Major Crimes Spinoff S.O.B. Isn't Moving Forward, Says TNT Boss

Major Crimes Fritz Spin-Off

S.O.B. is D.O.A. at TNT.

The proposed Major Crimes spinoff centered around the S.O.B. (Special Operations Bureau) tactical unit and starring Jon Tenney and Walking Dead alum Laurie Holden (who has since joined NBC’s Chicago Med) is not moving forward, Turner Entertainment Networks CEO Kevin Reilly tells TVLine.

While lauding Major Crimes — which is itself of course an offshoot of the Kyra Sedgwick-fronted The Closer — as “such a valuable show for us,” Reilly said of S.O.B., “We’re not doing that. We’ve moved on.”

Major Crimes creator James Duff planted the seed for S.O.B. in August 2014, with the crime drama’s Season 3A finale — which aired just weeks before Michael Wright’s exit as head of TNT/TBS was announced. During that months-long transition of leadership, Duff acknowledged, there was “a halt in the forward motion of everything.”

TNT’s summer slate features the returns of Major Crimes and Murder in the First (on Monday, June 8), Rizzoli & Isles (Tuesday, June 16), The Last Ship (Sunday, June 21) and Falling Skies (Sunday, June 28), plus the launch of new series Proof (Tuesday, June 16) and Public Morals (Tuesday, Aug. 25).

The cabler also recently announced an eight-part adaptation of The Alienist, plus a pilot about young William Shakespeare.

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  1. Missy Kelly says:

    Because Kevin Reilly didn’t create or was involved in The Closer or Major Crimes, he wants nothing to do with any shows created prior to his residency. It is a miracle that The Librarians got on air under his watch and was probably only renewed because none of his shows were ready.

    • Jeri says:

      I like Major Crimes but nothing can match The Closer. I still mourn that show.

      • Janice says:

        I like Major Crimes better than The Closer. I feel it has more heart

        • Gern Blanston says:

          Well I like The Closer better because it has more pancreas.

        • radmcawesome says:

          I agree with you. While the Closer was a great show for sure – I eventually got tIred of it being the Brenda Lee Johnson hour.

          There’s just something extremely likeable about Sharon.

          • Desmond Kane says:

            Of course there is something likeable about Sharon she’s designed that way. While I understand why people choose to compare the show they are really two different beasts. Major Crimes is an ensemble show and it was designed that way from the start. The Closer wasn’t an ensemble show and was very much about Brenda Leigh Johnson. In the first year the squad acted as the antagonist and in later years they were a touch stone to Brenda’s evolution. Brenda was designed to be unlikable but brilliant at her job. Kyra did an amazing job with a very tricky dynamic, she was prickly, defensive. hostile and often dismissive but she also had a lot of compassion, especially for her victims. She was a renegade who often colored outside of the lines to get her man and Season 7 brilliantly showcased the consequences of that behavior. Major Crimes could never have had that tone nor should it. The show is more reflective of the actual methods of the LAPD. Because Sharon doesn’t have the eternal conflicts that Brenda did or the polarizing personality, they opened up the show more to the supporting players. Both shows cam stand on their own as really good television.

          • David Santos says:

            I agree with Desmond Kane. They are different shows with different perspectives (while still maintaining most of the characters that made it so interesting). The difference is reflected in the very names of the shows:

            Major Crimes = the division.
            The Closer = Brenda.

            I love both shows in their own right. There’s no need to place them in a ranking.

          • kenneth says:

            brenda was the show, she had a sexy way about her that sharon just dont have. sharon is like the old spinster librarian no one ever took a look at.

        • DL says:

          I didn’t originally feel that one, but I actually do now. I love Sharon, but I also feel like in MC the writers are comfortable shining the spotlight on the other characters too. It feels like a real ensemble show now, and even though Sharon’s the boss (and we get a fair amount of her home life, as we did with Brenda), the rest of the gang gets a great deal of screen time too.

      • LadyG says:

        Totally agree with you. Loved the bromance between Provenza and Flynn in The Closer which is missing from Major Crimes, besides which Kyra…just made the show.

  2. July Lark says:

    You can look at how successful Kevin Reilly is by looking at the mess that Fox is in now due to his previous leadership.

