Supernatural Boss on the Winchesters' 'Dark' Journey, Death's (Unwelcome?) Return and Charlie's 'Wrenching' Exit

Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers

What would a Supernatural season finale be without some Winchester angst, one bro trying save another, a potentially dubious deal and a cliffhanger ending?

Wednesday’s Season 10 closer (The CW, 9/8c) promises to deliver on all that, adding up to a finish that will change the landscape of the show “a lot,” executive producer Jeremy Carver promises.

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Here, the EP gives TVLine a taste of what’s ahead in the Save Dean Campaign — if that’s even possible — and weighs in on Charlie’s shocking demise.

DEAN, ARE YOU THERE? | Given how dark and angry Dean has gotten over the last couple episodes, it’s almost hard to recognize him as the fun-loving guy who’s never met a slice of pie he didn’t like. So as we head into Wednesday’s hour, what is Dean’s state of mind? Is there even any of the old hunter left in there to salvage? “That’s one of the central questions of the finale,” Carver teases. “I wouldn’t want to ruin anything by saying any more than that.”

Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers

AT DEATH’S WILL | The key to Dean’s survival may lie in the return of Death, who can remove the Mark of Cain — on “a fairly sizable, non-negotiable condition,” he offers in the promo. The Horseman’s presence is “not a good thing. Ever,” Carver warns, so consider us concerned about that caveat.

S.O.S… FOR SAM? | Per Winchester tradition, Sam has spent much of the season determined to rescue his older brother, even teaming up with witch Rowena to do so. That partnership, however, has thus far proved unfruitful. So just how far down this dark rabbit hole will Sam go in his quest to rid Dean of the Mark? “I don’t think we’ve ever seen him go further,” Carver attests. Then there’s the issue of whether Sam and Castiel — who was on the receiving end of a brutal beating from Dean in last week’s episode — are even on the same page with regards to helping their brother/friend. “Yes and no,” the EP replies. “There’s the question of cost.”

BRO TO BRO | In case you couldn’t tell by the above teases, it’s high anxiety and foreboding times for the Winchesters, which doesn’t leave much room for “lighter or even more tender brotherly moments,” Carver explains. “Given where the boys are and where they’re going in the finale… it’s a long, dark way from here to there.”

Supernatural Season 10 SpoilersRIP, CHARLIE | Still crushed by the hacker’s bloody finish? You’re not the only one. Although her death paved the way for the season-ending arc, “My goodness, it was wrenching for all of us!” Carver says of bidding farewell to the Winchesters’ pseudo-sister. “It always is when you’re letting go of a beloved character, whether it be Charlie or Bobby or Kevin, and even worse when you’re saying goodbye to as wonderful a human as Felicia Day.”

Are you possibly prepared for Supernatural‘s season finale?

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  1. Chol H Yoon says:

    Based on the promo, I wonder who Dean has to kill or is there a future for him as bringer (avatar) of death?

  2. Carla Krae says:

    I have Kleenex by the couch – is that prepared enough?

  3. chris says:

    I have a feeling Death is going to wanna tap dat Ass (cough) I mean hire Dean on as a reaper!

    • John Sheffield (@cubeslave) says:

      Makes sense to me. Death tried to teach Dean a lesson when he loaned him his ring, but Dean didn’t learn. I could see him forcing Dean into a situation to maybe learn again.

  4. I’ve never both anticipated and dreaded seeing a season finale (of *any* show) more than this one.

  5. SnazzyO says:

    It’s not that I don’t GET the narrative purpose of Charlie’s death, it’s just that I don’t respect the choice. There were a hundred other ways to accomplish Dean’s final push. This seemed lazy.

    So I’m feeling a bit like Dean here. I don’t want to hear any words of sympathy from Mr Carver. He killed Charlie and it was wrong. I’ve always defended his choices as show runner in the past. But now my trust is gone.
    It really disturbs me that I can’t defend Carver anymore.

