Under the Dome EPs Promise to Answer Show's Biggest Questions in Season 3

Under the Dome Season 3

If you’ve been a devoted watcher of Under the Dome‘s past two seasons, you may have experienced any of the following side effects: confusion at unanswered questions, frustration at new storylines and a lingering feeling of skepticism.

But according to executive producers Neal Baer and Tim Schlattmann, Season 3 of the CBS sci-fi drama (premiering June 25 at 9/8c) will be the one that delivers those long-awaited answers.

“We will tell you why the dome came down and what it’s about,” Baer promised at a CBS summer press event on Monday. “By the end of the season, you’ll know exactly why this happened the way that it happened.”

It isn’t lost on either of the producers that quite a few plot twists were introduced last season, most notably the all-powerful egg and its connection to Melanie Cross. But Schlattmann promised that all of those loose ends will be addressed, if not completely tied up, by the end of the upcoming season.

Under the Dome Season 3“Why was there 25 years to pass before the dome came down? What was in play 25 years ago that set all this in motion? That’s one of the biggies we’re going to address,” Schlattmann confirmed. “You’ll see how these puzzle pieces form a puzzle that may be different from what you thought it would be.”

One of the characters who will usher in those answers is Christine Price, an anthropologist played by CSI‘s Marg Helgenberger. Much like science teacher Rebecca, who was introduced in Season 2, Christine will come out of the woodwork as a longtime Chester’s Mill resident who is just beginning to emerge as an important figure in the dome’s mystery.

“[She’s a] new resident of Chester’s Mill, and yet [she’s] been there this whole time,” Baer said. “That’s the driving engine of this season: How is that even possible?”

Baer continued: “We’ve taken the viewers through all kinds of calamaties. But now, it’s really character-oriented. We promise you we will answer why the dome is there, but of course we’re going to ask more questions.”

That said, Schlattmann assured newcomers that they will be able to understand the two-hour Season 3 premiere, even without having seen previous episodes. “It’s a really good jumping-in point,” he said. “We like what we did the first two seasons, and now we had to go further.”

Under the Dome fans, will you return for the show’s third season? What questions do you most want answered? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. h5n1 says:

    wow… that’s still on? just wow…

  2. The world is coming to an end, so aliens dropped the dome to save the people of this town.

  3. LK says:

    I lost interest in this series after the first episode of season 2… it strayed way too far from the Stephen King book that it wasnt even the same world anymore and I just didnt have any further interest in it… should have been a mini-series that adapted the book more closely.. make three seasons of this was a mistake.

  4. Tea says:

    I’ll let it stack up a bit on my DVR because I’m away for a while but I’ll watch it and be entertained in a bad-but-good way.

  5. Kate says:

    My biggest question, is why am I still watching this? At this moment, since Helix was cancelled, its my WTF show because those are fun. It also is how I don’t have to sit through the five billion commercials for Teen Mom or Catfish while watching Teen Wolf.

  6. Missy Kelly says:

    Not a Stephen King reader. He hasn’t learned the art of a good ending for me. That said, first season was intriguing, second season was on the DVR but I must confess, most episodes were at fast forward just in case something of interest occurred. Like Resurrection & Heroes, whatever changed between Season 1 & 2 had fatal effects.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Just a quick guess, we’ll get answers because the likelihood of a season 4 is slim ???? I don’t hate the show like some do but it is slippery at best. It’s good entertainment if you don’t think about it much, lol.

  8. Steven King Fan but not the TV version says:

    I watched the first season; first episode of the second season and lost interest and only read the recaps and blogs. Will do the same for season three and then when the show ends, decide whether or not to purchase when it comes out on DVD.

  9. Diz says:

    I’ll still watch but I thought it should have wrapped once the 1st season was done.

  10. Ray says:

    Gave up on this turd two seasons ago. Don’t give a hoot about the inanity Under the Dome.

  11. Ellinas78 says:

    One of the bad shows of summer. Need some on the DVR to take a break from Netflix.

