Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo: I'm 'Excited' for Meredith's Life After Derek

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Spoilers

For all you Grey’s Anatomy fans who swear you’re done with the ABC drama following Thursday’s devastating death, star Ellen Pompeo has a humble request for you: keep watching!

“I am honored and excited to tell the story of how Meredith goes on in the face of what feels like the impossible,” Pompeo tweeted Monday, marking the first time she’s spoken out publicly about losing Patrick Dempsey’s Derek. “I hope you will all join me on her journey.”

Read Pompeo’s full tweet, which she signs “with gratitude and respect,” below:

Grey’s fans, how does Pompeo’s statement make you feel? Does it cushion the blow at all? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Deion says:

    They’ve already shown that Meredith can thrive without Derek. I am interested in how she fights to not go back to the dark and twisty place.

    • rowan77 says:

      No, it’s one thing to be separated by distance or broken up and he’s still around. It’s a completely different experience to become widowed and to have to keep moving forward while you have young children in the home. Emotionally, it’s apples and oranges.

    • Nancy says:

      If you call that thriving without him then that is truly sad! She was not thriving! She was falling apart!

    • Nancy says:

      Thrive? She could barely function! She had to hire a nanny to help her at home even tough her kids went with her to work. That’s not thriving!

  2. Melissa B. says:

    Everyone say “Damage Control”!

  3. Diane says:

    nope. ALL OF THE NO. We saw that for half the season already. Im sure she will have a new streak.. You can get me back with Christina… otherwise not watching.

    • Vi v says:

      EXACTLY what I was thinking! The only way I would ever watch this show again is if it were Sandra Oh sanctioned. I never watched the show for Meredith. I watched it for the people spinning around in her universe.

  4. Sarah says:

    No. I won’t keep watching.

    I didn’t watch Grey’s for real life lessons but for escape from it. We’ve seen Meredith lose her mom, her sister, a baby, her step-mom, Adele and now we have to watch this? NO I don’t. I watched for their love story not a death story.

    • Anj says:

      That’s how I feel. Meredith has done tragic loss too many times, this just takes the biscuit.

    • Whatevah says:


    • Jamie says:

      Why on earth would you watch Grey’s Anatomy as an escape from life? Bad crap has been happening all of time on the show since the first season. Derek’s death is just one of many that fans have watched over the years – you said it yourself. And people’s spouses/partners/girlfriends/boyfriends have also been dying so their love stories have been cut short as well.

      • Holly says:

        Totally agree. If it was so bad then why have they watched Greys for 11 seasons? I feel their pain but where was the outrage when George died in Season 5? Had it been anyone but Derek killed last episode a lot of these fans would have either cheered or we’d have seen theIr usual chorus of ‘meh.’

        • Cass says:

          The actor who played George wanted out of his contract and he was one of the first casualties. The actor who played Derek had just signed a contract that included next season and now joins a list of the many characters killed off GA. I think the way they chose to kill him off is upsetting people. Not only was Derek alone, but there was the added bonus of hearing him narrate how his was aware the treating physicians were failing to save him and he knew he was going to die and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

          • Nancy says:

            I agree. Also? George actually died a hero! He dies pushing a woman out of the way of a bus and got hit by it himself. Derek had already saved people when he was killed. No they turned him into an idiot. He had bluetooth in his car! WHY was his trying to find his phone? And WHY would he have stopped the way he did….in the MIDDLE of the damn road? And WHY was the road NOT Blocked off? WHY did he NOT hear the stupid semi? Those things are loud! NONE of this makes sense. And EP begging her fans to say is not going to work! And as you said TR wanted out. PD did not. I NEVER heard him say that. Ever. Like you said, why would he sign a 2 year contract if he wanted out after one year? And based on his interviews? He was just as surprised as everyone else.

          • the8tregirl says:

            not to mention, neither his mother nor Amelia (and I think there’s another sister??) were called. blech.

        • Jessica says:

          They gave George an awful death and then had them all laugh at the funeral. That really turned me off to this show to be honest.

          • Rachel says:

            Have you ever been to a funeral of a friend who was like family? Your emotions are a roller coaster and a half. My best friend was shot by a drunk buddy, but we laughed at his funeral. The whole way through, actually, because the thought of him dead was still so absurd, despite watching his body bag leave. That moment hit me hard.

            Now Derek’s death was just despicable.

        • I liked George and Izzy and Dr burke. why did they keep the characters that I didn’t like so much?

          • Ben says:

            That is the major issue with most of us now, derek was basically the only one left that was “liked”. I cannot see anyone besides Mer left to carry it through another year

          • tjmack says:

            I don’t understand. It’s an ensemble cast. There are TONS of characters on this show. You’re telling me that out of all the characters there are none that you like? You don’t like Amelia? Callie? Arizona? Owen? Bailey? Alex? Jo? Webber? Seriously? If you don’t like any of the remaining characters, then don’t invest time in it.

            As far as you’re assumption that Derek was the “last liked” character. That isn’t true for everyone. There at the end, and multiple times through-out the show, I have found him quite irritating. I’ve never been an overly huge fan of Derek, and I only really enjoyed Derek & Meredith when there was drama, otherwise I found them rather boring.

            Either way though. It’s done. Over. Derek’s dead, and no amount of fans whining is going to bring him back. I think that Patrick Dempsey was being a little difficult. He was the one that decided to sign on for another season. If he wanted reduced screen time, that was the point to ask for it. You don’t wait until well after you’ve signed your contract and then say “I want extra time off.” That’s not how it works. Plus there’s the fact that he was a main cast member on a television show. That means that there’s not alot of “extra time” to be given. He knew what he was signing on for when he signed that contract. So, his firing was his own fault.

            The one’s that are blaming Ellen for not sticking up for Patrick. Did you ever come to think that she didn’t agree with him? She has a family that I’m sure she’d love to spend more time with, but she doesn’t ask for “extra time” off. The only time Ellen got an extended leave was when she gave birth, and that’s kind of the law. I think the fact that people that he’s worked with for years didn’t stick up for him, proves that he was being a bit difficult. Honestly, I don’t blame Shonda for killing him off. But, when an actor is under contract, it isn’t up to the writer of the show to decide if they can be let go or not. So, that means ABC fired him. Shonda only controls what happens on the show. She’s not as powerful as you all seem to think she is.

            Besides that. Aside from Patrick, who doesn’t seem that upset about being fired. The only other characters that have been killed, were because the actors (before their characters were killed … or even thought about being killed) stated that they were leaving the show with no intention of returning. Chyler Leigh even said “I’ve taken Lexie as far as I can.” So, why keep characters around when the actors have stated that they don’t intend on returning?