    • johnhelvete says:

      He also ran FX when that channel put the Shield, Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me on the air. TV is a cyclical business and how it takes is one show to turn things around.

  3. Meghan says:

    I thought this was obvious after Laurie was cast for Chicago Med.

  4. george says:

    SOB is SOL?

    • Chris says:

      Lol. Yeah, this is the first time I’ve heard of the name of the spinoff. “Did you watch SOB?” “What did you just call me?!”

  5. johnhelvete says:

    Fan of the Closer/Major Crimes, but I had close to zero interest in this spinoff.

  6. smartysenior says:

    I liked Murder in the First, I’m glad it’s back although for some reason I didn’t think it was a continuing show.

  7. Linda says:

    Kind of figured when lead actress got cast in Chicago Med, it wasn’t going to be a go.

  8. Sheryl says:

    Really looking forward to The Alienist, based on one of my favorite books. Any cast yet?

  9. Jeff hunter says:

    Good,more room for TITANS come on Mr.Reily,get after akiva so he can redeem himself for Batman and Robin.

  10. radmcawesome says:

    Eh, this has nothing to do with Major Crimes or the Fritz character but I just can’t believe John T as a nice guy cop anymore after he played the douchebag VP who orchestrated Olivia ‘s kidnapping on Scandal.

    I know it’s irrational but that’s what I automatically think of when I see his face.

  11. LEP says:

    Looking forward to the return of The Last Ship. Loved that last summer. Curious how it’ll play out, now that they’re not on a ship. Or do they rescue the stranded crew and take off??

  12. Mr. Tran K says:

    Can’t wait until June 21st when The Last Ship returns for a brand new season. Still no word on when Season Two of Legends will premiere even though Amber Valletta and Morris Chestnut have both move on in their respective new series coming in the Fall with Amber co-starring in Oil (ABC) and Morris starring in Rosewood (Fox).

  13. Heidi says:

    I wasn’t really sure how that was going to work. Still sad that they cancelled King & Maxwell. Fun show and great acting.

    • Bobbi says:

      I miss king and maxwell too. Still reading the baldacci books on them. Like Rebecca on the “Librarians”

      • Labyrinth says:

        I liked K&M too, but it bothered me how they made King look goofy in the show, whereas he was one competent dude in the books. JT has too much class to play the bumbling fool, esp when it goes against the character v

  14. Boiler says:

    Reilly cancelling Perception on top of what he did at Fox has turned me off TNT except for R&I. I hope he bombs here too

  15. Ethel says:

    Hope this means more Jon Tenney

  16. Maryann says:

    I never cared for Major Crimes or The Closer, but I would definitely have seriously checked out a crime show starring Jon Tenney and Laurie Holden.

  17. Labyrinth says:

    I’m a rabid Closer fan, always will be. I’m greatful for MC, because it means I didn’t have to completely say goodbye to the Closerverse. But that’s all it is, a casual visit with old friends. It doesn’t have the passion of TC, because Brenda Johnson, one of the most intense, infuriating, beloved female characters of all time, is gone. I was rooting for SOB so I could get my Jon Tenney fix, but was unhappy with the backstory that he and Brenda were doing a long dićystance thing to explain her absence. This completely flew in the face hihof where Brenda was at when TC ended-ready to dedicate herself to the living
    But a weekly dose of Jon ate net acting all manly……oh baby.

    • JuliaJ. says:

      This is exactly how I feel. I’ll always be a rabid Closer fan as well, and while I like Major Crimes, it lacks the fire of The Closer.

      • Labyrinth says:

        Since this thread is about Jon T, let’s talk about one of the things I adored most about TC…Brenda and Fritz’s relationship. It was almost as complicated as she was. Each ep, no matter how riveting the case, I’d awaited for that external shot of the house indicating a Brenda/Fritz domestic scene, or a reason for the detectives to call in their local FBI lIaison. What I loved most about Fritz was not only did he love and adore Brenda, but he was proud of her. Every time he introduced her to colleagues, often in the middle of a sitch where she’s busting balls, he has an unmistakable note of pride in his voice. The writers also did a good job preventing him from becoming the long-suffering boyfriend/husband “Saint Fritz” by the revelation of his drinking problem, whichhe had bid from her. Not to mention the fact that Fritz sure could get a case of the “grumpy ulgies.”

