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Vampire Diaries EP Explains Elena's Exit, Stefan's Big Move; Previews 'Dark' Damon, Season 7's Big Bad and More

Vampire Diaries Season 7

It’s safe to say, for so many reasons, that nothing will ever be the same after the events of The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season finale — but what exactly is coming up for the people, both human and supernatural, that Elena left behind?

TVLine spoke with executive producer Caroline Dries immediately after Thursday’s bloody (so many deaths!) and heartbreaking (#GoodbyeElena) hour for the scoop on what’s to come.

TVLINE | Why, in your mind, why was this the perfect end for Elena?
We knew we didn’t want to kill Elena because we do want her to come back one day, maybe in the series finale. And we didn’t want her to walk off into the sunset and get a job somewhere because that felt fake. We thought, “What could she do that proves to her friends and to the viewers who she is as a person?” And of course she would make a sacrifice so her best friend could live out the rest of her life. We thought it was fitting that, at the end of the day, after all these sacrifices made on her behalf, she takes the bullet for her friend and goes out Sleeping Beauty-style.

TVLINE | Were you at all concerned that fans would feel like Damon was choosing Bonnie over Elena?
It was never about that to me because I knew, personally, that Nina had to leave the show. Keeping Elena was never a choice, so it became more about showing Damon’s growth as a character: How did Damon change from Season — asshole, selfish Damon — and how did Elena affect him? This was the best way for that to manifest. He made the selfless choice, for once, which was also kind of his gift to Elena.

Vampire Diaries BonnieTVLINE | I imagine Bonnie will be feeling a tremendous amount of guilt for Elena’s situation?
That was my thought, too, that Bonnie would be feeling really crappy about this, but then we talked in the writers room about it. Bonnie’s so strong coming out of Season 6; she really became a woman this season. For her to go back on all of that didn’t feel like the story we wanted to see. So we gave Elena that speech at the end where she basically said, “Bonnie, let me do this for you.” Bonnie would be wasting it if she sat around feeling guilty, so she’s going to grab the bull by the horns and be awesome Bonnie Bennett. She’ll start up a fun friendship with Damon, a continuation of what they have now, but she’ll kind of become his moral center as he’s trying to figure out who he is without Elena to impress.

TVLINE | From the brief bit we saw of him, Damon was not handling it well. What’s going to be his biggest struggle? Doesn’t he realize that, as long as he’s patient, Elena will eventually come back?
[Laughs] Patient? How boring! Everything he did, every choice he made, was somehow tied to Elena. Now she’s not there looking over his shoulder every five minutes, so he has to figure out who he is without her and what choices he’s OK making. He’s going to have a rough go at it, and he’s going to get dark and be Bad-Damon. But he’s still got Bonnie there to remind him what Elena would do.

TVLINE | Damon obviously still loves Elena, but he’s also a sexual creature, so is there a chance he could take up with someone else? Is that something you’re willing to embrace?
The problem is that, as you said, he is still so madly in love with her. It would feel false for him to meet someone else and have sparks and fall in love. The viewers also wouldn’t embrace it; any girl who comes close to Damon gets clawed at with their opinions, so it’s not something we’re going to jump into as writers right away. He’s got to be with himself for a bit, and his love story will be based back on Stefan.

Vampire Diaries SterolineTVLINE | Speaking of Stefan, I’m glad he finally dropped the L-bomb, but why not go all out and have Caroline say it back?
We always thought it was more natural for Caroline to deal with the grief she’s feeling and not think that her relationship with Stefan is just a Band-Aid to cover up these tragic feelings she’s been enduring. She wants to come at it from a cleaner place, and she mentioned to him in the last episode that she’s a control freak. She’s still coping after her mother’s death and her humanity being off; she’s not feeling like herself. In Season 7, she’s going to try and figure out if she and Stefan can actually do this.

TVLINE | Stefan’s speech about Elena not being his destiny, that she was merely leading him back to his brother, was also a huge moment. Why was that important to get in there?
It was Stefan saying goodbye to Stefan-and-Elena and being thankful for her presence in his life. He took an adult step back and looked at the big picture and said, “That was a huge part of my life, but at the end of the day, this is the good that came out of it. Now, I’m ready to move on [with Caroline].”

TVLINE | We didn’t find out where Tyler went. Can you say?
We don’t really mean it to be a mystery; the implication is that he took off with Jeremy and we will reference where they are once we start Season 7. They’re off hunting vampires together.

TVLINE | Then I guess it’s helpful Jeremy has an ally who can take a vampire down with one bite.
[Laughs] Exactly.

