Fall TV Preview

Fall TV First Impression: Supergirl

Supergirl Preview Pilot

The broadcast networks have more than 20 shows debuting this fall, including reborn Heroes, reanimated Muppets, sexy Scream Queens and comebacks for John Stamos and Rob Lowe. To help you prep for it all, TVLine is offering First Impressions* of the not-for-review pilots.

First up on our list….

THE SHOW | CBS’ Supergirl (Mondays at 8/7c, starting in early November)

THE COMPETITION | ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, NBC’s The Voice, Fox’s Gotham and The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (new)

THE CAST | Melissa Benoist (Glee), Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy), Mehcad Brooks (Desperate Housewives), Jeremy Jordan (Smash) and David Harewood (Homeland)

THE SET-UP | So it turns out that Kara Zor-El (Benoist) was spirited away from the doomed planet Krypton the exact same time as her cousin, Kal-El. Alas, she got hung up in (non-aging) traffic, arriving on Earth 24 years after he did. Now in her 20s and toiling as an assistant to media mogul Cat Grant (Flockhart), Kara is on the verge of her own “super” coming out party.

THE FIRST IMPRESSION | *First, to be clear: Our Fall TV First Impression series is not officially starting for another six weeks or so. But since Supergirl was leaked/”leaked” so early, it’s ripe for discussion. With that bit of housekeeping hypothetically read and now out of the way…

The series lays out Kara’s out-of-this-world origin in super-quick fashion, focusing much of the pilot on the impetus for her first public display of derring-do and the fallout. There is unarguable joy in seeing Kara dig her heels in, embrace her heroic potential and soar into action; just as she’s not dubbed Superwoman, nor is she some brooding Girl of Steel. As such, visually and tonally, the show is most akin to The Flash, though there is something intangibly… “CBS” about it.supergirl-pilot-08 Supergirl’s first showdowns (against guest star Owain Yeoman, The Mentalist) don’t go perfectly, nor should they for a nascent hero. (The proximity of Earth’s sun doesn’t teach hand-to-hand combat, after all.) It all builds to a final twist that spells out the structure of the show, its unexpected Big Bad included.

Benoist is well-cast as moxie-filled Kara, and part of the fun here will be seeing the actress as well as Supergirl grow into their new, respective roles. As Daily Planet transplant James Olsen, Brooks brings a fresh spin to the comic books’ bowtie-fiddling underdog, while Flockhart finds just the right calibration of snarky superiority. Having very specific story points to serve in the opening hour, Leigh, Jordan and Harewood — as Kara’s sister Alex, CatCo admirer Winn and E.T.-hunter Hank Henshaw — obviously will benefit from greater character development moving forward.

Yes, you will smile wide seeing Helen “Supergirl” Slater and Dean “Superman” Cain share an early scene, and yes, there is a drinking game to be played, for every time (and there are many) Superman is referred to not by name.

THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE | Monday’s DC Comics face-off is super-fun Supergirl‘s to lose, unless moody Gotham manages to return in especially strong form. The bigger question may be how CBS will fare opening the night with a drama versus comedies (for the first time in light years), though Supergirl’s bright-colored family friendliness could bring in eyeballs that tended to dart away from those bawdy Broke Girls.

Watch a video preview for Supergirl, then vote in our poll below.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I genuinely enjoyed it. Look forward to more

  2. mike says:

    I thought it was pretty good. She has the geeky alter ego thing down, and it was nice to see her struggle with fighting another Kryptonian. Always like seeing Chyler and will miss Taxi Brooklyn, but as long as she’s here, that’s ok. Hope to see more of the parents and at some point they have GOT to bring Tom in for a cameo. Even if it was a different network.

  3. Total rip off of Superman, particularly the plot of Superman II. That “twist” ending reeked of Silver Age nonsense.

    • I think most people will be fine with that as long as at no point she flies around the world really fast to turn back time.

    • tvjunkie says:

      “particularly the plot of Superman II”

      Um, so Zod shows up on planet Houston and Lex Luther stops by to be his tour guide?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I will advise/warn everyone to clearly label/preface any spoilers from the leaked pilot before blabbing them in Comments.

