Pretty Little Liars Recap: Say Cheese

Pretty Little Liars Lesli

As all Pretty Little Liars fans can attest, it’s not uncommon to shout think “WTF?” during any given episode of the ABC Family drama — and Tuesday’s hour presented what might have been the WTF-iest moment in the series’ history.

I’m talking, of course, about Spencer’s opening nightmare, in which a creepy young dancer lead her through the catacombs of Radley in an attempt to deliver some sort of message. Spencer claimed the girl reminded her of a young Alison, but I know I’m not the only person who got major flashbacks to The Ring during that freaky little ballet. (Note to Spencer: If you see a well, run!)

A follow-up trip to Radley with Hanna confirmed Papa DiLaurentis’ assertion that Charles is dead, giving birth to a new theory: Someone Charles was close with is now pretending to be him — and it turns out that “someone” might just be Lesli. That’s right, Mona’s “pal” Lesli was also a patient at Radley, long enough to know Charles and Bethany Young, and Lesli was none too pleased when Mona told her what the girls discovered.

Fortunately, the hour wasn’t a total nightmare for Spencer. She bumped into her old sponsor Dean — who, unfortunately, wasn’t wearing his Significant Mother costume — and was able to get out of her head for a little bit. He also gave her his number, though I don’t think Spoby fans should start freaking out just yet. (Or do. Since when does anyone listen to me?)

PICTURE IMPERFECT | I love Aria, but there’s got to be something loose in that girl’s head. She’s been out of captivity for like five minutes (maybe 10) and she’s already taking field trips to creepy junkyards with Clark, a guy she barely knows. I’m just thankful she politely turned down his offer for a date; the last thing she needs is to jump into a relationship with yet another guy who’s probably stalking her. Of course, it was the discovery that Clark might have accidentally photographed “A” that really got Aria’s attention. (Side note: Did anyone else’s ears perk up when Clark mentioned the photography contest? I’m thinking Aria will be an L.A. lady after this season’s five-year time jump.)

Pretty Little Liars LesliTHE EMANCIPATION OF SARA | Despite the focus on Lesli, this week’s episode did nothing to squash my suspicions about Sara. Per Emily’s suggestion, and with a little extra help from Caleb, the pixie-haired enigma took the first steps in getting herself legally emancipated from her mother. (You know, the mother we still haven’t seen and probably doesn’t even exist.)


* Is there even a remote possibility that Alison’s trip to church camp won’t be a complete disaster? Or that Papa D. isn’t already planning on burying Lorenzo next to Charles?

* I love that we now know Spencer’s mom works out at Curves. (And don’t you forget it! It could be a clue!)

* Am I the only person who didn’t know Caleb owned his own web design company?

PLL fans, what are your thoughts on Lesli now that we know she might be connected to Charles? Drop a comment with your latest theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Katie says:

    WTF is right… But does anyone else get the feeling that Leslie is just working for someone? She seemed more scared than angry from her tone

  2. Bernice says:

    Definitely a WTF moment with Spencer, but it’s why i love this show so much! This is definitely a fave episode of mine.
    Lesli is definitely a creep, but I can’t decide if its too early for her to really be ‘A’ or is she just another red herring?
    I don’t know, i’m not totally trusting Sara, but I’m not as against her as everyone seems to be.

  3. matti says:

    Anyone else notice that big clown head turning slowly behind Aria while she was taking pictures at the junk yard…. super creepy!… and what was that about????

  4. Cornelius says:

    So I guess the writers just love making the girls accuse every single person on this show to be “A” or know “A” somehow and then completely doing a 360 and making all that info they get irrelevant. In no particular order; Mona (was actually real) Toby, Paige, Mona again (lol), Alison (are the girls this stupid? nvm they have been since s1), Jenna, Noel, Ian, Lucas, Andrew, Charles, Cece, Wilden, Ezra, Spencer (was to find Toby but still), and now Leslie. All these people had a reason but it gets stupid after this many fake outs, lousy writing in my opinion. But Leslie? She was in one friggin episode prior to this and that “she was in Radley” plot does not cut it for me – even though that girl does have problems.

