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Revenge EP Explains Nolan's Spinoff-y Ending, Victoria's Mother of a Twist and Emily's Future With [Spoiler]

Revenge Series Finale

Revenge‘s series finale (almost) had it all: multiple deaths, a splashy wedding and a paternity bombshell, to name just a few twists. It did, however, forget to include one small thing: Answers!

Fortunately, TVLine got showrunner Sunil Nayar on the horn to clear up our confusion about the final hour’s biggest surprises, including Nolan’s potential for a spinoff, Victoria’s true parentage and, of course, what the future holds for Amanda and Jack.

TVLINE | Let’s start with an easy one: Is Margaux in prison?
Yep. She’s in prison, paying for what she did. She’s probably faring better than one would imagine. This is a woman with dignity, smarts and class, so she’ll be treated like the celebrity criminal that she is. But she’s not having an easy time with it, and I think she knew that would be the case when she decided to pay for her sins.

TVLINE | What was the thought process behind that final scene with Nolan and the “innocent” woman’s son?
One of the journeys he’s taken in the show, which we wanted to emphasize in the finale, is that he can stand on his own two feet. He can handle the mental, they physical and psychological, which we saw when he told Emily he was going to go after Margaux and White Gold. He said he could do it on his own and you see him do it. The fact that he can stand on his own two feet, that he doesn’t need Emily to define him anymore, is what we really wanted to say. It was also a nice little cliffhanger that says, “Hey, maybe Nolan’s going on a new journey.”

TVLINE | Was there ever a discussion about continuing for a fifth season with Nolan as the focus?
There was a thought about continuing it, yes. We knew that Amanda and Jack would be out there somewhere, and whatever we decided to do with the story — whether it focused on Nolan or not — we would try to get some of the gang back. Amanda Clarke is now Amanda Clarke, so there’s a totally different dynamic there. If we were to start a new story, we’d have to factor in that she has a different presence in the world now. When she first met Nolan, he was more famous because she was trying to be Emily Thorne. It would have been fun to see that dynamic flipped, re-focusing the show on Nolan in a Better Call Saul kind of way.

TVLINE | Funny you should say that; I immediately thought of Saul. Is a spinoff totally off the table?
I don’t think so. I think the network is going to hear what the excited response has been to that, and if I was over there, I’d certainly discuss it. So it’s out of my hands, but I think it’s a fun idea.

TVLINE | And then some people, myself included, thought there might be some connection to the Kingmakers pilot.
I think the thought was that whatever story we were kicking off at the end of the finale wouldn’t have anything to do with Kingmakers. But I’d spoken with Sallie Patrick while she was shooting her pilot to see how it was going, and the idea had been floated that a character or two from Revenge could show up on her show. The idea was to build them in the same universe, but nothing that happened last night had anything to do with Sallie’s pilot.

TVLINE | Moving on to Victoria… is Jimmy her father?
No, and it’s funny because there seems to be a degree of confusion. Prior to Jimmy Brennan, she had taken the fall for shooting her mother’s boyfriend and had to do six months in the juvenile evaluation center. When she went back home, her mother had started dating a man named Maxwell, who was the man who molested her; when her mother caught that happening, she kicked her out on the street, which is when she ended up in the building where Jimmy lived.

TVLINE | Is that something you might have explained more if you’d gotten another season?
The father thing? Not so much, and I’ll say that Madeleine was the one who helped us realize we hadn’t said who her father was. Ever, oddly. And it was in discussions with her that we all got on board with it. It was the perfect way to fill out the crazy Victoria family tree. She almost never had a chance.

Revenge Series FinaleTVLINE | I know it was supposed to be open-ended, but did Amanda really get Victoria’s heart?
What I’m hearing from people’s reactions is that they don’t know whether that’s true or not. For me, I think that’s great. I think that the show lives in the world of nightmares and memories, so for the psychological nature of it, it’s good regardless; you realize this is going to haunt Amanda for the rest of her days. It’s a fun question for the audience to toy with: If it did happen, what does that mean? It’s a bizarrely theoretical cliffhanger, which I hope inspires conversation. I like the debate of it.

TVLINE | As for Emily and Jack, can they really just take off and have a normal life? I can’t imagine that.
That’s another great thing to leave people asking: What would that life look like? It’s strange to think about, because whether they like it or not, they’re a famous couple in this country now. She’s skirted around the reality of that existence, and he’s never even come close to embracing the reality of it. It would re-frame them in a way. Does she drive Carl to school? Who picks him up?