        Or else.

  4. m3rcnate says:

    My money is on CBS having leaked this themselves after all the negative reaction to the pilot trailer, and well…it worked.
    I was one of the loudest who hated the trailer (still do) for all the reasons you have probably read about online (it was a mix of Ugly Betty, Devil Wears Prada, etc) but when watching it…i enjoyed it quite a bit. It was actually fun, and fairly sweet and had some twists and i’m interested in seeing episode 2 (and beyond).
    I just want to say that i just finished watching The 100 (on CW) and it has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better CGI and sets than this pilot (at least the leaked version)…so hopefully in episode 2 and beyond (having been picked up and given a official budget) they can get that all sorted.

    • Dean says:

      It worked when flash leaked they’re probably hoping lighting stikes twice, yeah I know what I said. I take it that you were curious enough to see the pilot.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Yeah i mean, a horrible trailer doesnt mean a show or movie will be bad guaranteed. But damn did they frak up with that trailer. Smart move to “leak” the pilot. Sad they have to “leak” it and have people illegally download the episode by torrenting instead of just saying “Hey guys, we are so excited for Supergirl we are going to release the first episode up on CBS.com!” or something.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Even in this day and age there are still a lot of people who probably won’t see either before the pilot officially airs on TV. Lots of people don’t go online and watch trailers and even fewer go looking for leaked pilots.

  5. Matty Si. says:

    My question is this: Kara was like 12 or 13 when she left Krypton. If she was stuck in an ageless place for 24 years how is still in her 20s when we see her on the show? Other than that little nugget of confusion I totally loved the show and am excited for it to officially start.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It’s stated that where she got stuck, time doesn’t pass. (Though that is counter to DC lore…)

    • Mark D. Moss says:

      Ummmm … the timeline for the show is set a dozen years or so *after* her ship [SPOILER REDACTED BY TVLINE] landed on earth. Early scenes in the pilot show the adult Superman delivering the young Kara to her new foster family where she grew up. (That would be a decade or so ago in the story’s timeline. Thus we have a Kara in her mid-twenties.)

    • Frizz says:

      Because in the show it will be 12 years after she got to earth… so she is 25 in the show.
      They show it in the beginning of the episode… 13 when she left, 24 years of ageless time, then finally makes it to earth (still 13), and then we jump to 12 years later.

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Supergirl is destined to have high hopes for CBS and this should be one of the most talked about new series this upcoming season (ignore the haters out there). If Supergirl does become a huge hit in the 8 p.m. Monday night time slot, I have a feeling that Season Five of 2 Broke Girls should make the move to Thursdays if one of CBS’ new comedies (Life in Pieces or Angel From Hell) gets canceled.

  7. Boiler says:

    AHHHH please stop with the superhero stuff. Are they trying to drive old people away from TV. No one will be watching in a few years

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Dude. Seriously.

    • ChrisGa says:

      What?!? Away with you already; there can never be enough superhero shows on the tube.

    • Maryann says:

      I am officially a retiree, and I LOVE superhero shows! speak for yourself.

    • Dean says:

      You poor thing, you’re probably late for bridge night at the seniors center if that’s what you think.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m about 50/50 with the superhero/comic book stuff. While I will agree that there seems to be a glut of them now and coming in the future, some of them I really enjoy and others I find just annoying and choose to drop from my television line up. My freedom of choice option.

    • Boiler says:

      Other interesting thing about this show is people hated her in Glee. Like Melissa but pass on the show

    • Pedro says:

      Old people will be dead in a few years, either way.

    • Liz985 says:

      There are hours and hours and dozens of channels of television programming. There is something for everyone. Don’t be a crank.

    • lame says:

      Are you that old, maybe you should sit closer to the screen.

    • Nate says:

      Maybe they’ll change the name to NCIS: Supergirl to make you feel better.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Isn’t 8pm after old peoples bed time anyway?

    • Heidi says:

      That’s why Netlix and streaming video are taking over the airwaves.