    • badgamer1967 says:

      Cant agree with you more, I still miss me some Brenda Leigh amazing textured character Kira Sedgwick owned the show. Love Mary McDonald in Battlestar and good in MC but the tone of the show is for me not as gritty. As for JT just get him back on MC on a recurring role somehow.

  18. Stacy says:

    I’ve been waiting for the official word, fully expecting this. It stinks, I really thought it would have made a great show with two great leads. And Murder in the First is really, really terrible IMO. I watched the whole first season and regret it.

    • Labyrinth says:

      I made it through about half a season of MITF, and that was only because I enjoyed seeing Draco Malfoy I in a completely different role. Well, now that I think about it, not all that different! I hate crime shows that lean heavily on clichés, and that’s exactly what MITF did. And it’s what the closer rarely ever did.

    • LadyG says:

      I watched Murder In The First, but now I can’t even remember it. Was that with Taye Diggs or am I thinking of some other show? I suppose I can look it up on IMDB.

  19. Josh says:

    There are just too many quality shows on TNT…

    oh wait

  20. LadyG says:

    That’s too bad about this. I like Jon Tenney. Loved him on The Closer. Loved him on King and Maxwell, which went off the air way, way, before it should have and he adds so much to Major Crimes. TNT has a gem in Jon. Can’t understand why they seem to sweep him under the rug.

  21. Pat says:

    I hope that we will still see Jon Tenney’s presence on Major Crime. Just as I loved the Closer, I also love Major Crimes. I am upset that they cancelled Perception which I thought was a fantastic show.

  22. MIKE says:

    Major Crimes is must see for me.

  23. It’s Time for Tony’s relationship to become real and her to share in more crimes with the team. It wouldn’t hurt for Gibbs to start to develope a relationship again. No one Tony’s age wants to be alone. Her presence would be really good for the show.

  24. njartist says:

    The question is this-will Fritz still be “mentioned” during MC or will he be forgotten
    as Brenda apparently has been sent away. I always thought that putting her
    character in Washington DC thus separating the two negated much of the development
    between these two. So is Fitz still with the LAPD or what? BTW-the heart issue was lame
    a stupid plot twist. Sorry to see that SOB did not make it, Holden’s character could have
    been written out w/o that character being killed. Looking forward to MC -great group
    of characters seems to be somewhat more tuned to reality than many police/crime
    shows. Another Closer character that seems to have disappeared is Chief Pope. I can
    guess that he has retired by now?

    • Labyrinth says:

      Pope, retired? Au contraire. He sold out Brenda for “the Johnson Rule” and a chance to become Chief. And it worked. Somehow, the man who didn’t make the shortlist for Chief during the race got appointed interim Chief when Delk died, and wormed his way into staying. Reptile.

      Totally agree with you about both Fritz’s heart and him being separated from Brenda. JT directed a couple of eps, so I hope he will at least continue to do that.
      How big of a disappointment has it been that Kyra S never came back to do a guest appearance?

      • njartist says:

        I agree that it is a disappointment that Kyra S has not made a guest appearance.
        The Closer spent 7 years building the relationship between Brenda & her squad.
        I caught up on the very early episodes of The Closer and it was a rough start
        for her. By the end of her tenure they were like a family. It is Kyra S choice as
        to making a guest appearance or not. I read that she wanted to be back in NYC
        with her family. It seems that she has a guest role on Brooklyn 99 on FOX.
        I really wish that she would change her mind about being on MC. I would like
        to see Gabriel return not to the squad but some where else in the LAPD. He left
        when Brenda left the LAPD and I think was her investigator in her new position.
        He did not eave the squad on good terms unfortunately have been played by
        his “girlfriend” who sold out to that skunk of a lawyer. It would be interesting
        to have back. Also if I remember correctly one in a while someone in the
        squad will mention that they had talked to Brenda.

        I look at this way-since S.O.B. is not green lighted I will assume that Fritz
        has left the LAPD due to his on going health concerns and moved to
        Washington DC to be with Brenda. He opened a private detective agency
        because what else can a retired FBI/LAPD chief do after retiring from
        a career in law enforcement? Gabriel left police work all together and went
        to law school. Pope has retired after two years and is out of the LAPD.
        He is either retired or most likely in corporate security for a large corporation.