TVLINE | And then there’s Alaric. How is he possibly going to move on from losing Jo and their twins?
As we break Alaric’s story [for Season 7], we’re thinking, “How would you actually feel if that happened? How would you get over it?” And we decided you don’t get over it. He’s deeply wounded and he needs Damon, who also lost the love of his life, at least for 60 or 70 years. He’s sort of the one person who can relate to him most. He’s going to rest on Damon’s shoulder, and we’re going to find them growing up together in the premiere. There’s no fix to what happened to Alaric. He’s going to be a mess when he starts the new season.

TVLINE | As for the time jump, have you figured out how far into the future it is?
We have figured it out — I’m writing the premiere as we speak — but we’re kind of keeping it a mystery for fans to mull over. It’ll all become clear in the premiere what’s actually happening.

TVLINE | I saw that Matt’s a full-fledged officer now, so I’m thinking of my own brother and how long it took him to get through the police academy.
How long did it take?

TVLINE | About six months.
That’s interesting. Matt’s been doing that police training class, so he already had a couple months under his belt.

Vampire Diaries LilyTVLINE | Lily has also been reunited with her “family.” Was this her happy ending, or the beginning of a new nightmare?
This will be the nightmare of Season 7. It’s going to be the Salvatore brothers vs. the Salvatore mom and her adopted family of heretics, who are known to be sociopaths who have killed thousands of people.

TVLINE | OK, so she’s definitely back. Is Annie Wersching a series regular?
She’s not going to be a series regular, but she’s going to be the villain, you could say, when we start Season 7.

TVLINE | Lastly, I loved Kai to pieces, and he got a big send-off. What was your goal when wrapping his story?
We wanted to show the audience how the heretics work, so we turned him into one. We wanted to personify the villains for next year, which is why we went through the stages — so to speak — of becoming a vampire who can do magic. We also needed a villain to pay off the entire mythology of the season. We knew we wanted to make it a big Kai villain-centric story. It just happened that he was available, and he’s been the most awesome villain we’ve had on the show. It worked really well.

TVD fans, once you recover from information-overload, drop a comment with your thoughts on the finale and your hopes for Season 7 below.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for always asking about Steroline! Can’t wait to see what comes for them in season 7!

    • Selly says:

      Lol, Dullena always saying they are Steroline fans are the funniest. Obvious, still very funny. As a STELENA the show is now OVER. To the duo of Plec and her side kick Dries (read a comment and thought that was a perfect name for the creepy Ian Lover duo) you DUDES slapped every single Stelena in the face. GOOD- BYE, DUDES. They need female writers who can connect more with how FEMALES connect with a man. Never going to read a recap about this show again. Literally stopped watching 2 seasons ago when they turned it into the Dullena Diaries. Watched last night for Ninas good-bye

      • Avita says:

        I’m so happy it was Delena lol I began watching this show since the very first season came out and I had to wait until like 3 seasons until they finally fell in love! Stelena fans got their share so technically they did not slap every Stelena fans in their face. And more people would rather Damon end up with Elena rather than Stefan. And Steroline makes a cute couple! DELENA FTW

      • k says:

        I know right. What are they talking about. So basically in 1 season stefan totally forgot about elena, and fell crazy in love with caroline eventhough in season 5 finale he was still madly in love with her, like what the hell. I just want elena to freaking die, just die forever, then the ending would have been more powerful. I mean whats 60 years for a freaking immortal. If elena comes back ,its definitly ending with a cheesy dumb ending with delena, where damon makes a gay joke which i dont wanna see. Im sorry but this bitch caroline dries should not have said its goodbye. I hope steroline will not be able to function and stefan realizes elenas the only one he can love.

        • missy says:

          The show isn’t the same without elana, I personally don’t like show anymore it’s not the same with elana gone who gets rid of the main star to replace with bonnie it’s stupid now, most if season 6 was annoying an dumb. Then to top it off no elana WHO WRITES THE SHOW AN WHERE’S YOUR HEAD AT

          • Maddie says:

            Where is your head at… Nina dobrev left the show. They didn’t just decide to get rid of the main character. Nina wants to move on with her career after 6 seasons.

        • Carissa says:

          I gotta disagree. I think that Elena and Damon should remain together thru the entire season. Obviously Stephen should be with Caroline. You know, in the novels alotta what’s on the TV show did not happen. Plus Elena was blonde in the novel. She did end up with Damon. But not the same way as this show says. Don’t get me wrong. The TV series is awesome. But they weren’t exactly sticking to the novel lol

    • H says:

      I take that since Tyler and Jeremy are reunited they can finally have their gay romance that was promised early in the show but that the power that be were to chicken to play out. Just because it will happen off-screen doesn’t mean it’s not canon.
      I know Andy Swift agrees with me.

    • Alisha says:

      Me too!!! I loved how Stefan didnt make an “Im in love with you” declaration with swelling music in the background.. He just lay it out there like it was so obvious how loving her had changed his life. they’ve really handled steroline in a mature way with their humanities back.