    • Kristina says:

      Superheros are the new vampires. Or zombies. Whatever the last craze was, I can’t keep up. For the most part they make for good TV. Give it a shot, you might surprise yourself by liking it.

      • No one watches TV now.. We only own TV’s as force of habit. All out digital media comes in from the internet. And ya seriously want to complain about superhero shows ruining TV for old people, how about outdoor life network showing crap like storage wars.. All of the intellectual programming is being turned into ignoramus shows like finding bigfoot and shows about people trying to win auctions on other people’s garbage.

    • No one watches TV now.. We only own TV’s as force of habit. All out digital media comes in from the internet. And ya seriously want to complain about superhero shows ruining TV for old people, how about outdoor life network showing crap like storage wars.. All of the intellectual programming is being turned into ignoramus shows like finding bigfoot and shows about people trying to win auctions on other people’s garbage.

  8. Tom says:

    light years is a measure of distance not time

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You would have to travel light years to find a TV Guide where CBS aired a drama Monday at 8. There ya go.

    • So are parcecs… :P

      • The Watcher says:

        The Kessel Run is a path through “The Maw” – an unstable and mostly unnavigable cluster of black holes located near the planet Kessel. Since event horizons around black holes are dependent on the speed at which you are traveling. A standard ship has to do the run in eighteen parsecs because to cut the route any closer, the ship would get sucked in. The Millennium Falcon, however, is “fast enough” to straighten the route and cut over six parsecs off the distance traveled.

        Also, since Hyperspace travel requires heavy computation to compute a path that doesn’t cause a ship to fly right through a star… The Falcon has customized computation engines that calculate shorter hyperspace paths more quickly than those in other ships. Shorter distances mean faster travel times. The Falcon reduces its travel times though a combination of being faster in a traditional sense, and by using more accurate navigation calculations.

        Or… the Parsecs line was just a gaff.

        I prefer the first explanation since it features a heavy dose of “Handwaveium-P32”

        • Wordsmith says:

          The geek-force is strong with this one.
          Though I have to one-up you by wondering whether skirting so close to those black hole event horizons will create Interstellar-type time distortion, so more time may end up passing, even if the distance was shorter.
          Maybe travel via “hyperspace” negates special-relativistic effects…
          Boom. The nerd gauntlet has been thrown down.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Actually it’s a measure of distance over time, so time is in the equation. Furthermore being broadcast TV, the broadcast travels out into space, so if you travel light years you would eventually catch up to the signal of the last drama broadcast in that time slot somewhere far out in space. So technically Matt is correct and you are wrong.

  9. akteufel says:

    I thought the pilot was okay, and I’ll definitely check the show out, since it does show potential. But seriously, what was is with not saying “Superman”? Is it a legal issue? Is it supposed to be funny? I thought it was annoying and more than ridiculous. Also, the CGI definitely needs work. Then again, the pilot was leaked, so the HD TV version might look better…

  10. thisismenow says:

    Constantine was the only comic book fare I enjoyed since theaters and television stations started to feature endless shows surrounding them. But Chyler Leigh is in this and I typically love her acting. I’ll give the pilot a chance in the fall.

  11. ChrisGa says:

    Looking forward to this although I almost wish it was on the CW; at least there it would have a strong shot at longevity. If it’s not a big hit for CBS right out of the box and it doesn’t sustain that level of ratings I think we know how CBS will handle that. Either way, fingers crossed for it’s future success.

  12. rob1729 says:

    Appropriately casted Calista Flockhart. This Ally McSupergirl. Can’t wait for the dancing Baby Kal El in season 3.

  13. I’m seriously looking forward to it. We haven’t watched anything regularly on Monday nights since HIMYM ended. Perhaps it is time for a break from Monday night comedies for a while and enjoy Supergirl.

  14. Maryann says:

    Thank goodness for time shifting. I am a big fan of Gotham and Dancing With the Stars, and don’t plan on giving either of them up. That said, I will check out Supergirl, but if it is too “cutesy” or too “girly” or too much like a sitcom or a romcom, I am out. (Just for the record, I watched every comic book based show last season.)

