The Royals Season Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Wins the Game of Thrones

It hasn’t been an easy first season for Queen Helena and her hot-mess clan of Royals, and if you thought Sunday’s season finale would end with them back on top, you’ve clearly found your way into Princess Eleanor’s stash.

Not only did Simon take his final breath (sad!), but by the end of the hour, England had itself a new king… and his name ain’t Liam. The mere sight of Cyrus atop that throne, his smug, self-satisfied smirk smattered with his own blood, was enough enough to make me puke. (Side note: Were we supposed to feel sorry for him after learning that his mother never had faith in him as a king? I’d say that mission failed; I agree with her!)

The Royals Season Finale

Of course, there’s still a chance this could all be turned around in Season 2, since we learned that neither Liam nor Eleanor’s blood was ever actually tested. So, assuming King Cyrus — ugh, I just caught a chill — doesn’t have the royal doctor killed, the truth will eventually come out.

As if losing the throne wasn’t bad enough, Liam also ended his relationship — once again — with Ophelia, sending her off to New York City to pursue her future as a dancer. (And thanks to Gemma’s textual intervention, that future’s already looking bright.) Helena’s love life also took a major blow, following the assassination of Captain Lacey, so I imagine she’ll come to regret partnering with Cyrus pretty soon.

The season finale also introduced a secret organization that was apparently responsible for Robert’s suicide death. We don’t know much about this shadow-y group, but considering Helena had its domino-esque logo on a piece of stationary, you can bet she’s somehow involved. (I swear, I really want to like her, but she’s making it so hard!)

The Royals Season Finale RecapAnd just as you’d expect from The Royals, the biggest bombshell was saved for last: Prudence is pregnant with Cyrus’ baby! I’m not going to lie, the timeline on this seems a little suspect — was there a massive time jump that I missed? — but I’m excited to see her back in the palace next season.

OK, let’s talk this out: Do you think Liam and/or Eleanor are actually Simon’s children? Will Prudence make the insane leap from maid to queen? And were you surprised to “learn” that Marcus is in love with Ophelia? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your hopes for Season 2.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bwhit says:

    This show is my true guilty pleasure! I still think that Eleanor and Liam are Simon’s kids and perhaps Robert was not his. I loved Jasper in this episode, please have him more of him and Eleanor. I was all about Liam and Ophelia until Marcus said he had a thing for her. I’m thinking she will come back and Gemma will have her hooks in Liam and maybe Marcus will get his shot. That timeline makes no sense with Cyrus and Prudence, but now I think she did Simon in for Cyrus. Can’t wait for season 2.

  2. Kelly says:

    I would love it if Ophelia was actually Simon’s daughter and Liam and Eleanor were not.

  3. Tracie says:

    I’m so addicted… Love the show. Can’t wait until November….

  4. Caitlin says:

    I don’t think that Helena had him killed. I don’t think she knows he is dead. I think Cyrus had the captain killed.

    • Brendan says:

      Yes, that is very true. The author of this article clearly did not listen to the dialogue on the show because Lucius said to Helena that “the queen’s message” (the sealed letter that he seemingly summarized before burning in the fireplace) was delivered and received… And once she had left the room, Lucius said to Cyrus a similar thing about “the Prince Regent’s message” being delivered and received. We can only assume Cyrus’s message was two fatal bullets to the head or chest since we only heard the shots being fired, but given that Lucius told Captain Lacey to say hello the deceased Henry (who I don’t think is real, but the queen publicly said was dead) and Cyrus told Lucius that “it had to be done” I think that it’s safe to say that Lacey is dead and that the queen had nothing to do with it.

    • Citygirl says:

      Totally agree. She THIINKS the Captain received her note and that Lucius said yes he did, but Lucius also told Cyrus that his “message” was delivered also. I don’t think the Queen knows that the Captain was killed at Cyrus’ hand.

