NCIS Finale Recap: Who Lay Dying?

NCIS Gibbs Dies Finale Recap

When NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg promises “a big Gibbs moment” in the season finale, he isn’t kidding.

As the CBS drama closed Season 12 on Tuesday night, Gibbs, DiNozzo and CIA Officer Joanna “Dorneget’s Mom” Teague tracked abducted young Luke to Zakho, Iraq, where he has been spirited away by the kid-targeting, coded music-employing terrorist group known as The Calling.

Once there, Gibbs split off from the others to track a suspicious girl. DiNozzo meanwhile took a call from Daniel Budd, the leader of The Calling, which already had targeted with S-bombs a marketplace in Egypt, the Grand Canyon and, likely next, the Supreme Court justices.

Budd taunted DiNozzo, dismissing the “terrorist” label assigned him and contending that he simply wants to be “heard” and respected. Meanwhile, the suspicious young girl gave Gibbs the slip, her purpose seemingly served. And what might that purpose be? Seemingly to lure Gibbs into the open, so that Luke — yes, very young, orphaned Luke — could pop Gibbs twice with a pistol, once in the leg and again in the chest.

Boss is down, folks. And the sad irony? It was at the hand of one of the very youth he had been worried for earlier in the hour, in conversations with Ghost Mike Franks. As Mike in fact warned, Gibbs gets so caught up in saving people, who will save him?

But is he down for the count? Hopefully NCIS’ 13th season premiere is a lucky one for Jethro!

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  1. Carm says:

    Gibbs was warned several times by ghost Mike and alive people. I knew he couldn’t trust Luke.

  2. Jennifer says:


  3. Dee says:

    Gibbs being hurt had been done and redone on this show. Tony being shot would have blown our minds. It’s disappointing forums longtime viewers. Gib sacred stupid about that kid. What it teaches us all is that a terrorist is a terrorist plain and simple.

    • daisy says:

      i agree. as much as i love tony with all of my heart, i think it would have been better if tony was the one shot.
      gibbs almost dies all the time, but the last time tony had a real brush with death was in season 2 when he got the plague. THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO!

      • Paige says:

        This isn’t Gibbs ALMOST dying, if you heard him talking last night he is gone I think

        • Bos says:

          Gibbsaid, “everyone was replaceable.” Then when asked what he would do now that the season was over, he said “Take the summer off and go somewhere where there are no cell phones. You need that in order to rest up for next season. It is like a marathon.”

      • Gus Mueller says:

        Anthrax, not plague.

        • skrable2 says:

          it was plague. that gets a callback a few years later when tony’s car blows up, and ducky realizes tony couldn’t have been driving it because the corpse showed no effects of scarred lungs that the plague would have caused

        • Kathy A says:

          It was genetically-modified Yersinia pestis — the plague, which is unrelated to anthrax. The Episode was S.W.A.K, in season 2. Tony was infected by pneumonic plague — he inhaled powder containing the bacteria, which affected his lungs.

        • Ann marie says:

          No it was the bubonic plague. The episode was called S.W.A.K.

        • Debbie Chura says:

          He almost died from the plague (tony) and as far as Leroy jethro Gibbs there will be no show without him when Ziva left and was replaced by bishop I have to admit I taped the shows instead of running to the tv to watch stil my favorite show but not the same chemistry but if Gibbs goes so do I !!

          • Rick says:

            Gibbs is the Lynchpin to everything NCIS is. He will be back folks, my goodness some people are freaking out over this issue.

          • aprilyn43 says:

            Rick – I agree, Gibbs will be back. NCIS is a top rated show and Gibbs is the lynchpin of the show. Money is the name of the game in Hollywood; and Harmon’s contract goes through next season. Gibbs can lie in a bed for the season.

