The Flash Season 2: Barry to Get a New Love Interest — His Own 'Felicity'

The Flash Season 2 Cast Felicity

Assuming for a moment that The Flash snuffs and survives that singularity/black hole thingamabob that was threatening Central City (if not the world) at the close of Season 1, his reward will be a “familiar” yet brand-new love interest.

TVLine has learned that for Season 2, the CW hit is casting the major recurring role of Wendy, a “spunky, fun and funny” romantic interest for one Barry Allen.

A cop for the Central City PD, Wendy is described as bright and scientific-minded — more specifically, “Think ‘Felicity Smoak’ from Arrow,” the casting call reads.

As The Flash‘s freshman run drew to a close, Barry’s secret had once again but truly been revealed to his longtime crush Iris, right before she and a “To heck with the future!” Eddie reconciled. Detective Thawne then died (“left us”?), meaning an Iris/Barry pairing, though fated, is probably “too soon” just yet.

Season 2 of The Flash will again airing Tuesdays at 8/7c; Wendy will be introduced in Episode 2.

What are your thoughts on Barry getting his own “Felicity”? Any casting ideas?

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  1. zacqua10 says:

    I’ll just come out and say it. Ugh.

    • XtremCota says:

      I was coming here to “ugh” too. We’ve got Barry/Iris(which worked often when they didn’t play out the “SECRET”) and Barry/Caitlin(which I’m not a fan of) but to bring in some Felicity clone when Caitlin was already turning into Felicity-lite. And poor Caitlin, this means even less of her to do.

      It’s pointless. Focus on the two female characters they already neglect. Don’t write another Felicity clone.

      And here’s the thing, this show thinks to make a female a good character she needs to be “spunky and nerdy”(aka the Manic Pixie Girl who is more of a fantasy than a reality)…It’s insulting. Spunky is such an overused, gross term to describe a woman. I liked Iris’ intelligence and Caitlin in the first half of the season before they decided to make her tie giver of hugs and asks questions like, “What’s a singularity?”

      • Zach says:

        I was pretty upset when they had her ask, “What’s a singularity?” That was totally out-of-character for her. It was like they said, “We need this exposition to explain a black hole. Let’s pick a name out of a hat for who asks the question.” Lol.

        • Mary Ann says:

          Yes. I it would have made much more sense for Iris to ask, since she is not a scientist.

          • Rebecca says:

            Why? So you all could label her stupid? No thanks.

          • XtremCota says:

            Given she isn’t a scientist and has said she lacks an interest in science, why would anyone question her asking what a singularity is?

          • Lisa V says:

            Iris was in shock. Her fiancé killed himself, and was sucked into a Singularity. Just sayin’

        • John NYC says:

          Because physicians/biologists get singularity knowledge where?

          • XtremCota says:

            In one of her many science courses or while working alongside engineers and other scientists. If I know what a singularity is, someone who is written to be a lot smarter than me should know too.

          • John NYC says:

            Or not: she’s a biologist. People in science can get very stove piped.

          • Temperance says:

            From the physics that you’re required to take to actually get your science degree…

          • John NYC says:

            Not necessarily. Lots to chose from. People specialize early when they’re on a fast track. The general Ed stuff just blows by.

          • John NYC says:

            Plus, of course, no one gets a “science degree” they get a degree, or rather several for someone like Caitlyn who’s obviously a physician, in “A” science area, for a pre-med that would be biology.

            Granted if she has in interest in space opera or comics then she’d have a passing knowledge. Otherwise it’s certainly plausible she wouldn’t.

    • Maz says:

      This means Iris is now more useless than she was before…

      • Georgia Madman says:

        If that’s possible….

      • Rebecca says:

        You wish. Wendy’s replacing Caitlin, Iris will still be Barry’s best friend.

        • Maz says:

          That will be her only role…so I’m right, useless then!

          • Rebecca says:

            You’re so right… Wendy will be there so Barry can have someone to kiss. While Iris will grieve, be reporting on metas, and helping out with The Flash. Cause you know…Wendy’s not going to learn he’s The Flash, especially since she’s “just a love interest”.

          • Lily says:

            You’re probably right- but if she doesn’t know who he is I don’t see how their relationship can go anywhere. Can’t he not sleep with anyone without them knowing he’s The Flash?

      • Randy Johnson says:

        Iris is an unnecessary time filler in the show. They should have killed her off, instead of Det. Thawne.

      • Lisa V says:

        What’s useless is you trying to pretend Iris is not relevant to The Flash. What show have you been watching? In the pilot he wakes up, hears her name, goes to her job to see her and realizes he has powers because he put her hand to his heart. He time travelled after kissing her. She brought The Streak/Flash to light. His love for her, and the sound of her voice were the things that helped him stand up to Grodd’s attack, because she was with the team. If she hadn’t been there to assist Cisco and Caitlyn the mission in the sewer would’ve been an epic fail. ‘Every time he falters or makes a mistake, it’s the thought of her, the mere thought, that picks him up. Without her there wouldn’t be The Flash. Your resistance to the facts, is futile!

        • safistikaytdlayd says:

          WELL SAID!!!!

        • Ray says:

          Okay, Borg girl! She’s relevant as the love interest. She brings nothing to the team that somebody with basic Google skills couldn’t accomplish. That speech he gave her wal all romantic Mumbai jumbo.

          • LIsa V says:

            Ray, I think it’s safe to say that others, besides me, (the writers and producers perhaps) feel that Iris is not only relevant to The Flash, but the team. If not, she wouldn’t be assisting them in Season 2. Iris is, and forever shall be more, than just a love interest. Her character development will prove that. Moreover, “Name-calling is what happens when you desperately want to argue, but you are in fact inarticulate.” – Neil Degrasse Tyson

            Borg girl out!

          • I knew there had to be another Iris West Defender.
            You go, girl.

    • Jen says:

      It’s disappointing because I thought the flash would take a different route and have Barry and Iris work on their friendship. This is typical CW formula.

  2. Jen says:

    Not happy with this. I love him with Iris.

    • John NYC says:

      Yet seeing how she’s essentially his sister, having been raised together… Somewhat creepy.

