Fall TV Preview

The Good Wife Season 7: Makenzie Vega No Longer a Series Regular

The Good Wife Makenzie Vega

The Good Wife may be lacking a little Grace when it returns this fall.

TVLine has confirmed that Makenzie Vega — who plays the onscreen daughter of Julianna Margulies’ Alicia — is no longer a series regular.

The CBS drama is now down three series regulars as it heads into Season 7. In addition to Vega, Archie Panjabi and Matthew Goode also lost their full-time status at the end of Season 6. However, unlike Panjabi and Goode, Vega will maintain a presence on the show (much the same way her Good Wife sibling Graham Phillips has in recent seasons). According to an insider, the status change ties into the show’s continuing efforts to work around its cast’s schedules while also sustaining storylines.

To help fill the voids left by Goode and Panjabi, The Good Wife has added Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Cush Jumbo (Torchwood) to the Season 7 cast.

The Good Wife‘s seventh season bows Sunday, Oct. 4 at 9/8c.

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  1. Well, there’s only so long that a 22-year-old can pretend to be 16, even on TV.

  2. So she’ll have three scenes in the season just like Graham Phillis last year…I’m beyond dissapointed

    • bryce says:

      Me too. I was fine when Zach left, but Grace is apart of Alicia in a very distinct way. Grace represents everything Alicia doesn’t know about herself and the world, and the relationship is one of the show’s most exquisite. Hopefully she’ll get more airtime than Phillips.

  3. Priyam says:

    I liked how Grace and Alicia were bonding this season!

  4. did juliana get tired of her too?

    • Mike M says:

      The show’s title should have been changed in Season 4 to “The Wife”; there’s not a lot of “Good” said by anyone about it either on or off screen any more, The show hangs on because of the money people make to get up and go and work on it and keep their opinions to themselves. The future will hold the truth: maybe not in the things said, because there are a great bunch of professional people making this show, but in what does or doesn’t happen in terms of future vehicles that are offered to its star. That said, I’m sure if things get desperate, Archie will give JM a role on her new show as her filing clerk… locked away in a dark back room and only ever seen contacted by phone or email, and hire the King’s to do the publicity on how it’s an incredibly bold, career highlight & event-making role that will break boundaries in television and be loved by her fans.

  5. Clandestine Green says:

    Last season and the 2nd half of season 5 were virtually unwatchable. I think the producers bowed too much to Marguiles’ egotistical and insecure demands. I don’t know if the show can recover from the stupidity of the election, the disintegration of ALL of Alicia’s relationships, the implosion of the firm, and the exit of Kalinda. Saving grace: Christine Baranski. She is so good, I don’t know how Juliana has allowed her to stick around for so long.

    • EJ says:

      Last season really was a disaster. I think CBS and the Kings are well aware of this and are making some big changes. Vega’s reduction of airtime is no loss to the show at all. I read somehere that they’ve built a new set for Peter’s Presidential bid. That sounds interesting.

    • TaMara says:

      Boy, I’m with you. I might tune in to gaze longingly at JDM, but that would be my only reason to return.

    • Jeri says:

      Christine hung in there through Cybil Shepards old show so I hope she can handle JM also. Her departure would end the show.

    • This comment is the smartest thing I have seen anyone say in any of the stories I’ve read about this show. The last season and a half was a train derailment waiting to happen. It was horrible, but somehow you couldn’t look away. It’s almost like I watched just to see how bad it would get this week. I mean, Archie’s scenes with the drug dealer and his kid were downright uncomfortable. I was so glad to see her in San Andreas. I hope she goes very far. As for TGW, unless they really do something to bring it back, I’m thinking it might not make it after this season. Then again, I said when William Petersen left CSI that the show would eventually just run off the road and die in the ditch, and now there’s not a single cast member left and it’s still chugging along. Haven’t watched it in years, but apparently someone is.

    • MJW says:

      l think that Peter and Alicia should have more interaction, she is supposed to be The Good Wife but from her constant dreaming of other fellas it is right that Peter should get divorced from /Alicia and then we could see her reaction, l think Peter still loves his wife and is willing to let her go her own way to a certain extent, she should not be looking out for younger men as lovers, she should really think of others that are in her life and not keep thinking of ME ME ME all the time. l did love the show until Alicis started going all weird. Time to really call time on the show, it has gone as far as it can.

      • MJW says:

        l agree with you. Peter still loves his wife l think and she the silly woman as you said dreams of younger men, can we put it down that Alicia is going through her change. as all women do, l think me go through it as well but differently, but still have mood swings etc., l think Chris Noth plays Peter extremely well -loved him as Mike Logan- and if the show continues on its destructive way he will not hang around for long, and without the character of Peter in the show there would be no point in it at all, as as the title says she is supposed to be a Good Wife, but l think the actress who plays her has sometimes been a bit of a problem for producers and directors. Shame that Kalindas character had to go, but the way the lawyers in the practice are behaving it would be no surprise if the firm actually folds AGAIN. Please either do something to bring it back to what it was, or sadly to cancel the whole show, imo it has gone just far enough for Alicia to make up her mind what she wants and then screen fade.

