Cancelled Forever Unable to 'Find a New Home,' Series Creator Reports

Unlike Dr. Henry Morgan, Forever will not be coming back to life.

ABC’s supernatural drama, which was cancelled after one season in May, has not been saved by another network — at least not yet, according to a message from series creator Matt Miller.

Read Miller’s full post below:

This is a hard message to write but I’m sorry to report that despite Warner Bros. best efforts they haven’t been able to find a new home for Forever. That doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying, but I wanted to give you all the real, although disheartening, news.

I’ve been hesitant to reach out because I (like you) didn’t want to believe that this was really the end. We had so much story left to tell, questions unanswered; romances unfulfilled; characters to introduce… But I suppose I was asking for trouble when I named the show Forever. We all knew this day would come, but when you’re writing a character with 200 years of backstory, 22 episodes doesn’t seem like enough.

That said, we are all super proud of the show we made. It was a charmed experience making this show and I’m grateful to everyone involved and that includes YOU. Especially you.

When the show was first canceled the outpouring of support was truly touching and I assumed would dissipate after a day or two. But something incredible happened. You guys grew! The longer we were off the air the more passionate you became. And perhaps most impressively, you always remained positive. A snark-less and cynicism-free international fan base? Perhaps our greatest achievement to date.

So, that’s where we stand. Wish I had better news. But if we’ve learned nothing else from Dr. Henry Morgan, it’s that it’s a long life. And who knows? Maybe some cable channel or streaming service will come to the obvious conclusion we all have… there’s a great cast and crew out there ready to get back to work. Hey, a 200-year-old immortal washed up naked on the shores of Manhattan. Stranger s—t has happened.


Are you bummed to hear that Forever has yet to be saved? Hit the comments!

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  1. alex says:

    oh well, I never had much hope, cancelled shows very rarely get revived elsewhere.

    • prish says:

      …and there was Jag.

      • Scruffy Scirocco says:

        I wasn’t disappointed when JAG was canceled. It had a good 10-year run. It was getting unrealistic. No one sits in a job that long in the military. I enjoyed the show.

        • Gregg says:

          JAG was cancelled by NBC after its first season. It was picked up by CBS, moved to Tuesday night, and flourished for the next 9 years. (Plus, it spun off those NCIS shows.)

    • Michael says:

      Community & The mindy project

    • WayneAP says:

      I was hoping Forever would be another Longmire. A&E dropped Longmire, but Netflix picked it up. Forever would have made a good fit on a streaming service like Netflix.

    • i hope that (forever) found another network, i don,t know why ABC Cancels good show?
      it is one of the best show I’ve ever seen

      • missy frey says:


        • Mike says:

          Absolutely. I hate ABC. That was the only show I ever watched on that network. Back to CBS…….

        • Mike says:

          Awesome show. Great cast and story line. Truly a classic. ABC will always be Dancing in the Stars….they are way out there……

          • Judith Scott says:

            I understand from my cousin even Dancing With the Stars in on life support according to her tv guide.

          • Rich Putman says:

            Mike, your comment [Awesome show. Great cast and story line. Truly a classic.] was concise and 100% correct. I notice that the head of CBS programming seems to have talent for picking good scripted shows. E.g. Big Bang. I’m going to call the local CBS affiliate station manager tomorrow [Yes, he takes/appreciates my infrequent calls.] and simply discuss this awful ABC mistake with him. Sure, I realize his low on the TV food chain, but one of my life philosophies is “Nothing ventured; nothing gained”.

            Rich in Minnesota – where resuming your life again by swimming up to the surface of a river could be iffy in February when the river was frozen over.
            Why not have fun with a little Forever fan humor?

        • Jonathan says:

          I absolutely agree with you! This was such a great freaking show and all the other ones aren’t even worth showing on air, abc should really reconsider what they should air!

        • Andrea Lambert says:

          So true..every time I find a good show I love it gets cancelled!! I’m so sick of the ridiculous reality TV crap that goes on forever and when a great show comes out it gets axed right away! I think every show I’ve enjoyed has been cancelled. I thought Forever was a great show!!

  2. All shows with immortal leads have failed to survive beyond one season except for one, because there can be only one…

  3. Maria says:

    How about wrapping it up with a straight-to-DVD movie?

  4. JBC says:

    Such a shame!! I really enjoyed this show.

  5. EJ says:

    It would have been too expensive a show to revive, anyway.

  6. taran63 says:

    I never had any real hope, but it’s still disappointing to hear this. I came late to the show, only catching the last 4 episodes as they aired, but I grew to really love the show.