          • Nancy says:

            TJMack you don’t get it then. One, we don’t know WHY PD left the show. IF EP did what you claim? Would they still be friends? No. Yet PD still follows her on twitter and she does with him as well. If she got him in trouble that would not be the case. We don’t know that PD did ANYTHING to get kicked off the show. For all we know he objected to the cheating storyline and Shonda got angry. SO and others from the show have said they have gotten into it with her over their storylines as well. If she didn’t kill off almost EVERY character that left the show would help too. I mean George,Derek, Lexie, Mark, Adele were ALL killed off. So were Charles and Reed. That ‘s ridiculous.Yet if you notice? The actors she favors are still alive and well as far as their characters are concerned. She didn’t HAVE to kill Derek off despite what she claims.EP is just saying what Shonda is forcing her to say. She doesn’t want to lose HER job too And why would PD sign a TWO year contract if he had no plan of fulfilling said contract? Read his exit interview? He did NOT wat to leave the show. He didn’t quit. He was fired for some reason we don’t know. And why WOULDN’T she defend PD? They were quite close friends and still are Yet EP is so afraid of Shonda that she won’t.

    • Sheena says:

      Exactly! This was a place for us to get to see the beautiful love of two wonderful people. Thats gone, and its too much to move past. I gave it a chance after Cristina left (after months of crying), but this is too much. No more.

    • leeanna crookshanks says:

      I agree completely-Im not into the reality crap-I dont drink I dont drug-good tv is it for me and Grey’s minus Dempsey is not good tv.Stupid choice.Besides,never really liked Meredith-something artificial/missing in her ‘personality’.

    • Cyndi says:

      I’m done also. I have no interest in a Mer without Der Grey’s.

    • Jessica says:

      thank you!!! Seriously, why on earth do I need to see a woman’s soul mate ripped from her and their children after watching the first 5 seasons of her damaged self finally getting to a place where they can finally BE together! WTF kind of emotions are those and why would I intentionally watch something that conjures them on a weekly basis. Their love story was EPIC, the best I have ever seen on TV – it was inspirational because of the type of person Meredith is – I wanted to see her happy and then this – why the heck would I want to see that!!

    • sharon says:

      No it makes me feel worse . People watch tv for escape and killing all the cast members is not uplifting especially the major cast members. She promised that Mer and Der would get their happy.

    • Bev says:

      ditto. Never missed an episode. Think this has done it for me.

    • Mama FURAHA says:

      I am done, Derek should come back this really sucks.

    • Tania says:

      Those were my exact thoughts. The show is not the same. There is no more humor. It is all dark and weird and twisty. Shonda Rhimes is an amazing writer. Kudos to her for creating such memorable characters and the all actors that played their part well, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Eric Dane, etc.. etc.. but this show was my escape from my reality. as twisted and sad as it got sometimes. It is not only sad or mostly sad. I am grateful for my 10 years and I am guessing the show will go on.. it always does even without one happy couple!

  5. Tina says:

    The way Derek was so poorly written out is just a slap in the face to fans who rooted for this couple since day one. Grey’s was once one of my favorite shows but now, I am no longer a fan. Mer/Der was supposed to be end game. They had been through enough to deserve it. The whole show has had so many tragedies, it has gotten past the point of ridiculous!

    • ? says:

      Lots of people are saying “If he wanted to leave they should have written him a better exit than dying.” What better exit? Leaving his wife and two kids to be alive somewhere else rather than dying heroically? I mean, really? Maybe Derek should have been abducted by aliens! Maybe he could have been in a coma forever, waiting to wake up for the series finale–this happens in real life ALL THE TIME! Maybe they could have recast him with Dermot Mulroney–who would have even noticed? Maybe Derek should have joined the military at age 48! Maybe Derek could have developed amnesia and wandered the streets as a homeless man for a while? MAYBE DEREK HAS NEVER EVEN EXISTED BECAUSE THE GHOST OF DENNY DUQUETTE FROM A PARALLEL REALITY HAS GONE BACK IN TIME TO TRY AND STOP HIS OWN DEATH AND ACCIDENTALLY ERASED HIM, WHICH HE WON”T BE ABLE TO FIX UNTIL THE SHOW DRAWS TO A CLOSE. Maybe Derek has secretly been an undercover Russian spy all along and now that his cover is blown he has to go back to the homeland and Meredith and the kids aren’t able to escape with him (yet!). Or maybe Derek finally comes out of the closet and Meredith throws him out! Maybe Derek has a mid-life crisis where he feels he needs to abandon everything in his life and go become a racecar driver (LOL) . . . but later it turns out it was just the result of a brain tumor that he, being a brain doctor, didn’t recognize the symptoms of! Hell, maybe “Derek Shepard” is an amalgam of two twins living the same life, one a brilliant surgeon and one who fishes sturgeon, and Addison finds out and blackmails “Derek” into leaving Meredith out of vengeance because neither one of them chose her over her. Perhaps Grey’s Anatomy should just go “full zombie apocalypse” next year and have Derek be one of the first casualties? I mean, really . . . what do you have in mind other than him dying the way he did that isn’t either ridiculous or horribly out of character, or both?

      • ? says:

        Man, you know, in all seriousness, after writing that, I’d watch the hell out of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that features the main characters facing a zombie apocalypse. They’ve done “What If” imaginary episodes before, like that one where Meredith was engaged to Alex, right? Do it, Shonda!!!

      • LAwoman says:

        Thank you for this. It made my Monday.

      • Jamie says:

        Hahaha, YES. Best response to all of these stupid comments I’ve seen!

      • Steve H. says:

        Thank you!! I would watch a ‘Brains Anatomy’ any day

      • That’s what I was saying to a friend of mine who still watches the show. I haven’t watched since season 6, but I was still shocked. But I found out PD wanted out and honestly, a more honorable way for him to leave was to die heroically. How else were they going to explain Derek’s lengthy absence? Divorce would’ve pissed people off more.

        • Nancy says:

          BUT HE DIDN’T DIE A HERO! HE DIED AN IDIOT. The Derek Sheppard I KNEW would have NEVER parked his car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GD STREET TO ANSWER HIS PHONE! he was not that stupid. His death was a slap in the face to the millions of fans who have watched their love story for the last 11 years! And nothing EP says will make me come back.

          • Bpadge says:


          • Network says:

            Wait… knew a fictional charachter?

          • Tiffany says:

            Thank you!!! He died trying to find his phone that was ringing in a no phone signal area. Does anyone remember the fact that he was losing the call from Amelia due to service. So somehow it just so happened that while he parked in the middle of the road he suddenly gets signal. Lets also point out that he was in his car with a phone that may or may not have worked. If it was working he could have called 911. His car was also totally fine. So he goes to save 4 people two if them being fine except a dislocated hip and a few scrapes. Of course the other 2 jacked up but they were all stable. Room for 3 in the back and one in the front. I also think it was very strange that on a road where you don’t see any other cars this 18wheeler rides up and killed poor Derek. Losing Derek REALLY sucks! The writing on this episode is awful. They should have ended the series last season with everyone moving on. It would have been the perfect ending. We would all be happy

          • leeanna crookshanks says:


      • Nancy says:

        they could have had him work in Washington D.C! Like they had planned to do. Plenty of couples work different jobs in different states and they do JUST FINE! She did NOT have to kill him off. He could have worked in D.C without “leaving” his wife and kids. If Shonda did not have a habit of killing people off then maybe. But with a few exceptions she does this EVERY time someone leaves her show. I like EP but I’m sorry. I don’t buy that crap that she spouted on twitter. It’s called damage control. And she has to be careful what she says or god knows Shonda will dump her too!

