Pretty Little Liars Poll: What Is Sara's Real Connection to Charles?

Pretty Little Liars Sara Charles

Pretty Little Liars fans have been cooking up crazy theories from the moment “A” sent his/her/its first text back in 2010, but with less than a dozen episodes until the ABC Family drama blows the lid off its six-season mystery, some of those crazy theories are starting to look… not so crazy.

In TVLine’s recap of this week’s episode, I noted my distrust of iZombie Sara Harvey and accused her of helping Charles, at which point several commenters introduced — and subsequently expanded upon — a theory I can’t stop exploring in my head: What if Sara is Charles?

Here’s the thing: If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the two characters simply working together; it’s the safer of the two options, and it’s certainly more obvious. That shoddy FaceTime murder threat — aside from being all kinds of WTF — was a dead giveaway. And I know Sara was (allegedly) held captive in Charles’ lair for two years, but seriously, who takes that many showers?

But the idea of Sara actually being Charles, living amongst the liars and gaining their sympathy, is too deliciously twisted a possibility to ignore. It also requires a heck of a lot more explaining, so let’s break down just a few of the (recent) clues that link the two characters as one:

Pretty Little Liars Sara Charles* Über A must have a lot of free time on his/her hands in order to plan and execute such elaborate stunts — the kind of free time you’d have if the world thought you were dead for two years and stopped looking for you.

* Then there’s Sara’s mom, whose conspicuous absence from the show has raised major red flags for me. Why didn’t we see her at the hospital? And when Pam called to let her know Sara was staying at her house, did they ever actually speak? If Sara isn’t really who she says she is, that would explain why she can’t go home and why she doesn’t have any other clothes (unless you buy that her mom threw them out).

* Wasn’t it also strange how adamant Sara was that Andrew wasn’t her captor, despite never actually seeing Charles’ face? Don’t forget, Charles wants credit for his actions — at least within the liars’ inner circle — so I imagine he wouldn’t be too thrilled to see Andrew getting all the glory.

Of course, every theory has its cracks, and I can’t deny there are huge, Minion-sized cracks in both of the possible outcomes mentioned above. For example, the Sara-is-Charles theory would require the show to incorporate a transgender component to the character — assuming Charles is/was actually Jason’s twin — and as commenters have also pointed out, it seems unlikely that LGBT-friendly PLL would introduce a trans character as the ultimate villain.

But as long as we’re all playing Blue Clues here, I figured I’d throw this theory out there to see what you all think. So vote in our poll below, then drop a comment: If Sara and Charles are one in the same, how would that work? And how might clues from previous seasons support — or disprove — the theory altogether?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sophie says:

    I think this could be it since there really is no point on focusing on Sara so much near the revelation of Big A. But there are too many plotholes to this theory and at this point. Where would Sara get the money from and isn’t she the same age as the girls?
    Sidenote: I really have a feeling the writers are redeeming Alison only to kill her off before the timejump. That would really be full circle to the A story. I would hate it since Alison is by far the most complex and interesting character on the show.

    • Jasmine says:

      Alison and Spencer know a lot more than they are saying this show is mainly about they’re two family’s if you look very close you’ll see that Alison has a lot of things that she knows that she hasn’t told the girls. Alison is snooping around and playing off guys while the girls just want to catch A. A has to be someone from the start of the show that no one would guess because they can’t just introduce a new person in the 6th season and say it was them.

      • Md says:

        A is Alison. Her twin mental ill sister, Courtney, stole her ring when she was home for a visit and their parents mistaken Alison for Courtney. They sent Alison to the hospital, instead of sending Courtney so Alison decided to kill her sister. That’s why their mother burried her alive. Read the book, people!!!

        • robandco says:

          If you read the books and watch the TV Show then you might have noticed that what they have in common is the name of the main characters. Other than that, they couldn’t be more different. The producers already said that they weren’t going the twin way for Alison.
          At least I agree with you, people should read the books because they are better than the TV series.

        • jenna says:

          The director had confirmed in an interview the tv series will be different than the book series! The answer for A will be different and unexpected compared to what the author wrote.