  7. JeffDJ says:

    Disheartening news, as I really loved the show, but it’s nice to know WB hasn’t given up hope and will continue looking. Of course, the longer it goes on, the chances get slimmer & slimmer. I do hope the season is released on DVD/Blu at some point, as I’d definitely get it to show my support.

  8. Anna says:

    I really liked this show. Sure the stories were intriguing, but I liked the overall tone of things. So many shows these days are violent or gross just because, but Forever has some class and a basic sort of decency. Still hoping for a resurrection, somewhere.

    • Vicky says:

      Me too! I remain hopeful that a streaming service will realize this is a way to add many people to their service! Long live Forever!

    • WayneAP says:

      What my wife and I liked about it is they didn’t rely on his dying/resurrection to carry the story. It was a good device, but it would have gotten old having him pop out of the river every other episode trying to explain why he did. Like Matt Miller said, there are still a lot of layers that they had yet to explore.

  9. chris says:

    Honestly — if one of you simply organizes the supposed massive amount of supporters, you can get ABC or another network to give this another shot — it has happened before and it can happen again — you all just need to find a way — if it’s a website or an email chain to get all fans together and flood ABC with signs of support.

    • Madoqua says:

      I really thought this show had great potential for endless storylines simply because Henry is an immortal. I’d have liked to see how Henry keeps Adams secret from getting out as the years pass yet he neither ages nor does he die. I really loved JD Moore’s character too. Someone did a great job of casting. I’ve always loved Judd Hirsch in everything I’ve seen him in. And what about Henry and Jo. Storylines galore there.

      I will miss the show. Seems as though ABC has done a great job of getting rid of all the reasons to watch their network. I detest reality shows, and I detest talk shows. They should only be on when the soaps are on. When most people are out earning a living.

    • Eric says:

      Not attempting to be rude, but where in the world do people get this idea? If you can give me a credible list of shows this has happened with, then I’ll concede, but this almost never happens. Has it happened a few times? Sure, but not enough times to justify people thinking it will actually work. People fail to realize that cancelled shows get cancelled for a reason: Low ratings. If the ratings are low, they aren’t making money. If they aren’t making a profit, they cancel it. These networks are businesses first and foremost. No network is going to bring back a cancelled show just because a bunch of people sign a petition. I just can’t wrap my mind around why people truly think something like that will work when it’s only worked like 1% of the time. This show doesn’t have a massive enough following to make even a small dent.

      • Tom says:

        Cagney and Lacey, Jericho, scrubs, cougar town, damages, killing. Sometimes shows are not renewed because they chose to go with a show produced by their own network. Look at unforgettable– a show that keeps getting cancelled but will not die. You don’t know the level of support a show has, but I don’t see the point in being negative about it, it is an uphill battle.

        • Doug Henning says:

          Unforgettable had very good ratings for a summer show but it skewed older and was not produced by CBS… A&E needed more programming that will bring its fans over… It won’t draw the numbers it had on CBS but probably enough for A&E…. they are starting to promote it… Forever was your typical cult show that has passionate fans but not enough of them.. Even this passionate fan didn’t watch it live since it was up against numerous other stuff I liked at 10pm Tuesdays including POI as well as some cable shows like Justified… The top show at that hour for Demo was Chicago Fire and total viewers were less than 5MM… Oh well at least we got the back half order which showed that ABC thought there was potential that unfortunately never was realized in viewers..

          • Pamela Berg says:

            Forever may have been up against Chicago Fire, but in this day & age I think the networks fail to count the viewers who RECORD shows on cable or later watch them On-Demand just for this reason – 2 or more great shows on at the same time! If they had a way of tallying the number of viewers that way, I think the number of viewers would have at least doubled. How the hell do they determine those numbers anyway? Who do they call (if that’s how it’s done) & how do they determine the demographics to make up the calling list? Calling people is such a hit & miss experience anyway & cannot reflect the true nature of the numbers. If only in his day & age some sort of computer data could be collected from our DVR boxes (after all they are computer run) to generate the true numbers to the networks. That should make everyone happy when scrutinizing the true numbers of any show.

            Addressing other comments about immortals that had long or short lives on tv, The Highlander (another of my favorites) had a long life on tv – albeit not on one of the major networks (but then I find the most intriguing shows ARE NOT on the major networks anyway). A&E or the Syfy networks would be perfect for Forever. I sure hope that now that the series has been canned, that someone is working to find it a home & not “Well, the show is in the can, shelve it in the archives” attitude..
            ABC are you truly listening?

        • AMG says:

          Tom, that is exactly what happened with Forever. It, Cristela, Resurrection, and The Taste were all produced by outside companies, and ABC chose to pick up shows produced only by ABC Studios.

