The Mindy Project Cancelled at Fox, But There's a Hulu Twist

Mindy Project Cancelled

Guess we’ll never find out exactly what the Staten Island Handshake is after all. Or will we…

As we predicted, Fox has cancelled The Mindy Project after three seasons. That’s the bad news. The better news is that the Mindy Kaling comedy may live on at Hulu.

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According to sources, Universal TV — which owns TMP and has a vested interest in seeing it cross the syndication-friendly, 100-episode threshold — is talking to Hulu about a multi-season pickup of the acclaimed comedy (that would be Season 4 and beyond).

Reps for Fox and Universal declined to comment.

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  1. Laura says:

    NOOOO!!!! Please, please, please, Hulu. Do the right thing!

    • B says:

      Orrrrr Hulu could fall through and Netflix could pick it up, which would be ideal. Am I right in assuming that if Hulu picks up a show it won’t end up on Netflix? I’d want to binge the later seasons on Netflix just as I do the seasons on Fox now, not on Hulu.

  2. Mare says:

    -sees Mindy Project canceled- NOOOOOOOOOOOO
    -sees Hulu twist- Please let this happen!

  3. Eric7740 says:

    RIP Mindy Project. You were fortunate to get 3 seasons.

    • Christy says:

      I loved the pilot SO MUCH, but I agree. I couldn’t see the appeal. I love Mindy Kaling though and was rooting for it since so many other people were into it.

    • Temperance says:

      Agreed. I liked the male lead, but I really can’t stand Mindy.

  4. thisismenow says:

    If they did. I would join Hulu again for this worthy show.

  5. ABG. says:

    More episodes is good news. There’s also no way it would have lasted more than another season on FOX, so the Hulu move is a good idea.

  6. Meg says:

    I’m with the others on this. If Hulu picks this up I would rejoin and probably drop cable. I hope someone picks it up…

  7. marykon13 says:

    Idiots- they cancel a quality show like Mindy, but trassh

  8. Emma says:

    FOX SUCKS! But I love Hulu, and they have always been great at advertising/supporting TMP. So, if this works out (Don’t let us down Hulu), this would be awesome for the show! Fingers crossed!!!

    • ? says:

      You can’t blame Fox for this. There are no ratings for this show at all. It’s simply not going to do well on Fox and will do very well on Hulu. Making the jump is a very smart decision all-around.

      • S. says:

        Yes you can. It’s the first show in at least the last 7 years to have 3 seasons and at least 66 eps and not get renewed. Ratings be darned for that stat too. It never mattered before. There are shows with worse ratings that got picked up. I bet it’s a combo of not being owned by Fox and being from the previous Fox president’s tenure. Not as much the ratings. I had a feeling drama might happen for The Mindy Project when Kevin Reilly departed.

  9. says:

    Yaaaas! The worst comedy ever on TV finally cancelled! Hallelujah!

    P.S. Ignore the “lipstick on a pig” comments from PR reps and fangirls. Hulu are not, this dog of a show has been KICKED TO THE CURB!

    And y’know what? That’s a good thing.

  10. Elissa says:

    Come on Hulu!!! Please bring back Mindy!! Fox you suck! Best comedy on tv!

  11. To be perfectly honest, I’m kind of surprised it made it this long. It was a cute show, but the numbers just weren’t there.

  12. Megan Swain says:

    Nooooo!!!! They can’t leave us hanging like that! I will subscribe to Hulu just for this show if the extend it. Please Hulu, pick this amazing show up!!!

  13. says:

    Now, watch Chris Messina quit the show. He deserves better than this. Always did.

  14. FH says:

    This is really surprising. It was within 22 episodes of reaching 88 (the magic syndication number) so it was pretty much guaranteed a renewal. The last time this sort of scenario happened was Veronica Mars back in 2007. :/

  15. marykon13 says:

    Trash like Family Guy keeps going?
    (See previous post-my finger slipped!)

    • S. says:

      1) Fox is swimming around in Family Guy money like they’re Scrooge McDuck so of course it is. 2) It’s not trash. It’s just not your sense of humor. Mindy Kaling likes it so dunno what you’re gonna do with that, but good luck.

  16. I watch Mindy on Hulu anyway so let’s just cut out the middleman!

  17. Angela says:

    Id join Hulu again just to watch TMP.

    • Bartimeus says:

      Join Bing rewards, I use Google for my “real” searches but 10 or fewer mins a day using Bing will earn you two free months of Hulu Plus per month. I wouldn’t actually pay for their service but it’s easy enough to earn a membership through the Bing thing.

  18. A3rynSun76 says:

    Hulu I will subscribe if you pick up this amazing show.

  19. JK says:

    This took my breath away. Please Hulu, pick this up!!!

  20. Karmyn says:

    Either way, no more Mindy for Canadians. 😢

    • Ron says:

      Is Hulu not a thing in Canada?