    • Lizo says:

      Especially when Supernatural always takes the route of killing a female character. They just do it so often it starts to make me not respect them as writers. Be more creative.

      • Judy says:

        They’ve killed plenty of male fan favorites too, though. Everybody dies on this show.

        • Jane says:

          Right. I don’t get the, “they only kill female characters” line. All of the characters they killed off I miss the most are male.

          • Weezy says:

            Yeah those comments either come from bots or from people whose agenda it is to just create division wherever they see an opportunity. It’s such a tired/lazy/non-sensical argument, and I”m getting so sick of people falling for it over and over. It’s like no you are the one with the problem if everything you see on TV (IE not the real world for the mental giants out there) is viewed through the prism of sex or race or whatever. It’s freaking entertainment and the writers have every right to do it however the hell they want. And you have every right to not watch it. But stop trying to manipulate others with your non-sense…and yet they aren’t the ones being called conspiracy theorists…hilarious!!

      • wgsecretary says:

        I disagree. Yes, they’ve killed a lot of female characters. But, the ones that they’ve killed off with a big impact, at least for me, are all male: John Winchester, Bobby, Kevin. They’ve even killed Cas, though not for too long. I think Charlie is the first female character they’ve offed that I was upset about.

        • jellymoff says:

          Ellen and Jo?

          • wgsecretary says:

            Yes, fair point. It’s been a while though. But, yes I cried when they died. But my point still stands. I think they’ve killed off equally important, if not more important, male characters. As far as I’m concerned, no death will ever be as heart wrenching as Bobby’s. I don’t think the writers have some sort of desire to kill off all of the female characters as some people seem to think.

        • Lydia says:

          Never was a big fan of Ellen and Jo, but yeah, Charlie’s death hit me hard.

        • John Sheffield (@cubeslave) says:

          Male characters get reused and resurrected after dying much more frequently than female characters.

          • wgsecretary says:

            But is that because they’re men or because they were simply more important characters to begin with? Yes, Ellen and Jo were important, but were they as close to the boys when they died as Bobby was when he died? Both Ellen and Jo have been seen since their deaths. I think the amount of stories given to resurrected characters is proportionate to the status of the character before his or her death. Even Pamela showed up in heaven after being in a few episodes. I think people are trying to find sexism where it doesn’t exist. Is it some rule that all dead characters have to come back? I would call sexism if the female characters on the show weren’t as strong as they are. Jodi, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, even Bella and Ruby were all very bad***. If they kowtowed to Sam and Dean, that would be sexist. If Sam and Dean didn’t respect them, that would be sexist. But, how many times did Ellen put them in their place? Didn’t Ellen slap Dean and tell him he better put her on speed dial? I believe his response was, “Yes, ma’am.” It’s a show that’s been on 10 years. People are going to die. My concern isn’t how many women vs. men die or how many times male characters come back vs female characters. The female characters are strong women. While I’m sad that some great characters aren’t around anymore, I don’t find it sexist.

      • Rod says:

        Are you serious, “female” characters ?! John Winchester, Kevin, Bobby, Rufus, Special Agent Henriksen, and a slew of bloody testosterone inspired deaths need I go on ?! Serious consideration needs to be taken before you spout out such mindless rantings. This show has been on the air for ten seasons, that does not come without some degree of creativity, your comment reduces it to the level of some B rate slasher flick which it is far from. I loved Felecia Day’s character and was uber pissed when she was killed off but thats what happens when you develop a plot over the course of multiple seasons. (sure you knew bout that) If you love the show then continue to watch cause the season finale is gonna be monster, got the night off work myself so I can hop on the chat boards live.

    • ninamags says:

      I’ve never thought to defend Carver on anything. He is a horrible show runner. He thinks the best thing is to always have the brothers at odds and keep them separated.

      Guess what, idiot? The show was great when the brothers were TOGETHER. Them vs the world. Working as a team. Every year he sees the need to separate them for one or another stupid reason.

