Lawless.

  20. We love the series and look forward to another spell bound season III

  21. eric davila says:

    Im so happy to hear about a third season of salem…please do not give up on this great show like so many other networks have done to so many great shows…

  22. Dimitrius Johnson says:

    I’m so freakin excited I could just cast a spell!!!

  23. Rhonda Panepinto says:

    I’m very happy there will be a season 3 for Salem…I would really like more episodes than they have bee doing per season….

  24. Chase schade says:

    Late 2016. Damn wish it was sooner. It’s hard for me to find a show I really like. I just by chance found it on netflix streaming. When I found out there was a second season, but not streaming yet I spent 19.99 on amazon digital to see it. Which I normally would never do. The show is awesome, the writing, cast, special effects and story line. It just blows me away. Great work.

  25. Chase schade says:

    Also yes mary, Marburg and tithuba have to return. It does not just take time travel, an accomplished necromancer could bring them back, if not the devil himself. If only for the fact he loves Mary so much as does the countess’s son. Speaking of the son if the countess is brought back man oh man is she going to be pissed off with her son. And poor cotton, I’m really starting too not like the two faced red haired and eyed little demon anne.

  26. Meghan mills says:

    So relieved sslem is back for 3rd season !! Tge show is amaxing & keeps you guessing & changes allvthe time!!! Love love live it! Its done beautifully !!

  27. Jerry Kramer says:

    I don’t know just what the writers of Salem will come up with but can’t wait to see….. What battles between Big John and Little John will come…. Is Mary dead, Will John go to battle for Marys death??? Will the prince still try to bed Mary (If she is alive). What will come of the Reverend. Wow !!!!!

  28. aradia4564 says:

    Even though all actual Witches know that the TV version is wildly historically inaccurate (please… Everyone knows that pretty much EVERYONE who was executed as a Witch was NOT a Witch but either a woman who owned land that her neighbor wanted it a midwife OR healer) like everything else on TV, it’s pure entertainment value and as that Salem is crazy but fun.

  29. Janet says:

    I am waiting for Salem since last year.
    Hope it is not canceled. Too many good shows not returning leaving fans out in the cold…

  30. janet says:

    Great show..bring it back sooner plz..

    • Jerry Kreamer says:

      I’m very happy to hear that Salem will have a third season. I’m really anxious to find out how they start up there season 2 ended. Great series….

  31. wendy says:

    I’ve been waiting with great anticipation. I’m glad to read we will be having season 3.

  32. Raina says:

    I love Mary. Poor baby she just wants to be with her man and her baby boy. One should never scorn a mother….. there will be hell to pay!! I love this show and I love the cast. I hate that we have to wait so long, so hopefully ….”ALL good things to those who wait”…..

  33. vivian hopkins says:

    Yes yes yes…I can’t wait…I love this show…thank you so much..

  34. Amos Spahnie says:

    My wife and myself are excited about the new season !!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next rock on great show

  35. giorgi says:

    yay i love that TV show

  36. Jacquie says:

    Absolutely ! I just wish it would come back on sooner. 😞

  37. Ron says:

    I love the show Salem, please don’t take it off the air

  38. Alice Farmer says:

    So unbelievably excited! I have turned so many friends onto this show in the off season. We are over 49 too and all of our friends so up your demographic.

  39. charles says:

    I can’t wait for season 3!!! Salem is the ultimate tv show and should keep airing for 100 seasons!!!!

  40. Christina says:

    Looove Salem! One of the best TV shows I’ve seen thus far. I literally went into a “Showhole” after I was left with no more episodes to watch! Please come back to me soon Salem! :(

  41. Mertice Balam says:

    I’ve been watching and waiting, so I decided to go online to see if a third season was coming on. I love the show and I can’t wait for the new season to start.

  42. Terry says:

    He’ll yeah pound the witch drums

  43. Linda says:

    Waiting impatiently for the next season.

  44. Marti says:

    Yes…I can’t wait for Salem’s 3rd season to begin,my boyfriend and I watch it & never miss an episode! 😀

  45. Amber says:

    Awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to watch it

  46. Stephanie says:

    Love love Mary, and John’s story. Anne is becoming a powerful little thing! Love this show! Binged watched seasons one and 2 in one weekend! Now I have to wait till late 2016. 😂

  47. Julie says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Salem is coming back!!!

  48. Angelique says:

    Happy to hear there’s going to be a third season. When does it come back on?????

  49. Tene says:

    Heck yea! I’m sooo excited!