        • yasemin says:

          no i guess marlene king already said that alison does not have a twin but there’s another twin of another character

        • vAlentinA says:

          the book and show are two different things
          havent you seen any book based movies, theyre usually different

  2. robandco says:

    At this point I do not know if I care to know who A is. What is the point, there are so many inconsistencies with that show I would not be surprised if Santa Claus was A and punishing them because they were bad girls when they were in Ali’s gang.
    That said, I’d say red herring of course, you know why. I may do not care who A is but I wish it was really Alison, not only because it would echo the books, but because I do not want her to be there when there is a time jump. I want them to get rid of all the characters except the liars and their family. Boyfriends/creepy teachers can go away, except for Caleb that is the only nice one of the bunch. Start fresh.

    • Andy Swift says:

      1. I would love for Santa to be A.

      2. I’m definitely not expecting the final reveal to connect *every* story line, but as long as it makes sense in the grand scheme of things, I’ll be satisfied.

  3. Jared says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if PLL jumps on the transgendered bandwagon and reveals that Sara is Charles. It would be a cool twist so im all for it. But usually the reveals never make much sense anyway.

    • Katie says:

      Okay, there is no way that I would want them to make Charles transgender. It’d be the most ludicrous way to finish this story. Literally, that’s the kind of stuff that they show on Lifetime movies, where it’s like “SURPRISE!” I’ll have spent six and a half years waiting for this mystery to unravel, and if they tried to explain it away with such an easy answer, I’d be furious. Not to mention that that was clearly a little boy in the video/picture with Mrs. D, and as recently as the season 5 finale, A was dressed like a man. If he’d transitioned into a girl, why wear a tux to prom? No, I don’t think there’s any way they’d go that way. (Not to mention, would they really use a transgender character for the first time on this show, only to make him a deranged murderer?)

  4. What if before Sara ran away, she met Charles and the two of them ran away together? I mean Mona was A for a while before Charles even caught wind of the girl.
    Also, everyone keeps saying she was down there for two years…shouldn’t it be three? We started at one year since ali had disappeared and two in show years?

    • @foodtravellaugh: In regards to how long Sara was being held captive in the Dollhouse, I’d suggest you not focus too much attention on that issue. This show plays pretty fast & loose with it’s timeline. Hell, the characters can’t even seem to agree on how long the Girls were missing, with references being somewhere between 3 weeks and more than a month.

  5. GlisteningGirl34 says:

    Well, if Sara is actually Charles she doesn’t have to be transgender. Charles and Jason could be fraternal twins. Remember old 90210 with Brenda and Brandon? And Charles/Sara could also have cut her hair in pixie style, or wear boy wigs. Crazy people do crazy things. I think Sara as Charles is plausible.

  6. Gabbey says:

    This girl is too suspect for words! All I know is, of all the Liars, she latches onto Emily. Who is known to be the most trusting of the group.
    I don’t think Sara is Charles, but I think she’s definitely working for him.

  7. Katie says:

    I think it’s a little paranoid to immediately assume the worst about Sara, especially when we know that Emily is supposed to get a new love interest this season, a love interest that TPTB said was her soulmate. I definitely think it’s possible that Sara is hiding some things, but I don’t think she’s the evildoer that many people seem to believe.

    • Jo says:

      Seriously, paranoid?! Have you watched this show?? Literally everyone around the girls has been suspicious at some point, even the freakin parents!!! If some creepy girl shows up at this point on the show and is all over Emily, aka the most trusting one (to be nice), it is smart to assume that there is some kind of evil going on there… Don’t forget there’s a whole season 6B for em to find her soulmate, another one…

    • pll fan says:

      I think Emilys love interest will be Sara but it won’t last long. I think Sara might be A because.. remember Mrs. D buying two dresses and told Alison to forget about it. I’m guessing that the other dress was for her son because he is transgendered! And I heard rumors that Alison and Emily realize in this season that they are soul mates.