Revenge VictoriaTVLINE | Lastly, I found it interesting that Emily, the “hero,” wore black in that final confrontation, while Victoria, the “villain,” wore white. Was there any significance to that?
That was discussed, definitely, with Jill M. Ohanneson, our amazing costume designer. On our show, the hero wears black. Emily had reached the darkest part of herself. There was such an elegance to swapping what you’re used to seeing. Madeleine’s performance spoke almost to a surrender, which is what the white was representing, and Emily’s performance was so dark — like gunpowder. That was the intention of those color contrasts.

Revenge fans, did we answer all of your questions? Would you watch a Nolan-centric spinoff? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. shazay says:

    How lucky we are that Revenge got to end the way a show SHOULD end. Its a shame this doesnt happen enough on tv. Instead we get desperate endings that dont work well, or shows that go on so long they just die a slow death and get no real conclusion.

    • Wendy says:

      Yup ! Have been an avid fan since the pilot, but missed part of season 3 and almost all of final season due to doing away with cable, but I have kept up with what’s been going on ( thank you to all by friends who recorded episodes for me!!!) I must say as disappointed I was to hear the show was ending, I believe it was EXACTLY the right time . Too many shows stay to long at the party , the writing , storylines begin to suffer, and everybody forgets how good the series WAS . not so with revenge !! Sunil Nayar did an excellent job , keeping us wanting more !!! I will mis NEMILY most of all, but I’m glad Amanda ended up with Jack !

      It’s always best when a series has a beginning and an ending ….. And some lingering questions … CAN YOU SAY REUNION MOVIE ?!!??

  2. Nmb says:


  3. Of course I would watch a Nolan spinoff!!!!

    • Sarah says:

      Shouldn’t somebody check with Gabriel Mann if he is even interested in continuing playing Nolan anymore before tossing around spin-off suggestions? Maybe he’d like an opportunity to play something different and the writers for this show under used him.

      • Doo Bee Doo says:

        Sunil told THR that Gabriel Mann was totally on board.

      • Gabriel Mann says:

        Hi Sarah, thanks for your suggestion. I am totally on board to continue playing Nolan and am very glad that Carrie N would ‘watch the crap out of a’ spinoff.



        • Charlene Sizemore says:

          Me too. I would faithfully watch every episode just like I did Revenge. Your character was wonderful. I feel like I lost a friend. 😞

        • Terry says:

          We would all absolutely love that!!

        • Sue Schreiber says:

          Would love a spinoff with Gabriel! He had some great lines and his delivery was always on the money. Best dressed best hair in EVERY episode! Add a little humor and the show would be a HIT! Plus I loved his high tech approach to problem solving.

        • Meg says:

          Take Louise with you! And you’ll have boyfriends way hotter than the social worker!

        • OMG… Nolan is that you? Please camp out on the doorsteps until they get back to that writing desk. No one, I repeat… NO ONE could have done a better Nolan than you, Gabriel. From those twisted grins to the sashay, you created Nolan. Thank you!

        • Dee Potter says:

          I hope it happens.

        • Kat Padgett says:

          Thank you for a wonderful run with Nolan on Revenge. Heart was broken when the cancellation news came out…. but all in all not a bad forced ending. Only a few loose storyline endings. Nolan could definitely a spinoff storyline. Best wishes in your next adventure whatever it may be.

        • Definitely need a spinoff.I seriously cried when I found out TODAY that last night’s episode was the last!: (

        • stephanie sanchez says:

          LOVE Nolan! Please let there be a spinoff!!! Going to miss revenge so much…:-(

        • Rondell says:

          When will you start? Because your fans are waiting! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you, thank you for being Nolan and for making the show so interesting, wishing u luck, revenge style:-)

        • Terri Barker says:

          Yippee!!!! We would too!

        • Emerald Jamme says:

          I would never miss a Nolan spin off, or anything with the talented wonderful
          Gabriel Mann

        • tish says:

          We love Nolan, favorite/smart

        • Olivia Padavick says:

          Hi Gabriel, I would love to watch a Nolan spinoff, and btw I think you played Nolan more perfect than perfect can be!!!

        • Yes!!..will be amazing!!, Gabriel give a incredible life for Nolan!!..Denifitely spinoff!!