      The brothers’ chemistry is amazing, why deny it or want to change it or minimize it?

      • brandi says:

        I agree. I think the show was at its best when they were a real team. Not one trying to save the other from the other side each season. Oh, Dean’s had his turn now it’s Sam’s again! I know characters have to progress and grow and blah, blah, blah. But what made this show awesome from the first episode was the brothers together, fighting together. Not apart. And remember the funny? I remember the funny, and I miss the funny. Yes they’ve shrunk the funny down to like one episode a season which is too bad because I think the chemistry between these two guys is at its best when they get to be a bit comedic. I know it can never be the way it was because the show has progressed and the boys have lost to much, but I really miss the Sam and Dean from seasons 1, 2, and 3. To much loss and death and sadness now.

        • Drew says:

          Which season had them working together without one trying to save the other? Maybe season 1? That’s about it.

      • Carl says:

        Bro, are you telling me that working to close the gates of hell wasn’t teamwork? That being willing to die for the other is separation? That one not wanting the other to die is not teamwork? It pisses me off when fans complain about Dean being a demon for only 3 episodes, to bring them back together but now you’re complaining cause they don’t spend enough time together? WTF?! Jeremy Carver has done a good job. Supernatural is still a better show than a lot of TV shows out there!

    • I agree that killing Charlie off was a lazy choice to push Dean. All of this season has seemed lazy to me. Instead of slowly building up Dean’s decline, we’ve only been told about it via Cas and Sam. Until Dean went off on the Styles (which he had every right to do, to avenge Charlie’s death) he wasn’t really dark once the First Blade was out of his presence. To throw Charlie under the bus to make Dean go dark was crap in my opinion.

      If it wasn’t for the lazy writing, this could have been avoided. I’m sure some will disagree, but that’s my opinion on the matter and is has nothing to do with Charlie being female. It was an uncharacteristic, unnecessary death and this season (which should have been epic given the Mark of Cain and Demon Dean story arcs) has been one irritation after another. It’s the weakest season by far and that’s a shame considering that the Leviathan’s held that title for years.

      • Stynes, rather. Sorry for the typo.

      • Penny Eaton says:

        So… in your opinion..what plot device should they have used that would have possibly pushed Dean as far as Charlie’s death did? What foes death’s would have fed the Mark to the extent the Styne’s did? Come on, you obviously are a better writer than those at Supernatural, so what would your penultimate episode have looked like?

        • They only had to build up the mark throughout the season as a real menace. Then a simple push would have been enough for Dean to snap.
          Instead, save Dean’s lame killing spree in the midseason finale, absolutely nothing happened from episodes 4 to 20.

          I wasn’t a Charlie fan and I don’t care about feminists arguments, especially this season.
          Still, Charlie’s Death was one of the lamest ever in Supernatural and that’s saying something.

          Doesn’t take much to come up with better ideas than half the Supernatural writing staff nowadays. And even if Charlie HAD to die for some reason, I bet thousands of fans would have found a way to do so without the astounding plot holes that were scattered in that episode.

        • While I’d never claim to be a better writer, I’ll bite:
          1) Have Charlie seriously injured (put her in a coma, bring her out next season)
          2) Have them kidnap Charlie and take her to Sytne house — offer to trade her for the book. Dean would be happy to tear them apart.
          3) Have the Stynes get the book and Dean go get it because they can’t have the evil thing and it’s TFW’s fault the book was back in play

          Robbie Thompson said (in his keynote address at DePaul) that he gave Carver options and he wouldn’t take them. I think Robbie is a good writer, I bet he had something clever and sufficient to set Dean off.

          Bottom line: I don’t care if Charlie was male or female. They killed off a character many like just to manipulate our feelings. It’s like the silent clock on “24”. It starts to really lose it’s significance.