  25. olá, acho que o seu blog está com algum probelma de compatibilidade.
    toda vez que eu abro ele no Mozilla, é tudo certo, mas no I.E, não funciona
    Ah, gostei bastante do conteúdo.

  26. Trent Martin says:

    #SaveDallas TNT CAN F*** OFF

  27. sunshine says:

    Extremely disappointed that major crimes spinoff sob not moving forward. We were really looking forward to seeing it. Love the cast. Too many crap shows coming and great ones thrown away. Sad. Anyway would love to see it should you change your mind.

  28. geriann says:

    So disappointed that s.o.b. is a no-go. If I didn’t love major crimes so much I wouldn’t even watch TNT.

  29. Lilliepi says:

    Well, woo Laurie Holden away from Chicago Med & lets have sone moe Jon Tenny on an SOB spinoff.
    Really miss Brenda Leigh, but love her as evil Deputy Chief Wuntch on Brooklyn Nine Nine

  30. B newton says:

    Well u need to give Jon rennet something he is the best looking scan on TV

  31. Irene says:

    I am an old fan of the Closer. Major Crimes is not exciting to me. I am tired of the Rusty connection, and I just do not get excited by Mary McDonald–I am sorry–I do not like it. Try something new and refreshing.

  32. Jennifer says:

    I watch major crimes, but I don’t like it. I absolutely loved the closer and all its cast members. I wish there were repetitive . Sorry but rusty has got to go he is soooo fricking annoying . Please get rid of major crimes and bring back the closer!!!!!!!

  33. S says:

    Never heard of S.O.B., did it even start or never in production?

  34. Barbara Gerstein says:

    I wanted to tell somebody that I hated this season of Major Crimes. An OBNOXIOUS kid took over almost the whole season….. I could not stand Rusty….. He added NOTHING to this show…. I was going to tell you to take him off next season, but now I see MC won’t be renewed. Also, I was going to mention it was VERY DIFFICULT to hear Mary McDonnell…. we missed almost every thing she whispered to us.

  35. Bonnie says:

    Major crimes is nothing like the closer.
    This is about crime…too much about personal affairs
    Detectives don’t display much of a personal life and that’s what works.
    Now it’s like a soap opera
    Where is the closer???????

    • Labyrinth says:

      I miss The Closer too, desperately. Brenda was such an intriguing character. But what I loved best was the personal stuff. Brenda and Fritz’s relationship was a beautiful thing to watch, and who didn’t love Clay and Willie Rae? When we saw her in her personal life, the transformation was incredible: in one scene Brenda is leaning over mutilated corpses, in the next she’s a little girl too insecure to stand up to daddy Clay. Of course, watching her chew up men and spit them out while brilliantly solving crimes was pretty great too.

  36. Michael H. says:

    How did Jon Tenney (Fritz Howard) make the transition from his FBI role in The Closer to his current role in Major Crimes? Just saw him in Major Crimes with a police uniform on.

    • Labyrinth says:

      In the episode “2 Options,” Fritz worked with Major Crimes to find a couple of children who had been kidnapped by their father. SOB (Special Operations Bureau) was introduced, and we learn that it needed a new chief. Taylor was so impressed by Fritz that he offered him the job as head of SOB. So now he’s Deputy Chief Howard. How sexy is that?

  37. Judy says:

    Will stop watching Major Crimes,which we love, if they are going to interject a gay agenda. Why does everything have to have that? You ruin good shows for many people.

  38. K Fuller says:

    I much preferred The Closer and still miss it, though I do enjoy the re-runs. I loved the relationship between Brenda and Fritz, and her parents were great characters. Although the show focused on Brenda, the were still plenty of opportunities for the members of her team to shine, and we got to know them pretty well – Tao the technologist, Provenza unhappy about growing old and being a great mentor to Sanchez, and so on, and there was a great ensemble atmosphere.

    As some others have noted, Major Crimes doesn’t have the same ambience, and every time Rusty comes on I wanted to turn off the TV. Mary McDonnell is very wooden and seems to have lockjaw (a result of very badly done plastic surgery, perhaps?), and as others have also commented, she is very hard to understand. Why all the whispering?

    Bring back Brenda!

  39. Toi-G says:

    I hope in the new season they bring fritz in the mix