  8. Simple. Charles was killed when he was young and his spirit took over the body of Sara, so at certain times of the day the body becomes male and at certain times it reverts back to female — once they introduced magic, anything is possible — not necessary PLAUSIBLE, merely possible.

    • Elana says:

      She isn’t Charles evidence is when Charles walked in a room and Sarah was sitting there. Second Evidence they were running from him and Sarah walked out of her room she couldn’t have changed that fast and also it’s a mans body in that black outfit A always wears. I don’t think she’s an “Innocent Angel” but don’t think she’s that harmful… is she? We will see no spoilers please!

    • Elana says:

      Um Alison’s father was saying that Charles died for a reason and Alison’s brother thought he was imaginary her dad plays a part in this

  9. Naif Alotibi says:

    I think sara’s family adopted charles and he put her up to this

  10. Amanda says:

    I don’t think Sara is a transgender or was physically born a male. She was admitted in to the hospital with the others once she was rescued and they’d totally know if she had male parts. I do think she could’ve been a Charlotte and gone by Charlie, if we want to believe she’s Charles. And being a possible twin to Jason, she could’ve been a very tomboy-like kid with short hair and then would totally look like her fraternal twin brother. Possibly lol.

  11. spindae2 says:

    Sara being Charles wouldn’t be a huge surprise. But twitching the whole story with an intersex story could work as well.
    Also Sara could be Bethany for that matter. But I think stuff will become clear when Alison finds the second picture missing from the album.

  12. Jazmin Robinson says:

    You know what I’m just about fed UP with it all. I’ve been watching this show since it came on in June 2010 & its just to much, don’t get me wrong I LOVE PLL but all this trying to figure out who “A” is is really PISSING me off !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Adam says:

    what about stockholm syndrome, Sara was down there for 2 years. Which means she wouldn’t be completely responsible for her actions. Also, who was the girl screaming during the torturous electrocution game, my first thought when they realized none of them had been electrocuted was Sara. I was waiting for one of them to say something when they didn’t, i kind of wondered if they were a little self absorbed and forgetting that Sara was down there to.

    • Mike says:

      Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer all screamed when they entered their fake rooms after they were allowed back into the dollhouse. Charles could have easily recorded their screams.

    • Jess says:

      They didn’t know Sara was in there.

    • Elana says:

      Lol yep he probably recorded there screams but why did they scream also they didn’t know Sarah was down there so they probably weren’t thinking of her when they were recalling what happened

  14. B says:

    A is a lot bigger than her or at least the member of the A team responsible for most of his attacks and scenes we’ve seen so I’m going with she’s working with A since they said Charles A is not transsexual

  15. BellaShannon says:

    It would explain why Mrs. D. hid a dress in the piano if it was for a “girl”.

  16. saoirse says:

    I will be extremely disappointed if Sarah were Charles. We were told we will feel pity for Charles. I believe its some one we know well and not some one random.

    • Tess2700 says:

      I agree. Its stupid if they bring in a stranger and not someone who has been on the show forever!!!

      • Elana says:

        Ng mom keeps messing around and going I am A! Mwhaha and I kinda would be disappointed if they brought in a stranger. Oh well it would be a twist

  17. unknownauthoranonymous says:

    it is a possibility that sara is Charles. if she is not the sara, that supposedly died all those years, prior to Alison missing. if there ever was a real Charles dilaurentis, it is probably some one that Alison and her relatives might not have met, or sara is making it up.

    sara could be Charles…

  18. Roula says:

    What if that Face chat was taken in A’a dollhouse before the girls got out?

  19. Alexandra says:

    What if Sarah Harvey was allied with charles? It was said that Sarah could’ve ran away. What if she ran away with Charles and both were working together Sarah is blonde she couldve been the girl in the video when fighting Mona and everyone thought it was Ali and was accused for murder. She could have been red coat at some point. Remember guys Ali said it wasn’t her that saved the girls and dragged them out of the fire that one time Mona as A was set up by the girla, Toby and Spencer.