      • charlotte says:

        Oh Dear Delena, I am bored with all your BS pretending to be Stefan and Caroline fans. Chillax, Julie has made it clear to everyone that Stelena did not happen. Why do you guys want Stefan with another sloppy second of Damons. I am bored now. I hope this show gets cancelled because of the way Dries and Plec mislead Stelena fans like myself. Nothing worse than 2 grown women bowing down to a few 14 year olds. Then again the fact the ratings hit an all time low when Dullena got together is way better revenge.

        • Alisha says:

          Oh would you just SHUT UP!! dont assume. I dont like delena. Never have. Liked stelena way back when elena was kinda sorta likable. Who i do like is stefan and his relationship with caroline has always been amazing. If you dont like it, fine. Just dont deductions on my behalf. Please and thank you.

          • cynthia desmond says:

            pls in the movie elena broke up with stefan and she fell inlove with damon while with stefan: stefan finally has found love with a nice girl that dont have eyes for his brother damon, stefan and caroline are the nicest people ever and they deserve and understands each other i want them to have a happpy ending

    • breanna smith says:

      Yes.!.I love the show and I know a lot of people who love this show…a cupple little comments that are negative shouldn’t affect Anything…this show has showed more love and caring then I have every seen in my life…it needs to go on…this not right that elana is just left in a coffen…and if they say she will come out and see everyone again then that what should happen they should find a loop hole…like their always is…their needs to be a season 7 season 8 season 9 so on and so forth…Vampire diries is amazing

    • guest says:

      Sterocest is GROSS!! Between that and Damon being in main pain who wants to come back for that? Way to go Plec.

    • juan says:

      since elena is sleeping for 60 to 70 years. will she be aging like a normal human, since she drunk the cure?

      • L3MONaidd says:

        no, on the finale Kai explained it to Damon in the hospital. Damon says he knows it’s magic because the doctors say “she’s in perfect health” and Kai replies with saying “and she’ll stay that way until she wakes. young, beautiful, human, Elena Gilbert. preserved in this moment indefinitely”. So she is basically in a time bubble, frozen until Bonnie dies. she is still human but she will not continue to age until the sleep spell is broken (which, sadly is only when Bonnie dies) and once she wakes, she will continue to age as a normal human being unless the cure is sucked out of her like it was from Katherine.

        *(everything after these parenthesis is just my theory but it all makes sense if you go by the shows rules so just keep in mind it’s just my thoughts and not actual quotes or anything) which means their plan to be together as humans in the season 6 finale is also failed. when she wakes they can be together but he as a vampire and she as human. If he had taken the cure from her body before the spell, she would have only sped up the aging to the time she was turned.. 3 years ago. not a big deal. However because of this spell, assuming Bonnie lives to be 60+ if Damon tries to take the cure from her she will age the 3 years plus Bonnies lifespan after the spell.. (if that makes sense).

  2. Kinsey says:

    I am so so excited for Steroline in season 7!

  3. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Damon dark and twister and reckless again? For the 191581582585282 time.

    • elena says:

      Lol .they talk about character development on one hand and on the other hand they say Damon is going to be dark again.And Stefan and Caroline make me vomit.It’s like watching brother and sister together.
      To be honest Tvd writers and producers don’t have brains.

      • Beth says:

        Maybe you are the one who needs a brain. Damon’s character development came mostly from his relationship with Elena and now he has to build on that change without her. That is what the writer is saying and it makes sense to me. And Stefan and Caroline have never been siblingsesque lol? Caroline had a crush on him the moment she saw him.

        • elena says:

          First learn to understand what’s written .I never said stefen and Caroline are brother and sister I said their relationship is platonic like a brother and sister.And you pathetic fangirls are the reason the show took a turn for the worse because you girls watch it for the romance not actual story.I bet you don’t even understand half of the stuff that goes on in an episode .you are OK with it as long as there is shirtless damon or your delena anf steroline happens.

          • angla says:

            Totally agree with you.These delena shippers and poor quality writing ruined the show.

          • Beth says:

            Looool, yes TVD is a very deep show that was not at all conceived to be a teen vampire romance. Caroline and Stefan aren’t siblings or platonic so the one who is being controlled by their shipping/anti-shipping feelings is actually you. I’m the one watching the actual story and making remarks about it rather than the way I wish it was.

        • Tonya Davis says:

          I really hope Elena comes back soon.

