The Fosters Finds Its New Jesus

The Fosters Noah Centineo

Jesus will have a different look when he returns to The Fosters later this season.

The ABC Family drama has recast the role of Mariana’s twin brother — originally played by Jake T. Austin — with Noah Centineo (Austin & Ally), the network announced Monday.

The actor will make his debut as a series regular in the second half of the third season, premiering in 2016.

Austin left The Fosters after the close of Season 2, which ended with Jesus getting into a traumatic accident. However, it was revealed in this month’s season opener that he did not die in the cliffhanger, but survived and then went off to boarding school.

Centineo’s credits include guest spots on See Dad Run, Newsreaders, Jessie and Shake It Up! He also appeared in the Disney Channel original movie How to Build a Better Boy.

Fosters fans, what do you think of the new Jesus? Does he look enough like Austin that it won’t take you out of the scene?

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  1. aph1976 says:

    I wish Jake T. Austin was still playing Jesus because i like him but i’ll give Noah Centineo a chance.Plus sometimes a recast works very well.Plus i think we all knew the possibility the show would be recasting Jesus was very good when they revealed the character survived the accident.

    • Winter says:

      How dare you be reasonable on the internet! That is not how the internet works!

      • Kate says:

        Haha this comment wins!

        I love the show enough that I think they can push through the awkwardness of recasting without it ruining the show, or even the scene.

  2. Diz says:

    Stupid. If you can’t have the original than leave it alone.

  3. Kate says:

    I know JTA wasn’t much of an actor, but recasting the role is so awkward. Just write him out for good.

    • luke333 says:

      the only way would be to never mention him again, and have him at boarding school every single day forever (even special family storylines where it would be too noticeable that he wasn’t present)
      or kill him off, but a death would have driven the show into territory it prob wouldn’t have wanted to go.

      this seems like the best option

    • amelia says:

      I want the original jesus back . I don’t like the new one that much I would rather much have the jake t Austin back , honestly i don’t even feel like watching the new season of the fosters if they’re not going to have the original jesus back

      • alijah says:

        I know I mean the old Jesus back he was the best but this one isn’t now I jus don’t feel like watching the fosters anymore it was my favorite show with great actors I don’t want another Jesus I want Jake .T. Austin back bring him back please when is he ever going to come back and we love him so much I’m his biggest fan he should come back Like why he left in the first place I bet his twin misses him a lot and hes jus going to ditch her Luke that Wow but any ways update whenever he comes back…..

  4. B says:

    I’m glad they didn’t kill him and I’m glad they’re not pulling any Good Wife-level stunts to explain away Jesus being gone, but this is just awkward. Hopefully the new kid won’t be so whiny. Oh, and hopefully the abs are still rockin’.

  5. Ashbash says:

    This was a pretty decent recast. Im anticipating this back half of the season to see how this goes

  6. Something must be going on with Jake T. Austin. There was that weird thing in the final season of Wizards of Waverly Place where his character was turned into a girl for a few episodes. This is the second show where something has happened.

    • Jordan says:

      He had troubles with substance abuse and wasn’t treating the other actors on set very nice. He also got a DUI and apparently a bit and run.

    • Mag says:

      Sidenote: the girl who replaced him on Wizards is Bailee Madison who is now playing Callie’s half sister on Fosters! :-)

    • matraupach says:

      You could always see that he never really cared for the show, just look at the interviews with the cast!

      Everyone else seemed like family even off-screen, but he was somewhere else in his mind.

      Not to mention, that his level of acting really was worse than the acting of the rest of the cast!

      Even the child actors on set are better!

      And I’ve seen how he could act, but he never showed his potential on this show and I guess that was all because of his drug and alcohol problems.

      And I think these problems are the reasons he left the show.

      We don’t know if he left on his own accord or because he was made to leave, but it doesn’t matter to me, because he just has to come clean again!

      • cassey says:

        what does him being in his own head and not being like a ‘family’ with the others off screen have to do with anything? you don’t have to be close with the ppl you work with just because the rest are. I can understand why he wasn’t showing his ‘potential’ as you said, on the show. Not like his story line has ever really been all that interesting. IF what you’re saying about him being on drugs is true, then I hope he gets the help he needs.

