Originals EP Explains Klaus and Cami's 'Tension,' Shares Season Finale Scoop

Originals Season Finale Spoilers

Monday’s season finale of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) cues up the long-awaited — yet slightly unexpected — return of Claire Holt, the final battle with Dahlia and, according to executive producer Julie Plec, a whole mess of “emotional surprises.”

Below, Plec fields TVLine’s questions about the show’s lingering relationships, the future of Rebekah’s portrayers — both of whom are involved in other projects — and what kind of “closure” we can expect from the final battle.

TVLINE | I loved when Rebekah told Cami that Klaus “fancies” her. Will that be explored further in the finale?
It’s not that it’s going to be explored or unexplored; it just kind of a thing that exists under every interaction between them. I don’t necessarily know that there’s anything either of them are ever going to do about it, certainly not soon, but it’s a fascinating line that connects them. They’re two people who probably shouldn’t have any feelings for each other, yet they can’t resist having these epic, deep, emotional moments. I like that every scene if theirs is fraught with a little bit of that tension. Whether we decide to act on it or not, I can’t tell you.

TVLINE | Another twosome finally vocalizing their feelings is Rebekah and Marcel. What can expect from those two, now that Claire Holt is back?
He’s very glad to see that putting a knife into her own jugular didn’t cause permanent death. She’s sort of mourning her loss of free will, in terms of which body she can possess; it’s been her choice up to this point, but Klaus took that away from her. She’s got a lot to work out with her brother, and there’s actually a really nice moment where we get to see both Maisie [Richardson-Sellers] and Claire. We get to see our two Rebekahs in the same episode, which is a lot of fun.

The Originals RebekahTVLINE | Speaking of those two, Claire is in Aquarius and Maisie’s pilot just got picked up. Can you say anything about Rebekah, physically, moving forward?
Well, we still have access to Claire, and I assume we still have access to Maisie. We spent two years juggling Daniel Gillies’ schedule when he was on [Saving Hope], so having to work around a little availability issue of two Rebekahs is … well, we’ve done harder things. I wouldn’t say it’s the last we’ll see of either of them.

TVLINE | Hayley telling Jackson she loves him for the first time was such a huge moment. Does this mean you’re officially putting Hayley/Elijah to rest?
When you have a couple that cares about each other deeply, and there are always things that stand in the way of that — first it was Elijah’s honor, now it’s Hayley’s marriage — that doesn’t make the relationship any less potent or fraught; it just makes it more difficult. Next season, assuming Hayley is able to get out of this predicament she’s been shoved into by Klaus, there are still going to be those feelings there. It’s just a matter of: What do they do about them?

TVLINE | That moment we see in the promo, where Dahlia tells the three siblings to prepare to meet their “end,” looks a lot like what Bonnie and Damon faced on The Vampire Diaries at the end of Season 5. Very mystical. What can you say about that final showdown?
Ooh, interesting! This final showdown actually has quite a few emotional surprises as our Originals are suffering and facing death at the end hands of their naughty aunt. They fight back with some psychological warfare that’s surprisingly poignant. It’s a great sequence, a fitting closure for this season and the storyline that’s been driving it from the beginning.

Fans, what are your hopes and fears for tonight’s Originals finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. I just want Freya and Rebekah not to die, so that both of them can be in season 3. We need all the girl power we can get.

    • Dmac says:

      I know Rebecca won’t, Julie mentioned in another article that they will have more access to Claire for next season.

    • Ella says:

      I’m down for Freya coming back as long as they don’t turn her into yet another character who longs to have a child to feel complete. Enough with the babies on these shows, please.

  2. Lou says:

    How much longer are they going to force these boring ships down our throats? I really don’t care. They are all boring and have just gone stale at this point. I like Gilijah. Klami’s always been boring.

  3. Tina says:

    How is it when Klaus said it to Caroline then JP and all these people said it was a problem and Andy hated that story line, but they recycle it with Cami and it’s epic?

