Once Upon a Time Creators Talk Baby Bombshell, Belle's Confused Heart, Lily vs. Charmings and Grand Romance

Once Upon a Time Gold Rewrites Story

ABC’s Once Upon a Time threw curveballs at two frequently tested romances, by revealing that Zelena (as “Marian”) conceived Robin’s baby, while Rumple wore his (er, Belle’s) heart on his sleeve during a very tender moment.

Elsewhere, Emma reunited with childhood pal Lily, who it turns out is wholly aware of her fantastical lineage, and thus has a bone to pick with the Charmings.

Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis previewed for TVLine this Sunday’s penultimate Season 4 episode (ABC, 8/7c), which also marks the return of Barbara Hershey as Cora.

TVLINE | Are we going to get more reaction from Robin Hood, to Zelena’s masquerade and pregnancy? I was surprised that he wasn’t more affronted by what was foisted upon him, and instead was all, “I cahn’t leave her here”?
ADAM HOROWITZ | He didn’t seem affronted? I guess we cut out pretty fast….
EDDY KITSIS | We are going to get into his reaction and give it a proper “What just happened?!” scene in this week’s episode.
HOROWITZ | There’s a pretty extensive scene at the beginning, where we get his reaction.
KITSIS | He and Regina have a pretty lengthy talk about it.

TVLINE | In an ideal world, do you commit a whole episode to a drawn-out court trial about the custody ramifications for a baby conceived in such a way?
HOROWITZ | Custody is discussed!

TVLINE | What role will this week’s Cora/Regina flashbacks play?
KITSIS | Cora is back to help Regina figure out who her own worst enemy is.

TVLINE | I see the Sheriff of Nottingham among the guest stars roster. Does Robin appear in the flashbacks as well?
KITSIS | We will definitely be seeing the world of Nottingham….
HOROWITZ | Some Sherwood Forest action is on its way.

TVLINE | Has Emma effectivelyOnce Upon a Time Emma Lily Reunite tempered down Lily’s bloodthirst, or will meeting her mother, Maleficent, charge Lily back up?
KITSIS | Lily is going to get charged back up a bit. We’re going to get a little more insight into her and how she feels about herself.

TVLINE | So even though Emma spared her life, she’s still gunning for the Charmings?
KITSIS | Anger doesn’t go away in one night.
HOROWITZ | Lily has spent many years dealing with the anger of what Snow and Charming did to her, so it’s going to take her a bit to either get over it or embrace [vengeance].
KITSIS | Just because she and Emma had a nice scene on the highway doesn’t mean that it’s over.

TVLINE | One might think that having spared Lily, Emma has stepped off of the dark path she was on. Or is that not the case?
KITSIS | Emma is definitely tested on this road of darkness, and where she ends up is going to be up in the air for the next three episodes. But she has a strong heart, so it’s going to take more than just a woman holding a gun to her kid’s head to turn her.

TVLINE | Is there anything left to agitate Emma over these next three hours…?
KITSIS | There’s always stuff to agitate Emma.

TVLINE | What is Isaac’s agenda anymore? If you awarded him free reign, what would he do right now?
KITSIS | We are going to answer that question, visually, in the finale (airing May 10).

TVLINE | Does he miss being the Author?
KITSIS | How he feels about being the Author and what kind of Author he’d like to be gets answered in the first act of the finale.

TVLINE | What are we to make Once Upon a Time Emma Lily Reuniteof the look Belle gave us as Rumple walked away after restoring her heart?
HOROWITZ | Ahhh, what a look that was….
KITSIS | That look said to me she isn’t over him. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to forgive him, either. That’s the thing about that man and why he told us he’s a difficult man to love. Because just when we’re ready to hate him, he does something completely selfless like get your heart back and then not ask for anything in return — and does not kill your new boyfriend.
HOROWITZ | I’ll just say that I loved that moment that you pointed out. Emilie [De Ravin] was just wonderful the way she played that. Without any dialogue, what she said about how she feels I thought was beautiful.

TVLINE | That entire scene was very romantic, I thought. How beyond restoring her heart, Rumple entrusted it to Will, acknowledging his own unworthiness.
HOROWITZ | There has been a nobility in all the crazy, horrible things he has done, and that’s been one of the contradictions at the heart of Rumple from the beginning, that we love exploring. Belle is completely aware of that and tuned into it, and that’s what you saw in that scene — she could see that the “difficult to love” man who has done terrible things is also an honorable, beautiful man as well.  She’s torn up by that as much as he’s torn up himself.

TVLINE | Can you promise in these final three hours any similarly grandly romantic scenes between any characters?
KITSIS | I would say that we probably have at least two more. And a third one is romantic in its own way.

NEXT WEEK: Horowitz and Kitsis teases the two-hour finale and its (hopefully still-)secret scene, and answer perhaps the most burning question of all.

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  1. Thanks for the Rumple and Belle question. I thought that scene was really lovely as well. Hoping for more in the next few episodes!

    • That was a beautiful scene and I can’t wait until they reunite! I doubt the whole Rumple is planning to make Emma dark. There is probably another plan in the works. Thanks for sharing this with us on Tumblr! I need all the positive interviews on Rumbelle than I can get! To Phil and Val, Belle is strong and she has always been strong and she is not being manipulated by Rumple or did you actually read and understand the article? he loves her, she loves him, Will loves Anastasia and the rest of you bitter souls will have to deal!

      • Freddy says:

        You do realize he didn’t mean any of it and is just lying to and manipulating her again, right?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          One (1) user name per IP address, thank you!

        • crysania4 says:

          You realize that you’re wrong, don’t you?

        • abz says:

          I agree. I mean maybe he was being selfless. But this is Rumple we’re talking about. If you look at the other side, he clearly has something to gain by returning her heart. His love for Belle is the old red/good part of his blackened heart and without her it would completely blacken. I hope Belle doesn’t forgive him (at least for a while). Honestly, it doesn’t really feel at all like he’s been punished for what he’s done. I liked seeing Belle be strong for once and not the boring, whiny character she often is during the first three seasons. Exiling Rumple really didn’t do anything to him because he just weaseled his way back and wreaked havoc on the town and is trying to hurt Emma. He shouldn’t be with Belle right now I think. The show should allow Belle to grow and toughen up and make Rumple suffer a bit for what he’s still doing.

          • crysania4 says:

            Yes someone who has been caged, assaulted, molested and controlled after sacrificing his life to save everyone really should suffer some more. Clearly he hasn’t been through enough and his actions have nothing to do with his time being Zelena’s “doll.”