      • Jen says:

        Iris is the furthest thing from a sister to Barry. Nice try troll.

        • John NYC says:

          Raised together since they were young children?

          Try an argument rather than childish name calling?

          • Tatiana says:

            Here’s an argument: Barry was in love with Iris before he moved in at age 11. Iris also had feelings for Barry. Her father was aware of both these things and had no problem raising them as best friends, not siblings. He never adopted Barry, and both Iris and Barry reject the idea of being siblings. Iris was not disgusted at the thought of Barry’s feelings for her. Not even Eddie was disgusted, and obviously Joe wasn’t either. So it’s not weird to anyone in-universe, it’s just weird to you. Nothing the show can do about that.

          • John NYC says:

            “In-universe” meaning the comics, not necessarily this show.

            They are two very different things right? Or has it been revealed she’s actually from the 30th century?

          • Tatiana says:

            No… John, I meant in the show. “In-universe” means in the world of the show, no one thinks it’s weird that Barry and Iris are in love. Literally every character knows it and none of them are like “EWW GROSS YOU ARE SIBLINGS.” They are all like, “JUST TALK ABOUT IT AND GET TOGETHER JESUS.”

      • Lisa V says:

        I think to equate Iris as Barry’s sister is an exaggeration. Iris Is his best friend, and one true love, NOT his sister. They don’t share any genes. It’s The Flash, not Jamie and Ceresi On Game Of Thrones.

  3. Ian says:

    Because Iris needs to continue to be marginalized, and now probably even more than she was before?! Jesus Christ.

    I’m done with The Flash.

    • Tony says:

      Sure you are.

    • XtremCota says:

      I’d say Iris is safer but Caitlin is in trouble. Now she isn’t a love interest and here is a second science minded girl. Poor doctor neglected as is!

      • Rebecca says:

        It just doesn’t any sense.

        Not only is Wendy now set up to hoard Barry, but also Joe as a replacement for Eddie, WHILE Iris is grieving her dead fiance.

        The Flash is no longer on season record for me either now. What awful, disrespectful directions they take.

        • In what way is this narrative choice “disrespectful”? Just because you don’t like it(after making presumptions about story-arcs that haven’t even happened yet) doesn’t mean that the choice was disrespectful.

        • Sara says:

          How about you see how it plays out before you call it disrespectful? You are making a decision based on one line in a casting notice? That’s ridiculous.

      • John NYC says:

        but as a cop the new person isn’t going to change the team’s makeup: the doctor function is a necessity for Barry.

      • Maz says:

        Caitlin is better off not being a love interest..not interested in another Olicity mess on The Flash.

        • Card_D says:

          Folks, let’s not forget….Caitlin and Ronnie got hitched!

          • Maz says:

            Apparently something will happen to Ronnie next season…I’m not a comic book reader so I don’t know if it’s true or not

        • Lisa V says:

          I never saw Caitlin as a love interest – ever. She’s more like an older sister. And now she’s married. In episodes 1-23, Barry has been in love with Iris. I don’t think that’s going to change. In fact, it has been stated, “Without you, there wouldn’t be the Flash’. Felicity didn’t make the cut, and neither did Linda Park. They were distractions, at best. Felicity 2.0 won’t be an issue either, merely a place holder to pass the time.

          • Ray says:

            Not necessarily. Canon shows he ends up marrying Iris but the show is in its infancy. They aren’t going to hook up in season 2! This is a show that could go on as long as Smallville. Clark spent 9 years in love with Lana and we all knew he would end up with Lois. It would ruin the show if they get together too soon! Besides, it’s going to take at least a year for Iris to get over Eddie. She would be a heartless shrew if she didn’t.
            Barry has spent most of his young life in love with Iris. It’s time he had someone to compare her too! Nobody could or should spend their whole life without a few loves in their life.

      • Yeahman says:

        Of course she’s gonna be in trouble. Because Ronnie’s gonna die, she’ll discover her ice powers, and become Killer Frost. Which will cause distress to the team since they been through so much as a team.

        • AdderTude says:

          Except if you recall, the Caitlin Snow incarnation of Killer Frost in the comics isn’t a villainess like the other two. She’s more along the lines of an anti-heroine.

        • Team Flash says:

          Hmm… i NEVER thought about something happening to Ronnie to make her become Killer Frost… now i’m even MORE excited for next season!

      • Ray says:

        Wendy is probably just a computer nerd. There is no way she could replace Caitlin, who is an actual doctor. She could replace Iris as a team member but she doesn’t sound like she’s going to have the skills to patch Barry up every time he gets battered by a meta-human like Caitlin has!

    • Maz says:

      If You are watching The Flash because of Barry and Iris then you probably should stop watching for real…

      • Jen says:

        Wrong, Barry and Iris are a huge part of the flash comics. There’s nothing wrong with watching it solely for them.

        • Maz says:

          Well stick to the comic books then, because I’m pretty sure TF is not going to be having WestAllen together anytime soon

          • PoW! says:

            at the rate the show has been going with their feelings for one another, and the outside forces basically screaming “its fate” I predict they will be together much sooner than you think. My bet is we get a repeat of their first kiss on the season finale of the 2 season. If not before.

          • Maz says:

            No, I’m thinking mid season 3 or finale maybe… I’m guessing they’ll have part of season 2, Iris grieving for Eddie first then the rest of the season & next will be Iris pining for Barry as much as he did for her.

          • Rebecca says:

            And she needs to pine for him why? He did nothing but lie to her for an entire year. Was she not entitled to have a life, boyfriend included?

        • Jp says:

          People can watch for whatever reason they like and whine when they want. Just like you do. Have a good day 😆

      • Me says:

        If YOU have a problem with Barry and Iris, then YOU are watching the wrong show. You need to stop watching right now. The little fantasy you have in your head that Iris is not pivotal in the development of Barry as The Flash, is just that… a fantasy.

        • Maz says:

          I swear to God most CW viewers are preteens who cannot appreciate anything outside a ship! grow up will yah!
          I don’t have a problem with Barry and Iris but you WestAllen fans are the ones who are petty enough to not want Barry to be with anyone else if he cannot be with Iris yet Iris was with Eddie even after Barry confessed his feelings.
          This show does not revolve around Iris and Barry, this is Barry’s story and there’s more interesting aspects to his story than just his love life….