          • Rick says:

            Hi a43…..yep, Gibbs is the main character…..its not even close and CBS makes sooo much money off this series there is NO WAY they will write him off prior to his next contract and here is my source to: I have an old friend who played football with Harmon way back in his UCLA days and they have remained good friends through all these years and Harmon tells him alot about the inner goings on inside the status of the production of NCIS episodes, etc. ….so therefore he gives me some of the inside “stuff”. Out of respect for my friend I would not repeat what he has told me about Harmon except to say that it is common knowledge in the tv series business in the Hollywood scene that Harmon will be back and I also know how that last episode turns out but I just cant tell anyone because of my relationship and respect for my old friend. I even have friends in the area I live that are aware of my “connection” re NCIS and they try to pull details out of me and then they get a little angered..I dont care. Period. So to say by me that Gibbs will return should be a no surprise and therefore I am not violating friendship responsibilty either. I really enjoy the show and I do agree with many that say Ziva is sorely missed. The only thing I feel is that we maybe will see her again in this series in perhaps over a future several episodes blockbuster. Lets keep our ears open for it. Money talks. Be good!

          • aprilyn43 says:

            In the days after Ziva left and Bidhop began, I hatred the Bishop character; and I started to dislike the show. Then I sat down and realized why I didn’t like the character “Bishop” ; the Bishop character was never properly created. Actually, all the characters in that season floundered. Whether it was intentional or not, it looked unprofessional and was sloppy. It took the writers a year (or almost), to bring the character into some focus; and while Bishop is better, sadly the character is still not in focus. I like the Bishop character basically, but the writers haven’t done their job defining and and creating this character. Bishop is still somewhat like a 5th-wheel, McGee, she fits sometimes and other times … she just falls flat.
            It’s said Cote de Palo wanted too much money and was let go for that reason. Harmon stated he didn’t have anything to do with her leaving. Truth is, Mark Harmon, has tremendous control on NCIS, the powers that be know without him there wouldn’t be an NCIS. So while I won’t say he was the cause, the truth is he didn’t do anything to stop it. May be show challenged the Gibbs character is some way. Mark Harmon is no dope, actually he’s extremely very intelligent, he knows what he’s doing.
            But … Whatever, the Ziva character left a huge hole and it hasn’t been filled yet.

        • Kelly Harvey-Edrich says:

          It was plague. At first they thought it anthrax but it was plague.

    • DramaMomma says:

      Prior to the season premier, TVLine should do a gallery countdown of the 25 Lives of Jethro Gibbs. My favorite is a tie between the car in the harbor where Tony saves him and the explosion with Rice Patty Dike (it is much too late and I am too tired to look up episodes) though I guess the last one is technically two almost deaths because of the flashback to when Gibbs was injured in Iraq after Kelly and Shannon died.

    • Gus Mueller says:

      Because Tony getting shot would be so much worse than Tony getting anthrax.

      • John NYC says:

        While the “fine white powder” that came out of the envelope in SWAK sounds like anthrax in the show the letter’s contents revealed it was a weaponized plague: “”If you are reading this and have not initiated biological attack procedures, I suggest you do so immediately since the powder dispersed by opening this envelope contains genetically altered Y-pestis”.”

    • Anna D. says:

      Yep! I agree! They’re not going to kill Gibbs off. I saw this coming. It wasn’t really surprising or terrifying at all!They’ll put bandaids on Gibbs, and he’ll be right back in the driver’s seat next season. I don’t think the kid meant to kill him, so I’m sure more will come out of that. Honestly, could have been a far better storyline, but not surprised based on the writer!

      • Citygirl says:

        You didn’t think the kid meant to kill him? Pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger wasn’t an after thought. However, the guy in the window watching everything did or said something to the kid that made him do it, obviously.

        • charleyx says:

          Yeh, if he’d meant to have killed him he would of shot him in the head when he first fell to knees, or at least finished him off with head shot after shot 2.

    • Xenith says:

      Tony being shot would have been far less effective since they already announced he was going to film a crossover with NCIS: LA next year there was a fair amount of certainty that meant he was going to live thru the season so it would have been a waste of a cliffhanger.

    • Tony started this season in the hospital.

    • Dee. It’s a TV programme. You know, not real? it’s there to entertain, not teach.

    • lauradeth says:

      I was watching the Late Night with James and Mark was on the show and confirmed someone (main) dies in it then went on to say they’re all replaceable in the show. I hope it wasn’t him but I have an awful gut feeling it was.

  4. KeithH says:

    Down…not out.

