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Supernatural Season 11: The Darkness Invades! — What Happens Next?


TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

It’s the end of the world as we know it — again — on Supernatural.

Last season’s finale found the CW series shrouded by Darkness — literally — as the Mark of Cain was removed from Dean’s arm. But without a new host to act as its lock and key, the old evil was unleashed on Earth, the dark and stormy-looking cloud eventually overtaking an immobile Sam and Dean. Now the Winchesters have a new, troubling problem that doesn’t seem like it can easily be fixed by a spell. (Wish you stuck with the Mark now, don’t you, boys?)

Meanwhile, witchy Rowena used her magical prowess to compel Castiel to kill Crowley. As the two faced off against each other, it appeared a fight was imminent. Alas, the finale cut to another scene before we could witness if Cas would go attack dog on the King of Hell.

With two big issues facing the CW drama when it returns for Season 11 on Oct. 7, we invite you rewatch The Darkness invade before reviewing our poll options and sharing your predictions for how the cliffhangers will shake out.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ellie says:

    F) I stop watching, because the finale was dumb as sh*t.

    • Ebony says:

      Well that’s a dumb reason

      • Ellie says:

        You’re right – I’ll stop watching because the last two seasons have been dumb as sh*t. Regurgitated, pointless “the brothers lie to each other” plotlines; Cas and Crowley spinning their wheels; all characters showing any signs of life promptly killed off. The groan-inducing finale was just the cherry on top. I’m embarassed that TVLine would bother promoting it.

    • BG says:

      Since the brothers have been with many women over the years, I would like the show to offspring of Sam and Dean, which they didn’t know they had. And they discover their children will have been pursued by the Winchester’s trouble, and will want to join Sam and Dean for their protection and education.

  2. The Darkness takes on human form and calls itself “Erebus” :)

  3. Linda says:

    With both Mark and Misha doing Comic Con for Supernatural, you already know that outcome; neither dies.

    • Rachel says:

      No offense, but how do you figure that? Jim Beaver has been at plenty of comic cons supporting Supernatural since his character was killed off. And like it’s been well established… Just because you die on Supernatural, doesn’t mean you don’t come back ;)

      • Linda says:

        Plenty? His character was killed off in the end of 2011 and then his ghost was around for the rest of the season seven (mid 2012). He’s been only on that 2012 panel after his death.

    • jude says:

      I agree, Linda. There’s no way Warner Brothers is plastering Cas’ and Crowley’s faces on the Official SUPERNATURAL ComicCon bag if they weren’t going to be regulars again for Season 11.

    • Actually, and sadly, at Comic Con Mark says he is dead and gone. I am still hopeful that those comments were meant to mislead because I love Mark Sheppard.

  4. Drew says:

    My worry is that the Darkness will turn out like the Leviathans. A super scary, vaguely powerful force that has no real story behind it so an entire season is wasted on spinning wheels and horrible stories about horrible villains.
    But, this could also be a way of redoing that type of story, but doing it right. It all depends on whether or not the writers thought out the Darkness story before they pulled that trigger. Carver has always said that he had a multi-year arc planned out, so I am going to assume that they know what they’re doing until I see otherwise. I just have no idea what this story will look like.
    I do hope that Castiel kills Crowley. He is long past his “best if used by” date, and the Darkness could be a way to restore some really bad villains to the show again. Crowley has never come close to Yellow Eyes, Lucifer, Meg, or many of the other earlier demons. He is comic relief.
    As for where the show is ultimately headed… Right now, it seems like Sam and Dean are slowly becoming the big villains of the series. They keep making selfish decisions which lead to chaos and death. Unless they change course soon, they may become the hunted ones by the end of the series.

    • Ari says:

      I miss Meg!

      • Drew says:

        Meg 1.0 or Meg 2.0?
        I like them both, but Nicki Aycox will always be the one that my mind goes to first.