          Also, on your “picked up after cancellation” list, don’t forget Longmire, which has been picked up by Netflix 22 weeks after its cancellation on A&E.

        • Billy says:

          But this wasn’t cancelled for the ratings, ABC kept several first season shows with lower ratings. If there was a clear reason, I doubt that other would not pick it up despite the fan response. This is political. Warner did something and angered some networks. Otherwise, this sort of fan response would help it get picked up in a jiffy.

      • brandydanforth81 says:

        Exactly Eric

    • AMG says:

      Fans have been using the #SaveForever hashtag on Twitter for the last two months, and they have filed petitions on One has over 80,000 signatures right this minute, a second has over 9,000, and a third has over 42,000. They have been contacting the networks and Netflix about the series. So, they are organized.

    • Daniel says:

      Really look at Heroes it’s ten years since it ended and the fans got it back so cut the crap and bring back the show

  10. Lilian says:

    Why do shows with intelligence lose out to mindless reality shows?

    • Patrick says:

      Cost. The costs of producing a reality show are miniscule compared to scripted fair. Mostly because the reality producers underpay their writing staff and crew. Current litigation is going to put an end to that, soonish. But there is very little syndication market for hour long dramas outside of a few major cable networks. As such, unless the show is a relative hit, hour long dramas are just too expensive to produce. For instance, Supernatural isn’t a huge hit, but it was very cheap to produce until it hit syndication, so its very profitable now. I’m sorry for all of Forever’s fans. Gone too soon.

    • Dude says:

      That was true 10 years ago, now networks aren’t producing many reality shows.

    • Dave says:

      Because reality shows don’t cost any money to produce.

  11. Lisa says:

    Of course a great show like this gets cancelled – we’ve got to make room for more reality TV crap ….. UGH.

  12. Barbara Schmidt says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I know many people who adore this show. Next to be classified as supernatural it has a warm and caring aspect to ut which so many shows lack. Please please keep on trying 💜💜💜

  13. Cindy says:

    Please keep trying. Love this show!

  14. James Cusano says:

    I think it stinks that no one has picked it up. It was a fun show to watch and I liked the actors and their characters.

  15. Stacey says:

    I hope the show Forever finds a network so it can continue to charm and entertain us!

  16. Jeanette says:

    Yes, I need at least a straight-to-DVD movie for closure.

  17. Sheldon W. says:

    Okay. Officially sad now.

    Still, the season/series finale was perfect – leaving Henry and Jo where they were lets us imagine infinite new adventures without or without Henry telling her everything (I, personally, choose to believe he came clean and whatever else happens, she knows exactly who and what our charming immortal is).

  18. Kat says:

    I really liked the show, acting and writing. I am sick to death of reality TV. This show will be missed.

  19. Stacie says:

    I’m bummed! I was so hoping this show would be picked up… :(

  20. Marie says:

    Come on ABC Family, you made room for ‘Stitchers’!

  21. JSintheStates says:

    Seriously too bad! We will miss Forever!

  22. Todd says:

    This was definitely one of my favorite shows. Great characters and it had a good pace and tone. I was for sure upset when I heard it got cancelled and some other awful shows on abc got picked up for whatever reason.

  23. william owens says:

    It is a shame that the networks cann,t keep quailty showa on !

  24. I now has a sad again. :'(

  25. MelindaB says:

    Isn’t Alana de la Garza on another show? I thought that meant that there was no hope. I would love to see it return, because Henry and Abe were possibly my favorite father/son pair on tv. And because Ioan Griffudd. And yes, I ship Henry/Jo.

  26. Tess says:

    this year a lot of series i watched were cancelled but the news that forever was cancelled was the most unpleasant. i seriously loved the show and would always look forward for the next episode. Hope some network or whoever can take up the series as i think think that it has great potential.

    • Stacey says:

      It is such a clever show. It’s smart and well thought out. The story lines are so brilliant. I really want to know more, about everything. The idea of out living everyone you love is so sad but gets you thinking about how precious life is!

  27. Pam says:

    I would really like to see this show end up somewhere like Netflix or Hulu. I think it’s too smart for the average TV watcher who prefers reality television.

  28. Martin Ross says:

    Let’s see — smart, touching, thoughtful; the two leads didn’t leap into bed the second episode or sweat unrequited hormones all over the screen; a father-and-son relationship that was genuinely affectionate and caring; ethical considerations explored week after week. Surprised the crapmeisters at ABC ever put this terrific drama on, and not surprised the network of Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Mistresses (!!!!) canceled it one season in. Hope someone else sees the value: Syfy’s gone too cyber/vampire dark, Lifetime tried drama for those with half a brain, then gave up. Maybe TNT, to make up for cancelling Perception and keeping that beach crap chick drama Rizzoli and Isles?

