Bones Renewed for Season 11

Bones Renewed

Breaking Bones news: Fox has renewed the long-running procedural for Season 11 after closing new deals with series leads David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

Showrunner Stephen Nathan will take a brief step back from his Bones duties to work on his other Fox projects, but per the network, he hopes to rejoin the show later in the season. Showrunners Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson will remain on board for the duration.

Bones will wrap its 10th season on Monday, June 11 (8/7c).

TVLine’s 2015 Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.

Fans, are you relieved to know the crime-solving duo will be back in action this fall? Drop a comment with your hopes for the final episodes of Season 10 below. 

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  1. Mo says:

    Seconds before I saw this I tweeted for Bones to be renewed and YAY!! Very happy to see it happen :)

  2. LuLu says:

    YAY I am soooo happy, I love this show.

  3. SANDY says:

    I am so happy that Bones has been renewed for another season.Thank you to the powers that be.

  4. MIchael – You have no idea (or maybe you do) The tremendous relief this brings the most devoted fandom in the primetime universe.

  5. Bill says:

    Great news. Full season order?

  6. Nancy says:

    Yeah – I didn’t want it to go out on this very unhappy note of Booth gambling!

  7. yeah BONES S11 says:

    congrats and all but does that mean Hart Hanson will comeback if his other show gets axed?…Bones needs a captain of the ship…and that captain is Hart Hanson…please find out Michael, thanks.

  8. dave says:

    glad stephen nathan is gone,probably a condition of it being renewed.he ruined bones.

    • Sally O'Malley says:

      Agreed. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, SN!

    • Eran says:

      Erm…he made Bones. And list one show that’s changed showrunners midstream and didn’t immediately go to sh*t afterwards? Dexter, True Blood, Revenge…the list goes on… a huge reason why Bones has stuck around till now is that it’s had the same consistent vision seeing it through (and I say this as someone who’d skipped half the Pelant storyline after realising if my disbelief were suspended any further, it would float off into space)

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    Very happy about the news but I’m wondering if Season 11 is going to be the series’ last.

  10. CB says:

    Hell yes I am glad they’re back. And SN temporarily stepping away isn’t that bad. We still got 2 people at the head who have been with the show forever! They’ve been runnnig alongside HH and SN for years. We’re good. And so amazing Emily and David still like to do more! And even SN possibly returning. Shows what a good, and tight, family this show is. They ALL want to stay involved as much as they can, as long as they can. As some know, and some don’t, showrunners have contracts to develop other projects so this is not unexpected that SN has to step away for a while. It’s amazing he may return though. Yes, this is very good news. And the naysayers, please go play somewhere else. There are people around who are happy with this and the show is still delivering. Go Bones!

  11. Definitely happy to have a #Bones renewal for S11. Thank you Fox & Bones Cast & Crew! Now let’s enjoy the rest of S10 with our happy smiles as we will need some good thoughts for the rocky road S10 has yet for us. Can’t wait!

  12. Lilly says:

    yes!! so happy :)

  13. yeah BONES S11 says:

    June the 11th is a THURSDAY :)

  14. aph1976 says:

    I’m very happy at Bones will be on for another season but i think next season could be their last.However now they have time to plot a fitting end to the series.

  15. Maureen Coote says:

    Over the moon that we are getting another season of Brennan and Booth.

  16. Lilly says:

    WAIT. Monday June 11? That’s Thursday, lol…so when?

  17. I’m thrilled! I’ve been waiting to open my email and see the words, “Fox renews Bones for an 11th season. Just please get back our old Booth and Brennan…I need to see the chemistry between them that kept us watching all these years. Tell Emily to curl her hair..just a suggestion..and cuter clothes..but I’ll take her anyway I can get her!

  18. Dean says:

    Its a true testimate to a tv show’s longevity when they go beyond 10 years.

  19. D. turner says:

    So happy to hear this – may favorite show for years. Love the characters.

  20. Debbie Hokkanen says:

    I know Bones can’t go on forever, but it has become such an important part of our television viewing life that it is going to leave a huge void when it does come to an end, so I am so delighted that the 11th season is going to be renewed. Brennan and Booth feel like part of our family! We can’t wait for the new season!