  20. frank says:

    Remember how Marlene said that everything all ties back with the Black Widow? Well, it sounds like Sara is a character that loves pity. I think that there’s something going on with her mom, because there’s no way someone could be that heartless toward their own child (unless she was seriously a sick and twisted woman.) That said, Claire told Emily in that episode that Sara was evil and basically took pride in ruining people’s lives. I think (don’t quote me on this) that Claire mentioned something about a guy that Sara wanted to run off with. What if that was true and it was Charles? What if Charles told Sara his story, and Sara decided to create the biggest game ever and destroy all of the Liars’ lives, using Charles as her pawn, not the other way around. I really get a sociopathic vibe off of Sara to be honest, so I wouldn’t be shocked if she had something to do with all of this. As for Charles, I have no idea who he is. I feel like Wren could be an option, and maybe the reason he became a doctor was to treat his psychological disorders and stuff. Whoever Charles is, I feel like Sara’s gonna end up killing him. I feel she definitely is the Black Widow, and she probably orchestrated all of this from the beginning.

  21. Britney says:

    i wish Alison was there for her mother and her friends and Maya too cause Emily Fields was Emily girlfriend but she has a another girlfriend her name is Paige Mccullers

  22. Britney says:

    i wish Alison was there for her mother and for her friends and Maya too Emily Fields was Maya girlfriend but Emily has a another girlfriend her name is Paige Mccullers

  23. Mike says:

    Alison explicitly states in the Season 6, Episode 4 (“Don’t Look Now”) promotional video that Charles is dead. Alison could be lying to Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer (or Mr. DiLaurentis could have lied to Alison) and the Pretty Little Liars TV show could have virtually the same story as the Pretty Little Liars books… WARNING: BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD

    In the PLL books, Alison had a twin sister named Courtney. Alison was prettier than Courtney (her eyes were slightly bluer, her lips were slightly fuller, her breasts were slightly bigger, and her waist was slightly thinner), but slightly less popular because she was mean whereas Courtney was kind. Alison thought she should be the “popular twin” and conspired to have Courtney committed to Radley Sanitarium. She forced Courtney to switch places with her (Courtney pretended to be Alison but continued to be kind and Alison pretended to be Courtney but continued to be mean) so their classmates would think she was kind and Courtney was mean and manipulative. Alison eventually goaded Courtney into a physical fight and Courtney tried to strangle Alison. After Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis broke up the fight, Courtney told her parents what Alison had been doing, but Alison denied everything. The DiLaurentis’ called a doctor to evaluate Courtney and the doctor diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia. The DiLaurentis’ asked Alison what she thought they should do with Courtney since Courtney had “attacked” her and she said Courtney should be sent away for everyone’s safety so Courtney was committed to Radley Sanitarium. However, Courtney was allowed to come home on weekends, but she was confined to the house because the Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis pretended Alison and Jason were their only children. One weekend, Courtney stole Alison’s ring so she could go outside, where she met Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. While Courtney was talking to the other girls, Jessica came to tell “Alison” that she was leaving which meant she was taking “Courtney” back to the asylum. Courtney continued talking to the girls and hoped her mother wouldn’t notice. Alison was taken to Radley in Courtney’s place and Courtney assumed Alison’s identity. A few years later, “Courtney” came home for a visit and killed “Alison”. Alison took her ring back from Courtney before she killed her sister, but neglected to steal the friendship bracelet Courtney also wore. Jessica noticed that “Alison” wasn’t wearing her bracelet and took “Courtney” back to Radley where Alison came up with “A” and tormented Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. Courtney’s body was found three(?) years later after the St. Germaine’s tore down the unfinished gazebo to build a tennis court.

    If Charles is still alive in the TV series, the writers could use some of Courtney’s story for Charles. Charles tried to hurt Alison for some reason and was committed to Radley Sanitarium because of it; he met Mona when she was committed to Radley and took over “the game” from her. However, I think slightly changing Courtney’s story would leave a lot of loose ends (and would be incredibly lame because the showrunners assured us Courtney would not be a part of the TV series to keep us interested, but planned to give Jason a twin all along).