  12. Joe says:

    Stopped watching it after the first show of season 2 , it was only supposed to be a limited series , it was too much of a hot mess

  13. Jimmy says:

    I desperately hope they aren’t toying with us, and actually answer these questions. The biggest problem with Under the Dome is the lack of sense that ANYTHING makes. If, from the beginning, they introduced questions and then even ATTEMPTED to answer them, this show would be a lot less frustrating. But instead, they continue piling on the questions to the point that nothing makes sense and it feels like things are just being thrown on top of everything else for no reason. And saying “the dome did it” or “the dome wants it” or “the dome made me do it” is beyond infuriating. PLEASE no more of that!

    Then there’s this beauty: “…but of course we’re going to ask more questions.” What more questions could they possibly introduce?! There are already SO many questions that need to be answered, other than the origins of the dome, like:

    What is that egg all about?
    What does the butterfly and title of “Monarch” mean?
    How is there a tunnel system deep beneath the school that no one knew about?
    How does Melanie tie into this, and why is she still so young?
    What created that portal to Zenith, and why Zenith? What’s so special about it?
    What the HELL was up with Pauline and her visions? Why did they switch on and off?
    What was up with that final scene with the stone wall collapsing and Melanie appearing?

    As for the new character Christine, this comment already makes me fear the worst: “she’s a new resident yet she’s been there the whole time. How is that possible?”

    Yes, how IS that possible?! After 2 full seasons, how can they still be introducing new characters that are INSIDE the dome? I know that Eriq LaSalle is joining the show this season too, but as a new character in Zenith, which is totally plausible because Zenith isn’t encased in a dome. I sincerely hope Christine is more tolerable than Rebecca, words cannot describe how much I loathed that character. So much so that when Jim killed her, I cheered.

    I know, I’m beating a dead horse here, but I really hope UTD becomes more tolerable, and less of a parading circus of nonsense and ridiculousness in season 3.

  14. Pat says:

    I have watched them all and I have not given up. I am just glad there will be a Season 3 to answer some of these questions. The Big one of course is who or what dropped the Dome on Chester’s Mill???

  15. Maryann says:

    I guess I am the only person who has simply gone with the flow and enjoyed this show the whole time. I am really excited to see what happens next, following that cliffhanger season ender. And for the record, I have not read the book and have not liked most of the other things that Stephen King has done.

    • Ryan Lau says:

      Thank you! I dont understand what people hate about this series. Yes, its much different than the book, which i am around halfway through right now. Yes, there are a TON of unanswered questions. And yes, almost nothing makes perfect sense as of now. But isnt that what a good drama mystery thriller about? If it was the same as the book, it would get less attention, as the book readers would already know exactly what would happen. This would kill the suspense element, which in my opinion is the best part of the show. The same goes for unanswered questions. If everything was known, what would be the point in continuing to watch, or even continuing the show? These suspenseful questions latch people right on, and gives great reasons to continue. If you are to complain about knowing nothing, simply keep watching. By the end of the show, whether it be one more or five more seasons, questions will be answered, for shows dont end entirely with no answers. I would rate this show 5 stars, and will keep watching every episode until the end. Great plot, a ton of mystery which i am genuinely interested in figuring out how everything fits in,

  16. Cindy says:

    I have never read the book but I do like the show. I have to admit that season two was not as great as the first season. One of the biggest question that I would like answered is, why do some of the people die and come back and others don’t?

  17. cheryl roth says:

    I love this show,so glad the network didn’t ax it

  18. cheryl roth says:

    Stephen king is awesome,I have not read the book,but have watched UTD since the beginning and will watch it till the last episode, and I’m thinking the show’s final and very last episode will blow our minds….bring on season 3

  19. Ruth says:

    I HOPE it continues after three seasons. It’s a summer guilty pleasure!

    • Leon says:

      Exactly how I feel! I just enjoy the ride and don’t over analyze too much like so many other people.

  20. Jaxson Kelly says:

    The only reason I watched was because Eddie Cahill was in it.

  21. cimmi says:

    I love this show!!! I binged watched this in the past 3 days!! So excited for season 3 of UTD!

  22. Laurie Emerson says:

    I am almost afraid to post that I like the show as I am not sure what backlash I will get. I think it is a fun summer show and thought that was all it was supposed to be. I am glad it is coming back.

  23. Sarah says:

    This is one of those shows where every week I’m like, “Why do I still watch this show? It’s terrible!” Then they show a Mike Vogel close up, and I catch a glimpse of those arms straining against his t-shirt, and I’m like, “Oh yeah-that’s why.” I am shallow. I really need Big Jim to die, though.