    • shane says:

      Helena didn’t have Lacy assassinated Cyrus did

  5. DavidSask says:

    I think i will watch next year with only subtitles, so sick of annoying entire way loud pop songs playing over their soap dialogue.If you treat your viewers that badly or need that help for your show, failure, demotion, the list goes on.

    • Kait says:

      The music on shows anymore is so much louder than the dialogue, I hate it and it’s even worse somehow with surround sound on. This show is particularly bad when they used the ADR from post, the “background” music is more prominent and much louder than what they’re saying to the point that I’d be worried the CC would just show [music notes] with random words interspersed.

    • smartysenior says:

      I’m so glad you mentioned that. I thought it was just me but there’s several shows these days that I can’t hear over the “background” music. Is this because of computerized sound mixing or what?

    • Elissa says:

      The close captioned shows the musical lyrics too which is annoying b/c you end up reading both.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    I had a lot of fun watching The Royals, hope it comes back.

  7. Brendan says:

    Liam and Eleanor are Simon’s children because if they weren’t then Cyrus would not need to go through all the trouble of blackmailing the family doctor to lie about the results and then have him exiled due to fear of “the results changing” at some point in the future. If they were legitimate bastards then why not let the truth come out and the blood tests be done. No need to lie when the truth would cement his reign as king. Maybe there wasn’t enough time between being told about the affair by Lucius (who overheard Liam telling Eleanor his plans after coronation and spilled the Queen’s secrets to Cyrus) and the public announcement, but not testing the blood at all would not make sense. I’m certain that it was tested by someone, even if Cyrus did not know or acknowledge it.

    • Citygirl says:

      If the truth came out that Liam and Eleanor ARE Simon’s children, there would be no storyline. It was ALL a ploy by Cyrus – not really testing the blood but saying that it was tested with the results being Liam and Eleanor are illigetimate – so he could become King. It was obvious last night it was all a set up, everything was, by Cyrus.

      • tvjunkie says:

        I thought it was obvious the instant that it was said Liam and Eleanor weren’t Simon’s children several episodes back. Remember, it happened shortly after Cyrus overheard Liam telling his Eleanor he was going to dissolve the monarchy like his father wanted. It was because of that that Cyrus and Helena played the fake illegitimate card. I’m not sure how anyone could think their illegitimacy was true, which it was so obvious it was a lie from the very beginning.

      • Temperance says:

        Why wouldn’t their be a storyline? There would be a whole TON of storylines! And if they could prove (easily enough) that they are legitimate, they’d certainly have the claim and the title would change. Or maybe if Robert magically reappeared….

  8. Sam says:

    When it wasn’t focused on being sleazy and scandalous and when it actually took the monarchy seriously, it could be pretty good.

  9. Danielle says:

    Let me start off by saying Helena is a disgusting character and I absolutely hate her. The Kings death was predictable but still very sad. I really loved him and yes, I think Liam and Eleanor are his children. I hope Prudence becomes Queen, kicks Helena out of the palace, kills Cyrus (because he needs to die ASAP) and becomes the reigning Queen. Ophelia and Liam will end up back together at some point so I’m not worried about that. As for everything else, well, it will work out. I just hope we aren’t forced to wait until next year for season 2.

    • It’s mentioned in the article and also at the end of last night’s episode that season 2 starts in November.

    • bristow3269 says:

      I don’t like Helena either especially not the way she treats her children. No mother should say the things she does to them. Liam and Ophelia do belong together Cyrus definitely deserves his comeuppance for the way he manipulated this whole thing.

  10. Adam says:

    The best moment was when the queen told Rachel to burn the desk and she comes back with the gas can and lighter ready to go. When told it was a joke and she’s looking all disappointed

  11. My guess is Liam is end game for the throne or if he somehow dies Eleanor will get it, but regardless Cyrus is screwed since he got Prudence preggers that always makes for some fun trouble. On the other hand could you imagine if the real royal family were like this?