  5. Callie says:

    no Gibbs, no show. Obvi they won’t kill him – otherwise the show will be over and thy just renewed it.

    • Paige says:

      If you heard him talking last night you see he’s probably gone

      • Carla says:

        Yes, he said “it’s not my choice”. I don’t think he meant to say that. I am sooooo sad if he dies. Idk if the show can survive without him.

        • Anna D. says:

          Oh please- it’s all done for drama and to spike ratings! They are the Apple of TV! They want viewers to be scared and come back next season. Apparently that’s easier than well written storylines! Gibbs will be fine. He always is. He may be downplayed for a short but, but they won’t kill off the character.

        • John NYC says:

          OR perhaps he was simply referring to the age-worn “shoot the lead in the closing scene” cliffhanger that was done to death before films were called “talkies”?

        • John NYC says:

          @ Jennifer Perils of Pauline, 1914, cliffhangers: The Jazz Singer, 1927 (sound).

          Cliffhangers are a very old gimmick.

      • Citygirl says:

        Mark Harmon is NOT leaving NCIS!!!!!

    • JEREMY says:

      This show was over when Cote De Pablo left.
      Nobody wants to admit, but this show SUCKS without Ziva.

      I’ve switched to Agents OF S.H.I.E.L.D. now.

      You all should, too.

  6. john says:

    Come Gibbs. Man of so little words

  7. Mike Milligan says:

    Gibbs better not die…if so, I’m out…

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Hell no. Id keep watching Gibbs isnt the show. Sure hes been like granite for the show for a long time but the Show could have some rejunvenation with him gone. Please, Kill off Gibbs and shake things up!

        • tyranthraxus says:

          Also is there a retirement age for NCIS? Surely he must be at or near pension age

          • He aint THAT old, and he is too a main character. WITHOUT him, it would lose so much! He’s not ready to retire yet, nor is the show.

          • A3rynSun76 says:

            He’s retired at least twice before. He’s not interested.

          • If there was a retirement age for NCIS then David McCallum would already be off the show. He’s 82! and still on the show. I thought he’d be the one killed and then Jimmy would take his place. As for Gibbs, I doubt they would kill him bcuz the show would struggle w/out him. And if he truly is gone then DiNozzo is mature enough to be team leader.

          • tyranthraxus says:

            Isnt the show starting to struggle now? Its not the ratings juggernaut it used to be. Although it still attracts a lot of viewers. It might only have a year or 2 left in it.

          • Pennagirl65 says:

            If so, Ducky would have been retired by now.

          • paula says:

            There’s an age limit for NCIS agents in the field. Gibbs is younger on the show than Mark is (and Ducky is younger than David I’m sure) or Gibbs would have already been moved to a desk job on the show.

      • Carolyn says:

        My heart cannot take finales like this. Everybody is replaceable? Not on this show I cried for 2 days when they killed of Kate and Zeva, I won’t watch any thing more of here for just pain quitting. Now if Gibbs leave I will grieve again like I did when my husband died a few years ago. Come on quit killing people off. This is my most favorite show and I love all of you.

      • aprilyn43 says:

        Sorry, don’t agree! Leave the NCIS team alone. Let’s get some great scripts and interesting story lines!

        Wish they hadn’t kiiled of Mike or Gibbs 2nd wife. I think they made some bad moves, but as of yet no body’s asking me.

    • Heather says:


    • Paige says:

      Me too

    • Connie says:

      I so agree. NCIS would never be the same. If Gibbs dies, so will the show.

  8. Catherine Shult says:

    I love mark been a fan since Summer School. I sure hope you do not retire because you are so talented and I love watching you play Gibbs. You are the whole show along with very talented actors. NCIS is so well written that I must say we’ll done to the writers and directors!!!!

  9. Renee says:

    This was about the worst ending NCIS has had. Very tired of 4+ months of waiting for the conclusion. Even this show isn’t worth the wait.

    • Bill says:

      I agree this way of dragging out the stories is stupid. The story line runs for the last three weeks of the season and then they continue it until next season. I have had enough this nonsense. I’m done with this show.

