Tut's Avan Jogia Talks Twisted Cliffhanger, Shares Pitch for Season 2

Twisted Season 2

Until Avan Jogia is reintroduced to television viewers as the titular pharaoh in SpikeTV’s Tut (July 19, 9/8c), he’s still Twisted‘s Danny Desai in our hearts. So before that transition occurs, we had to get the actor’s final thoughts on his short-lived ABC Family drama, including his dream pitch for a would-be Season 2.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions,” Joga tells TVLine of the murder-mystery drama, which was unceremoniously canceled in Aug. 2014 after one season. “When things come to an end like that, it’s upsetting for fans and for me; I don’t know what happens next either, and that’s a bummer.”

Jogia might not know what happens next — the season series finale ended with a gunshot — but that isn’t stopping him from exercising his right to wild speculation.

Twisted Series Finale“I pitched an idea a while back that [Danny] got shot and went into a coma,” he says. “I really wanted to do a Funny or Die or YouTube video about what I thought would happen after the cliffhanger. … Maybe the police chief went mental and popped all of us. Like, he finally just lost it. And then the next season would be the police chief turning into a crazy person; you think the whole time it’s going to be Danny, but he shoots everyone and goes on the lam. I want to watch that show — Sam Robards just covered in blood, running all over the street.”

At least fans can take solace in Jogia’s on-screen reunion with Kylie Bunbury (aka Twisted‘s Lacey), who plays Suhad, Tut’s love interest.

“Suhad and Tut have a mutual respect and a love that’s very modern in an old world,” Jogia explains. “It was cool to be able to work with someone you have built-in chemistry with. Going into this situation, I had no ida what it was going to be like, so knowing I was taking this on with someone I knew really helped.”

We’ll have more of Jogia’s thoughts about Tut as the premiere approaches, but for now, let’s talk Twisted: What’s your dream storyline for Season 2? Drop a comment with your best/craziest pitches below.

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  1. Cory says:

    I really enjoyed the first half of season 1 but had a strong feeling it wouldn’t return so I’m glad I didn’t bother finishing out the season, I’m kinda wary of ABC Family nowadays. Everything that airs behind PLL gets canceled because the execs somehow believe that PLL has the ability to turn a new show into a hit (which is obviously not the case, after PLL the fans want to talk about it, not wait until after whatever show is on next. Lost was similar this way.)

    Really too bad they couldn’t do a TV movie or at least five more episodes to give some conclusions to the storyline.

    • Tai says:

      I’m pretty sure that Chasing Life airs after PLL and its headed to or is in its second season. So not everything gets cancelled. That being said I’ve been leery of ABC Family since they cancelled 10 Things I Hate About You.

      • tanya says:

        unfortunately chasing life got cancelled after the 2nd season i think they are doing good with the series’ that they have come out with the only real problem they are having is that nobody is getting interested in them until after they are getting cancelled i think if they had more advertisment it would be better i watch alot of abc family “freeform” shows but twisted and ravenswood i didnt get into unti they were cancelled and ravenswood i didnt even know was a spin off of pll until after i started watching it his name sounded familiar and then he said hannah’s name and i looked it up but i garantee that if they had said something about that being a spin off alot more people would have watched it

    • Megan says:

      Actually I think the main problem with twisted was that it did not have a big enough fan base to keep it alive past 1 season. I feel like pretty little liars should of ended a long time yet the tv world is keeping PLL on until the seventh season finishes off.

  2. schmed says:

    I thought Twisted did an admirable job of combining a high-school-drama show with an intriguing whodunit. It was a little much how each adult character turned out to have a secret that was somehow related to the central mystery, but it was done well and the cast was good. Like Bunheads, it seemed like a good it for ABC Family, so I don’t know what happened, as (again, like Bunheads) it attracted someone like me (middle-aged dude) as well as the usual demographic. If it had continued we would have needed a completely new mystery. And Danny could be marginalized in some way other than by becoming the obvious suspect.

  3. giana says:

    I wish Hulu or Amazon would pick up Twisted and give us a darker more mysterious Danny, as we were initially promised. Or it would be interesting to see Jo turn out to be the sociopath, as the whole show turned into all about her anyway.