  15. Fido says:

    Puzzled why 2 DC shows would be in the same time-slot. Surely the ptb would know many people will want to see both. :scratcheshead: BTW: I had the same drinking game idea :)

    • wrstlgirl says:

      These days with DVR’s that can record 5-7 shows at the same time I wouldn’t think that would be a big concern. But that aside, it’s called competition with the most popular and/or best show for the win (and the network).

      • Fido says:

        I get competition, but wouldn’t DC want ALL their shows to do the best they can and thus put something in the licencing-contract thing against networks putting them on at the same time ? – I get with DVR people can what both but isn’t it the watch-live figures that matter the most for advertisers.

        • Daven says:

          See, your problem is that you believe that DC has any say in the time slots that the shows run in. They do not. CBS wants to beat Fox in that time slot, and they do not care where the parent content comes from.

          • Fido says:

            DC need to give their lawyer a poke in the ribs. :) – I’ll be watching Supergirl first.

    • swanpride says:

      I don’t think that DC has any say in this. Marvel/Disney has full control over the properties they own since Sony and Fox have Movie but no TV rights, and ABC is a Disney-owned Network. But DC…they don’t make the movies or shows themselves, Warner Bros and the Networks do.

  16. LOL says:

    Loved the pilot. Look forward to watching it. It isn’t the Supergirl I imagined we’d get but it’s a really fun ride nonetheless.

  17. Dean says:

    I agree its a gamble to place it at 8pm but given that its only real competition at least scripted show wise is Gotham it may make people curious enough who want something more light toned than dark and gritty to tune in. Scorpion worked as a leadout last year since it seemed compatible as a follow up from sitcoms to NCISLA. Supergirl by all accounts is vastly diffrent and CBS is hoping that more viewers would tune in if its the starting show of their monday roster. But Supergirl may be at a disadvantage as the other shows will be in full swing when it debuts.

  18. Hamza says:

    It’s weird to hear stuff like “your cousin” or “him” again and again. Since everything is owned by DC Comics, it seems idiotic that there is such copyright issue here.
    The pilot was pretty good but one thing that felt odd was that almost everyone in the main cast knew her identity!! Not many “revelations” to characters going to happen in this one.

    • jakesf says:

      I wonder if they have to pay *per* reference. Because they did mention his name once in the beginning when she first lands on Earth. After that, it was always “cousin” or “man of steel”.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        It’s not about “paying” but DC’s movie and TV arms talking to one another, arriving at an agreement, since Superman very much has a big-screen presence right now. (Ask any Smallville fan how it “works.”)

        • Hamza says:

          The thing with Smallville was that atleast it was a journey towards becoming Superman. She’s already termed Supergirl (much like all DC shows this year, excluding Gotham), Superman is already known to the world, so would have made much more sense than her cousin.

  19. AnnieM says:

    No matter how good the series may turn out to be, it’s going to get really annoying really fast for me having everyone constantly sidestepping saying the name SUPERMAN. lol. :-D

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I reckon they got most of the highly necessary mentions out of the way in the pilot. References will surely be rare from here on, in any form.

      • BBussey says:

        I agree. I suspect they got the “elephant in the room” out of the way in the pilot, and now the Supergirl character will stand on its own right. She would have to anyway if the show is to be successful.

      • Ed says:

        didn’t Smallville have the same issue?

        anyone notice the scene where Kara gets hit by a truck is very similar to Tom Welling’s CK get hit by a bus?

        Remy Zero should be doing the theme song for this show too

      • AnnieM says:

        Matt, I hope you’re right. :-)

  20. AddieM says:

    One thing I was happy about was that, everyone in Kara’s immediate circle knows her identity none of that ‘I didn’t tell you to protect you’ BS.
    I liked the pilot it was very fun and light-hearted. I’m hoping it does not get any darker…we have enough of that with Gotham and Arrow..
    yeah the not mentioning Superman by name was a bit odd, can’t they just refer to him as Clark

    • BBussey says:

      The showrunners have learned from Arrow and Flash. It’s better from a storytelling standpoint to make the “secret identity” a non-issue early. Apparently Cat Grant will be the last to know, but at some point it’s going to get awkward for Kara finding excuses to duck out of work to handle a crisis. I would be surprised if anyone in the inner circle is still in the dark at the end of the season.