    • Anna D. says:

      I totally agree! So sick of these arcs. They never do them that well. They are best off with short cases that involve teamwork, and they need to lose all the guest stars that take away from the core cast. So sick of the Franks ghost, which keeps aging, lol, and so sick of the same guest stars every year. Sick of that on NOLA too- wish they’d kill off Borin!

      The writers obviously feel far too comfortable and don’t really think out of the box. I guess lazy is what happens when you know the show will be renewed year after year. It’s always been hard for me to stop watching this show because I’ve watched it for so long, but I guess it’s finally time to find a new show- SIGH! :(

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        The arcs started to be horrible with the Port to Port killer…bringing in that other team that had never had any contact with Team Gibbs. The last decent season ending was when Ziva went off and was captured by Salim and Tony and McGee rescued her.

    • margo1949 says:

      Why do you continue watch it? you don’t make sense.

      • Bos says:

        “You don’t make sense.”

        Perhaps, rather than diss someone for EXPRESSING their opinion, you should take a reading comp course. The post was not that difficult to grasp.

    • Normfromga says:

      This storyline jumps the shark. (1) These kids actually had to learn Morse code, or some variation of it, to become assassins? Really? (2) The villain actually replaced the original aged, probably septic, lead or steel projectiles in the mines with expensive, surgical grade, lighter-weight titanium bearings? Why, just to leaving the kind of calling card every villain has to leave in order to be caught? [Oh yeah No Federal agent is going around Iraq looking for bad guys without a vest.]

  10. Georgette says:

    This episode was teased as having a disturbing and shocking ending with a surprising loss for the team. In truth, no one was lost as this is just a typical cliffhanger to get everyone talking between seasons. Gibbs will recover.

    • John NYC says:

      I agree: at least the equivalent on Castle (the car burning) had the value of clearly being a puzzle setup to be solved the next (or more, lol) season, the “torching the car to aid in the getaway confusion and to destroy trace forensics” being bad guy standard ploy #47. It’s not like they’re a medical show where surgeons will be followed facing the challenge of removing the kid’s bullets from Gibbs and repairing the potential nerve damage etc….

      On that note both hits displayed blood so it’s probable he wasn’t wearing a vest. Oops.

      • Jennifer says:

        Oops yourself. If, as others have suggested, he knew this was coming, or had a plan in place, he would have used the squibs (at least I think that’s what they’re called) to make it look real.

  11. C. Robinson says:

    Can hardly wait for Season 13. Gibbs has to be ok. No Gibbs no show, he makes it along with Tony and Tim. What about Ziva? Maybe a guest appearance to help Gibbs recover!!!

    • KeithH says:

      No more Ziver… CdP burned bridges…

        • Mr. D' says:

          Really? Cote and the producers couldn’t agree on a contract and she took some time off. It happens.They made it CLEAR that they left her character ALIVE in case she came back. Don’t know that she will, but as boring as this show has become, I would welcome Cote or the Wolverine back.

          • Hege says:

            No, she is gone. Let her stay gone. Last season she was on was the worst with Tony running after her like a puppydog and her treating him like crap. The whole Tiva thing almost ruined the show for me. I don’t want a soap.. If Gibbs really is gone, bring in a new castmember, someone well known and likeable and let DiNozzo lead the team.What about Timothy Olyphant. He is free, Justified has ended. But I prefer Gibbs.

          • KeithH says:

            CdP acted like someone who would be back, and bailed the week production on season 11 was to start, and the barely made herself available to get what they got out of her to ‘wrap’ the storyline…they had to completely trash the several episodes they’d done pre-production on… actors pulling crap like that does not make them well liked among the people that got burned by selfish behavior.

          • Bos says:

            The last season she was on was chasing Vance’s wife and her father’s killer. The show had some of its highest ratings ever. I don’t recall Tony ever chasing anyone except Jeanne and Ziva way back in the Michael episodes.
            The “wrap” was Cote’s idea to give her fans closer. She was a bit miffed because she felt it needed a couple of shows. The dispute was over contracts and she has often said, the parting though amiable was a surprise. It happens.
            Whether or not you like the character or the actor, no need to spread crap about the person.