    • "A" Has Returned says:

      He was shooting “The Perfect Game” at the time his character on Wizards of Waverly Place was turned into a girl. That was for 6 episodes (for about a month of filming). This reason is totally different and was not on good terms.

    • Kate says:

      I was going to say the same thing. He obviously doesn’t know what he wants or maybe he’s looking to be in a show where he and only he is the main character. Disappointed that he’s left 2 shows before they ended now. Yes he came back to Waverly Place but towards the very end. It’s frustrating when they have to either kill someone off, say they’re away, or recast them. If he continues to do that, no one is going to want to cast him eventually as they’ll have concerns of him leaving before the show ends.

  7. Et al says:

    Jesus was never compelling enough to justify his resurrection.

  8. Bill says:

    Why did Austin leave?

  9. It wasn’t much of a part so hopefully a new actor could make Jesus more compelling. I don’t think it really matters.

  10. Lauren says:

    This is so dumb. I understand why they didn’t kill him off, but I’m not really missing him. Why don’t they just let him stay gone? Why did he leave in the first place? I wasn’t a huge fan of Jesus or Austin – he was easily the weak link in the cast, but I really really really hate recasts.

  11. Noo!! They shouldn’t have replaced Jake! They could have just taken Jesus out of the show instead of replacing, Jake with this guy!

    • "A" Has Returned says:

      How exactly do you take one of their family members out of the show? Especially when he was one of Stef & Lina’s children. He might not have been compelling (chalk that up to Jake’s acting falling short), but you can’t exactly just make him “disappear”. He wouldn’t be at boarding school FOREVER so where would he go? And killing him off was NOT an option. They didn’t want to go into that territory.. Besides, they couldn’t exactly keep Jake on the show with the problems he was apparently having on set. It was either make this swift decision or let the set turn into chaos.

    • Angelica says:

      I would have to agree… I love the show and I am very unhappy with the decision to change him

  12. leahbh says:

    This sucks..whose choice was it? Actor or producers?

    • matraupach says:

      We don’t know whose choice it was!
      It could even been a mutual agreement.
      On Twitter the posts from the producers and the cast were full of appreciation for Jake.
      Jake on the other hand left some … well you could call it “mean-comments” on Instagram (already deleted) that were really teasing against the show like that the show needs some help with the ratings now after he is gone and so on.

      I still believe that Jakes alcohol problems are the reason he left the show.

      I HOPE he did it on his own accord, because that means he realized, that he has a problem and that’s the first step.

      But I wouldn’t be angry at the producers should they have cut him, because that just means that they want him to get some help!

      But you could see how Jakes performance on the show dropped during the seasons!

      In the first episodes he was brilliant, but in the later episodes his acting became really flat.

  13. Kamarzi says:

    They should have just kept Jake T. Austin. But they said in a magazine, that he was partying, and stuff like that. That’s why he’s gone.

  14. Sally says:

    y’all get out y’all feelings bout Jake leaving. Its a TV show .. its not that deep.

    • Matraupach says:

      Then Sally you obviously aren’t a real fan of team, and if you did not care, why are you here reading about Jake T Austin? Ooooohhhh Okay :)

    • Ciara Nicole says:

      But deep enough for you to look this up, read comments, and then comment yourself? Lol.

  15. Jean Borchelt says:

    Hopefully he will be as good an actor!

  16. Bug says:

    I do not think they should replace him with Noah… but whatever it is what it is. I love Jake playing Jesus. He was the best… 1. He looks like Mariana and 2. He’s perfect for Jesus!… That’s my opinion.. I don’t think they should put Noah in the Show. Why isn’t Jake T Austin not playing him? I think they should keep Jake as Jesus..But I’ll like the show no matter what happens.

  17. Julie says:

    I’m so upset that jake t Austin isn’t on the fosters anymore. He was the whole reason why I started to watch it. I was disappointed when I was watching season 3 and found out there was no Jesus. I’m still gonna watch the second have but I think it will be really weird watching someone else play Jesus and they just act like nothing happened. I just don’t think I can see The new Jesus and like pretend that everything that happened to the old Jesus like Lexi Emma Hayley and the a accident happen to the new Jesus. I’m disappointed but I’m gonna keep watching it on the bright side the new Jesus is still hot.