          • Rebecca says:

            And Barry’s kissed Felicity,****ed Linda, and they even had to throw in a Caitlin/Fake!Barry kiss this first season too. Don’t act like he hasn’t been with other people while Iris was with Eddie and being lied to by all the people she thought loved her.
            You have an issue with Iris tou aren’t admitting to, Maz.

          • Lily says:

            Barry never slept with Linda. He would have revealed himself as The Flash if he did, remember?

          • Maz says:

            @Rebecca Barry did not sleep with Linda. Felicity kiss does not count bcoz Felicity does have her own show. Plus that Barry/caitlin kiss does not count at all since the real Barry has no idea that happened.
            Lol I have no issues with Iris, I just have an issue with the show expecting me to automatically like Iris just because Barry loves Iris; she has not done anything that warrants my investment in her character.

          • Brigid says:

            So you’re saying that Iris, being in love with Eddie and living with him, should have broken up with him because Barry told her he loved her? Wouldn’t that make Iris a total jerk? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • Tatiana says:

        Huh? Why? Iris and Barry are best friends and will eventually end up together. Geoff Johns has promised that the show will remain faithful to the spirit of the comics. So why would those of us who enjoy the relationship between Barry and Iris stop watching? It’s not like we need them together right NOW. I know I’m interested in the story. I just want to see friendships and scifi story lines with eventual Westallen romance, not love triangles.

    • Angela says:

      LOL I bet you are. A big overdramatic are we *smh*

  4. Ugh.

    And not every woman that is cast on these shows needs to be a derivative of Felicity. The one that ate Arrow is more than enough.

  5. natalia h says:

    NO. A thousand times no. NO.

    Felicity is probably the most obnoxious character I have ever had to watch. I stopped watching Arrow because of her and now I have to watch her on The Flash when she ‘visits’ and turns everybody into stupid morons who know nothing about the world because she is so bright and wonderful and special, she always has the answers to every single problem Barry/his team have. Oh, AND she’s cute and funny and a nerd.


    • Trish says:

      You sound angry? FELICITY ROCKS!

      • natalia h says:

        Nah, I’m just passionate.

        And no, she doesn’t. But let’s agree to disagree.

      • lizzie says:

        I almost stopped watching b/c of Laurel. and the fact they want to replica her makes this viewpoint a minority

        • Sasha says:

          Someone brings up felicity in a negative light so of course laurel is brought up lol

          I’m OVER Felicity. Like enough is enough.

          I would have preferred a cailtin and Barry coupling but whatever im down.

          Hopefully this gives Iris more to do because she was a weak point of the show.

          • Maz says:

            Someone brings up felicity in a negative light so of course laurel is brought up lol” Hahahahaha
            I was also wondering how Laurel came to be mentioned when clearly this is a Felicity discussion. Poor Laurel, she can’t catch a break

      • pem says:

        Yes. Yes, she does.

  6. Janie says:

    Just waiting for the inevitable “but Felicity’s the worst!” comment onslaught…

    • Z says:

      Right? Comment sections are so negative these days.

      • Janie says:

        And the backlash against Felicity’s character has been fascinating to watch this season. Yes, she was a lot more emotional and inconsistent in Arrow season 3, but so was Oliver and no one is whining about that…

        • Z says:

          Barry even gets kudos/praise (some from this very site) for crying so much and so openly :/

        • Jane says:

          SO do you think we need a clone of her on the Flash?

          • Janie says:

            Nope, I don’t want a clone of any character (plus, I’d prefer if The Flash focused on fleshing out the two existing female characters instead of adding new ones). But I’m not naive enough to think that Barry will go an entire season without a love interest or that he and Iris will get together this quickly, so if we’re being saddled with someone new, I hope she’s a good character in her own right.

          • Z says:

            I don’t think Barry even needs a new love interest, because, for me, his most important relationships are with his dads. Also, the only way to copy Felicity is if you could clone Emily Bett Rickards, since it’s the actress that makes Felicity awesome, not the writing.

        • Maz says:

          The difference was Felicity was pining over a man; a grown woman throwing tantrums and crying because she cannot be with a man, how ridiculous & degrading is that. And she used to throw herself at Oliver time and time again and Oliver never responded. How can anyone find that appealing
          Oliver was emotional because of everything else that was going on around him e.g Sara, Thea, Malcolm, Ra’s and even Felicity as well. But at least Oliver could function well and stay focused.

          • JC1 says:

            I think you and I have been watching very different shows. I never saw Felicity throw a tantrum, or throw herself at Oliver, ever.

          • brenna says:

            I agree with JC1’s comment. Felicity is awesome. Also, The Flash is a wonderful show and it’s kind of funny that people are being so negative over a simple casting call without even seeing the story yet.

          • Lex says:

            Sure, I’d have loved for Felicity to have something more to do than react to whatever bull Oliver is pulling this week [I’m hoping we’ll see more in season 4 as her father shows up and her daddy issues are explored], but I think people really discount romance, or at least they believe ignoring it makes them more of an “objective” viewer because they’re not like those silly shippers. The thing is love is a human emotion, people around the world feel it all the time, sometimes it hurts, and that sucks, so we cry. I didn’t see any tantrums or “throwing” herself at Oliver, but really? Oliver was always so put out because the Sara/Thea/Malcolm/Ra’s things were preventing him from being with Felicity – and “functioning well” is relative, especially when it means “pushing everyone away because he doesn’t have the balls to just serve Malcolm up to Ra’s on a silver platter.”

          • Maz says:

            How many times in this past season alone did she tell Oliver that they were not together because of him..he had chosen not to be with her…even when she was with Ray she said the same thing and every-time she said that Oliver never responded. If that is not throwing herself at Oliver then what is…everytime she uttered those words it cheapend her character. Say what you like but having a female character spend half the season mopping & weeping over a man who is not reciprocating what she wants is degrading!

