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Originals' Phoebe Tonkin Talks Hayley vs. Klaus in Season 3: 'She's Pissed'

The Originals Season 3 Spoilers

When we last saw The Originals‘ Hayley Marshall-Kenner, she was bracing for an uncertain future after her entire pack was cursed to remain in wolf form outside of a full moon. Needless to say, Season 3 is going to be rough for her.

TVLine caught up with Phoebe Tonkin last week at The CW’s upfront presentation, where we got her thoughts on Hayley’s journey, including her hopes for her character’s many ‘ships.

TVLINE | How much of Hayley are we going to see in Season 3? Less, I imagine?
Right now, we’re only going to see Hayley once a month. I hope that at least one episode will be the full day when I’m human. I’d also like to see Hayley in wolf form. I don’t know if we’ve seen that yet, and it could be really cool.

TVLINE | And now Klaus is, sort of, a single dad. How do you feel about that, and what are your thoughts on his future with Hayley?
[Laughs] I think Klaus had better sire some nannies. Hayley’s not going to be able to forgive him easily for what he’s done. Even if he did it for the good of his baby, I don’t think he did it in the right way. He should have let Hayley know that’s what he was doing so she could have been part of the plan. But he didn’t do that, so now, [she’s] pissed.

TVLINE | Riley Voelkel is coming on full-time. Are you looking forward to potentially building a Hayley-Freya friendship?
My favorite storylines on our show are the ones with the girls working together for the greater good, and not talking about men. Now that we have four girls — me, Riley, Leah [Pipes] and Danielle [Campbell] — I’m excited for storylines with us four.

TVLINE | Well, speaking of the men she doesn’t want to talk about, I’m a fan of the ever-present Hayley-Jackson-Elijah triangle. How do you hope that resolves itself?
I love it, too! It’s like There’s Something About Hayley, which is really fun. I don’t know, they’re both great characters and they’re both amazing actors, so I’m just lucky that I get to work with both of them.

We also spoke with executive producer Michael Narducci after the finale, who gave a little more insight about what we can expect from Hayley in Season 3:

Built into the DNA of the show is the Mikaelson family. There’s also this young baby, and that baby has a mother, and she has a clear tie to Klaus and a clear tie to Elijah; she’s fundamentally important to the show. Even though she’s in a worst-case scenario, we definitely have not seen the last of her. We have to resolve what has been done to her and what it means to her, and if there is any cure to her situation, we’ll have to deal with that as priority one. Whether that improves her condition, or significantly worsens it, I can’t say. She’s not being written off the show.


Originals fans, your hopes for Hayley’s future? Drop ’em in the comments below.

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  1. Maren says:

    love Phoebe but jesus is Hayley one if the worst characters on tv. hope she dies

  2. Daisy Nocan says:

    Klaus and Hayley need to stop fighting and not trusting the other and communicate. Its their child on the line. Also the Jayley/Haylijah/Klami romances are boring as hell. Can it stop please?

    • Klaus never has been and never will be trustworthy. So trusting him is not even the remotest of options.

      • sprizzle2182 says:

        he did exactly what he said he was going to do all season…protect his daughter…if hayley hadnt decided a better plan was to run forever she’d be with hope as well and they would all be safe…

        • Klaus didnt even bother to tell her his plan. If he had she would’ve worked with him. That’s the person is saying. There’s no trust

          • Dmac says:

            Has Hayley ever consulted Klaus about her plans? As far as I know she and Jackson decide what they are going to do and than do it.

          • Sara says:

            Hayley didn’t tell Klaus her plan to run off to Alaska with her new husband and her daughter.

            She knew Klaus would never allow to run off with his daughter and cut him out of her life, but she tried.

          • esther says:

            hayley is stupid nd elijah has outdone himself for her while their mother is looking for lost salvation

          • esther says:

            hayley is stupid nd elijah has outdone himself for her while their mother is looking for lost salvation nd elijah nd hayley actually match klaus nd cami den macel nd rebecca

          • Chelsea says:

            Lies. She always thwarts his plans. When has Hayley ever said; “Klaus, that’s a great idea. I’m glad you’re here to protect our daughter.”

            ….NEVER… She is always bitching, whining, and putting Hope in MORE danger. Besides, what gives Jackson a right to raise Klaus’s daughter? If she didn’t want Klaus in Hope’s life, she should have never had a one night stand.

            If you don’t want a baby with Klaus, don’t open your legs. Plenty of women who ‘can’t get pregnant’ do, so that’s not a viable excuse. My mother wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids, yet here me and my sister are. Never say never.

            She made her bed, now she can lay in it. Klaus tells everyone his plan and they always do something to spite him and screw it all up, because he does what no one else is willin to do. I admire him for that. He is a great parent. Hayley does not deserve a daughter. What kind of life could Hope have always running with Hayley and Jackson from Dahlia and Klaus? Who is she Katherine Pierce?

    • Sara says:


      Haylijah & Klamille have failed for two years now. They should have never even existed in Season 2. I don’t mind Jayley, because I understand they want to put Hayley with someone – so I’d rather it be Jackson than someone else.

    • Chelsea says:

      I think Kol and Davina are the only interesting couple. Klaus and Caroline was good. Wish they’d give us that back.

  3. AddieM says:

    I really hope Klaus’ siblings do not forgive him that easy…he is such a manchild! They need to freeze him out. I don’t like how this show makes Klaus invincible…even his siblings are at his mercy even though they are Originals as well…it’s not right
    A showdown with Hayley & Klaus will only lead to Klaus killing all the wolves, maybe Jackson as well..it will not be a fair battle at all.
    I’m hoping either Davin or Freya become a true and worthy opponent for Klaus this coming season. Saying that I do enjoy Klaus & Cami

    • Jess says:

      Klaus is a hybrid. He’s a werewolf and vampire. That is why they are at his mercy.