    • Andy Swift says:

      The girls accusing everyone, only to have them to do a total 180 is… pretty much the show’s jam, yeah.

    • Nikki says:

      I don’t blame them. Considering how many people have turned out to have hidden agendas, it’s a small wonder that they trust anyone at this point. Anytime the show gets a new character, it almost always turns out they’re working for someone else. There’s a small part of me that just wonders if crossing the town line into Rosewood just sets you against the Liars and everyone is actually A.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, that’s my biggest gripe about the show—everyone with a pulse gets set up as a red herring and it often makes the writers look as though they’re flying by the seat of their paints with no real long form story mapped out(I know, Marlene has said infinitum that she knows how the show ends but I no longer believe a lot of what she says considering she’s often all talk with little payoff). You can go ahead and start the countdown to when Toby’s new partner is suspected of being A. Before it’s over with, this “season of answers” will be just another season of more questions.

    • TarnishedHalo says:

      Totally agree. Interested to find out Leslie’s backstory and history in Radley before I make any presumptions of accusations though. I totally agree though, the girls have accused literally everyone.

  5. rpg says:

    The tatoo girl is the same tatoo girl in The big bang theory show.

  6. Emily says:

    I think Creepy Dancer aka Maddie Ziegler is a young Leslie

  7. Personally, I think everyone is “A”. There have been too many people working for so called A, even if it was to protect someone else. I think there is someone manipulating everyone into being an “A” at various moments.

  8. bertena says:

    I love Lorenzo and wish Lesli and Sara would disappear.. Like Clark to. Are they going to do anything about Varjack and Holly Golightly?

  9. LostSoul says:

    Why all the Sara hate?

    Really confusing. Not all LGBTQ Characters on #PLL are evil(ie. Shana and Jenna)or duplicitous(Allison). C’mon; enough with the stereotypes!

    • Bertena says:

      First it has nothing to do with her sexuality and we don’t even know what that is for sure at this time.
      It’s the fact that these extra characters like her and Lesli are thrown in the mix and take up screen time that could focus on the liars and not the secondary characters
      I also am not a shipper – relationships aren’t a big deal only secondary but I do like them showing alisonhaving a relationship or connecting with someone since the girls ignore her

    • Bertena says:

      Ok never mind about my second comments thought your comment was a reply to my comment

  10. Rachel says:

    I had no clue about Caleb’s company either. And I lol’d about Spencer’s mom working out at curves….really?!

  11. lauri5567 says:

    So did we ever figure out for sure who Red Coat was because I’m thinking it could be Leslie. As for the rest, idk, to many rabbit trails….
    Yes, I do think Aria is going to win the contest and go out to LA

    • Evan says:

      Red Coat was CeCe

      • DrPepperPatient says:

        No, CeCe was only red coat during the episode where Ali asked her to dress up as Red Coat so that they could stop Emily from being sawn in half. That was part of an act. But CeCe did kill Det. Wilden. We still never got a real answer as to who the actual Red Coat is.

      • brandydanforth81 says:

        Ali was one RedCoat-the one helping/saving the Liars.Thers another RedCoat an evil one working against the Liars/working for A or A but CeCee was only Red Coat once on Alys behalf so thers still one Red Ciat -evil Red Coat out there to be revealed who it is

  12. John says:

    I thought this was the season of answers. Only one worth mentioning that A might be a girl. I agree with someone who said the girls aren’t that smart. They think A is someone different in every episode.

  13. angelina says:

    I m freaked…the dancing girl wont leave me alone

  14. Ashley says:

    I personally don’t like Sara Emily can do so much better. Sara is a bit creepy. I don’t think the show is giving enough clues. We get misled every week to keep the suspense going. I don’t like Alison. I’m use to her being “dead” now. Clark is weird. Aria is dumb for running off by herself. Now that Leslie if she happened to be A I’d understand. She’s clearly nuts. I just want to know a definite answer to who A is and why he or she is doing this.