    • SnazzyO, I never trusted Carver as showrunner. Robbie Thompson said he went to the Powers That Be (which probably includes Carver) and told them there was a way to ease Charlie out of the picture without killing her, since Felicia Day has a book deal and will be on tour and couldn’t commit to the show. The PTBs said no, kill her. The writing on SPN has gotten so sloppy and so lazy it’s embarrassing. Before this I thought the writers were just a bunch of hacks (they still might be), but now I suspect that even if the writers come up with a decent idea that Carver vetoes them.

    • kaykay says:

      I could not agree more I mean the damson loved Charlie and they make it so she’s slottered by a bunch of freaks

    • Snoozzy says:

      Charlie was a boring character made so dorks and geeks can relate or something ? Anyway, good riddance for me at least, was always yawning what there was an episode centered around her. Bobby on the other hand, was a much more sophisticated character… just btw :P

  6. Laura says:

    “adding up to a finish that will change the landscape of the show “a lot” […]”
    Yes, I am scared (and excited)
    No, I am not prepared.

  7. D. says:

    spinoff idea, bring Charlie, Joe and Bobby back from the dead and team them up with Jodie and Garth

    • Francis says:

      I like it.

    • Karen says:

      Or they could be their “Castiels”

    • I’ve been saying for months it should have ended now (both brothers changed.killed in some twist of attempting to rid Dean of the Mark), & Charlie (at least, perhaps others too) get a spinoff…

      I’ve read some places deaths aren’t always long-term on this show (only watched a few Cain episodes & all Charlie’s), so may watch tonight & see if there’s a return or even a hint to it.

  8. Drew says:

    Am I the first only one who doesn’t see Dean as especially over the edge right now? His reaction to Charlie’s death was to kill a bunch of monsters and get pissed at the people who were acting irresistibly behind his back. That seems pretty much like Dean to me.
    Sam, on the other hand, has gone off the rails.
    As far as Charlie goes, I still hate it when people refer to her as a sister to the guys. That was never earned and it was unnatural. She didn’t fit on the show.
    That said, she was slightly less annoying toward the end. I just wish that her death was handled better. The setup was weak and the execution (so to speak) was a ripoff of the Jenny Calendar death on “Buffy”.
    Overall, it had been a strong season though. The show is still great.
    I know that they wanted to give Jensen and Jared some more free time, which is why we have more Cas and Crowley. Next year, I would prefer more Cole, Claire, Sheriff Mills, Krissy… Basically more humans and hunters. Less/no Crowley. The Hell basement scenes just don’t work. You can only spend so much time watching people standing around and being evil, while doing nothing

    • “As far as Charlie goes, I still hate it when people refer to her as a sister to the guys. That was never earned and it was unnatural. She didn’t fit on the show.”
      Dude. Are you high?

      “Less/no Crowley.”
      It pains me to say, but yes. I love Crowley, but maybe he’s reached his expiry date. Unless they have a hugely different twist in line for him. I love his sarcasm, and the dynamic between him and Dean is really awesome. But he is the King of Hell, and had his chance to be good, and he wasn’t. So I dunno.

      • Drew says:

        Charlie was like a fanfic character, written by Becky. She become the center of every episode she was in, usually at the cost of the Winchester’s competence and those episodes were normally awkward and clunky. Charlie might work on “Chuck” or “Eureka” but not on Supernatural. Especially not regarded as part of the family. Jo and Ellen were like family. Not Charlie.

        • helenloraine says:

          Some of my favourite episodes are the ones with Charlie in, I’d say she definitely earned her place as a sister. Also the Dean/Charlie moments were what I lived for! :( I think her sort of, “awkward” and “clunkiness” were positive additions to the show, a show which delves into a lot of dark stuff a lot of the time. But hey each to their own!

          • Francis says:

            Charlie definitely earned “sister” status. The episodes with her in them were some of the most fun and most emotional. She’s one character I really looked forward to having in an episode – her and Bobby and the Sheriff. Awesome characters. Hopefully she’ll drop in from heaven now and then, somehow.