      • ROHO says:

        Bridges are never burned all the way on someone they want to come back. Remember Dallas I think it was JR? Came back from the dead in the shower!

    • Carolyn says:

      Yeah, I might forgive her for leaving if she did that.

  12. Ernest Morrison says:

    You can’t have NCIS with out Gibbs just like you can’t have NCIS LA with out Hetty or callun make Gibbs come back

  13. Brucvr S says:

    Don’t forget folks, Gibbs watched the video Abby played that showed lukes’ parents being killed and who killed them. Luke maybe?????????

    • bj says:

      Could be. maybe he was wearing a vest because he didn’t trust the kid.

    • Carm says:

      Dornaget’s mother mentioned that Sayid was the one who killed the parents.

    • Kris says:

      Completely forgot about that! Hoping he was wearing a vest, though I’m sure the shot to the knee still hurt like a mf. (And Sayid could still be the one who killed the parents, but instead of pulling the trigger, convinced Luke to do it. It’s not something Luke would have come to on his own, but by Sayid twisting him into a little terrorist, Sayid is ultimately responsible for Luke’s parents death.)

  14. Mr. Tran K says:

    Mark Harmon was on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night and he would’ve given us more than just a “spoiler”. My money was on DiNozzo.

  15. jay says:

    No gibbs no show I mean come on Abby will be crushed the boys needs gibbs he is like there father I couldn’t watch it with out mark

  16. Ben Stevens says:

    While I have long been a tremendous fan of NCIS, this season finale (season 12) was the most shocking and…disturbing to observe of the show’s history. While I applaud and respect the show for staying with current events, to see a young boy shoot one of the most beloved television characters of all time not once but twice, it was disturbing. I can honestly say that this season was amazing, however if Gibbs is dead, I may not be able to watch the show anymore. It kills me to say that. Thoughts?

    • Georgette says:

      This was nothing more than a cliffhanger to ensure you return to see what happens next season. Gibbs will recover. Trust me.

    • Mary says:

      I agree. To leave a question about Gibbs death is stupid beyond belief for the writers. I am heartbroken and may not bother to watch again.

      • margo1949 says:

        Good. Bye

      • Mary says:

        After reflecting on the cliffhanger show for awhile, I propose the following: The instant the found the killer of the Lady Navy in the opening, continuing the cyber chase SHOULD have left NCIS for CSI:Cyber. End episode. Re: killing Gibbs? Sure way to kill CBS’s #1 cash cow show. Are the series producers that anxious to put the entire cast and crew out of work “for dramatic effect”? I hope they are not that stupid.

    • Gus Mueller says:

      My thought is you should start taking a newspaper and pay careful attention to news about ISIL. And then, as Early Mark Harmon did, put your wallet and your watch in the glove compartment and head down the Combat Zone.

    • John NYC says:

      The writer’s clearly follow the news out of Africa and the Middle-east war zones: children “soldiers” have been a decades long obscenity.

  17. Umberto says:

    We are suppose to believe that Gibbs would be in Iraq in that situation and not have a vest on? C’mon! EVERY time any of the ncis people go into a hot zone they wear vests! Gibbs won’t die. Ncis makes CBS so much money they wouldn’t think of killing Gibbs. Or not

  18. Dean says:

    Here come the people who will again whine about it being ‘too Gibbs’ given that Gibbs, and not the woman who left of her own decision choice and freewill, is the star of the show. Gibbs always has a soft spot for kids so its his fault for being careless. Ghost Mike warned him.

    • Linds says:

      Ghost Mike is a pain in the keister. I think (hope) Gibbs had a vest with a blood “pellet” inserted. Didn’t he seem more shocked, and frankly in more pain with the shot in the leg? Maybe just wishful thinking….

      But… in the realm of wishful thinking, there was a little kernel of hope that the cliffhanger would include a clip of Ziva rushing in to help at the last second. Sigh. I do miss Ziva. I’ve never whined about her decision, the whole Tiva thing was sorta meh for me, I even like the character of Bishop & her husband. But Ziva was…. Ziva. And I want her back, lol.

  19. Lacey says:

    you can’t do this……….there is no show without Gibbs

  20. Billy says:

    NCIS used to be best show on TV.
    When Ziva left it changed everything. All Gibbs does is stare and not say anything. I think it’s run its course.