      • I am going to agree with you on this… Because I was hoping caroline would leave vampire dairies and show up on Originals to be Klaus’s Pillar like she was before and not Cammie… No Offense to Cammie but…. Ya not like those two together either.. Though I also thought Kai’s outting should of been a little more involved.. He’s a good actor.. I really liked him. Damon needed to go back to I am a bad ass dark guy. Alaric and Damon again. I like that. Though honestly I hope the ‘vilians’ are more powerful then what I was expecting out of Kai. I was sorta expecting an epic battle and some serious damon and bonnie fight to happen against kai.. Lots of magic lots of vampire fight almost unbeatable thing.. but Maybe what was in the episode was a little bit undershadowed by Alena going sleeping beauty… I dunno just my thoughts. Agree don’t agree its kewl :)

        • utibe etim says:

          Good point…… Ur’e pretty following up well…

          Let’s just wait and see what comes out of the season 7

        • Rus says:

          I feel like Klaus and Cami are better together because Cami likes Klaus despite his dark side and sees right through him. Klaus doesn’t admit it directly because if he did, he knows people will come after her, Klaroline felt like a mild-crush scenario just to show Klaus has feelings. But agree with the rest though.

        • Amy says:

          There was no epic battle between Kai and Bonnie :(

  4. Jessica says:

    I love TVP so much I cry almost every episode cause I’m so emotionally invested i the show. I can’t wait for season 7 so I can find out what has happened with everyone’s lives without Elana in it she was everyone’s rock and the centre of the show in my eyes so it will b interesting to see how use go when she’s no longer there lighting up the screen. Thank you so much to the producers, writers, actors and whoever else that had something to do with the production of this brilliant show please keep it coming (:

    • Cris says:

      I agree with you 1000% ! I could not have said it better.

      And we should be thanking the writers and everyone behind the scene , other wise we would not have this awesome show to watch.

  5. B says:

    Pretty interesting way to write Elena out, but I’m not sure I’ll stick with the show. Will watch the first couple eps next season to see. I’m not into Stefan and Caroline, and the heretics don’t interest me. Damon and Bonnie as friends, yeah, maybe.

    Re: Kai: “he’s been the most awesome villain we’ve had on the show.”
    Are you serious? I strongly disagree. That goes to that guy over on The Originals.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. I loved Chris Wood on Carrie Diaries, but I hate Kai. Klaus was their best villian. And Meredith was not killed off, in one of the first episodes this season, Ric mentioned she got married and moved to Alaska.

    • Kyle says:

      Elena was the weakest part of the show. Now this can be an action series without her whining.

    • meka says:

      You are right Kai has nothing on Klaus… Klaus was so bad he needed his own show to be bad in… Caroline is more believable with Klaus than Stephan ..yuk

  6. Beth says:

    Killing Alaric’s wife and unborn child was just too much, like… ugh. They already killed like two or three of his other love interests too. Anyway, I enjoyed the finale and am excited for Steroline next season. Their story really slowed down as Nina’s exit loomed so I’m hoping to see it pick up again next season.

  7. lina says:

    I like how elaina is still alive. Very good way to keep the show going. BOut time she loses something for bonnie. It’s fair and interesting. Sad when she comes back we lose bonnie. Maybe we can have her and damon be somthing. I’d like to see that. I’m also glad the brothers are reverting back to season 1 roles. Stefan the romantic only with Caroline and damon the bad ass crow. Good! I say good riddance to Kai and Liv and the rest of there dumb coven. The originals out awesomed Kai. He was cute but dang he’s no Klaus or Rebecca and Elijah. I feel this is an opportunity to be fresh again. I look forward to season 7.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I thought the finale was great! It was so sad…in a loving way, well not Kai, I hated to see him go, he was definitely the best villain but i loved the fact everyone got to say good bye and that they all had those moments with Elena, I hate to read bad Damon is back, but I expected it:(… It will seem really different with so many of the cast members gone… I really want Stefan and Caroline to work, I love them together,! So excited for next season

  9. Philip says:

    They should have just killed off Elena. I hate Nina leaving, but because she did it so last minute, I don’t think she deserves the chance to go back to the show if she can’t get work elsewhere.

    • SamL says:

      Last minute? NO. Nina dobrev mentioned numerous times in interviews that she didn’t want this to continue past a certain point it wasn’t set in stone originally. However, the cast and producers knew for a long time. She most likely didn’t say anything sooner to fans because she didn’t want the entire season to be compromised by the lingering anticipation of her character leaving. Most shows don’t announce a person leaving the show until a few episodes before their write off OR after they die, leave, etc

    • 'A' Has Been Revived says:

      It wasn’t last minute. They’ve known since last year, maybe even before then due to times Nina had said she was only doing 6 years! Fans just never looked into that fact until it was definitely confirmed in February. She was leaving and they all knew. They had enough time to write her farewell and tbh, I think it was a good way to keep the show going without her.

  10. Philip says:

    But I really hope that Steroline works out! The show has been blowing holes in my ship at every turn but this episode makes me hopeful.

  11. Chris says:

    Alaric needs to date someone indestructible.