    I think Charles is dead and Jason has Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). In Season 4, we learned Spencer had been abusing prescription drugs the summer before Alison disappeared and I think the writers hinted at the second A’s identity in Veronica Hasting’s dialogue. Veronica says that the Hastings family never knew “who was going to come down the stairs” because it was like Spencer was “two different people”. Some mental illness, like schizophrenia, for example, have a genetic cause and can be triggered by drug use. Which character could have the same gene that caused Spencer to act like “two different people” and has or had a drug problem? Jason. Marijuana is a relatively safe drug, but it can cause psychosis in people with a genetic predisposition for it. Here’s what I think happened…

    Charles died somehow and Jessica DiLaurentis couldn’t deal with it. She had lost her son, but had another son that looked exactly like the one she lost. She began neglecting Jason. At some point, Jessica met Bethany Young, whom looked a lot like Alison. She took Bethany as a surrogate daughter, recreating her twins, whom she loved very much. I think Jason in his Charles persona lured Bethany to the DiLaurentis house with the intention to abduct Alison and Bethany to punish his mother, but the events of “That Night” happened. Jason’s plans went awry. Bethany was killed and Alison disappeared. Jason fled town and crossed paths with Sara Harvey. He abducts her for some reason. Sara develops Stockholm Syndrome, falls in love with Jason, and becomes the “Red Coat”.

    I haven’t worked out all the details yet. I just think the events of Season 1 and 2 make more sense if Charles and Mona are two distinct villains. Charles is after Ali while Mona in her A persona is torment Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. Charles realizes that Mona’s antics lured Ali back to Rosewood (Ali visited Hanna in the hospital after Mona hit her with a car, right?) and ups the ante to force Ali to make a mistake so he can abduct her, but he fails. He then abducts Mona, frames Alison for Mona’s murder, and tricks the girls into thinking Alison is A so Alison can’t flee town again. Finally, he abducts Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer and leaves evidence that Mona is alive for the police to find so he can lure Alison to him and finally abduct her, but he fails again. I’m not sure what Charles is up to right now, but I really think Jason is A/Charles. He’s an adult. He has money, but we haven’t seen him work (except briefly at his mother’s real estate business). He has disappeared for long periods of time (renovating his grandmother’s house, going to a rehab center that didn’t exist). He “came in through the garage” just before A planted that pig in a hoodie and called Alison in Season 6, Episode 1. I think the evidence is there. I just can’t think of it all because I am usually drunk when I watch Pretty Little Liars. I just can’t deal with the fact that almost none of this would have happened if the Liars had went to the police in the pilot episode when I am sober. Sure, Ezra would have went to jail, but the guy knew he was having sex with one of his students. He would have deserved it and his families rich so he would have had an awesome defense attorney anyway.

    Anyway, does anyone agree or disagree with my theory?

    • Theresa says:

      I think when you look at the freeze frame of “Charles” at the fake prom pictured above, it is definitely, totally Jason.

    • Elana says:

      OMG that was amazing! And that’s not good that your drunk? But oh well my mom is going to kill me

  24. Mel says:

    I think that after spending two years being Charles’ puppet, being outside doesn’t change much of this. I think she is with him, just because she is so scared of him, and completely brainwashed by her time down in the dollhouse.

  25. Tess2700 says:

    If she is Charles how do you explain the video chat “A” sent as he was walking to a sleeping Sarah and opened a knife. Had to be two people Unlessss! She rigged up a dummy, but I don’t think so. I think she is helping Charles

  26. Anapalooza says:

    Well, did they ever specify that Charles is a he? Like did the father say he’s dead or just Charles is dead? Cause if they never specifically said he or she…it leaves an open door of possibilities. Like maybe Charles really is a she but identified as a he or always wanted to be called by a boys name. In the books Ali is the one with the psycho twin, so this would be a goOd way to incorporate that.

