Castle Season 8 Mystery: How Does This New Series Regular Fit In?

Castle Season 8 Spoilers

ABC’s Castle — if not the 12th precinct — will be adding to its ranks for Season 8.

TVLine has learned that the stalwart procedural is casting the role of Hayley, a quick-witted, free-spirited former LAPD cop who now works as a security specialist and is not afraid to cross lines to get things done.

The role being cast is a fractional series regular, meaning she would by no means appear in every episode. Specifically, Castle is eying African-American or Hispanic actresses in their late 20s to play the part.

The question of course is: Why the need for a “security specialist”? Is Hayley someone Castle & Co. meet while working a case and subsequently invite to join the NYPD?

Or could it be that Beckett is assigned her own security detail as she runs for that New York State senate seat? (Although given Penny Johnson Jerald’s previously reported exit, the theory had been that Kate instead moves up the NYPD ranks to become captain.)

Hayley isn’t the only new face we’ll be meeting when Season 8 opens. The show is also casting the “major recurring” role of a high-strung, East Indian male tech analyst — whom I can only hope is merely rotating in with Tory. Because otherwise, we have a problem.

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  1. Beckett becoming captain makes sense. The precinct cannot operate with one, and since the new character isn’t joining as a captain, either she’s it or there will be another new character announcement.

    • taran63 says:

      Or Gates is still the Captain, and you just never see her. She missed many episodes entirely last season, and most of the time I never noticed. But based on comments I’ve heard, I do expect a major change up next season.

    • Kyarrah says:

      I really think they both have a lot to understand about each other and make better grounds. I mean, it’s like in Castle they forget all the issues they have immediately, and there are many trust and other issues raised that should be talked about. I mean, take the season 5’s end arc, the worst ever, especially TSATQ, Beckett kisses another guy but nothing happens, she’s insecure and both look bored and then the secrets and the engagement just lets all that slide? I would hate it if the new characters comes in between them, they did a lot of mistakes with Eric Vaughn and it’s fair to say they only cleaned up Castle’s mistake and ignored/forgave beckett too easily. I mean, why go to another storyline without actually making sure this all storyline is complete satisfied?

      • LL624 says:

        Beckett did not kiss another guy. He kissed her. She stopped him AND told Castle about it. That’s the end of that issue. Nothing more to talk about. And the engagement didn’t let anything slide. It ended her insecurity and they’d already argued about the secret before the engagement. Letting it slide would’ve been to not argue about it.

        • Kyarrah says:

          She knew he was gonna kiss her before he did, and she let him kiss her and closed her eyes before pushing him away. She shared her problems easily, knowing he’s a womanizer and also drank champagne with him even though she was on duty. She keeps hiding things and defending herself. She was ready for a break up, and again, she had kissed him considering how long it took her to push her away, I mean, why not do it before he kissed? She wasn’t even smart enough to know he was going to kiss her? Really? Any other circumstance a lady might even slap a man, but not here huh?

        • Maria a. says:

          Well put, people only talk kate kissing other guy people forget that she push the guy away from her but nobody talks when castle kiss the women from the TV and also the host on the ni ja show

          • Maria a. says:

            I forgot to say I think s8 will be the last one, they have to deal with the senator still he is alive also Mr smith is alive and he knows a lot about Kate’s mothers murder, and who is to say that 3xk is not a clone and the real one is alive. If s8 is the last one I will like to end kate becoming a senator (on the last eps..) and moving to Washington and taken the oath with castle and 2 children while martha is doing really good on her own and Alexis becomes a very powerful lawyer. ….

          • Kyarrah says:

            Because Castle was pushed on the sofa and he had resisted as much as he can without telling he is with somebody. Beckett could have firmly told she’s with somebody. I mean, if Beckett would have been pushed on a sofa and kissed that would have been called forced, right!

    • Harry Wild says:

      This 9th season seem to be more technically focus e.g. CSI, NCIS type of episodes. I hope I am wrong since DNA and all is just crap to watch since out of the “blue” they do a DNA match in the last 6 minutes of the episode to close the case. It would be further the decay of the ratings for Castle it they writers try this stuff. I love True Detective Season 1 and it super dark and gritty. This the opposite of Castle where everything is pretty clear and romantic. They always find their killer but it more investigations then science and lab work that does it!