        • Ashleah Youn says:

          Shonda didn’t “dump” the actor who plays Derek; he wanted out of his contract.

          • Nancy says:

            For the LAST time? NO HE DIDN’T! You can’t prove that. WHY would he sign a TWO year contract only to leave after ONE year? read his interviews! he was JUST as shocked as anyone else. He said this came out of NOWHERE. He also said on his last day of work that NOBODY said goodbye He just went home like he always did. Yes she DID dump him. You have no proof otherwise.

        • C says:

          The real issue is lazy writing. Sweeps and season end comes up and she kills characters and puts the others in jeopardy. I loved the way she did Christina leaving. It worked and she didn’t kill her off. I loved the ep just before she left where we see Christina imagine the different courses her life could take. But here we are back again to season finale and sweeps — I think the writers sit around a table going, “Who can we kill off this year that will drum up internet buzz?” Too many seasons have ended this way for me to put up with it any more. Derek and Mer were the only long term couple on the show and with Derek’s death Shonda just added to the myth that you can’t have good TV with long term married couples. I’m done with the show because I’m sick of the same predictable sweeps massacre.

          • tjmack says:

            I’ve said this numerous times now. She didn’t kill Cristina because Sandra Oh said specifically she wanted to return for the finale. She didn’t kill Izzie, because Katherine Heigl said she wanted a chance to return in the future to fully end Izzie’s storyline.

            She killed George because TR wanted out, and because he said that he had no plans to return. Same goes for Mark & Lexie. Chyler and Eric both said, prior to leaving the show (so before they were killed off) that they had NO plans to return. Chyler even said “I’ve gone as far as I can with the character. I’m done.”

            Now, maybe Patrick got fired … maybe he wanted out. But he’s not very upset about leaving. He even said “250 episodes is more than enough. It was time.” Which seems to me like he didn’t exactly want to stick around.

            I’ve heard that he wanted to film less. Well, news for Patrick Demspey, when you’re one of the main actors on a successful tv show, you don’t get to film less. How would Bones be if David Boreanaz wanted to film less? Or Castle if Nathan Fillion was in less episodes? If he didn’t want to be as big a part of the show, then he shouldn’t have signed a new contract. Plus, in more than one “post-derek” interview I’ve read with Patrick, he specifically said the only reason he took the contract was because of the money they threw at him. He said “Who can turn down that kind of money?” so, perhaps that’s what it was all about with him?

            All I know is that in 11 years, Shondra Rhimes has killed 4 people. Shows like Lost & 24 killed people on a season by season basis. I mean, 24 killed 2 people in 1 episode! I didn’t hear any whining or complaining about that. 24 was even known for axing off female characters which seems a little sexist to me, but no one complained about that either.

            I for one lost interest in Derek this season with his whole “Asshole Doctor” personality he had when he was being a complete jerk to his sister and his wife. It’s hard for me to like a character that blames other’s for their decision. He had decided to stay in Seattle for Meredith, and then he blamed her for his decision. That’s when I started to jump off the Derek Shepard bandwagon.

            Besides that, how do you watch/enjoy a show that is about a character that you don’t like? How can you not like Meredith but enjoy Grey’s Anatomy? The show is about her, with a secondary about the people in her life? It would be like saying you like 24 but hate Jack Bauer, or you like Castle, but hate Richard Castle, or even you like Bones but hate Brennan. It makes no sense!

      • Kate says:

        I could have gotten behind full zombie apocalypse. But dying from a brain injury works too.

      • Nate Mayhew says:

        I choose to believe that you are Shonda Rhimes, as I read that entire thing (including the LOL) as Command. Bloody well done.

      • HLM says:

        Just awesome! People are whining about the death of Derek Shepperd but nobody knows the facts of what was going on behind the scenes. Did he ask to be killed off so they couldn’t ask him to come back? Did he act like a diva on set and it was just too much? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Mer-Der as a couple but it’s a freakin TV show.

        • Nancy says:

          And YOU don’t know that any of that was true! PD was NOT a diva. EVER. Shonda says that about ALL the people who leave her show. SHE is the diva. PD didn’t ask too be killed off OR let go from the show. He had another year left on his contract. Stop saying you know what happened!

          • Brigid says:

            You don’t know anything either, so stop spouting off like you do. Do YOU work on the show and have behind the scenes info? NO, so chill.

      • jco says:

        This made me laugh, even as unhappy as I am about Derrick demise!!!!!

      • Nikol says:

        I agree that killing him was the best way to write him off, but the way he died was horrible – no one fought for him, he was alone, he knew he was going to die and he couldn’t do anything about it- he was helpless. And he could have been saved! They didn’t do *everything* they can. And I think that this is the most upsetting thing about it because it makes us feel that it actually what happened behind the scenes. That Shonda didn’t fight for Derek- she just poorly written him off.
        So yeah, he had to die, but not like that.

      • kLSern says:

        YES! Ive been waiting for a response like that. Im a die hard Greys fan. sux how Derek was dueced off…however..people should be thinking outside of their tiny boxes…he went out a hero…”its a beautiful day to save lives. He died from the very thing he spent his whole career trying to fix…BRAIN INJURIES. I thought it was ironic and poetic. For whatever reason..the dude had to go. People move on. Should shonda rhymes had him shot? Stabbed? He died noble. Greys without Derek will suck, but hey..guess what folks? ITs a FAKE SHOW! Lets get back to reality now

  6. Gladys says:

    Will catch on YT..but not live. There’s nothing in the rest that interst me anyway. And I wont give Ms Rhimes more than the 10 years I just feel I wasted.

  7. Hannah says:

    I’m interested to see how Meredith gets over this. And I will keep watching. Derek was leaving no matter what. I’d rather him die than abandon Mer and their kids for whatever reason. I do wonder how many season of Grey’s could be left after this development though… (also can Christina please come back for a little while…)

    • Rook says:

      Thank you! Derek dying was the only option that they had.

      • Angela says:

        No it wasn’t. Meredith and Derek could have agreed he would finish his commitment in Washington DC and seen each other “off camera,” allowing him to reappear when the series ended.

        • Jamie says:

          No way they could have done that – Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Shonda Rhimes would be incessantly peppered with “When is Derek coming back? Why doesn’t Derek spend time with his children? Why can’t Derek come to the hospital for crazy surgeries?” etc. And you know fans/TV reporters would do it. The only reason they don’t do that with other main departing characters (like Burke, Teddy, or Izzie) is because they didn’t have ongoing relationships and children that were a part of the show. Patrick Dempsey wanted to wrap up his Grey’s chapter, and this was the most logical way to do it.

          • Nancy says:

            Not really. When Doug and Carol broke up on ER, Carol mentioned him all the time and how he was seeing the kids. It didn’t bother me that I never saw him. then he came back for her in the end and now they are together and happy with their girls. They could have done that here. I would have been knowing he was still seeing his wife and kids even if it was off camera. No he did NOT want to wrap it up. read his EW interview. He was fired!