  4. lorna says:

    They cancelled my beloved lying game for this crap then cancelled it. Smh.

  5. Dung Nguyen says:

    i like jo and danny come together beacsue jo kind of art is so nice dont care what they say abput danny and jo still be good freind.

  6. bookworm001 says:

    Reblogged this on craftedbytaylor and commented:
    I love this!

  7. Kim Whalen says:

    ok because we don’t use cable anymore we just found it on Netflix. So my idea would be getting into more of why his dad was in danger. That it has found it’s way to Danny and even Jo and Lacey. I love lacey but had strong feelings that him and Jo should hook up and just as that seemed possible they decided to end series. If abc family can’t do it why not Netflix do it.

  8. EMILY SOUSA says:

    I think that Kyle should have shot Charlie and then he goes to the hospital tess gets upset gets mad . Then jo and Danny should start dating. I always pictured them together. Season two would be amazing.

  9. nan says:

    GAWD he’s cute!

  10. Destiny Shae Stewart says:


  11. joy A says:

    I think the show shouldn’t come back it wasn’t that bad,but they’ll keep twisting the same thing

    • tanya says:

      nah knowing abc family “freeform” they always have another secret up there sleeves the only reason these shows ever get cancelled is because of ratings

  12. clv says:

    I think they sort of made the show all about Jo that’s why it got cancelled. I’m one of those people who didn’t really sense any chemistry between Jo and Danny. They sort of forced that one down our throats and I for one lost interest after that. The chemistry between Lacey and Danny was way way better.
    I think they should also have kept us in suspension over whether Danny is really a psycho or not. Thats what intrigued most people I think.

  13. Ellie Brown says:

    Thats stupid that they canceled it we need to vet the people and contact the writers and directors for twisted and complain and riote till they make more seasons like for

  14. Angela says:

    I honestly don’t understand why they cancelled this show!!! I loved the first season!!! And then just to end it like that!!!! Please do one more season so you can end it properly!!!!

  15. caila pilkington says:

    Is there going to be a season 2 or not

  16. Bringbacktwisted says:

    Come on Pretty Little Liars episodes and seasons are all about them trying to figure out who is A and it’s still on Twisted was more interesting I think it just didn’t get a second season cause Danny & Lacey ended their relationship cause it’s what made the show more interesting and made me want to keep watching it if they would had stayed together there would be a second season

    • Opsy says:

      I really wish lacey n danny could get back together, really liked their chemistry n d attraction btw them which kept me more interested to it. Can’t seem to understand d attraction btw jo and danny.

  17. shelbi says:

    Really disappointed this show didn’t have a season 2

  18. Tiffany says:

    Please please please bring back twisted I’m so disappointed that I can’t continue watching

  19. Chasadie says:

    Putting off to watch the show and so upset that I did. Just watched the whole season in two nights, the ending really upset me and to see that they may not even come out with another season? Whyyy I hate getting into series of movies that only go so far. The cast was great I hope they come around and make another season !

  20. chrystal says:

    I love twisted l wish there would be a season two

  21. Norma says:

    Just watched entire season. Liked the fact that show touched on many teenage issues and the problems they face in and out of high school. Not having seen the show in its original time slot, I feel timing may have been everything why this show was cancelled. More teenagers need to watch this. Now if there’s a season 2with Charlie having been shot by Kyle in a moment with a clear shot, Tess goes ballistic , leaves Kyle, moves in with Karen. Meantime, Charlie confesses everything on his deathbed. Jack makes a move on Tess, Karen tosses him out and he loses his bid for the $10m, Whitney goes after Danny … Please bring it back. We need to know the connection between Tara and Charlie and Jack /Whitney. Please bring it back. Netflix?

  22. Kirke Lilleorg says:

    I really love that show and I really hope there’s gonna be season 2. Season 2 could start with the death of Charlie and as we saw in the last episode of season 1, Jack and his daughter Whitney were up to something, so I think it could be nice to know what are they planning. Also I think everybody wants to see Jo and Danny as a couple and Lacey’s love life is gotten very interesting. So I just really hope there’s gonna be a season 2. Please make that happen people!