          • abz says:

            Meh, I saw that as sort of karma coming back to bite him in the ass for all the terrible things he’s done for hundreds of years. I enjoyed Zelena messing with him and giving him a tast of his own medicine. Sure I’ve felt sympathy for Rumple once in a while, but he gets no sympathy from me at the moment especially this season after all the crap he’s been pulling with trying to kill both Hook and Emma and making Emma evil and playing a role in all the chaos of 4B. So please spare me the whole “he’s being an awful person because he was controlled by Zelena”. As if he hasn’t done that to X amount of people taking away their freedom or trapping them into his deals and of course killing them. Before Belle fell in love him, he basically imprisoned her, forced her away from her family and made her his servant. What Zelena did to him was karma plain and simple. He is doing what he is doing now because he is obsessed and consumed with power. He did a selfless thing and sacrificed himself for his son and basically after Neal died he just returned to being everything his son hated. You can blame it on grief and lack of self-control or you can acknowledge that he has just become an extremely terrible person from so much darkness and pain and suffering he’s inflicted on others as evidenced by his blakened heart and that he is maybe too far gone from becoming a decent person without some serious, genuine effort.

          • A.T says:

            Wow. So, you for torture then if you had no problem with Zelena keeping Rumple in a cage for a whole year. No change of clothes, force feeding him(deleted scene on dvd), forcibly shaving him without permission. I bet if it was Hook you would be screaming bloody murder.

          • abz says:

            Nice try. This is a fantasy show and what I am for is a villainous character like Rumple getting a little taste of his own medicine. Torturing people for centuries, making them feel powerless, trapping them into deals and taking advantage of them and killing them. Zelena unintentionally gave him a chance to see what it was like. Ideally, it would have been a terrible experience for him and would have allowed him to evolve a bit and reflect on his actions and behaviour, but this season has shown that he didn’t really learn anything from that bad experience and it made him worse. All he got from it was that he needed to become more powerful.

        • Rainymoon says:

          You do realize that the creators of the show have stated in this interview that he was being sincere and selfless when he gave Belle back her heart? Given that he is a fictional character and they created/write the show, their view trumps yours.

          • abz says:

            Just because they state something, it doesn’t often come across that way. They can state anything the want, but what matters is what is portrayed on screen and the writing. As evidenced by that scene and the character of Rumple in general this season, that scene is clearly being interpreted differently by many people.

      • Considering Will is the knave of hearts he probably knows how to return a heart.

      • Frances McLean says:

        Thank you for saying that Jennifer. I feel the same way. Rumple loves Belle beyond words. He has more power then anyone in Storybrook. He could make Belle love him if he wanted to. But he want’s her love freely and even more he want’s her happy. I really want Rumbelle back!!!!

        • abz says:

          How could he make her love him? Isn’t that going against one of the biggest rules of magic along with bringing back the dead? Sure, he was finally able to bottle true love before, but I can’t remember if he has any left.

          • zumpie says:

            Not to mention, the entire point of his happy ending rewrite was to get her back AGAINST her will and he was going to memory-wipe her when he planned to take her across the town line in 4A. He might love her, but he loves power way more. Also, if he wanted her happy, he wouldn’t have returned, he wouldn’t have stalked her, he wouldn’t have planned on helping her friends and family murder one another and he certainly wouldn’t be seeking to ruin the soul of another so he can have what he wants. Because Belle would never be happy with any of that

      • Rainymoon says:

        It would be nice if Rumple wasn’t actually planning to try to make Emma dark. I don’t know if the writers will go there, though. As it is, making Emma dark is a nonsensical plan. It doesn’t really do anything to help him and will only make Belle angry at him. A redemption arc for him, would be if he really wanted to reunite a parent with her child (Mal and Lily) because of his past experience with Neal. Fixing Lily’s curse would also have to be involved. Maybe Emma turning “sort-of-dark”, temporarily, would negate/destroy the curse on Lily?

  2. Kate says:

    I was a little confused about the Belle/Rumple thing because given how irritated Belle was at him before and that Regina appeared to ask, she acted like she didn’t know what was happening.

    • James says:

      I was confused by that as well. Regina asked Belle to help her in the episode about Cruella, so why did she act like ‘what? Regina took my heart?!’ That was not only confusing but annoying. Almost as though the writers had forgotten that happened. Because unless she knocked Belle out before taking, most everyone knows when their heart has been taken…so yeah, I didn’t get that either.

  3. Val says:

    I rather see Belle NOT with Rumple.

    Its beyond a joke now. All the crap he has done and she still takes him back would make me lose respect for her. He is still planning to do evil thing and screw over Emma etc

    • Rainymoon says:

      Unless, his plan is to break Lily’s curse by turning Emma temporarily dark. Because, turning Emma dark, doesn’t really personally help him, himself. It would really only benefit Lily. After all, she was the one who was cursed with Emma’s dark side. If Emma turned dark, you would think that maybe, just maybe, Emma’s dark side would leave Lily’s body. After the curse is broken, then Rumple could tell Emma about it. Thus, making Emma’s dark turn temporary.

      • zumpie says:

        No, it’s been repeatedly stated on the show (like 50 times), he needs Emma’s soul to be dark so Isaac can rewrite things and give him his happy ending. He has zero interest in helping Mal or Lily (in fact Mal stated as much last episode and turned against him). Your version is complete fanfic and you should just watch the show. They’re pretty clear about it all

  4. Phil says:

    The Rumple/Belle/Will was pure manipulation from start to finish, there was zero nobility to Rumple’s action. He played her, and Will, by giving them a blessing, and calling himself unworthy. It was basically a humblebrag designed to make her yearn and it worked. Let’s not call it by anything other than what it was – manipulation. Certainly not romantic.

    • liz says:

      Hammer. Nail. Head. That’s how i took it too.

      • Rainymoon says:

        Note to self, many people will outright ignore what the actual creators of a show say. Which makes it extremely important to make something crystal clear when writing stories.

        • zumpie says:

          Yes, I’ve noticed you very much like to do that here—-and persuade yourself your headcanon fantasies are real. Even when something’s been fully stated, repeatedly, to the contrary on the show

    • crysania4 says:

      Boy he just can’t win with you people. He could sacrifice himself to save everyone and that would still not be enough (oh wait…he did that already…). Maybe just maybe he wanted to let her know why he had been doing what he’d been doing, so that she had some understanding, and so he could walk away knowing he was honest with her. That she deserved that much from him. “If you love someone, let them go” and all that. He let her go. Like he has countless times before.

