Prison Break Limited Series In Development at Fox

Prison Break Revival

Prison Break may be getting sprung from television purgatory.

Fox is developing a limited-series revival of its 2005-09 drama series that would re-team stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, TVLine has learned exclusively. 

Details are sketchy, but I hear the reunion project — if it happens — would be similar to last year’s 24: Live Another Day in that it would span a dozen or so episodes and feature a closed-ended storyline.

Earlier this year, Miller — who reunited with former TV bro Purcell this past season on The CW’s The Flash — told E! News that he “floated the idea” of a Prison Break continuation to Fox and “they seemed to think there was something there.” Fox co-chairman Gary Newman acknowledged at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in January that Prison Break would make “the perfect event series,” but added that there were no current plans to bring the Fox River gang back together.

In the meantime, Miller and Purcell are at least guaranteed to reunite for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, premiering midseason on The CW.

Reps for Fox and 20th Century declined to comment.

Thoughts on the prospects of a Prison Break revival? Are you, like us, wondering how the show’s EPs will get around the fact that Miller’s Michael is, um, dead? Hit the comments!

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  1. Cara Varela says:

    I’m confused, didn’t Michael die at the end of the series? Refresh my memory if I’m wrong, but I’m confused as to how he could be in a continuation.

  2. Deion says:

    But..but…they made a whole movie where Michael Scofield, after years of “being sick” eventually died saving Sarah. This math does not compute.

  3. DougMac says:

    They did a movie after he died and had it take place between the end of the series and the epilogue. They could do that again, or have him had faked his death but it’s tough to imagine he’d do that because of his kid.

  4. Nina says:

    How will they work around the fact that, you know, Michael is kinda dead?

  5. How many prisons must one break out of?

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Would LOVE this but it would really take everything away from the original series ending. Like many others have said here, Michael very sadly died. I cry my eyes out, LOL!!!!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      cried my eyes out (oops)

      • misery chick says:

        The music they played when everyone was at Michael’s gravesite STILL haunts me! Don’t know song name or artist (not sure I want to!) but I cried so hard I almost threw up. I think ANY idea the writers come up with will be beyond stupid, but I don’t care. I loved the show and I adore Wentworth Miller, so…I’m def there 💕😍

        • Shar says:

          I loved that song too. I just recently binge-watched the show and checked out the song – if you’re interested, it’s called Lay it Down Slow.

    • Bwhit says:

      I was really sad he died! It was the most depressed I’d been about a TV show lol. I still have not re watched that episode!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Even though we knew it was coming I was crushed. It was awful. So I guess it would be nice to find out he really didn’t die but how dare they do that to us, LOL!!!

  7. Bwhit says:

    I’m confused but they technically didn’t show Michael die so stranger things have happened. Maybe they wanted the company to think he die than he and Sara hid with little Michael for those four years and the tumor eventually got him. I was always disappointed he never got to meet his son. I’m in!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Surely they wouldn’t have a limited run series only for him to “die” again. That would be down right cruel, lol.

    • Bwhit says:

      *died (it will drive me crazy if I don’t correct it)

    • Dysturbed says:

      As I mentioned to another poster, there is a made for dvd movie that was announced shortly prior to the show ending that came out two months later. It was about Sarah being arrested and everyone of course working to breaking out. In that he did die.

  8. Nicole says:

    If FOX continues with these revivals I want one for Brisco County, Jr. And VR.5. Old school FOX.

  9. cerkiller says:

    sooo… michael undead or a zombie?

  10. [SPOILERS… for a show that ended 6 years ago…] If I remember correctly, the ending of the series heavily implied that Michael died, but there was also a little bit of an ambiguous moment where a paper crane was left on the gravestone, which, on one hand, may have been simply sentimental, or, and I suspect this is the route they will follow, it was a signal to Michael, who, for reasons to be explored, had to go into hiding… again…

    • Ok… so I went to Netflix to re-watch the endings. In the first ending, Michael and Sarah reunite and his nose begins to bleed, indicating that all is not well. We then cut to five years later and the scene at Michael’s grave. As Linc passes the grave, he leaves a little origami swan. In the “second” ending to the series, we have Michael’s presumed death by explosion, then Linc and Sarah watching Michael’s good-bye video on the boat, during which, Michael says,”We spend so much time not saying the things we want to say… we speak in code… we send little messages … origami…” When he says “origami” he gives a little eye flick and smile to the camera. He then says, “WE’RE free.” While I’m sure this was intended to be an emotionally satisfying ending to the series, I do have to wonder if they planted a couple of possible outs in case they wanted to revisit this story — as it seems they now want to do.