        • Drew, I have to agree with you about Charlie. When she showed up Sam and Dean were regulated to guest stars on their own show. I never bought into the idea that Dean considered her to be his ‘sister’, no matter how well Jensen played the scene. It was as though the show had her on display: “Oh, look here, fans, we have a strong woman! AND she’s a lesbian! Isn’t that wonderful! Aren’t we clever!!!” You’re right, Charlie was a fanfic character, written by Becky. Jo and Ellen were like family. Not Charlie. Awkward and clunky are not the reason I tune in to SPN. I prefer the dark stuff.

    • msemmyjones says:

      I’ve been thinking that same thing this whole season. Every time Sam makes mention of Dean getting worse and worse, I’m just like really? I don’t see it at all. Other than when Dean killed all of Claire’s “friends”, and it was after that that Dean really started trying to rein himself in. But yeah, I have felt this whole second half of the season it’s been SAM who’s been going off the rails. He’s the one who’s been reckless and dangerous – sneaking around behind Dean’s back, teaming up with Rowena, promising to kill Crowley, getting their friends killed – all because he’s desperate for the cure. I’ve been far more concerned about Sam’s choices then anything Dean’s done lately.

      • I couldn’t agree more. And don’t forget what Sam did in the beginning of the season to find Dean and Dean was quick to put him in his place about that. He has been worse than Dean (minus the First Blade) the entire season, in my opinion. Choosing to lie by omission and hook up with Rowena was just wrong on every level. Sam’s choices are the ones I’ve been questioning, not Dean’s. At least Dean has a legitimate excuse for his behavior.

    • wgsecretary says:

      I disagree about Dean. The regular Dean would have let the kid live. We have proof of this from the season 7 episode, The Girl Next Door.

      • Drew says:

        Why would he let the kid live? The kid just got done murdering someone and was about to burn the bunker. While we may have seen stuff that made us think twice about it, there was no reason for Dean to let him go.
        I’m still not sure how they got into the bunker in the first place though. They didn’t have the Men of Letters key.

        • D. says:

          so many problems with your comment, 1) Dean didn’t know the kid killed anyone, 2) if Dean had some how found out, the kid was forced to or would have probably ended up dead himself. 3) the kid didn’t want to burn the bunker and even tried to talk his cousin out of it.

          • Drew says:

            How much of what you’ve said did Dean know?
            If they had a b-plot that centered on every monster of the week and their childhood trauma, they could probably convince us that Sam and Dean have never done any good. By the end of it, we would think that they are the monsters.
            Dean killing the kid is questionable from our POV, not Dean’s.

      • That particular kid you’re talking about, he did let him live. After murdering his mother in cold blood.

      • 49erFaithFulSexy#7 says:

        I Totally Agree With You WG SECRETARY! Just like you said, The Real Dean Would Have allowed the Nerd Styne Teen To Live. And The real Dean would have not punched Cas in the face and all over the body like he did. That has to be The Mark of Cain in Dean. Plus, at the very end of the show, Dean tells Cas that if he or Sam don’t leave him alone, then next time he wont miss. Meaning that next time he will Stab Castiel or Samy if they don’t leave him alone.

    • I agree about Charlie–I didn’t hate the character, but I never saw her as truly family for Sam and Dean. As for Crowley…part of his charm was that he was used sparingly. I’m pretty well over the angel civil war we’ve been watching for the last 4-5 years too. Find something interesting to do with the characters, or bring in someone fresh for Sam and Dean to interact with.

      • Ricky says:

        I do like Crowley sparingly, and when they let him be really evil. But I really love the angel stuff, actually – it’s so unlike anything else on television and I find the mythology fascinating, as well as the angel cast. I mean, they’re all just brilliant.

    • ninamags says:

      Why the hell would anybody want annoying teenage girls on this show?? Jesus, please, no Krissy or Claire, EVER again.