  27. Kenyshia says:

    So here’s what I think… I think Sara is actually Bethany and she and Charles went to radley together… I believe that they were probably best friends if not friends then enemies… If you look at the pictures Bethany drew you can see her carrying someone away in her arms I think Mrs. Dileurentis took Charles away and faked his death so that the father would not know he was still alive… She moved him to Aunt Carols and that would also explain where he had gotten the money from… I don’t believe that he is transgender but that he was jealous of Alison because she had taken the attention off from her but we will see how everything goes

  28. When the police first found Sara in the bunker and asked her name I thought she would say Bethany. It’s possible that maybe they are the same person, it would definitely link her to Charles through Radley. I don’t think Sara is Charles, but she could definitely be working with him. Sara has got to have a big part in the story line, otherwise why would they make her such a big character in this season that’s supposed to be full of answers? I think there are things she’s hiding from the liars for sure, I can’t wait to see how she really fits into everything :)

  29. Jae says:

    Has everyone forgotten the Christmas dress? Mrs. DiLaurentis didn’t want Allison to tell about the Christmas Dress. And we aren’t even sure that A is a Charles. Spencer got that from some random blocks. We aren’t sure who the sister is in her arms in that film clip either. I’ve watched Sara Shepherds stuff for awhile now. She examines each and every person that is involved. Just because she is now examining Sara doesn’t mean that she’s A. Unless they are using someone else to play A besides the real actor who is A, there really is only one or two possibilities–I think its either Toby or Fitz. My money is on Toby

  30. Love/HatePLL says:

    So WHO is in the grave???

  31. vB says:

    I think Jason was the evil child and charles got framed for everytime Jason did something bad.

  32. Elana says:

    She isn’t Charles evidence is when Charles walked in a room and Sarah was sitting there. Second Evidence they were running from him and Sarah walked out of her room she couldn’t have changed that fast and also it’s a mans body in that black outfit A always wears. I don’t think she’s an “Innocent Angel” but don’t think she’s that harmful… is she? We will see no spoilers please!

  33. Ally says:

    I have a theory lol I think this girl is not Sara Harvey because when they find the girls and the police asks her wat her name is she hesitates for a second and then she says Sara my name is Sara Harvey I think she’s bethany young the real Sara Harvey is the dead girl in Allisons grave the one that Melissa buried alive thinking it was Allison in the preview “She’s no angel” the liars are talking about A being someone that Charles met while he was at Radley who else do we know spent a significant amount of time at Radley Bethany We know that the real Charles is dead so maybe Bethany fell in love with Charles but the only person he EVR love was Alison n i believe that cece drake killed mrs.cavannah member when mrs.d said that cece went to Radley pretending to be Ali wat if Bethany believe it was actually Ali that killed her mom so she kills Charles and then runs away from Radley and goes to Alison’s house to kill her but she ended up getting hit in the head by the real Alison n Mrs.D knowing who Bethany was and wat she knew decided it was best for Alison to die rather than everyone finding out her dark secrets so she buries her alive and hides Bethany in her sisters house and one day Bethany kills Mrs.D for hurting her so much and I believe Bethany has multiple personality disorder and one is Bethany the girl that wants revenge on Alison for sending Charlie away and for killing her mom so she wants to take evrything away from Ali just like they took away her mom love and brother(Toby) and the other personality she took was Charles the one part that loves Alison that’s why in the doll house he had mona play Ali n she was his favotire

    • Lia M. says:

      Lol your theory seem two extreme , u should’ve just stop at Sara really being Bethany young , that makes sense and y Sara probably won’t go home because she know if she went her mother would know she’s not the real sara Harvey

  34. ammar hassan says:

    i really think that sara is the one who attacked mona on the video and kidnapped her she is not A but she is working for him

  35. Lia M. says:

    The whole theory of Charles and Sara being the same person because of a transgender change is ridiculous and quite annoying. One Charles is clearly a male figure in the hoodie and the tux. Two Sara was in her room sitting like a zombie when the girls were trying to escape from Charles . Sara clearly had been with Emily the whole time when Charles was staring outside of the dilaurentis window spying and also when he was tracking the girls and Emily and Sara was in the pool. I also think Charles has help, because if u guys remember his lair with his cameras to watch the girls was at the cambells farm , but when he seen the girls burning his room and they snatch the curtain down he was standing their and the dollhouse was at some park. I forgot the name. No I don’t believe Sara is an angel , I think she’s working with Charles , her story about her mother seem quite strange something just don’t sit well with her and she wont even go to a counselor or therapist .

