Teen Wolf Recap: Without a Tracy

Teen Wolf Season 5

Guys, what the bleep-bloop happened to Tracy? Less than a week ago, she was merely a sweet, normal high-school student — ignoring her penchant for randomly puking up black gunk and feathers, of course — but after Monday’s Teen Wolf… I don’t know what she is.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I know she’s a Kanima, a fact Scott and his pals discovered after a trip to Doctor Deaton went south — and I mean Tracy’s-back-opened-and-her-spine-became-a-whipping-tail south. (Seriously, that was the grossest moment in Teen Wolf history, and I loved every second of it. Also, a moment of silence for Kanima Jackson. … Thank you.)

After a bit of banshee/kitsune detective work, Lydia and Kira deduced that Tracy’s victims — a list that included her father, her psychiatrist and two armed police officers — were all people who tried to help her. This led them to believe she was unknowingly suffering from “homicidal somnambulism,” the latter term I recall from that episode of The Powerpuff Girls where that zombie magician seeks revenge on the city. But I digress… The girls’ discovery bumped Mama Martin to the top of her to-murder list and put a serious dent in her date with Sheriff Stilinski. (Oh, yeah, that happened. Permission to freak out?!)

Anyway, Kira went full Dragon Ball Z on Tracy’s ass, emitting a blinding red light and slicing off her freaky spine tail. This left ol’ Trace in Malia’s hands, though she barely got a good punch in before their fight was broken up by the Doctors, who proceeded to terminate the little experiment they started last week. (Great first impression, guys.)

So maybe I should have been more specific earlier: Tracy was a kanima. Rest in peace, girl.

Teen Wolf Season 5INNER-CIRCLE | While the Teen Wolf veterans were busy getting physical with Tracy, Liam took Mason — who redefines what it means to be an eager beaver — on a fact-finding mission with Brett, who somehow managed to wear a shirt for an entire scene (though obviously not the scene pictured to the right.) Their mission didn’t yield any new information about Tracy, but the discovery of an empty hole in the ground did lead them to an unexpected conclusion: Someone other than Tracy (aka Donovan) was buried and reborn as something else in the woods. I’m sure Mason’s got a supernatural chubby just thinking about next week’s episode.

Teen Wolf Season 5BABY, YOU (CAN’T) DRIVE MY CAR | This week’s C-plot found Malia back in the driver’s seat, this time with Lydia as her passenger-side instructor. Ignoring the fact that this is totally illegal (don’t you have to be 21+ to ride with an unlicensed driver?), it also reinforced my preconceived notion that Malia + four wheels = danger. I assume the arrival of the Desert Wolf later this season will help to fill in the missing pieces of this puzzle, but I’m not so sure I want that to happen. (We all know the sooner she shows up, the sooner Stiles lands in a car-related predicament of his own.)

Tell me, Teen Wolf faithful, what’s your take on this week’s episode? Do you trust Theo now? And more importantly, do you support this apparent pairing of Stiles’ dad and Lydia’s mom?! Drop a comment with your every thought below.


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  1. nate says:

    So was she a shapeshifter or something cause she was Def a wolf at first right?

    • mpsutts says:

      No i dont think she was a wolf or maybe anything at first. I think the Doctors experimented on her and made her something. Her departure is kinda a bummer, seems like a missed oportunity to let such a great character go. Also im so glad Mama Martin finally knows, she was like the last parent to have no idea which is even stranger since her mom was a Banshee…

      • Andrew says:

        I was hoping that Scott would do the same thing Derek did to Jackson. Turn her into a werewolf and have her be part of the pack.

  2. alex says:

    yeah a gory gruesome ep
    strange that Tracy was a Kanima seems a bit recycled but a decent ep nonetheless
    btw aren’t the actors lydias mon and the sheriff married in real life???

  3. yup says:

    Stiles should be batman . I hate the way they make alpha Scott so weak at times he is the alpha . Malia gets up before him and then Theo comes in and picks him up . I really hate the way they make the alpha character Scott .