  11. Azerty says:

    I knew it I knew it!!! When the last episode aired, if I remember correctly we don’t really see Michael dying, we just see the video afterward and I said no body not dead in a couple years they will bring him back probably to help his grown up son escape from prison. Now I am not sure it is a excellent idea given the quality of season 4 but I will give it a shot like for heroes. Next I want a mini serie of Hurley and Ben on the island of Lost. Man can dream right?

  12. Juliana says:

    First 24:LAD, then X-Files and now this. Has FOX run out of ideas?
    The only way this could work would be a prequel.

  13. Kate says:

    Michael sacrificed himself so that Sara could escape from prison after being jailed for killing his mother. BUT. No one ever saw his body, and we jumped pretty quickly to like five years later. He was actually dying but there were some loose ends that could explain his survival, like that technically, the Company wasn’t actually dead, they just weren’t in the same position of power and Gretchen was still around. The Marshals were pretty close and its entirely possible that Michael didn’t totally kill himself in the explosion. So, its entirely possible he got taken into custody, was put in a black site (a Blacklist episode made me start to think this), they fixed his brain tumor and have just left him stewing. I would think the idea would be that the entry of this short event series might very well be teenaged Michael Jr. A kid who might very well have inherited his father’s intelligence, his grandfather’s sense of justice, his grandmother’s deviousness, and his mother’s strong will and who might have gotten it into his head that maybe his dad isn’t dead and goes after him and that unites the team again to go after him and they discover he is right along the way (so, they probably need to make sure William Fichter is involved because only Alex would be able to figure it out, though, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find out he was the one who helped Michael Jr. along).

    • Bwhit says:

      I really like this idea. Or they capture Michael Jr for getting too close to the truth and father and son must work together to both break out. Of course the company would have to capture Sara so they need to save her (she could never keep herself out of trouble lol). I also think it’d be cute to have Sucre’s daughter and Michael’s son have some sort of friendship.

      • Kate says:

        That would be so cute. Heck since they will be free the kids who play Peter and Nadia on the Messengers could be them.

        Sara probably has to stay (and I think Sarah Wayne Callie is busy) in Costa Rica as she is the only one who is supposed to be in prison.

      • Magnus says:

        You’re very right and who raised his kid and if they still went after Sarah too

  14. Tim says:

    it was hard to finish the original series, no way I’ll waste more time on another

  15. Lincoln and Michael have another brother, but we never got to meet him in the original series. Funnily enough he looks JUST like Michael! (A little older, maybe).

  16. Cindy says:

    I never saw Prison Break but was Wentworth Miller’s acting better on that show than it has been on The Flash? He’s just too melodramatic on The Flash for my tastes.

  17. Louise Leamen says:

    It seems that FOX can resurect the dead. I would love it if they brought back the whole gang. Especially Tea Bag.

  18. Jane says:

    OMG I am excited so much about this. Pity they can’t do an entire Fox River 8 reunion. They’re all over at the CW anyway being baddies for Arrow and Flash. I was watching an ancient episode of Murder She Wrote the other day, and Robert Knepper was on (with full 80’s clothes and floppy blonde hair) and the whole time I’m yelling at the tv “Watch out Jessica Fletcher, he’s a sadistic maniac killer.” Sadly, he wasn’t the killer on that episode.

  19. LT says:

    Is there NOTHING original in Hollywood anymore??? NOTHING? Netflix…keep doing what you’re doing with shows like BLOODLINE, etc and you can wipe out the broadcast nets sooner than later!

    • Yj says:


      Netflux is the whole reason for this. They buy those old shows by the dozen, and the studios “revive” shows like 24,ex files and prison break so thet could sell them the ba k catalog

  20. Maybe Michael’s death was but a dream…

  21. hiho says:

    still watch this show to this day. love to see a revival!

  22. tabularasalocke says:

    To be clear, Miller and Purcell commented before their Flash episode that the Prison Break revival wouldn’t be a sequel but would sort of be “in between seasons” sort of thing. Best bet is that it would take place between the end of season 4 and before the movie where Michael dies.

    I was a fan of the 24 revival and I want to see X-Files again, but as much as I loved Prison Break (even if the last 2 seasons were bad) I feel like this is best kept off. Who knows the availability of Miller and Purcell given they are doing Legends of Tomorrow. And Prison Break was the best in the first 2 seasons. I think if they try to do another “Put Michael in prison” story, it’ll be very much like season 3 and if they try a “The gang’s together to do a heist” it’ll go very much like season 4.

  23. Heidee says:

    Loved the show….hated the way it ended with Michael dying. But I watch soap operas and “NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES”. I look forward to watching it.