  21. Dan Adviento says:

    The Flash has set the bar too high when it comes to TV adaptations of comic book heroes.

  22. DavidJ says:

    I enjoyed the heck out of the pilot as well, and found Benoist to be incredibly charming as Kara. My only complaint is with how quickly they rushed through the story and her transition into becoming Supergirl. I would have loved to have seen that evolve in a much more natural way (and not just over a cute costume-fitting montage).

  23. Kiane says:

    I enjoyed the pilot as well. I have to say that I think CBS leaked that pilot episode but I was pleasantly surprised that CBS did an excellent job with the first episode. Can;t wait to see more of this series.

  24. grys03 says:

    Enjoyed the pilot (as I am most of the superhero shows) – but not so sure where it’s going other than a lighter version of Lois & Clark. Problem here is: when Supergirl gets into trouble where is Superman?; if it’s such a big threat then where are the other heroes? So, unless this show is isolated it’s going to get frustrating. & why would you drop in on your cousin?

    Arrow, Flash & Gotham work because the threats are sort of localized or at least pitched at a level that can be dealt with (with occasional crossovers) but a threat to Supergirl needs to be big otherwise it’s not a threat.

    Lois & Clark worked as an isolated drama/superhero/romance show.

    Just not sure where this one will go – I do hope it works.

  25. josue_can says:

    So Matt, does Clark finally fly?

  26. lame says:

    I liked it, it was fresh, it was bright, had new approach on the old story. Opens many possibilities with her sister’s occupation. It sure is the complete opposite of Gotham.

  27. LK says:

    I guess I’m the only one who doesnt know how to find the “leaked” verson of the show and watch it… and i’m very much looking foward to seeing this one. For those that have seen it? Is she not on speaking terms with her “cousin” or something?

  28. Erica says:

    Is this First Impression based off of the leaked pilot or did you actually get a screener?

  29. DG says:

    Just finished watching it. Despite the following gripes, I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt since it’s just a pilot and some scenes could be re-shot before it ‘officially’ airs in autumn (CBS definitely leaked this a la Flash last year).
    Low points: A lot of the acting was terrible, from all actors. The dialogue was laughable in places. Initially, it seems too camp even for a light-hearted superhero show, like the creators/writers/etc aren’t really taking it seriously. Kara looks too much like Felicity, especially at the end, and starts the show as an assistant…..like Felicity did. Give her her own identity, Kreisberg/Berlanti! Also, the feminist themes were pretty clunky. I love the idea of strong female characters, but there’s much better ways to convey this ethos than the overly blatant diatribe Kara and her boss have midway through the ep.
    High points: I can actually see myself really buying into Melissa Benoist as Supergirl the more I see her and hopefully she gets better dialogue to work with. I don’t know, I just get the feeling she’s really serious about this and what it means to play this character in the current social climate with regards to feminism. If she gets better stuff to work with, I’m completely sold on her.
    It takes time for a show to find it’s feet so I’m giving this until Christmas to see, and I hope it impresses me. And I think it will if the writers do their job properly and not phone it in with typical superhero dialogue and set pieces like was on display in the pilot. I expected a bit more from Kreisberg, Berlanti and co. after seeing what they did with Arrow and Flash, maybe it should have been a more female-dominated writing team to get the right tone and character nuances….
    Here’s hoping ep.2 is a huge step forward, then we could be onto a winner here.

    • kln says:

      I completely agree with your take on the low points, particularly the clunky feminist themes. Not just the Cat/Kara thing, but it’s also uncomfortably similar to SNL’s Black Widow: Age of Me. I’ll take a chance on ep 2, but I don’t have high hopes.

  30. lee says:

    The pilot was definitely rushed. It was basically a setup for the entire show (and it revealed way too much). Origin story, first action set, character motivation, love interest all within in the first 30 minutes.