  21. ctshab says:

    So so happy Bones renewed….Please please don’t let Booth gambling relapse continue…It is still the best show on TV…

  22. Bonesfan47 says:

    So happy and excited to hear this news!!!! Best grad gift ever!!!! Thank you for Fox for renewing this amazing show!!!!! and Thank you to the cast and crew of Bones for an amazing 10 seasons and for what I know will be an amazing 11th season!!!!

  23. ArianaP says:

    I have loved this show for longer than I can remember, but they lost me when they killed Sweets. I started watching this show because I was a JFD fan. I grew to love DB & ED and all the Bones cast; they were such a well-oiled machine. But the way they killed him off was poorly done & his character deserved so much more. I understand why he was written out, it was how they did it that bugs the crap out of me. I will finish out the season but this show isn’t what it used to be. The cases and the science behind them used to be conversation worthy. Now I can’t remember an episode from one week to the next. I’m happy for the Bones family and fandom got the S11 pickup, just don’t think I’ll bother to watch.

    • Boiler says:

      You do know John was leaving anyway. Killing him may have been extreme but he was not going to be on.

    • Debby says:

      I totally agree with Ariana P and felt that Sweets became the heart of the show. They should have allowed JFD to finish his movie so he could come back to Bones. I sure that the fans would not have mined it that much. I still watch Bones but it is not the same for me anymore.

  24. tonya y says:

    Love this show, glad it’s back for another round

  25. Cathy Caseri says:

    Hoping Hogins and Angela don’t move to Paris.

  26. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    I am happy, humble, grateful and thankful for a Season 11. I sure hope we get to see a lot more of B&B in Season 11 and that certain love connection they have with each other that lights up the screen…sooooo happy for cast and crew also that makes Bones best show on TV.

  27. marilyn rittinger says:

    glad they have been picked up for another season, love the series,hopeb they don’t forget to put the romance back in, too married, with children!

  28. abz says:

    I guess I’m not surprised by this. The obsession with the show doesn’t make sense to me as it’s quality has declined significantly over the past few years and it has been lacking creatively for a long time. But some people still seem to love it for some reason so I guess good news for them. I’m like 10 episodes behind. It just hasn’t been a good show in every aspect (writing, quality, format, etc.) for me in a long time. I know I should just quit it, but I’ve made it 10 seasons so I’ll probably just finish it up and see how it ends, but not gonna rush myself. It’s not must-see TV.

    • SLS says:

      I totally agree! The past few years Bones has gone downhill in quality – but I can’t seem to totally give it up. I hate that they killed off Sweets instead of moving him or something like that, I hate how Cam’s character has been written for a while now (in a totally wimpy, misogynist way), and I find many of the cases are just boring. But there I am, still watching week after week.

      I don’t expect the show to go beyond 11 seasons though; I think the renewal is already a stretch and I suspect season 11 will be written as the end. That might be good, though, to know its the end from the start, to wrap up loose ends and create a good final season.

      • abz says:

        I’m glad someone agrees. I usually try not to always comment about wishing shows being cancelled (especially shows I don’t watch or haven’t watched in a while), but I have been watching this show and trying to keep up with it because I’ve lasted so long, but it is no longer anything special. I don’t get when I see comments saying “Bones is the best show ever.” I’m sorry, but no it isn’t and anyone who says that clearly hasn’t watched much television (if they want a list of good TV shows I can give them). Like you said, Bones has been declining in quality for many years now. Most of the cases are the same. Episodes are the same format and predictable. No creativity left in the show anymore. They’re just churning out episodes, doesn’t matter if most are filler and exactly like every other episode they do. The writing just isn’t anything to brag about. The reason it was renewed was probably a business decision and had nothing to do with quality (if quality was a factor in renewal, I think it would have been cancelled a while ago). Hopefully you are right and they give them enough time in advance to wrap things up properly. It’s better than it being cancelled last minute and leaving things unresolved (hate when networks do that).