      • AddieM says:

        Being a hybrid is not really a threat to his siblings because a werewolf bite cannot kill them…He is physically stronger than they are but that is not a reason why they should be at his mercy. He’s such a brat

        • Evan says:

          He never seems to be a threat to his siblings because when they fight Klaus is mostly holding back… when Klaus’ eyes go black then you know he is serious and intends to kill!

    • Cami needs a life. Her obsession with Klaus is creepy

      • No she doesn’t and not it isn’t.

        • Barbski says:

          No, Cami needs to go. If they got rid of her and minimized Hayley to zero I’d watch.

        • Cami is an obsessed stalker. She plain admitted she has no life and is only staying there to obsess over Klaus. Its creepy and not cute at all.

          • autumnd23 says:

            I don’t see how she is a stalker, considering she hardly ever seeks Klaus out on her own. It’s usually the other way around. She just has feelings for him (I like to be around guys I like…). That’s not creepy or obsessive nor has she shown that kind of over the top behavior (though certainly some of the male characters on this show have). She does have this weakness for dark characters. It makes things interesting in a “Beauty and the Beast” type of way. I honestly have zero clue of some people’s distaste for her character. She has great characterization (though she took a backseat this season because I think Leah Pipes took time off when she got married), stands up for herself, and has empathy for everyone. She’s my personal favorite female character on the show, though Rebekah is close.

          • Cami is obsessed with Klaus seeing as she outright admitted she’s staying in a dangerous just to be near and she has “complicated feelings” for a monster, which problematic in itself that if she herself feels Klaus is a monster why is she even bothering to stay or help him? KLAUS IS NOT A MONSTER! Cami’s just like Elijah delusional and obsessed wth fixing dark damaged people and they usually falling for them. Its one their major problems which is why the Klami, Haylijah ships annoy me to no end. Give me Klayley and Camlijah I can’t tolerate the other couples anymore

      • silverpetticoatreview says:

        How exactly did you come up with that completely non-objective interpretation?

      • Sara says:

        They need to stop forcing that. I don’t mind Cami as much when she’s with characters like Vincent, Marcel & Davina – so they need to give her a lot more stuff with them and drop the Klaus stuff or at least scale it way back.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      I don’t think he needs to worry about his forgiveness. Despite all of Klaus’s shortcomings (and he has a lot), his family and Haley plotted to keep him from his child. Haley especially, took Hope away from her father. No matter what was happening, that is HIS and Haley’s child not just hers and not just his. No one was in the right with trying to keep him out of a battle that involved her safety. No father would like that, so I understand all of Klaus’s motivation for wanting revenge against his family.

      • Klaus had just threatened to kill Hayley’s pack and had admitted to killing Aiden. Was Hayley supposed to wipe that under the rug? Klaus couldn’t even tell her his plan. He was too busy saying MY CHILD MY CHILD instead of working with Hayley to protect her. So its not surprising Hayley said F U and went to keep her child safe by herself. Klaus admitting to killing Aiden was the final straw for her. She said forget it I’m done.

        • samwysesr says:

          Yes but Hayley found out the truth of Aidens death– that Klaus DIDN’T actually do it– BEFORE she decided to kidnap their child, so that sort of negates that part of the argunent.

          • Hayley always wanted to leave. I can’t blame her for wanting to leave tbh, with Hope as a Mikaelson she’ll always be in danger

          • Chelsea says:

            Right? Klaus has rights as a father. Most human fathers who don’t deserve their child get visitations, so why shouldn’t he?

            Klaus supports Hope, He defends her, He would do ANYTHING for Hope, unlike whimpy Hayley. Most of the time HAYLEY gets her ‘pack’ killed, does she not? Everyone pretty much knows that they wolves aren’t seen as important.

      • AddieM says:

        Elijah is the most level headed of all the characters, when he let Hayley leave with Hope, it was because he had lost faith in their plan and in Klaus as well, so it was not just Hayley worried about the safety of Hope, it was everyone. Esp after he confessed to killing Aiden, everyone was shaken and they had to make a plan. Klaus should have at least confided in Elijah and Hayley.
        Hayley taking off with Hope was not to punish Klaus, as some make it to seem. It was to keep their child safe.
        But now Klaus keeping a child away from it’s mother that is just cruel and it punishes Hope more so than Hayley.

        • sprizzle2182 says:

          their plan as never going to work…the ONLY person who actually came up with a REAL plan that worked was Klaus…they all know that now and they all look dumb for trying to go against him when it came to his daughter

      • This isn’t a mother trying to deprive a father of his child. This is a mother trying to protect her child from a monster of a father and the chaos, destruction and death that both surrounds him and that he causes. Klaus has no justification for what he does. He is a petulant child, a perpetual, self-proclaimed victim and a sociopath. He deserves everything horrible that happens to him.

      • rarefied says:

        To understand Hayley, I think you have to compare it with a real-life situation with a mother trying to protect her child from a violent, abusive father. I think there are very few people in that case who would see the father as being in the right.

        • Ally says:

          Any sane mother would try to remove their child from harm’s way as much as possible, as soon as possible. Hayley was trying to do her best, faced with insurmountable odds, For a girl of 20+ that is commendable.

          Klaus, (I love you, still) you’re 1,000+++. ???!!!???. Free Hayley, please!

        • She was trying to protect her child from a crazy witch who thought her child was property. Your comparison makes no damn sense.

      • sheeba maran says:

        I second that

      • Finally some common sense! His family did exactly what Dahlia wanted to do.