  12. safetygirl says:

    It would be way cool if the king was just given something to make him look dead so the head security guy could investigate. Cyrus and Helena need to be killed slowly…. maybe put them in a cell and take away helena’s makeup and cyrus’ booze

    • Alison says:

      Love that theory about the king not actually being dead

    • Erin B says:

      I really hope that is true! He should have been suspicious the way Lucious was looming. Really though, it should be a huge red flag that Cyrus wanted to get rid of him since he was brought home, unstable, & with no medical care in sight.

  13. meagan says:

    Queen Helena didn’t kill her lover, Capt. Lacey. Cyrus did. He and Lucius were whispering about it afterwards. No way, no matter how evil she is, would Helena kill her true love. She’ll be pissed when she finds out.

  14. angela says:

    I believe liam & elenor are simons children, helena just is going along with the lie to ensure cyrus became king so she could keep the monarchy in tact. She’s beautiful yet so evil, simon is such a soft soul & I can’t believe he’s gone so quickly. I doubt prudence will become queen as by then the lie will have come out & liam will become king then. I dont know if helena set her lover up to get killed or if it was cyrus? If it were him, the jig will definitely be up when she finds that out as she won’t want to work with him anymore

    • Citygirl says:

      Oh, the Queen does NOT know her lover is dead! That was all Cyrus. The Captain most likely had some secrets he could spill about the Queen, like Liam and Eleanor actually being legitimate heirs to the throne. She is not going to be a happy camper when she finds out her lover is dead by Cyrus’ hand. As for Prudence, her being pregnant is going to throw a wrench in Cyrus’ plan to be coronated.

  15. Alison says:

    I dont think Helena meant for her lover to be assasinated – to be honest i get the feeling that Lucius is actually in love with her so thats why he killed him, or Cyrus ordered for him to be killed. I did not expect Marcus to actually be in love with Ophelia though

  16. Sternenbiest says:

    I like Helena very much. It reminds me of the glory days with Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan, Angela Channing and J. R. Ewing. Helena is a mixture of the above and so sly written, it’s awesome. Season 2 can’t come soon enough!

  17. Laura says:

    I love ” The Royals ” !!!! Awesome!!!

  18. brandydanforth81 says:

    Royals should learn from Revenge & Scsndal-mysteriuos dangerous powerful secret organizations don’t work,viewers don’t want to watch that

  19. Angela Finley says:

    The Queen did not have her lover killed. She simply sent the letter asking him to stay away and ask for forgiveness. If you watch the episode again, when she leaves the room after asking Lucious if he did as she asked, Cyrus also asks him if he did what he asked him to do. Cyrus had the Queen’s lover killed. Not her.

  20. alexandrrina says:

    Where do I even begin, holy cow, what the hell was that? I mean, amazing, as ever, this show has quickly become a love of mine. But, uhm, okay, a few things. First, I was led to believe that Cyrus ordered the hit on Captain Lacey, orrr? Secondly, I actually think that just Eleanor is Simon’s daughter, so she’ll be the next monarch. I used to like Lucius, but apparently anyone with that name has to be sorta pathetic. Moving on, is it just me, or was Gemma’s intervention REALLY necessary, cause Ophelia might love dancing, and she’s good at it, but she is not great at it…? How did Liam come back so quickly, like, did he teleport or something? The pregnancy twist was really unnecessary IMHO, Prudence was growing on me. Eh. Oh, wait, she is part of that Domino organization thingy, ain’t she?

    • Bwhit says:

      Liam and Eleanor are twins. So unless Helena was really busy that week, they either are both his or neither of them are :)

      • Kalli says:

        It was just proven (in a US paternity suit) that twins can have different fathers, and that wasn’t the first time.

      • Temperance says:

        They’re fraternal twins, and fraternal twins can have different fathers. I doubt that’s the case. I’d bet that they are Simon’s – which is why they didn’t do the testing. Of course, in mad soap world, someone might actually believe that the government wouldn’t do independent testing over something so vitally Important, but it’s a fun show.