    • Lizo says:

      Hey, I’m sad Forever is gone too, but don’t crap on Grey’s, Scandal and Mistresses. They are good shows too, particularly the Shonda ones. They have diverse casts and tell diverse stories. I’m glad ABC keeps them. I mean, they should have kept Forever too

    • Debajoe says:

      I so agree, Martin! And did you happen to watch two of the new ABC series that showed up on Sunday nite? Blood and Oil and Quantico are just two more series of the crap you just described. I could only watch a couple of minutes of either of them and I didn’t care if ANY of the characters bit the big one. Forever was an immediate draw and had so much to offer and to enjoy from the very first episode. Why oh why couldn’t ABC see the greatness in that show and the actors in it? Loved it and am so sad I have nothing to watch on ABC anymore at all.

  29. Pamela says:

    I thought it would be a good fit for tnt or usa surprised no one is picking it up.

  30. My wife and I’s new favorite show. We’re really going to miss it. There’s no way you could get a better story or actors. I know a quality drama like this is very expensive in today television, so I don’t have a lot of hope that a smaller cable network could make the numbers work. But, I will not stop hoping you’ll find a way to bring it back…Forever!

  31. Andrea says:

    Matt Miller wrote out the actual word in the last part pf his message, and it is indeed that word that his lovely show has been cancelled. I knew it was likely because “save” campaigns don’t work that often. I still hate the outcome, though, and I would definitely buy a straight-to DVD movie.

  32. Andreo says:

    Very bummed that they cancelled “Forever”! It was never given a chance. But that’s channel 7!

  33. Bartimeus says:

    ABC should have tried it as a late mid-season replacement or summer series.

  34. N says:

    Forever was my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Dr. Morgan in Houston, TX says:

    I LOVED this show- it was smart, different, and GREAT. I am still holding onto hope that it will come back!

  36. tammy moten says:

    My entire family loved this show. We would definitely watch it on another network.

  37. Shawn says:

    why not put it online and charge $2 an episode?

  38. Kayla says:

    Nooooo!!!!!! I hate hearing this!!! I love Henry. This was my absolute favorite show!!!!!!

  39. Kirk says:

    It amazes me with all the crap on TV this show gets cancelled. Wow! What idiot makes these decisions. I can’t believe the show’s storyline would just be left hanging like that. I really hope to see more of this show in the future. It was one of the few shows we looked forward to every week and one of very few shows my spouse and I watch together.

  40. Very disappointed that this show was not renewed or unable to find a new home. I was really looking forward to how the dynamic between Henry and Jo would change once she found out his secret. There are many more stories yet to be told.

  41. Kay says:

    I am really very sad that the show was unable to find a home. This was one of the better shows of last season and I always watched every episode the night it aired.
    I hope they release the DVD at least.

  42. wjm980 says:

    My god, can no one every accept any cancellation!!?

    • Eran says:

      Tell me about it…I was quite upset at first but life goes on. Certainly, television goes on…oh well.

  43. Debbi says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. I love this show and was really enjoying the storylines and History brought to each episode. Keep trying Warner Bros!

  44. Terry says:

    I would bet money that some drama will tank pretty early on ABC in the fall and they will wish they had Forever back along with it’s fan base.

  45. Miss D. says:

    So disappointed, please keep trying.

  46. Fritz says:

    I was really enjoying the series, and was looking forward to seeing the relationships develop further. Completely bummed that ABC cancelled, still keeping my fingers crossed for another network to pick it up. If Longmire got a second life, why not Forever?

  47. Red Robinson says:

    I really loved the show, I couldn’t believe it got cancelled. They are putting on a show about astronauts wives from the 60″s! Lets see how long that lasts..

    • Jessica says:

      Astronaut’s wives club was meant for in-season, but they had no faith in it so are just airing it in the summer since the episodes are already produces. Its not getting renewed, and it didn’t take Forever’s spot or anything.

  48. Carol C says:

    So sad, but not unexpected.

  49. Lawrence R. says:

    This seems like a perfect show for CBS.

  50. Robert Williamson says:

    Typical, they put it in a stupid timeslot and wonder why it didn’t rate! SYFY should pick this up and run with it, but with the dreck they have been producing, that may not even help. Great show.

    • Angel Mission Hills Ca. says:

      I went on my TV to put in all my shows for fall and could not find forever I was very up set so I looked up Judd Hirsh and found out it was canceled I could not believe it why do all the good shows get canceled .It was such a great show you didn’t even give it a chance can’t you find someone to pick it up.