  18. Joelle says:

    Omg I am dying, I hate that other guy so much!! He looks nothing like Austin!! I’m going To miss him😭😭😭😭

  19. Sara Seider says:

    This is crazy!!! I want the real Jesus back. I feel like the show won’t be the same anymore without “HIM” (Jake T Austin) 😩

  20. Franchesca says:

    I HATE THE RECASTING .. THIS JUST MADE THE SUCK .. BECAUSE JAKE T AUSTIN WAS GREAT. 😭 they shouldn’t of changed him .. He looks nothing the Jesus nor like Jake t Austin.. Lets be honest I bet the cast probably had their doubts because he just can’t replace him

  21. Tella Novela says:

    I don’t like the new Jesus. Your telling me the network could not find a Latino young male actor that could at least look like he could have been Mariana’s twin. The new Jesus looks like Brandon and does not mesh well with the cast. Even his acting look awkward in the finale.

  22. Fate says:

    I hate when they do this… In the small part I seen the “new Jesus” in I wasn’t feeling the same connections when seeing Jake playing him and he interacted with his characters sister. I’m going to give this “New one” a try though but from what I’ve seen so far I probably won’t be watching the Foster’s much longer because the main actors are what “Made” the show work. I mean come on can anyone name a Movie they’ve watched that they liked after a character was replaced with another actor? For that matter they would have been better off killing him off in the car accident and bring this new character in play…

  23. Lesli says:

    Noah’s appearance in the episode of the summer finale was BEYOND awkward…. He doesn’t have that attractive, tough guy exterior that Jake does as the character of Jesus. They could’ve done a way better job at recasting or maybe they should’ve just killed off the character….

  24. Ciara Nicole says:

    I was immediately bummed when I saw they recasted Jesus’ role. I thought the original actor was great and I am not of fan of television sneaking in replacements. It’s weird, because now he’s a giant and everyone else is the same? Distracting. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but the hate that I have to.

  25. Caroline G says:

    Love the Fosters give the new guy a chance best wishes to the old Jesus…….

  26. camogirl03 says:

    I WANT the old JESUS!!!!!! I don’t like the new one he doesn’t even look like Marianna’s twin like Austin does, Noah just DOESN’T fit the part!!! I WANT AUSTIN, I WANT AUSTIN, I WANT AUSTIN!!!!😢😢🎉🎉🎉🎉

  27. Autumn says:

    Not the same. I’m very disappointed.

  28. Just watched the first episode where the new Jesus made his debut. And even though he was only on the show for a couple of minutes, I didn’t get the same vibe from this actor as I did from JTA. Hopefully, he’ll settle in with more chemistry as his role progresses being back home, but as of right now I am unimpressed. He doesn’t bring the same charisma as JTA did. Crossing fingers though. Love this show.

  29. kristin says:

    They should’ve just killed him off, I don’t like this new guy, he doesn’t seem like a good actor. Killing Jesus off would’ve been a big thing for the show and make it more interesting. Rather have no Jesus. That was a big shocker.

  30. Amata says:

    It’s not like I wouldn’t give the new guy a chance… But seriously? They look NOTHING alike… When I saw him in the episode I didn’t even realize that he was supposed to be Jesus until they said so.
    IF they have to replace him.. then why not with someone who looks more like him?
    Actually I only started to watch the show because of Austin.. so this is something that’s a low blow for me.
    But I’m sure that the new guy is going to do well… and everything…. But I’m just a littttttllllleeeeee bit upset…

  31. Ona says:

    You can’t just tan a boy, muddle him up and hope he fits your racial profiling standards. Not to mention in just 5min he seemed to try so hard it hurt. Jake has much more depth and seems like a natural. Too bad y’all kicked him out – lame move. I’m so sick of the Cali – Brandon gratuitous scenes, I miss the energy Jake brought with him. I hope you make up for it with more Wyatt & Matt & keep the females the same. I’m close to ditching this show.

