Fall TV Preview

CSI Cancelled, Farewell Movie Event Eyed for Fall With William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger Set to Return

CSI Cancelled

CBS is sending CSI off into the sunset in style.

The network confirmed on Wednesday that the former juggernaut will end its 15-year run with a special movie event to air on Sunday, Sept. 27. Original cast members including William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger are among the CSI MVPS set to return for the swan song.

CSI was a breakout hit when it debuted in 2000, averaging 20 million viewers by the end of Season 1 and ranking among TV’s top 10 shows. In Season 5, it hit a peak audience of 26 million viewers. It also launched the spinoffs CSI: Miami, CSI: NY and, most recently, the just-renewed CSI: Cyber.

The cancellation writing was on the wall since October, when CBS trimmed the show’s Season 15 episode order from 22 to 18. CSI ended the year with an average audience of 8 million viewers.

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  1. Bill says:

    Hmmmm, interesting

  2. M80 says:

    Is Ted Danson moving to Cyber now?

  3. Trish says:

    It had a great run. I’ll miss the chemistry among those original cast members and the newer ones. I hope that the producers attempt to get ALL of the folks involved who made “CSI” great in its initial run. That includes Gary Dourdan. Heck, get David Caruso in there, too! Make it up to the great actors in the “Miami” spinoff :)

    • Celyn says:

      Um…Didn’t Warwick die? CSI is/was a good show but I don’t think they’re good enough to cover resurrection. LOL. And what do you mean “Make it up to the great actors in the “Miami” spinoff”? NY had great actors too.

      • CSI has done flashbacks before, so they could get Warwick back for one, specially if the plot could somehow thread a past case with a present day case so they could like see both teams of CSIs deal with the same case in two different time periods, as it were.

        • Cas says:

          Maybe they could solve the sqweekal (sorry butchered that spelling) storyline…Remember the guy who killed people dressed up in that rubber outfit. Pretty sure it was never solved.

          • Interesting. But that’s not from the early cases, so it wouldn’t fit the “goal” here of seeing the season 1 and season 15 teams tackle two linked cases across a 15 year time gap.

          • brandi says:

            I Googled about that episode several months back because I couldn’t remember if they solved it or not. That was just a creepy episode.

          • Take says:

            What is “sqweekal”? I have no idea what that means.

          • Jamie says:

            I have been waiting on that episode forever. I wanted them to catch that rubber clad man!!

      • Jennifer says:

        They could say his death was due to him being in witness protection

    • Steven says:

      Get Gary Sinese, Melina Kanakaredes, and Sela Ward back to so we can get a proper CSI: NY finale too.

    • Liz says:

      CSI Miami was the one I REALLY hated to see go, I liked it a lot better than CSI, although I watched both. I think that is a great idea TRISH!

    • COOKIE LOWE says:

      Let me ask one question, ok, ended up becoming 2 questions – the Send Off Movie is planned to air SUNDAY, Sept 27th. SUNDAY??? Will it air if NFL FOOTBALL runs over or will it be bumped to the following week, or thereafter, whenever there is enough time to air a 2 hr movie?

  4. . (@yikes77) says:

    Time to call The Who to see what songs they can throw in for the finale.

  5. msstargate says:

    I hope they bring back the entire original cast.

    • Daven says:

      Can’t really bring back warrick, he died. Maybe flash backs?

      • Tallee says:

        Or a dream sequence where he talks to Nick or Sara. I’d like to see that, too.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        If the case that is being solved starts 15 years ago with the original cast and is finally solved by the current cast that would allow Warrick to be involved.

  6. Doug Henning says:

    I think this will satisfy most fans… You still have 15 years of shows that will run forever…

    CSI was unique when it started in really getting into the science of forensics. Shows like Quincy were on earlier but that was more of his character and issues more than science.

    Characters were developed over time and this show will let us say goodbye to them especially Gil who’s been gone a while but got brought up from time to time since he left.

    It will be interesting if he comes back to reconnect with Sarah???

    CSI Cyber is not as good of a show but the issues they deal with are amazing and need to be examined. Just not as many dead bodies…

    • brandi says:

      I love watching old reruns from the first 5 seasons or so. When I was in the hospital for 3 weeks after giving birth to my son Spike had several hours of CSI reruns a day back to back and I would watch it all the time.
      Cyber is definitely not as good and Patricia Arquette kind of annoys me, but I do like the cyber crimes angle. Especially with the technology we have out these days. I am super excited about Ted Danson coming over to Cyber.

    • Chas says:

      Gil needs to come back to dump Sarah and hook up with Lady Heather.