    • Haley would be dead if it wasn’t for Klaus. Klaus is the only one with a brain.

  4. Ms Thing says:

    I’d rather have Rebecca and Freya than the boring cami, bland haley and dull davina.

  5. Dmac says:

    I don’t recall Hayley talking it over with Klaus about how she was going to take their daughter away from him and raise her with Jackson??

  6. m3rcnate says:

    “Hayley’s not going to be able to forgive him easily for what he’s done.”
    Lol…you mean EXACTLY what she did to him? Steal their child and screw the other one out of being able to be with her? Cause Hayley abducted their child, and was leaving to never be found again by Klaus or his aunt, leaving Klaus in a position where he could very well die (along with TONS of humans) and ultimately it be the worst thing for the baby because she really is a witch that will need big time training given her mega powers (in which a hybrid and a wolf cant help much).
    I really liked Phoebe but Hayley is boring and a brat and WAAAAAAY over powered and high on herself and very aware of her plot-armor. She (along with lame boring horrible Jackson) constantly fighting with and trying to back-stab the most dangerous & powerful psychopath in this history of the world (Klaus). I was really really really really REALLY hoping Klaus was going to very easily (as he should be able to do) snap the neck of Jackson in-front of Hayley and remind her how weak her and her friends really are compared to the Original hybrid.

    • Klaus and Hayley were both in the wrong for what they did. Its not just Hayley. Klaus admitted to killing Aiden and one of her pack members. Did Klaus really think that would go over well? That was the dumbest plan ever. Klaus should’ve told Hayley the plan from the beginning and they should’ve worked together to protect their daughter.

      • Rachel Scott says:

        I don’t remember him admitting to killing Aiden. He said “So what if I did?” and they jumped to the conclusion that he killed him. If I also remember, Klaus tried to tell his siblings that they shouldn’t trust Freya so fast and was always wary of their plans. The only thing he did wrong was saying that comment which made them believe he killed Aiden.

      • m3rcnate says:

        The guy from the get-go is one of the all time murderous people that has ever lived on Earth, a 2000 year old psychopath that has murdered (and turned aka murdered) countless human beings…SHE thought he was sexy and slept with him, SHE has no moral high ground to stand on in the “Klaus is a bad guy, we should leave to protect the baby” department.

        • Having sex with a murderer and having a child with a sadistic psychopath are two very different things

          • m3rcnate says:

            She did both. She slept with a guy that on the scale of all time human megalomaniacs and psychopaths and mega murders, is basically on the top of the list (Hitler etc) cause hes been alive doing it for 2000 years.

          • Annie says:

            Well if she didn’t want to deal with Klaus as a father then she should have aborted the baby in episode 2 and spared us all of this prolonged baby drama in the first place. Really I wish she would take off with Hope and never return, they’ve been by far the dullest parts of the show since it started, but her plan was beyond idiotic and she’s pretty much just as horrible as Klaus (or at least is willing to screw over anyone to get what she wants, despite this weird hero Hayley thing the writers seem to be on), so the whole “OMG Klaus is so horrible for cursing Hayley” thing is just falling really flat I think.

    • AddieM says:

      Hayley is not a fav of mine but were Hope is concerned, Klaus was wrong in how he handled things.
      A child that young still needs it’s mother around. I’d have preferred Klaus take Hayley & have a witch imprison her in the compound with Hope to stop her from fleeing. Turning her into a wolf is not only punishing Hayley but Hope especially, he can’t possibly say he loves his daughter when he is responsible for depriving her daughter of a mother.
      The problem is Klaus does not discuss his plans with anyone, had he confided in Hayley, that he didn’t kill Aiden and shared his plan seeing as they are both parents worried about the safety of their child, maybe Hayley would not have run.

      • KS says:

        Exactly. Klaus is harming Hope too, because she needs her MOTHER and Hayley has been an amazing mother to her, far better than I expected her to be or for any type of mother figure on this show. Couldn’t even enjoy Klaus holding Hope in what would have been a cute scene, because it was repulsive him keeping the baby from her mother. Hayley is a far, far, far better parent than Klaus has been. He only sees Hope as a possession and has from the very beginning (except when he actually wanted Hope to die, but after that 95% of the time, he just spoke of her as his possession).

        It was an absolute disgrace that Klaus would lay his hands on the mother of his child let alone do what he has done to her. She carried that baby and sacrificed for that baby and died for that baby. He should be proud that she is that fiercely devoted and protective of her. What has Klaus done but hurt all of Hope’s other family members that love her.

        I mean of course he is abusive to his entire family and always has been, but this is possibly the worst thing he’s ever done and again, yes, he’s harming his own daughter by doing it too which makes it much worse. But I expect that when Hope is older and she defies him, he’ll probably lock her up or have someone cast a spell/curse on her too just like he has severely harmed all the rest of his family.

    • Rooting on a psychopath and wishing the death of one of the few good human beings on this show(Jackson) indicates some very major issues on your part. You are likely a psychopath in the making or just an awful person.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Lol oh lord, just…just go grow up somewhere. Its a fictional TV show, worse than that its basically a soap opera on a tween-teen girl network (CW). Jackson is not human, he is a werewolf, an abomination of natural humans and to activate his curse he had to kill someone, odds are he has killed at least one innocent person in his life, making him a murdered, someone who if caught by the police with the proof would go to prison for 25-to-life.
        He is also annoying, boring, and doesnt make sense considering how many times he has tried to fight and act tough to the strongest and most deadly creature on Earth (Klaus). Klaus has proven he will just kill someone for looking at him the wrong way, the only reason Jackson isn’t dead is because of plot armor, Originals wants to keep him around to keep the love triangle (Hayley, Jackson, Elijah) going.