      I’m also not sure that a non-magical person could put a heart back. So far I think we’ve only seen people with magic remove and put them back. Cora, Regina, Rumple, Emma, Hook when his hook was enchanted by Regina to take a heart. I don’t remember one non-magical person ever returning a heart to someone so perhaps Rumple HAD to be the one to do it (as Regina sure as heck wasn’t going to).

      • barbarax says:

        some people will always hate, no matter what he will do or has done. after everything he went thrugh last season i bet everyone would go crazy
        i just think he is way to complex for many people

      • Dragoon11792 says:

        Mulan had to return Aurora’s heart in season two. As far as we know, neither of them is magical.

      • Considering Will is the knave of hearts he probably knows how to return a heart

      • Rainymoon says:

        Don’t worry, Crysania4, the creators of the show have made it clear in this interview that Rumple was sincere in that scene. Unfortunately, many people will misunderstand the intention of the writers. It makes no sense whatsoever, why they do that…. since fictional characters behave however a writer wants them to behave.

      • Paul Douglas says:

        Am I missing something here, as I thought the story line between Belle and Rumple was somewhat the Disney story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Belle being Beauty and Rumple the Beast. So, of course she’ll always feel something as she sees him in a way no one else ever will. Rumple without being the Dark One.

    • abz says:

      Thank you. That’s pretty much how I saw it. I didn’t really see it as selfless at all (maybe if I rewatch it who knows). He hasn’t been enlightened from his exile by Belle. He hasn’t seen it as a way to change and become a better person. He hasn’t suffered or been punished for what he’s been doing. He weaseled his way back into town and wreaked havoc.

  5. Lex says:

    With everything going on at this point in time, I cannot believe “romance” is even being discussed. UGH! Baby mama drama is lame at best. It’s been done to death on television since forever. The fact that you saddled this show’s most dynamic character with this ham-fisted “love story” boggles my mind. It is uninteresting and makes her uninteresting and THAT is a crime.

    I’m actually excited to see what happens with Lily and I really want Emma to go dark. Emma has been lost in the wind for a while and this path to darkness makes her interesting again and Jen is bringing her A Game. I can’t wait to see what happens to the Charmings as their choice was just hideous.

    At this point, Henry is the smartest one of the lot. I’m hoping he has much to do with the final 3 hours of this season.

    Thanks Matt.

    • abz says:

      I’m thinking that dragon in the promo is Lily. Maybe she can turn into one like her mom because that dragon looked way different than Mal’s dragon and much better CGI, but it was only the promo so just have to wait and see if the CGI for this dragon is better.

  6. liz says:

    Isn’t it funny, what they viewed as romantic between Belle and Rumple, (with the heart) i viewed as a new level of manipulative. Lol. I don’t really want them back together.

    • Nicky says:

      I would stop watching, then.

    • abz says:

      Yeah I think I’d lose a lot of respect for Belle if she took him back right away. She was so brave and strong when she exiled him and she finally toughened up a bit and became a little bit more interesting of a character rather than the boring, whiny character during the previous seasons who basically just let everything Rumple did go and constantly forgave him. I don’t think they should ruin her progress and development just to appease the Rumbelle fans.

    • Rainymoon says:

      Given that he sacrificed his life, last season, partly to save Belle, I find it shocking that people can’t see that his love for Belle is being written as sincere.

      • zumpie says:

        He also lied through their wedding vows, used her as an alibi, chosen power over her and has now repeatedly shown she can’t trust him. As long as he’s cursed he isn’t the man she deserves. And he won’t be uncursed in all likelihood until series end. BTW for all your blather about what A&E say, it’s interesting that you ignore what they’ve said about his power addiction, that he’s literally the show’s version of Satan (and addicted to power) and the reasons he wants to turn Emma’s heart dark

  7. Laziel says:

    Wow. Just wow. I realize that you’re not a journalist Matt, but that was a Sidney Glass level interview. You like the show, okay. There is no shame in that. But you’re sounding a lot like an OUaT a mouthpiece when you should be able to ask questions that are just a shade tougher. For starters, the view that what Zelena did last week was rape. I’m not even talking about what’s right or wrong. I’m just saying that you should be able to ask about something that got a majority of fans in an uproar. Even in a puff piece like this it shouldn’t be so hard to have a little integrity

    • Shelby says:

      Bought and paid for media is how this show has gotten away with chronic sexism, misogyny and casual rape for 3 years while calling it feminist with strong female leads.

      Yeah, Gloria Steinem scoffs at these “strong” females.

  8. Shelby says:

    I honest to gods don’t believe these yidiots even wrote one sentence of the first season.

    This show is down right gross on top of being bad now. Tuck to all of this and I’ll pass.

  9. spindae2 says:

    That last sentence completely threw me off! Got a feeling that finale will break me apart, not like the last one that made be happy and all fuzzy.

  10. Anna says:

    Thank you for the belle and rumple questions! you are my favourite!:)))
    I hope we get to see more of them in that last 3 episodes left!

  11. Casey says:

    The morality on this show is so messed up. So NOT murdering someone is considered selfless these days???? What in the ever-loving heck? Selfless would have been letting Will return it without Belle knowing Rumple had anything to do with it. Rumple returned it because Regina was blackmailing him and he wanted to be free of that. That scene was nothing but yet more creepy manipulation of Belle by Rumple. That relationship is completely unhealthy.

    I can’t put up with how Rumple and Regina’s myriad of crimes are continuously whitewashed.

    • Shelby says:

      But I bet you have no problem with Hook blackmailing Rumple to get his hand back while angry Regina did it to prevent Rumple from murdering someone.

      And remember everyone finding out Hook hadnt changed at all actually?

      That’s whitewashing.

      • abz says:

        An issue though is the fact that he even had Hook’s hand in the first place. The man is holding people’s body parts hostage! If you think about it, almost every single thing in his damn shop doesn’t even belong to him.

      • Buttercup says:

        We’ve seen both Hook’s heat and Rumple’s heart at this point. Tell me, whose was darker? I think even Regina had less darkness in her heart than Rumple.

        • crysania4 says:

          Which one is cursed again? Hook? Nope. Regina? Hmmm…nope. Rumple? Oh right. CURSED. Couldn’t have anything to do with basically living with a demon inside him.

