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Grey's Anatomy: Martin Henderson Checks In as New Season 12 Regular

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Martin Henderson

Off the Map‘s Martin Henderson is taking an alternate route back to Shondaland.

The New Zealand-born actor, best known Stateside as the male lead in Shonda Rhimes’ short-lived 2011 medical drama Off the Map, has nabbed that new series-regular surgeon role on Grey’s Anatomy, TVLine has learned.

An ABC rep confirmed Henderson’s casting, but declined to provide further details. (Crazy thought: What if he reprised his Map role of Dr. Ben Keeton? Stranger things have happened!)

Last month, TVLine exclusively reported that Rhimes was on the hunt for some new “charismatic” male blood to (presumably) fill the sizable void left by Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey’s exit.

Rhimes acknowledged back in April that “the entire Grey’s Anatomy family” is entering “uncharted territory as we head into this new” post-Derek era, adding that, “The possibilities for what may come are endless. As Ellis Grey would say: the carousel never stops turning.”

Henderson, who most recently co-starred in SundanceTV’s The Red Road, is expected to make his debut in Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 12 premiere on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c.

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  1. Tom says:

    Didn’t they want a name?

    • Steven says:

      This was my first thought.

    • B says:

      I thought so too, but a good history with Shonda is probably enough if his acting chops are up to it

    • Patrick says:

      After what she has pulled, I’m not sure a “name” actor is interested in working under her increasingly tyrannical rule. Seriously, a “name” actor would want some measure of control over his stories, and Shonda would never surrender any control. Further, there is a real chance that the death of McDreamy will kill the show. It may not continue beyond this year. So a name actor won’t want to commit to TV only to see it end after a year.
      Its going to be interesting to see what happens to Shondaland this year. Grey’s may have committed suicide, Scandal may have jumped the rails, and we’ll see how HTGAWM handles season 2.

      • tvjunkie says:

        Depends on the name actor, some might like the idea of only doing 1 year on a show, for example, JPM on Gotham.

      • B says:

        God people get so dramatic about Shonda. “Tyrannical”? Chiiiiiiiiiiiiill.

      • Babygate says:

        Agreed. Completely. Shonda’s success has really gone to her head. She forgets she also wrote Princess Diaries 2 and Crossroads. She should have dealt with Patrick in a way that didn’t sacrifice the show. Even if she loathed the idea of keeping him on the rolls. Her diva totally came out. And I agree that Scandal and HTGAWM may not come back as the power houses they started out to be this last season. Time will tell.

      • Amanda says:

        Surrender control? So she’s suppose to bow down to a difficult actor? If that’s the case, than Isaiah Washington still should be on the show? She did what she needed to do, reports have been coming in for YEARS that Patrick Dempsey was difficult on the set, good show or not, as the creator you have to have control over your show! If he wanted to stay, than he should have played by the rules…..

    • Butter says:

      Still mad sorry 😡
      And sorry to Liv & Fitz as I’m giving you up too.. Same with Viola.. Goodbye.

  2. Katie T says:

    He clearly likes Medical shows. First thing I saw him on was New Zealand hospital soap Shortland Street when it used to be aired in the UK

    • Patrick says:

      Some actors have trouble with scientific jargon, and some don’t. When one doesn’t have trouble with the jargon, that person tends to get a lot of similar work.

      • Katie T says:

        It wasn’t that sort of soap though as though it was set in and around a hospital, it wasn’t really medical. And if I remember rightly he was basically just the son of the woman who ran the hospital

        • c-mo says:

          He definitely didn’t use any medical jargon while playing Mr. Darcy in Bride and Prejudice!

        • James says:

          Shortland Street is basically General Hospital in America. The actual hospital is used as a background to non-medical related storylines.

    • Sara says:

      Echo Point for me

    • diya says:

      I have seen this actor in a couple of other projects. One was a movie called Torque, something to with bikes AND then a Indo- Brit movie Bride and Prejudice ( not to be confused with the movie starring keira knightly). And yes I knew he was on Off the Map but never watched that

  3. abz says:

    Never heard of him before. Thought they said were going for some big name actor. In the end, all I really want from Grey’s is to see Izzie back.

    • Dude says:

      AMEN! Only way they can redeem themselves is to get her back. Even just for a short arc to wrap things up with her character. I want Izzie back.

  4. Kim C. says:

    Who?!? Why?!?

  5. Kevin says:

    Isn’t he most known for a little film called The Ring?

  6. Lea says:

    Who? Why? Didn’t they want a well known actor?

    Is this the guy supposed to replace Patrick Dempsey? LOL

  7. Anna says:

    This is great, love him! I’m in for S12

  8. Rafael says:

    My only Concern is Sundance’ s Red Road renewal…

  9. aph1976 says:

    Interesting casting and i do wonder if he’ll be reprising the character he played on Off The Map on Grey’s Anatomy.Also the show might be casting other actors too for new characters.So Martin Henderson’s character could be a love interest for April, Amelia, Meredith or even Callie.