          • JC1 says:

            @Maz, all I can say is…”you and I remember Budapest very differently.”

        • Brigid says:

          It’s funny that people are complaining about Felicity being more emotional this season. It didn’t bother me at all. Of course she’s going to be crying and worried since the man she loves is in turmoil and getting himself almost killed every week. Should she make some quircky comment and grab the nearest lap top? The only thing that bothers me is her and Oliver together, I don’t feel the chemistry at all, I enjoy them more as friends but that’s the writer’s vision and I deal because I like the show and the characters….ALL of them.

    • lizzie says:

      too late 😂😂😂

    • Okay Dude says:

      I think felicity as a character is hilarious and cool, it’s just the romantic storylines with her involved that make the show unwatchable at times…

    • Maz says:

      Felicity’s been unbearable all season long. In past seasons she used to steal every scene she was in but now goodness, what a mess they’ve done to that character.

  7. chuckiechk says:

    Wonder if Wendy will be a mix of Patty Spivot (Barry’s girlfriend) and Angela Margolia, two female Central City Police Department members

  8. Katie says:

    Sick of everyone being like Felicity and sick of love triangles. Can’t Iris and Barry just be great friends and eventually realize it’s time to date? I’d rather watch that than invest in a temporary relationship meant to make Iris jealous.

  9. Tatiana says:

    I’m trying not to be annoyed, but it’s hard. Not here for third parties when we could be focusing on Iris and Barry growing closer instead. And there’s only one Felicity Smoak, c’mon.

  10. Sam says:

    Really? With this crap! A love interest? Like Felicity? No thank-you. I don’t expect Barry and Iris to be together right now but come on. Stop with the love interests.

  11. Jasper says:

    Felicity is the worst! NO! I hate her annoying character.

  12. menna says:

    they need to realise there’s only one felicity and isn’t he in love with iris already ? or isn’t the ship wars with westallen and snowbarry shippers enough for them ? lmao i feel bad for the people who watch the show

  13. ykzarb says:

    Why does he need a love interest at all?

  14. Mary says:

    Agreed with the strong “ugh” sentiment in the comments.

  15. Trish says:

    Everybody wants a Felicity. Lmao!!! I love it. Go, Barry go!

  16. Rachel says:

    Great just when we thought we were done with Barry/Iris/Eddie here comes Barry/Iris/Wendy. Love triangles suck. Let Barry and Iris slow burn without the extra high school love drama. And why does Felicity have to be the standard for these superhero shows? STOP.

  17. Ashley says:

    I would actually prefer Barry and Felicity were together and had a long distance thing that they just dealt with and didn’t work and live and socialise together all the time. As people in the real world do.

    Hopefully Wendy and Iris will actually be friends, rather than just involved in a love triangle. Would be a refreshing change.

    Presumably a new (work) partner for Joe too?

  18. TW says:

    Wow, like Felicity isn’t bad enough when destroying Arrow & randomly showing up on The Flash every three episodes. Now even guest stars have to be like her. I get that Barry & Iris have a long way to go before they get together for real- and I’m cool with whatever the writers have planned- but I feel like this will just be another poor attempt at a love triangle that no body wants to see. I’d rather have Barry grow up a little, realize he should be patient, be there for Iris as a friend and then we’ll see their relationship evolve & mature into the kind of romance we deserve.

    • pem says:

      Since the EP’s on Arrow and Flash are the same, then it follows, that that must mean that they have seen data and/or other info, that indicates that Felicity did not, in fact, “destroy” Arrow. Because it seems to me that if Felicity had had an “overall” negative impact on Arrow, the EP’s certainly would not want to duplicate anything about Felicity on Flash. That just wouldnt make fiscal sense.

  19. Aliah Berry says:

    CW needs to stop adding new love interests.Completely ruins the show. Just let Barry stay with Iris, We do not need a Felicity Smoak on The Flash

  20. Rod says:

    Frankly, as usual on things like this, I’m on the “I’ll wait and see how it works out” train as opposed to the “I must prejudge things as soon as they’re announced” train.

  21. GildedRose says:

    Everybody needs a Felicity Smoak. Fortunately Oliver Queen gets to keep the original. ;)

    • Barbara says:

      Barry is a forensic scientist and has a doctor, a scientist and a cop helping him out. I’m pretty sure he’ll do without the nerdy pretty white girl cliché

  22. ana says:

    uuuuuuuugh, just make barry and iris a thing already. nobody wants this ‘wendy’

  23. Amy says:

    Are you kidding me!?! How about neither Barry or Iris have a love interest for the first half of season 2 while they work things out. I’m so done with pointless love triangles its not even funny.

  24. Jem says:

    There is only ONE Felicity Smoak.
    Oh my god ANOTHER love interest for Barry just Stahp

  25. Ellie says:

    You’d think all TV women under 50 only come in sexy or nerdy options in cardboard boxes from a shelf. “Think Felicity”? We already have one, so how about we make a female character that’s her own person without having to be compared to a fan favourite.

  26. Azerty says:

    the thing is, in Arrow the atmosphere is dark and twisted so fun and light Felicity is (or was?) like fresh air. Central City and Flash is lighter in general to quote Cisco “we gave bad guys nicknames” so I am not sure that’s what the show needs actually. I don’t say Barry needs dark and twisted love interest but this description fits a lot of character, specially Caitlyn and a female Cisco.

    • Lex says:

      Oooh! Give him a Helena and have her mess with his head big time and we can make vids to “Tainted Love!” That would be fun! But I don’t know if they’d ever go with as toxic a relationship on The Flash. We get enough of that whenever Oliver and Laurel interact (PLEASE JUST GIVE HER A BIRDS OF PREY SPIN-OFF! Get Laurel out of Starling so her every action isn’t tainted by the loads of baggage from backstory and previous storytelling missteps! Harvey Dent could need a new ADA, Nyssa could come with to Gotham, and we’d get a cute redhead kicking ass and taking names without leaving her wheelchair! Mad Men’s over, and Christina Hendricks is adorable with glasses!)