    That’s something I don’t like about American (let’s say non cable) television. Asian language dramas usually don’t get 3,4 seasons, but they take their time in telling story.

    Why couldn’t the writers spend the first 2,3 episodes or so to tell a convincing origin story, instead of showing it in piece meal fashion in the future? I don’t need to be foreshadowed on future villains and other plot points this early. I just hope the show isn’t a “villain of the week” feature.

  31. firelight09 says:

    Really liked Melissa Benoist as the lead character. I’m not sure what else she’s been in but she was perfect for this. I really didn’t like the character or the performance of her sister, though. And I think there was maybe five or so too many vague pep-talks where the encouragement is supposed to be inspirational without really saying much of anything meaningful (“You can do it!” “I believe in you!” “I thought you weren’t ready but I was wrong and you are!” etc, etc) I mean I know that’s kinda a staple of Superman and his tie-ins, but I hope they tone that down a bit.
    Also, even though I’d heard Owain Yeoman would be appearing on the show, I had no idea that was him. The effects were great though. Huge improvement from Smallville! ;)

  32. Isaac says:

    I don’t know why people keep saying that they didn’t reference Superman by name, i’m watching the pilo again and Kara said ” my cousin Kal-El had grown up and revealed to your world as SUPERMAN” they did say his name

  33. John says:

    I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this. After all the negative remarks about how Melissa Benoist was miscast, didn’t look the part, wasn’t pretty enough, etc…she was clearly the strength of the show and was a natural. I found her to be a perfect fit and very charming as Supergirl in every way. There’s a lot of back story to fill in, a lot of potential villains and sub plots where they can take this show. I really hope they find a way to cross over networks and have her make an appearance on The Flash and Arrow as well as them making it over to Supergirl. If the networks were smart, they’d work together which would further drive up ratings. Seeing Supergirl swoop in to save Flash or Arrow would rock!

  34. Ally Oop says:

    I have a hard time accepting her as Supergirl as the actress from Smallville and that version of Kara are still in my head. The trailer didn’t impress me and I haven’t seen the pilot but I’ll still check this out.I recall that when Arrow debuted I just couldn’t get into the series because Justin Hartley’s Oliver Queen was still in my head but eventually I came around and really came to like Stephen Amell’s Arrow.

  35. Bearoness says:

    I’m in. I don’t generally go for the superhero thing, but this looks awesome. (And I need to find some new words for “very good” that didn’t come from Wayne’s World.)

  36. I really hope that they link this show in with Arrow and The Flash. That’d be pretty sweet.

  37. My one serious beef with this show. Jimmy Olson is black… Like seriously.. I’m all down with Racial equality and all but Jimmy Olson is a freckle-faced red headed(maybe brown haired) white kid, not a bald black man. Whomever cast a bald black man to play JO is a frigging moron.

    • lame says:

      Show me where it’s written Jimmy Olsen has to be a bucked tooth red headed mental deficient. This new version is much more classy. Seems the problem is you.

      • “Show me where it’s written Jimmy Olsen has to be a bucked tooth red headed”
        Umm, how about in the comics. The comics are what started superman, it wasn’t the Lois and Clark superman, it wasn’t Smallville and it wasn’t even the 1978 superman movie; it was the comics. Making Jimmy Olsen a black guy is like making superman a black guy, sure it’s not as in the spotlight but same idea.. As I said it’s nothing to do with race, let a black guy play John Stewart(the green lantern) but not Hal Jordan. It’s just jarring to see characters played by actors that look nothing like the characters. Next thing ya know we’ll have a show with a drag queen playing Supergirl just so the show creators can boast on about how they’re all for gender equality..
        As I said I’m all for people being treated equal but when the equal rights movement starts messing up the casting for characters to a point that ya got a guy that’s NOTHING like the Jimmy Olsen character being cast for Jimmy Olsen, that’s where I draw the line..