      • COOKIE LOWE says:

        Sarah & Gil divorced….I think in Season 14. It would be great, though, if they did get back together, they just couldn’t continue the long distance relationship. I could not understand why the writers separated them & maybe the Cast could have “kept in touch” via telephone, Email even!! I am also in favor of giving Warrick a part in the final…yes, he was murdered, but it could be like was mentioned by Michael Sacal above. I watched all the CSI shows. A tremendous loss, but I do realize TV is changing & I don’t like the route it has chosen. Soon, there will be no “drama shows with meat to them”, if that makes sense.

      • Chad A Edwards says:

        Haha Chass!! I agree. That is an excellent idea.

  7. SoFla says:

    End of an era. I remember when CBS occupied all of my viewing time, now…not so much anymore. Oh well. Thanks for posting the news.

  8. aph1976 says:

    I’m not that surprised that CSI was cancelled but it had a great run.Plus i’m glad that CBS is going to do a movie where we can say goodbye to the characters one final time and everything gets wrapped.As for the movie i wonder if a past case returns which causes the old characters to return in order to solve it.Also there could be flashbacks through the years.

    • brandi says:

      I’m not terribly surprised either. I wasn’t even sure what happened to it these past few months, it was just gone. I would rather have had a shortened season of maybe 13 episodes or so than a movie. But I am grateful they are giving that to us.

  9. Grace says:

    RATS! Cyber acting is lousy in comparison. Will really miss this show.

  10. SANDY says:

    Well CBS you have done it again! Cancelling one of my Favorite shows, so now I have to boycot you in that time slot with something else and I hope whatever you put in that time slot flops. CBS is my favorite station but you are really making me mad and don’t even think about cancelling CSI Cyber.

    • Celyn says:

      They renewed CSI:Cyber. All shows must come to an end at some point and CSI lasted longer than most – 15 years is an incredible run in television today. At least we get a movie to say goodbye to the characters; that kind of closure to a show is almost unheard of.

  11. Can’t wait to see Gil again! Even though I thought Ted Danson was a great fit; not sure he can help Cyber though…

  12. Jenna says:

    Happy to hear Petersen will be in it. Hopefully, this will mean Grissom and Sara will reunite!
    Interesting news about Danson and Cyber. I think it’s a good move and will help the show, tho the time slot certainly won’t.

    • COOKIE LOWE says:

      CBS moved CSI CYBER to Sunday night for this coming FALL Season. Well HELLO, is anyone out there that knows what happens to a show on Sunday night??? IT GETS CANCELLED! I believe that is why CSI was cancelled. NFL Football is on CBS Sunday afternoon until 6PM, CST (Texas) or later. There were 3 episodes of CSI that continued to be bumped to the next week due to them not even airing the show, because NFL ran so late. We would set our DVR for an additional 3 hrs, just in case CBS decided to air CSI. Not once did they alternate between “The Good Wife” being bumped because it was the more “popular show”. The network should have left CSI on a weeknight. It had good ratings until it was moved to Sunday. Yes, I am really going to miss this show. 😢

  13. cali says:

    A movie??????????? Why?

    • msbellalugosi says:

      To give a show that has made them a ton of money a proper send off. I can’t see why anyone would have a problem with that. A lot of shows just get cancelled and that’s that. I’m glad to get the movie.

      • cale says:

        A proper send off…so what is the cut off in years that a show needs a proper send off movie??? I loved CSI through the years…but the end is the end…JMHO

  14. Murray says:

    Still the best in terms of plot lines. Keeps you interested every time you watch because it’s always different. Cyber follows the same plot line so we only watch if nothing else on.

  15. bobC927 says:

    CSI – Cyber, IMO, is one of the worst shows ever to make it to TV. I can’t believe it has been renewed for another season. The recent Oscar winning star is about as bland and boring as anyone I’ve ever seen. Thumbs down on one.

  16. Diane says:

    It would have had more viewers if not moved to Sundays. Too many Sundays when sporting events either made show air up to an hour late or not at all! Who could even DVR show with such timing delays!!

  17. msbellalugosi says:

    Reblogged this on Ms. Bella Lugosi.

  18. Pickle8182 says:

    Not surprised, but kinda sad. Hope the movie rocks it, it was a great show until last couple seasons. Liked Ted, but thought Morgan Brody actress (Elisabeth Hamois) was bad, and she was getting a LOT of air for a weak character and actress. Good bye to one of the greats. Glad Peterson will be there for the end.

  19. MikeD says:

    I guess it’s time but still enjoyed it. Can’t get into “Cyber.” I’d rather see a CSI spinoff with Nick Stokes as alluded to in the final episode.

  20. Heidi says:

    With all he dreck that’s out there (and renewed), WHY do they cancel the GOOD shows ??

