Finding Carter Summer Finale Preview: Lori's Twisted New Plan Revealed

Finding Carter Finale

Will the third time prove to be the charm for Lori in her ongoing quest to gain control of Carter?

In TVLine’s exclusive first look at Tuesday’s Finding Carter summer finale (MTV, 10/9c), the Wilsons learn that not only is Lori trying to get out of jail, but she’s also igniting a nasty custody war.

David chimes in with all sorts of sensible reactions, including “That’s ridiculous!” and “The law is on our side!,” but we all know Lori and good sense go together like oil and water.

Hit PLAY on the preview clip below, then drop a comment: How do you think this will all play out?

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  1. I’m so over Lori I hope in season 3 we are done with her storyline for good.

    • Ari says:

      I was going to comment the exact same thing. Lori should just go away. That is one storyline that is really failing on this show.

  2. That storyline and the terrible actress playing Lori bring down an otherwise decent show.

  3. Hannah says:

    I am so over Lori… even the writers of the show in that clip know this story line is so far fetched its unbelievable to the viewers. I mean they have David saying what we all know is true and that it is ridiculous. Show respect to your viewers and write quality instead of nonsense. Seriously, no judicial system would ever allow such a farce of a case to go to trial. The writing on this show was so bad this season and it was all started to go downhill in the first episode when they changed their narrative and made Lori the egg donor. That was not the original plan in season one, they contradicted themselves to make her the egg donor. How they got a 12 episode pickup I don’t understand but I hope they remove Lori from the show and fix it into the next 12. It’s really the only move to try and save the show.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I would not be so quick to make assumptions that the case would never go to trial. Also there is really only one scene that contradicts the egg donor story line in season 1, and my only issue with the writers in season 2 is not addressing the scene because it is possible that Elizabeth had a very late miscarriage or had a stillborn baby, David and Elizabeth never actually mentioned that they were pregnant with Carter/Taylor when they were forced to get married.

  4. johnhelvete says:

    So you guys prefer the Crash story lines? The cliche story line of Gabe having sex with the guidance counselor at school and Bird’s parents problems with the FBI and other stuff involving the teenage friends of Carter over how Lori affects the entire Wilson family?

    • Hannah says:

      The Lori story line is too far fetched from reality now and really drags down the show. Her story line always make the show go backwards – and not a good backwards. But I have been saying all year the writing of the show this season is so bad they can’t make either work of the Lori melodrama or the teen angst drama. But if they want to fix the show I think the Lori character is the one who has to go, really when they made her the egg donor they killed their own show and the ratings prove it.

      • johnhelvete says:

        But you have no idea while the ratings have gone down this season. I have read a lot of comments that suggest the viewers dont like how the show has become a teenage soap opera and I have also read comments that hate the egg donor story line. It could be a combination of both or something else entirely. We have no idea why viewers stop watching except they stopped liking the show (and for all we know the majority of people that stopped watching watch the show at mtv.com).

        • Hannah says:

          You must be a writer for the show… well if you are fix the show. You listed the very problem with this show and what I said all season long in my comments. Is it a teen angst drama or a melodrama with Lori? Being both is not working. The problem though is the writing for the teen stuff was horrible and the writing for the Lori stuff is horrible. The writing of season two has just been bad. The ratings tanked as soon as Lori was revealed as the egg donors, go look at the numbers at the drop from the 2nd season premiere to the second episode. The Lori story line is worse then the teen angst story line because the Lori story line is as I have said just not realistic. They could have done it so much better.

          • Hannah says:

            Having said all that I don’t think they can bring the show back to what it was in season 1 no matter what they try now and that is a shame because the first season was a very unique and good show to watch.

  5. smartysenior says:

    When the Doctor allowed the underage girl to visit her kidnapper I was amazed, when the parents didn’t go ballistic when they found out I was appalled in fact Lori said something like “I accept that she is connected to Lori” or some such nonsense. Hello?? Anyone ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome? This kid shouldn’t be anywhere around her kidnapper who by the way is mentally incompetent, the Doctor should lose his license, and this new thing about custody? Nope nope nope. I was hanging on thinking we’d got rid of Lori and could start to have some tender stories about a family putting itself back together but I’m going to give up now. Bye.

    • Andi says:

      The writers sure do assume we believe this storyline. Every point you made, its just too unrealistic. Even going back to last season finale when they tried to make us believe Liz would allow a counselor to talk to her daughter without ever meeting her first to leaving Carter in a cafe without a cop present while her kidnapper was on the loose in the area. And its been all downhill from there with this storyline.

  6. Jason_V says:

    I keep hearing people wanting to get rid of Lori. If you did that, where would the story go? The story is about Lori trying to get Carter back(among other things) and if you get rid of her and have Carter back with and moving on with her life than it would turn into the teen soap opera people are claiming it’s starting to become. You need Lori to keep the suspense.

    • Andi says:

      The problem is there’s no suspense with Lori just a badly written storyline that fails the story. The shows story is not about Lori getting Carter back, she has no right to get Carter back and that’s the problem with that logic. The show should be about Carter and the Wilson’s moving on together in life.

      • faith says:

        But how can they move on if Lori keeps trying to ruin their lives? They try forgetting her but she comes up out of the no where

  7. Dude says:

    I used to love this show but I stopped watching a few episodes back because it became so bad. I have them DVR’d just not sure I will ever get to them. Lori is nothing more then a thorn in the side of the show and all the other characters, it was definitely the main reason I stopped watching, there were other things as well but the Lori saga was number one.

  8. Jackie Lattime says:

    There’s a reason Lori is still involved in the show and I want to know what Lori’s deal is. Love this show.

    • AlexsHairBun says:

      Lori is crazy, that’s her deal. I would have no problem with Lori still being on this show if it was done properly. But to try to make me believe the US Judicial service would allow a kidnapper to have access to the child they abducted, then get a trial setup to get out of jail in less then a year and also get custody of the child she stole is a bit much. On top of that no way would a health official deem this woman sane based on everything they have shown us this season. They can still keep Lori on the show if a different manner but they use her story only as a plot device to shake things up and that is why most fans don’t care about this story anymore. They could have done it so much better.

  9. faith says:

    FOR some reason I have this bad feeling that lori is going to win at first but then she gonna end up crashing down like before