    • may says:

      maybe he wants a writers job at julies thats how you get it by kissing her ass enough i mean klaroline is abusive according to him but klaus compelling, biting and using Cami is apparently okey with him these days wonder why?

      • Tina says:

        So it would seem. I mean I would have been okay with them ending that relationship if they didn’t reuse their storyline to try and make Cami and Klaus seem epic. To me it’s just a huge slap in the face to those of us who were fans. And the way that the writers and some journalists who are friends with writer on the shows lash out at fans who God forbid have a different opinion makes me refuse to ever watch another show any of them work on in the future.

        • may says:

          Well JP just flat out admitted in a tvguide interview that Cami was literally Caroline replacement in klaus life which is a freaking victory in itself since we´ve been saying that since the beginning. And yeah Andy Swift is the Michael Scott of journalism so i´m honestly just laughing at how hypocritical he really is but you´ve got to keep the show runners happy, but yeah if i see a show with Julie P name attached to it i´m out.

  4. Sel says:

    All i got from this is that Haylijah is endgame. Good.

  5. Noe says:

    Klaroline is the best ship ever… I don’t know how they don’t see that.
    KC-ers, stay strong ♥

  6. Sara says:

    Can they not push Haylijah/Klamille next season? Just let them die.

    Gilijah was the only ship I cared about and I still am annoyed that they’d kill Gia for no reason.

    • AnnieM says:

      Was it ever said that she is definitely dead? I mean, yeah, she did burst into flames, but still, we all know not many characters STAY dead on VD/TO. lol.

  7. Monica says:

    Just as writers have hinted at other times, for them The Originals are like The Soprano, and Cami is their Dr. Melfi. So they will always play with the tension between them, although the result is that most find it boring.

    I think they have failed to manage Cami character, so much so she does everything (serves coffee, is therapist, is student, is babysitting, is bartender, she keeps company with those who recently recovered his body, It gives sermons, manages a stock of dark objects and is absent half of the season).

    • You are so right, I feel like I still don’t know who Cami really is. Giving Cami her own story would have been really good for her charterer, but it’s like she’s just there in the show I I feel no attachment towards her whatsoever!

    • Jess says:

      Oh my god, this. Everything about this character involves shoving her into the plot, rather than developing her. The end result is that she comes across as totally one-dimensional and superfluous and honestly, the whole purity/special snowflake definition of her character is super gross. I could go the rest of this show without ever seeing her character again and it would be too soon.

      • Ella says:

        So much this. I was neutral on Cami at the end of S1. I probably could have liked her had they bothered to develop her as a character in her own right. But they didn’t and she appears and disappears as needed to service Klaus. She gets absolutely nothing out of that relationship so I find it hard to respect her.

        I’ve always thought the whole ‘psychology’ thing was a shaky foundation for the character. I don’t buy that Klaus would have any respect for it as a discipline given he’s been around long enough to see prevailing theories become viewed as quackery. Also, they keep harping on how she understands human nature. I’ve never seen that. Her ‘knowledge’ is beyond basic. AND KLAUS ISN’T HUMAN. Technically, he’s never BEEN human. He was disdainful of humanity more than once on TVD.

  8. Ashley F says:

    I’m sorry but how can you say in one interview that Klaus is a murderer and Caroline could never love someone like that and then turn around and say that Cami and Him are epic and she gets him? What is this group of writers smoking? Is it the fact that every storyline that they sell no one is buying? They told people to stop watching if they didn’t like their artistic story telling. Well guess what? People have stopped! Course correction is coming or season 4 is dead. I mean jesus the actors don’t even pretend to like their jobs anymore!

    • Daniela says:

      Let’s not forget that Caroline is a murderer too. And Snoremille is literally the worst. Why does Leah Pipes permanent confused look on her face even when the scene doesn’t call for it. Phoebe is terrible even for the CW. The show runners are such douchebags especially Nardouchey good luck to them not getting cancelled next season. Had this show been on Fox or any other network it would have gotten the boot.