      • tlc says:

        Rachel Miner made a movie in 2013 that is supposed to be released this month. It’s called Frank the Bastard. It looks interesting.

    • Darion says:

      If you don’t like Supernatural, don’t freaking watch it. It’s fairly simple, the less you watch the less you complain, I mean seriously the whole “Demon Dean arc being longer and more gruesome and bloodier,” is pathetic, did you guys suddenly forget about Episode 21 titled The Prisoner? Dean eradicated the Stynes and it was bloody mess. The whole idea of a Demon Dean season would have been suitable for Season 3 as a 16 episode season. As for the whole “brother lying to brother” thing, what do you think had made Supernatural such a good show? The creatures mythology? That’s doesn’t even make half of the reason. The internal challenges that the brothers have every season is what makes the show so interesting. If there was none of these family issues arc weaved into the main storyline then Supernatural wouldn’t be much of a show. Don’t get me wrong Season 10 has had it’s highs and lows but overall it was a great season. A bit more of the comic relief episodes would have been nice. Let’s just hope that season 11 will be just as good (and hopefully not the last.)

      • enya says:

        I agree with you i just miss those episodes when dean and sam would go on a case and the whole episode would be about that case. I hope season 11 will have more of that eaven if i doubt it.

      • enya says:

        I agree I liked season 10 and the final too but i just miss those old episodes of the first 5 seasons when dean and sam would work a case. I hope season 11 will have more of that eaven if i doubt it.

    • Alyan says:

      the leviathans were one of the toughest monsters they fought i loved it

  5. anna says:

    i love Crowley i hope he is alright

  6. Ninamags says:

    We should be so lucky that Castiel dies. The darkness has been unleashed so it eventually has to become a person, no?

  7. Andreea says:

    Guys! Crowley can’t be killed by Cass! For all we know, he can only be killed by the First Blade, right? And the First Blade is useless now, since the Mark is off Dean… So unless our little angel has another way to ice the King of Hell up his sleeve, Crowley is safe!

    • Drew says:

      Crowley should be killable enough. Certainly an angel blade would do it. He is really just a lowly demon with a little bit of extra juice. He’s not like

  8. I’m still trying to figure out the darkness that covers the earth because the Mark is gone. That would mean there would be nothing….no electricity, no phones, etc. Seems to me that god would need to intervene for any outcome.

  9. Mark says:

    Will they ever pick up the story of michael and lucifer being locked in the cage?

    • Jane says:

      Why would they? As long as they stay locked in there it doesn’t make any difference.

      • Ines says:

        Because the Darkness was only stopped by God and Lucifer was the one who guarded the lock/cage it was in. Since there is no God and Sam and Dean are not powerful enough to kill, Michael and Lucifer are the best alternatives to fight this evil. That is, if they don’t pull a Leviathan and turn the Darkness into something lame. Besides, it would stop the on going joke of how they left Adam in the cage.

        • Drew says:

          There is a God… He has just been subtle in how he observes and sways situations. Sometimes he steps in (bringing Cas back from splatterdom) and sometimes he lets people/demons/angels dig their own hole. But he is still around. We saw him in the 200th episode.

  10. Kim Dykes says:

    I Absolutely love Supernatural, been a big huge fan since 2005. I love each and every episode. Cannot wait until this call and what happens to “The boys” and our loved Castel and Crowley.

    • jude says:

      Bless your heart, Kim. Like you I sit in the backseat of the Impala and can’t wait to see where the boys will take us next on this great family roadtrip. I got hooked on the brotherly relationship and the supernatural battles on that 1st night ( 9/13/2005 ) and have NEVER missed an episode. I may like some episodes more than others but I have enjoyed every one . Crowley and Cas just round out the family dynamics.

      • Jane says:

        Agree with both of you and appreciate fans who still love the show. Have I thought every episode was perfect, no. Have I liked some seasons better than others, yes. Am I still ticked off that they killed Bobby, absolutely! But after 10 years the show is still my favorite and I eagerly anticipate sitting down to watch every one of them. I can hardly wait for season 11. I cry, I laugh, I worry about “our boys” and Baby every week. Here’s hoping there are many more.