    • GREGO366 says:

      Technically, you need 5 years on the job to become a Sergeant. 5 more to become a Lieutenant and 5 additional to become a Captain. ANY promotion for Beckett would mean an end to Kate and Rick investigating crime. Sorry if your bubbles are popped.

    • maddy says:

      Actually it makes no sense. You can’t just move from detective to Captain of your own precinct. There is Sergeant and Lieutenant between here before she reaches Captain. I know more about UK police rankings, but assuming Beckett is a Senior Investigator, there are 3 levels of Sergeant to go through — (First, Staff and Chief) to get to Technical LT and then to full LT and then Captain.

      It’s not unlike the military — there are protocols. It would be like having a TV character in the military move from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel.

      I know it’s make believe and everything, but there are still people who have this as a real job, and people who understand how things actually work. There’s only so much ‘suspension of disbelief’ I’m willing to accept. If they want me to believe that she’s a Detective (as they always identify her as) then she’s even further down the ladder and would skip even more steps. I’m being generous by calling her a S. Investigator.

      So to be promoted to captain makes no sense, actually.

      • Louis E. says:

        The NYPD only lets Lieutenants of a year’s standing test for Captain,and Sergeants of two years’ standing test for Lieutenant.Detectives of whatever grade(First,Second,Third) are no different from Patrol Officers in being required to be in permanent posts for 5 years before they can become Sergeants,though they can test after 3 years (a long wait for a vacancy after you pass the test can occur).There is only one level of Sergeant though the Sergeants who supervise Detectives are paid more than those who supervise beat cops.

        They also require new Captains to be transferred from wherever they were previously stationed.

  2. Luis says:

    Captain Beckett? No more Caskett in the field, trading quips and meaningful glances? Bite your tongue!

    • SO says:

      Still think there will be “Caskett” if she’s Captain as there may be possible intermingling with Ryan & Espo. Gates did show up in the field in some cases.

  3. ltz says:

    Definitely agree about Tori. I am annoyed enought that Gates is gone but if Tori goes too I will have very difficult time watching.

    • ltz says:

      Sorry I spelled Tory wrong… need more coffee

    • Evan says:

      So you will have a difficult time watching the show because someone who has maybe 20 minutes of screen time the entire season might not be back????

    • Moria says:

      To each their own I guess. I didn’t even know her name was Tori. To me she is “generic, bland woman they keep shoving into the show”.

    • Just one thing says:

      I have nothing against the actor, who seems pretty nice, but that character was shoe-horned randomly into the show, without adding anything new.
      It always seems awkward, and it never made sense that we saw her more than Lanie and Gates.

      • Annie says:

        All that, yes – and, I’d add, her performance always seems off kilter with the acting style of the others. It always struck me as odd, too.

      • KCC says:

        It made sense to add a tech specialist to the show to me. With all the technology involved in solving cases these days, a techie is almost as essential as a medical examiner. They never gave the character any personality though. Almost all her lines were for exposition. Like you said nothing new was added to the dynamics of the show.

    • Eric says:

      ….What? You are upset about 2 characters who barely get any screen time? Gates and Tori got maybe 40 minutes of screen time combined throughout the entire season… if that. How are two minor characters who bring nothing to the show and are barely seen going to make it difficult to watch?

      • S. says:

        Penny Johnson Jerald adds depth to any scene she’s in, and Gates went from being an antagonist to being an ally and mentor to Kate. I assume letting her go was in part because they’ve got to find a way to afford the new people going in, esp. since renegotiating the other contracts would seem to involve raises. Even if they didn’t, the new characters are gonna need screen time and money, so it’s not like I don’t get it. I just don’t like losing her. Penny’s wonderful. People are campaigning on Twitter to keep her, and I wish that could work. I just find it hard to believe it’s not at least partially for budgetary reasons so it’s unlikely they change their minds. I hope we get her as a recurring, but I’m not counting on it.

    • Harry Wild says:

      I think the actor needed play the new role will have to be young female and an African American since Gates is gone for the tech specialist position. An older Asian would be the right real world type that would be such a job. But ABC needs to keep the cast in the 20s somethings age range to draw their target advertising dollars. The detectives are in their late 30s already and Castle is probably in his 50s. LOL!

  4. Zed says:

    Hire Natalie Morales. Done.

  5. Andrea says:

    I’m still firmly camped out in the “say no to the senate” storyline, so I’m going to hope this casting is not related to that!

