NBC's American Odyssey Cancelled

American Odyssey Cancelled

Sgt. Odelle “Call Me Isabel Rainey” Ballard’s American Odyssey has in fact come to an end.

Executive producer Peter Horton shared the “heartbreaking” news on Twitter late Tuesday, two days after the season finale:


In American Odyssey‘s final hour — SPOILER ALERT! — Odelle (played by Anna Friel) made the difficult decision to go ahead and share her story, including everything that she had learned about Societel funding terrorists and Osela slaughtering her unit on Army orders, even if it mean cutting short her family reunion to go on the run, using a blonde wig and “borrowed” identity. So, ostensibly, her odyssey could have continued.

American Odyssey premiered on Easter Sunday to 5.4 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating, retaining about half of its A.D. lead-in. It soon enough plunged to a 0.5 in the demo, and for six out of its last eight airings mustered just a 0.4.

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  1. Well, since American Odyssey and Dig were cancelled I won’t bother watching either (I had been saving them along with a bunch of others to watch starting next week). Shame since I was looking forward to watching them both. I liked the premises.

    • Tim says:

      Dig has a great cast but it’s ridiculous—-ten hours of your life have been spared for better programming!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Yeah, DIG was a mess, but AO at least was a tidy little conspiracy thriller.

        • ZacheryD says:

          the biggest problem was the lead actress was not very good, a very bad casting

          • ??? says:

            Completely disagree. I thought Anna Friel was fantastic. She’s why I kept tuning in. Certainly not for Peter Facinelli and his intermittent Midwestern accent.

          • vaffangool says:

            It is thanks to UK interest in Anna Friel (and, to a lesser extent, Orla Brady and Richard Rankin) that the series is being currently aired on the BBC.

          • vaffangool says:

            That said, my favourite characters weren’t cast in London by Dan Hubbard and Gemma Sykes…Julia, the intelligence analyst (Allison Mack of Smallville) and domestic mercenary Ruby Simms (Daniella Pineda of Vampire Diaries) are both portrayed by alums of the CW. Go figure.

          • I sure will miss this program, I loved it. It was quite interesting unlike a lot of networks programs.

        • Ro says:

          Has DIG been officially canceled? Cable Renewal Scorecard doesn’t indicate that. It says S2 is a ‘long shot’.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Sure; Scorecard just hadn’t been updated. I’ll have someone hop to it in a half a jiffy.

    • BrightLight says:

      I’m actually watching Dig right now since I had the saved up and I’m up to Episode 8 and am thinking about stopping because I honestly don’t even care how it ends. Like others said, great cast but it’s a MESS.
      As for American Odyssey, I still have the final two eps to watch (so I skipped to the comments section really quickly!), but I will miss this show. It was very well done and entertaining, but I knew going into it that it probably wouldn’t make it to Season 2 just from the synopsis. As Matt mentioned before the show even started, it’s very similar to the movie “Traffic” and since I love that movie, it could explain why I enjoyed this show as well. Even though it has more interwoven storylines as Dig, at least this one I could follow easier. Plus it proved to me that Allison Mack isn’t MIA, so that was a plus too!

    • Chris Garson says:

      I watched both. Skip Dig. watch American Odyssey. Great story with beginning middle and end. Worth the ten hours.

  2. M. A. Raitano says:

    I am very disappointed that American Odyssy is being cancelled. I loved the show. Now I will not know how everything works out for the families involved. Why don’t you do another season to rap the lives up. All good acting! Every episode.

  3. Donna says:

    Like vex the show so sad it was cancelled ! Odell’s character showed a very brave and honest woman.

  4. LK says:

    They should have planned this out to wrap up everything a bit cleaner in the finale… this kindof show really should only be one season.

  5. :-) says:

    Does NBC ever renew anything other than reality and law and orders? I so hate getting invested in their shows. They get me with one every year. 2 this year, Allegiance and American Odyssey. Smh I know better

  6. Candice says:

    It seems like I get invested with a new show every season that I really like and then it gets cancelled. There was a lot left up in the air with American Odyssey. Will Aslam come to America? Will Treat Williams get his? Network TV sucks and never gives my shows a chance.

    • ??? says:

      Yeah, Aslam is the loose end I really care about, and it was the biggest question mark. He’s wandering the streets of Barcelona forever, I guess.

  7. Jeff Lutz says:

    Not surprised. I watched the entire series and I felt it was poorly written. The 13 episodes were a drawn out mess. The story could have been a 3 hour mini-series with a much better feel. i just felt that the writers didn’t think through how to tell the story over 13 episodes without boring the viewer silly.

    • Peter Hickson says:

      I will miss the show a lot. American Odyssey is my favorite tv show since Breaking Bad. Sad to see it is over but I didn’t really see the show lasting more then 1 Season anyways. If there was a Season 2 I think it would be boring and hard to watch. The main problem in the show was resolved and the whole word knows her story so what else is there? Anyways all in all great show and I will miss it!