  21. John says:

    The queen was not aware of Captain Lacey’s assignation King Cyrus ordered that. I think Helena had every intention of reconnecting when the heat died but Cyrus and Lucius decided what was best for her. I think Lucious had something to do with the King dying shortly after he left the room. I also think the call to kill Robert coming from inside the castle was made by Lucius

  22. Chrissa says:

    Queen Helena didn’t make the decision yo have Captain Lacey assassinated. She only had the note delivered. Cyrus commanded the assassination. I hate that snake! (Only his character,great performance btw!) :)

  23. I totally love this show and the season finale was insane. I’m really upset that King Simon died. I’m kind of hoping they faked his death to protect him. Does anyone know how long we have to wait until season 2?

  24. Shirley Bean says:

    Should not have killed off the king. ..he really could have put the queen and cyrus in there place when he found out what they did to HIS children

  25. Annie says:

    I do not like that you broke ( ophelia ) and( liam) won’t be together. they are good togather I hope they stay in love with each other. And get goods on the new king .and liam has blood work done. If they are smart. I love this show and I and some of my friends hope this will happen too they belong together. Annie. Ps I love the show but keep-ophelia and liam together.

  26. Alexander says:

    Absolutely loved the season finale! The twins are definetly King Simons kids, I’d put a bet on it! I think in Season 2 we will begin to see a softer side to the Queen, I truly do because she seemed pretty shaken by going out to greet the mourners. I want to see the Queen be there for Liam and Elanor in their grief and I want to see that they love each other! Gemma will obviously be back in the picture! And Robert? Definetly Lucius who planned that. He seems to have a thing for killing Military men

  27. Elaine McFarlen says:

    Believe it or not, my gut tells me that Prudence was the one who killed Simon. I know it sounds crazy, but I only think this for a few reasons:
    1. she knew where the King walked to.
    2. she seemed awfully calm about Cyrus taking the throne and carrying his baby, as she has shown much “hate” for him in the past.
    Her reasons behind it, I don’t really know. But I think it has something to do with Domino, the group who killed Robert and possibly King Simon. Also, I totally think that Eleanor and Liam are Simon’s kids.

    • krotek says:

      Come on. Prudence is not carrying cyrus’ baby. I dont think they ever had sex. She went down on him. I havent heard of women getting pregnant swallowing it. Besides she said to her womb: now you are the king. Why would she say that if the unborn childs father was still alive. If it was cyrus then the babe would be 1st in line,no?
      The domino is some interesting stuff. I mean Liam was so drunk he didn’t remember the domino guys picking him up and moving him to the park and putting that necklace on him. And what really is their purpose since they could have done away witn Liam but moved him to an actual decent and easy to find place.
      as king simon (rip) said: now the plot thickens…

      • morsc says:

        I thought Prudence said, “now your daddy’s the king”……

        • Chloe says:

          She did say, now your daddy is king ” but yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. The timeline, what we have seen as to what happened between Cyrus and Prudence (of course, there could have been stuff going on that wasn’t shown) and the point of her even being pregnant if it all lines up.
          Cyrus has the 2 daughters already so it’s not like Prudence’s baby would benefit- assuming the show follows the new lines of succession that allows girls to inherit over younger brothers.
          I guess it’s the most intriguing cliff hanger for me.

  28. AJ says:

    It so predictable. It’s a re-telling of Hamlet…

  29. Temperance says:

    Love the show, but it’s certainly a guilty pleasure. I’m going to come down on the side of the twins really being the heirs (and Robert was not, so he was killed). And wait, I thought Cyrus ordered the Captain’s death (and Helena didn’t know). It’s a shame, too, because he was entirely too pretty to be killed off.

  30. Ally Oop says:

    Awesome finale. This show is such a guilty pleasure for me. It actually might be in my top 10 list of shows I like it so much. It’ll be a tough wait until Season 2.