  23. Chastity. Faccio says:

    I was addicted to the first season and so disappointed when it ended the way it did. I loved the story lines and all the actors. I would love for the next season to come out I would be such a dedicated watcher.

  24. Shayna says:

    Please bring back twisted this was my favorite show!!!!! Jogia is soooo hot with his gorgeous mom. You can’t just take it away from us like this. At least bring back a 3 hour finale plleeaasseeee.

  25. Shade' says:

    We need a season 2 why ? Because we’re all wondering what happen after Tess found out her son is Charlie and he is also Jo’s half brother. Shocking right , well it to me ,we also need a second season because Danny never told Lacey about him and Jo starting something I’m pretty sure everyone was waiting for Jo and Danny to start a relationship . Twisted just left fans confused and shocked and why vikram actually killed aunt Tara and also what jack and his daughter is up to making sneaky plans and they seem really happy about ten million dollars but there’s so many questions lefted unanswered and it’s crazy you guys just want us to suffer and continue to imagine for the rest of our lives please read this and consider making a season 2

  26. Larissa says:

    This is the best series I have ever seen please guyz jst produce twisted sn 2

  27. Larissa says:

    This is the best series I have ever seen please guyz jst produce twisted sn 2
    am anxious to see it.

  28. ABC really needs to bring back this show it’s a amazing show the rolls are played amazing by every character even the side characters.

  29. barbara says:

    Pls bring back twisted I really want know what happens next

  30. Tywanna B says:

    The show should continue. I’m a mystery lover and the show was awesome.

  31. meya kayi says:

    The show can’t end like that, i mean what about charlie and jo what happened and what about jack and his daughter and what about jo and danny and everything, i’m really hurt that the show ended with a gun shot, who died?. i mean i fell in love with that show and i really enjoyed the first season. abc did a mistake they shouldn’t have ended the show on the first place. i want the show to have season 2 and maybe season 3 and i can speak for all the fans that we all want that show back

  32. Heaven says:

    Whens season 2 happening

  33. Christina Bekele says:

    We want twisted season 2 we want to see Danny and Jo together please do season 2

  34. Connie says:

    I never heard about the show until now and I loved it and I’m looking for more. I think season 2 would go something like Danny and Jo obviously start to date, things get better between Andi and Rico with some restrictions. They got Charlie some help professionally and everyone has started to accept him and actually thinks he’s a beautiful guy and he takes interest back into Lacey who is happy but scared to love. Charlie keeps quiet about Jack and Whitney plotting to steal all the money from Karen and Danny because he’s afraid that everyone will pull away from him and start to not trust him. Whitney is pretending to be changed and honest and decides to seduce different lovers and shame Lacey when the time is right, Whitney gets close to everyone and tries to pull the group of friends that are happy apart. Andie notices something is bothering Charlie so he confides in her, Rico becomes jealous which is the start of the division of the group. Jo adores her brother, and him and Danny are pretty close but he feels Charlie has secrets, Jo feels Danny is always watching her brother and it bothers her, causing more tension in the group. Danny confides in Lacey which causes some jealousy from Charlie and Jo and Whitney plays on everyone insecurities making it all work for her and Jack. Karen is extremely in love for a change and feels like nothing can go wrong, and Tess feels complete having both her children in her life. Klye embraces Charlie as the son he never had, but is really skeptical of Jack and feels him and Karen are moving too fast, and he starts to do some digging what he finds makes him…

  35. Alexis says:

    I really loved twisted I watched the whole 1st season I wanted to know more it was so interesting! But then I looked up ” twisted ” season 2 and it said it was cancelled I was so disappointed it was a amazing show.

  36. John says:

    This was just an amazing show please come out with season 2!