        • rowan77 says:

          Frankly – that would be bad writing. The character is to integral and important to Meredith’s series arc. To have him simply go to Washington and never be seen again doesn’t ring true. Derek was always ambitious, but ultimately his love story with Meredith and their family was the most important thing for him. It’s the same reason Julian Fellows killed off Matthew in Downton Abbey – to have his character leave his family at that point was against his character.

          Sometimes the best, most truthful way to tell a story does not mean hugs and puppies all around.

          • Andrea says:

            I couldn’t have said it better myself! A story implies that there is both a beginning and an ending. Meredith and Derek’s love story had both, and they had TEN YEARS to tell it. I know plenty of shows where they didn’t even get a few seasons, let alone 10. Be grateful for the ten years of entertainment that we have recieved. No one who watches this show, or any other, escapes without losing a character that they cared about. Television wouldn’t if we did.

  8. Tvfanatic says:

    I’m done with the show. Merder was the only thing left.

  9. LaurenMC says:

    Ellen Pompeo is a classy lady for making a statement like this in support of the show she currently stars in, but I highly doubt she (or anyone else in the cast) agreed with the decision to kill off McDreamy. Even Patrick Dempsey, in the EW interview with him, did not sound like he was happy about what happened. The backlash from fans has been HARSH since Thursday, and now they’re trying to do some damage control, starting with having Ellen make this statement.

    I will not be tuning back in next season. I feel betrayed by the show and Shonda Rhimes. She asked us to love Meredith & Derek and root for them for 11 seasons, and we did. Their relationship was the heart of the show. She knew how much fans loved them. Fans expected and deserved to see MerDer have a happy ending, especially after all the trauma/drama they have been through. Derek being tragically killed feels like the rug being pulled out from under us. Like the show tricked us. Not only is it shoddy storytelling, but it’s a slap in the face to everyone who watched for the past 11 seasons and got invested in these characters. She could have killed everyone else off (since she loves to do that) but Meredith & Derek should have been untouchable. I’m out.

    • ? says:

      They had 11 years together. They had two kids, a nice house, successful and satisfying careers. That’s more than a lot of couples get. No one lives happily FOREVER after, y’know.

      • LaurenMC says:

        They didn’t have 11 years together – time passed differently on the show from season to season, so it’s actually more like 6 or 7 years for them – and they were not together all of that time – what are you even talking about? Do you watch the show?

        • Dann Kopko says:

          Agreed. And they’ve spent much of those years miserable. An entire season was devoted to Derek hating Meredith for harming the Alzheimer’s trial. Derek was away in DC for a season. Derek not trusting Meredith for a season because she drowned. Them taking the better part of 5 seasons to get out of their own way in the beginning.

          It’s just depressing and not enjoyable TV. Meredith’s been through enough. Seeing her husband gunned down. A plane crash where her sister died. An ambulance wreck she was in. A mother with Alzheimer’s dying. Miscarriages. George dying.

          You finally think she’s got a light at the end of the tunnel and she’s a widow. F that. I’d MUCH rather have had her and Derek just not work out due to work / family conflicts. That’s more realistic and understandable. It happens all the time. Not this heaping of tragedy after tragedy on one person – now left with 2 kids, a dead husband and her “person” halfway around the world.

          • La Quetta Ray says:

            Ellen is a beautiful actress, I could actually see her and Patrick together in real life, she’s one of many people whose other half people wonder why. His looks are not even close to hers. I’m glad I’m not in love. My second husband wasn’t good looking and a huge mistake. He’s still a bumm. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover but I’ll take Prince Charming looks and all any day. I have dated both ugly and handsome, both have good or bad attitudes.

      • Nancy says:

        NOBODY? Really? Tell that to my sister and her husband. Been married 30 plus years and have 7 beautiful kids. And one grandchild. It can and has been done!

  10. Julia says:

    Sorry – I won’t keep watching. I am not that crazy fan that is against Patrick leaving – it is the way they handled it. I just have no interest in watching an even sadder show where a love story that I enjoyed for 10 years is gone.

    On a side note, does anyone find it odd that no one else from the cast other than Chandra Wilson has commented on Patrick leaving?? I thought Ellen would say something about working with him, etc.

    • Whatevah says:

      I saw some tweets from Jessica Capshaw and Camilla Luddington.

    • Jessica says:

      I saw an interview where he said that he last day on set was like any other. There were no goodbyes or celebrations, he just wrapped, got in his car, and drove home and I thought how pathetic, all the time he was on the show, how much fans were invested in his character and…nothing. Seemed like a big eff you to me.

  11. Maria says:

    Well, honestly, I feel empty. I do understand that probably Patrick wanted to get out of the show and I do prefer Derek dying to him leaving Mer and the kids. Yet I’ve really missed him this season and I’m sad that it’s what happened to Meredith. I won’t stop watching, because there are still characters that interest me. But I wish Derek were alive.

  12. Azerty says:

    What else can she say anyway? If she says something else she will be thrown under a bus next episode…anyway except for Meredith dealing with Derek’s loss I don’t know where the show is going now. Alex and Jo barely have screen time together, Jackson has been MIA for a least 2 or 3 episodes, Callie has no storyline, like at all, since the winter break Maggie became more of a background character just here to support Meredith when she freaks out, no that Webber got back with Catherine what else to say? The only characters with a real storyline this year were Arizona with Herman, who is gone thank you and Amelia/Owen booooring. So yeah except for Mer’s grieve I really don’t see where they are going next year.

    • Patrick says:

      Alex and Mer are now endgame. He’s her person now. They will have a hug or cuddle moment to end the season. Kiss next year at Christmas, in love by the season, and now de facto series, finale.

      • Azerty says:

        Ergh, Derek’s death was the worst thing that could happen to the show. Now it happened, Alex+Meredith as a couple is the next worst thing that could happen. Hell no to this.

      • Azerty says:

        But now that you mentionned it, there was a question a few weeks ago when there was that weird thing between Maggie and Alex, and Tvline asked Shonda why Alex and Jo had no screen time together and she answered that sometimes, events like behind the scene events change the storyline. I would rather see Alex with Maggie than with Meredith and Meredith better not have a new love interest next year, that would be an even bigger insult to the fans.

        • cycworker says:

          I think to integrate Alex into that family they`ll go with Alex & MAGGIE, not Meredith. Mer and Alex have been friends too long. It just wouldn`t work. But I can totally see Uncle Alex stepping up to help fill the void in the lives of Zola & Bailey, being the surrogate dad who coaches Zola`s soccer team, goes to the Father/Daughter Kindergarten event, etc. And Jo will NOT be down for that. Maggie will.

          • Liz says:

            Jo would be supportive probably more than most girlfriends definelty more than Maggie. Remember last season when Alex’s dad showed up and Jo wanted Alex the reconnect with his father and she said that him reconciling eithhis father was so important to her because she never had a father, and had always dreamt of having one. If Jo knows that Zola and Bailey just lost their father she’d probably be the one to push Alex into excepting the role of Uncle Alex because she knows what not having a father means and if Alex can step in as a surrogate father Jo wouldn’t stop him she’d probably push him towards it

    • Jennifer says:

      Where the show’s going is down the toilet…and fast!