  24. tamekamullins says:

    I would love this to happen. I was late to the Prison Break party and binge-watched the series in a matter of months on Netflix years after it was on so if they can bring it back for a limited run I would be thrilled. #TeamMichael :)

  25. JDH says:

    Um…. Aren’t they a little busy??? They’re gonna be regulars on one show, recurring on another, & potential guest stars on a third.

    Besides didn’t Michael die at the end of the series?

  26. ray says:

    its been a while since prison break ended. didnt michael scorfield died from a tumor or something?

  27. pamela says:

    Old shows need to return nowadays being many current new shows stink I say bring em all back.

  28. shawn15151515 says:

    Why would they resurrect a series that had a nice ending? Why not rather Tru Calling? Come on!

  29. Mr. Tran K says:

    Don’t know how Dominic and Wentworth are going to juggle both the Prison Break reboot and Legends of Tomorrow over on The CW.

  30. Judy says:

    Does anyone know the status of BLUE BLOODS for the new fall of 2015 season, I had heard D.Walburg was being replaced??? Thanks

  31. kmw says:

    FOX sure is running out of ideas. 24 The X files and now this. Very unimaginative over there. Come on FOX get some new ideas

  32. what will they call it…the reincarnation of Michael schofield?

  33. lqza says:

    Sky have been pushing this boxset, I cannot understand why, as only series one was any good, it just got plain silly after that. Now this? After their appearance in The Flash maybe?

  34. Et al says:

    As long as Fox is reviving everything, maybe they should bring back Firefly.

  35. Joanne Ordish says:

    Fabulous, Michael returns, Wentworth Miller can pull this off, can’t wait.

  36. kn1231 says:

    While they’re at it, can they have a limited revival of The O.C??… Thanks!

  37. Ellie Howard says:

    Prison Break had to have been my most favourite series of all time! I was devastated when it ended, not just because of the story but because it was the end! I’ve never really seen another series quite like it before, and I really do think that it should be brought back for a while longer, it was too good and too successful not to carry it on! Please I beg you!

  38. Dinah Ennis says:

    Would love to see Prison Break come back even if it was temporary.

  39. Elissa says:

    if they do this I want to see Sarah and Michael together again, they were amazing.

  40. alex says:

    aren’t those two already starring on legends of tomorrow, could cause some problems if this gets picked up.

    • Jane says:

      Legends of Tomorrow is only a 13 episode season – so limited run. If this is a one off limited run, it too might only be a few episodes. Plenty of time for them to do both. But the big questions remain – will it be before or after Michael had the tattoos removed?

  41. kirads09 says:

    They would have to make it that Michael didn’t really die. Don’t get me wrong, I would be for this IF they want to, and IF they do it right. Also, I would want the entire main cast back. I WILL NOT WATCH if William Fichtner wouldn’t come back as Mahone. Also it should include Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Gretchen), Whistler (Chris Vance) and Adelstein as Kellerman. I don’t see how this would work though as some of the gang met untimely ends through the series. Also some of the cast has other projects that may make it difficult to get them to sign on.

    I don’t mind limited series resurrections, but it seems Fox would rather do this than come up with new, original programming? That is a bit of a cop out.

    But since you are at it Fox, how about giving us back (even if in limited form for closure) Alcatraz, Almost Human and Terra Nova?!!

  42. :-) says:

    I am 100% against this idea. I was hoping Wentworth would become the new eye candy on Greys

  43. Fernanda says:

    We never saw the body.. he was sick on the last episode of the series and then we saw his grave. But on the “The Final Break DVD” he died trying to help his wife, but there wasn’t a body.

    Michael Scolfield is alive.. I knew that

  44. jenferner8 says:

    I don’t care how or why Michael’s alive, I’ll take him!

  45. Teri says:

    Priso Break was a great show. I am so excited to have it back. Loved the cast and intensity.

  46. Sherry says:

    Please bring Micheal back.im sure the company shows up and takes him.

  47. Janet Ogden says:

    I figured it out! Michael died, BUT, {you have to admit they are popular now}, Michael comes back as a ZOMBIE

  48. Hellllzzzz yeah Loved Prison Break…and they are perfect in The Flash!!!

  49. Steve says:

    well what happens is that Lincoln is contacted by a government agency about going to Russia and break out Jack Bauer and in dreamlike flashes Michael gives Lincoln the means and knowledge to get this done,,,so Prison Break and 24 co exists for a few episodes, Bauer is released thanks to Lincoln and his flashes of Michael and his vast knowledge of breaking out of difficult situations…also thanks to assistance from Chloe and Tony Almeda and some of Micheal’s buddies we can put an end to 24 and Prison Break…the name could be 24-Prison Break