        • Trish says:

          I would so watch this spinoff. .. G.M. is an awesome actor, show wouldn’t have been the same without him.

        • Aileen hager says:

          I would definitely watch a spin off….you are one of my favorite characters!

        • Sarah says:

          Hi GM (?) , I think it is unanimous that a huge majority would watch a spin off and as an actor GM could carry a show easily. My point is, the writers had four years to write anything of a back story for Nolan, even flesh out the connection David Clarke/Nolan, and they failed. The under use of Nolan and diluting the partnership Nolan/Emily is what made the show decline in ratings. I just find it wrong if a spin off is needed to tell Nolan’s story, when it could have been done during the show’s run and made it better. If a spin off happens, please get producers rights and nix writers who can’t write Nolan. Just saying.

        • Count me in. You were my favorite actor, and Nolan my fave character on the series.

        • Bonita says:

          Oh wow!
          nope, not my post, but just had to say.. oh wow! lol

        • ddjim2 says:

          Thanks for the great character development over the last four years. Revenge would not have been Revenge without Nolan. Would love to see a spin-off with Nolan.

        • Trizia says:

          Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Nolan spinoff!!! Please keep Louise!

        • LaQueema Campbell says:

          Hello Gabriel Mann,
          I love your character. I am so looking forward to a spin off show or seeing you in other shows and or movies. Keep on entertaining your fans

        • Victoria says:

          Of all the characters portrayed on Revenge 3 of my favorites
          With Victoria and Amanda gone…it would be wonderful for you to do a spin off…please keep your character the same
          Sly, intelligent, witty, and handsome

        • anthem2004 says:

          For one, I am eagerly anticipating a Nolan-centric spinoff. I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t happen. You and the writers did a fantastic job, and I very much want more centered on Nolan. I’s also love to see Emily and Jack take a subordinate part, and help out from time to time, but most definitely with Nolan in the drivers seat.The unanswered questions and the potential spin-offs are brilliant, and should be exploited. There’s definitely not only money in it for the network, but entertainment for the viewers, not to mention the fan base.

        • Gail Gentry says:

          I will watch anything thing that Gabriel Mann is a part of forever more!!! He was my reason for watching Revenge! Hurry up and get him back on the tube!!! I am shocked that the writers for this series never received awards….to me, it was one of the best written shows ever! I certainly would like to stay informed of any and all this team puts together!!!

        • 😊 I would love to see a new series starring Nolan

      • Emma says:

        Apparently he would be interested !

    • Carrie N says:

      I would watch the crap out of a Nolan spinoff.

    • Letti says:

      I’d love to have a Nolan spin-off. And if it would happen, can we get Louise with him?

    • I would truly watch anything that :”Nolan” was in Gabriel Mann was under used and having a show with him being the lead would be awesome.

    • I would truly watch “Nolan” in anything. Gabriel Mann was awesome and under utilized a show will him in the lead would have me watching every week.

  4. Bianca says:

    to me, Amanda getting Victoria’s heart seemed pretty much impossible, considering Victoria was shot and was bleeding out so much, her heart would be useless in no time. That was clearly a nightmare. Heart transplants are already so complicated in controlled environments, imagine what complications could arise having a gunshot victim as a donor!

    Loved the finale, but this part did not leave me wondering at all.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I wouldn’t bother trying to attribute medical realism here… ;)

    • Madoqua says:

      I liked that Charlotte saved her sister’s life by donating her mother’s heart. As long as Victoria was still breathing, even if it was only barely, the heart was still beating. And once Victoria was placed on a machine that kept her heart beating it didn’t matter that she may have died before arriving at the hospital. The only thing that really puzzled me was that their blood types were a match.

    • Dee Potter says:

      Actually, Amanda would have bled out much faster being shot in the heart than Victoria, who was shot in the stomach. What are the odds of a heart laying around just waiting for Amanda….not much. It’s truly a cliff hanger.

    • hayleyscomett says:

      Same! It was just her having a bad dream. There was no question about that for me since Jack made the comment, “you’re having that dream again”.
      Loved the finale and would definitely watch a Nolan spin off!

    • smartysenior says:

      Actually I read that motorcycle accidents and shootings are the two major donors, followed by other accidents. Fresh meat.

  5. Tina says:

    The finale was just perfection. Everyone ended up where they should be. Thank you for 4 great seasons Revenge, you will be missed. Infinity times Infinity.