  27. Mary says:

    I’d like a show where someone who’s in love doesn’t get/want other love interests. Can’t expect that from a CW show, I know ;) Plus I think it’s a mistake to make carbon copies of Felicity, her overwhelming presence on Arrow and especially the Oliver/Felicity pairing dragged down the quality of the show, in my opinion.

  28. I’ll take anyone but Iris. Dear God she’s insufferable.

    • Nilani says:

      Too bad or you, she’ll INEVITABLY date him, marry him and have his twin babies ;)))))))))

      • Timeline’s been broken dude.

        • PoW! says:

          i honestly can’t imagine there are people who dont think Iris and Barry will be together…like is is sarcasm?

        • Nilani says:

          Barry and Iris end up together no matter WHICH timeline they exist in!!!
          They were married in the original timeline, before Eobard effed it up by creating and starting the particle accelerator way before it was supposed to happen.
          In the darkest timeline Iris confessed her feeling to Barry and they kissed i.e. ended up together, before Barry time traveled.
          And in this alternate timeline the headline stil says “IRIS WEST-ALLEN”.
          Your argument is NOT valid !

    • Maz says:

      I understand why you wld say that, Characters that are cast solely for the purpose of being a love interest are the worst. Iris has been useless in season 1, she’s not even a good journalist. I hope they develop her character more in s2, maybe have her to cop school like she’s always wanted.

      • Jen says:

        You sound silly. Iris is amazing.

      • M says:

        If Iris was “useless”, it was only to play up the “drama” on the show, something you should blame the writers for and not the actual character. The tail end of the season showed her more than helping with all the cases and that proved her worth (when she was allowed to be in the A plot of the show). Plus I never understand why people say ‘oh and she’s a terrible reporter’ ……how? Because she’s inexperienced? This is an origin story–Barry’s not a full capacity Flash, Cisco isn’t Vibe yet, Caitlin isn’t Killerfrost yet, and Iris isn’t a well-known respected journalist yet. It’s about character development, and while they could have done better with hers (& Caitlin’s let’s be honest), she’s still a good character.

        • Maz says:

          Had she not be on the show in s1 nothing would have changed. She did not add anything to any plot-line and whatever you are saying she contributed at the end is something that Caitlin and Cisco could otherwise get by themselves like they always did before she came into the fold.
          She was useless in season 1; and yes even though all those characters you mentioned are not at their full capacity as yet, they were/are functional. They were interesting to watch, they all have a purpose unlike Iris (unless if you count being a love interest a purpose). The character of Iris has a lot of potential but none of that was developed in season 1, hope it’s realized in season 2

          • Exactly. She’s literally been a token object to lusted after and what little personality we got out of her tended to involve being incredibly selfish and making things all about her. The Grodd episode easily could have been the best plots of the season but her shoving herself in there in incredibly obnoxious and self-centered ways really helped tank that one.

          • M says:

            Her connection to Barry contributed to the plot in a *big* way–she’s the reason why his powers even progressed to the levels they are at right now. He first realized his powers when he meet up with her after his coma; he broke the sound barrier when she was in trouble; he traveled back in time for the first time after her confession/kiss; even broke out of the psychic hold Grodd had on him when she talked him through it. All of that wasn’t just for shipping purposes–she’s his anchor and fuels his power (taken straight from the comics btw). The problem is that since it was all from Barry’s POV and she didn’t actively help until the end of the season (again not her fault since she was locked out of the loop), people are taking it as she has no value to the plot. She does though, and I hope the show does a better job at showing that (from her POV) this coming season.

          • Maz says:

            @M that is very debatable there are a number of factors that have fueled Barry’s progress this past season.
            The biggest factor being trying to find out who killed his mother and also wanting to exonerate his father. When he traveled back in time, yes he had kissed Iris but also the whole city was in immediate danger and so was Joe, so you cannot simply isolate that kissing Iris made him fast enough to go back in time when there was also the possibility of imminent death to consider.
            Also most of the considerable progress he made was with the help of Dr Wells/Eobard. I have failed to find one major plot-line that really needed Iris this season.
            And even if what you say is true that she’s Barry’s anchor…. that’s no better, being his anchor did nothing to develop her character; instead she served as a step-stool for Barry’s character progress and not hers.

          • M says:

            Barry’s progression isn’t solely because of Iris but she has been a catalyst for him–a way of “kicking it up to the next level” as Eobard once said. Speaking of him, he has helped Barry in a tremendous way, but only because he was speaking from experience/knowledge of the future. Had he not been the Reverse Flash, he would have been as much help as Cisco & Caitlin (not downplaying their role at all but there’s a reason why they have to do so many tests and base things off of trial and error whereas Eobard just tells Barry what to do, i.e. fazing through the truck). I agree Iris has been used as a step stool for Barry’s own development which is a problem, but still no fault of the character since other characters have also been used that way and do not get nearly as much hate. Questioning her role is like questioning Henry Allen’s or Thea Queen’s in relation to Oliver on Arrow — her importance to him is essential to his character which in turn is essential to the story. She just needs more individual development. Besides, the world consist of non-powered heroes like Joe & Eddie. When they continue her journalism arc, she’ll become one of them.

          • Maz says:

            The love he has for his family cannot be compared to that of a crush/ a love interest. But I do get your point. Just going by the TV series they have not done enough to convince most viewers that she is essential.
            I have not read the comics so just going by the series I find it hard to place her, I feel she was not essential enough for any major plot.
            They are repeating the mistakes they made with Laurel, not developing her character well enough and expecting the viewers to automatically love her because Oliver loves her…that simply does not fly.
            Maybe my other issue was the way Joe and Barry sheltered her from the truth for the greater part of the season. It just made her seem weak & redundant.
            But yeah here’s hoping she’s developed more in season 2 because I do like Candace P. Anyway we’ll have to wait until season 2.

      • Me says:

        Let’s see…she figured out EVERYTHING but Barry’s not so secret identity. The people she trusted purposefully led her astray EVERY time she guessed correctly. Hell, she even knew he was acting strange and something was up, but he threw a fit and first insulted, then stopped talking to her instead of telling the truth. Barry said without her there is no Flash. Her touch was the thing that triggered his realization of his ability. Her voice motivated him to defeat Grodd… yeah, Iris is sooooo fraking useless.