  12. lina says:

    I didnt like alarics fiance so oh well. Hes better and more interesting as an obsessive drunk. Bonnie is beautiful she can carry on in the lovely elaina wake. Caroline is best as a secondary character. Let’s focus on bon bon!

  13. Candace says:

    Killing Jo was just too much, they’ve killed off all of alarics women so far. I honestly probably won’t continue watching the show, without Tyler liv Elena or Jo all that’s left is momma Salvatore and she doesn’t interest me too much, nor does her “family” and neither does Caroline and Stefan. This used to be my favorite show now I’m nothing but disappointed. And as for Kai being the best villain?? Um no that was definitely klaus. At least I’m still enjoying the originals!

    • ChrisGa says:

      I thought Jo was one of the better additions this cast has seen in recent years. It was a waste to kill her off IMO and now it’s back to brooding, drunk-all-the-time Alaric; sorry, but Matt Davis deserves SO much better than having to play that beat ALL THE TIME.

    • Samantha says:

      Completely agree

  14. lorna says:

    Have yet to watch, but not d ure I want to tune in to s7.

  15. lorna says:

    Agreed. I hate Steroli , and not bc I ship Stelena. I hate Lilly.

    • Kyle says:

      I think we all know Stefan and Elena get back together.

      • Jane says:

        We sane people wish, but look at this Sterocrap they’re trying to pull. When they made Elena a vampire and started doing everything that Delena fans DEMANDED them to do, this show went to shiet. At least we know steroshiet will never compare to Stelena, no matter how much they try to ruin or downplay what they had.

        I hope next season tanks hard in the ratings. What do they promise us? More sterocrap, Damon cock blocked for at least 7 decades, Matt the sheriff and what else? LOL. Plus it’s all Damon, Damon, Damon. The obsession with Damon and Delena knows no boundaries and no matter how much the ratings decline and how general viewers voice how sick they are of it, they just keep at it.

        • Avita says:

          Lol you are so dumb this show got most of their views because of them! If Stelena happened THIS SHOW WOULD SUCK! ALOT OF PEOPLE WOULD NOT WATCH IT. Just because you are a Stelena fan and it did not work out the way you want it does not mean every one else is sick of it so stfu! And fyi the show has a 8/10 rating and any polls you take for Damon/Elena or Stefan/Elena it always ends up with Damon and Elena having most votes. The writers went with what majority of the fans prefer!! Sucks for you tho.

          • Col says:

            Results of votes for which couple is better (you saying Delena having most votes) does NOT reflect the actual preference of people who watch the show; it reflects a certain portion of the fans (most likely those who are only focusing on the couples and love stories involved), but not everyone who watches the show. What I’m saying is, if a certain pair (in this instance I am referring to Delena) wins in polls, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the preference of everyone. It just reflects those portion of the show’s fans and those passionate about their OTP.

            I loved Stelena when the show started, and I admit I didn’t like it when Delena happened, NOT because I prefer Stelena. I acknowledge the beauty, romance and moments Delena had, but when it happened, the show’s story suffered tremendously. I am NOT saying this because I am a Stelena fan. I am over Stelena now. I just want Stefan to be happy with someone he deserves, may it be Caroline or someone else (honestly, I prefer Caroline with Klaus, though, and I’d be happy even if Damon and Elena will be end game, too). It’s just, when the show started with Delena, it felt as if the show was just so obsessed with their story. The action dropped, every thing else that I loved about the show was gone. I am quite aware that when The Originals started, and not having Klaus around affected Vampire Diaries negatively, but the show focusing and being too much of Delena consequently made the show suffer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve long moved on with Stelena not happening; I am perfectly happy with everything they’ve had even now that it’s gone. I am at peace knowing they are not end game. I love having couples in a story/series, but I don’t want this series to be JUST about couples. Although I used to love Stelena, I loved Vampire Diaries because of the action and twists in the story, and the show didn’t feel TOO much of Stelena unlike now that it’s TOO much Delena. Heck, I am all for Delena for as long as it was just about them. I think that’s what most fans of the show is trying to say when they say that the show lost it’s luster when Delena started. It’s as if the writers were just too damn obsessed with them and forgot to tell the story of what it’s supposed to be about. You can say I am biased all you want, but the ratings and reviews in general says a lot and support what I just said.

            FYI, results of polls and popularity in fandom DOES NOT mean it’s the preference of everyone who watches the show. There are fans who are after the story, not just the couples in it. On the other hand, the RATINGS are far more significant than any poll results. And it’s evident that when Delena happened, along when The Originals started (when Klaus and the others moved out of Mystic Falls), The Vampire Diaries has not been as it used to be. It felt as if the intense action and thrilling twists all moved to The Originals (as if the good writers left Vampire Diaries and worked for The Originals), and all the lovey dovey writers were left in The Vampire Diaries, and suddenly Delena is the only thing that mattered in the show.

