Helix Cancelled at Syfy

Helix Cancelled Season 3 Syfy

Unlike the viruses so doggedly chased by the CDC, Helix apparently is easy to kill.

Syfy has cancelled the sci-fi series after two seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The drama, which counted Ron Moore (Battlestar GalacticaOutlander) among its executive producers, aired its second season finale in early April.

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  1. Spence says:

    Definitely saw this coming. Season 1 was great, season 2 was a ridiculous trainwreck. It’s season finale ended very series-finale-ish, anyway.

  2. Ralph Hartman says:

    I was waiting to watch season 2 all at once later on. Is there any reason to do that now?

  3. kirads09 says:

    I loved both S1 and S2. Well – Crap. I will sorely miss Helix. First one my true favs to fall thus far. (need to brace myself for more methinks).

  4. george says:

    It brought the uniquely weird. Back to the same-old same-old, I guess.

  5. m3rcnate says:

    Sad, i really liked it, but season 2 was weaker and the ending was very series finale-is…i dont see how you could have continued the story with that flash forward.

  6. Vivi says:

    I honestly can say, I never quite understood why I was watching, but I watched and I had… fun? (it´s not the right word, but something like fun…). Not heartbroken, but yeah… I would have watched S3.

  7. kate says:

    Not a surprise but aww.

  8. Janinastorm says:

    Would have been nice to at least have a mini series to tie it up & finish. Helix had lots of sub plots & just cancelling it, makes you feel like you wasted all that time watching.

  9. John says:

    A sci-fi show cancelled on the SyFy network ? You don’t say….

  10. Stephany Bond says:

    Wow!!! I really loved season 1 but season 2 was…I was hoping they could keep up the momentum for another season, but it was definitely a unique show!

  11. Andrew says:

    The biggest mistake they made with Season 2 was trying to change the setting/location, which really had nothing to do with Season 1—at least initially.

    I watched the Season 2 premiere and it felt like a completely new show, which was off-putting, at least until they started touching on storylines from Season 1. I thought they were going to go with the aftermath of Arctic BioSystems/Illaria conspiracy, not stick everybody on a remote island. I liked Season 2 well enough, though.

    Oh well.

  12. James says:

    Helix Season 2 was very schizophrenic and confusing if it stayed in one time line it could have made more sense, one gets the impression that a story development was being workshopped but was quickly concluded after word came through the show was being cancelled. Helix is just one more example of the need to have limited season shows, some plots just cannot be stretched out to 4 or 5 seasons as producers prefer (Lost is a classic example), it just requires a beginning a middle and a conclusive end.

  13. Mary says:

    I enjoyed season 1 enough that I was willing to forget the mishmash that was season 2 and looked forward to the writers redeeming themselves with season 3. I wanted to see that little girl from Paris again … she was creepy and awesome. But yeah, it’d be a shock if it was renewed. Too bad things went so awry in S2.

  14. Good riddance, didn’t even care for Season 1, and 2 was just bad.

    • Big Mike says:

      Soooo….you watched a show you didn’t like……for TWO seasons? Dude, maybe go take a walk or something.

  15. ? says:

    This show was so, so bad. Season one was bad in a “wow it’s AWESOME how bad this show is!” kind of way, but season two was just bad in a boring way. Which wrecked all the enjoyment of watching a bad television show.
    Someone get Jordan Hayes on another show quickly!

    • hud says:

      Should have been presented as a limited run series 12 and out. Allow viewers to decide if they want to get involved or not. Have a beginning, middle, end. Programming best get in sync with the current time, or be rendered as note worthy as AM radio.

  16. TAB says:

    I wish they had at least revealed to us how 500 people became immortal in the first place. Season 2 was a mess but I kept watching hoping for more about the immortals and Illaria, but sadly the island/abbey storyline died a slow and boring death. I give the show points for the Jeri Ryan voiceover at the end though.

  17. Semi-Fan says:

    Too bad. Sorta reminded me of American Horror Story with the change of location in S2. Would like to have seen the direction of S3. At least they kept 12 Monkeys and Defiance is coming back, plus there are some new space shows on board. Just have to wait and see.