        You need to just stop.

        • Maz says:

          “Her touch was the thing that triggered his realization of his ability. Her voice motivated him to defeat Grodd”……hahaha goodness grief! so to you this spells useful!
          So her only role is to be a step-stool for Barry’s character progression.
          Ohh yes, I forgot… because she’s the love interest she cannot have any development that does not revolve around Barry…honestly! smh

          • Tatiana says:

            She created a metahuman database that was used on both Flash and Arrow. She was the reason Caitlin and Cisco were able to find Ronnie. If she hadn’t come to Barry with her info on Wells in 1.15, he wouldn’t have realized that Wells was the Reverse Flash. She named the Flash on her blog and is his link to the public.

            But keep pretending she has nothing to contribute. People who watch the show attentively – and the writers, of course – know better.

          • Maz says:

            Wow grasping at straws are we!….
            no one so far has proved that she’s useful, not even the writers.

    • Me says:

      Shame, because Iris is going NOWHERE. Yeah, she’s insufferable because she didn’t drop her boyfriend because of Barry’s ill-timed love declaration. OH WAIT, it’s because she didn’t flip flop to wanting her boyfriend dead, no she loves him, no she needs to give Barry a peek because he DESERVES it, no she loves her boyfriend, let me kiss fake Barry, oooh, now I’m married… Spare me your lame Iris hate.

  29. fireS says:

    Oh for crissake. Can they stop trying to replicate Felicity already? It won’t happen. Please stop. It only makes you seem foolish. Wasn’t Iris enough? It’s more or less set in stone that she’s the biggest LI for Barry, so let’s stop trying to milk for more freaking drama. This is ridiculous.

  30. nellie says:

    *oprah voice* And you get a Felicity Smoak! You get a Felicity Smoak! Everybody get’s a Felicity Smoak!

    I dont see this lasting for a long time really. Barry gets a love interest while Iris grieves for Eddie (because it’s not healthy for westallen to get together now) And throughout the season barry x iris will grow closer, thus the exit of Wendy the Felicity Doppelganger. Or Wendy is a metahuman in league with the villain of the season, getting intel on Barry and the team.

    • *oprah voice* And you get a Felicity Smoak! You get a Felicity Smoak! Everybody get’s a Felicity Smoak!
      LMAO where is the lie though? Supergirl seems a lot like Felicity. Cisco is basically a season 2 Felicity male. Now Barry’s new girl is gonna be a Felicity replica. Like jesus. FOCUS ON THE REAL ONE. Its like creating new spin offs instead of focusing on the original ones. Just because something worked once it doesnt mean its gonna work again. Also,they are gonna use the new character for a love triangle. Those writers will never understand. Greedy.

  31. TK says:

    I wonder if Wendy will have a brother named Marvin?

  32. Rawles Marie says:

    lol no

  33. alexjones says:

    why bother with this? we all know barry is going to end up with iris in the end, so why bother with this love interest since it’s ultimately not going to work out.

    • fireS says:

      Apparently they haven’t learnt jacksh*t from the distaster of Ray’s insertion into the romantic subplot on Arrow. They want to do a love triangle for the sake of a love triangle, and sooner or later people will just be done with it (if they aren’t already). It was stupid enough to do it on Arrow, but to REPEAT the same thing with a Felicity clone a year later is plainly idiotic. Unless the character and her role is extremely different from what this article implies, it’s going to alienate pretty much everyone.

  34. Brandy says:

    So, in other words this character is Patty Spivot.

  35. Ashbash says:

    Clearly either no one has watched smallville or just don’t remember it. Everyone knew Clark Kent ended up with Lois Lane but there were clearly girls that came before Lois which is why we got Lana, Alicia, Chloe, and a few more girls here and there. We already know that Barry and Iris are endgame so there is no need to throw them together at the beginning of the show and ignore that fact that maybe these two dated different people for years before ending up together. Barry and Iris are a love story we know how it begins and we know how it ends everyone just has to suck it up and quit being so impatient and watch how these two end up together. It’s way better to have different love interest than to have to keep having Barry and Iris break up and get back together over and over again(which we know the writers will do). So let’s watch this doomed relationship between Barry and Wendy because we never know if this is the push that lead to Barry and Iris ending up together. As for who should play Wendy I vote for Gage Golightly from Teen Wolf she’s pretty, plays geeky really well, and can pull off have a slight edge plus I want her back on my TV screen.

    • Nilani says:

      But why is it written on the wall, that they would have to repeatedly break up and get back together again, if they started dating already in season 2??? One of the couples from CW show One Tree Hill dated AND stayed together from season 1 to 10 ! If done well, they could write one of the most epic, romantic storylines ever.

      • Ashbash says:

        But Barry clearly had other girlfriends in the comics. It wasn’t Barry found Iris and they just decided to date, marry, happily ever after. They had an actually story where they each had other love interest and their relationship was able to grow. And this isn’t One Tree Hill it’s The Flash which is based on the Comic of the same name and the writers will every so often throw in storylines that are similar to the comics. And Nathan and Haley was not all peaches and cream on One Tree Hill. In season 2 Chris Keller was introduced as a new love interest for Haley causing her to not only kiss him but Nathan and Haley to take a break from each other for a while. Then there was Haley’s sister Taylor, and then there was Rachel Gatina, and years later you had nanny Carrie. There were constantly other love interest introduced that had Nathan and Haley to fight, break up and get back together. They were not together for all 9 seasons they had mini break ups just like the other couples but you always knew they were going to wind up back together. So One Tree Hill was guilty of introducing other love interest for Nathan and Haley too, they were not immune to this at all.

        • Nilani says:

          Although everyone who’s read the comics say, that Westallen’s storyline truly begins AFTER they get married i.e. Iris’ exploding journalism career at CCPN, her winning the Pulitzer prize, RF and Iris, the Tornado Twins, Crisis etc..
          Also, next to Clois and Peter Parker/MJ, Westallen is the most iconic, stable and healthy comic book relationship there is, if not the most. They have a whole legacy with children and grandchildren, who are superheroes in their own right.
          So these writers are not just writing a simple CW originated lovestory. They have over 50 years of comic book canon to draw from in which, Barry and Iris NEVER once broke up and were “off again on again”. Once they got together, they stayed together. Not even death could separate them, since Barry time travelled to bring Iris back to life. That’s how epic and strong their love is.