  15. Milesh says:

    Emison needs to happen soon. All these new characters are taking too much screen time. More focus needs to be put on the girls and not on these new relationships.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Did anyone else notice all the masks in the tattoo parlor!?! They looked like A’s creepy masks.. I don’t think Leslie is A only because the writers have said they’ve left tons of clues as to what is happening and she is a newer character and nothing up until recently has ever been mentioned about her.

  17. Rachel says:

    I think Mona was trying to get caught. Was she really trying to sneak in a make that much noise when she knew Hanna and Spencer would be there…?

  18. Tammy says:

    OF course we think everyone is A at this point…… it’s like how you can’t trust anyone but Chloe on 24 either. It’s just how the show goes.

  19. Evan says:

    I’m sticking to my guns, Hanna is A!! To me it would be pointless to have the show go on this long and then have A not be one of the Liars!!!

    • bertena says:

      didn’t Marlene confirm it not to be one of the girls?
      I think Hanna would be great since they play her smart and the dumb like the other day— what is perjury? she asks!

      They had at one time thought it was going to be Spencer and they changed their mind..

  20. Anabella says:

    WHEN will we have REAL answers? It’s complete nonsense… Now they tell us Leslie is A? Really…? WTF -.-

  21. Amanda says:

    I think -A is a character with an -A in their name: Allison, MonA, EzrA, ChArles and I think SarA. Lesli is just another pawn in the game!

  22. Butterflyeffeft says:

    Wtf doesn’t even cover it! Have i lost episodes? Since when do we know that mona faked her death? I thought she was taken captive??? What was the dance/ the ring scene in the beginning for? I almost sh*** my pans. Why do we get so many new characters? Seems like they throw one after another at us…sarah, lesly, the guy aria went for pics. But mostly my question is about mona, was she not held captive? Can someone explain, when this was mentioned before? Thank you.

    • bertena says:

      Mona had planned on faking her death in season six and mike told the police and aria when mona disappeared. he even still met at their designated spot and left items but he didn’t know what really happened to her. Lesli has been in this show for a couple of seasons and was the one who was suposed to have helped mona fake her death and she is the oe who testified against Ali last season . the police didn’t think it was faked because of the video which i think turned out to be lesli. A took advantage and drugger her and kidnapped her that nights

      sara isn’t new.. albeit annoying but they introduced her multiple seasons ago and emily even spoke with her friends who actually are coming back in the next or the following episode. she is not A– that is too stupid as is the idea of Lesli being A.. maybe part of Mona’s Army but not A.

      the dance was suposed to be Spencer’s memory of Radley.. possibly of when she was there when she was little.. this might have been Spencer as a little girl. BUT there was apicture of a woman on the wall as they went into radley.. not sure who that was but spencer seemed to recognize her..

      does this help?

      • TarnishedHalo says:

        I think that it’s too late for Lesli to be A. Fair enough, she was introduced in the events leading up to, and after Mona’s death, but I think that it’s a little late if the writer’s are saying that they have been leaving clues throughout the entire show.
        I think that the introduction of her history at Radley could possibly mean she may remember something she shouldn’t, meaning she remembers -A, or something about them; if A spent time in Radley, granted.
        Also, due to this, I think she possibly could have bonded with A, and formed a relationship, and may have been behind the scenes the entire time, manipulating situations to the liking’s of A.

  23. Darby says:

    I’m still not convinced that Charles is dead. I think he is still alive somewhere and Lesli is going to connect the girls to him. As for Mona, I think she wanted the girls to find her because she knew what was in Lesli’s file and she knew it would help the girls. Mona knew that Hanna and Spencer were? Also, she’s making all this noise like she wants Hanna and Spencer to find her instead of being her usual sneaky self. Mona could have easily gotten the file without being caught, but she wanted the girls to find it.