        • dave says:

          I agree 100%.I also believe that if ratings continue to decline,Bones can be cancelled at anytime next season.

        • Lilly says:

          It’s perfectly okay for people to be saying it’s the best show ever because different people look for different things when it comes to shows and entertainment in general. So yeah, it can totally be the best show ever. I watch a lot of tv series but Bones gives me something that no other show does. Therefore for me, it’s the best show ever. You can tell me that How to get away from murder is absolutely fantastic, for example, but I didn’t enjoy it. Watched the first nine episodes and had to stop. Same with Homeland, so many people praise the show, I actually managed to watch two and w hakf

        • Lilly says:

          Your statement that Bones is not the best show is wrong, you know why? Because people look for different things in tv shows and entertainment in general. So for some people, Bones definitely is the best show ever.
          You could tell me that, for example, How to Get away with Murder is a fantastic show. I watched the first nine episodes, I had to stop there, it was unbearably unwatchable for me. So many people praise Homeland too. I managed to watch two and a half seasons, but couldn’t continue then, no matter how “quality” it had, I didn’t enjoy it at all. And there are so many other examples. Both quality and enjoyment are a matter of perspective and different people will have different views on that.
          For me, Bones is in fact the best show, and I watch a lot of tv series, some are quilty pleasures, but some are absolutely fantastic in quality, but Bones still stays the best show for me because it gives me things and emotions etc that other shows simply don’t, and it deals with issues in a way I don’t see on other tv shows.
          So what you said basically belittles many people’s preferences and enjoyment. Let people have their “best shows” no matter what it is.

          • abz says:

            I sort of get what you are saying, but to me there’s a difference between favourites and a show being one of the “best”. Saying it is the best show just doesn’t ring true for me at all, because when I actually look at the quality of Bones in the past several years in terms writing, acting, directing, etc.,, it is inferior to many shows. If renewals were based at all on quality, it would have been cancelled many seasons ago. To me you can’t compare a show like Bones to a show like The Good Wife, for example, because no matter what your preference, The Good Wife is INFINITELY better in quality than Bones in every aspect (i.e. writing, acting, directing, creativity, cinematography. music, etc.). I think it’s pretty clear Bones’ quality has been on a steady decline for multiple seasons now and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. Not saying you shouldn’t enjoy it, but if you watch the show it’s pretty clear it’s on a quality decline. Anyway, it’s probably best if we just agree to disagree.

          • Stella says:

            I love bones. I love their family life and I love all cast members.

        • Connie McGregor says:

          There is so much trash on TV now that I think it’s refreshing to have such an interesting show for family entertainment. Everyone doesn’t have to like the same programing (such as some of the reality shows that I detest) and some of the cop shows on the networks that are really getting to be the same as every other cop show. I’m glad we have the option of watching many different shows. So if you don’t like bones then change the channel. I’ve been watching since the beginning and still love it, and there were times early on when they had the serial killer lab genius that I got bogged down and had a hard time following the thread, but I waited it out and they got back to some really interesting themes. I will be sad if next season is the last season (so many of my favorites have been canceled) but TV will go on and maybe something new will crop up that is as entertaining! Thanks to Fox for keeping it on for 11 seasons at least. Hoping that it will be many more than that.

        • Cheryl Duffey says:

          I am a tv freak! Watch it plenty. Have for years. Everyone’s “list” is different. What you like, I might not like. That’s for sure in the case of Bones. It is the best show that has ever been on tv. I love the way they blend Forensics, comedy and love stories. The only thing I’d like to see, is Breenan go back to talking the way she did in the first three episodes. She seems to slur and drag out her speech now…acting kinda upidity. She didn’t talk that way in earlier shows. I love that show, I hope it never goes off.

  29. Pat says:

    Happy, Happy Happy!!! When it comes time for this show to wrap up, all I want to see is happily ever afters for everyone. I hope the Producer’s and writer’s are listing to this avid viewer who has watched this show since day 1.

  30. Rebecca Monroe says:

    Yes just made my day . I love BONES I have watched this show so long that the cast just seem like family . I think we should shoot for at least 100 more epsoides .WHOOP WHOOP I’m a happy camper .