    • Garry says:

      You must have watched a different show to me.
      Or are you one of the critics paid to assassinate this great show

  8. will says:

    Called it!!! I knew it wouldn’t last. After State of Affairs and Allegiance why bother? NBC = Nothing But Cancellations

  9. Chris Pearson says:

    Ughh!! Such Bullsh*t! I really enjoyed american odyssey, full of suspense and an a very real depiction of the things that are happening in our world. Very good acting and cinematography… NBC you suck!!

  10. Jack Glaser says:

    American Odyssey was entirely too good for network TV, no young pretty stars and no soap opera action. Every episode was intelligent and well acted.

    • sherry says:

      I agree with you Jack. I think it was to close to what could happen for real in this country, therefore PC police cancelled it.

      • vaffangool says:


        PC police cancelled it

        What? This programme has a female lead, corporate villains, sympathetic Muslim characters, and an ex-government lawyer teaming up with heroes of the Occupy movement to take on the military-industrial complex.
        Jingoistic conservatives are far more likely to have condemned this programme than the politically correct.

  11. if your lead actress couldn’t be bothered to keep her accent consistent, why should i bother to watch?

  12. Oliver Yelton says:

    Oh hell yes, let’s make room for mindless “reality”crap TV like Big Brother or the Bachelor or Survivor. Absolutely understandable since the average American IQ diminishes each year, I think we’re down to about 60.AO was one of a very few shows worth watching. Oh well, back to reading my Kindle.

  13. Jared says:

    Anybody following the ratings should have known this series wouldn’t be getting a second season, at least not on NBC.

  14. Blanche says:

    My husband and I thought this was one of the best shows on TV. Any chance another network will pick it up?

  15. Becca says:

    I loved that show but that’s okay. I hardly watch anything worth while on NBC

  16. Ro says:

    Has DIG been officially canceled? Cable Renewal Scorecard doesn’t indicate that. It says S2 is a ‘long shot’.

  17. Shelia Handy says:

    Come on! Getting so tired of watching a good show on NBC, only to have it cancelled. This is a great story line. Move it to another time slot, but don’t canceled. I don’t want to keep watching all these reality shows. Maybe time to move to another network that don’t keep canceling great shows.

  18. Moses says:

    That’s a shame.

  19. Sally Correll says:

    Have to say this makes me angry!! I really enjoyed this program. They could have at least done a few more episodes to bring all the loose ends together. I hate ratings!!!

  20. Anne Vauclain says:

    you just cancelled the best show on tv. Maybe it can be taken up on cable where most good shows are. Please bring it back!!!!

  21. Marti says:

    American Odyssey was one of the few programs worth watching. Each of the cast members played their parts so well. I wish each and every one of them great success in the future. Thank you for all the hard work.

  22. Carmelina says:

    I don’t care about the viewing. rates. I think this is a great show, and actually shows a little bit of education. This show teaches about betrayal, war (what is going on in our world right now). So I don’t understand why the rates would go down. People are more entertained by vampires(who’s rates go up constantly), and vampires aren’t real. But the ratings for something that could actually happen, is going down. Come on people! Get it together!

  23. Christy says:

    I agree with all comments! It’s the best show on TV! So entertaining I couldn’t wait to see each week! I’m so angry NBC! I’m hoping another network will pick it up! There are to many issues not resolved to not have another series. And I agree stupid shows like survivor and talent shows are a waste of time watching tv so I guess we’ll wait for fall see what happens! Please reconsider AMERICAN ODESSY!

  24. John Ashburn says:

    What in the world, I like watching Odelle make her way out of the enemies hands. I think to much time was spent on the rats who gave her up.
    It would have more interesting to have her tag up with one ally, maybe two in USA to look for the rats and eliminate them one by one.

  25. Marley12 says:

    So you just leave it here??? I really liked this show – but, NBC has become so lame, their cancelling it should not have been a surprise. Granted, this was probably not a long-run show, but to stop it so abruptly, really??? Either make it a mini-series or get a bunch of GOOD writers and give it a chance.

  26. Doreen says:

    I am very saddened by the cancellation of American Odyssey. I enjoyed the show very much. Now I will never know what happens to Odelle, Aslam, and Harrison Walters (especially that scratch on his hand that is giving him so much trouble. Not a good move to cancel this show.

    • Sandy says:

      I totally agree. So now we are saddled with crap like Empire and every other liberally chosen series. If American Odyssey would have been on cable it would have continued.

  27. I am so angry about American Odyssey being cancelled. I watched the last episode and felt for sure we’d be seeing it in the fall. NBC has a huge track record of canceling the shows I like so if it isn’t the NFL or some other one night offering, I won’t be tuning in to anything that comes in the fall.

  28. Alex Birrell says:

    I was hooked on this show from episode 1. Had it been shown in the fall and not up against Game of Thrones then I’m sure the ratings would have been far higher and a second season in production by now.
    I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this here but here’s a link to a Facebook page for fans to save/renew a new season of American Odyssey if not by NBC then perhaps another company could pick it up. The more ‘likes’ the better.