      Charlie was very helpful to the guys. She did things neither could do. Her episodes were great.

      How about NO Cas? That sounds fantastic to me.

      • Drew says:

        They should be training the next generation of hunters. It is hard to avoid teenagers when doing that

        • ninamags says:

          They shouldn’t be training anybody!! Sometimes they can barely take care of themselves.

          You want them to be responsible for bratty girls? You want them to teach them how to commit credit card fraud and to hustle pool?

      • Arthur says:

        No Cas? Seriously? O_o Totally disagree, Cas is one of my favorite characters on the show. I agree with Jim Michaels when he said he couldn’t imagine it without Cas.

        • I recently started watching from season 1 ep 1, I couldn’t waiting for Cas to show up, he just adds so much to the show and is family. What he and the boy been through is exactly what that family always puts up with. Ups and downs Cas is the best.

    • Ricky says:

      Cole? Really? We’ve already seen his story countless times over the seasons, and there’s not really much about him that endears me to his character. The actor does a fine job playing him, but the character on the whole is a bit dull, IMHO.

      I do agree with more Claire and Jody, and definitely keeping Cas around. Love that guy.

    • I thought Dean’s rage was 70 percent Dean, 30 percent the Mark. And I was not the least bit sympathetic to that Cy kid Dean killed. He was no innocent. Yes, he hated his family, but he was still interested in magic and the black arts. He was upset about the book burning in the bunker, not because he thought it was wrong, but because he wanted the book(s) for himself. He was a little weasel and there’s no doubt in my mind Dean probably saved future lives by ganking him. Good riddance.

      What you said: “You can only spend so much time watching people standing around and being evil, while doing nothing.” That was the whole problem with this year of the Deanmon. It’s been a huge bust. We should have been shown exactly what Demon Dean and Crowley did, from the moment Dean opened those black peepers of his. If that arc had been properly written it could have been a real showcase for everyone on the show. Once again Carver dropped the ball. I knew we were in trouble when he proudly announced that there would be a time jump of six months from the time Dean came back to life in the bunker.

  9. Season 9 was a tad slow for me, but I understand it was building to S10, and Dean’s struggle.

    I’m re-watching the older series currently, and I completely miss skirt-chasing burger-munching Dean. His humour was always a cushion for all the feels.

    I do, however, appreciate how Sam has grown up. He takes more control, and doesn’t rely on Dean as much. But now, with Dean the Mark, he is allmost back at square one.
    Which is a conundrum. Because fans LOVE the bromance, (just read the thousands of fanfics with Dean comforting a hurt Sam, and all the little brother angst that goes along with it.)
    But we also want Dean to have his own life, and Sam to not be in the shadow of his big brother anymore.

    Personally, I would have loved Charlie to remain, for particularly the reason of being an extra level of support for the Boys. She is tough enough to fight the monsters, and smart enough to manage the research. I really had high hopes for her becoming a permanent installation in the Bunker. And since there is not a chance for romance with either brother, that avenue is well-managed. In fact, there is really loads of room for comedy there. Imagine Dean’s face when Charlie brings home a date for some nookie. Lols for days!

    • Francis says:

      Excellent comments on Charlie, Adele. It would have been great to have her around in a regular or semi-regular way, like Bobby’s character was. And I completely agree on how she would have helped to add a comedic element to the show (something I really missed this season). (And, on another topic, I love the episodes where they are the subject of a TV about them; or a play etc. They’re my favorite episodes, come to think about it).

  10. alistaircrane says:

    Supernatual, you need to correct your mistake and restore Charlie to the land of the living!

    • Drew says:

      But seriously, if they were going to bring back one dead character, would you want it to he Charlie? More than John, Mary, Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Rufus, Kevin, Benny, Adam, or any number of others?