          • Lily says:

            Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. This particular comic book couple has actually never been on and off. The only time they weren’t together was when Barry thought she was dead, when she was transported to the future. Other than that, they were together, then engaged, then married. They had kids, grandkids, all of that. This Patty Spivot character had always been an unrequited love interest, his lab assistant who liked him but Barry never reciprocated because he never loved anyone but Iris (the new 52 series is the very first one to have them be a couple in a new timeline). So, I would argue that Barry and Iris are even more stable than Superman/Lois Lane, probably the most stable of all comic book couples. So for them to be doing this love triangle baloney with this couple out of all them is kind of annoying- I’d really like to see them as a pair/partners they’re supposed to be.

  36. kath says:

    AS much as I love Felicity, the worst of bad TV writing is to keep throwing other love interests in there to keep the OTP apart. It’s disrespectful to fans.

    Also, they really messed themselves up with the Eddie/Iris relationship because it was so good. Even if Barry eventually gets together with Iris, I doubt I’ll like it nearly as much as I liked Eddie/Iris.

  37. Ashley says:

    This is the most unnecessary thing ever. Weren’t Linda and Eddie enough? Why are we doing more love triangle crap? Why are they bringing on a poor man’s Felicity? I can’t see this being anything other than annoying.

  38. eva says:

    When will they finally learn bringing characters just to be “spunky, fun and funny” romantic interests never works? Create characters, not love interests! You’ve already failed with Iris and Laurel so badly!

    • Maz says:

      True… Iris & Laurel are a disaster, at least they are trying to salvage Laurel

      • eva says:

        Isn’t it curious how Laurel became so much better once they stopped pushing her past love story with Oliver and made her Black Canary? Inexplicable! Ehhh, I wish CW finally started learning from their own actions…

        • Lex says:

          Laurel did improve in season 3, but she still has far to go. She’s best when she’s a lawyer, and unfortunately she was always going to be Black Canary, love interest or not. What I’d love to see CW try is to have a fully fleshed-out love interest with autonomy and a life outside of her romance with the hero. They’ve managed this with Felicity off and on, but too often the character slapped with the “love interest” title even before being introduced ends up being a mess because nothing is organic. Let’s give character A a love interest! Well, why does character A love this new love interest? Because they’re the love interest, even if their introduction is completely artificial and grating and throws everyone out of the story! See: Arrow season 1, where forced love interests went into some needs-intervention-by-Dr. Phil-because-eww dynamics.

    • Anne says:

      Exactly! This is the biggest problem i have with Iris and Laurel. They cast 2 actress to play the main love interest of those comicbook heroes and little they care to actually develop them. We are just supposed to like and care for them for their names or their canon fates. Its ridiculous. Then as always CW bring pointless additonal love interests that has even less depth. Felicity was a exception but even now they were able to destroy her character on season 3.

    • Tatiana says:

      No and no. Iris is a reporter who links The Flash to the public and has provided intel on metahumans multiple times to help the team. Laurel is a lawyer who helps put bad guys away and has now grown into a heroine in her own right.

      They were never “just” love interests. People want to view them that way so they have an excuse for their hate.

  39. spindae2 says:

    Casting suggestion Cariba Heine, just so all the original australian mermaids have appeared onthe CW. ^^

  40. Lily says:

    The one thing that I wanted was NOT another horrible love triangle! God, why is this necessary? Give Cisco a love interest, not Barry. So she’s meant to make Iris jealous, right, because for some reason Barry has to have his own “Eddie” before they can get together. I’m sorry, but that sucks and nobody wants to see a Felicity clone.

    On another note, unless this person is going to know he’s The Flash, can Barry actually be serious with anyone, really? I mean, he can’t actually sleep with anybody without them finding out who he is, right?

  41. Brandy says:

    This character seems like an unnecessary attempt to showcase Barry’s desirability until he and Iris inevitably get together. Yawn. Why can’t Cisco get a proper love interest, or is “scientific-minded” only attractive when the character is a female?

    • fireS says:

      hey hey. What if they’re actually being brilliant here? I would be overjoyed if she ends up being a Cisco LI after brief interactions with Barry. That would actually be brilliant.

      • John NYC says:

        Lisa Snart, Captain Cold’s sister, played by Peyton List of The Tomorrow People. She’s already showed a certain fascination with Cisco, and it made him VERY nervous, wise, very wise.

    • John NYC says:

      Cisco HAS a “love interest”, and he has no idea how to deal with her… lol

  42. Barbara says:

    Felicity is so overrated. Is Iris not spunky, fun and funny? Are the writers forgetting what they wrote her to be? I seriously don’t understand. Leave Felicity and characters similar to her on the sinking ship that is Arrow.

  43. mac says:

    Yeah, not like the original Felicity didn’t destroy her own show already -,-

    • fireS says:

      Which would explain why Arrow just had the most consistent season despite a disaster of a big bad and an even bigger disaster of accelerated superhero-status for multiple characters. At least get the facts straight. (Also refer to literally any collection of fandom opinions and/or polls if you think Felicity is hated at large)

      • mac says:

        Yeah, because the fandom is 90% in love with Felicitys quirkyness we all need to agree?

        • fireS says:

          I’m just saying, most people don’t agree that she “destroyed the show”. So treating that opinion like fact doesn’t help your case all that much.

          • mac says:

            I’m not treating it as a fact, I can always only speak from my perspective. As can you

          • Maz says:

            Felicity certainly didn’t help Arrow this season, she was the weakest character by far this past season.

      • brenna says:

        FireS is correct that many polls/nominations show how much the fandom loves Felicity and EBR. A few disgruntled fans like to exaggerate how much she cried in a dark season. I am rewatching Season 3 and it is was a great season and she was mostly fun as always. In every season of any show, there are some stories that are liked less than others. The Flash and Arrow creators/writers are very successful for a reason. They create/write entertaining shows, and usually do very well with casting. Just my opinion!