        • sprizzle2182 says:

          lol…clearly you’re a murderous psycho….are you a long lost mikelson?!?!

        • I’ll grow up if you seek some help. Immediately.

          • m3rcnate says:

            Me along with everyone else that roots for Klaus, that rooted for Dexter, that have rooted for Breaking Bad’s Walter White, etc. PLEASE. Time to grow up. TV is complex (unlike the stuff on the CW), rooting for the “bad” guy when you see his POV is not psychotic. And wanting an ANNOYING, badly written and badly acted character (Jackson) to die even if he is technically doing the right thing is not psychotic. Time to grow up little girl/boy.

          • You and everyone else…yes. There are a lot of people in this world with major psychological issues. Count yourself one among many.

      • Dmac says:

        Perhaps you are forgetting that TO isn’t real and rooting for a fictional character that is layered and complexed over one that is rather bland and boring isn’t a character trait it’s a viewing trait. You take this show and its characters way to personally.

        • You are rather clueless. You can’t use “fiction” as an excuse for the issues. It is one thing to appreciate a nuanced character for what he/she is but it’s another thing entirely to support and root on said nuanced character when he is a soulless, heartless psycho.

          • Dmac says:

            And you are a complete child who doesn’t understand the difference from real and make believe. I am not sure why you are even watching this show as they are all murderers and by your very definition soulless, heartless psycho’s. It is a supernatural show about a group of monsters and you need to get over it.

          • A child? A question like that is obviously coming from someone who has taken the mental shortbus for many a ride. You obvious have not a clue what it means to be a psychopath. Look it up, moron. Psychos and sociopaths don’t have the remorse demonstrated by almost everyone on this show BUT Klaus. It isn’t my fault that you can’t understand even the simplest of terms.

    • samwysesr says:

      ^^The part about Klaus killing Jackson (or as I call him, jack*ss)

      Needs to happen. So much.

  7. Klaus and Hayley need to be together. All the other couples on the show are horrendous. Haylijah is nasty, Jackson needs to die, and Cami’s an obsessed stalker who Klaus uses to do his chores. Honestly how am I supposed to root for any of these or find it romantic?
    One is trying to get with his brothers baby, the other is simply lame and rebound, and the last one is a prison groupie who has no life outside of obsessing over a man she deems a monster. Its pathetic.

    This is what needs to happen, Klaus and Hayley need to talk and start communicating, Jackson needs to die, Cami and Elijah need to get a life and get out of Hayley and Klaus’s butt and stop letting Klaus and Hayley manipulate them to do their dirty work for them.

    The end

  8. All these couples on the show are boring. When are Klaus and Hayley getting together and working out their issues? Why does Elijah act like Hayley’s man servant? Why does Cami act like servant? Do neither of them have self-esteem?
    Why does Cami have no life? Why is Cami staying a city to obsess over a guy she see’s as a monster? Is Cami a stalker? Why are they writing her so pathetically.

    Hayley and Klaus are both wrong for all they did to the other and if people can’t see that then you’re dumb and not paying attention.
    That’s all :)

    • Yass says:

      I ask myself the same questions. Elijah and Cami seem to be nothing other than Hayley and Klaus’s bitches. Hayley and Klaus together will be the ultimate power couple. I know it’ll take a long while for them to get there, if they’ll ever! So yeah for now i want them to stop dangling Haylijah and Klamille for crying out loud and get those two idiots to start communicating; atleast where their precious baby girl is concerned!

  9. Liza says:

    Ugh! I was hoping Hayley was being phased out.

  10. Fran says:

    I’m glad Haley is sticking around. I know a lot of people don’t like her but I actually do.

  11. I luv Hayley DO Not take her off the show that is mama bear she deserves to be there the show will not be the same without her period

  12. Sarah says:

    i llove jackson

  13. Rachie says:

    To be honest I’m not sure why half of all of you watch the show if you hate everyone & every relationship so much. lol I almost spit my drink out of my nose when one commenter called another one a psychopath & a awful person for liking Klaus & not liking Jackson. Liking Klaus & not liking “the only good human being” on the show (which Jackson technically is NOT human, he’s a werewolf) does not a psychopath make! Seriously let’s get our panties out of our booties & not get so irate over differences of opinions or views!

    For most of 2 seasons now, I have wanted Elijah & Haley together. But I no longer think Haley deserves Elijah. If the writers do decide to put them together in season 3, it’s going to take me a minute, I think to get back on board. Elijah deserves to be loved in the same way that he loves. (I hope that made sense)

    Klaus & Cami = 💕💐😍 Why don’t they kiss already?! Sheez lol btw at the risk of sounding like a psychopath, Klaus is my 2nd favorite character on the show. 2nd only to Elijah! Haha

    Anyone else really really want The Original Rebekah back?! I miss me some Clair Holt! (Also love Marcellous & Rebekah together.)

    Freya=jury is still out for me.


    Davina=whiny & annoying. (Even though she’s whiny & annoying, I would like to see her succeed in bring Kohl back.)

    Looking forward to loving & being frustrated with The Original’s season 3. lol

  14. Arnav Biswas says:

    crap… i was really hoping hayley would be gone… really an extremely irritating character… hayley being cursed was one of the best moments of the season… she really deserved it… how dare that stupid bitch think that she can take hope away from klaus and raise her with her equally stupid & annoying husband jackson!!!