          • Kailianna says:

            I can’t speak for everyone else but I didn’t start watching until Elena and Damon got together. Stefan is great but he was was too soft for Elena… especially after she became a vampire. I keep seeing people say that we are too worried about the romance and not the storyline but the romance is the storyline. I am pretty sure that Elena met stefan on the first episode so it started as a romance story.

  16. Dress says:

    I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the Season 6 Finale. I was very disappointed in the way they portrayed Elena’s departure and I almost would say it was an insult to Nina Dobrev.
    I will continue watching the show because it’s one of my favorites. I’m excited to see what happens with Damon and Rick, but I’m not at all excited to see what happens with Stefan and Caroline. They act like they’ve had to participate in an arranged marriage.

    • m3rcnate says:

      How is it in insult to keep her character alive because the fans/show-runner loves her and her character so much they want her to come back one day and tie up the story? That seems like a HUGE compliment to her, how key her character is, how much they like her and want her back. An insult to Nina would have been just having her character walk into the sunset or simply die. Instead shes still alive, and got closure with every character on the show currently alive.
      I’m the opposite, i’m excited for Caroline and Stefan and a “bad guy” Damon and Rick don’t interest me in the least bit.

  17. shelton23236 says:

    Wow Damon turning bad again. Like I didn’t see that coming. I’m guessing he turns his humanity off. Shouldn’t be too much of a time jump. Prolly about a few months atleast.

    • m3rcnate says:

      To be fair, what stopped him from being “bad” was Elena and her constant oversight and expectations and making him become a better guy, now shes gone and all we know is hes not doing great, we dont know hes running around shredding people and has his humanity switched off. Plec clearly says they need to realistically show what Damon is like when the person who was keeping him in check with her love is gone.

        • m3rcnate says:

          Eh not really, they only recently became friends and that was in the other dimension where he couldnt do much that was “bad”, and their friendship since has been rocky (him forcing her to be with Kia to get back to the other dimension etc). They care about each other but the major factor in his life that changed him was Elena.

  18. shelton23236 says:

    It is messed up how they killed jo. Alaric can’t get a dam break. But she was gonna die regardless. As long as kai was alive she was dead. Even if he hadn’t have stabbed her she would’ve died when he killed himself. And plus I like how they left a loophole. All bonnie has to do is become a vampire and than elena will wake up. But since nina dobrev left the show that prolly won’t happen till the series finale.

  19. m3rcnate says:

    Gotta love how a CW show at 8pm can show a human decapitation but show a butt cheek or nipple and people are freaking out and the CW is getting fined by the FCC (sarcasm). Sad.

  20. MAX says:

    So glad damon is going dark again

  21. Shaun says:

    Think it’s time for Candice Accola to be a lead on this show.Almost as underused as Bonnie XD.

  22. joel f says:

    Wow! What a great episode. I was indifferent to Nina leaving but after the season 6 finale it’s pretty clear TVD w/out Elena is gonna leave a gaping hole… Looking forward to season 7.

  23. Kyle says:

    Can’t wait for Elena & Stefan to eventually get back together. The creator said they are meant to be.

  24. ninergrl6 says:

    I agree that Kai was the most awesome villain the show’s ever had. I think I’m going to miss him more that Elena.

  25. Todd Gatliff says:

    Actually guys, i don’t necessarily think Damon is Dark “Again” I think that last scene is the hell that’s been unleashed by the (Heretics) #Vamptics I percieve it as Matt being human boy wonder cop searching for the Vamptics and that’s Damon Helping. We’ll see. #Steroline #TVD #Delena #TillNextSeason

    • Tracy says:

      ^^^^ This. I got an Arrow type vibe when I saw Damon looking down at the hell the heratics have unleashed.

  26. Melissa says:

    Ha! Was just remembering how in Season 1 of TVD Caroline kept flirting with Stefan and he told her they were never going to happen or be a thing and now in the last episode of Season 6 he’s the one telling Caroline that he’ll wait for her.

    • Jacob ashley says:

      Delena happened becos stefan went away 4 a while.destiny must play its role in due course.stelena wil b back.

  27. Samuel says:

    I can’t wait to see how the relationship between Bonnie and Damon plays out, I mean if Bonnie and Damon get into a relationship eventually it’ll be interesting to see how they change each other. It’s either Bonnie changes Damon, and makes him more of a Soft hearted kind person again or Evil Damon, turn good old Bonnie into the witch not to be trifled with like he did with Elena when she first turned into a vampire.

  28. christina says:

    I loved how they took nina out….it could not have been better. Although all this chat about bad damon, yeah so what hes back to himself before elena but seeing as how bonnie is his moral compass maybe he is trying to help matt from all that mayhem the queeny salvadore has brought to mystic falls. So needless to say maybe we have it all wrong cuz if stefan and caroline r together we all know that will never work in the enviroment portrayed in season 6 finale…..they r all hearts and flowers. So i cant wait wait for 7 to be here already….