      • AnnieM says:

        Fox? I don’t know about that. Sleepy Hollow S2 was a disastrous mess, and it still got renewed, albiet with new people in charge. I hope they can fix it.

      • Ari says:

        No no, we pretend Caroline hasn’t murdered at least a dozen people so we can prop up some kind of angelic hero fantasy.

      • Trish says:

        Heads-up: 2 full seasons on the CW guarantees a show a 4th season. It’s not gonna get cancelled.

        Which is good for me, bc I like it.

        • Daniela says:

          Not when the show barely pulls a million viewers and .3 in their demographic. Viewership continues to drop every wk

          • Ella says:

            Plus there might not even be a CW next season. TVD doesn’t even have a syndication deal IIRC so I don’t see why TO would get one.

          • Trish says:

            They DGAF if it hits 0.3s, they’ll just send it to Friday. I’m sorry, I get that you are unhappy with the show and I’m not trying to upset you, I’m just trying to forewarn you that the CW have literally never done it and will never do it. Nikita was pulling 0.2s by the end, they don’t care. 2 full 22 ep seasons means they will renew a show for a 4th for syndication etc reasons. Every time. Doesn’t matter if it gets 0.3s or 0.2s, only thing that will impact is where it lands on the schedule and whether it gets a full or only partial S4. But it’ll get a S4.

      • Fran says:

        I like Narducci. He doesn’t pander and make the “ships” the main focus of the show.

  9. autumnd23 says:

    Thanks for the interview! In a recent video interview with Narducci, he talks about he isn’t into shipping, rather just doing what feels right to the characters. This is why The Originals works better than The Vampire Diaries at the moment (TVD feels like a shipping show when it should just make romance feel organic). And this is also why I believe Klaus/Cami actually work as a pairing whether romantic or not. It is a classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale that still works because it is being done right with influence from literature that came before. It feels authentic and not rushed. Caroline could have never worked in the long run because she has no empathy for the “beast.”

    • AnnieM says:

      This makes sense to me. I feel nothing remotely romantic btwn Klaus & Cami, but they do work for me as friends. ::shrug::

    • SS says:

      Caroline doesn’t? She saw the good in him. She invited him to her graduation. Caroline may not be ready to fall in love with Klaus this minute, but she knows there is more to him and he chooses to behave the way he does. That’s why he’s so frustrating.
      In your analogy, Beauty also made sure that The Beast stepped up and acted like a decent human being. Cami coddles him and despite everything just tells him he’s doing the right thing. That’s enabling. Who taught him more about being a good person? Caroline who told him he has to treat people better and has to earn respect or Cami who tells him he has to pause and see the good things in life? Why not dance when Mikael is lurking around? Why not stop to have some coffee when Dahlia is coming for his daughter?
      It’s also not rushed because Cami slept with his son last year.

      • Ashley F says:

        preach! I think that people who say Caroline never had any empathy for Klaus clearly were not watching TVD before they started TO. She was the only one who ever did. She just also didn’t coddle him and tell him being a douche was okay. She expected him to be better and to do it for himself and stop feeling sorry for himself. She made him grow as a character! Cami is the most useless character that has ever lived.

        • SS says:

          Yes. To be fair to Cami (tough sometimes) if they actually made her an interesting person on her own that had something to do other than following Klaus around or doing his chores, it would be so much better for her. They can either keep using her as Caroline 2.0, but a lesser version since Caroline is a much more vibrant character, or they can actually give her something going on with her life. What does Cami want outside of dealing with the Mikaelsons? Who are the people in her life? Does she have any friends? Is she still going to school? I’d settle for her having a hobby to give her life some background and color. I’ll never love Cami, but they aren’t doing her any favors.
          Klaroline for life!

    • Dani says:

      Nardouchey is that you?

    • Fran says:

      I completely agree with you autumn.