  11. Bob Backus says:

    I wonder if they will ever realize that the constant killing of “beloved” characters is becoming cliche and really weak writing choice. Who doesn’t do it now-a-days? Come up with something original! Otherwise, still like the show!

    • Drew says:

      That is the nature of the beast here. Hunters die. Even Sam and Dean have died, possibly hundreds of times (remember, the angels kept bringing them back before season 5, with their memories wiped). If they stop killing off characters, they will no longer be true to the show.
      However, I do think that we need to keep a steady stream of recurring humans coming in. They have done that pretty well this year.

  12. Francis says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of this show since day one. I only have one small criticism … I’m a tad tired of hearing “you should have told me” and “I couldn’t tell you cause I had to save your life”. I’m not opposed to them saving each other’s life (cause God knows that’d be half the show stories gone) but they’ve gone through this lying to each other for various reasons over and over and over and over with negative results. Surely to God by now they’d have either learned a lesson in this area or grown up and matured enough to know that while telling the truth isn’t easy, it ultimately builds trust. I guess I just wish they’d stick to storylines where the brothers don’t choose to (seemingly) constantly lie to each other to protect each other. Surely the writers can come up with other story lines. Let’s let the boys grow up in this one way – tell the truth to each other no matter what. I’m sure the writers are imaginative enough to come up with great twists in stories even with this type of limitation. Not that i”d ever stop watching this show because I love it, it’s just that at this point, I’m tired of that whole conversation.

  13. John Sheffield (@cubeslave) says:

    “What would a Supernatural season finale be without some Winchester angst…”

    Maybe a more creative and interesting finale?

    Aside from the particular details, this description sounds like the standard Supernatural season finale.

    Are they are so paranoid about viewers not coming back the next season they have to leave one of the “boys” in jeopardy? Or is it just the formula they religiously follow for fear of straying from it.

    Another formula rut they are in is the extermination of female allies. It couldn’t have been too difficult for them to kill off Charlie since they never let characters like her live.

    • Drew says:

      Name all of the recurring characters that are still alive and then tell me how killing Charlie specifically is part of some greater problem.

    • ninamags says:

      Agree with all your points, John. Especially about a different, creative finale.

      Killing Charlie is more of the same, tired storyline of always killing people close to Sam and Dean. It’s lost its power to surprise or shock. If anything, it has desensitized us and now whenever a new recurring character pops up, we know not to get too attached. The greater problem being lack of creativity and storytelling abilities by these writers and show runner.

  14. Ricky says:

    “a fairly sizable, non-negotiable condition” I have a reeeeeally bad feeling that he’s going to be reaping someone. One of the promos earlier this season had flashes of the words “brother’s keeper” followed by “brother’s reaper.” O_O

    Also, pff, of course Sam and Cas will both opt to save Dean. They’re the two people who love him most in the world. The day either of them give up on Dean may also be the day hell freezes over.

    Really, though, as long as all three of them make it to season 11, I think I can survive whatever the finale throws at us!

  15. Supernatural in my eyes is truly the best show I’ve ever watched,iv watched every episode.I’m so excited about the final wondering who is gonna die,keep on fighting boys.keep making shows there’s always something supernatural and people will always watch it,peace out people lol!!!

  16. Lauren says:

    All the girls get killed. Like really?

    • Keith says:

      My heart sinks a bit when I see a recurring popular woman character. Sheriff Jody Mills? She’s doomed.

  17. Drew says:

    You know who they should bring back? Missouri Moseley.
    Work out an arc where they need a psychic to help them track something down, and bring her in a few times. That way, when Sam or Dean tries to lie or manipulate a situation in order to save the other, there will be someone to smack them upside the head.

  18. maermae says:

    I’m over Carver.

    I was really hoping for some resolution with the Mark of Cain storyline in the finale but Carver isn’t making it sound like we will get it.

    The MoC storyline has been dragged out for too long – so much was so pointless & now they are trying to pack it all into a few episodes. It had so much potential & Carver/the writers completely fumbled it – the pacing on it has just been horrible.