  10. Clara says:

    I can’t imagine anyone else Mer being interested romantically with someone else, which is obviously who his character will. Yes, I know she’s allowed to move on after Derek’s death, but I just can’t picture it.

  11. Kim says:

    I love him! Great choice. But what about The Red Road?

  12. Clara says:

    Also the show has 15 regulars now. That’s A LOT. The existing regular get 2 minutes an episode each or miss episode entirely and they keep adding these new character. I bet he’ll be getting more screentime than Jackson, Arizona, Callie or Richard.

    • Rylee says:

      THAT is what is wrong with Grey’s post season 8!!! You hit the nail on the head. They have far too many regulars to amply develop a story line. It always seems so chopped up and rushed.

    • Japril says:

      this is the main problem … the focus way to much on new characters like this season on Amelia and Maggie and neglected Alex, Jackson, April and Arizona in the process of it … so please no more new series regulars … for now …

  13. He was great in Off the Map. Looking forward to the possibilities.

  14. Ella says:

    He’s actually really hot. And awesome. Without the beard. I realise this comment is shallow.

  15. Al says:

    The show has way too many regulars right now. They need to lose 2-3 (looking at Steph and Jo) and keep focus on the core cast/long running regulars. I want to see more Alex Callie Mer etc.

    • J says:

      I personally don’t mind Steph and like Jo a lot, especially since she’s the one for Alex who’s always struggled with love and I love them as a couple. If Jo goes he’ll be alone again and he doesn’t with any other woman on the show. Who I wish had never joined is Maggie.
      And Amelia is incredibly annoying too. I personally could do without Owen and Bailey too.

      • Japril says:

        they can dump Steph anytime … but Jo is with Alex … I loved Amelia on PP … but now … she only “steals” to much screen time from the other longtime cast … let her ride into the sunset with Owen and have some babies … bye … bye …

    • Lea says:

      Why is it always Steph and Jo when Jo is essential for Alex? But I tell you what, I’ve been an Alex/Justin Chambers fan for about 8 years now and even I want Jo to leave. But only if she leaves with Alex. They were the only couple last season (including couples like Richard/Catherine or Ben/Bailey where half of the couple isn’t even a series regular) who got completely ignored by the writers and didn’t get a storyline, not even as individuals. All Alex did all season was support Meredith (and Maggie when she needed a confidence boost which was just gross and ooc) and let her treat him like crap. I used to love the Meredith/Alex friendship, now I despise it because Alex babied her all season while she didn’t treat him like a friend but more like a doormat. And he let her which is so untypical for him. The writing for him in s11 was so awful, I feel like the only few times he acted like the Alex I know and love was in his scenes with Jo and Arizona. And the writers completely ignored Jo too and neither gave her a specialty nor a mentor nor a storyline nor friends outside of Stephanie. Jo/Alex fans were even promised a storyline by Shonda Rhimes heeself in one of her interviews which we waited for all season only to hear later that it got dropped due to Patrick’s exit. Which is fine really, since Patrick leaving was a huge thing and they needed Alex as Meredith’s support system again. But the fact that they axed the couple’s SL they had ignored all season before is just damn frustrating. I had hopes that with them moving into their own home now things would change in s12 and that the writers would finally give Jolex the storyline they deserve (oh just thinking about all the possible angsty storylines they could do with their foster kid pasts which would also allow Shonda Rhimes to talk about this socially important topic on her show makes me so excited but for some reason the writers just keep ignoring all the potential they have for Jo/Alex which I guess makes people like you think that they aren’t an interesting couple which oh believe me they are) but now I keep reading about all the characters they keep adding and I fear that they will keep treating both Alex and Jo like like they did in s11. Ignore them, give both no individual storylines, no professional storylines, no storylines as a couple. Just have them on the show to support other characters but won’t let them have an own life. I’m so disappointed in the writers for what they have done with Jolex last season. I almost quit the show because Alex had turned into this emotionless robot who just sits there with a bunch of women talking about their non-existent love lives while never once mentioning his own relationship. Who just shows no passion in anything anymore, who’s just boring and quiet and BORING. And from what I’ve read on the internet almost all Alex fans agree with me. None of them liked s11 Alex and a lot of us just wish that the writers would write Alex and Jo out already instead of keeping them on the show but never doing anything with them. It’s not fair to Justin Chambers who has been there since day 1 and it’s also not fair to Camilla Luddington who is always so excited for the show. She seems to love her job but gets almost no material. After waiting for 9 seasons for Alex to finally have a great relationship and a love interest who cares more about him than any other person on this show I just hate that the writers choose to ignore them constantly.
      Justin mentioned wanting to leave the show after s12 once. I hope that will happen and that him and Camilla will get one last good story arc for Jo and Alex before they move away. As an Alex fan I’ve made it through 8 years full of disappointment for his character but I’ve reached my limit. And I’m sure that if I as a viewer find it frustrating to watch what the writers do or not do with Alex then it has to be even worse for Justin who’s spent a decade of his life playing a character who always get shoved aside and overlooked on the show.