  11. Chuck (Dieu) va les téléportez dans un autre endroit comme il l’a fait avec la venue de Lucifer et Crowley va faire un sort pour libérez Castiel .

  12. FOREVER J2 says:

    Loved this season finale but please do not do stories like leviathans was worse season and The darkness has great potential for good stories and villains. 😃

  13. Normandy says:

    Darkness takes human form and mopes around for 21 episodes while Dean and Sam have trust issues with one another, and then instead of killing Sam and Dean right away, Darkness pushes them against the wall, knocks them out, ties them up, and then tells them his master plan while they untie themselves and proceed to kill Darkness with one blow.

    • EG555 says:

      Clearly you’re part of the writing team since this is pretty much exactly what we can expect to see. Oh for the days of actually scary baddies and tight plots and character development and CONTINUITY.

  14. I can usually suspend disbelief on SPN, mainly due to Jensen’s excellent acting, but not this time. It’s not Jensen’s fault, either, it’s just that the writing was so terrible. The solution to get rid of the Mark of Cain was just as half-baked as I thought it would be, like that stupid blood cure, which shouldn’t have worked in the first place. The CW PR department spun S10 as “The Year of the Deanmon.” Too bad they didn’t stick to that. A season watching Demon Dean rampage would have been better than that stupid, drawn out Marked!Dean (will he or won’t he go berserk and evil again) craptastrophe that we actually got, but oh no, Carver gets rid of Demon Dean after 3 lousy episodes.

    The whole finale seemed off. Dean is supposed to kill Sam? I never believed that one for a second. Dean kills Death? Rowena suddenly has enough mojo to hex cassbutt and Crowley, when her most powerful hex bag couldn’t do the trick on Crowley before? Please. I’ve read better fanfiction. At least those writers actually read what they wrote before. The writers on the show apparently don’t.

    And the Darkness? *Coughs*Lost smoke monster ripoff*Coughs* I hope that doesn’t become a Leviathan rehash, but given the show’s painfully cheap special effects budget that’s a distinct possibility. As far as who gets killed next season? I nominate cassbutt, Rowena, and Claire. Given that Carver’s in charge I know that won’t happen, but hey, I can dream.

    • Drew says:

      Supernatural has been using the evil black smoke for quite some time now. Why are you suddenly upset about it?
      A season of demon Dean sounds great, as long as you’re willing to end that season with his death and leave him that way. As long as you’re cool with Dean Winchester going out as a rabid beast and not even an evil of his own making.
      A season of demon Dean would have to be brutal and bloody. Dean is not a minion demon. He would make Yellow Eyes look like Garth. And after all of that bloody death, you can’t just whammo him back to normal. He would have to die for good. Is that what you want?
      And of course, the mark would have still been an issue.

  15. Robin says:

    The good ol Duex et Machina will save Cas and Crowley before they have the opportunity to kill one another. Either that or Crowley will do some talking and remind Cas of what he is. I don’t think that Cas would ever kill Crowley, and vise versa. They seem to be…. well…. sort of friends and I am a big Crowstiel fan so who knows.
    As far as Dean and Sam go, I vote that the Impala acted like a sheild, or they will be immediately zapped out of harms way like in that one season opener where they ended up on a plane with no explanation.

    • Robby says:

      Don’t kill the Angel and the Demon, what will that do to the Supernatural spin-off “Crowley and Cas” – The New Sit-Rom-Com from the CW.

    • Robby says:

      It was explained that God put the bros. on the plane and cleaned out Sam’s demon blood.