    • Oliver Jenkins says:

      Well, thank goodness, the rambling of an anonymous, internet voice still means nothing–as a fan, I find the show still as good as ever. I definitely DON’T think the show has “run it’s course” until Mark Harmon throws in the towel. Ziva was a character–if you have issues with the character being gone–talk to Cote, she left to do other things–go whine at her……… (As far as “staring and not saying anything”, did you even watch the show? When the Muppets come on ABC next season–might I suggest you change the channel and watch them? Something tells me it will be a perfect fit you you.) SMDH

      • Mr. D' says:

        Lighten up Oliver. Billy has the same right as any of us to his opinion. You suggest that you are going to watch “until Mark Harmon throws in the towel.” What’s up with that? Gibbs is just a character… whine to him. If he goes, there are always reruns for you.

    • Dean says:

      Aww you poor poor thing you’re upset your wish of seeing Tony and Ziva having Anthony Dinozzo the third never came true.

      • Angela says:

        …you do realize that not everyone who’s a Ziva fan and wants her back is automatically a Tiva shipper, right? That maybe some people just like the character herself?
        Seriously, settle down.

    • Fran says:

      I do not think the show has run its course but I agree with you that it is not as good as when Ziva was on. I also wish Ziva would return (and the haters of Ziva do not need to tell at me or any other Ziva (and Tiva) lovers for our opinions please). But after seeing the James Corden interview with Mark Harmon and also the way Gibbs has been acting lately (seeing all the dead people, being nice to Palmer recently, etc. , I have a feeling they might really have him dead! I’m definitely not happy about it but maybe having Tony as the new team leader might make the show better than it’s been the past year or 2 since Ziva left.

    • Carla says:

      Run its course? Do you live under a rock? NCIS is the #1 show in the world. Yes, WORLD! It’s been #1 in the United states for a while and last year they announced it as #1 in the world. If any execs are reading these posts, please don’t kill off Gibbs. That would be a huge mistake. I love the team, all of them! But no Gibbs=no me. I’m not the only fan who’s said that. I think you will regret it if you kill him off

    • margo1949 says:

      It still is. Your comment has run its course.

  21. Sandfan says:

    Gibbs being shot by a kid shows once again that children are some of the most ruthless, amoral, and dangerous humans in the world. Their moral compass is totally dependent on what they see and hear.

  22. Clyde Glasscock says:

    If Gibbs does die, I will never watch the show again. I’m very disappointed and this is my last time watching the show. I hope that it goes off the air for good.

    • Oliver Jenkins says:

      Or, gee, just wait for next season to see how it all plays out? (That’s why those type of endings are called, “cliffhangers”…) Have you met Billy up above? You both should form a club………

    • mary says:

      Why wish for something to go off the air? Just stop watching it. You know there are many people who work on the set who need their jobs, just like you & me. They are not all millionaires.

  23. pam starbuck says:

    It is going to be hard to watch NCIS with out Giggs.

  24. I really hate cliffhangers-so we have to wait until September to see if Mark Harmon leaves NCIS? Bad idea….

    • Bos says:

      You are right… it would be a bad idea. He’ll be back. Enjoy your summer.

    • John NYC says:

      Nah, we wait until September to see if he was shot in the shoulder or whether he was wearing a vest with blood squibs in some sort of misdirect (I’m on the side of doubting this: too special FX’y) and then on in the hunt for the bad guy….

  25. Sharon says:

    For the sake of the show do not write Gibbs out! You had a great team with Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Tim and Abby. You made a mistake once please don’t do it again.

  26. Larc says:

    That was easy. In fact way too easy, IMO. I think I smell a rat. We probably didn’t see exactly what we thought we saw.

    • mich says:

      I agree…gibbs and kid are working together to draw out the leader…kid was too easily found at gibbs house and gibbs always listens to dead franks …no way hes down this way…neds mom will probably adopt the kid

      • I agree that they’re drowning out the rats. Those had to be blanks (we all know they really are anyway but…) It’s a set up to flush the bad guys out.