  15. Abby says:

    love Hayley she is the best character

  16. Maniac says:

    I honestly love the originals it is how vampires are suppose to act instead of lets run around going to school and getting jobs like the vampire diaries! Which I love that show too lol And I loved this season except for Hayley she is so annoying! I am a mother and I totally understand the part about her wanting to protect her child and keep her safe. But the part that is so frustrating is that she from the very moment she met Jackson is all about him and her pack she cares nothing of working with klaus or including him she only tolerates him which is why he did what he did and didn’t let anyone in on his plans. The same with all of his siblings they all want to get rid of dahlia yet when klaus has a plan and is willing to do what needs to be done they all want to whine about his methods. Yet they all know what he is capable of! Dahlia wanted Hayley dead and so yes she maybe in wolf form but the spell is able to be broken and death is not so easily fixed! And yes klaus did have a little bit of satisfaction in it I would too considering that Haley didn’t exactly let klaus in on her plans either. And if you can’t understand why I am team klaus it’s because he doesn’t pretend to be something his is not. He is a monster and he knows that and embraces it because he knows he needs to be a monster to fight monsters! As for Davian I don’t get how she is such on her own high horse? I mean none of the hands of any of the characters are clean but yet she stomps around pretending to be! She was the one who let marcel use her power to punish and even kill witches for only following the way of the witches. Davina was just scared if she would of just died she would of come back like she was suppose to, and her love for Caleb I mean kohl lets just overlook the fact he may have been trying to create a dagger to protect himself from klaus but he still stood by klaus in the end. Always and forever. And I don’t think Davina is prepared for when he comes back him being so friendly with his family!

    • young says:

      thank 4 team up with Klaus they need to understand him coz he always two step a heading of them him

      • kyra says:

        i hope she doesn’t take hope away from Klaus. the only reason he dint tell her the plan is because that he was mad that she tried to take hope away from him

  17. Sara says:

    love Hayley

  18. Young says:

    I do love Klaus act he acts mature and a little creepy cos no one understand him and care about is feeling I thought Elijah care about is redemption but he went behind Klaus to make love with his baby mama. Klaus only love Rebekah but the only problem he has he doesn’t known how to show and why he didn’t tell any one his plan coz he didn’t trust not even his family coz he has been hurt and heart broken by the people he calls his families and friends so don’t blame him

  19. sprizzle2182 says:

    Hayley got exactly what she deserved…she had no problem taking Hope and running off into the wilderness without even giving Klaus the chance to say goodbye or work together….what did she expect him to do?? what she should have done is worked WITH him to defeat Dahlia and she would still be with her child…i dont feel bad for her at all….jackson has no problem creating a wedge between her and klaus and elijah and all it did was hurt her in the long run…i think klaus needs to visit her when shes human and give her the option to leave with him and come home with hope or be stuck with the curse forever…

  20. sprizzle2182 says:

    TVLINE | And now Klaus is, sort of, a single dad. How do you feel about that, and what are your thoughts on his future with Hayley?
    [Laughs] I think Klaus had better sire some nannies. Hayley’s not going to be able to forgive him easily for what he’s done. Even if he did it for the good of his baby, I don’t think he did it in the right way. He should have let Hayley know that’s what he was doing so she could have been part of the plan. But he didn’t do that, so now, [she’s] pissed.

    she sounds as ridiculous as hayley does….he should have talked to her?? he should have told her what he was doing?? really?? like she did for him?? oh wait…no, she ran off and was never going to talk to any of the family again…so sorry pheobe, he did exactly what hayley was doing but he did it better of course, bc he’s klaus…

  21. Amy says:

    I think Klaus is hus own worst enemy he says everything he does is for Hope and his family. But he only does it so he himself can be happy when he constantly robs his siblings Elijah and Rebecca one. Elijah was happy with Gia ok I think she was a rebound from Haley why couldn’t he leave them alone and what is so about Rebecca wanting freedom to love and have a family of her own. Klaus may not like it but Haley is Hope’s mother and she needs her. I,m still hoping that Klaus does kill Jackson cos OMG he is really annoying being the big Alpha how do we know that he didn’t the real alpha so he could take over the pack so he could be the one to marry Haley even though she should be with Elijah cos he really does deserve happiness

  22. ccajera says:

    Give me Klayey and Stop forced couples, Haylijah, Jaley and Klamille are so so so bored.

  23. Too many people keep saying Klaus should’ve told them about his plan so he was in the wrong. Did those people not see that at every turn his psycho aunt was there watching his every move? The only time he got a chance to tell anyone anything is when he bit Cami. Was he supposed to say, Hold on a minute Auntie, I have to discuss something with this person. Can you give us some privacy? Also, nobody was listening to him before that so I don’t know how much good it would have done to discuss things with the others first. They dismissed him as a psychotic spoiled control freak, when in the end it was only his plan that saved Hope while all the others failed.

  24. Joe says:

    Klaus should just kill that Jackson of a guy. It annoys me when a common werewolf challenges an Original. I also love cami, no offense but the Hayley & Devina characters
    is just boring and annoying

  25. samwysesr says:

    I love Hayley, but it’s a little hypocrotical for her to be pissed at Klaus for not including her in the plan when she was KIDNAPPING their child. Jackson is NOT Hope’s father, Klaus is–so he gets no say in the childs future. From the moment Hayley married Jackson, he has manipulated her and undermined the Mikaelsons every chance he could.

    If Jackson is in Season 3… I won’t be watching.

  26. sheeba maran says:

    I second that

  27. sandra says:

    I love klaus he is why i watch this show but his character should evolve.the rest have morals which dont apply they r all bad the differences is the extra mile.good job klaus

  28. silverpetticoatreview says:

    What is with all the hate toward female characters on this show and other shows for that matter? No offense to anyone, but it seems as if many of the interpretations that mask as reasons for hate don’t seem to be based on anything that has actually been presented on the show.

  29. Sara says:

    The triangle is the worst. I hope they get rid of it and just let Jackson/Hayley have their relationship without any other love interests involved.