  13. Em says:

    Sounds like that was written by rhimes or ABC or both to do damage control. And using Ellen to hide behind.

  14. Frankie says:

    By August I hope to see a headline from you and every other entertainment publication that says “Grey’s Anatomy to End After Season 12”. Enough is enough, ABC. Thanks to Shonda’s poor choices, this show has officially become a sinking ship.

    • cycworker says:

      Honestly I think it depends what ABC has that can replace it. That said, I`d rather the writer know really far ahead so they can plan the ending.

    • Holly says:

      If viewers keep watching Greys it’s not a sinking ship. Only time will tell. The ratings are better than most other network dramas currently airing.

      • Nancy says:

        Last week got a 2.8. If you call that GOOD in terms of ratings that is just sad.

        • Addie says:

          Not sure where you get that number- they got a 9.4 for Derek’s death episode and 7.6 last week. The 2.8 is the demo number not the overall rating. Plus, for a show that’s been on 10 years and the ratings are basically consistent from week to week? Yeah, that IS good.

          • Whatevah says:

            Addie, just two weeks ago the title of a ratings article I saw was something about is Grey’s done because the ratings were so bad. I’ll say one thing about Shonda killing off Derek, she sure got buzz going for a show whose last buzz was about Sandra Oh leaving haha I’m seeing a pattern here.

          • Nancy says:

            Um HELLO? The DEMO number IS what matters! They don’t care about the actual NUMBER who watched. ALL the networks care about IS the Demo number and this was AWFUL! You are an idiot if you think the demo number doesn’t matter!

        • Holly says:

          Oh, so every Network show below a 2.8 is going to get cancelled per your logic. There won’t be anything left on Network TV! It is what it is. Do your homework.

          • Nancy says:

            And you are a MORON if you think that. Um hellO! Shows with that bad a rating DO get cancelled ALL the time. Name ONE show that hasn’t! I bet you can’t. Please there will be PLENTY left on tv. Don’t be so freaking dramatic!

  15. Sheryl K says:

    I fear Mer is going to become Ellis Grey.Stop the carousel from turning.
    Show had a shift from start of season 11 so interesting how it will play out.

    • Right!? When she read Derek’s chart, that was pure Ellis!!!!

      • Dark Defender says:

        Let’s just pray they don’t end the series with her in a home with early onset Alzheimers. That is a full circle I can do without.

    • Jillpill says:

      I have a feeling that Meredith will end up being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. That being said, I also feel that Cristina (there’s no H in her name, folks) and Owen will come together as one…to raise the Shepherd clan. This would, in my mind, turn an epic tragedy into a very powerfully-stated storyline. Cristina never said she didn’t want to accept responsibility for the Shepherd children. She said she didn’t want her OWN children or to adopt her OWN children, or have a family of *her own*. Rewatch the episodes. For me…this type of “end” to a decade-long series like this one, would be the only thing that would make me breathe a little easier.

  16. TinLV says:

    He was leaving anyway people !! And he had no problem with it being sooner rather than later. The write-off was a matter of timing in terms of storyline on the show.. not hard feelings between Dempsey and Shonda Rimes. He has made it abundantly clear that he wants to quit acting altogether and be a full time race car driver.. (let’s hope he is a better driver than Derek). I look forward to the next chapter in Meredith’s story.

    • Kate says:

      Exactly- it’s not like it was Shonda’s choice, or Ellen Pompeo’s. Patrick Dempsey wanted to leave, and I would MUCH rather it be this way than him uncharacteristically abandoning his wife and children. I’m very interested to see how the whole cast deals with this, and I’ll hang onto this show to the end, personally.

      • Laura says:

        Actually, he and Ellen Pompeo had just signed two year contract extentions. So, while his ultimate goal was racing, he fully intended to stay with the show throughout his contract.

      • Jillian says:

        Finally! Someone with a brain! Thank you for being the voice of reason!

        The only way the Mer/Der story could be truly complete was him dying. If he were to leave Meredith and the kids it would have been uncharacteristic of him. There was no way that Shonda could write Dempsey off the show (like he wanted her to do) without killing Derek. It was the only acceptable way for their story to end. If he were to abandon Meredith and the kids it would have been even MORE of a disservice to the fans.

    • Whatevah says:

      He signed a 2 year contract. He was NOT leaving on his own accord. I think he wanted to work less hours and Shonda said eh..okay, then nahhh..

      • JD says:

        But that’s the definition of “leaving of his own accord.” If i walked up to my boss tomorrow and said “i don’t want to work full time anymore, i’d like fewer hours” he would have two choices – to accept that, or to get rid of me. Just because it’s TV doesn’t mean it’s not a job. And even a contracted employee has every right to leave a job provided that it is done in accordance with the terms of the contract. There are no employment contracts that forbid someone from leaving a job. This is a free country. Maybe Dempsey wanted a better goodbye story, like Christina got – but i can see why Shonda did this…the only other way to lose him without losing Meredith would have been for him to abandon his family, which is entirely out of character. She didn’t really have much choice other than to kill him off, unless she wanted to get rid of Meredith from the show as well.

        • Whatevah says:

          This was all talked about BEFORE he signed the contract. I remember when it was announced they both had signed it was with the agreement that they would not have to work as many hours.

  17. N says:

    GA was crappy all season. I’m NOT watching live again

  18. Whatevah says:

    Of course Meredith is going to go on..doesn’t mean i have to enjoy her journey.

  19. Raechel says:

    I cannot believe how crazy people are acting because they killed Derek. I guess if they had him just leave her Mer & the kids for selfish reason they would complain about that too. This was the only way for them to keep Derek from being a selfish jerk. This is a TV show not real life so yeah they have to so many people so there will be a lot of tragedy for one person since the show has been on for 11 seasons. They were really in a no win situation since Patrick wanted out.

    I’ll continue to watch the show since I’m in the minority here, as I wasn’t a fan of Derek. I like majority of the rest of the cast and hopefully they will get more air time.

    • t.w.123 says:

      Nope, you are not alone. I am completely with you!!

    • Karen says:

      He could have just stayed in DC. The story was already set up. Do long distance or have a separation in the marriage. Killing Derek was absolutely a choice.

      • Addie says:

        They were doing that up until 3 episodes ago. And it wasn’t working for Meredith, is your attention span that short?

        • Tess says:

          Don’t be obtuse. The set up for long distance was there and could have been written to work as long as the writers wanted it to.

        • Karen says:

          My attention span is just fine, thank you very much.

          My point is that Derek didn’t have to come back for 3 episodes of “lovey-dovey” anvil dropping, and instead him and Meredith could have came to the conclusion that he’s better off in DC and or they could have built some drama around them separating.
          People saying how Derek would leave his family, well, he was already doing it! His DC project could have been something that lasted a significant amount of time, say 3 years.
          The point is, Derek DID NOT HAVE TO DIE. They could have left it open for him to return someday to close out the show, but Shonda CHOSE otherwise.

          Let’s not pretend Derek in DC wasn’t working, because it was. All these people in support of his death who are saying how he wasn’t missed while in DC just proves the point that they could have just kept him there instead of angering a whole lot of loyal fans.