  29. Coco says:

    Will Kai comeback? Will Kai be at the 7th season?

    • Tom says:

      He just got his head ripped clean off by damon.. so i kinda doubt it..
      But who knows.. maybe with some body jumping tricks like in the originals..

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      I don’t think so,he got killed off and the actor that plays him is on Containment next season

  30. holly says:

    I glad Elena has gone, found her part the most annoying, VD will be a much better program without her,

  31. Brooke says:

    I like what she has to say. Damon and Bonnie plus Damon and Alaric are things I have wanted more of so I am glad we are getting both friendships focused on next year.

  32. Sara says:

    I don’t think I’ll be tuning in next season. Not because of Elena (cause she bugged me), but because it feels as if the villains are somehow the same every time. It’s almost tedious.

  33. Maryann says:

    I would be ok with the episode if it were not for Jo’s death. That really wasn’t necessary. She could have lost the twins and survived. There should be some bright spot going into season 7. And I’m sorry, Stefan and Caroline just do not fill that role for me. I see zero credibility in their relationship and I have zero emotional response to it. I’m not saying deny that to the people that see it. What I am saying is that the emotional story for Alaric and Jo that could have been told with her survival would have been one of the best of the entire series. And Elena’s story itself? Well done. Best episode of the series to date — with the really glaring exception of Jo dying and Jo and Alaric’s love story coming to an end.

  34. Melissa says:

    How freaking stupid to have her linked to Bonnie. Punk a$$ writers should have actually killed her off. This is a supernatural show; they could have found another way to bring her back for the finale. Instead, we have to always think about Bonnie’s mortality and how as soon as she’s gone, sleeping vampire beauty wakes up. Blah! What drivel. Grow some nads. I hope something happens and Bonnie becomes a vampire. I know there were complications with the witch/vampire thing, but it can be done. If they want Elena back for the finale or the actress ever wants to return full time, they can do some sort of magic something or other and make it happen. The beauty of this show, and also its downfall, is literally ANYTHING can happen.

  35. Tim says:

    I find myself wondering if they might bring Jo back next season. With Kai and Liv dead, there’s room for a magic loophole where her twins become the Gemini leaders and heal her from within. Plus I don’t remember them showing Papa Gemini fully dying right? And we didn’t see Alaric bury Jo (and TVD LOVES their funeral scenes). To me it seems like they left a little room for a happy Season Premiere surprise. I agree with you all that Rick being a mess is totally played out. The writers have to know that we’re tired of that.

    • breanna smith says:

      I agree that’s exactly what I thing is going to happen…though twins need to live and their needs to be more

  36. Simone says:

    im soooo sorry for Alaric like wth!! how could they kill off his love interest again!!!…. Alaric will go back to being a drunk and for sure he’ll never marry again poor thing. And kai should of lived even though he’s so evil i love him. Stefan and Caroline needs to get together asap <3

  37. Gem says:

    My only disappointment is that they killed off Jo! I loved her and was so looking forwards to Alaric getting some happiness for once! And it was nice to have some grown-ups around as well!

  38. Jack Steel says:

    This show is going to need a miracle to stay on the air. Elena was the show. The show was dying already but it got staked with the white wooden dagger of bad judgement. Series finale where are you? We need you now!

    • Kyle says:

      Elena was the worst part of the show (along with Bonnie). This shows revolves around Stefan and Damon. I remember when Lana left Smallville. I was so happy that the whiny character was gone. Same here.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        There’s a critical difference between Lana on Smallville and Elena on TVD. Lana wasn’t a central character in Smallville. Smallville was about Clark Kent. They could’ve ditched everyone on the show but as long as they had Tom Welling playing Clark Kent and struggling with his inhumanness, the show was still adhering to its original premise: how Clark Kent became Superman. With TVD, the show is about two vampires fighting over one human girl, Elena. Remove any member of this weird and lame love triangle screws up the entire dynamic on which the show’s premise is built. Smallville could survive w/o Lana. She’s not even that prominent in the Superman mythos to begin with. TVD without Elena is a completely different beast. One that may not survive now that it’s missing a limb.

  39. Michelle says:

    That dance at the end was ridiculous! Damon going back to being bad too predictable. When is Damon ever going to be a real man without a vagina at stake!!!

    • Brigid says:


    • Nina says:

      “When is Damon ever going to be a real man without a vagina at stake!!!”

      Okay, that actually made me laugh for real.

      But I agree, Damon needs to be his own person and make decisions independent of who his current love interest is. It really weakens him as a character. It’s like he has no mind of his own.

  40. jeana says:

    Whats the video he was talking about? the one where they take elena out and just leave damon and stefan?

