A.D. The Bible Continues Cancelled

A.D. Bible Continues Ratings

As it turns out, The Bible won’t continue… at least not on NBC.

The Peacock Net isn’t moving forward with a second season of A.D. The Bible Continues, our sister site Deadline reports. 

A follow-up to the History miniseries The Bible (which debuted to 13 million viewers in spring 2013), A.D. premiered on Easter Sunday with nearly 10 million total viewers and a 2.3 demo rating, but by Week 4 was mustering barely half those numbers. Its final four outings hovered around 4 million viewers and a 0.7 rating.

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Its lead-out, American Odyssey, was cancelled earlier this week.
Though announced as an event series, the network had been thinking of continuing A.D.; in April, Deadline notes, the writing team was hashing out Season 2 scripts.

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  1. Erika says:

    NBC = Nothing but cancelations
    And NBC still f**k it up itself.

  2. Another show I was saving up that’s gone kaput.

  3. Daya says:

    I was under the impression that it was a limited series, like the first one.


  4. Lucifer says:

    This was always billed as a miniseries. Obviously most shows with that label (along with “event series”) tend to come back if they perform well enough, but the expectation was always a one-and-done show.

  5. Jeff says:

    The book was better.

  6. Ben says:

    It seems kind of odd when there is really only one season to go and you’d think the thing is finished. But ok then.

  7. Pkass says:

    Please don’t cancel this show. It seems that all the decent shows get cancelled after you really get into it. Please reconsider. Thanks

    • Martoukian says:

      TVLine didn’t cancel it–you’d be better served (though probably no more successful) writing NBC.

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    First American Odyssey now A.D. The Bible Continues? Another year for a very disappointing Sunday night line-up on NBC. Where do they go from here?

  9. Alisha says:

    Times like these call for a show as this, do not cancel.

  10. Rev. Jon O. Nessle says:

    I think the series compromised. It was not accurate enough. I have been a Bible researcher for over 35 years and am writing my 6th book ( Some on Amazon.). If they consulted someone like me, maybe they’ d have more viability.

  11. graze says:

    I’m not surprised. It didn’t really follow the source book too carefully, was too violent and on too late for a family to watch together. All this probably alienated the main demo of viewers that would have wanted to watched it even if the show’s overall quality wasn’t too good. On the other hand, the show’s quality and storyline kept the majority of other demos away, if they watched it at all.

  12. John says:

    Shoot. Now we’ll never know how it ends. :-( bummer

  13. Carolyn Heinrich says:

    Sure, anything religious doesn’t stand a chance in this liberal world. Such a shame but that is typical of your station. Only the violent, sexual programs are what you shove on us.

    • Angela says:

      1. The decision to cancel the show has nothing to do with “this liberal world”. They cancelled it because the show didn’t get a lot of viewers. Just like they do with any other show that doesn’t bring in viewership for their station. If you feel the need to yell at someone about this, yell at the viewers who didn’t watch (and there could be a whole host of reasons why they didn’t).
      2. In regards to the “violent, sexual” programs…ummm…correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a whole lot of violence and sex in the BIble, too? I don’t recall that book being all that squeaky clean and innocent in its content, either. So…yeah.

      • Jane L. says:

        Spot on Angela! And for her to say anything relgious doesn’t stand a chance in this liberal world is ridiculous considering that The Bible miniseries from two years ago had HUGE ratings.

  14. B. W. Zaczek says:

    What would Jesus Do?

  15. I can’t believe they cancelled this program, this is a beautiful program how could you take it off. I was so interesting and I was learning so much about Jesus. I was drawn into learn more about Jesus Christ and see the things how Christianity how it started and the struggles to learn about Jesus. I beg you please return this program, it is beautiful and I was learning so much . Please let us learn more about Jesus Christ.

  16. Mieka31 says:

    Hmmm…A Biblical series cancelled by a liberal-controlled network. Are we surprised? They will not be happy until all we can watch on TV are the kardashians and caitlyn. Sickening. I guess NBC is just another network to add to my list to boycott. I am up to three (abc for removoing the soaps, tvland for the Dukes, and now nbc for this and their treatment of Donald Trump. Oh, and I know my capitalization is off. None of these networks or people deserve the attention of capital letters).

    • S. says:

      Are you kidding? Networks are owned by corporations whose sole obligation is to make money for shareholders. Sounds like a conservative value to me. The free market is important until it means your show can’t earn its keep on tv in which case it should be propped up artificially? Gotcha. Also, you’d think if you hated the Kardashians so much, E! would be on your boycotted networks list since they’re the ones who actually air them. The last thing the other networks are gonna do is try to get you to watch someone else’s reality show, but okay. ABC dropped the soaps and NBC dropped this because not enough people were watching to justify the cost. Period, the end. Your beef is with your fellow viewers and I’m not sure how you’re gonna boycott them. I love how your “capitalization is off” and you try to make it some symbolic gesture but you said “NBC” just fine earlier on in the post. You spent more time and effort on a fake explanation for why you dropped the capitalization than if you’d just gone back and fixed your typos.