  6. Just one thing says:

    Hmmmm… I’ve thought they needed some young blood at the precinct since Kate’s DC stint. (Crazy to think that was two years ago.)
    But this is interesting. I still expect a stunt-cast season premiere guest to be announced soon.

  7. Cassie says:

    In short, they’re looking for a new Beckett, just what the show needs not

    • Just one thing says:

      I think any young bucks the show could or would introduce would end up being mentored by Beckett, not competition.

      • lkh says:

        Hey JOT–was thinking maybe SK negotiated a shorter work week, less hours and is being relegated to a supporting cast member. She’s about, but not actively investigating–Castle is with whoever… Would be sneaky to say that Beckett is back. :[

        • Just one thing says:

          The site ate my reply. Shocking, I know.
          Anyway, I don’t think either SK or NF could simultaneously negotiate both presumed (and deserved) pay raises AND shorter work weeks.
          That would be an odd investment on ABC’s part – one they’d have probably gotten greater returns on with a 13-episode final season or something.

          • lkh says:

            Just wondered if that was the only way she would agree to come back…I honestly think she wants to do other stuff. Dunno

          • Just one thing says:

            Yes, I think they both want to do other stuff.
            But I guess they enjoy steady work, and don’t dislike their jobs enough to give that up right now.
            Guess we will know more in a month!

  8. Alex says:

    I hope they don’t make Castle attracted to her, I’m tired of these kind of things, it’s been done way too much.
    About Tori, she’s completely useless for me, I never understood why she’s been introduced, and I understand even less why she’s still here …

    • Jim says:

      Really, just because she’s young & attractive, you think Castle’s going to be attracted to her? I don’t see it, considering the nube is already less attractive than Beckett, but that’s my personal opinion. Maybe Espo will be interested, given the way Esplanie has floundered.

      • Just one thing says:

        Over the last few years, Castle has often behaved like he is more physically attracted to women of all ages, shapes and sizes who aren’t Beckett. Still, while the concern is valid, I doubt that’s how the new showrunners will roll.

        • ndixit says:

          That’s complete nonsense imo! Give me an example of who he’s been attracted to. I’d say there are more examples of Beckett having been attracted to people who aren’t Castle than vice versa.

          • Harvey says:

            Agree about that

          • fei says:

            I agree too. I don’t understand (I do but find it very stupid) all those potential attractions they keep throwing the Caskett way. But of all of them Castle was always portrayed as clueless about any attraction, as using the woman to make Beckett jealous or being used himself by an attractive woman. He’s never seriously considered being attracted to someone else, and the only woman who was written as somewhat attracted to him besides wanting to use him was Serena as far back as season 4. Beckett tho seriously considered Hunt and Vaughn, and don’t forget she’s always being complimented by males who are portrayed as genuinely attracted to her, the opposite as it is with Castle.

            So if we’re talking about this (even tho like I said it’s a stupid plot device either way) it’s more about Beckett doubting and thinking about someone else than Castle. Her only rival for Castle’s affection is videogames lol.

          • Alex says:

            Oh yeah, poor Castle is sooo clueless about everything …

          • Beckstle says:

            Season to season the attraction to other people runs 50/50. Probably because the showrunners wanted to avoid stupid arguments like this.

          • Harvey says:

            Considering nobody Beckett ‘aspired’ to be, who was attracted to Castle, even kissed him without forcing him, and at the end episode had Beckett still being the one saying sorry, never happened. So, I’d say Beckett being attracted is more and worse.

    • Maybe she could be Esposito`s girlfriend, and I`m not worry about Castle and this new character, he`s too much in love with “the woman of his life” liked he says.

    • SKJones says:

      I agree. Keep the cast as we love it!

  9. maria alcazar says:

    I hope they don’t ruin the show with so many changes also hope they don’t separate castle and kate, they should have brought back penny at least for the first ep. So she could say she was going to transfer to another place so kate can take over I will not like to see kate as senator at least not know..

  10. N says:

    I’m so glad the show will be back!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I don’t care who joins the cast for whatever amount of time as long as Stana, Nathan, Tamala, Jon and Seamus are back. We all knew that once Captain Montgomery was killed someone new was coming in and that was Caption Gates/Sir. She started off a little rough but then grew to know her new team and even sticking up for them. She will be missed but for the show to go in another direction they needed her to either retire, move to another position or station house. But like I said as long as Stana is back on the show I’m good.