      • suzi says:

        That’s exactly what I thought too, after the initial shock of the scene wore off. Cliffhangers have been a part of TV for a long time, so there’s no use lamenting this one, I’ll be back in September to see what happens.

  27. Heather says:

    Gibbs makes the show out was bad enough they got rid of Ziva if Gibbs is gone this family will no longer be watching. Simple as that.

  28. Crap is right! Well, Gibbs has all summer now to rest up and heal! He shouldn’t have ignored his Daddy Dear and other warning signs. I love Gibbs and Abby (and everyone else) He can’t die!

  29. Celina says:

    Crapity O Crap! It’s going to be a long summer.

  30. Paige says:

    CBS thinks they get away with anything and everyone will keep watching. Wrong!

  31. paul says:

    The man is 63 he could want to retire and for every body who says about Siva cdp left on her own

  32. Mr. D' says:

    The writers clearly under estimated their viewers. Sending out Wickersham, Harmon and head writer to portend of a “significant loss and mind-blowing” finale was a little more than a farce. For the “significant loss,” they bring Jones back (Ned) – who now has a regular show – just to kill him off. Then they all stand around and talk about how important he was. I don’t recall a previous appearance when anyone took him seriously except maybe McGee… certainly not Tony or Gibbs (who kept running him off). So they rein us in…kill off someone who had already left…and basically lose nothing.
    Now, this mind-blowing ending has Gibbs being killed for what seems like the 100th time. Does anyone really think he will die? Rea;;y? At least, there won’t be any need to fret over the summer about who is not coming back. They will all be there.
    This show needs new writers…some new vibrant characters… and Bishop’s role needs to be put on steroids…

    • Vrwcmama says:

      You hit the nail directly on the head. The show has become such a convoluted farce that it is almost comical. What has happened to Abby? It’s as if she is on a sedative, she used to be so perky. Haven’t watched in a while so I thought I would tune in the last few months. Such a disappointment, thought Harmon was smarter than this.

      • margo1949 says:

        You shouldn’t watch the show. Your comment is a farce.

        • Bos says:

          Actually, I agree with Vrwcmama… he “hit the nail on the head.” I am sure this easily predictable finale kept you in a state of trauma. Congratulations.

          • margo1949 says:

            Bos, Bos Bos. You surely humor yourself. I was shaking uncontrollably, crying and I couldn’t sleep!! NOT…..And you think you’re smarter than Mark Harmon? Delusional!!

          • Bos says:

            Margo. I have noticed that you peruse the posts looking for those with whom you disagree. In turn, you offer only sarcastic quips and no content. I suspect that says more about you than the others. Get a life and grow up.. It is legal and welcomed here for folks to express their likes and dislikes. Why not express your opinion rather than criticize others.

      • Your comment about Abby was interesting – I thought in recent seasons they had started to make her a little *too* perky, and now were scaling it back a couple of notches to the darker, more serious character she was at the beginning. She was always nice and fun, but it seemed like for a while there they were making her act too silly, too goofy. It looks like they’re trying to find a middle ground for her.

        Like McGee’s weight – they went from chubby-faced McGee to too-skinny McGee and now they have him at normal, slim McGee.

    • Pennagirl65 says:

      The Bishop character needs to go away. I agree about the writing…the show’s writing is not the same. The characters are not acting they way the should. Bishop was not treated like every other character joining the team has been treated. Abby, Jimmy, Vance, Ducky, McGee and Tony have been written as poor weak shadows of their characters. Bishop has been placed up front and the go to agent for damn near everything.

    • Gary says:

      I totally agree

  33. Mikhail says:

    Gibbs as a ghost like Mike has been, guiding his team?

  34. maureeng says:

    This is TV. If Gibbs had died, there would’ve been a montage of Gibbs smiling, Gibbs shooting, Gibbs smacking people on the head. Therefore, he’s alive and was wearing a vest. It’s good that the kid wasn’t tall enough to shoot him in the head.

    We should know long before the fall whether Mark Harmon has turned up for work. If not, well … waaaaaah!!

  35. javadude54 says:

    Maybe while Gibbs is in the hospital they will find that brain tumor that has been causing him to hallucinate.