          I hope a lot of people do jump ship over the hiatus and the ratings sink. It would serve all the self-righteous attitudes right.

    • SW says:

      I’m right there with you. I actually was a fan of Derek, but I don’t agree at all with the people who are saying the way he was written out was poorly done, or sloppy. While he didn’t get the long, elaborate goodbye arc that Cristina got, his last day on Earth was spent doing what he loved doing – saving people’s lives. He saved four people’s lives that day. If he hadn’t been there, who knows what would’ve happened. The teenage girl most definitely would’ve died before help arrived. He was on that road for a reason that day. It just happened that he was both in the right place at the right time, and the wrong place at the wrong time, at the same time. And yes, it was tragic and heartbreaking that he died from something that he could’ve easily saved himself from if he’d been able to speak, but that’s how life works sometimes. People die in horrible, ironic ways. I know, I know, people don’t watch TV for realism, they watch it for escapism, but since when is Grey’s about rainbows and happy endings? We’ve seen tragedy like this happen over and over for years. Derek’s just the latest victim of that. I’ll miss him, and I’ll probably cry my eyes out this Thursday like I did the nigh the died, and I’m angry that he and Mer won’t get their happy ending, but I prefer this ending for Derek than I would have if he’d just abandoned Meredith and the kids. At least he went out as a hero rather than a guy who selfishly leaves his entire family for career purposes.

      • Suzanne says:

        Yes! Exactly. His last day was spent on his terms, and the worst part was that he died the way he did. With as much as he was gone this season, him being dead doesn’t really change much. I’ll be joining you in the crying on Thursday, and then be watching next season to see how things go on.

        • SW says:

          Suzanne, I’m actually kind of excited to see what Grey’s is like without Derek, and also the storylines this opens up for Meredith/Ellen. Like I said in my other comment, I’m definitely going to miss him, and always be sad that MerDer won’t get that happy ending, but I’m also really interesting to see where things go from here for the show, and for Meredith. It’ll also give Amelia, and other characters, a lot of heavy, new storylines, as well. His death is going to change everything about the show, and kind of make it re-invent itself, in a way. I know we’re in the minority thinking that way, but I still feel like his death was done well, so I think that’s what’s fueling my excitement/interest for the future.

    • Holly says:

      Count me as another fan who feels this way. I’m looking forward to Derek-less Greys, especially what’s in store for Meredith. Ellen Pompeo has every right to be excited for the future of her character and to show off her acting chops. And she certainly did this past episode.

  20. Patty says:

    I was so tired of Mer/Der and their repetitive storylines for a few seasons now. I thought that Derek in DC and Meredith on her own this fall provided some of the best Grey’s episodes in a few seasons. Now they can focus on the characters I care about – Alex, Owen, Bailey… I can’t possibly be the only person glad to see Derek go!

  21. jco says:

    I too did not watch for a real life experience. I have lost a number of close family members and do not need a TV show to replay that devastating feeling. The Derek-Meredith storyline was the whole basis for this show. It has always seemed as if something was missing when one of them was not in an episode. I had just recently begun watching the show again, but will now be gone as a viewer. Should have been a better way to write him out if he wanted to leave.

  22. Necle says:

    Grey’s was my favorite show and MerDer my favorite TV couple. It might be stupid but I was really invested in their relationship, their lives and I don’t think any fan who watched for 11 years would do so without some huge emotional bond they feel with the characters. I still feel like crying when I think of Derek’s death and am so bitter towards the show and towards Shonda. I understand an actor might want to leave, especially after 11 years on the same project. Derek could have been amazing at the brain mapping project making breakthrough after breakthrough in D.C. and I would be OK with seeing him once or twice each season. But I don’t think I ever will be OK with this. Not just the fact that he died but that it all happened so… stupidly. I would have been on board with watching Meredith’s journey without Derek only if it had meant that he wouldn’t be in the hospital to steal her spotlight and be the sole focus of her life but him actually dying and like this? No. I do not see there being a journey after this point. This was a nice effort to put a spin on that awful storyline choice but it does not work on me.

    I agree with most of the other comments here, I watched this show to escape the tragedy in real life and lately all I’ve been getting from this show is repeated kicks in the gut.

    I might watch this show every once in a while from now on only out of curiosity but Meredith would have to wake up from a terrible nightmare next week and find Derek lying next to her, very much alive for Grey’s to be my fav show again. And even then it will be the show that pulled a horrible and cheap prank on its dedicated viewers.

  23. leash10 says:

    I realize PD wanted to leave but it wiuld have been nice if there could have been conversations about it maturely and maybe they could have decided to just end the show. I’d say fans were rooting for a happy ending for MerDer and this is obviously not it. Although, I definitely did not want them breaking up either. So I say again, the show should have ended instead of this. I have been a fan from the beginning & am just devastated over how he was killed off. I know I get very attached to TV characters so I feel like I am just a glutton for punishment if I continue watching. Yet, I’m curious about how it’s going to go on as well.

    • Suzanne says:

      How do you know there weren’t mature conversations about him leaving the show? We know there were conversations about Patrick Dempsey leaving, but the only people who really know what went on are Patrick Dempsey & Shonda Rhimes. Saying that they should’ve ended the show – which is still making ABC money – instead of killing Derek is such a drastic step it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      • leash10 says:

        I know. I know. Ultimately, it’s all about the money and yes, there are other great actirs on the show. Maybe “mature” wasn’t the best word to use, but I wish that if/when either he or Ellen said hey were finished, there would have been some sort of agreement that it would be a good time to end the show. I know the tragedies create drama and typically a show can continue on just fine through staff changes and such. However, I am just hurt that after this many seasons, we have to let go of this great couple. I am completey aware that not everyone gets a happy ending in real life, but many do and with all the tragedy they have both had happen to them, it just feels like too much. That’s all I meant. I just cannot imagine if the show keeps going & they try & introduce another love interest for her. It started with the 2 of them and “should” have ended that way. Like I said, I am probably too curious to not watch but it puts me through the ringer which is a little unhealthy emotionally. :)

  24. dman6015 says:

    They’re running out of stories to tell.

    • BT says:

      Exactly. It’s time for the show to start thinking about closing up shop. they had another year to do something more with the Meredith /Derek relationship. When are they going to start exploring the alzemers angle. An interesting story line would be Meredith developing the disease rapidly as in the movie still Alice and that way she could’ve continued to tell the story with Derek.

  25. A fan of TV says:

    Derek was a secondary character anymore, anyway. Why is it so hard go believe that tragedy struck on Grey’s AGAIN, especially with an actor who, by all appearances even years before his death episode, basically wanted off the show? Those throwing hate at the show for this, what was the alternative? FORCING Patrick Dempsey to stay in a job he no longer clearly wanted, because you feel entitled and that the show owes you your every whim and desire?

    Heck no. Take deep breaths and remember this is a show about Meredith and that cursed hospital. Derek was always just a part of Meredith’s story.

  26. Whatevah says:

    What else is she going to say? She’s make $350,000 an episode. Shonda probably said get out there and say something or Meredith will die in a train crash.