    • bertena says:

      in the episode coming up Oh Brother where are thou it says Charles returns for his birthday and Mr. D takes his kids to hide.. so i don’t think he is dead

      and yes I agree about mona

    • Bertena says:

      I have tried posting this a few times
      It was a link to the pretty little liars book fb page
      There is the synopsis for episode six where Charles comes back for his birthday
      Marlene had said something on Twitter about it when they filmed it
      So who knows
      And it is the official synopsis
      Take a look at it
      It was listed yesterday

    • Catherine says:

      I don’t think Charles is dead. He supposedly died of an overdose. The girls found a thing about his organs being donated. I don’t think they can use organs from someone who died of an OD. I think the drugs damage them too much for that.

    • Taryn says:

      Yeah I don’t think Charles is dead either that would be so stupid. In fact, I don’t WANT him to be dead. It sounds weird, I know, but it would be so interesting if he’s really alive. I mean Charles is the only reason that I’m still watching this show I’ll be so mad if he’s dead, I mean he’s the only character that interests me. Besides who else would Jessica protect?? No Charles can’t be dead that would be a poor decision on Marlene King’s part.

    • Taryn says:

      I don’t WANT Charles to be dead. It sounds weird, I know, but it would be so interesting if he’s really alive. I mean Charles is the only reason that I’m still watching this show I’ll be so mad if he’s dead, I mean he’s the only character that interests me. Besides who else would Jessica protect?? No Charles can’t be dead that would be a poor decision on Marlene King’s part.

  24. Alana says:

    OMG! I’ve got it!
    Dan Humphrey is A!
    It seems so obvious now!

  25. Lacie says:

    They girls accuse everyone, but the show is from their point of view. After re-watching aome episodes if you pay attention you can tell it’s obvious the people aren’t “A”. I hope this really is coming to an end and Leslie isn’t another pointless path. Even if she is, I love the show and it wouldn’t be as fun to watch if it was so easy to figure out.

  26. Silky says:

    I am not surprised that Leslie is now the new “suspect,” however, I am also not convinced that she’s A. There’s always a new suspect every season and Leslie can be just another simple “ketch” to throw us off our game, or an accomplice to A’s game. Now being that A seems to be in the form of a female well that was definitely a WTF moment for me and I feel will be very useful in determining who A really is. It’s just too soon to tell!

  27. Brandon says:

    I think Lesli knows “A” or worse is “A”, because when hanna and Mona see her at The Brew she was furious with them both but mostly Mona and says to them both “I believe in payback too”, reading this information it seems to link up because I’m episode 5 of season 6 Mona confesses to Hanna that Lesli went to Radley (the mental hospital) and we find out that Chalres was put in Radley, so… Lesli and Charles might’ve been friends, because after everything that “A” has done she still says “I believe in payback too” and then after Mona says what they found about Charles, Lesli ignores what she says and says “don’t take matters into your own hands that’s what got you in this mess” and discovered a little bit of regret and worriedness after she stated it as if she didn’t want them too be suspicious.

    • Bertena says:

      Lesli may know A
      But A is too calculating and calm and Lesli is too emotional
      Most stalkers or serial killers are yelling in public or drawing attention to themselves
      Most believe they are justified in what they are doing therefore it’s just like you or I would think about doing anything

      And I can’t find that episode where you say that Mona tells Hanna
      I just re watched it

  28. laura says:

    LOVE IT!!! I have at&t verse – I was double checking to see if I missed an episode of PLL tonight – no such luck. No show this week BUT it is already showing the synopsis for July 21st AND it gives away a major spoiler. So exciting – a spoiler I can actually trust. Yes I admit it – I’m one of those people who likes to know the ending of the movie first so that way I don’t get scared AND I can feel a little smart while watching it. WOOO HOOOO!!!! SPOILER!

  29. Beatrice says:

    If Lesli is A, I’ll feel very very disappointed.