  36. Carolyn says:

    My heart cannot take finales like this. Everybody is replaceable? Not on this show I cried for 2 days when they killed of Kate and Zeva, I won’t watch any thing more of here for just pain quitting. Now if Gibbs leave I will grieve again like I did when my husband died a few years ago. Come on quit killing people off. This is my most favorite show and I love all of you.

  37. Dean says:

    If Gibbs is dead & gone,
    We are too.

  38. Annette says:

    Spoiler alert – Gibbs lives when S13 opens. And next season will probably revolve around him yet again.

  39. If Mark Harmon leaves, it will be his choice. He’s not getting fired. He drives the show. NCIS would be extremely weakened if he left, just as The Office was when Steve Carell departed. You’re left in there this way because Mark Harmon’s, I believe, contract expired after this season. The only other character that would really hurt the show by leaving would be Michael Weatherly. So Mark Harmon is not correct in saying “anyone is replaceable”. Not so.

    • Mr. D' says:

      Mark Harmon is an executive producer (boss for real) of both NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. If he goes it will be his choice.

  40. Who will save him? Dinozzo of course!

    • prish says:

      Maybe, the kid was shooting the person who shot Gibbs? Maybe, the kid saved Gibbs?

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        Yes, exactly, Tony will save him. He will shoot the kid (and Tony will probably have to kill the kid) and then we’ll spend half the season of Tony having to deal with shooting a child.

  41. Jan says:

    No Gubbs. No NCIS.

    Hopefully, he was wearing a vest.

    • Mr. D' says:

      Maybe he was wearing whatever he had on when the bus blew up while standing in the door; and he only got his hand hurt.
      A major terrorist cell threatening the world and NCIS (two agents and a CIA Mama) is in charge of taking them down. That storyline has a better chance of being realistic than Mark Harmon leaving.

  42. Andrea says:

    I’m normally very pro-Glasberg, but I was bored with the finale. It was redundant. We saw a very similar scenario between S3 and S4. Gibbs was wounded, but he’s been that way before. No reason to suspect that won’t be the case again. I agree with those who’ve said it would have been more interesting to have Tony get shot, or even McGee since he was with Dorrnegaut in Cairo. A very lackluster finale.

    • JPNS says:

      Agree whole heartily … if this is the best the writers could come up with, time for a huge shakeup !

  43. M w says:

    If Gibbs dies I am done watching the show.

  44. Lori Savolainen says:

    I’m going to guess that Gibbs will be saved by the ink pen he picked up earlier in the show in the directors office. Guessing the bullet somehow deflected off of it and saved him. My theory anyway. Peace all!

  45. Summiesmom says:

    I thought I had read somewhere that Mark Harmon has bad knees. Is it possible the character was shot in the leg so that he would have an excuse to limp next season and Harmon would be able to have knee replacement surgery?

    • mary says:

      The knee injury comes from playing football in his early years.

    • Lisa Ann says:

      That was my first thought, Summiesmom. With this story line, as soon as shooting was done for the season, Mark Harmon could finally get the knee replacement he has appeared to need for years. Then, if he still needs a cane, crutch, or just more time sitting than standing, his character would have a good reason for it.

  46. Jane says:

    Agree if Gibbs is gone then the show will die a slow death he is the show even though everyone else is great in it .And he didn’t say he was gone he said it could happen to anyone at any time. But I suppose we just have to wait till season 13 .( He has signed for another couple of seasons ,so what does that tell us)

  47. dryl says:

    still no ziva… sigh.

  48. Sandra Crawford says:

    I was hoping to see Tony pop the kid. Did he, or did my t.v. just cut it short and I missed it?

    • I am sure they continued to film the next few scenes, since the premiere will start exactly where they left off. I think the pic of Tony raising his gun (I thought toward the windows where that guy was who called him) will either show up in the premiere, or not at all. It happened before that some little snippets shown never end up on the aired episode.

  49. Jane Smith says:

    Without Gibbs there won`t be a show he`s the glue that holds them together

  50. prish says:

    I enjoy watching NCIS, but I am sooo tired of so many terrorist plots. Can’t we have some episodes about problems at Annapolis?