          • Ashley says:

            Rumple is excused for every little thing because of his curse. Guess what? He’s power hungry and that is not because of his cure. It drives most of his choices. He’s also learned over centuries to be a master manipulator. He has free will. You make it sound as if he’s being controlled like a robot.

          • A.T says:

            Unlike Rumple who has a dark curse in him, Hook and Regina’s villainy is all them.

          • zumpie says:

            Nope, it’s been shown he has free will—and made some seriously stupid choices even before he was cursed (like that he didn’t need to kill 100s by setting fire to the castle AND that he could’ve simply controlled Zoso instead of killing him to protect MiniBagel). Additionally, he’s had several opportunities now to be dagger-free (go with MiniBagel through the portal, TLK, remain beyond the town line)—and in fact could be curse-free any time by the TLK.

            Yet he remains cursed because he likes power. So, fully disproven, you can now retreat to your “anxiety disorder” excuse (which is even flimsier, since by that logic EVERYONE in SB has an anxiety disorder, except he caused theirs, versus being solely responsible for his own misery)

        • Rainymoon says:

          But why is Rumple’s heart darker than Regina’s? It really doesn’t make much sense. Unless, the curse is part of the reason. Rumple sacrificed himself last season to save people. Regina hasn’t done that. Also, Regina killed her own father so that she could get revenge on Snow for what Cora did. Regina’s heart should be as dark as Rumple’s, if not darker.

          • Eva says:

            No. Rumple’s should be the darkest because he is the architect of all evil on this show. HE was the one who manipulated and pushed Regina into what she used to be.

          • abz says:

            It makes perfect sense. Firstly, he’s been carrying on with his evil ways LONG before Regina and without him, Regina wouldn’t have necessarily fully become who she was. He trained her. She may have had a bit of darkness starting and a lot of anger within her after Cora killed her Daniel, but he was the one who nudged her and pushed her over the edge so that he could use her to enact his curse to find his son. You think his sacrifice last season was going to just eliminate all the bad he’s done or make his heart less dark? If he lived, that may have started him on the process to being good and mending his heart, but that wouldn’t really make his heart less darker. He’d have a lot more work to do. I don’t know if this might be the best example but think of a heart or lungs damaged by chronic smoking and they’ve become a lot darker and damaged. Just because you stop smoking for a week doesn’t mean the organs are just going to become red and healthy. Quitting smoking may probably prevent further damage and over time, the organs might heal, but that’s not gonna happen right away.

      • Lns says:

        Hook blackmailed Rumple to help Elsa and also to get his hand back. It wasn’t out of malice. But Rumple made it that way when he threatened to hurt Emma the way he did Milah whilst Hook said he will basically tell Belle the truth which will hurt her heart. And from then on Rumple devious as he is took his heart. And was planning to let Emma be sacked up and probably killed in the damn hat. And is still after Emma in screwing her over. So no Rumple is being pure evil and selfish.

      • Casey says:

        Blackmailing Rumple to get HIS hand back. HIS. OWN. HAND! What an evil person to want to get his own hand back from the guy who cut it off and has had it in a jar as a trophy for hundreds of years. Which, BTW, he cut off after he murdered his estranged wife for daring to leave him. But, sure, blackmail to get back one’s own body part is the most evil thing out of all that.

        When did everyone find out Hook hadn’t actually changed at all? I don’t remember that ever happening in the TV show that actually aired.

      • Ashley says:

        Hook blackmailed Rumple to get HIS OWN hand back that was WRONGLY chopped off, that Rumple should have given him back anyways (instead of keeping it as a trophy like a serial killer would). Rumple has manipulated every single character on the show over the years, contributing or directly causing a lot of the horrible things that have happened to them. He deserved to get blackmailed. And all he did was threaten to kill Hook and Emma in response. He wasn’t a victim.

  12. crysania4 says:

    Thank you so much for the Rumbelle scoops! That scene was beautiful.

  13. Zelda says:

    I’m still no fan of the Zelena baby story at all. It’s terribly “Days of Our Lives” and all of the characters involved deserve better than that. I also really wish the writers would address the fact that what Zelena did to Robin Hood is hugely problematic regardless of whether or not she’s gotten herself pregnant that way. I feel like the baby is now being focused on as this huge obstacle for the star-crossed soulmates Regina and Robin, who barely got a break from drama, drama, drama at all this season, while the way this pregnancy came about is brushed aside. Maybe they’ll surprise me, but past encounters with non consensuality on OUAT don’t give me hope.
    I’m one of those who also didn’t consider the Rumple and Belle scene romantic. But I’m also not invested in Will and Belle either. I really wish they would let Belle stay single. I’m not going to root for her and Rumple to get back together, too much has happened, but rushing her into rebound relationship that they started in medias res isn’t my cup of tea either.
    I hope Maleficent survives the finale.

  14. honeycrisp says:

    Great interview Matt!

    I’m so disappointed with the direction of Rumple/Belle. I used to be a huge Rumbelle shipper, but this season has completely turned me off to them. Even though I knew Belle wasn’t over Rumple, which I get…I can’t feel like I can ever respect the character if (let’s be real, when) she goes back to him. Forgiveness is one thing, but the relationship is beyond unhealthy.

  15. Sarah says:

    Are we ever going to find out why Wil left Wonderland and Ana ? Or is this all happening beforehand ? It’s beyond frustrating st this point..

  16. I’m just gonna leave this here: I’m really happy for the Rumbelle scoop. It’s pretty clear that ScarletBeauty isn’t even a ship and that Belle loves Rumple. And NO, dear captain swan shippers, Rumple wasn’t manipulating her. Can you at least read and understand what the writers say!? He loves her. He’s a man who lost everything and she’s the only person he truly love. He just wanted to apologize and tell her how much he loves her, since she thinks that he doesn’t care about her and he only loves power. He just returned the heart to his WIFE and tell her to be happy with Will. But OF COURSE NOT, HE’S MANIPULATING. The truth is you don’t understand ANYTHING about this show. Killian can threaten people, make rape jokes and that’s OK.
    Rumple can’t even save his wife or carry her to bed and “HE’S ABUSIVE!!11!”. You are so blind.
    Rumbelle is true love. GET. OVER.IT.
    And learn the true meaning of “abusive relationship”. Rumple never abused of Belle. He lied, of course, he’s what he is, but he’s not an abusive man. So shut up.