    • Chas says:

      In this case, it’s because it has a huge cast, many of which have been on it forever. That means exorbitant salaries. And that’s okay if you’re pulling in 15 or 20 million viewers. But 8 million? No. They would have had to fire most all of them and hire in nobodies for cheap to keep the show going.

      Actually, that might have been a workable solution. Have almost everybody killed by a bad guy, then have a new crew take over. Naw…William Peterson was an executive producer and wa probably pulling down seven figures per episode. They would have had to kill him in real life to make it work.

  21. Cookie Lowe says:

    Big mistake (IMO) to keep CSI:CYBER & cancel the Orig CSI. Whoever chose to move it to Sun nights killed the show off. It was one of our favs next to NCIS & CRIMINAL MINDS. Ted Danson brought life back to the show & did a great job, but you couldn’t keep it on a decent night of viewing….you had to put it after NFL. With NFL always running late, no one could ever know when the show would air. We would set our DVR & then add 3 Hrs, to find out if show aired or not; & on 3 different Sun nights, it didn’t air. They will truly be missed. It was a hard pill to swallow when CSI: NY & CSI:MIAMI were cancelled, now this one will take a while before it actually sets in. Tell me, why keep the Reality Shows (so Stupid & most not fit for viewing on a major Network) & cancel a good Drama? I know it comes down to $$$. We are in the 50-58 age bracket & purch items shown in your TV Adv; whereas, most of the 18-30 age group that watch the Reality shows are either still at home or in college, but I doubt purch your Adv items…need to say that their parents are that it is the parent’s $$$ making the purchase. Nice to know that William & Marg will return for the closing 2 Hr send-off movie. Will George also be there, since he wasn’t returning after this season completed? Won’t be the same w/o him. Great loss!

    • Nana says:

      The move to Sundays really killed CSI. Even CSI Miami was moved to Sundays back then and look what happened. Those kind of shows like Criminal Minds or CSI where it involves, solving crimes and stuff like that they do not belong to Sundays. SUndays are more for light shows like Good Wife or Madam Secretary shows like that. The hardcore shows belong to the weekdays.

    • bootsnchaps says:

      How about combining CSI and a long stale reality show, Survivor, and call it CSI: Survivor. Contestants could “kill” each other off and the winner outwits the final killer. As he has a history of killing off shows, Ted McKinley could be cast, or maybe Betty White given her longevity.

    • Liz says:

      I agree COOKIE LOWE, the change to Sunday was a bad move. I also set my DVR with an extra 3 hours because of the football games running over into it so I wouldn’t miss it, then there were the times it just not airing at all.
      If you have a show that’s doing good, then you change it to a different day and realize the number of viewers have dropped, isn’t it time to reconsider the changes that were made? (IMO)
      If I want to watch “Reality” I can go sit in the Mall, in a park, or restaurant or any other public place and see reality.
      I keep waiting for CSI to hit the chopping block. Not many good shows left.

      • COOKIE LOWE says:

        Totally agree!!! Someone needs to “wake up” & maybe take a look at the really good dramas moved to Sunday night, then they are GONE the following season. Sad part is CBS is the main network that does this to its good shows. CBS is the main network that we watch; other one is NBC (Law & Order: SVU [19th Season this Fall], Chicago Fire, & Chicago PD). I will record CSI every Friday now, USA Network airs 5-6 episodes every Friday AM…..or may just go ahead & purchase the full 15 Seasons on DVD via Amazon.com. 😖

  22. At least it gets a proper send off. Gonna miss it though.

  23. Annie says:

    This really shouldn’t surprise me, but it kinda did.

  24. Amanda says:

    I have not watched since William Peterson left. That original cast was the best ever. End of an era for sure. None of the spin-offs ever really caught on with me. I love watching the old reruns.

    • Ann says:

      I agree the older shows were the best, and also haven’t watched since Petersen left….it wasn’t the same without him. So glad to know he’ll be back for the movie.

  25. BrittBrat says:

    I’m surprised they gave it a movie instead of a short final season. I am glad they are going to wrap it up. It at least deserves that. I’m mad that they got a 18 episode short season and Person of Interest only gets 13! I’m going to miss CSI though.

  26. Kyla says:

    I loved this show, but the reason I quit watching it was because CBS kept moving nights, and I could never keep up with when it was on!

    • Take says:

      Guess you didn’t really love it then. If you truly love a show, it takes less than a minute to find out when it airs.

