Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell Eye Possible Veronica Mars Limited Series

Veronica Mars may reunite with her first love: television.

At Comic-Con Friday, Mars overlord Rob Thomas — in San Diego to talk up iZombie Season 2 — revealed to TVLine that he and leading lady Kristen Bell have discussed the possibility of following up the sleuth’s recent big-screen adventure with a “short-run series.”

VIDEOS Exclusive Video: Kristen Bell Talks Logan Vs. Piz, ‘Blurred Lines’ On the Set and Veronica Mars 2

Such a project would likely be years away, as Thomas and Bell are currently tied up with iZombie and House of Lies, respectively. But Thomas says both he and Bell find the limited-series format “really appealing,” and likened a small screen Mars revival to HBO’s True Detective.

Press PLAY above to catch Thomas’ comments on the matter, and then weigh in below with an answer to this question: Veronica Mars limited series > or < a second Veronica Mars movie?

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  1. Kate says:


  2. Kate says:

    This is truly excellent news on the day I picked up the second VMars novel from the library. Marshmallows forever!

  3. I think that in posting this story you deleted the one about Scream’s renewal, heh.

  4. Beth says:

    WHAT? XD

  5. Et al says:

    It may be years away but I bet it still airs before Twin Peaks.

  6. Maddie Mae says:

    yes!!! I want more Veronica!!! I need more Veronica!!!

  7. Dean says:

    Hell YES!!!

  8. I waited ten years for a conclusion to the show, I am willing to wait for 2017/2018 for an adult VM series.

  9. Cookie126 says:

    Yes, please. I’ll take whatever I can get.

  10. lorna says:


  11. Anita says:

    Is there an option#3 for a 2nd movie and limited TV season?

  12. Alichat says:


  13. Amanda says:

    That’s great news!!! Was hoping for another book but a shorter season is even better.

  14. lkh says:

    Will there be a pony?! pleeeeeese.

  15. CourtTV says:

    I’d be very happy with the books to continue now.

  16. April says:

    I’m so happy, I might just cry!!!

  17. Mike M says:

    (Another) six seasons and (another) movie !

  18. Jess says:

    Well except True Detective is hella boring and Veronica Mars isn’t.

  19. Lizo says:

    Yes! A million times yes!!!

  20. I would LOVE that!! Veronica Mars was my favorite show!!

  21. T.W.123 says:

    I’ve waited it out before. I’ll wait it out again. LET’S GO MARSHMELLOWS!!!!!

  22. murley says:

    Yes. One hundred times yes. One million times yes.

  23. Charlotte says:

    Wonderful! Love iZombie, loved Veronica Mars.

  24. Stacy says:

    This is the perfect solution!!! Long enough to fully develop the plot and characters, and yet a finite mystery ending like seasons 1 or 2. (Especially 1) I will wait. No matter how long, I will wait. Thank you RB & KB for being awesome sauce, always.

  25. Great news! But at this point it will have to be a sequel to the books right?!

  26. Brynna says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  27. Sarah_ says:

    Yes!! I hope so.

  28. ZhaneEndrick says:

    If it’s a ‘possibility’ that is still ‘years away’ then I’d rather not be reading it on here as news.

  29. Anthony M says:

    Please dear god bring me this series, I promise to be good from now on…

  30. Anthony M says:

    Also years away MAY mean it films next year possibly and comes out in January-July 2017..I can live with that..

  31. JC says:

    Veronica Mars is a true television gem the CW was crazy when they decided to cancel it, anyway this is great news #marsmallowsunite :D

  32. beckmank says:

    Movie or series! I will take anything! This article just made my day.

  33. Missy says:

    As long as it happens, it could a decade away for all I care! I need more Veronica Mars in my life :D

  34. lulu says:

    yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSS PLEAAAAASSSSSE make it happens please !

  35. Maria says:

    Limited run series..books..movies…I will take more Veronica Mars in any form!

  36. I NEED this to happen. The movie cannot be the last we see of Veronica Mars. Hopefully a limited series would turn into more. Glad to hear Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell are considering this.

  37. HALLELUJAH. King Thomas and Queen Bell have shown us great mercy. Let us rejoice and be glad.

  38. Staci says:

    love to hear that. but how uncomfortable for the izombie cast sitting there. knowing VM is Rob’s 1st love…

  39. WayneAdneyC says:

    Veronica Mars continuing in books? Who knew there was such a fan fiction series. That’s like Murder, She Wrote still going strong in book releases. Don’t lol. The Mrs. Fletcher stories are just like the series. I hate it when fan fiction isn’t like their TV show counterparts. Makes it harder to judge whether Book is better than TV.

    • WayneAdneyC says:

      If a limited series plot even set-up like an extended movie in 10-13 eps. should at least give a prologue or a mega-mix of actual past events like showing she actually graduated college and I assume any other items related to being what? An FBI agent or a private eye? What if the two combined? …you know like while at FBI someone knows a friend of a friend and they need personal help that turns out to be a major FBI investigation anyways after a plot twist and then some. I bet it’s been done before but it would be a fresher, interesting take don’t you think? Yes, She did an FBI Mars pilot to screen for the network and they passed but you just can’t write that out of the universe can you? Maybe, it was a “reaching for the stars” kind of dream, and found out she was still employed by her dad, lol.

  40. Kaye says:

    I will take anything. Prefer to have a movie and a series. Really hope it is not years.

  41. Mary Chouinard says:

    Can’t tell you how excited we are for a renewal series!!! Movie would be grand too!!!! VM forever!!!!

  42. K says:

    Please bring back more of the show, movie, and books. Love them all. Will wait if I have to for more. We waited faithfully for a sequel, we will continue to wait. Go marshmallows!

  43. Tdiva says:

    I saw the Veronica Mars movie this year and just spent the last few weeks watching 3 seasons of the TV show. I’m about to watch the Movie again. This is one of those shows that you wish would never end. I loved it. I’d watch the more series if it were to return.

  44. Tdiva says:

    I saw the Veronica Mars movie this year and just spent the last few weeks watching 3 seasons of the TV show. I’m about to watch the Movie again. This is one of those shows that you wish would never end. I loved it. I’d watch more series if it were to return.

  45. Jenni guevara says:

    Please make another Veronica mars movie!!!!

  46. Kaleigh says:

    Series…movie..take whatever I can get :)vm

  47. Keith says:

    I want to believe

  48. Cynthia says:

    This is the best news I have heard this year. I love VERONICA MARS!!!!!♡♡♡

  49. Diane says:

    Definitely a second Veronica Mars movie, Veronica and Logan’s wedding.