    Additionally, Carver has put fans through the ringer with bro-angst over the last few seasons so I will be pissed if we don’t see Sam saving Dean – because if we don’t, what have we been building towards?

    I don’t want to see evil Sam or Dean. I want to see Sam & Dean as heroes again. Carver has completely taken away the “flawed hero” quality the boys have always had. Now they just seem..well flawed.

  19. trish says:

    I caught the very first episode of supernatural a day before last week’s episode…WOW Sam and Dean changed..funny.. young and young looking and their voices changed too. That’s what’s great about long running shows..they have the characters change and grow..not always in the way we want, but it happens. You know when they finally end this series they are gonna have the brothers go out in a blaze of glory..Yes I mean dying And that will be perfect…because that who their characters are. I love the show and it’s been awesome to watch and I will keep watching til the bitter more then likely sad ending.

  20. Carol McGuinn says:

    There is not enough kleenex or wine in the world and my only hope is to distract my husband with the computer so he won’t sit next to me making smart-*ss comments.

  21. Robby says:

    My prediction: One of these statements are true. “Sam Winchester, King of Hell”, “Dean Winchester, King of Hell” or “Castiel, King of Hell”. Or maybe Crowley springs Lucifer from his cage along with Michael. Can you say Apocalypse Reborn?

  22. Please have a season 11. Wendsdays will suck without my boys. It’s all I look toward to. Depression isn’t easy but when you find that one thing that keeps you going you don’t ever want. To loose it. Keep fighting atleast for another season even if it would be every other week . thank you, sherry

  23. Marci says:

    Dear Carver: I’ve had enough of your and your minions’ ruination of this show. I’m done.

  24. Kat Marshall says:

    I have no idea what to expect…
    Other than Tears

  25. Maybe It's Maybelline says:

    What’s with this “They always kill a strong woman” crap?

    John Winchester? Bobby? Kevin? And forget how many times Sam and Dean themselves died. (Dean 50 times in one episode.) Remember Jimmy – the body Cas is in. He’s actually dead and his soul is in heaven. How about Ash (the mulleted computer whiz who was always at Ellen’s bar)? Benny? What about the bad guys like Azazel and Dick?

    Then there are those women who have survived – like Sheriff Jodi Mills – Claire Novak (Jimmy’s daughter) – Rowena seems like she’ll be around for a while. I mean, come on. Can we come up with a new argument already and get off the feminist kick?

    Yeah Charlie dying sucked, just like Bobby dying (Which I hated much more than seeing Charlie go. Sorry Charlie fans, I was more attached to Bobby)… but it happens on shows like this.

    Sometimes people die… sometimes more than once.
    Sometimes it’s to move a storyline along,
    sometimes it’s because that character’s storyline went as far as it could go,
    sometimes its because an actor wants to leave the show or has other projects in the works that conflicts with the show’s schedules.

    It happens. It sucks – but in shows like this we’re going to lose our favorites sometimes. the loss of Bobby still stings…

  26. B says:

    I think Dean is going to have to reap Charlie which is kind of messed up but would make for some heartbreaking scenes between the two with her telling him she was doing what she did for him and for him not to blame Sam or Cas because she would have done what she did with or without them

  27. Brakkis says:

    Can I just say that I am not pleased with yet another supporting character death on this show? It’s bound to happen sure, but they always feel the need to kill off a character to drive the brothers to finish a task or come together in some roundabout way. They’ve turned the supporting cast into tools to further Sam and Dean rather than to be characters who can further both those two, as well as themselves.

  28. Dawn says:

    I am so bummed out that Charlie is gone!!! Can’t we keep any of our favs on this show? Loosing Bobby was horrible enough. Now Charlie! Which this is my favorite show! What’s up with Dean going to kill Sammy? Didn’t even get really why that was a choice. But I am so HAPPY FOR SEASON 11 !!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!