  10. SS says:

    You loved when Rebekah told Cami about something Klaus may or not may feel for her? Huh? Why would anyone need to speak for Klaus? If anyone doesn’t need someone to speak for him it’s him and it’s an annoying tactic shows use. He was very clear when he told Caroline he fancied her. In fact, he said it right away without anyone needing to say it for him. Klaus and Caroline is the couple they’re trying to emulate and copying lines from their relationship doesn’t do anything for Klami except fall under the weight of the original (no pun intended.)
    Excited to see Claire though and with Maisie too!

    • I said the same thing! It’s so stupid and cheesy when Rebekah told Cami that her brother fancied her! I just laughed because why are they doing this? Clearly they are forcing a pairing down our throats that is not even epic! How can this be epic? Klaus an e-mortal Hybrid the prince of the city falls in love with a human bartender? Cami is nobody! Lol come on writers, surely you can do better that this!

  11. AnnieM says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Baby Hope will somehow wind up saving everyone in the end. Anyway, looking forward to tonight’s finale.

  12. Jess says:

    I’m totally cool with never having any ships on this show, especially involving Camille. I hate paragons in my television shows because they feel both insulting and soulless and the writing of Cami is one of the worst offenders of this type of trope. I don’t find her relationship with Klaus fascinating or compelling and I honestly hope that they just leave it alone. Work on making this character even remotely interesting and relatable and then worry about the ships.

  13. jay says:

    I’m glad that they have more access to Claire Holt. Her portrayal of Rebekah is my favorite! Claire always & forever!

  14. ChrisGa says:

    Still enjoying the show but totally over anything to do with Hayley; I don’t care who she ends up with as long as it’s not Elijah(who I think deserves better). As for Cami, she’s certainly not the most well-drawn character on the show but I’d rather watch her read the phonebook than continue allowing TPTB to make me believe that the girl playing Davina is even remotely convincing as anything other than a clueless Valley girl. In that context, for me, Cami is the best female on the show next to Rebekah(although late season additions Freya, Dahlia and even Josephine have been great in their small doses).

  15. Lou says:

    All I know is that as of now Klayley is the only interesting dynamic on this show, but of course they had to ruin it to prop Jayley and Klamlame.

  16. Ella says:

    Does anyone else think something is weird with the whole Kol situation? JP was more than happy to work around DG’s schedule. She’s says she’s willing to do the same with MRS and CH. But she wasn’t willing to for Nate Buzolic, a fan fave, who’s only done small projects in the last two years?

    • Ari says:

      He’ll be back tonight. He’s got a new show but hopefully since that is a CW summer show he’ll be able to recur on TO next season. KOL!

      • Ella says:

        I was hoping so too! But NB posted in IG that he wouldn’t be coming back as Kol again. It just seems weird to me that they wouldn’t integrate him from the beginning. The show is called ‘The Originals’ and that’s what people want to see.

  17. Daisy Nocan says:

    I really don’t care about Halijah or Klami. They’re both extremely boring. Can the show do a fun/interesting couple for once? How about Klayley they were fun, why not develop them more? I mean if we can’t have Klaroline don’t force the bad rip-off down our throats

  18. jerrired says:

    The Vampire Diaries world is full of aggressive shippers, but I think Klaroline fans will always be the most aggressive ones. Yet JP never fully kills their hopes and dreams, interesting. I was actually thinking that Klaus and Cami would get somewhere next season but doesn’t seem like it after this interview. Anyway, I think this finale will be really interesting…I have a feeling Klaus dies, but like Angel returns magically next season.Thanks Andy for the interview. Good little tidbits here and there. Glad to hear Maisie and Claire will still be around next season. I wish they would have put this much effort into getting Nathaniel(Kol) around too/(also Chris (Kai) since we know he’s probably dying on TVD to free him up for Cordon). But glad Rebekah will still be here. The show feels off without having her (in some capacity) in the central cast.

    • Tina says:

      I have to say that I am really sick of being called aggressive as a shipper. I have never once sent personal hate to anyone on the cast or crew. Stop labeling our fandom as aggressive because of a few bad apples. Every fandom has them. Don’t act as if your fandom is innocent.