  29. Lidia says:

    Don’t understand cancellation. We all are loving it. Anna Friel is absolutely brilliant.

  30. sara rao says:

    This is not what I wanted to hear.. loved it.. very disappointed..

  31. bill says:

    I believe it hit to close to home if you know what I mean.

  32. Lucky says:

    American Odessey is my best series yet. I will really miss it. I wish there was a second season. I’ll miss Aslam.

  33. Wanda gallegod says:

    Really wish you would renew American odyssey!! Excellent show, cast and subject!!

  34. Sonia richards says:

    Best show ever and I am sick and tired of all the good shows being cancelled and the terrible ones being renewed. That is why I switch to cable and will not watcg ABC NBC or CBS.

  35. Lisa Krostag says:

    Im so mad there won’t be a second season of American Odessey! That was a great show! They make all these good shows that we get into then don’t make another season!
    Very disappointed!

  36. Sandi says:

    Finally find an awesome show….we powered thru them on Netflix so excited to see season 2….sigh ;(

  37. Gaila says:

    The show in my opinion is great suspense and just wanting to see how all turn out Dammm it leaves you hanging!

  38. Mike M says:

    Here’s an idea, NBC: If you cancel a show your viewers have invested 13 hours of their lives in, produce at least one additional episode to tie things up. That might keep people coming back to your network, instead of pushing them away!

  39. Marga says:

    What?????? First AD is cancelled and now this? I guess these idiotic reality shows rule. Well as a viewer I think reality shows are a waste of my time. American Odyssey was great, and I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen this next series after she’s made it to the states. Who decides these things?????? I guess I’ll just rent movies, you can at least see a beginning and can count on an end.

  40. Terry burd says:

    Why watch anything on commercial TV because they cancel everything once you get into it. I give up!

  41. Rick says:

    I loved this series and very sad NBC pulled the plug. Nice to have a series that made you think unlike so much of the drivel that hangs on year after year

  42. mARY says:

    I loved this show. The premise was exciting, the acting superb. While I dreded the 10 o’clock airtime, (way past my bedtime) I always managed to stay awake so as not to miss anything, what a waste to stop such a GREAT SHOW.

  43. Ali says:

    I am so upset that American Odyssee was cancelled. I am not a big TV series fan but this one absolutely hooked me. I could hardly wait for the next episode. I think that the time schedule was at fault for not having more viewers. I hope to see this added with a better time slot. This show would go far to enhance our belief that one person CAN make a difference.

  44. suzy says:

    Well, THIS sucks!!!

  45. suzy que says:

    Well THIS sucks!!!

  46. suzy que says:

    I know, right?! So many questions, like what was wrong with that guy’s arm who got scratched by the woman who killed his father?? What happened to Odelle and the boy when they got to America?? What, if anything, was done about the corporations that financially backed ISIS??
    IMO, tptb shut this show down to shut us up & keep us from finding out things they don’t want us to know. Always got a very strong feeling this show contained a lot of truth. Dangerous thing, truth, specially for liars.1

    • Kay Mcgivney-Knaul says:

      You know, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t trust our govt. at all. Kay

      • suzy que says:

        I haven’t trusted our gv’t. for a very long time. I’ve seen a lot of things happen in this country. Was 12 yrs old when JFK was assassinated. That’s when I started losing faith in Uncle Sam. Knew even at that age there was a lot more to his murder than what tptb wanted us to believe. Then there was MLK and Bobby Kennedy, murdered 2 months and 2 days apart. All part of the NWO plan. Just like 9/11, Aurora theater shooting, Sandy Hook, Desert Storm, ISIS, etc. Sad times we live in, full of deception. Can’t believe anything we hear or read any more.

  47. Joyce Evans says:

    I will miss this program. It was suspenseful and very well acted. You had my attention. I’m very disappointed.

  48. Joan Cole says:

    I was really looking forward to watching American Odyssey season 2. I really thought it was a great show. It’s really true on one of the comments here why they always keep the crappy shows?

  49. mikey says:

    Well done NBC and thank you for leaving all those who watched Odyssey in limbo. It was a good series, and you could have made a sequal. We know what NBC stands for NobBodyCares

  50. Amber says:

    You know to me it shouldnt matter how many people are watching a newly casted series. And to cancel a show after one series leaving it opened for questions is rediculous. I have seen so many series that only had one or two series then cancelled and its not right. For every one person not watching it there is another person who is. This was a show that kept me on the edge of my seat gasping for more. I really wish the people with the big money would stop taking away entertainment to those with hardly anything.. Really gonna miss this show and i sure wish i knew how it ended.

    • Suzy Que says:

      Yeah it’s like they dangle entertainment carrots under our noses, then jerk them away once we’re really hooked. But the braindead offensive crap sticks around forEVER!