  16. SweetStephen says:

    I think that Sam & Dean will get bumped and bruised around a bit from the cloud of darkness, but they will come out of it. The darkness will destroy everything In it’s wake while unlocking the gates of hell and the pearly gates of heaven. And open the cage releasing lucifer and Michael. Cass with a huge team of high level angels and Crowley with his high level demons will have to team up together to try regaining control and beating back the darkness. Rowena with the book of the damned is unstoppable and no where to be found. She is the most powerful witch and being on the earth.

  17. Gatekeeper says:

    The series should had ended at season 5 but guess where there is money to be made squeeze it till you kill the fans interest.

    • Drew says:

      Season 5 was a series finale. Season 6 was a sequel. Season 7 was another. Then season 8 forward has been another extended sequel arc, more like the first five years.
      This is the best way to view the show. If you don’t like the sequels, just stop watching at the end of season 5 and you have a complete story.

  18. Tracy says:

    Dean killed Death – doesn’t that mean he will become the new Death and with Sam, Cas, Crowley and God’s help be able to defeat the Darkness? God and Death were the ones who defeated it the first time! I’d love to see God and Crowley working side by side, Cas dealing with his daddy issues and Dean trying to manage Reapers while Sam tries to keep everyone from going homicidal!

    • Justin Morgan says:

      no the scythe and the ring were destroyed when dean killed death and those are where the power of the pale horseman come from so with those destroyed the powers of death are destroyed too

  19. Sarah Grice says:

    If the darkness has been released does that mean lucifer and michael have been released from prison? Was it not god and the angels that drove away the darkness in the first place. Does that mean if lucifer and michael come back that both will work side by side to drive the darkness away again.

  20. Sarah Grice says:

    Will lucifer and michael come back and work together to drive the darkness away again like they helped do before?

  21. Wayne says:

    The show ends. There’s nothing left to do and now SPN is like a dead pile of dust. I mean, it used to be a horse but – yeah, they pulverised that.

  22. Bobby says:

    Castel kills Crowley, but due to Death being dead, he doesn’t die. The Winchesters survive for a similar reason.

  23. Robin says:

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  24. justpaste.it says:

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  25. enya says:

    I like season 10 and the final too but i just miss those old episodes of the first 5 seasons when dean and sam would work a case. I hope season 11 will have more of that eaven if i doubt it.

  26. Lisa says:

    All these creatures start trying to get in there car John also appears telling them they need to leave now castile shows up as well and says he agrees. John wants to tell the sam and dean something. castile says no time and poofs the boys out of the car.

  27. Denise Reyna says:

    If castiel or crowley dies, I’m done! I can’t handle it. Still recovering from Bobby and Charlie….I will still watch the show but I won’t be happy!

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    nawet na pionowych ścianach, są natomiast droższe.

  29. Im done with supernatural season 10 was a dissaster Demon Dean SL cut too short , Crowley and Roweena mother issues boerd me to death i fast forward most of their scenes , Castiel with Hannah pointless Castiel with Claire dont get me started he was my fav char until season 10 ruined him Carver and those hack writers turned a powerfull angel warrior into a pathetic weak creature who didnt know what the frigging forbbidon fruit was that Eve tempted Adam and had to have Crowley tell him who is only 300 years old and Cas is supposed to be around since creatures crawled out of the sea. SAM turned out to be more of a monster then Dean by the end with his selfish attitude which pissed me off because i really wanted Sam to be the hero for a change. SO THANK YOU CARVER FOR SCREWING UP SEASON 10 !!! I wont be tunning in for season11.

  30. Aaron says:

    The angels recurringly mentionthat one day God just got up and left. So maybe in order for God to lock away The Darkness, he had to sacrifice himself to ensure that the darkness wouldn’t return

    • Justin Morgan says:

      no he left long after the darkness was locked up after the darkness he created heaven, then leviathans, then locked them into purgatory, then angels, then earth, then man, after lucifer corrupted humanity he ordered Michael to lock up satan then he left

  31. Jean Arrington says:

    Black smoke sends Sam and Dean into a hallucinogenic state that lasts several episodes. They get out finally when Tessa gets promoted to be the new death and saves them. Cas kills the human part of Crowley and Crowley reincarnates with some serious mojo and a large chip on his shoulder. Megatroll comes back and puts a leash on Cas and makes him his pet.