      • jerrired says:

        And this resonse is kind of aggressive…but anyway, sure. I think everyone knows that NOT all the Klaroline fans are aggressive, but I’m saying the ones that are aggressive are more aggressive than I’ve seen in the TVD fandom, but Delena fans calling to cancel the show might be a bit more than you guys. But that’s another story.

        • Tina says:

          I don’t see how this was aggressive but okay. I’m just tired of the entire writers team dragging this fandom along to keep viewers but in the next sentence calling anyone who likes that ship horrible, mean and aggressive shippers. Everyone shipper fandom is loud. We are not the bad guys. Those in power use this fandom as a scape goat to blame any and all things that goes wrong. I’ve keep my mouth shut for a long time and I’ll go back to doing it. But this fandom has been dragged through the mud more than any other so if we are loud I’m sorry but we are entitled to be critical of the story’s as much as anyone else.

          • jerrired says:

            Who called you guys mean horrible, etc? You mean the writing team? Because I wasn’t implying you guys were horrible. Some definitely are, but that’s any fandom. Fan-comes from the term fanatics, and we all know what that means. Like I said, I definitely think TVD is full of aggressive fans, and yes I think Klaroline can be some of the worst. But like I also said, so can Delena, Bonkai fans, Bamon, Stelena, Steroline, etc. It’s part of the TVD fan and fan culture in general. And I don’t necessarily agree that Klaroline fans get dragged more than any other. The Bonkai fans have been getting a pretty bad rep recently too. No one is saying you guys don’t deserve to be critical. I think what some people’s problem (mine as well with some of Klaroline fans) is that you guys get really nasty with your aggression and comments. I’ve seen so many comments that just attack Phoebe as an actress and person because they blame her for no Klaroline, which is really unnecessary. She doesn’t write the show. But like I said, I’ve seen the same in other fandoms. CaptainSwan fans used to do the same (probably still do) to MRJ (Neal) because they wanted CS. I usually ignore when Klaroline fans go on their rants on these comments. But I just got annoyed today with all the negative comments here. And the unnecessary attacks on people, not the show’s content, which is what MATTERS, not actors, writers, article writers, producers as people. What’s wrong with the actual work being presented. Which I will say some people did have valid points about the work (ex. people criticizing JP for saying one thing about Klaroline but then recycling it with Klamille). I think that’s a valid point and should be criticized. Everything else on personal levels, shouldn’t be attacked. And ONCE again I don’t think anyone is saying all Klaroline fans. They’re specifically talking about the “bad apples” you mentioned. But I guess next time I’ll just say the aggressive Klaroline fans are the biggest aggressors in the TVD fandom.

        • SS says:

          I can’t reply to your post below and I think you have very fair points, but rather than labeling a fandom, which encompasses a lot of people, when someone does something inappropriate why not call out the individual? People who use personal attacks just make themselves look bad. I’m not sure it has a lot to do with their preference for fictional relationships. There is no hive mind which I think a lot of people assume exists. My opinions only represent myself.
          You’re commenting on The Originals. Therefore, you’re part of the TO fandom. If a TO fan gets personal and aggressive, does that mean all TO fans are aggressive and get personal? Does that mean TO fans are the most aggressive out of all TV fandoms? Of course not. Qualifying it doesn’t really make it better, because it really assumes so much.
          So, I agree with you that people can way too easily get nasty and personal. It’s not appropriate and it’s disheartening that they can’t express themselves in a more productive way. I just don’t think liking a ship really has much to do with how people personally act.

          • Ella says:

            Yeah, the way comments are done are weird here. I can’t reply to some things either. I agree personal attacks are never okay, (though I don’t think comments on PT’s acting are out of line). I think there was kind of this tendency for the people behind the show to dismiss all critiques as being meaningless because it was just bitter shippers, when they were often perfectly valid. And there’s no way the 1M+ people who stopped watching only did so because they weren’t getting Klaroline. I really WANT to like TO, because I loved Klaus as a character but I just can’t most of the time. I keep hoping it’ll improve but I’m pretty sure S3 will, once again, be all about saving Hope just as S1 and S2 were.