        • Fido says:

          I have no problem with a black guy playing Jimmy/James Olsen, but having a tall adonis(?) guy playing him felt a tad jarring as I’ve always thought Olsen was a small geeky guy, Mehcad Brooks looks like he could a super hero himself.

          • Ya, that was partially my point. I mean apart from the fact that Jimmy isn’t black, the fact that the guy that’s playing him doesn’t even resemble a black version of his character definitely feels out of place.

          • lame says:

            The fact that the comics were originated thirty to forty years ago it’s way passed due for an updating. The demographics of our country have changed dramatically and it seems more than short sighted not to reflect that on the screen.

          • Sure have some multiculturalism in the superman/supergirl series but don’t go changing the skin colour of characters that are already established.. Also superman #1 in the shelves in summer of 1939 so it’s closer to 76 years ago, still, changing the race/gender of established characters is wrong. When they wanted to throw gender equality out there they made supergirl(superman’s cousin), they didn’t try to make superman into a girl so that’s ok. When they wanted to throw race equality around they made John Stewart, they didn’t try to make Hal Jordan into a black guy so that was ok. Ya’see what I mean?

          • lame says:

            WHY NOT, this is what America looks like now and this series is now in the present not 1950. Los Angeles doesn’t like 40 years ago and neither does New York. The face of America is changing, in case you haven’t noticed

        • lame says:

          Dean Cain, is half Japanese, where was the outrage, back then.

          • I don’t use political words often so correct me if I’m using this wrong but that sounds like capitalist BS.. It’s a science fiction show about a girl with superpowers, don’t turn it into some racial rights movement FFS.. Barack Obama can be a president because president is only a title but a Hispanic woman can’t be Barack Obama because that is a name, that is a person in the same way that Jimmy Olsen is a person(a non-existent person but established within superhero lore non the less) So a big stalky black man should not be Jimmy Olsen. The argument has nothing to do(directly) with him being black, it has to do with him being NOTHING like the character in the comics. A couple good points to be made A: Dean Cain had the look down, he played a good Clark Kent and even filled the role of superman well B: the internet barely existed in the 90’s so even if people were going to complain, it would likely have gone unheard.

          • One more point about Dean Cain, he wasn’t a skinny black guy(because even an idiot would have to admit that’d look dumb and out of place).

        • David says:

          Actually, Jimmy Olsen was an invention of the Superman radio show of the 1940s, who was later adopted by the comics. The main point here is that this is an older, more experienced Olsen, not the naive “cub reporter” who chased after Clark Kent and Lois Lane for years. To me, this is an Olsen I can believe lives up to his “Mr. Action” nickname.

          • The point is that they didn’t even get someone that mildly resembles the Jimmy Olsen character. To me it feels like they just went into a crowded room and played pin the tail on the next Jimmy Olsen(or for those that didn’t get that, they pretty much just picked the guy at random).

          • Fido says:

            I’m more than prepared to go with “he bulked up” though would REALLY like them to show us a photo of younger geeky Jimmy just to ‘ground things’ for me.
            As for them casting a black actor, methinks not being a big Superman fan, yes I watched all of Smallville but Batman has been and is likely to always be my fav, thus I’m not so invested in how characters are “supposed” to look. Now were a Batman series to give us a Black Robin, well I might be feeling differently, but who knows. :)

          • Actually a black robin would be less out of place and easier to do since there have been about 5 robins, just give robin a different actual name and they can make him black np. A black batman on the other hand would be a bit jarring(though not as jarring as a black superman).
            Ya you’re right though, they made a black aqualad in young justice and that didn’t phase me because I’ve never really followed that superhero. But I think anyone that’s a die hard superman fan is likely to find a black Jimmy a bit jarring for sure.

    • grys03 says:

      This is similar to the comments made in relation the casting for Johnny Storm in the upcoming FF movie. I can see that those of us that grew up with the original comics might feel somewhat confused but honestly these are movies/TV shows & “based” on the comics.

      I have more problem with the approach to DC superhero universe where you can (apparently) have a number of different versions of the heroes. That’s way, way worse & definitely something DC has got wrong & Marvel has right.