  24. Rick Dumure says:

    Interesting how all the Dome haters are responding to this article saying how much they hate this show. If you had NO interest about Under The Dome, you wouldn’t be here reading this story. I enjoy this show and I am happy to admit it.

  25. Melva Brewer says:

    i will be faithfully watching, I love this show, glad some answers are coming regarding how and why the DOME is there.

  26. sherry says:

    I like this show to. I read some time ago that they are bringing on some woman that might be a love interest for Barbie. They break up him and Julia I will be done with the show. I watch for them.

  27. Aidan says:

    Can people stop hateing on this show yes it has its ups and downs but you have to give it a chance i finished season 2 about months ago and now im waiting for season 3 i mean we all have different opinions about shows and all but i love this show I cant wait for season 3 to premiere on june 25 on a thursday!

    And1 more thing i need ideas of what happend at the season 2 finale What do you think is going to happen?

  28. J says:

    No. Really? I liked this show. I did not expect to messed with by waiting a year for a new season. Not interested anymore.

  29. GeeDub says:

    As I understand, this was intended as a one season mini series. High ratings (read $$$) prompted season two. As season two ended, renewal for season three was not confirmed, hence the half-baked last episode for season two that would have been an unsatisfying end for the series had it been not renewed. I do like the show, but feel manipulated by the producers. I’d like to know when this will end and see a coherent conclusion. It was a good premise that has turned into a soap opera. I am disappointed in that respect.

  30. sherry says:

    I don’t understand how marg helgenberger was in Chester mills and no one saw her. From what I was reading, the egg melts, what happens to Melanie. Julia is supposed to form an alliance with big Jim. All of the Barbie and Julia fans will be upset, Barbie US supposed to become a father, but Julia is not the mother. Leave these two alone and let them be happy. Do they think the fans are stupid, that we would fall for this garbage. Bottom line, changing the day and time and writing stupid stories, is a sign that they want to get rid of the show. I don’t know if I will be watching.

  31. Mandi Warden says:

    I am glad the show is still on. I have watched since the beginning and wait every summer for its return. There are many questions left behind from Season 2 and hopefully the 3rd season will make it understood. My husband and I argue over who will be right. ☆

    • sherry says:

      I just saw a video where it looks like Jim, junior and Julia die. There is a wall of names with them and others on it. Another video has time passing and marg helgenberger wants to talk to Barbie. I have seen pictures where marg takes an interest in junior, I have seen pictures of Julia in the background. There is a women coming on who is supposedly have Barbie baby, but she is only on the put pressure on Barbie and Julia relationship. It is confusing what is being put out there. Time will tell.

  32. LineRC says:

    This website is talking to the fans of the show who have questions.
    So if you don’t like the show, why are you haters commenting?
    I must admit, some of the stuff bugs me a lot. Like Big Jim. He’s been getting on my nerves since the beginning.
    I came he looking for answers and other curious people. Instead I found negativity that doesn’t belong on this site. Make a hate page on facebook, if you really think your comments are so important to bug people with. AND again, I admit the fact that I think some parts of the show are annoying, but the show still really is intriguing somehow. I don’t know why.

    The obvious questions: Who/what made the dome and why? Why Chester’s Mill? etc.!

    What happens after they follow Melanie? Do they come back outside the dome?

    Does Big Jim FINALLY get what he deserves?

    What happens to Julia and Junior?

    Will there be any more dead people coming back to life and who?

    Relax. It’s just a show. No need for all this negativity since so many of you guys don’t like the show. Did you guys not see Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Marvel/DC movies etc., because books/comic books were already written and you were afraid of the movies being bad? NO. I didn’t think so.

    Have a good day (I’m being sincere).

  33. Ron Johnson says:

    The more questions the show answers, a hundred more come into effect. It’s like trying to unravel a ball of string with a hundred threads sticking out. But the show is entertaining.

  34. PJ says:

    I sort of watched the first two years and thought I would give year three a try. What a colossal mistake on my part. I lasted about 20 minutes and thought the writers were on LSD or some other mind altering drug. Maybe it got better, but I cannot imagine how.

  35. Terri says:

    I watched under the dome from day 1. But so far this season SUCKS! I do not like how the story line of Julia and Barbie is going.