  37. Pat says:

    I don’t understand how they cancel this show and left pretty little liars for seven seasons

  38. Mercy Rhylla says:

    i wud love 2 see danny falling in luv with jo

  39. Please, please consider a Season 2! I have never followed a sequel so closely. The episodes were action packed, so much drama. I was truly shocked when Lacy kissed the girl, she claimed to be so in love with Danny. I loved how they both desired Danny and was willing to let the other one have him. I was shocked to learn the baby was discovered and he turned out to be Jo’s brother. Oh my goodness I love the producers for this Sequel, the actors for believable and Real Life performances. Please I am begging for a Season 2 of this Soap Opera. I am a true blue Fan of “Twisted” and hope that my comment will help in the decision to make a Season 2.
    Thank You for this Opportunity to Share my Opinion
    Ms. Darlene Floyd

  40. maddy says:

    I was so disipointed when I had watched that last ep not knowing there was no more me and my little sister had this titled fav show and we can’t handle not knowing what happens next email me back with your answers plz and thx for your time

  41. Al Paul says:

    I am not sure if this blog is about twisted. But the last episode in Twisted. Season 19, was kind of upsetting. Upsetting why you may ask? Season 19 left a story that was never clear on what happen. Serious of questions to ask. How did Jo’s Mother become Charlies Mother as well? Clearly, the Aunt of Danny’s wasn’t because Jo’s Mother told the Father not to hurt him because she came in saying that was her son. Question is how? Who did Jo’s Mother had affair with. Or was it true to it’s story that this is his son? Still whom is the father? Could they have all actually been related? Could have Danny, Jo, Charlie, and the rest of them been brother and sisters? Story was left for a mystery for those who watch it. Will we ever know? Will we ever find out the truth behind it all? We find out that Lacy turn up gay? Was she gay? Or was it that other girl was just really a liar and crazy? Who knows now? Considering their isn’t a season two nor a finalie to put everything together. This show was left untold. Like a puzzle that has been opened with missing pieces inside of it.

    • actually, in an episode, Tess told the chief all about her son ( she thought she had a daughter ), she told him that she went into a pub, got drunk and got pregnant and then asked a favor from Vikram to give up the child for adoption and then Vikram secretly gave it to aunt Tara through the doctor by bribing but got fake papers so she couldn’t find her son aka Charlie. that solves the question about Tess’s son, right?

  42. April Burruss says:

    Please bring it back. Make it like danny went into a coma after being shot. N love of his life waits til he wakes up. I jut want twisted back I love it so much I still watch season one over and over. I got my husband into it too.

  43. Tiffany says:

    I think that the producers or whoever should’ve at least come out with a season 2 script and release it online just so we’re not all left in the dust.. It’s been a year and I still haven’t gotten over it :/ I need help!!

  44. Debby Owolabi says:

    Ok so I think that the next season would first of all, finish up with Charlie being Jo brother and how they all take it. Then with Jack and his daughter, I think they should hold up the act a little until they come around doing something really weird and for Jo and Danny they should figure something out start dating and when everything seems right again Jack and Whitney screw something up with more problems

  45. Skylin Newman says:

    I really love the cast. Danny is portrayed perfectly by Avan. It shocked me that Danny admitted his feelings for Jo. I wanted to see what happened with their relationship. We found out that Charlie is Mrs. Mastersons son, and that’s awkward because him and Jo were a thing. I just want to see everything fall into place.

  46. Kira says:

    I really love this show and I really want it to come back on.😍❤❤😊

  47. Sonia d says:

    Lacey and Danny get back together the chemistry between them was amazing to watch I love them both.

  48. Elizabeth urban says:

    Please bring it back, I NEED TO KNOW MORE as well as EVERYONE I know …..please bring it back

    • hannah sohl says:

      i think the they should make another season! because there is alot of chemistry btw jo and Danny from the start and that we just found out that charlie is Jo brother and fact that they made out and that when the screen went black we heard a gun shot! who was shot ?

      • Jennifer says:

        I think the same thing to its not fair for them just to take It away when things got exciting and to hear the gun shot who was shot like what

  49. Evelyn says:

    Why cancelling such a show.?? I really want to know hw joh and danny will end plus all these twisted crimes. Please return the show and make the second season, ts never too late.

  50. Karen says:

    They Need To Make A Season 2 On Netflix Like Degrassi Did After Teen Nick Cancelled It!! It Was A Great Show I Was So Disappointed When They Cancelled It