  41. Nicole says:

    One thing that I am still very confused about is what will happen to Elena during the next 60+ years… With the cure in her, is she totally human now? In other words, will she age?? Or will she stay young and beautiful sleeping there?

    • Artemis says:

      and another question is that isn’t Elena going to die herself after 70 years as a result of aging?Is she going to live longer than Bonnie?She isn’t a vampire anymore. I’m also confused .

      • Kyle says:

        Kai said the spell will keep her in a perfect state as long as Bonnie lives. Elena will be young when Bonnie dies and will start aging then.

  42. Tiffany says:

    Looking forward to a slow developing relationship with Bonnie and Damon… So many relationship changes why not let it become romantic… Turn tragedy into, bonnie never really did one questionable thing…

  43. Tiffany says:

    I remember Damon always having Dracula like abilities season 1 creating fog, bat thing, later the sire bond that’s supposed to be rare…looking for more of this

  44. Brigid says:

    It was an ok finale. I like the link between Bonnie and Elena, that was different. I only got emotional when she said goodbye to Stefan. That tear rolling down his cheek before he put his hand on hers was touching. They really messed up their story. I liked Damon killing Kai because he really needed to die, just like Klaus should have died. Bygones!

    Not looking forward to Damon being dark again and Alaric being mopey and drunk again. It must be so easy to just keep writing the same thing season after season as to not give your characters growth, it’s so boring. I only have interest in Bonnie, Stefan and Matt, the rest can go. Matter of fact, have Matt go bum sh*t crazy and kill them all, he could use a little justice and some peace of mind.

  45. Kelley says:

    probably wont even watch next season. no interest anymore. I love damon but don’t want to see him without elena. Stefan and caroline r like brother and sister – nasty. bonnie, matt, enzo all bore the heck out of me. as least they got rid of boring Jeremy and tyler. kai was NOT the best villian – um Klaus anyone? im glad they didn’t kill off elena at least she can return for the finale – kill bonnie and elena returns – her and damon reunite – the end. I really hate when shows do time jumps. so that ending sucked. like how far into the future are they? and is the whole town dead? do we even care? But one thing I cant forgive was the killing of Jo and the babies. Alaric cant catch a break. he and jo deserved a happy ending. that was just awful. the writers should be ashamed of themselves. no TVD for me next year. I’ll stick with the originals. heres what would make TVD better – send the Salvatore bros and caroline and bonnie to new Orleans!!!

  46. cassie says:

    I think elena’s send off a good one. But honestly I was never a delena fan I was and always will be a stelena fan. No offense to Caroline I loved her with Tyler. And since Jeremy and Bonnie aren’t together anymore I would love to see Bonnie and Damon finally together. They went from frienemies to finally good friends. I really want to see them take their there friendship to the next step. As for villains on TVD goes no one tops Klaus he was such a big bad wolf. I loved to hate him. Though truth be told I’m a HUGE Klaus fan now. Once u get to know the real him u see why he was such a villain to begin with but I guess having that beautiful little princess really made his heart more soft. After all old Klaus would have killed Hayley instead he just cursed her. Can’t wait to see what the next seasons bring for TVD and The Originals. P.S. LOVED when Klaus said “We’re officially orphans” it just sounded so funny coming from him.

  47. mel says:

    Kai was good not …Claus.Elena and Stefan was made for each other. Damon and Bonnie need to get together I dont feel Bonnie will change Damon she making her own decision w her magic I love this I hated when cast controlled her magic. Sorry but Caroline needs to go over to Originals I love her and Claus together they can tear up some things I wan t to see a bad as love not puppy love these are Vampires I must add that there is less fighting and heads falling off more teenager lover crap that im hating …

  48. Zunibabe10 says:

    I want to see Damon and Elena get married, after he has turned her back into a vampire. I want to see Stefan marry Caroline.!

    • Ari says:

      you can’t be turned back into a vampire once you’ve taken the cure. Sorry to burst that bubble. Katherine tried when she was human. So Elena when she wakes up from her quaint little coma will age and die.

  49. Zunibabe10 says:

    I would like to see Damon and Elena get married after she willingly turns back into a vampire! Then, Stefan and Caroline marry!

  50. sudhi says:

    i just want damon to cope and find someone like elena, more like a friend or a gf..umm idk…well what i am excited about is steroline <3 i love caroline since day one and stefan has gotten hawtter since evry second!! sucha bomb they will be!! i wish sara canning should come back for alaric as she was always the best soul mate for alaric, i never liked jo, good she's outta the serial now! kai… oh mann.. im gonna miss him, cruel eh..i love kai he was awesome!!

    • donath says:

      I like bonnie hw she acts with her magic she’s impressive also kai bt he become boring when he killed Jo’s unborn babies also I like the speech of Stefan when he was proposing to Caroline