    • He forced her to live in his castle as his personal maid and kept her locked in a cell during that time, and you don’t see that as abusive? Frankly, I’ve always thought their relationship reeked of codependency and Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve also always thought that the REAL reason their first kiss didn’t break his curse is because it’s not really ‘true love.’

      • It's Delovely says:

        Rumple didn’t force Belle to become his maid; she chose to go with him as part of a deal (“No one decides my fate but me.”). It’s the Beauty and the Beast story. Their first kiss started to break his curse (you see Rumple start to transform on camera) until he realized what was happening and stopped it, so it was in fact True Love’s Kiss.

        • Rainymoon says:

          Yes, their kiss did start to break the curse. I speculate that, that might possibly play a part in the season finale. In another interview, the creators answered “both” to a question about whether or not a character would die temporarily or permanently in the season finale. The Beast dies temporarily in the 1991 Disney movie version “Beauty and the Beast” and comes back as human. The more I think about it, the more the heart thing sounds like the rose petal thing in the movie.

          • CbinJ says:

            That is a really interesting observation and I can definitely see that now that you mentioned it. I don’t really have an opinion on what should happen with Rumple and Belle; I have never felt the writers have ever developed Belle enough for me to get emotionally or intellectually invested. Also, honestly no offense to anybody, but I always kind of cringe when they are romantic with each other because I don’t think the actors have good chemistry. The perceived age difference and differing levels of acting talent, I just can’t get into it.
            But if they are doing a Beauty and the a Beast parallel, that would be extremely clever and interesting to watch. I always enjoy Disney references. And Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies–which is another reason why I have never been able to connect to Once’s version of the story.

          • zumpie says:

            I know you Rumbellers have been expected a TLK to solve everything since forever, but there won’t be one until near series end. Rumple’s the primary BB and having him return to Spinner!Rumple makes for a verrrryyyy boring story. Especially since both A&E and Robert Carlyle prefer playing Rumple as dark as possible.

            While T:LK will eventually un-curse him, it won’t be happening any time soon (seriously, do you really think the show would devote at least a season to the two of them just sitting by the fire?)—-and it won’t be happening because Rumple isn’t ready to change, to stop being a villain or to choose Belle over power.

        • zumpie says:

          “Be my slave or all your people will die” isn’t really much of a choice. Skin Deep always reeked of Stockholm Syndrome. Also, his endless lies and manipulation are very much abuse. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical and Belle was very much in an abusive relationship with him.

          Additionally, it’s entirely possible to love or think you love your abuser. Sadly millions of people are trapped in just such a real life situation. Many actually die from it.

    • jen says:

      So well said. I read these comments and shake my head and just laugh. It is a great show I love it and I love rumple all of his bad deeds you want to call it he has always, yes had a noble reason..and which makes you fall in love with the character and him with Belle. I can’t wait to see the next two episodes so excited. .and

      • Casey says:

        What was Rumple’s noble reason for murdering his mute maid? What was his noble reason for murdering Milah? What was his noble reason for trying to suck Emma into the hat? To name only three of his many crimes….

      • abz says:

        LOL really? All of his bad deeds were for noble reasons? We clearly haven’t been watching the same show.

      • Ashley says:

        Sorry, no. Rumple has done many things out of pure selfishness and desire for power, even murdered people just for the fun of it or because he was angry. You’re not seeing the character clearly. A & E see him as a villain. A villain that loves Belle as much as someone like him can love a person, but still a villain.

  17. Jan says:

    The scene between Belle and Rumple was extremely beautiful. He’s always loved her with all his heart and this scene made that clear. This scene may have reminded her that he’s a man struggling under a dark curse unlike the other villains who are acting on their own. They’ve been playing out the whole Beauty and the Beast storyline this season. We all can pretty much guess where they’re heading. Thanks for asking these questions.

    • Rainymoon says:

      Hmmm…. maybe his goal really is to break Lily’s curse. Because if there is a way to do it, turning Emma dark, even if temporarily, would probably have to be involved. Think about it. After the spell, one child (Emma) was supposed to be purely (or at least mostly) good, while the other one (Lily) absorbed all of Emma’s potential for evil. If Emma turns dark, even for a brief time, the curse would have to break. Lily’s like him, in some ways. And the situation with Mal and Lily would have reminded him of his quest to find Neal. He really became the “Dark One” in order to protect Neal. Only to have things go wrong and to lose Neal, for decades, because of it. So, there are some parallels between his curse and hers. They both repeatedly screw up when they have what they want most in the world… love. Maybe Rumple is intelligent enough to realize that in order to attempt to fix what is wrong with his heart, he has to do good things. Like giving Mal and Lily a happy ending by breaking the curse. Of course, he couldn’t tell Emma that in order to break the curse, she would have to turn temporarily dark. It would need to be genuine.

      • abz says:

        I think your theory gives him way too much credit. How would it be a “good thing” to push Emma into a situation where she ended up making the hasty decision of killing Cruella? (Regardless of Cruella being a psychopath). Yes, SHE made that decision, but to deny his role in it would be foolish. That isn’t a “good” act. I fail to see how that would help him fix his heart. While who knows what secrets or explanations will be brought up in these final episodes, I hardly think his actions would be considered selfless. Even in your theory of him helping Mal and Lily reunite and get their happy ending. To be frank, Rumple would probably care less about Mal’s happiness. He didn’t revive her to give her her happy ending. This is Rumple we’re talking about. He revived her because he needs to use her as part of his plan to get his own happy ending. And let’s not forget he tried to kill Emma just a few months ago.

        • Rainymoon says:

          Rumple showed Mal what happened to Lily, pretty quickly. He did so with very little prodding. Also, turning Emma dark just doesn’t benefit Rumple in any way, shape, or form. It really only benefits Lily. Also, Emma is sort-of friends now with Regina… even after everything Regina has done, including the fact that Regina was the reason why Emma grew up without her parents. Gold didn’t make Emma and Cruella do what they did. They both chose to do what they did. He just knew that they would behave that way. Also, even if Rumple is trying to a good deed, by breaking Lily’s curse, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be perfectly noble (good) in his attempt. He is the “Dark One”, after all. Cruella might even still be alive, possibly. Her little funeral could have been for show, for Emma’s benefit. Regardless, if my theory/speculation ends up being correct, Emma should still ream out Gold for the situation with Cruella. I would have no problem with that. Regina should still be held accountable for the things that she did, as well.