    I don’t see the girls having any sort of friendship. Hayley has never made any attempts to befriend Cami or Davina in the two years the show has been on, why would she start now?

  30. boitumelo mogorosi says:

    I just hope that klaus opens up to cammie on hw he feels abt her..

    He should stop hiding his feels for her + they both care for each ada

  31. BrianR says:

    Sure wist this was on cable so we could get to see her naked a lot more.

  32. Anne says:

    The real question here is, WHY isn’t Hayley being written off the show?

  33. Cami is a total obsessive prison groupie. She’s obsessed with Klaus and needs a life. She always seeks Klaus out now and its pathetic how she’s literally only staying in NOLA just to obsess over him

    • KS says:

      Cami is being written as an obsessive person for sure. But the potential pairing of Klami or whatever it’s called now makes Klaus look even worse, because for no reason whatsover he showed interest in her from the beginning and treated her better than he did his own sisters, mother of his child, and everyone else. Even when she was slapping him and defying him, etc, extremely inconsistent writing as if Klaus as he’s been written with everyone else in his whole history would behave as he does with Cami and the constant teary eyes around her doesn’t make sense at all. Especially since it’s been happening from almost day one with those two and with no logical reason whatsoever. The whole dynamic between them is bizarre and forced. It’s a shame the writers can’t let Cami focus on her own life instead of making her life revolve around Klaus. It would be better if she were at least a good influence on him but she’s really NOT. She’s an enabler, like you said – a prison groupie. She condones and possibly even enjoys his evil behavior and that’s repulsive because meanwhile she’s pretending to be self-righteous. If she were a decent person she would be appalled and sickened at Klaus for what he has done to everyone, his family, all his female family members, etc. But all she can do is cast lovesick eyes towards him and “allow” him to continue to be evil. She has no agency or ownership of her own self let alone good influence on Klaus.

  34. I want Klaus and Hayley to fall in love. Cami and Elijah would make a way better match. All Klaus and Hayley need to do is talk and communicate for once and then boom, back on top. They were getting along before Jackson came.

  35. zed says:

    Right, they set up all this to have Hayley vs Klaus over their kid- if it wasn’t a supernatural show it would be kind of a custody battle right now- but it’s going to be hybrid slanging bloodbath match of sorts. Hayley will, hopefully, fight with all she has got to get Hope get, and I know first she is going to need to get back into her humanoid form, which I think Freya would help her with or even Davina. Hopefully we get to see some good Hayley vs Klaus scenes- hot!
    Klaus is an egocentric insecure manchild who plays on emotional blackmail with his family and they keep trying to mend him over and over again with no avail. And yet again there is another female character designed in the likes of Cami with the premise that loving him he will become a better person and click his need for redemption- maybe only in fairytale land. Hayley acted as mama bear, lioness, mama wolf to try and protect her baby the best way she could, and maybe it wasn’t the smartest, but she had the heart set in the right place. Klaus is not the most trustworthy person and he has not shown an ounce of willingness to come to Hayley and try and work together on that matter. The Mikaelsons are not a family where one feels you are going to be sheltered hundred percent as there is always resentment of some kind and betrayal and hurt lurking in the shadows among the syblings although they band together when the push comes to shove. But it makes for an interesting dramatic dynimic, I know.
    I just hope that they are not going to have a Elijah’Hayley-Jackson love triangle. It is a soap drivel and it’s time they should be able to write a love story without the triangle rubbish. I understand Elijah caring for Hayley and this is where their relationship should stay at!!
    I love Klayley dynamic but now I see that they are better of not being romanticly involved! I love Hayley and Jackson as they can have the love that grows into something strong and beautiful only if the writers would know how to write it!! This should be a great challenge to them!
    Cami and Vincent are something amazing in the make and if the writers want season 4 they should seriously start developing that relationship in season 3.
    Davina needs to be killed off- sorry, but she just isn’t cutting it a believable adversary to Klaus! Vincent as a witch does!!
    Abby Bennett would be an interesting addition to the show! In my opinion! She may not be able to practice magic, but I am sure she can teach it!!
    And Elijah needs a new love interest!! Or get Nina Dobrev to Originals and resurrect Tatia! Although Elijah broody is wow as well. I seeriously never will understand why they killed off Sophie. She was edgy and elijah and her had chemistry!

  36. Jess says:

    I feel like I’m in the minority, but I don’t mind Hayley. I’m interested in how she’s going to hit back at Klaus, which she totally should. What he did to her was AWFUL.

    As an aside, I always LOL whenever Narducci says something super salty and passive aggressive about what they will and will not be doing, like he does at the very end of this article when he randomly says that they will not be writing off Hayley. He develops Robert Orci syndrome from time to time (see his Twitter fights with every type of fan imaginable) and it will never not be funny to me.

  37. Suzie says:

    lmao when has the originals ever passed the bechdel test except for that one episode in season 1 where camille and hayley came together to talk about what a raging bitch francesca is? oh so not misogynystic….
    None of these girls have any plots bar freya who literally got here a few episodes ago have any plots that don’t revolve around men. Ergo this show would never meet that low low standard of bechdel test since these writers don’t even try giving them independent storylines without it being masked or overshadow by another male.

  38. Jessica says:

    Look contrary to popular belief, sometimes it is better to cut your mother out of your life. Especially one that constantly endangers you on a regular basis and does whatever she wants without caring about the repercussions. If she’s not willing to communicate with the father, then it’s as much her fault as his. Though I give Klaus more leeway since he had to play double agent with Dahlia. Hayley just straight up ran away because she wanted to.