        • Lex says:

          God forbid a woman show emotions when the guy she’s in love with pushes her away, leaves her and dies, comes back, leaves again, comes back, bangs her in Nanda Parbat, leaves her AGAIN and then comes back acting like a pod person… and let’s all ignore the fact that nearly every episode had at least one scene Oliver with a teary-eyed sad puppy face. We just hate having crying ladies be such a downer.

  44. Nilani says:

    So, instead of using what little time the show has to showcase the character development and story arc for Iris West, Barry gets a new love interest, who will likely eat up much of that screentime. And Barry’s on his, what, 4th love interest, MEANWHILE Cisco hasn’t even had a proper, genuine love interest for his character.
    NOT FEELING THIS AT ALL ! Especially since we all know, that this fling won’t last, since Barry will inevitably get together with Iris, his one true love.
    All us Westallen and Iris West fans ever wanted, was season 2 starting with them rebuilding their relationship and friendship from all the lies and gas lighting. All Westallen and Iris West fans ever wanted, was for the show to finally explore Iris as a character down to her roots, showcasing her investigative skills and her journey through her journalism career at CCPN to the point, where we see her arrive to be the iconic reporter she’s known as in comic book canon.
    The CW network and The Flash show runners, producers and writers better not sleep on Iris West or westallen! The better not sleep on their leading lady, Candice Patton! They truly have a gem in her, and they should and ought to be aware of the fact, that ALOT of women and poc watch solely for Candice and Iris.
    There’s a reason, why it’s the number 1 show, and it’s their job to keep it as such.

    • John NYC says:

      Cisco has a love interest, one he’s going to have a challenge in dealing with. Remember the recent episode with Captain Cold and his sister, Lisa? She’s got a thing developing for our Cisco and what the Golden Glider wants she tends to get. lol

      • Nilani says:

        The fact that they treated the first and ONLY romantic “love interest”, if you can call it that, as a joke, a falsity, where the woman had no genuine, romantic feelings or interest towards Cisco, but instead just used him for criminal purposes shows, just how invested the writers have been in showcasing how desirable he is. And when Lisa Snart returned, her “flirtation” with Cisco was more like a mockery of him and his naivety !
        No, the show should just focus on the characters they already have -especially their leading lady, and establish them better instead of taking more screentime away from already underdeveloped characters, who suffered from a lack of good writing in season 1.

    • Sasha says:

      Ummm good thing this isn’t the westallen show lol

      Seriously iris can benefit from this. Get her out of the love relationship. Its a reason so many hated her.

      • Rebecca says:

        They hated her because she was dating Eddie???????? Cause that’s the only LOVE relationship she was in. I’d think you all would be happy she picked Eddie in the end, but nope… what you’re mad about is that Barry loves her (and not the nearest white woman).

        And sorry, but Barry and Iris’s relationship is the core of Barry Allen’s Flash and has been in 70+ years of comic history. So, this *IS* the westallen show (or will be)….

      • Tatiana says:

        It’s gross to think people hated Iris just because she was found desirable. Literally misogyny at its very core. She also did a ton of other things and helped Barry out and was a total sweetheart, but nah. Both Barry and Eddie were in love with her so she must be the devil.

  45. Jared says:

    I just hope she’s not going to be a regular on The Flash but only around for an episode or two.

  46. Katie says:

    Wow. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a slew of people would come out to hate on a character that no one has ever even met, or been cast yet. I know shippers can really be the worst, but this is just sickening. Literally, 80 comments of “Down with Felicity, don’t want another like her” or “why can’t Barry and Iris be togetherrrr.” The addition of this character is actual a fantastic thing, for females (as long as this character is written as something in addition to a ‘love interest.’). I mean, there are only two females that we ever even see or interact with, so why not add another? I’m a female that watches The Flash and I don’t like Iris, and a lot of the time I have a hard time connecting to Caitlin. I love the idea of them adding another girl because maybe this one will be easier for me to identify with. And I really question the thinking that some people seem to have that a guy like Barry would be single for the entire time it will take Iris to get over Eddie’s death. Barry is an extremely attractive, charming, intelligent, funny guy. Sitting around and waiting on a woman to finish grieving so that he can move right in are the actions of someone who doesn’t respect that woman, and Barry would never act like that. So, shippers, take a few deep breaths.

    • M says:

      I’m all for adding a female character but not at the expense of development for other established characters on the show, and certainly not to be reduced to a love interest who we already know will not work out. It goes beyond shipping–there are characters on the show who need more individual development and this CW drama tactic is only going to eat up screen time. It won’t even be a triangle because Iris will be in full mourning (and I find it interesting that you don’t like Iris because of the LI role she was shoehorned in which is going to be the exact thing that happens with Wendy–locked out of the secret, only there to play up the hero’s desirability, etc). Plus why a “Felicity for the Flash?” Females are much more diverse than the show’s portraying. Why not make an original female character to broaden the view that you have to be a genius level ~science nerd~ in order to be relevant? Better yet, expand on the female characters who have come and gone–the DA, Cecille or Linda (who’s a big part of the Flash universe for Wally)

    • Tina says:

      Thank you. You said it all.

  47. Lily says:

    I don’t see why this is necessary. Why does he have to have a new love interest, he’s not Oliver Queen.

  48. Robin says:

    LOVE Iris/Barry…Candice and Grant. Not a happy fan. Why put off what is fated and should be? Ugh!

  49. Deejay627 says:

    Does this mean Marvin & Wonder-dog will be soon to Follow?

  50. andi says:

    Is this to imply that The Flash is turning into Arrow 2.0?…because if I wanted to watch Felicity I would be watching Arrow. Kreisberg & Berlanti need to stop thinking all Flash viewers watch or like Felicity, I don’t…I deliberately avoid episode 18 because she was promoted as some kind of saviour for Barry…now her character is being promoted as if Iris wasn’t good enough for Barry he needs his own Felicity-lite on The Flash.
    But thanks anyway for the heads up regarding Season 2…my Tuesday at 8pm is once again free…bye CW