  12. Beckstle says:

    Tory Isn’t a regular anyway. Still I’m not thrilled with yet another tech. I miss Ryan doing tech…Esposito was the brawn and Ryan the techie brains. All these extra people means we get less of our guys. Also this Hayley – does it mean less badass Beckett? I hope not.

  13. Beckstle says:

    Tory Isn’t a regular anyway. Still I’m not thrilled with yet another tech. I miss Ryan doing tech…Esposito was the brawn and Ryan the techie brains. All these extra people means we get less of our guys. Also this Hayley – does it mean less badass Beckett? I hope not.

  14. AT says:

    The description of the new character sounds to me like a potential love interest for Esposito.

    • DL says:

      Yes, my thoughts exactly! Though does that mean our new techie is then a potential romance for Lanie? On the one hand, it might be a little too saccharine if every single character gets paired up. On the other, it’s Castle; romance is in its blood. I wouldn’t mind seeing Espo and Lanie end up happy with new significant others.

  15. Sally Ramsey says:

    A guess? The new character would be a love interest for Esposito. He just loves a woman who can break someones nose.

  16. rockford balboa says:

    what about tori? she deserves an ugrade

  17. lkh says:

    Tory wasn’t the tech in ‘Dead from New York’. I thought a tech was a good idea because prior to that Ryan had been the tech/detective which didn’t make sense. (ha, ha, ha sense in Castle)

    Anyway, please don’t let her run–the Good Wife debacle. (I know what the dude in ‘Time Will Tell’ said–let put him in the crazy, out of touch category.)

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m ambivalent about the senator idea. Never thought the show would be on long enough for them to feel compelled to go there.
      Besides, Beckett is 36 or 37. A little young for the traditional senator seat, no?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Scandal‘s Mellie is angling to be POTUS with near-zero qualifications, and we’re scrutinizing Beckett’s age…?

      • John NYC says:

        NY STATE Senate? Not at all.

        • John NYC says:

          And the Constitution requires federal senators be thirty so at 37 she’d make the cut. Though I’m still going to assume those power brokers were offering a total newbie such as her a run at a NY State Senate seat: a stepping stone.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’ll save my “But why would Kate consider it?” for if the new showrunners go there next season.
            My would be for a newly minted LIEUTENANT Beckett to lead a special NYC task force with Castle and the guys, and maybe a few more on the team.
            These skyrocketing to Captain or jettisoned senator offers aren’t cutting it on my BS-Meter.

      • Beckstle says:

        LOL! According to the U.S. Constitution a U.S. senator has to be at least 30, while President is 35. However,we’re talking about a state senate seat, not national. (Unless they change it come fall, but in the episode asked her to run for “New York State Senate.”) The age requirement for that is 18! …I think she’s covered. :D

      • S. says:

        Definitely nothing wrong with Beckett’s age. Joe Biden was elected to the Senate at age 30. It happens. I think she’s no fool about what it takes to get elected and finds it distasteful. Bracken was selling his soul over it. I’m not sure that she’d jump on that, esp. given the invasion into her private life that would be required, but if Rick encourages her she might go for it anyway. I’m just not sure where that puts them as a crime fighting couple. What show we’re watching would get a little confusing if they try to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to involving them in the precinct and elected office.

      • SO says:

        No, it’s not too young to be senator at 36-37. Sen. Tim Kennedy, N.Y. was elected at the age of 34 in 2010. Happen to know this because I know his parents very well & some of his siblings went to school with some of my kids. One daughter was at their house a lot. If he’s anything like his parents, he’s a good man. Besides, this is a tv show & they are allowed to do what they want. lol Inclined to think Captain though. i’d like to see more seasons just because I like it.

  18. lollypops says:

    New love interest for Castle for when they either break up Caskett or kill off Beckett.

    • deleon500 says:

      That is what I thought too.

    • Cassie says:

      They’re casting a young woman, Castle would be too old for her.

    • A says:

      Castle looks almost already too old for Beckett now, so for a woman in her late 20s … would be weird. I think she’s going to be a new love interest for Espo too, I hope it means Lanie and him are definitely over.

      • fei says:

        Espo would be too old for a woman in her 20s too tho.
        Now if Ryan wasn’t married…

        • Cassie says:

          Espo is much younger than Castle.