  31. Monica says:

    Very excited about Bones 11th season they deserve to be renewed.

  32. kmw says:

    First off I thought their season finale is June 4th. Has it been pushed back to June 11th? Second of all GREAT NEWS!!!. After the way this season has gone and how their ratings had gone down I wasn’t too sure, but I am glad they will get another year. Even more excited about Nathan being gone. He didn’t make the show Hart Hanson did. I am very happy both David and Emily will be back. Booth and Brennan are the best and I hope they have good stuff for them next season. SO EXCITED!!!!

  33. Boiler says:

    Great news!!!

  34. Sandra Holl says:

    June 11 is on Thursday It was earlier said that the last episode was on June 4 !!! What is the correct day for the season finale???

  35. Deborah Kaplan says:

    My husband and I are happy that Bones is coming back for season 11. We really like the show and having been watching it since it started 11 years ago. What makes it so interesting is that it is based on a real person.

  36. PamfromCalif says:

    SO HAPPY and I know Michael Peterson he’s such a nice man and he will do Bones proud as he has for the six seasons he had been there in the writers room.

  37. Rae Ann says:

    After all the crappie news from ABC, it’s nice to see something good. :)

  38. greatvonnie50 says:

    I am so excited about the renewal of Bones. I can’t pretend to know what the season finale will be, Bones writers are so great they definitely have a great sense of where to lead the show. I have been surprised at most finales so I trust them and am excited to go on this ride. #adedicatedfan

  39. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! So happy we get to keep our Bones!

  40. tahonia2 says:

    WHY???? She drives me nuts.

  41. belly says:

    I love Bones, but i dont get why the Following was cancelled

  42. Nicole says:

    So beyond happy to see Bones back for another season! Best show ever!

  43. Carol Holloway says:

    I am so happy to hear that season 11 is coming. I like these characters very much! I hope Angela and Hodgins will stick it out for the season instead of moving full time to Paris. Please do not kill anyone off! Losing Sweets was horrible! I would very much like to see Russ Brennan (same actor!) and Amy ( again same actor) return in a couple of episodes and Max, too. I have loved this show and still watch the reruns. Thanks for such great characters!

  44. Dale N. says:

    Yes!! Bones is the only show I have ever consistently watched, ever. I hope it goes on and on. Nothing on TV can come close to the quality found in Bones. Many thanks to all those who made the 11th season possible!

    • abz says:

      “Nothing on TV can come close to the quality found in Bones.” lol what? I think you might want to try and check out some other TV shows before making a statement like that.

      • Bonesfan47 says:

        I happen to agree with Dale N, and I do watch a lot of TV just because you don’t think Bones has the quality that Dale N. and myself have doesn’t make one opinion right and one wrong. You made a statement before about The Good Wife having better quality and I disagree with that as I have seen some episodes and I just cannot get interested/invested in the that show like I am with Bones. That is my opinion no one opinion is right or wrong so if someone says “Nothing on TV can come close to the quality found in Bones” respect it as it is their opinion and it is my opinion too so they are not the only ones who feel that way.

  45. Melissia R. says:

    I am super duper happy…I was worried because Hodgins and Angela were making it sound like there was no coming back. Bones is my most favorite show and I hope that David B. and Emily D. will want to continue on…they are best and so are the squints/squinterns and Aubry…can’t forget Aubry although I am missing Sweets something fierce…never cried so much in my life. Miss you Sweets!

  46. Bones an original so happy 4 ssn11

  47. C says:

    Really enjoy the show! Not sure under what circumstances the Dr. Sweets left. However, since he was adopted, kind of hoping his character may come back as an identical twin.

  48. Emily says:

    So we’ve got David and Emily… but what about Michaela Conlin and TJ Thyne? Last night’s second episode has me a little worried…

  49. Gerri Brenner says:

    Still missing Sweets! His interaction with Booth was great.

  50. Mary McDill says:

    Love Bones! Best show on TV but would like to see less of the gambling problem and more
    affection between Booth and Bones again. Their love for each other is one of the things that
    makes the show great!!