  27. Eran says:

    If the only thing I cared about in my television shows was the romance and coupling aspect then I would be an avid CW viewer. And I can only speak for myself here, but showing characters I’ve been with for 11 years now dealing honestly and rawly with a founding character’s death is something I would most definitely tune in for. My commitment after 11 years is with the Grey’s Anatomy universe, not a couple in the show. I’ve never considered Grey’s escapist television and being no stranger to some tragic loss in life myself, I personally do want to see representations of it echoed back at me through my television because that IS life. Sh*t happens. Horrific sh*t happens and the carousel doesn’t stop turning.

    To be the showrunner of a series for 11 years running is a job none of us can even wrap our heads around in terms demands. For that alone, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Shonda Rhimes. A show doesn’t stay on the air for 11 seasons for its rubbish storytelling.

    Derek is dead. Life goes on. Television goes on and I for one will carry on watching.

  28. Ava Sawyer says:

    What a contrived and condescending PR written statement, throwing in dead soldiers was particularly insulting. Her co star of 10 years has been axed , glad she is so excited. No I won’t be joining Meredith on her journey, Grey’s Anatomy has wasted enough of my time and energy.

  29. Jaks says:

    Everyone is gonna complain they aren’t going to watch. Too bad the rest of America will continue to watch :]

  30. I know a lot of people fell like the way he died was not big enough, that it was too simple.

    But is you think about it that was kinda perfect!
    How did George die? Hit by a bus for trying to save a girl.

    Derek saved those people on the road, and the the ironic thing happened, he got hit by a truck, and died cause he was sent to a crappy hospital with no trauma center.

    It’s sad that she’s not going to have her happy ending, but at the same time life isnt about happy endings most of the time, and this is giving Ellen Pompeo great material to work, she was amazing last week, and i think she will be even better in the following episodes, in my opinion this will give a new life to Grey’s, and i’m in for the ride <3

    PS- Would love to see Cristina back, Mer needs her person!

  31. kmw says:

    Her sentiments are just fine, but it will not take sting off for viewers. Patrick Dempsey signed a two year contract and he was in the middle of that. From what he has said this came up not too long ago, so if he had really wanted to leave the show they most certainly should have crafted a better exit for him. Everything about his exit was cheap and lazy. How many people who have been close to Meredith have died over the years? By my count WAY too many. I know this show is called Greys Anatomy, but many people watched for Meredith and Derek and now they get to see more agony for her. I also know its just a tv show, but too much torturing of characters could be enough to send a lot of people away. ABC and Shonda can spin this all they want to but they have alienated their fan base and no matter how many statements they make will make up for what they did.

    • Do you remember the 1st episode of season 5? Mer standing in the house of candles and then she’s at the hospital and derek’s been in an accident and he dies? the she wakes up.

      The way he died was a connection to that, they even show her in the house of candles in the episode he dies!!

  32. Jan says:

    With all respect to Ellen, I think she is a talented actress. Truthfully, though, this season of G.A. minus Derek, has not been the best of seasons. I’m very tired of the breakup and the unhappiness this show has turned to lately.

    There isn’t one intern I care about. Whereas, the original cast was the perfect blend of actors. I will finish out the season but most likely will not return next to watch the show. As it as, I no longer look forward to it and rarely will watch live. It will be days before I watch it on demand now.

    If Patrick considered part-time, he should have been allowed. They could have sent him overseas to do humanitarian work. When G.A. was in their final season, which I hope will soon, he could have returned to Meredith and the kids. This show has lost its heart and is all over the place now.

    • Whatevah says:

      I really missed Patrick Dempsey this season when he wasn’t on. But at least I knew he’d show back up at some point. Now? uhh that’s not happening. I’m not sure the show will be that interesting to me anymore. I’ll have to wait and see.

  33. Jennifer says:

    if you are reading this and are thinking about continuing to watch Grey’s, or thinking about watching for the first time, I beg you DO NOT watch! This writer (Shonda Rhimes) is an lying, evil, sadist, witch, who thrives on upsetting her fans and slapping loyal viewers in the face! ABC slaps their own viewers in the face by allowing Rhimes to get away with her crap! You will never get the payoff from her shows that fans/viewers deserve so please don’t waste your time! You will never be rewarded for your loyalty! If you care at all about the terrible injustice that Shonda has done Grey’s and it’s viewers in killing Derek off and ending MerDer, then you will stand up against Shonda and ABC and stop watching Grey’s along with all of her other shows! You will never feel anything but disappointment with her!

    • kn1231 says:

      If that’s how you talk about someone you never met, over a decision they make doing their job, then you need some therapy. It’s one thing to disagree with a decision, but to write things like this about another person is not ok.

    • Eran says:

      Get help. Lots and lots of help.

    • Angela says:

      …yeeeeeeeeah, I gotta concur with the other replies to your post here. It’s perfectly fine and understandable to be upset that a character you like is gone. It’s also fine to disagree with a showrunner/writer’s way of handling a storyline on a show. We’ve all been there.
      But this is seriously over the top. And weirdly personal. You do realize that fans aren’t automatically entitled to anything when they watch a show, right? It’s nice when shows do take fan reaction and comments into account, but we aren’t the ones writing the show. They are. And they should tell the stories they want to tell. And I think nowadays, WAY too many fans seem to forget that fact.

      • Addie says:

        So much word to your whole comment, but especially your last line. I think you can blame Twitter/Facebook/other social media sites for that entitlement. Some fans seem to think that because they can tweet the writers/actors of a show that they can tell them what they’re doing wrong and why they should really do it their way.

        • Angela says:

          Oh, absolutely. Social media can be a great thing, and it is fun, as a fan, to have more access to your favorite TV shows in ways you never used to before. But it’s moments like this that prove why it can be a real downside, too. There’s also the fact that some fans forget that not everyone would agree with their suggestions on how to do things. Like shipping. One fan could like a character with one person, another could ship that same character with someone else entirely. Who should the showrunners and writers listen to in that case? And why should one fan’s wishes override someone else’s? And so on.
          I think I’m also very sympathetic to showrunners and writers because I work in customer service and I know how hard it can be to please everyone. You just can’t do it. Some people won’t be satisfied no matter how hard you try to make them happy. And there are some things that are beyond my control, and I think that can be said of showrunners and writers sometimes, too, depending on the show in question.
          Plus, I also like to write, and writing is tougher than one thinks. Yes, these people are professionals, so it’s understandable people hold them to a higher standard, but it’s a job to them, just like any other person’s job is, and they’re going to have off days and situations, too, just like everyone else does at where they work.
          Again, like I said, people can criticize storylines and so on all they want. That’s fine. Constructive criticism (key word, of course, being “constructive”) is always good and important when it comes to creative endeavors. Or they can stop watching altogether if a show isn’t doing it for them anymore. But some fans’ complete lack of any attempt to see things from a showrunner or writer’s perspective can be a little…ergh…sometimes.