          • abz says:

            Rumple showed Mal what happened to Lily to get her to cooperate because he needed her. He needed to give her something or else she would cause him more troubles. Also, we have yet to see how Emma turning dark affects Rumple. He clearly has something up his sleeve and there’s a reason he wants her to turn dark that hasn’t been made fully clear yet. Severing Lily and Emma’s fates and breaking Lily’s curse may end up being a consequence of Rumple’s plan but to be honest I doubt it would have been his goal. We’ll have to see. I’m personally 90% convinced that Rumple’s plan is for his own benefit and not selfless at all and that’s based on past experience. Who knows if he’ll prove us wrong, but even if he does, that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly good or forgiven or that Belle should forgive him. “Gold didn’t make Emma and Cruella do what they did.” So wait, are you denying that Rumple had any hand in that? He brought Cruella to town. He has a way of knowing things and like you mentioned, instincts about how things will happen and how people will behave. So, he most defintiely played a role in the problems currently happening. And while he may not be perfectly noble if you’re theory turns out correct, if the goal is to prevent his heart from further damage or to try and mend it, I fail to see how what he’s been doing accomplishes that because none of his actions have been “good”. You can interpret his returning Belle’s heart as being good, but I and several others as it appears didn’t really see it that way (seeing it as more manipulative and/or self-serving). I agree Regina has a LONG way to go on her path for redemption. The difference between her and Rumple is that for quite some time she’s appeared to really be trying (far from perfect attempt, but still trying). Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. As bad as the writing can be sometimes on the show, I still love and enjoy it and the summer hiatus is gonna suck!

          • zumpie says:

            Again, it’s been stated repeatedly Goldemorte needs to turn Emma dark to get his Happy Ending rewritten. As long as Emma is light, he can’t get his ending, his way. So no, he has absolutely zero noble purpose here and zero interest in helping Mal (again, she’s turned on him and changed sides).

            In fact the only thing repeated more often than “SparkleKreeper needs to turn Emma dark for his happy ending” is “magic always comes with a price”

  18. scotlore says:

    Zelena has been known to be a lying liar who….well,… lies. So why should we even believe her when she says that she is pregnant? And pregnant by Robin?#OUAT

  19. michu says:

    Honestly. I am waiting patiently for the last 3 episodes of OUaT. The most interesting thing for me it that… Author can resurrect Graham/Huntsman and Baelfire/Neal?

    • Lns says:

      No thanks. Graham was written to be dead. Neal was always going to die. Useless.

      • Katie says:

        Uh, no, clearly Neal was never supposed to die. The fact that he did was the product of disgustingly short sighted storytelling and whining fans. (Do not get me started on the disrespect paid to his character.)

        • zumpie says:

          Actually, he was meant to die at the end of season 2 (which is why they kept that part in), but because Colin broke his leg, they had to rewrite 4 episodes and thus needed to move Emma’s moving past Bagel into season 3. A&E had planned CS all along (per their own interviews, chemistry testing JMo and Colin prior to hiring Colin, the actual script of Tallahassee—the 8 and half minutes of BagelSwan is NOT a demonstration of TL—how they made Colin a series regular a full season earlier than MRJ and prior to his having even aired, took him on press tours, etc), so no it was due to “whining fans” (actually the fan service ship is Rumbelle).

          Because they were planning on killing off DeadFire anyway and wanted to further delay CS (because there needs to be angst), they wrote in the stupid triangle thing….and even that place CS front and center, with BagelSwan very much the spoiler….because in all things, Neal was always a plot contrivance and written as one. And it’s impossible to “disrespect his character”, because he was imaginary and the writers’ creation to do with as they please. Oh and that same character was also hugely unpopular with the overall viewership

          Plus he’s been dead for over a season, so time to get over not getting your way.

          P.S. Lest you ask “well why did they make him a regular at all”, A&E have always killed off “regulars” in an effort to seem edgy. It’s pretty common, actually.

  20. Maddie says:

    I don’t suppose that when they say Regina and Robin discuss things, they’ll acknowledge that Zelena raped Robin? I mean, they clearly won’t since they never addressed Regina’s rape of Graham or Leopold’s rape of Regina. But it would be nice if they acknowledged that Robin is not the one to blame in this situation and that everything can be put down to Zelena’s manipulation and deception.
    As much as I want Zelena to be lying about the pregnancy, if she’s not, I hope they don’t kill her or the baby. They made this mess so they should be forced to let it play out and have all the characters deal with it, rather than killing Zelena and the baby off.

  21. Paige says:

    The show is kind of draggin. We LOVE this show. But this season I hope is the build up to next…..and now we WANT Regina and Robin together….in storybook…..helping to fight other villains that come. That love affair seems sweet. Lets get on with it. Maybe a baby in THAT relationship? Is Bay coming back? Where’s the savior’s “better half” or is she betrothed? If so, to whom and where is he? Maybe a baby for her and Killian? Come on….lets do this!!

  22. angie says:

    Regina is desperate for love which I understand but I think she can do way better than Robin. I just don’t really understand him or their relationship. First him and Regina dating, his wife return then he broke up with Regina because of his code. One day slept with Regina because that day was not day to following his code. Left storybook with his wife. Didn’t waste no time to try fall in love with his wife over again. Find out that his wife is dead and its Regina half sister who her place and also got her pregnant. To me this really doesn’t sound like true love if so he would had chosen Regina first. Yes it will be hard but for the best. But they might work it out

  23. Seriously, I saw the whole Zelena-pregancy thing coming the very second they revealed Marion was really Zelena in disguise. It was such an obvious, and rather pathetic, new way to cause Outlaw Queen drama. And you could tell, three weeks ago in the Robin-centric episode when Zelena was on the phone with Regina that she had a babybump, and if that wasn’t enough, her wording gave it away too; it really wasn’t a surprise at all.
    And I find it rediculous Adam acted as if he was surprised people thought Robin didn’t seem as mortified as he should have been at the reveal. Did he not see the same scene we did?

    I’m pretty much over the whole Dark Emma arc. There’s been a few things about this half of the season that I’ve liked but I’m to the point now that I’m actually starting to miss the Frozen arc.

    • angie says:

      I just started watching the show because of lady who plays Pam from true blood that play maleficent. I ship everyone on the show. But robin and Regina will have too much unnecessary drama. Do you think robin and Regina work it out. I’m not hopeful because in my opinion it seems like Regina is second choice.

  24. Katrina says:

    I’m getting so pissed about the Will/Belle stuff. I want to know what happened to Anastasia! A&E said that we would get answers this season.