  6. B says:

    I’m not sure why there is surprise over this. Shouldn’t Grace be off to college? Or is she younger than I thought?

  7. ScandalousEric says:

    I’m not happy they demoted her status! Zach Griener appears in probably the same amount of episodes as a series regular and I care less for his storyline while I enjoy Makenzie’s more! I look forward to her episodes. CBS is making a big mistake!

  8. Jeri says:

    Oh No!! The show is really going downhill. They really needed all the familiar faces to keep the spirit going. Bye Grace, look forward to your visits.

  9. Matty says:

    But will we ever see Robin again?

  10. aph1976 says:

    For all we know this could have been a decision made by both the show and the actress for her not to be a regular anymore.Plus now the show only has to pay her when they use her i think.So maybe the producers were ordered by CBS to save money.

    • Doug Henning says:

      it’s not like she had a high salary anyway… This allows the actress to do other work since she wasn’t used that much .. I think if you are a series regular, you are limited in the other jobs you can do while the show is shooting… they would have to work around her schedule going forward to use her.. I also think she is college age as well based on the time of the show…

  11. Elizabeth says:

    It isn’t realistic that a girl her age would still be living with her mom. She must be going to college soon. Is she going to college and live from home? Grace has to grow up at some point. She hasn’t been an integral part of this show in ages. Most of her dilemmas would not fit in the context of this show.

  12. Bill says:

    I was always a big fan of JM until all this with Archie happened. Never had any inkling she was so selfish and nasty. Whether or not I watch next season depends on how much we see other stars in the mix. Sad MG is leaving but maybe he senses the ship beginning to founder. Bringing JDM on board will help. No wonder JM is always praising the Kings. They let the inmate run the asylum!!!

  13. Penny Bausch says:

    The ONLY show I won’t miss!

    Love, love, love!!

    Instead of getting rid of Will and Kalinda, they should have dumped Michael J Fox!

  14. Patricia Wholley says:

    i haven’t got a clue where Robin went !! Did I miss an episode ? How is she not on the show anymore !!??

  15. Podobna sytuacja ma miejsce w łazience, gdzie siłą rzeczy często eksponujemy różne butelki,
    flakony oraz ręczniki albo suszymy pranie.

  16. Corinne Matthews says:

    I used to love this show and watched it religiously, but JM is running it into the ground. They never should’ve made her producer. I’m glad that Archie Panjabi and Josh Charles are free from it. I’m honestly surprised that Christine Baranski has stayed on considering how underused she was in the last few eps.

  17. For all we know, Makenzie hasn’t been on since season 1 – and she’s been forced to film green screen scenes with JM too, like Kalinda! Seriously, JM seems to be pushing all the original cast away from her – which is a shame since she needs them to make her own character more interesting. Otherwise, we are just going to be left with Alicia, her internal thoughts, and guest stars of the week. Maybe the Kings should have kept a tighter grasp on the show – and not let things get so out of hand.

  18. dman6015 says:

    Margulies upset with another female character?

  19. lynnDon4@yahoo.com says:

    Why the mass exit of such awesome actors and will be missed characters! These loses will have a huge negative impact on story!

  20. Jared says:

    What happened to The Good Wife?!? It used to be one of my favorite shows to watch but after last season and the horrible crestive direction it went into, im asking myself do I even bother watching another season.

  21. Gdyby jakiś ślad po plamie został, aplikujemy na miejsce środek do
    wywabiania plam z dywanów i postępujemy zgodnie z etykietą na opakowaniu.

  22. Debbie Ram says:

    Wonder how much influence Julianna Margulies has in her role as producer on the show regarding who is staying and who is leaving?

  23. jerkseverywhere says:

    Didn’t care that much about her side piece of a man/boss, I did feel hurt that you guys did Archie that way. Julienne needs to realize she is really not that great of an actress and Archie was an exceptional piece of that puzzle. IMO

  24. NC says:

    I will miss MG as he was very easy on the eye. But if there is more of AC then I will be happy.

  25. Tom says:

    Margo Martindale is one of the best actors going these days. Will look forward to her going head to head with Eli next season.

  26. NE43 says:

    Just caught up with Season 6. Was thinking how good MV is as the daughter who so loves her complicated mother. TGW is still a great show with outstanding performances, though the plot lines strain credulity. It’s crazy that Peter would be in contention for national office — but in a year with something like 16 presidential candidates on the GOP side a brutal look into the egotism of candidates could be powerful. JM still holds the show’s center. I don’t care if she plays nice or not.

  27. This has to be the last season. CBS needs to do a mercy killing on this show.

  28. joe adams says:

    The show is on it’s way down. Actors are leaving a sinking ship.

  29. Scrabblgal says:

    The show seems to be all over. I liked Grace’s character and what she brought. I will give season 7 a chance but it it can’t pull a few things together I’m done. I agree. It should be called “the wife”

  30. Mary nix says:

    J d Morgan is super delicious

  31. MJW says:

    When are we here in the UK going to see the new series of the Good Wife, all l am interested in seeing is as to how are Alicia and Peter going to get along, she should stop making it all about herself and does not care about others.But l think that Chris Noth can handle Joannas tantrums on set, he is a professional.