          • fei says:

            Where did you learn this? I only know that both actors are the same age, did they mention somewhere Esposito’s birthdate? He doesn’t look like a spring chicken, that’s why I said that conventionally he would be too old for a 20-something. Sure there are many happy couples of 40 year olds with 25 year olds, but I thought we were talking convention.

          • Just one thing says:

            Not really. I think all four characters are meant to be within 6-8 years of each other, with Beckett and Ryan representing the younger half. Like real life, I guess.

          • Cassie says:

            Beckett is supposed to be 10 years younger than Castle.

  19. Jooshua says:

    Gates will run for the Senate, and Beckett will take her place as Captain.

  20. DarkDefender says:

    It will be interesting to see how they work this character in.. could also be a private security for Castle.. or Alexis.. or Martha if she becomes a famous actress again.
    I hope they abandon the senate stuff.. give Kate the Capt. position at the end of the season (as part of a soft cliffhanger or series finale) and that the 12th works during the season as the well oiled machine it once was. Let’s hope they keep up with the witty banter, get Esposito someone who will make him nicer and less of an ass and that we get to see some of that “island getaway” honeymoon that has been put on the shelf.
    While I am at it.. here is my other wish list:
    1. That the two-parter be in complete flashback to where Castle was for 2 months – starting from him getting run off the road.
    2. Interspersing those Castle flashback scenes with Beckett and Alexis getting closer and some scenes with Kate, Martha and Alexis at the loft without Castle.
    3. Let’s have a super fun episode where Castle finally pays Beckett back for the staged birthday murder in EP 100.

    • Harvey says:

      I was once excited by the mythology but then the makers ruined it, it’s like they hardly put much effort into it. One of the few good things of the season seemed to be the awesome two parter, really won’t like it dealing with the mythology. 3rd one would be awesome.

    • Beckstle says:

      If they mention that mythology again they might as just say they’re canceling it Especially if it were done as an opening two-parter. That storyline nearly killed the show last season. I can see it now, people tuning in to see if the new showrunners have improved anything and see it’s that it’s still that “Castle missing” storyline? Click. Hello NCIS LA! Let’s just move on.

  21. Alex says:

    I was hoping they would put the focus back on Castle and Beckett TOGETHER but with these new additions it will probably take some time away from them if they want to develop these characters to try to make them interesting … unless they do like they did with Tory and just put them here.
    They’ll have to find a way to connect them in an interesting way Castle and Beckett, and make them likeable (not another Pi …) without taking too much screentime.

  22. Castle girl 101 says:

    I will watch maybe the first 3 episodes to see the changes and how effective they will be. But, actually, I am at the point where I am not feeling Castle. First Penny gets fired ( I know the argument Penny had little screen time and there were times she wasn’t in some episodes. However, it was her presence at the 12th as well as her command there and the effectiveness of the role she played. Actors have won Emmys and Oscars in small outstanding parts). Now it seems that Tory will be fired too. What are these 2 new show runners really up to? Just saying, just asking! Too bad Major Crimes, Proof, Rizzoli & Isles or Madam Secretary isn’t in that time slot! Oh wait! Maybe a new show will be scheduled in that time slot and make the slot even more competitive. Season 6 ending was just terrible, whose idea was that? Castle lost a lot of fans on that one. Season 7 was mostly a dud! This is the last season. How will it compete?

    • lkh says:

      The thing I liked about Gates is that she was the only one who tried to put the brakes on the stuff Castle was doing. Beckett used to, but now he seems to behave anyway he wishes, including at crime scenes. Someone has to take on that role.

  23. shutuprob says:

    Honestly, the casting news about the new female part just begs the question of why they just don’t promote Tori to Detective and assign her to team Castle when Beckett gets promoted to the Captain’s chair. Maya Stojan already proved on Agents of SHIELD that she can handle the larger supporting role-level gig, and Tori being a tech geek doesn’t mean that she couldn’t also already be at least a uniform-level officer (as opposed to a civilian contractor). Stojan is also multi-ethnic, so it seems to me that whatever level of outgoing personality they want to give this new character, they could just as easily give to Tori and just write it in that Tori had just been playing it cool because she’d always been biding her time for the promotion.