    I think Hayley has been dragging down the entire show for a while now, since S1 when they forced her to be the rebekah repacement, and honestly writing her out would be the best long term plan in terms of the show lasting beyond S3. The show isn’t working this season because it is a repeat of S1 in terms of the save-the-baby stuff with a double whammy of hayley and her men drama. The story is very stagnant and nothing is moving. We’re given endless exposition instead of seeing anything happen onscreen.

  39. Klarolinefan says:

    ok klaus is usualy acting evil but this time he was rite in my opinion because hayley and jackson were running away with his daughter and aldough i love elijah what he was trying to do was wrong he dagerd him thats fine klaus has done that but leting hayley and jackson take his child and run without telling him was a bitch move so he does not get to be pissed klaus should be and r.i.p. to gia loved her and elijah i’m mad at the writers there was no reason to kill her

  40. Klarolinefan says:

    ok klaus is usualy acting evil but this time he was rite in my opinion because hayley and jackson were running away with his daughter and aldough i love elijah what he was trying to do was wrong he dagerd him thats fine klaus has done that but leting hayley and jackson take his child and run without telling him was so wromg and he does not get to be mad klaus should be and r.i.p. to gia loved her and elijah i’m mad at the writers there was no reason to kill her

  41. CruellaSlayVil says:

    Lets talk about these ships:

    Halijah: Hate her, get her out of here. Removing Hayley will effectively end this Halijah mess. I’m tired of watching Elijah pine over a women that’s not his and will never be his. It was cute at first but she ran off and married Jackson and now she has admitted to loving him, Elijah needs to let that go.

    Klayley: probably the most ridiculous and nonexistent ship next to BonKai. They have all but tried to kill each this entire season and people think they have this long lost love for each other. All of you need contacts in the strongest prescription available, they are not in love. They tolerate each other at best and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s moved more towards hate. Klaus and Hayley don’t have any issues to work out (so stop asking) because they were never together. They slept together..ONCE and he gave her information on the pack she’s from, that’s it. She was long forgotten while Klaus was digging on Caroline and he wanted to kill her when she showed up in NOLA pregnant. Not to mention Hayley sleeps around, she slept with his brother and Jackson under his roof. I mean seriously…his brother. There is no Klayley people, they can barely stand to be around each other. I’m tired of the gifs and picture collages with Hayley in her wedding dress, SHE WAS MARRYING ANOTHER MAN. Ugh this entire ship is irritating and annoying. Stop.

    Klamille: I’d take them as friends and a slow build into something else (if they decide to go that route). Outside of Caroline, Camille seems to be the only other woman Klaus has genuinely shown interest in. Cami is not a stalker unless you define stalker as someone who wants to be around a person they like. Cami being labeled a stalker because she’s staying in NOLA because of her feelings for Klaus are ridiculous. She WANTS to be around him but Klayley shippers want him to be with a woman that screwed his brother and wants to take their child and leave. That’s some serious messed up logic. Cami is fully aware that she’s developing feelings for Klaus but it’s not like she’s out here confessing her undying love for him. She stays because she cares about him and quite frankly, he needs her. He’s been more honest with Cami lately than he his own family, the hate for her is so misguided and ship driven. I do agree that they need to develop her more so her identity doesn’t get lost in whatever they’re building between her and Klaus but she’s not a bad character. Cami is good for Klaus, he confides in her. If you’re a Klaus fan then I can’t see how you can have hate for her. Unless you want him with Hayley and in that case you don’t know better anyway.

    Jayley: Boring, yawn. Jackson, however flawless his hair may be, is boring and often times dumb. He brought a bow & arrow to fight the original hybrid, that took the cake for all things stupid. His plan are moronic and all over the place and he’s a terrible alpha. Since him and the “werewolf queen” (yeah right) have been leading the pack they’ve been slaughtered left and right. The werewolves are the laughing stock of this show and I can’t help but blame these two because they continuously send the wolves to fight people they can’t beat. Leave them in wolf form as long as possible and then some.

    Marbekah: let this die unless they plan to have Marcel grow some balls and leave New Orleans. If he really loved Rebekah, he would leave with her. I don’t blame her for not sticking around.

    Gilijah: over before they really started and I was pissed about it. Gia was so much better than Hayley for Elijah. Her only goal was to see him happy and to see him live his own life. They killed her off to keep him under Hayley’s thumb, it’s sickening. They refuse to write any form of happiness for Elijah that doesn’t involve Hayley.

    • I think its funny that you call Klayley the worst match for Klaus but then call Cami the best thing outside of Caroline. Cami’s an enabler of Klaus’s actions. Watching with him is pathetic and the way she swoons and completely disregards all he’s done to her and his family is beyond pathetic. Yes Cami staying and living in a dangerous to obsess YES OBSESS over a man she deems a MONSTER is yes pathetic. There’s nothing beautiful or interesting baout their relationship. Klaus continues to manipulate and use her and confide in her and she coddles man pain, they cry and she swoons. That’s basically it.

      Whereas Hayley calls Klaus out on his actions and he her, and HOLDS HER GROUND. She doesn’t swoon at Klaus’s words to her, and holds him accountable. I promise Hayley won’t come back to Klaus and forgive him so easily for what he did to her, whereas as his other family and even Cami come crawling back to him even after he abuses them, Hayley doesn’t and she won’t and never will. If Klaus wants her back in his life, which lets be honest he will she’s the mother of his child, he will have to earn her back, which for Hayley will take time.

      About time finally someone told klaus off and held him to it instead swooning over him like the obsessed fan girl Cami becomes when she’s with Klaus. Cami’s much better off with Vincent.