  25. Rick Lewis says:

    Are we going to discuss the magical explosion of the headlights and the thunder / lightning when Emma and Lily was fighting… right after Lily said “and how are you gonna do that without your magic, Saviour?”

    Can Emma use magic outside of Strorybrooke? Why was that scene put there?

    Could that have been subtle foreshadowing?

  26. antonio bruno says:

    Hi! Good evening; I had this question in mind. In which fairy take the urn appears? The one that Elsa came out ant the Snow Queen too… Thats my questiob cause I keep looking and searching and I dont find a thibg about it. Please help me.

  27. It's Delovely says:

    I loved the Rumple/Belle scene, too. Rumple owned up to his mistakes with no excuses and wished Belle happiness away from him–THAT is why it was selfless. Thanks, Matt, for asking about that scene and their relationship–looking forward to their scenes in these last episodes of the season!

  28. Kendra says:

    I don’t understand what happened to this show? My husband and I both used to be big fans, but I have to insist Once Upon a Time on Sundays more and more often now because this season has been disappointing to us both. First an invasion of Disney characters in 4.1 that pushed some of our beloved characters aside. Now this off-putting Wicked Witch story in 4.2.
    The Regina & Robin Hood couple is one of our favorites, but I agree with the person above that said they can never have a calm moment anymore.The writers bring back Robin Hood’s dead wife in the finale for the third season and then neither Regina & Robin Hood nor Robin Hood & his former wife are seen much at all in 4.1 so we barely know what is happening at all. Now they want us to believe it was Regina’s insane sister all along? And she slept with him under dubious circumstances to get pregnant? Who writes something like that? It’s not the Once Upon a Time I knew.
    The story about Emma’s darkness is confusing to me. She did nothing wrong! She killed Cruella de Vil to save Henry. Now she runs around with pale makeup and bloodshot eyes and is angry all the time because she is slowly turning dark? Why? I will continue to make the hubby watch this show on Sundays until the finale in two weeks, but after that we will have to decide if we come back in fall for a new season. Right now I am not optimistic.

    • Christy says:

      I am with you and your husband. How is Emma protecting Henry considered to be evil? I am so over this whole “dark Emma” arc. I used to schedule my Sunday nights around OUAT; now, more often than not, it plays in the background while I get housework done. I’m not sure if I’m interested in a 4th season.

  29. Bianco says:

    Yeah, I’m usually all wait and see, let the writers finish but the Wicked Witch pregnant with her sister’s boyfriend’s baby coz she morphed herself into his dead wife from FTL is a bad idea all around, sorry.

  30. Jayla says:

    I have a feeling that Regina is really Gold because after being nice to Emma and practically saving Lily…there is no way Regina would do something bad that fast.

    • A.T says:

      I can. She stole Belle’s heart. What makes you think she wouldn’t hurt Lily?

      • Zelda says:

        Apples and oranges. Rumplestiltskin blackmailed her using Robin Hood’s and Roland’s lives because he wanted to Regina to force to help him turn Emma dark. She outsmarted him by blackmailing him back in return with the only thing other than his own endgame that he still cares about. It sucks big time for Belle that people always turn to her when they need to find a way to stop Rumple, but Rumple was the one who forced Regina’s hand there.

        • A.T says:

          No he didn’t. Regina, if she was a better person, could have asked Belle to help her with Robin without stealing the heart, because as we have seen, Belle knows and has saved Robin in a previous season, so she wouldn’t be opposed to help out. Regina decided all on her own to go back to her Evil Queen ways and its sad and quite pathetic to see Regina fans justify her behavior.

          • Kyle says:

            Not any more pathetic than what Rumple stans are doing to try and defend him and “Rumbelle” in this string of comments…

          • Kate Bauer says:

            Uh, Regina asked Belle for her help. For all we know she asked if she could take the heart to stop Rumple and to save Robin. There is no evidence that Regina did it against Belle’s will or that it was a return to her Evil Queen ways at all. And, no, Belle looking confused when her heart is returned is not proof. Regina had her forget everything about it. We can only guess at the reason behind that part, but it could very well be that she didn’t want to burden Bele with remembering seeing Rumple again. It’s entirely possible that Regina will go back to her dark ways, especially after she almost did in this newest episode, but that is not proof positive that she did.

  31. Ana says:

    Mo questions about Killian and Emma at all? Really? Those two have such a beautiful relationship. I would have loved to hear Adam and Eddy talk about what role Killian will play in Emma’s fight against the darkness moving forward. And if we’ll ever learn more about his parents and him in the upcoming season.
    And in episode called “Mother” I would have loved for someone (reporters) to ask about Emma and Snow and whether they’ll have a proper talk about how they feel and everything that’s happened.
    Why is so much focus always on Regina? To me Emma is the real protagonist of the show. Too bad very few others seem to feel that way :(

    • Zelda says:

      There are a lot of questions about Emma and her current story in this interview. I count four about Emma and her stories, three about Regina, two about Rumbelle, one general one about “Mother” and one general one about the finale. Emma and Regina had major development and twists in their current plot in the last episodes so that’s of course wher the story is right now.
      I try to respect every opinion, but OUAT has three female leads. The reason why Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow had a bit less screentime compared to the other two this season is the actress’ baby son. it’s a bit weird to me that the complaints that Emma should be singled out when the show has always made a point of having three strong women and their dynamics at the core of the show started around the time the Emma and Hook relationship began. Since then it seems to be mostly their fans that insist it should be less strong women, more Hook. That’s my impression anyway.

  32. Mike says:

    I hate Rumple with Belle. The age difference is visually ridiculous and I think they have zero chemistry.

    • A.T says:

      Wow. Your an ageist. A lot of real life couples have a significant age difference and I wonder if you make fun of them in real life.

    • Sharon says:

      I personally love the age difference. It’s real. Not your stereotypical two-year age difference, cookie-cutter looking couple. That is super boring. And we already have that when it comes to Snow and Charming, Emma and Hook, and Regina and Robin. I feel the age gap plays along with the ‘beast’ part, and Belle, despite the age difference, still loving him.

      Although, I can say that their ‘chemistry’ is played out a little better in the Enchanted Forest flashbacks where she’s his prisoner and he’s Rumple the ugly beast.

  33. Eran says:

    You allocate however much money is needed to make Rebecca Mader a series regular next year and you throw it at her!
    I discovered a new note in my vocal range when I shrieked for joy, realising Zelena was back. Both the actress and obviously the character stand to add so much to the OUAT world.