  24. kmw says:

    Interesting casting decisions. I seriously doubt the female character is being brought in to come between Castle and Beckett. I do hope however that both characters do not monopolize air time at the expense of the others on show. I also hope they do not go Senate story route. That didn’t work out well at all for Good Wife. Hopefully new show runners can integrate them without irritating fan base

    • BM says:

      If a female character could seriously come between Beckett and Castle then their marriage is in trouble and it would not fit with how the relationship has been set up over the past 7 seasons, so if that were to happen, I’d consider the new showrunners to not have a clue about the characters. Since both have already worked on the show I like to believe that they know at least a little bit about the relationship and wouldn’t do anything that would be so unlikely. And I also like to believe that they would know how much it would hurt the show after it already suffered from the season 6 finale. They want to give it a boost up, not kick it down, and letting someone come between Castle and Beckett would certainly be kicking it down.

  25. It was wrong to let the captain go, she could have been promoted to borough commander, leaving Beckett to become Captain of the 12th.

    • John NYC says:

      Who says Gates won’t be? Promoted offscreen and never seen again. You ever see the borough commander? I can’t think of an occasion and so she could easily be left out “there”, even mentioned in passing.

      • lkh says:

        Lots of folks disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. Look what happened when Beckett came back from DC–who was that messy guy anyway?

  26. B.W. says:

    What are the new showrunners doing? They are ruining this show. Why don’t they make Castle funny again and get back to the balance of funny and darker episodes. I don’t want to see new characters. I want to see them use the characters they already have more. Adding new characters is not going to make the show better, improving the writing is. The writing has gotten horrible on Castle. Every week it’s the same routine and it has become boring. The actors can do a good job and have the chops but they need good scripts to work with. The current producers and writers need to get their act together. Please bring back the people who worked on the first three to four seasons.

    • Jim says:

      Completely agree with you. New characters don’t help or improve, better writing does. Explore the characters you already have. Last year the writing was very questionable. Half the season I spent Channel surfing on Monday 10pm. Half the season was left with me wondering wth! These new characters aren’t gonna change anything if the writing is still bad. Use money to hire better writers not more actors who come on and off and who people don’t give a damn about. Pay the writers more, with more incentive they may try harder. I’m sorry but to me Tory, Indian tech, and security chick are a waste of money. You’ve got 2 fantastic primary characters and 5 fantastic secondary characters. Focus on them.

    • KCC says:

      You haven’t seen a single episode produced by the new showrunners and you’re saying they’re ruining the show? You’re complaining about them being in a routine and it’s become boring but you’re also complaining about changes you haven’t seen yet. I don’t get it. Adding a new character might shake things up and get them out the routine. But like you said it all depends on the writing. I’m not going to condemn the changes until I see how they play out.

      • B.W. says:

        Yes I should give the new show runners a chance. I am just saying did we like Pi when he was added? Did we like Sully? no. Personally I don’t like Tori and she was a wasted character. Before they start adding people, tHey should use what they got. I liked Penny Johnson Jerald and hate to see her go. They could have found more things for her to do. How about using Lanie more? We just want to see the cast they have and give them better material to work with.

        • KCC says:

          Neither Pi nor Sully were meant to be liked. They were there to throw some changes into the main character’s lives then leave once their arcs were resolved. Gates was a new character at one point but was added with the idea that she was not going to go away in the foreseeable future. Any “regular” character in a show has to be likeable in some way, even if we like to hate them. With the very little we know of this new character, it seems she will be more of an on-going character and not just have a single plot line that will resolve and then she’ll go away. I think they’ll actually create a real character, not just an exposition person that the Tori character is.

    • The problem is that in today’s world the marketing idea is always make changes when something is not giving results right away or just bring new things in regularly. Works with products (new flavours of foods & new versions of tech devices introduced to market all the time, pulling out old ones, because either people really want change all the time, or marketing geniuses think they do (when in reality it is not true, or people just need time to adjust to things). Same goes for tv shows. Companies, including, tv networks like to make changes, including shaking up story lines, make casting changes… all the time, because it is believed that is what makes things fresh, and people interested. I do not get marketing, or people/customers/viewers who think like this. (sadly just like with my favourite food products – so many things I tend to like keep being taken off market/production ended, because that taste/product does not sell to the masses – I guess same applies to tv shows and characters…) But I am strange anyway.