    • Ella says:

      I think the would LOVE to shut down Klaroline but they can’t afford to. They tried after 5×11 and it backfired. And now they’re in an even worse position. This article’s been up for 6 hours, on the day of the finale, and this will be the 50th comment. Their topsy numbers are a joke. The Klaroline fandom is bigger than pretty much all of the TO fandoms combined and probably the only hope this show has of generating much social media buzz, so I fully expect it will be liberally mentioned over the summer press.

      • jerrired says:

        Oh I’m not sure if the Klaroline fandom is bigger than all TO fandoms combined. Are they the most social media vocal/biggest on social media? For sure. I do agree with your assessment though. JP and team don’t want to shut down Klaroline fans hope because they’re probably hoping to keeping them dangling on hope to stay slightly invested in both series. We’ll see if TVD ends next year, whether they pursue Candice to move over to the Originals.

        • Fran says:

          Yeah I don’t know if they’re their biggest. How do you judge that anyway? I will agree that they are the most vocal and yes, the show runners will definitely continue to dangle little bits of hope to keep certain fans hanging on. They did the same thing with Stefan/Elena fans for quite some time. Its all pretty sad though.

  19. ss says:

    I can’t remember a show where the interviews and what’s on screen are complete opposites. Those Klaus- Cami scenes tonight could not have been more romantic if they tried. Why not just admit it or drop it? This weird in-between thing is too hard to take.

    • Ella says:

      They need to stop doing it. A huge problem they have is that no one trusts a word that comes out of their mouths when promoting the shows. They tell us something’s going to be great and the fandom rolls its eyes.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah I agree, the writers really need to stop lying about this stuff because it makes them look really bad. Everything they say in their promotion seems to be the exact opposite of what we see on the show and it’s tiring. I also think that’s why it seems like they can’t get anyone interested in stuff that they would have been interested in before like one of the real Originals coming back, earlier on in the series the prospect of Alice Evans coming back or Nate Buzolic coming back would have been really exciting, but now nobody even seems to care and I think it’s because the writers just seem to lie and manipulate the fans more than tell them the truth.

  20. audre nnaji says:

    In all honesty I thought the finale episode was great with the exception of klamille. I mean, I’m neutral concerning her character she’s basically the “matt” of the originals, only thing is she’s supposed to have these epic feelings from klaus which are being reciprocated. I mean at least they gave the character matt of the vampire diaries character development and background information. All we know about cami is that she’s some bartender who got klaus interested in her by a description of a painting. In all honesty I don’t see how that painting shows the painter being “dark, all alone, wants to control his demons without his demons controlling him.” However, that’s by the way, I don’t mind a Clamille relationship if and only if they make her more interesting and make the relationship actually “epic” and I’m not talking julie plec “epic”, btw because everyone can recall dullusional delena being “epic”… Gags. However, this is basically the dulled relationship of Klaroline, even though I never really liked Klaroline in the first place in a way it’s better than this. I would rather have Bonnie Bennett come to New Orleans to become the most powerful witch or at least one of the most. And have a davina and bonnie showdown on a davina and bonnie working relationship. I could actually see a Bonnie and Klaus relationship being epic rather than a Cami and Klaus relationship, even though I’ll know that Klonnie would never happen. Just my opinion, sorry for the rant. ;-)

  21. All I hooe is that freya doesn’t die nor does rebekah or marcel. I hatteddd completely how they killed gia just for shock value. In my opinion gia and elijah’s relationship was way better than haylijah or whatever you call it, though I see the prospect of them being very good friends. Like audre nnaji said I would really love to see bonnie come to the originals since the bennetts played a huge part in New Orleans’ witchcraft history, or bonnie being a witchpire coming to the Originals, though I don’t think we’ll ever see a Klonnie relationship though in my opinion it will be way better than borringgg Klamille.

  22. seeker says:

    Let all mikaelson siblings unite and klaus still king