  31. HeOne says:

    Prudence will become queen because she is either going to threaten Cyrus with telling the world he raped her multiple times and she is pregnant with his baby or she will team up with Eleanor and Liam to bring him down, and Cyrus will eventually find out and clearly he wants to be king so he wll give Prudence probably a deal to be come queen.
    I also hope Helena and Cyrus and their messenger go to h*** for what they did. JASPER and Eleanor are amazing together

  32. Carrie says:

    Ok. First the Queen did not have Captain Lacey killed, she just wanted to have the letter delivered. Cyrus ordered the kill. And the domino logo wasn’t on her stationary, it was a letter she received; a warning, or a claim…

  33. K A says:

    Completely addicted…just when you think you have it figured out, wham a few more suspects. Can hardly wait til November but I’m leaning more towards Prudence or the Queens older gentleman assistant. You just have to love to hate the Queen,

  34. Doug says:

    Since no one actually saw the Captain being shot, and that the letter had just started to burn, I think he had time to read it and get out of there, or shoot someone himself.

  35. debbie self says:

    I hope liam and elenor are really the the king that just died kid’s and i hope prudence come in as Queen i also hope liam and opilia get back together

  36. Vera says:

    Since when is Marcus in love with Ophelia?!?! Watched the entire season but clearly I’ve missed something.

  37. Twimom83 says:

    My thought on the assassination of Captain Lacey. My first thought was, there were two shots and two men went in. I’m hoping the two shots was Capt. Lacey shooting the two men and he’s still alive. I also think Eleanor’s note said something entirely different (love letter), and the butler, or whoever he was, had the Capt. “killed.” He never went back to confirm. I was sad when the King died, I kept thinking he was going to come back, or be hidden but still alive. I want Liam and Ophelia to have the same happy ending like Prince William and Kate. I hope Cyrus’ world gets rocked by PRINCE Liam and PRINCESS Eleanor (who I love with Jasper!). I love this show! :)

  38. It was Cyrus who ordered Lucius to kill Captain Lacey.

  39. Debsterslc says:

    I absolutely love this show and cannot wait for season 2. I too wonder if Prudence had a part in the King’s death. I am hoping that Lacey being in the military and all was able to fend off the assassination. I do look forward to Liam and Eleanor put the pieces together to put Cyrus in his place. Don’t forget Helena needs to be punished for her involvement. See you next season.

  40. Becky says:

    What if Robert isn’t dead? What if Prudence is pregnant with his child? She did say the baby’s dad was now king so timeline wise it would work. Just a thought.

  41. Cathy says:

    Prudence is pregnant by Simon, not by Cyrus. That explains the timeline. Also, remember that about the same time he unloaded on Helena about how she wa a horrible person, Simon was spending “quality time” with Prudence.

  42. bdegan says:

    This show is my guilt pleasure as well. I actually think that King Simon is alive. When the head of security interrupted Lucius, he figured out what was about to happen and took his own action to protect the king.
    If Prudence thinks that Liam and Eleanor are illegitimate, it might explain her comment if she was pregnant by King Simon.

  43. Melissa says:

    I think pridence is pregnant with kind simons baby actually not cyrus and that child will be heir.

  44. Kate says:

    What if Prudence tried to kill King Simon? She was close to him, so she knew where he went walking. Maybe she killed him because she is pregnant from Cyrus and she want her baby to be the next king because the baby his a boy ! So she wants a great life for her baby, so she kill King Simon !

  45. brownie says:

    Were Prudence&Cyrus ever seen “together”? Cause Cyrus seems to be more interested in “MEN”!Are we sure that Simon isnt the father?I am upset that the KING DIED!! I dont know if I want to watch season 2 now??!!

  46. barepartyguy says:

    Saw this show for the first time recently during the marathon on BRAVO and I was blown away! The over the top characters and writing is like MELROSE PLACE for the royals! Totally addicted to this show and I cannot wait for season two to begin!