    • Angela says:

      FYI, NBC also cancelled “Hannibal” recently, a show that, from what I understand, was quite heavy on the gore and was beloved by critics-I don’t know what the political leanings of most viewers of that show were, but I’d be willing to bet there weren’t a lot of conservatives watching it (feel free to prove me wrong, though, conservatives!). They’ve cancelled a LOT of shows that were more liberal in their mindset, actually-the network doesn’t really care what the political leanings of a TV series is when they decide to keep or cancel it. What matters more than anything to network execs are ratings and viewers, and if they’re not getting either of those, a show is gone. Period. End of story.
      Also, PLENTY of liberals cannot stand the Kardashians-the only reason I’m even aware of who they are is because of the clips they show when I watch “The Soup”, otherwise I couldn’t care less about them. And while many liberals may support Caitlyn’s transformation, many of them probably aren’t going to watch her reality show.
      And on the note of Caitlyn, by the way, a little newsflash for you, in case you don’t know: Caitlyn Jenner? Is a Republican. Yep. So by your logic conservatives everywhere should be embracing and watching her show, so as to support more conservative-leaning programming to balance out that “liberal-controlled” stuff…right?

  17. c. d. romious says:

    A.D. was my favorite show….once again you took one of the best sows off television…. signed you lost an NBC viewer….but…that’s not important to you.

    • Tani says:

      Perhaps History Channel will pick it up. The thing to do is write to History Channel and persuade them to carry the show on. There is a LOT of history to be filmed here. They didn’t even get to the Peter versus Paul fiasco that comes in later – and the stuff that happens with the gentile xians versus the Jewish ones (which basically causes the BIG split btw). I’m not religious, but imo, it was interesting.

      I didn’t like the characters portrayed by the apostles, tho, they seemed too nyaa nyaa nyaaa – and they picked some UGLY actors. THAT might have had a lot to do with low ratings, who knows. I AM surprised it got low ratings considering the numbers of evangelicals in the country. I’d have thought they’d watch it. Perhaps they should have watched it just to give support. I’m a sci fi fan, and even if a show is kind of EH, I watch, just for support.

      Also a problem is that the ratings DO NOT pick up on people who record everything to DVR to watch at their leisure, which I do. I watch nothing “live.” I am sad and surprised to see the show get canned.

  18. Ron Reitz says:

    Seems they could cut MSNBC. They have less viewers than anyone.

    • Diane Pankratz says:

      LOL! EXACTLY, that is IF they actually care just about ratings.. MSNBC would have been cancelled decades ago:)

  19. Gerald says:

    The show was okay. I love the story. For the most part it was played out and I didn’t see it as being picked up for a second season, but then they ended on a cliff hanger. I think NBC would do well with a wrap up movie. That could be easily done.

    • Diane Pankratz says:

      I’d have preferred to see 2hr blocks. I JUST finished watching 11 & 12 today on DVR. All the others I watched immediately the next day…I work nights. That said, this bites, I hope season 2 will at least be available on DVD sometime, I’ll buy it.

      I believe that cerebral shows have little lifespan in today’s mindless, quick entertainment. I’m a victim too, of the immediate gratification society. Even my microwave gets told to hurry up:) Patience is a virtue that is sorely lacking today. Maybe another network could pick this up.

  20. Paula McDuffy says:

    Very disappointed to learn of this cancellation. I do hope NBC will reconsider or another station will have the foresight to pick up this “quality” program.

  21. -Should have been kept to a mini-series (3-4 night two hour episodes over a 2-week). Stretching it out to one-hour a week over 12 weeks, doomed it to fail. Without promotion no one remembered it was coming on every Sunday.

  22. Timot says:

    It all comes down the cold blooded matter of ratins! A.D. The Bible Continues couldn’t hold on to the very high rating it enjoyed when it started. N B C just pulled the plug!

    • Ive been a viewer on nbc for most of my life. Because some dumbass showed youre true colors this weekend at Daytona international speedway, I will be boycotting NBC. Maybe Donald Trump Can help You> Lol

  23. Jennie says:

    LOVED THE SHOW!!! DO NOT CANCEL! Was looking forward to the second season. Hope another channel picks it up!

  24. Lynne says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed A.D. The Bible and looked forward to watching on Sunday evenings.
    Sorry to see that it is cancelled and hope another network will pick up the continuing episodes.

  25. Diane Pankratz says:

    MSNBC has just 145,000 viewers. Why are they STILL on????????????

  26. There is a idiotic decision by NBC
    I hope this series moved to History Channel
    And then this is a another decisions by NBC are still the liberal television

  27. This the disappointed things about this series

  28. Don’t cancel “AD the Bible Continues”. It’s very exciting and true. I’ve learned so much about our past. Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, or whatever, the story is still true. Nobody has to change their believes. Please don’t cancel a good show to continue the smut that airs on our TV sets.