  34. Jeff says:

    I don’t understand why Maleficent is angry about what happened to her – essentially, they gave more darkness/evil to her daughter? Why should an evil sorceress care? Did she want a daughter who is good and would then by definition hate her mother? This whole storyline is dumb beyond understanding.

    • CbinJ says:

      I still have not found a reason to care, much less root for, Maleficent and “her child” who now we know as Lily. Neither have much character development to speak of and their plot development involves inconsistent retcon meant to tarnish Snow & Charming’s heroism. I just hope Lily stays a villain and opposed to Emma as I’d like to see Emma fight for her parents.

      • Christy says:

        I may be of the minority here, but I don’t think that what Snow and Charming did makes them less heroic. They thought they were making a dragon more evil; had they known that a baby was in the egg, they never would have transferred Emma’s darkness to Lily. Once the egg hatched and they knew it was a baby, they begged the Sorcerer to reverse the process, but he couldn’t. Also, the Author manipulated/tricked them. The Charmings are still good people in my eyes.

    • Well then people should separate mothers and their children and get away with it .

      • Jeff says:

        If you mean Maleficent and her daughter, that’s not what caused them to be separated. Maleficent did that herself to avoid the curse.

        • zumpie says:

          No, Mal and Lily were separated PRE-curse when Snowing took the baby to Mickey Apprentice, who was written by Isaac to send the baby through a portal to our world. Ursula and Cruella fell through, too, in an effort to save her.

  35. Holly Gutierrez says:

    I absolutely love Once Upon A Time! I first found it right after my son was born 2 years ago and I sat in front of the computer for a week and watched every single episode until I was caught up and then I started watching it weekly. I have been hooked ever since. I also watched and loved Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. I just have one question that bothers me so much this season. Why is the Knave of Hearts aka Will Scarlet dating Belle??? He is in love with The Queen of Hearts and they were finally back together when Once Upon A Time in Wonderland ended. When Will was first brought back he got drunk and was clutching an Alice in Wonderland book. He was introduced like 2 seasons ago so this can’t be before he went back to Wonderland, it has to be after. I’m just really confused and I would love it if somebody could shed some light for me.

  36. Sharon says:

    I’m still sympathetic towards Rumple, although I agree that Belle needs to make him sweat it out a bit before she does any forgiving. I know it seems kind of dumb or far-fetched for fans to buy into the whole ‘Zelena blackmailing Rumble’ bit, but she’s not exactly blackmailing him with just anything, she’s blackmailing him with basically the only remedy to save himself from becoming 100% dark, which he obviously doesn’t want to happen. He’s stuck between a rock and hard place. And he can’t exactly be all…”So here’s the deal, folks…blah-blah-blah…and that’s why I need someone to help me get the elixir from Zelena without doing her ugly bidding.” …Riiiight. Like, nobody from Storybrook would ever help the guy, so he’s on his own…and when he’s on his own, he acts like a frickin’ crumb.

    Frankly, as much as I adore this show, I’m really ready for his curse to finally be broken so that he can be his normal self again. It really make things very interesting actually…

  37. Sharon says:

    Also, let me just say this: If I’ve waited literally since episode ‘Skin Deep’ (s1) up until now to only see Rumble and Belle NOT finally overcome their issues and get together, then I’m going to be seriously ticked, and frankly…that would make their entire ‘beauty/beast’ storyline completely pointless in my opinion. Belle getting with Will (who is the only character in the show that I don’t like) would probably make me give up on the show. Will hardly even has any part in the show at all, like…oh my gosh…I’d rather see Belle shack up with Leroy than get with Will.

    • zumpie says:

      You’ll need to wait until the end of the series. Plus, frankly, Rumple’s shown Belle she truly can’t trust him. So until he gives up power through a TLK, he won’t be the man she deserves…..and that won’t be happening this season. So you’ll definitely be ticked

      • Sharon says:

        I didn’t mean ‘this season’, I meant the series. Should have clarified that better. Although, unless you have tips from the inside you can’t possibly know that the writers won’t break his curse before the end of the series, so… I mean, it seemingly makes sense, but it also would make things pretty interesting if his curse was broken before the series was over and established himself in Storybrooke as a normal citizen as Rumple ‘the man’ instead of ‘Rumple’ the Dark One.

        Now, having said all that, I totally cracked up at the ‘MiniBagel’ thing. Lol. Good one.

        • zumpie says:

          Thanks, for the clarification and the compliment! While I’ll don’t have any inside information, it’s really unlikely they’d make him return to his un-cursed self because what would they do with him? It’s an action adventure show, so I don’t see it being especially interesting to have him simply hanging out in SB, limping around. Unless it’s gonna be everyone being jerky to him now that they have nothing to fear from him…..and even then, that’s only about an episode’s worth of story line.

          Truth be told, Cwippled Kitty Spiinner Rumple just isn’t all that interesting or compelling. Also, I tend to think the series will end with everyone back in the EF, with everything now peaceful (the ogres just wanted flowers or something and are now happy and docile) and blissful….

          And for the record, I also get, even as a CS shipper, that there hasn’t been a TLK there, because A&E are saving it for something really big/series end/etc….

  38. G says:

    Are Emma and Hook ever going to “hook” up?!!

  39. Dani says:

    Is it just me or do you also feel Emma is meant for someone other, and that Hook isnt the love of her life? I just feel this isnt right.

    • zumpie says:

      Yes, they’re really gonna end one of the show’s most popular ships, that they heavily promote to stick Emma with someone in the last five minutes of the show. You can feel whatever you want, but the plotting’s quite obvious. And CS is end game

  40. Nicole says:

    It doesn’t matter, who doesn’t or does like Rumple. Robert Carlyle is clearly the best actor on the show…look at all the arguments that are ensuing because of his character. Did anyone stop and think as to why Will and Belle’s romance never “blossomed” in front of us? I think it’s because the writers did not want us to get “emotionally involved” with them, a clear indication that somehow, someday, somewhere, sometime the Beast will have his day and his Beauty…regardless of what the fans do or do not want.

    • Sharon says:


      I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. So I’m really not worried about it now. And you’re right about RC, he’s definitely the best actor on the show. OUAT literally turned me into a RC fan.

    • zumpie says:

      Yeah, he’ll have his day at series end, when he finally realizes all the bad choices he made and actually wants to change. Not until then