  6. Madoqua says:

    I would LOVE to see Nolan take the lead in a spin off! He could so pull it off and maybe win an Emmy(?). Or two.

  7. Would love a spin off especially if there was the chance of Amanda Clarke being in it ,loved the final episode,gonna miss revenge ,such a fan show xx

  8. BrianR says:

    I thought the ending was perfect synchronicity with Amada having Victoria’s heart. It works. Nice ending but I kinda wanted Charlotte and Amanda to be sisters for awhile first before she and Jack got married.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I would love to see a spinoff. Very disappointed that Revenge was canceled. Would have liked to have seen a 2 hr finale though. This was such a great show that a one hour finale was very disappointing and left too many unanswered questions.

  10. Lm says:

    Would love a Nolan spinoff.

  11. brandy says:

    I absolutely positively would watch a Nolan Ross spinoff!!!! Please make it happen!!!!!

  12. Juanita says:

    I would most definitely watch a Nolan spin off i just loved him on the show…; I would also watch a show with amanda and jack anytime really going to miss revenge.

  13. B.T. says:

    Shonda Rimes should snap some of this cast up immediately. Or Gabriel Mann would make a good Merlin on OUAT.

  14. JBC says:

    Count me in for a Nolan spin-off! Thanks to Sunil for the answers. Good finale!

  15. NascarNurse48 says:

    I would love to see a Nolan spinoff and agree Victoria bleeding out like that her heart would have stopped . need a living beating heart for a transplant. i was amazed Amanda Made it and wish they would have explained her injuries.. only so much u can do in 40 minutes with 20 minutes of commercials to save time for

  16. N says:

    I’d be so happy if there is a Nolan spinoff!!!!!!!! YAY!

  17. Chrissy says:

    I would LOVE to see a spin off with Nolan! 4 Seasons of Revenge just wasn’t enough!

  18. Charlene Sizemore says:

    I would totally watch a Nolan spin off. I loved his character so much. It would be a great, but very different show.

  19. Lucy says:

    Please please please give us a Nolan spinoff. Loved Revenge and will miss it, a spinoff will soften the blow. Plus Nolan was definitely one of, if not the best character.

  20. Giepie says:

    I would certainly watch a Nolan spin-off. But Nolan needs to get back to what he was good at, incredible hacking and surveillance. Maybe use his IT business as a front for his “Revenge business”. Amanda would probably get bored of a Revenge-less life, so she could join Nolan, in the beginning just for kicks, but later she can’t live without it. How will this affect her wedding with Jack? Well, who’s to say he wouldn’t want to get involved himself. Whatever you do, just don’t separate Amanda-Jack again!

  21. Deion says:

    I’m surprised Sunil didn’t mention that season 4 started with Nolan taking Emily to task for being unable to walk away from Revenge only to end up being the one who didn’t feel complete without it. But a Nolan Ross centered “Leverage” type spinoff would be hot for the streets. I, for one, would be interested to see if network TV is as ready for a bisexual main character as Revenge fans are.

  22. dolores says:

    So, is Maxwell her father? I thought her father was the one who got her pregnant. I’m so confused.

  23. ko says:

    I want more nolan!!!!!

  24. evelyn morocho says:

    I would definitely watch a nolan spin off and emily I mean amanda being his side kick for once. twist it around let him do his thing. it be awesome.

  25. Casey P says:

    Hell yeah I’d watch a Nolan spin off!!! Bring it on!!!

  26. Karen says:

    Yes to a Nolan-centric spinoff! He was the best part of Revenge. Bring it!

  27. A. Menth says:

    I would certainly watch a spin off about Nolan, He’s a very interesting character, I think you could get a lot of mileage out of him…. Love Nolan!!!!

  28. Terry says:

    I and my friends would absolutely LOVE a Nolan spinoff, or bringing any characters over to Kingmakers !! We loved the ending although wish it could have been 2 hrs and not as rushed. Great job!! Most finales are a let down, but this sure wasn’t!

  29. Lisa says:

    Yes yes yes to a Nolan spin off!! Please make it happen. He was an amazing character and I would love to see him in his own show

  30. BJES says:

    Spin off! Spin off! Spin off!

  31. MsV says:

    Thanks for the answers. Goodbye revenge! I’ll probably watch the finale one more time! Lol

  32. JANET L says:

    Absolutely! I love Nolan!!