      I do not get any of this. Perhaps this is true to most people, and/or neurotypicals. I, as an aspie, do not like constant changes. So I am with you. Unless actos want out (and the writers have no other choice than to recast) I dislike the introduction of new characters all the time. Even if I end up loving the new addition (like Tory on Castle), but without making a new character just a prop, introducing them, and giving them a purpose, and story lines, takes time away from main characters, and adding more characters just to keep things fresh is weird imo.

      But the new characters, even if adding them will take away screen time from Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Espo, Lanie, Martha, Alexis, and other side character, might have another purpose to serve. I hope they do. Maybe Castle needs a partner in the field while Beckett is being the Captain/running for Senate/on maternity leave? Maybe Beckett needs a bodyguard because of running for senate or death threats from someone they have put away? It might all be done well. I might enjoy the stories a lot. Even if I will see less scenes with my “old favourites” from this show. I do not know yet. Time will tell.

      For me the show and the cases and stories have not become boring so far, even if I have disliked some things they have done. Like the “2 months missing” explanation episode. Too many plot holes for my taste. But even with the story lines that I find hard to believe and that make little sense, I have not become bored with this show, and have loved all seasons, including the last one. But I agree about not seeing any point trying to fix something that is not broken (adding new characters, removing old characters, etc, when the old formula is working well, because imo people do not really get used to changes that fast, so once again it is thought that change is needed, so the endless cycle of trying to make changes thinking previous changes did not work, seems to happen with tv and viewers. Though I might get it wrong. But that is how I see it.

  27. Jane says:

    1) if they don’t get a captain I’m guessing Beckett will play dual roles- her current detective role and an interim acting captain. The justification from mayor or nypd head will be that this will be her training ground.

    2) nah this Hayley character won’t come between caskett. For gods sake they’re married, the writers could only pull that crap before they got married, which they did EVERY single chance they got. Pathetic and weak but apparently castle writers seem to think always having another person cause problems is good storytelling, because you know, relationships have only one challenge and that’s staying faithful*cough *sarcasm*. Writers have forgotten that there are so many couple troubles, not just another person in between. Stupid that other problems were never explored.

    3) I’m looking forward to Indian techie dude. No offence to Tory but I never saw a point in her and she brings nothing to the show. So I wouldn’t mind the interchange with a new face. Both these two aren’t regulars so really who cares!

    I’m ok with all these additional folk as long as caskett is not tempered with- meaning they still are partners solving cases together. Caskett not working together is my only deal breaker. S7 was a bust in many ways bc they weren’t partners in many instances! Did the writers forget what this show is about? Bc I ain’t interested in seeing just castle investigate, or just Beckett, I wanna see both.

    Enough with the unnecessary drama and plots, stick to what works. No harm in just having a good COTW and delicious caskett. THAT is the show. Everything else can go away, stupid drama not needed. No need to keep trying to be ridiculous and change things. No need to do anything new. Keep it simple and engaging. You know what’s engaging? Good cases. Good caskett.

  28. joepetitjean80 says:

    They already have a tech specialists in the from of Tori !!!

  29. lame says:

    Tory like many familiar extras of season 7 willl probably fade away victims of that nose dive the demos took . Explanations for bit players are seldom given.
    Security detail for Captain Beckett if threats are made on her life wouldn’t be unusual .
    Beckett running for political office were killed with that unbelievable back story of 6.23. It made her look like an unreliable goof.

  30. gia says:

    No babies..they are unnecessary to the show..make it weak…keep kate and rick tight and keep the stories sharp and intelligent…great show..excellent cast…

  31. Kyarrah says:

    I really think they both have a lot to understand about each other and make better grounds. I mean, it’s like in Castle they forget all the issues they have immediately, and there are many trust and other issues raised that should be talked about. I mean, take the season 5’s end arc, the worst ever, especially TSATQ, Beckett kisses another guy but nothing happens, she’s insecure and both look bored and then the secrets and the engagement just lets all that slide? I would hate it if the new characters comes in between them, they did a lot of mistakes with Eric Vaughn and it’s fair to say they only cleaned up Castle’s mistake and ignored/forgave beckett too easily. I mean, why go to another storyline without actually making sure this all storyline is complete satisfied?

  32. aph1976 says:

    I’m wondering if Beckett, Ryan and Esposito maybe get transferred to a crime force next season where they work with new characters.