      • A fan of TV says:

        Hulu is blocked in every country but the US and has some limited viewing in Japan. Problem is, Hulu IS a thing…any video on Hulu that Canadians want to watch is regionally blocked, which is extremely annoying. We can’t get it even if we wanted to. Plus I hear they give you ads even in Hulu Plus…? Sounds downright awful on top of how annoying it is to get error message after error message any time you want to watch an SNL clip or something on a TV blog like this one.

    • Jen says:

      Netflix Canada had the whole third season the day after the finale aired in the US, so I’m sure they’d try to pick it up or it’ll show up on Crave or Shomi. Also, there are ways to to watch Hulu from Canada.

      I’m sure us Canucks will not be without TMP for too long even if it does come back on Hulu initially.

      • A fan of TV says:

        Illegal ways yeah… But were not supposed to promote or do those things…and not everyone has a cable bill for $110 a month plus Crave or Shomi. Neither one of those platforms is online only for people who’ve cut the cable cord. If it stays on Netflix because Hulu isn’t in Canada, then fine, but I somehow doubt that…

        • Jen says:

          True, I will not be adding Crave or Shomi unless it becomes available without the current requirement of having cable… and probably not even then.

          I suppose there is hope that it could stay on CityTv, they did get the rights to continue showing Cougar Town after it moved to TBS, albeit weeks after it aired in the US. Not exactly the same situation as Hulu, but you never know. I can’t imagine that Cougar Town had better ratings on City than TMP, but I have no idea where to find that info.

  21. Angelstorm says:

    YES ! Do it Hulu !!

  22. Tiffany says:

    Note to fox…The Mindy Project RULES

  23. Tiera says:

    Beyond disappointed… I’ve never subscribed to Hulu but I would for The Mindy Project.

  24. Beth says:

    Do it, Hulu!!!!

  25. Court says:

    No this breaks my heart!

  26. buttercupp85 says:


  27. Cort says:

    make it happen, Hulu!!

  28. Diz says:

    About time. It was cute but never must see TV and become background noise lately for me.

  29. Eli Edwards says:

    Isn’t 88 the syndication-friendly threshold?

  30. Linds says:

    Bummer. I enjoy this show and we can’t get Hulu in Canada

  31. knd24 says:

    Please please please pick this up someone!

  32. PLEASE Hulu save Mindy!!!!

  33. johnhelvete says:

    Two seasons of 13 episodes each plus the current 67 episodes, would give the show 93 episodes for syndication. It would also give the cast time to do other stuff the other 6-7 months out of the year.

  34. giana says:

    please please please pick up TMP Hulu!!!

  35. Scott says:

    Maybe this means we will get to see Danny strip for Mindy again and it’ll be even more risqué. Lol

  36. K says:

    Devastated. :( Hope Hulu picks it up.

  37. laurel says:

    I love the mindy project. One of the best funny and intellectual shows on that network.

    Mindy Kaling is hilarious!!!!!!!

  38. Amber says:

    I would get a Hulu account again solely to watch this show. The way it ended, it definitely needs more episodes. At least one more season.

  39. kmw says:

    I bet if Hulu doesn’t pick it up someone else will. This news isn’t that surprising

  40. Reba42 says:

    I love MP, but I wasn’t sure how they would show Mindy with a baby. I’d totally watch on Hulu.

  41. Ashbash says:

    This just breaks my heart <\3
    The Mindy project was my favorite show and like the only comedy I watch on Fox. I for one and not keeping my hopes up about hulu bringing the show back because very rarely have these online services actually revived cancelled shows after "talks" of bringing the show online begin.

  42. TB says:

    I’ll join Hulu and possible drop cable if this happens.

  43. Runner says:

    Oh crap.

  44. S says:

    HULU better save this show!!!!

  45. It would be better if it was Netflix, sense Hulu charges the same as Netflix, but still has adds, which is why I wont get Hulu prime, if they took out all the adds I would get it! They act like just because they have less adds then without the prime version, that its some big deal, but if I am already paying for it, then why do they need to keep any adds in it? GREED!

    • S. says:

      You get full seasons of shows that you can’t get on regular Hulu. I definitely feel I get my money’s worth. The ads are annoying but not that awful. That’s what bathroom breaks are for, but they’re usually not as long as your standard ad breaks on tv. I get your frustration. I just think it’s better to have it than not. Also, I dunno if they still do it but Fox used to make you wait a week before unlocking new eps but Hulu Plus unlocks the next day.

  46. Beansie says:

    FOX IS THE WORST!!! Hulu, please pick up this show! I will actually pay for your service!

  47. Sin says:

    Good riddance. That show has really gone off the rails from where it started. And now…the baby angle? Ugh, so glad to see it go. Wish it would stay gone.

  48. Mary says:

    I am sad to see it go from TV but as creative and boundary pushing as this show was on network I can’t imagine how good it will be on streaming. I will get Hulu for it. It is annoying about the ads though.

  49. Cheryl says:

    Have you heard anything about a second season for Galavant?

  50. A Fan of TV says:

    And in Canada it will air on…? Hating all these Hulu exclusive announcements lately…