  16. Beep says:

    I thought they wanted a name actor? Never heard of this guy. He’s not McDreamy at all, looks quite rough at the edges. If this is meant to be a replacement to Patrick Dempsey’s character and the new “MerDer” they made a big mistake. He is not a big enough actor to bring his own fans to the show.

    Whatever, won’t be tuning into Grey’s anymore since Derek was killed off. I only tuned in for MerDer. Now that’s gone, and I won’t stick around to watch Meredith fall in love with a new guy.

  17. Tahina says:

    For Meredith, Callie, Amelia or Stephanie. Take your pick, sigh.

  18. TravelerWorld says:

    Shonda can run all she wants, she will never replace the void left by the departure of Patrick Dempsey! The heart of that show was MerDer, she better not pull out another Love interest for Meredith; we suffered through 5 seasons for them to finally be together! JESUS!! Why not just cancel the show?? Suffering 10 years, holding my breath over MerDer for 10 years, so Shonda can throw Derek under a TRUCK!!!!

  19. Erin says:

    Why is it necessary to replace Derek with yet another new character? I mean even some of the longest running ORIGINAL characters in this show are getting pushed aside without a decent storyline… Poor Karev

  20. Timot says:

    I thought that they were going to pick a well known actor! what happened here! I’ve never heard of this guy before!

  21. Anon says:

    He can’t play the same character as in off the map. Ben ( baileys husband) was also on that show, it was one of the reasons we he left greys for a while. When off the map got canceled he came back to greys. So having this new actor reprise his role wouldn’t make much sense unless ben and they new guy never interact

    • Jared Munson says:

      Law &Order have had characters on other shows interact with actors from other shows that weren’t playing those same characters. Weird? Yes, but it has been done

  22. Bella says:

    He’s a fantastic actor and a great addition to the cast but I can’t watch the show without Derek front and centre.

    • EM says:

      But Derek wasn’t front and center in season 11. He was barely there and I think that was deliberate to show less and less of him a little like what rhimes did with the George character in season 5.

  23. spindae2 says:

    Poor McTarzan he’ll get the hate of an 11 year old ship.

  24. Gris says:

    I believe his name is Dr. Andrew Deluca, Season 11, Episode 23.

  25. shaw says:

    I’m here for this. But all you ppl that r complaining did it ever occur to u that Patrick wanted to leave, so he could be a race car driver, or is it just easier to blame the black woman just saying.

    • Patrick says:

      Mostly because Patrick flat out stated it wasn’t his decision. Shonda never said it wasn’t her decision.

      • Lea says:

        Yes, he said it wasn’t his decision, he would’ve stayed from the EW article, he was shocked but he went with it at the end.
        Plus he was showed NO respect from Shonda, most of the crew and cast after 10 years. When he was one of the reasons the show was a success in the first place.

        • FDB says:

          Umm but he didn’t need to be thrown under a truck. They could have left it open for him to come back. He could have just been a dr. GA didnt follow any more (like the hospital pre Callie or AZ; those characters were there in the hospital, but we didnt know they existed) and we all know GA has more than enough characters. It didn’t have to be a permanent out, PD prob wouldve been okay with the occassional guest star or coming in for the end like Sandra Oh.

          • Katie T says:

            But that wouldn’t have made sense either. Having him off screen, hardly ever to be seen wouldn’t have worked in the relationship with Meredith and the kids. Killing him off was the only way they could’ve gone for it to make sense. Maybe they should’ve killed him off in a better, more believable way but whoseever choice it was for Derek to not be on the show any more, his death was the way it had to go

          • RUCookie says:

            Katie T – disagree – there was a way to keep him off screen all season. In fact, he was off screen most of the season. He was in DC, working on that Presidential initiative. That stuff lasts a long while, he could have done that, still patched things with Meredith and popped up every once and a while. PLEASE – stop with the “there was no other way”! Most fans that have watched this show from the beginning know that there is “other” stuff at play, even if we might not be privy to all the “other” stuff.

    • jamey says:

      What are you saying black white brown we all are one don’t play the black card you need to catch up with all the people who don’t see color we see through eyes open not through stupid

  26. Azerty says:

    No one can vill the sizable void left by Patrick Dempsey’s exit. I have the feeling they did want a name but no name was crazy enough to try to replace Derek. I have nothing against him but he must be expect serious and harsh criticism from the fans.