    • Rook says:

      Scott got scratched by Kanima Tracy while Malia got a small cut on her wrist. My thought was that she had less or the Kanima’s paralytic venom in her. But Scott should have been able to get up before Stiles and Deaton.

  4. Kait says:

    Weird that Liam’s girl from his past that had Tracy’s claws in her arms healed. Wonder if she’s gonna be a were-something/kanima now since she seemed pretty confused by her healing like that. The pack does need a female werewolf

  5. Will says:

    Trust Theo? Last episode we watched him break his FAKE FATHER’S hand for a slip up. :/

  6. Amers says:

    @ yup, I agree with your comment about Scott being weak at times when he is suppose to be the alpha. I’ve always thought that making Scott an alpha, especially a true alpha, came too in the series.

    I hate that Tracy’s character came and left so quick. I liked her and that’s a female character I would’ve liked for Scott’s pack.

  7. Andrew says:

    When Lydia was in the beginning of the first episode she was in the shower and than they panned down to a wound by her waist, so in this episode when Kira was trying to fight Tracy (sad that she died) Lydia got hit on the waist where the scar or wound in the first episode were. Maybe thats what lead her to be in Eichen House.

    • Darien says:

      What we’re seeing are all flashbacks. So us seeing Lydia at Eichen house is in the present. Jeff said it himself.

  8. Flashrow says:

    I dont get it, now Kira has some fire powers, because that fox looks to me nothing electric. Also, I think Tracy wasn’t just a kanima, I think the doctors mix creatures and she was a hybrid of Werewolf and Kanima

  9. Mbizto says:

    Can someone tel me When this season will end cz its freaking awesome

  10. Evan says:

    Tonight was great… we finally got to see a Powered Up Kira! Also did anyone notice that when Maila shifted to fight Tracie she looked exactly like Peter!!

  11. Maryann says:

    A few random comments:

    The Doctors are just over the top. My least favorite villains so far.
    Loved Tracy and was looking forward to her story. What a waste!
    Loved Scott’s mom and Stiles’ dad together!
    Making Scott so weak just doesn’t fit.
    What’s with the creepy hand-breaking imposter?

  12. Gerri says:

    If I recall a Kanima is an under developed or “not ready” person to turn completely werewolf. Which makes sense since Tracy was artificially turned by the doctors. But I too think they are doing some hybrid combo thing so the supernatural rules didn’t apply to her.
    I hope there were cameras that caught the Doctors in the Police Basement. Glad they didn’t harm Malia.
    Not loving Mason being in the inner circle. It’s fine he knows, but he doesn’t need to be involved in all the investigations and stuff.

  13. robandco says:

    I am always so lost during the first 4-5 episodes of every season of this show. I don’t know why… Maybe because I have a very limited interest in the show.
    Anyway, I don’t like the bad guys. I do not enjoy omnipotent enemies like that. But it looks promising.

    • ingesaunders says:

      Agree with you, the bad guys feels a bit ridiculous to me. And I understand that they are supposed to be mysterious but oh my word, what’s up with the outfits and goggles? Maybe it’s just my preference for villains who have a veneer of humanity even though they are pure evil aka Theo :)

  14. Lezra says:

    I want to know what parish (the deputy) is?

  15. wendie says:

    Yea! Kira finally got her freak on!

  16. unknown says:

    When will this season end the suspense is killing me

  17. Ella says:

    I loved that the girls got to kick butt this episode while the boys were paralysed. Felt so bad for little Tracy though :( I’m also now rather worried about Stiles because we know he’s going to have a car accident and that is definitely going to happen protecting Malia from her mother, who all these car flashbacks have to lead up to. I adore those two but I like them smiley. In other shallow news, I preferred Shelley’s longer hair.

  18. AndyFromTheBlack says:

    Don’t be donks .. obvious Scott is the main character, he is the true alpha and probably he will kill the main monster at the end of the season … This is how a plot is made …Other else we should have no action and Scott kill from the first episod every danger …. he already killed that dangerous monster in first episode . the others had problems with him .

  19. B says:

    What kind of car was Malia driving???

  20. lyssandri says:

    Is Brett part of the Hale family? He mentioned all of his family was killed in a fire, which is what happened to them…