  29. Evelyn Jose says:

    Ok I won’t frankincense curse but I will explain how mad I am, one minute I am enjoying AD the Bible Continues the next I am searching for reasons you took it off the networks can put crap shows on TV make dum movies such as scary movie and so on but the importance of God or his son is not worthy of TV could you please explain what has this world come to not to want to know the history of the bible. I know what it is no morals no values people don’t want to hear good they rather look at a movie that have violence nudity and bad language and then ok that gives them something to complain about or blame the movie studios that their kids watch that movie or that person killed that person cause they watch it on TV wow keep up the good work NBC…

  30. Kalli says:

    For a show literally named ‘The Bible Continues’, I’m sure a lot of people tuned in only to find it jarring and confusing to see a full recast.

  31. Marisol says:

    Please bring A.D. Back. It is a necessary show.

    • Evelyn Jose says:

      It is sad we can turn on the television and see programs that some may think are funny or comedy some programs that are stupid non educational nor have purpose. But this program has meaning, it is educational, it was spiritual and growth about the bible Jesus and how we became. If possible I wonder could they finish it off on DVD or make it pay per view for those that have spiritual interest in God and the historic of the bible. But I guess program such as marriage boot camp and couples airing their dirty laundry about who did who and I am so tired of Hank and Ms play boy bunny airing his affair with the transvestite who cares that ge likes peanut butter on his carrot stick and she shouldn’t mess with him after he did something like that anyway

  32. Tyne says:

    Put the show back on! Please! It spreads the great word and learning of Jesus Christ’

  33. Allie says:

    Was so sad to hear this. It was a show I looked forward to every Sunday night.
    I wish this didn’t happen.

  34. Andrew says:

    I am very disappointed that “A.D. The Bible Continues” may not be airing a second season. It was such a phenomenal show and it left me dying to see more. Please do not quit the show. It touches the hearts of many people and is a great representation of God’s word.

  35. Poppa Bear says:

    I believe it’s a shame NBC cancel this informative series. Please reconsider your actions, Lots of programs out today that has no substance, why stop this program when it highlights Gods love for all. I pray that NBC doesn’t stands for None – Beveling – Christians. Be Blessed

  36. Robin says:

    There are so many shows on TV that are literally trash? I read the bible daily and some of the story lines didn’t line all the way up but it was an excellent show for people to watch to get something in their spirits about Christ. The bible says wisdom is more precious than silver & gold but the world we live in does not believe that because if they did they would have allowed this program to stay on so people that don’t read the bible could see Christ the way he was intended to be seen, full of love, mercy & forgiveness. No one is ever too bad for Jesus to love and accept, we see that through so many he forgave and saved, the Apostle Paul being # 1. I pray everyone will come to know him as I do. He is my Lord & savior. NBC do the right thing & use the wisdom God gave you & put the program back on the network! It will be better to your pocket book in the years to come, try God and see. Anytime you put God first the reward is greater than anything imaginable.

  37. kay says:

    My husband and I liked A.D The bible continues. And we hope another network picks it back up.

  38. Mary says:

    I am really upset that AD will not be back. I hope another network picks it up. I don’t feel they give it enough time. Please bring it back. It was awesome!

  39. I am so upset about this show being cancelled!!! I found Christ back in November 2014 after years of depression. I was a non believer and tried to commit suicide. I was in a behavior hospital for a month. on the 5th day there I was inspired by tv program & I joined in prayer with some other women. We held hands in a circle & they prayed for me. I felt the most amazing feeling ever go thru my body. It was the Holy Spirit and I knew the lord was real. A.D The Bible continues helped me understand the Bible so much easier. It was the most important show in my direct tv recording list. I never even got to see the first season. Please bring it back some how on a different channel. there are so many stupid tv shows and this show is so important! what is wrong with this world. I guess American’s have forgot what Jesus sacrificed for us!

  40. patti says:

    shame on NBC canceling AD Bible,This was a get show and.I can see that this show was costly.But still a great show,Remember the Big Band Theory,Was canceled and look at it now.Please recount the numbers and keep this show on.

  41. Tesha says:

    We have been waiting to watch ad the bible continues. We are very disappointed that it has been canceled!!!!!! :(

  42. Ashely p says:

    ohhhh my goodness I can’t tell you how sad I am that there won’t be a season 2 of A.D. The Bible Continues. This was my absolute FAVORITE SHOW!! Seeing how all the events surrounding the death of Jesus and how Christianity began was amazing and I am so very disappointed!! Ugh

  43. Marilyn Talbott says:

    I loved the ministries The Bible AD and was really looking forward to seeing it again this Fall. I hope the writers can prepare it for continuation in the Spring.

  44. akingboye Olusola says:

    Pls I need the movie, I want the complete movie!! A.D the Bible continues