  27. Sara says:

    HA! I thought they want a well known actor.. and they are ”replacing” Patrick/Derek with this guy? Okayyy.. I guess no known actor wanted in.

    Anyways the void without Patrick Dempsey, and MerDer can never be replaced by anyone.

    This guy sadly is for Meredith. And the thought make me sick, especially being around her and Derek’s kids. They will try to make it like MerDer and the epic couple they were never existed, after the horrible, awful cruel last Derek episode, the aftermath and lack of it of Meredith dealing. Shonda’s grudge for the actors always shows in the writing.

  28. Dennis says:

    Well he’s certainly good looking!!

  29. FtheFreys says:

    I love this casting. He was wonderful in the original Aussie version of Secret&Lies. I liked him in Red Road a lot, too.

  30. Holly says:

    Excellent! I like him on The Red Road. I was also a fan of Off The Map. It will be nice to have him and Jason George on a show together again. And I couldn’t care less about McDreamy or Patrick Dempsey. As far as I’m concerned, good riddance. I never watched Grey’s for Derek or MerDer or PD.

  31. Frankie says:

    ABC and Shonda need to let Grey’s Anatomy go. Every season for the past few years has gotten worse and worse in terms of quality and storytelling. And with more of the big, important characters that fans love leaving, it’s time to end it. Before there’s nothing left to love.

    But I guess Paul Lee and Shonda only really care about the $$$$. Never mind the quality and the stories and the characters.

  32. Sarah says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that he’s gonna be for Meredith. Otherwise they wouldn’t make him a series regular already. Besides I’m baffled that people here keep writing he could be for Callie, Meredith April or Amelia when April is still married and it’s pretty clear that Amelia will keep being paired with Owen. The one you actually forget about is Maggie who I absolutely despise but at least she’s single. The intern from the finale seems to be for Stephanie but I wouldn’t be surprised if Callie slept with him first just to give her someone to sleep with before her and Arizona get back together.

    What I don’t get is why they kept adding single straight women to the show cause now they need love interests for all of them which just bloats the cast.
    I wish we could get rid of Maggie at least, she’s so annoying.

  33. robin says:

    I loved Patrick Dempsey in his earlier work, but come on: he wasn’t PATRICK DEMPSEY until Grey’s. The actor and the writers create the character.

  34. c says:

    I’m not watching so I don’t really care. I’m hoping that it dies quickly so that shows will quit killing the good characters just to add drama.

  35. Babygate says:

    I liked him in Off the Map. He was hot with his long hair. But my recollection of him is that he was not a great actor. Hopefully that has changed. I get the need for more male doctors but this cast is already ridiculously bloated.

  36. McReplacement at your service.

  37. Tracy says:

    Still don’t understand how Off the Map was cancelled and Grey’s is still on the air! Off the Map was a MUCH better show! Grey’s is and always has been average but Off the Map was great!

  38. jamey says:

    I have been watching Gray’s since first show its the best I won’t stop as long as it plays the show is not about mcdreamy it’s about gray her life her ups and downs her family and friends loosing her husband no show on TV can ever be as good as this one yes scandal is good but this one will out run every show there has ever been on TV keep on writing you absolutely know what you’re doing thank you so much for bringing us Gray’s

  39. Val says:

    I hope we see more of Giacomo Gianniotti who plays the new intern Andrew DeLuca, he has potential.

  40. CQ says:

    He can’t reprise his Off The Map role, cause OTM and GA are different universes (while GA en PP were the same). Jason George played different characters in both shows. I hope he’ll stick to his looks from OTM though! (Less related: OTM was really a great show, it ended way too soon!)

  41. Merrie says:

    Here we have McBlah….Couldn’t she have at least found someone attractive!

  42. I’m watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and I have to say, it is unfair to the fans, like myself, who’ve been watching this show for the past 11 years rooting for Meredith and Derek. Their story was so epic and for it to end that way is just messed up! I can’t believe Shonda Rhimes did this to the fans! And now there’s talk of her replacing Derek! Sorry but you CAN NOT REPLACE him! There was only one Meredith and Derek and I am going to miss Patrick Dempsey on the show. It won’t be the same without him…

  43. Phil says:

    I liked Off The Map…would lI’ve for him to reprise that role and maybe have some of his cast mates from that show join!

  44. donna says:

    Great job Shonda!!! With Martin Henderson on board….a lot of Red Roadies will be fans for life. Please make sure you highlight the camera angles on his dimples…ladies you are fore warned….drooling will happen.

  45. Candace says:

    Doesn’t matter to me who is brought in…I’m done with the show! Last season absolutely ruined it for me and, I hope, for enough other fans to make an impact.

  46. bek says:

    I hope they add Debbie Allan permit to the cast she is a great addition to the story line

  47. Susan says:

    I think it’s time to shoot it and put it out of its misery!

  48. louise says:

    Come on just hurry on up am missing it