    What happens to angels and demons when they get stuck? Obilivion? I never quite figured that out.

  32. EG555 says:

    What I’d like to happen in S11: The Darkness finally pushes the show into that dark apocalyptic place that past seasons have only teased and/or totally skirted. Nothing should be unaffected by such a major global event. Even MOTW one-off eps should show the impact of The Darkness on the rest of the country. But this will require creativity and breaking out of the rut the writers have kept the show stuck in for the last few seasons. So….

    What I think will happen in S11: High hopes followed by 22 episodes of disappointment at stale characterizations, manufactured/recycled melodrama, and complete dismissal of the show’s own canon.

  33. Elle says:


  34. Paula says:

    It has been an exciting show with many twists and turns. The cast just keeps getting better and the stories always bring family and true friendship into light which is lacking on television. As a parent I was a bit skeptical about some subject matter but after watching many shows, I now understand and love the humor and seriousness of the show. The writers have done a wonderful job knowing how young people view things. I appreciate this most of all. I also am thankful for teaching the good fight. Keep up the good work. BTW, I have no idea how much my sister in law makes ;)

  35. they are going to need to find God this season. It is the only way they can stop the darkness, it is a good thing that they killed death because being immortal is going to be useful

  36. So I think it’s impossible to truly know that answer until we know if this is the last season of the show.. more so since this is the last season Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are under contract I assume that if there is no word in the next month about new contracts then it will be the end.. and so there will be all sorts of different possible outcomes.

  37. alice says:

    I think it would be Interesting but I hope it is not the end for show or at least they make a strong ending not like dexter.this season is everything to me so I hope they make it more unpredictable not like last seasons so much clear.

  38. Kenzie says:

    I love supernatural. Every episode and every season! I cant wait to see what happens next.

  39. Jennei says:

    So, just my take, and hope for the new season, John finally succumbed to torture, and is a demon. Leading hell in a crusade against the boys, specifically Sam, whom he blames for his wife’s death, his own down hill life spiral, and hid eventual death, none of which would have happened if Sam had not been born.

    • DC says:

      John Winchester, as far as I can remember, escaped hell at the end of (I believe it was, season 2). Remember, he climbed out, & grabbed yellow eyes for a few moments to give Dean enough time to put a Colt slug in his chest. He is either in Heaven, or is a Ghost somewhere… I’m not really sure what’s up with the Souls that were in heaven before Metatron.

  40. Rick says:

    We all know Supernatural had bad episodes but name one other series EVER that owned it and agreed! The self-deprecating critique of “Bugs” and “Ghost Ship” in an actual episode is the sort of writing that has keep me a fan for 11 seasons now!

  41. Bryan says:

    If Crowley dies I’ll be PISSED!!!

  42. DC says:

    The Darkness will have something to do with Castiel and Crowley’s fight. I don’t think Rowena really accounted for the Darkness when she put her spell on Castiel, so maybe the darkness will take them both over and cancel out what She did to Cas.

  43. Jeanette says:

    I can’t wait!!! To see what happens to cas does he kick the spell before it’s to late does crowley die?? How does the darkness mess with sam and Dean how was the impala come to play?? Omg so many questions come on October already

  44. Connie Monroe says:

    For the love of ratings, do not kill castiel.

  45. Bob Sagget says:

    This show has become extremely, dumb.

  46. donut1981 says:

    I hope crowley gets lol

  47. Kitty says:

    I personally love the show and watched it from day one up till now and will continue to watch all the new ones they come out with. Though. I admit Crowley was my favorite character WHY did you kill him? haha, right he die… I doubt it same with cas both will be up and running around next season that’s my vision.