  18. I’m watching the second season now, up to the fourth episode. This is unfortunate.

  19. dman6015 says:

    That’s the problem with a lot of shows. They have a fantastic first season all mapped out long before filming begins. They nail it, but then have to try to duplicate that success with much less time for planning. I won’t miss it.

  20. Gerri says:

    It was a mess. I only watched season 2 because they had added Matt Long to the cast. I hope he finds something else soon.

  21. Lizo says:

    I’m surprised it got a second season. This show had so much going for it, but wow was I bored. I stopped watching about 5 episodes in.

  22. CountryQueen says:

    Can we get a movie to wrap things up? I would like to know how they became immortal. Michael said Dr. Jordan couldn’t be one because “she wasn’t there.” Well, I want to see what he was talking about. I liked this weird show. It was one of a handful that I watched live.

  23. Television says:

    Well, the first season was awesome and scifi. Loved every episode of it. The second season was terrible, it was all horror/gore/ and incest. Not scifi at all. And I can’t get over how big the baby in the jar was, considering that the first season took place only about 8-13 days total. So the baby would not be that big if it was frozen in time when she became immortal. The first season though was classic.

  24. mr west says:

    Ok Netflix, pick it up and run with it. Season 3, season 3, season 3.

  25. johnny says:

    Season 1 was amazing. But after seeing were season 2 was headed from the S1 finale, i kinda already felt that the show was gonna go downhill. Being isolated in the middle of nowhere and stuck in an arctic facility was largely responsible for the vibe of the show. And going back to civilization just killed it.

  26. beverly jones says:

    Super stupid decision, why do you people always ruin a good thing, hope your life is cancelled, we loved it could have 1 more. did you read the tweets.

  27. Auchchanan Petcharat says:

    Please bring it back
    I love this series. If it has to cancel,please do the season 3 for the last.
    I’m looking forward to it.
    So bring it back

  28. Yes, the first season kept my interest. But the second, I almost could not watch it.

  29. crickit says:

    helix is an awsome show syfy sucks.they keep show likw wwe and cancel good shows like helix eureka caprica if this keeps up i wont watch syfy any more . there is a lot of madd fans out there that agree.syfy you got to wonder why fans dont want to get invested in your shows.

  30. Anne Marie says:

    That really sucks. My husband and I were looking forward to see season 3

    • Jade says:

      I agree I enjoyed Helix Maybe the writing was above the Producers head ? Those of us with a brain understood the show
      I guess they would rather have reality TV on Si Fi now. What has happened to people’s imagination. True Science begins with imagination.

  31. Garrett says:

    I’m very upset that it is canceled personally. Season 1 was amazing but I also enjoyed Season 2. It was supposed to be chaotic and weird, had its faults but was definitely a good show

  32. Dan says:

    Couldn’t wait to warch it every Friday during season 1 and season 2.

    And, every Friday during season 1 and season 2, I would say “HUH?” I’d go online aftewards, hoping that some review would explain what I just saw.

  33. thatguy says:

    I don’t understand all the season two hate on this thread. Season 1 was okay, I mostly kept watching to see what happened. To be honest I thought it was another cheesy Syfy network show. Then on season two it seemed like the creators realized that they had à so-so show that was going nowhere and its one saving grace was that some crazy stuff could happen at an any time. So they took that gimmick and ran with it. Regardless, good job Syfy on canceling the only one of your shows I was watching.

  34. Darren says:

    Just cancelled sky sick of syfy canceling another show before it has properly finished. Looks like terrestial tv from now on
    Syfy grow a pair and start finishing series

  35. LYUDA says:


  36. Chuy says:

    I loved both seasons =( why did they have to stop??

  37. Jade says:

    Bad Decision to Cancel Helix. Smart show good actors Producers wake up and Renew this Series.

  38. donna says:

    i loved this show! don’t know why Sergio died/ wasn’t he immortal? we need a #3. the possibilities are endless. don’t leave us in limbo!

  39. Tony G says:

    I enjoyed both S1 and S2. Was hoping to see a S3.