  27. I’ll miss it. I’ve been a viewer and a fan since the beginning and it’s like loosing friends,
    Danson to Cyber might be good. This show needs something, I think almost everyone is trying too hard, all is too forces. Although how his traditional CSI approach will fit with the cyber of it all…

  28. The movie will deal with the case of who killed the once successful TV show. It’ll be meta.

    • Chas says:

      It’s not a big surprise, it was Jorja Fox. Her character was so unlikable…or was it just her acting? Either way, the best thing that happened to the show over the years was her departure. The second-worst thing was when CBS hired her back. Of course, the worst thing was when William Petersen left, and the third-worst thing is a tie between hiring Laurence Fishburne and hiring Ted Danson. Colossal cluelessness.

      • Danson’s seasons were a vast improvement over Fishburne’s. Fishburne’s were too dark.

      • Jake says:

        Peterson wasn’t that great. I always felt his character was a little too above it all and never really bought that his character was concerned about his employees. He was too emotionless and geeky, or when he showed emotion it came off as effeminate at times.

  29. Pat says:

    I am so sorry that they are cancelled. I have watched CSI since day one and I am really going to miss it. I am just glad that that will be having a movie to allow all of the longtime fans a chance, to bid farewell to this show.

  30. JR buckner says:

    I will miss it; but it never has been the same after William Petersen left the show.

  31. kmw says:

    Sorry this show deserves better than a two hour movie. At least they got Peterson and Helgenberger back

  32. Celyn says:

    I’m sorry to see this show go but 15 years is an incredible run for any TV show these days, especially when many don’t seem to make it past the 1st season. I’m glad that the network is giving it proper closure with a movie and not just ending it like they have done with other shows.

  33. Nana says:

    I am really going to miss the show. I really wanted another season I mean even if it was going ot be the last one or shortned to a few episodes but I think we saw that coming, cause the show was really in limbo. But I hope this movie will really be a good one and a proper good bye. I hope besides William and Marg, George Eads can also return, it be like old times, the original cast all together again for the last ride (of course except Warrick cause he is dead).

    I am going ot miss that show.

  34. Nana says:

    Imagine a CSI TV movie were the main bosses of each spin off will be a guest star? That be awesome. David Caruso and Gary SInise besides Wiilliam and Marg. IT be amazing.

  35. Mr. Smith says:

    Way past time! I enjoyed Ted Danson, but the show hasn’t really been CSI since Petersen left and Helgenberger’s departure was the nail. Instead of taking the horse out and beating it every fall, they should have put it out to pasture years ago (don’t even get me started on the failed attempt of Laurence Fishburne–great actor but poorly used on the show).

  36. bj says:

    I’m glad they’re going to give it a proper sendoff. And we all deserve some closure. I wish more networks thought the same.

    It will be great to see Ted on Cyber too.

  37. sanchopanza says:

    I’m kind of surprised at my own reaction – gasp, wide-eyed shock, what can TV be like without CSI? It’s not like I watched every week, but it’s ALWAYS been there!

  38. Julie says:

    very disappointed…my favorite csi by far..i have never missed a show….and have bought every single season on dvd…will be missed..

  39. Jeri Hastings says:

    I really love this newsletter. I love being kept up to date on my favorite shows. You do a really good service to us out here in TV Land.

  40. Diz says:

    That just sucks.

  41. GeoDiva says:

    I haven’t watch CSI in years, but I will tune in for a farewell movie. I really like the original gang.

  42. Jeri says:

    I wish they would keep CSI and cancel Cyber. I will miss it

  43. J.Norman says:

    Grissom returning will draw huge ratings.

  44. kirads09 says:

    End of an era. To be truthful, the series ended for me when Peterson left as Grissom. Then losing Marge was THE final straw as far as me tuning in. Will be great though to seem them back for the series finale event. Fun fact: Had a co-irker that looked and acted EXACTLY like Hodges. True story.

  45. Joanne says:

    I will miss CSI, I was a fan from the beginning. BUT IMO don’t think Gil should come back, he’s been gone way toooo long to deserve a part in the finale.

  46. I’m sorry that C.S.I. is ending, I figured it would, since the other main original character had just t he series, By the way, CBS still gets all of my viewing interests except when my Team plays Football or Basketball! Thanks, CSI , I will miss you, but All good things must end!
    Larry W.

  47. Judy Anderson says:

    Alright! They finally got the band back together! CSI was one of my top favorite shows. Best news ever!

  48. pamela says:

    so sad to read this. i tried watching cyber, i love patricia arquette but i’m not into the tech crimes, however if ted danson goes over i will give it another go.

  49. Gail Strang says:

    I have always enjoyes CSI above any of its spin offs. It was always the better show. I’m disappointed that it’s being canceled and hope the network will reconsider. In my opinion, CSI Cyber did not deserve renewal. I have lost interest in the show and no longer watch.

  50. bring back csi ny great show and should go out in style!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will get to see her on Under the Dome!!!!!!!!!!! How to see the other actors on other shows God bless you all