  33. Sharon says:

    Would love to see a Nolan spinoff with Louise!!!

  34. Madelaine says:

    Can’t get enough of Gabriel Mann. PLEASE let him take the lead in a Nolan-centric spinoff!

  35. Gary B says:

    Yes! Nolan centric spin off please! Need more! Nolan is such an intricately, diverse character, it is fascinating to watch him evolve. …just like real life!

  36. Winnie says:

    A Nolan spinoff was exactly what his last “hopeful” moment on screen brought to mind, and I would happily watch it. I wish, at the very least, it could have been a 12 episode series under the banner of Revenge so that it would reach that coveted 100 episodes/syndication market (yes, even though the show had dips). Whatever happens, I look forward to the next on screen outing of Gabriel Mann.

  37. Jackie Greer says:

    It was a great finale. I would not watch a Nolan spinoff because I don’t think it could compare with Revenge.

  38. Maryh says:

    Most definitely will watch a Nolan series!!!

  39. “Revenge fans, did we answer all of your questions?” Nope. I’m very curious to know what Revenge would have been like had Kelley stayed on as show runner.

  40. MaggyG says:

    I can’t beleive it has ended. I would definitely watch a spinoff. Nolan has always been my favourite character.

  41. Maryh says:

    Charlotte couldn’t of given her moms heart to Ems, Charlotte didn’t even come to Hamptons for Victoria’s funeral. How would she know in enough time that her mom died yet again?!

  42. kn1231 says:

    Nolan and Louise “Wonder Twins” spin off. Now that would definitely be something I would tune in for. Just keep Louise stable and this show would be fantastic.

  43. Cy says:

    Didn’t Emily Thorne (back then) change the paternity test results, which Carl is not Jack’s son? This was never mentioned again. Does Amanda now feel bad for changing the results?

    • SW says:

      From the Revenge Wiki: “After Emily instilled the idea in his head, Jack asked Amanda for a paternity test, wanting to be eased of the fear that he might not be the father. Amanda obliges, but was nervous because there was a possibility that he wasn’t the father since she’d had a one-night stand shortly before or after leaving. The paternity test turns out to be positive, confirming that Jack is the father. Emily, however, withholds this information and tells Amanda otherwise to get her to agree to her plans. Amanda is heartbroken when she is told that Jack is not the father. Later, however, after Emily tells her the truth, Amanda angrily rebukes her and all her pent up anger and resentment about Emily’s plans for revenge is finally brought out in the open.” So Jack really is Carl’s biological father. Emily just lied to Amanda about him not being the father.

  44. CJV says:

    I would definitely watch every episode of a Nolan spinoff!! Revenge has been my favorite TV show since the very first episode and I know I will really miss seeing it and wondering what will happen next. Thank you to all the actors, writers and everyone else involved in making it for keeping me and my family entertained for so long. I really hope this show will continue in some way………!

  45. Mary Picon says:

    Nolan and Aiden were always my two favorite characters.

  46. revenges says:

    Nolan could have an interesting back story: boy genius, who his parents were, his relationship with Emily/Amanda, how he met David Clarke, how he could help fight injustices.

  47. Allison says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Amanda losing David twice was cruel? Other than that I loved it.

    • kn1231 says:

      I don’t think so. Losing him the second time was completely different from the first. Amanda has matured, is an adult and David died from natural causes. So while it would still be hard, it was definitely a more subtle to lose him.

  48. I would love to watch a spin off of nolan with margo and loise by his side

  49. Anne Ravenwood says:

    YES TO NOLAN PART 2 – Love that man and that character! I am sick that this how ended but that is that…….is there no way to revive it with some of the same characters and different title?

    • Dee says:

      Would love a Nolan and possibly Louise spin off. Did Jack ever find out that he was not Carl’s father? If so, I missed it.

      • Sandy says:

        I just read Carl is not Jacks baby?? How did I miss that? Who is the daddy? Also why can’t we have a spin off? Major crimes did.

        • Sandy says:

          I meant The Closer spinner off with Major Crimes. Love that show, not all the actors went with it. But a lot of them did. I would watch Nolan..

        • Nate says:

          Jack is the baby’s father. She lied to Amanda, stating that he wasn’t so she would go along with her plans but shortly afterwards, she told her the truth: That jack really is the father.

  50. Mary Howarth says:

    when does nolans show start. Ill be there !!