  33. Ashbash says:

    Can they cast Josie Loren as the new female character. She wasn’t too bad on the mentalist and I loved her on make it or break it. And despite her young looks she’s late twenties

    • John NYC says:

      Agreed. And they know her as she had a small role a few seasons back with one hilarious scene. Her boyfriend had been killed and Castle and Beckett were interrogating her with Castje trying to push her for more details on a guy she’d seen him with before. She kept saying the guy had an accent and Castle kept pushing for details (naming countries and languages) and she finally just lost her patience snapped out. “He had an accent, you know? NOT BROOKLYN!” Right at him delivered in a very Brooklyn tone. Much to Beckett’s amusement seeing Castje get rocked back on his heels, so NOT being in control of the conversation.

      And so NOT her gymnastics princess role. Lol

  34. De says:

    Say not to the” Senate” series, That would totally change what the show started out to accomplish. Captain maybe Also she wanted to speak for the dead , give closure to the families like she was, Keep speaking for them.,

  35. doris says:

    Beckett’s role as Captain in S8 will probably be the same/similar as in S7, EP 6. “The Time of Our Lives.” But I am thinking that when Stana returns in the role of Beckett to Castle she will be pregnant! So, there you go. Just saying! Hey writers how is it going with that Beckett possibility!

  36. amogh says:

    well how many of you are prepared for reading the upcoming nikki heat book? ??

  37. Big D says:

    This is worrisome. We need more Tory not less.

  38. GREGO366 says:

    Beckett becoming a Captain would REALLY mess with the dynamic of ‘Castle’. She’d be doing NO field work and the banter between Castle and Beckett would be GREATLY diminished. IF the Captain’s vacancies are filled BEFORE she gets one, maybe a Lieutenants or a Sergeants position?

  39. greg says:

    Not sure what the writers are thinking. Last season Castle a PI stunk taking Beckett out of the Pic. Capt Beckett (NOT). Thats like making Gibbs on NCIS the Dir.

  40. GREGO366 says:

    Tamala Jones MUST have an INEPT AGENT. She gets sooooooo few lines. She is definitely accomplished enough to help carry story lines and still be that ‘Cutie’ on the set.

  41. Flora B. Geiges says:

    Somebody remind Stana that not everybody that leaves a great show for something bigger & better rarely makes a ripple in a lake. Maybe if she just wanted to stay home & raise a family, that would be understandable, but to get something better than Castle, no way.

  42. georgee says:

    Matt why would the new show runner for Castle want a devastating breakup between Rick & Beckett? I know he feels ready to make 8.5 million loyal fans mad. Maybe he knows there will be no season 9, or he does not want a successful drama series for ABC. Maybe we should bring back the old show runner, at least he knew what the fans wanted. What happened to baby makes three.As a loyal fans I sure hope that he does not stick a fork in this wonderful series and call it done. I do want to thank everyone for a season 8, I hope it starts better than season 7

  43. lqza says:

    Season 7 of Castle has been a complete let down. One stupid episode after another, it has become a farce. I have now deleted it from my planner. I have no wish to see any more of this trash!

  44. kate has a brother named Ronald who killed bracken and Donovan Donovan was working for bracken so when ron found out that they was after his sister Donovan wanted to arrested kate for killing simmoms even thou smith killed him so Donovan knew that he saw her brother then he fired 3 shots to his chest then ron went to the jail cell and shot bracken 4 times so when kate found out about the murders then she went face to face with her brother she said its u I haven’t see u since mom died ron said I know sorry for missing your wedding I know u wanted to arrested me for killing Donovan and bracken but I did it to protack u now u have a husband that loves u and a great partner but before u arrested me I just want to say I love u always

  45. kate has a brother named ron

  46. Joshua Gomez return on Castle season 8 to warn Castle about his future

  47. Season 8 Castle will have a new partner and her name is Hayley. Beckett passed the captain’s exam and she is going take over Gate’s job as the new precinct captain. While she is running for State Senate. Joshua Gomez return on Castle season 8 to warn Castle about his future.

  48. I don’t know who they are going to pick to play Hayley. I hope they pick Buffy star Alyson Hannigan to play Hayley. She could fit the bill with Castle.

  49. I would pick buffy star Alyson Hannigan to play Hayley Castle’s new partner.

  50. In castle season 8 opener is Kate going to be in it? Or is her really being pregnant going to keep her out ? We have not seem her since spring.