  32. stephanie says:

    Its stupid asf 😒 put Jake t Austin back I don’t know y yhu guys be change tha actors dumb 😠 put Jake t Austin back 👌 put him back 👏👏 put him back 👏👏👏

  33. ann says:

    Jake T. Austin isn’t coming back. He left on his own or got fired for all the legal trouble he got into and probably some other things as well. Acting is a job like someone who has a normal 9 to 5 job. If you get into any legal trouble, you can get fired.

  34. Tiffany says:

    It’s not that they look alike, they don’t, but Noah was just trying to act way too much like Jake, and so in my opinion he was terrible because he tried too much to copy Jake’s style. Jesus could have changed his personality a little after going off to boarding school so if this was the directors that tried to make Jesus the exact same as Jake portrayed him as Noah, i think they were wrong.

  35. Danielle says:

    So upset Jesus was recasted. Are you kidding me??? Jake Austin was great and played that role perfectly. : (

  36. Saleena says:

    It’s awkward to watch, he’s not Jesus.. And now I can’t even picture him and Mariana as twins, lol. He was perfect for the character. This new kid looks too different and it’s awkward when he acts like Jesus lol, looks super unnatural.

  37. Jamila shama says:

    I hate it jake was way better and a big eye candy the new guys heck a ugly it made me so mad when I saw he was replaced why he was the most attractive guy on the show besides the new foster kid Aj but seriously jake was the reason I started watching this show >:( ughh

  38. Jamila shama says:

    I want jake back

  39. Cali says:

    Not watching g any more. I loved the show but to have a main character after three seasons be recasted, plain dumb. Should have just killed him off in the crash

  40. K.C. says:

    This is the first recasting I’ve witnessed, and while I think it’s going to be awkward in the beginning, Austin’s acting really was falling flat and destroying all chances of his character being appreciated. Hopefully the new guy will improve the character of Jesus. Not to mention attractiveness level. Never really did care for Austin.

  41. Vanessa says:

    O hec no we want the og Jesus the new guy looks to gay he is not going to cut it.

  42. Sarah says:

    Jesus was supposed to be hot and this replacement is not. He also is about 3 shades lighter then Jake T. Austin was. I feel like they could have done better.

  43. Rivera Family says:

    No, no, no! Really cute kid but not an appropriate Jesus replacement. They don’t look alike; he seems way more flamboyant and doesn’t pass for Mariana’s twin.

  44. Ahliya says:

    I noticed it right away and was like what? That’s not Jesus and so I looked up the cast and wad like Ha I knew it. But my question is why was Jake T. Austin replaced with Noah? I just don’t understand it at all.

  45. Robot86 says:

    I was so l shocked to see JTA replaced. I felt like the whole was together now it’s just weird and awkward but, I still love the new guy as an actor but JTA place will never be the same.

  46. szmnd bear says:

    I personally truly enjoyed when Jake. T. Austin played the role of Jesus. I was getting the idea he wasn’t coming back when they wouldn’t put his phone calls on speaker or when he never came to visit. I do not like the replacement. It’s not even that i don’t like Noah its that I really liked JTA and I’m sad to have seen him go.

  47. LIL_KIDD says:

    The fosters didn’t feel the same when he went to boarding school and now its definitely not going to feel the same. Its awkward so I don’t like the decision to recast. I love Jake but even if I don’t like a person on a show I just don’t like recast’s. Recast’s make me want to throw up sometimes it jus gives me shivers and belly aches. I don’t know maybe I’m jus weird 😯

  48. LIL_KIDD says:

    I don’t get it what’s the point of putting him in a crash sending him off bringing him back as a new person. They should have jus killed him off in the crash 😒😩

  49. aneysha says:

    No he dosent what were you guys thinking

  50. Doppelgang says:

    I think that Jesus or Jake was not a bad actor I think he molded the character and I don’t think y’all understand how the character is until your the director and I think it is uncalled for so what you think a character should be or a certain way when its not your problem he has done a great job brung the excitement in the show he’s honestly my favorite