  36. Aoife cullen says:

    I honestly believe Sara is bethany young and she met Charles in Radley and he has convinced her to work with him. I really can’t see another explanation for her being introduced.

  37. Britt says:

    If you go back and watch the episode where the girls find the tape recordings of Bethany Young at Radley, you’ll notice her voice is identical to “Sara”. Sara is Bethany. She has a very unique voice.

  38. debra says:

    sarah is charles and alisons twin not jasons. also working with wren

  39. Liv says:

    I think it could go either way she got pretty pissed when she saw the picture of A at the dumpster yard thing but at the same time she could be working with charles because we already know that A isnt just one person due to the finally of season 5. I also think andrew did have something to do with it at first then decied he wanted out or he could have just not helped with the kid napping of the liars. I do think leslie is helping a along with the girl who broke out of radly WITH charles. I also think Jenna is helping

  40. Ana says:

    What about the TWO dresses? When Allison’s mom tells Allison “you found one yellow dress not two” because daddy will leave us if he finds out. SO who is the other dress for? Maybe Charles is a girl.

  41. Phoenix says:


    • whittney says:

      Unless they are pretending to make her a target to the other girls, so she seems innocent and throw the girls off of her working with A. Sara is definitely not to be trusted. Neither is her friend from out of town, it could just be somebody she met at Radley. Which is where she met ‘Charles’.

  42. Berni Hurton says:

    I think that they are working together, let’s not forget that aria and the therapist (name I forgot, who was kidnapped by A) said A was a female, but, in the finale at prom, A was defs a male, and with the recent media attention to Caitlyn Jenner, the PLL publicist team would not allow their main villain to be a transgender as that would only really draw negativity to the show. If it was originally written as that, they would have had a rewrite, so a dynamic duo would certainly be the safest choice.

  43. Denise says:

    Okay I have some questions?
    The first A was Shawna right? Now is shawna and Charles connected? Because I’m trying to figure out if Charles has been apart of this since season 1? And what ever happened to Jenna or Andrew? I mean they show characters and then they just disappear. Also who was supposedly the blonde that killed Mona? I watch every episode but I don’t re watch so I forget. But it’s like their really dragging this out each episode reveals barley anything and A at the end doing something is so OLD like get over it A we get your obsessed with proms! Like literally I just watched episode 8 season 6 and it’s just like are you freaking kidding me? They always show him doing something pointless at the end of every episode like WHAT! Also did he like rape the girls or what because abc family is trying to be pg 13 on like some nasty stuff because basically sounded like aria remembered waking up to horrible things when they were all stripped naked?? I love this show but they seriously drag it out for too long it’s getting old for it being the fifth season, not knowing. I mean just show a face who cares if It’s not the finale!!! Why does every season have to be the last episode you find something. Also The parents are always disappearing in this show too. And now someone else is working with Charles but why should we care about Charles anyways ??? they reveal a character in the 5th season and were suppose to connect everything now??

  44. Jessica batton says:

    What if Sara is A. & Sara is Charles.

    If you remember Alis mom buying yellow dresses…and hiding them, Mrs. D was probably OK with it but Mr D wasn’t. Maybe Charles(Sara) wanted to be a girl or like Alison & that’s his obsession.

  45. Stanye East says:

    Charles isn’t a twin…it was stated he was born 15 months before Jason was born

  46. Malak says:

    I dont think so to be honest. I mean, in the episode where the girls where locked outside of the doll house, sara looked so scared and all and charles was just trying to get the girls up there, how would sara have the time to go to that room ad look so messed up in like 3 minutes? Also, if you think about it, sara doesnt seem like the kind of girl that can pull all of these things off. And she was at the prom dancing with Emily when charles took allison.

  47. yasemin says:

    what about the ‘school club’ of Melissa and the others ?

  48. sureena says:

    i think Sara is really sketchy, but she’s not A/Charles.

  49. Maybe Sara is just throwing in there to mess with us. ha