      I acknowledge that in Marvel’s case there are some issues with FOX & Sony but DC is on a path of self-destruction – especially where characters like Arrow & Flash are so popular on TV.

      • Arrow and flash are great, although if I’m being honest I think they could have cast a better actor for the flash. I mean they could have done a lot worse but I feel like they could have found someone a lot more like the character.

  38. eric says:

    I dont know what all the fuss is with the reference.
    When I’m talking to someone and referring to someone im related to, I always say things like “my cousin” or “my sister.” It’s a common mannerism especially if the person you’re talking to is familiar with whomever you’re referring to. It does even get to the point where some people would stop me and say “which cousin/sister?” But like I said, if they are aware of who you’re referring to, calling cousin would be more intimate than referring to them by their alias.

    On the other hand, I also remember a time where they highlighted in the comics, that the house of El were sort od regal in their own rights. They were a highly regarded family in Krypton – so calling someone cousin could be a formal way to refer to someone. For example the British monarchs would refer to each other as “cousin _______” to emphasize their relation. Having grown up in Krypton, she is probably more stuck in her mindset to look out/look to her cousin Kal El who she has a relation to as opposed to looking to Superman who she does not have a relationship with.

  39. Luiza says:

    There’s something about this show that just feels weird. Melissa Benoist is trying too hard – I can understand the pressure for this pilot so I’m sure she’ll look less intense along the way -, Chyler’s character is so weak, and the whole never-say-the-name-superman thing is annoying. And how come so many people already know her identity? I hope the show gets better.

  40. Ram510 says:

    I just can’t seem to get excited about this one, but I’ll still check it out

  41. Leah says:

    I don’t know what it is, but something about Melissa Benoist and the extreme hype around this show is seriously turning me away from it. I think I’ve reached my quota on superhero shows :/

  42. I watched rthe leaked pilot alittle chick flicky , but I’ll be back for a second episode

  43. Antoinette says:

    So I am not sure that the right station got a hold of this show. I am not knocking CBS but the demographic for this show isnt as strong as lets say FOX or even CW, which I know is reaching, but I will stick with it and see where they go. It seems that making a good super girl story has been a challenge in every incarnate of this character. Hopefully with GREAT writing and acting it can all come together!

  44. I would maybe check it out just to see if Melissa’s acting has improved since being glee. If she acts the same way I won’t watch cause I thought her acting was horrible in glee. Hopefully she took some lessons and has gotten better.

  45. Heidi says:

    Dunno. After you’ve seen the best (The Flash), watching Supergirl just doesn’t have the same velocity. Yes, she has the geek factor and maybe after a time, the cast can become cohesive. Much of this was backstory and loved seeing Slater and Cain as her adoptive parents–would love to see more of them. Not overly impressed with the way Kalista plays the boss. Hope it lives up to the hype, but the characters need to tighten as a unit. And though it may be “akin to The Flash”, it doesn’t leap from the gate with the same exhilaration The Flash did.

  46. Catherine says:

    Her suit is to dark.

    • Fido says:

      In the pilot we saw her trying on a couple of suits before settling on this one, so she might update things again in a future ep, along with dieing her hair blonder. :)

  47. Sheldon W. says:

    I thought the pilot veered a bit too quickly from that Flash-like tone to something much darker when the villain appeared. Otherwise, I totally bought into the show.

    The cast is pretty stellar and the script and direction are very good, abrupt tone shift aside.

    I will watching Supergirl instead of Gotham (which started sliding just before mid-season and wound up being utterly missable by the season finale).

  48. I think SG goes too much as a follow-on to SM. I think the show should forget Clark Kent, and have SG come on as a different genre like, adventurous Woman TV reporter of things extraudenere. Maybe she should fight crime, and all that, but, on more of an international scale, after all, it’s 24 years after Clark, and, we are 15 years into the 21st Century, ya know…

  49. Don says:

    Awesome! Absolutely Awesome.
    Looking forward to seeing this.

  50. Benny says:

    I love supergirl she gives me something good 2 watch so I vote yes I think you should keep her on please !!!