      • Chelsea says:

        Yes, I like that Hayley calls Klaus out, but she also is very childish and uses his daughter against him as a weapon. “You’ll never see her again.” is not a very mature way. NO parent should use a child over the other parent’s head. That’s just stupid.

        She should not have tried to run off to Alaska with Jackson, cutting Klaus out of Hope’s life, I hope she STAYS under this curse or dies for that. Klaus despite being a bad brother and lover is an amazing father and would do anything to protect Hope. Hayley only cares about the leverage Hope supplies her with and having Elijah AND Jackson between her legs at her every whim. She’s a thirsty hoe and needs to be written off. I’m almost too sick of her to watch the show like many others have said…and I absolutely love the Mikaelson family. It’s conflicting.

  42. Aj says:

    i really like phoebe tonkin but yeah hayley ‘s character needs more stronger story line therefore its best to reduce her screen presence until a great script is written for her

  43. Marie says:

    I believe that klaus still felt something for Hayley ever since the show started and he was getting jealous and hurt because of Hayley and Elijah. Hayley is the mother of klaus’s daughter And if she dies then there’s no saying what or how klaus will deal with it. No matter what others think klaus and Hayley have a child together and they care for each other even if it’s the littlest as possible.

  44. They’ve killed all of the good romances. Kole/Divina were amazing, as were Marcel/Rebekah. Joseph Morgan can be unbelievably sexy so I don’t get why they don’t use that. They dropped his love of Caroline on TVD when The Originals started. They need a love story for Klaus that is real and viable to keep the show going. For God’s sake he’s 1000 yrs old. He doesn’t have one long lost love. NOT CAMI.

    • pebbles51 says:

      Cami was the only one that believed in Klaus and his plan to take down Dahlia and save Hope. Klaus was even willing to stay daggered if it kept Dahlia daggered too. Elijah and Rebekah just complain and leave Hope alone as the dagger was melting! I hope Cami and Klaus stay in each others lives. And, yes, please, bring back sexy Klaus! Please!

      • pebbles51 says:

        Cami was the only one that believed in Klaus and his plan to take down Dahlia and save Hope. Klaus was even willing to stay daggered if it kept Dahlia daggered too. Elijah and Rebekah just complain and leave Hope alone as the dagger was melting! I hope Cami and Klaus stay in each others lives. And, yes, please, bring back sexy Klaus! Please!

        And why is Elijah still all about Hayley? She dumped him and married another and fell in love withJackson. Let’s give Elijah some pride afterall.

        Hayley can stay wolf, she can have mobthly visitation. But writing her out would be best for the show. So they can bring back Kol and Rebekah, The Originals…not the hayley show.

        • Leesa says:

          I agree with you, keep Haley as a wolf. She deserves everything she got. She’s the biggest bitch. Elijah doesn’t deserve her after what she did to him marrying that asshole Jackson. I say get rid of him. I want him gone.

        • Chelsea says:

          Thank you! Amen! Preach it!

  45. Nadieme says:

    I really think that, Hailey and Klaus are NEVER! GOING TO AGREE!, but with the up coming plot they just maybe come to get her, for Hope’s sake. And I think that Hailey and Klaus need to understand that they have a child and its not their life its Hope’s life. Also Hailey needs to understand that hope is a Michelson, so Hailey can’t run forever and make decisions on her own, same for klaus, so if she can’t understand that that then Hailey needs to wake up and say ,hey hope is a Michelson so I can’t change that.

  46. Leesa says:

    We saw Haley as a wolf. It was the very first show in season 2… I don’t want Haley to return she’s better off being a wolf. She deserves everything she gets. She’s the one that was taking Hope away from Klaus. Klaus did what he had to do for the sake of his child. They should all be greatful.

  47. Leesa says:

    I don’t want Haley to return, she’s just a little bitch. Klaus was in the right. He did what he had to do to pertect Hope, so everyone on the show get over it!!!!

  48. Sarah says:

    Jayley is boring and I hate it I want KLAYLEY

  49. dee says:

    I love Klaus but what he did to hayley was cruel and in the next world, he won’t apologize. Do me a favour and take Jackson out of the show. All he does is try to leave town with another man’s child. And will Klaus and cami ever spice things up?? Gee! It’s killing me

  50. jessia says:

    Omg are you people crazy Hayley Is going through one of the most interesting character developements. while I agree the love triangle is annoying she’s a strong character in and of herself. This is the first female that has some backbone and although she might seem mean she doesn’t need any body to be strong. She survived being orphaned, unloved, unwanted and she had to be tough to do it so why is she hated. She’s a mother who puts her kid first and yeah she has a messed up love life, but how she was brought up made her untrusting of people and aloof. Throughout the show you can see her becoming more emotionally attached and an actual member of the aamily, she’s finding it difficult to trust but is trying and has know one noticed that her character helps klaus developer to. Even if they don’t get together she’s a positive influence on klause she has had the most influence on klause learning and I believe as the story progresses she can influence Klaus and his family further, in a positive way. Hayley Is learning to lean on people, people she’s starting to consider family. Now as for bad characters here’s one Cami. I love the actress however, Cami is the most boring character she’s unneeded and her character almost feels forced into the show. Where Hayley struggles to feel accepted and becoming a part of a family, the producers have made her fit in; however with CamI the whole character seems to be forcing her way into a life that she won’t fit into and. Cami’s character has little to no character developement she doesn’t fit or belong in the show. She’s more of a side character than main and honestly that’s for the best. There’s nothing intresting about her she’s just daul and don’t misunderstand I love the actress but the character has no appeal. The only thing remotely intresting is her relationship with Klaus. And even that shouldn’t happen Klause needs someone strong enough that he can consider an equal some one ready to love him, but stand up to him not someone who is incapable or handling upsetting news.