          • Skwyrley says:

            Too long a reply, most people stopped reading after sentence three. In our new “ADHD Society the average Social media participant has the attention span of a flea. As for Grey’s Anatomy, I stopped watching after Season five when to me it got boring. Clicked on the story cuz reading Derek got killed off is surprising. Still not gonna start watching. I’ve moved on already. Done TV shows don’t realize when it’s time for the ending…its past time to say goodbye to Gray’s Anatomy. Of course that’s in my “short attention span opinion” only, which most people have stopped reading already! LOL

    • April says:

      It’s just a television show!!! She wants to get a reaction from people and she is succeeding. After 11 years to still have people so passionate about it is very impressive, but again it isn’t real!

      • Grey's Fan says:

        No kidding. I can’t think of any other show that still received this kind of reaction to a plot twist after being on-air for 11 years. E/R: I don’t think its following was this strong in season 11.
        Friends might be similar, except that was a “feel-good” comedy and went out after 10 years. (I for one hated the fact Rachel got off the plane. She should’ve gone to Paris and started a new life where her career could flourish.)
        Ratings for GA are going to go through the roof with the two-hour episode this week as thousands of people tune in to say goodbye to Derek and see where the show is going to go now.
        I for one am excited about Meredith’s new journey. Not to mention the journeys of April, Callie, Arizona, Bailey, Maggie, Stephanie, Jo, Alex, Richard, Owen, Amy and Catherine.

  34. Pam says:

    I’m angry they killed off Derek, but I’ll definitely still watch. I don’t watch Greys for just one character and it’s my favorite show. I’ll stick with it until the end. I love Patrick Dempsey but he was barely on this season anyway. The show has proven (and will prove) it can go on without him. No disrespect intended to those who feel otherwise.

  35. I’m sorry, but no. While I am interested in what happens with the other characters on the show, I just can’t continue to watch. The way Derek was killed off was basically like Shonda Rhimes flipping off that character, the actor, and all the fans. It was insulting to all of us. And I am done.

    • Jay says:

      I’ve seen “the way he died” so many times as an argument… and the thing is, people die in stupid ways in real life all the time. They do stupid things, they pick up their phones while driving, stop in the middle of the road, get shot by crazy ex-boyfriends, choke on a pop-tart. I think what Shonda and the writers were trying to do was show that, yes, stupid things happen, and that’s all a part of life. if Patrick Dempsey wanted out, then hey, it’s his choice, and the writers had to choose the best way to do it. Derek Shepard would never have left his wife and kids, and obviously the long distance thing wasn’t working.
      “But he just signed a two year contract blah blah”… but did he really? That could’ve just been something that was said to hide the fact that he was leaving. Or he could’ve changed his mind and asked to be written out. Same thing with George and Lexie and Mark and every other person who left.
      And the people who think Shonda is just being mean are kind of silly, why didn’t she have a horrible ending for Burke, who we all know called TR Knight a horrible name? Why did she write such a horrible ending for Lexie when Chyler left to spend time with her kids.
      Here’s the thing, people die. No one has a happy ending, because everyone dies. Yeah, some people die in stupid ways that should’ve been avoided, and could’ve possibly been avoided, but.. unfortunately, Derek Shepard is dead because he was sent to a hospital that was ill equiped to save him.
      Watch the show or don’t… but bitching about it isn’t going to bring him back, and the show will go on at least until Ellen Pompeo wants to leave. After all, she is the titular Grey. And even if she leaves, I’ll still watch, because, after all, it’s great entertainment.

      • favoured7 says:

        Aaaah….In order to continue watching this show, it would require a FAN BASE to KEEP it on air, judging from the ACTUAL FAN comments and not an EMPLOYEE/MANAGMENT/OWNER/ WRITTER/DIRECTOR, ECT… there’s not many left.

        • Brigid says:

          No only the vocal fans are saying that. You have no idea what other fans of this show who don’t go on social media and cry foul every second are going to do.

      • Nancy says:

        You theory that “Everyone dies”? That doesn’t apply here. Yes people die! We ALL die eventually. Vut this is absurd. NO hospital is THAT inept. I’m sorry. If they were they would have been shut down way before this! Wow if you think the show can go on without their main couple? Then you were not a fan of theirs to begin with so of COURSE you think the show can “Go on”!

        • June says:

          I have to disagree with you comment about no hospital being that inept. Of course they could be. My dad had lung cancer for 6 months and the hospital he was in kept telling us it was just flu, then pneumonia. They gave him more antibiotics and vitamins than I can list. We finally took him to another hospital and were told within 2 days of him being there that he had stage 4 cancer. We then had to take him back to the other hospital for an emergency situation and the didn’t believe us when we told them he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, instead they admitted him and it took an entire team of specialists 2 weeks to find the cancer, and that was only after they spoke to the doctor who had diagnosed it. So I actually found that part of Derek’s death quite believable, doctors are only human and as good as the training they get. They’ve always led us to believe in Grey’s that Grey/Sloan Memorial was one of the best hospitals in the world so it’s quite believable that another hospital may not be as good, and their doctors may not have been as skilled.

          I do agree with you though about being a fan, I think if you are a fan of the show you will keep watching, but if you were a fan of Derek, then you probably won’t.

      • Amber says:

        Thank you Jay! People do die in stupid ways all the time! People seem to think that just because Derek was a brain surgeon, he couldn’t have a stupid moment. EVERYONE has stupid moments! Those of you who say you watched the show to escape tragedy kill me! This show has been nothing but tragedy from the beginning, but you are all acting like this has never happened before. I loved George, Mark and Lexie, but I didn’t stop watching when they died. I hate to see Derek go, but it’s a TV SHOW! He was barely there all season, so are we really going to miss much more now? I LOVED the Mer Der storyline, but I also love many of the other characters and I’m interested to see where they go with this!

  36. Former fan says:

    Nice try shonda.. You lost a lot of fans.. Show is going down.. I’m tired of seeing Meredith going through hard times deaths sadness ect… This was the only good thing was this relationship her and Derek its the main part of the show!!!!

  37. karen says:

    I always thought that Greys is a great show with top notch actors and actresses – all of them! The program is true to life, romance, happy, sad, drama good times and bad, and yes death.We all deal with life changing situations every day of our lives. Greys can go on for many seasons to come with great people like Ellen Pompeo performing in it. I will miss seeing Dr, Sheppard sure. Patrick Dempsey is a great actor and i look foward to seeing him in something else. But, I just want to say that everyone is doing a fantastic job i enjoy the story even when sometimes it is sad, but isn’t that what life is all about, constant change Good luck to everyone involved in Greys Anatomy and keep up the great work. I love all of you!

  38. Alia says:

    The life after Derek is that at the end Shonda will kill Meredith.

  39. Larc says:

    Maybe I’m the only one who really won’t miss Derek, but most scenes he was in have felt a little tedious to me for quite a while now. I was finding his character less and less interesting and thought he was dragging Meredith down. Maybe she can start shining again now.

    • April says:

      I completely agree with you. I feel like Derek wasn’t a main character anymore and it will be really interesting without him to see how they all cope.

  40. frankie says:

    I will continue to abstain from watching the rest of the series. While I do love, and respect Ellen Pompeo as an actress. And Meredith is my favorite character of all time, hands down. I will not, cannot continue to watch that mess. From Season 1,with their naked introduction in her living room “MerDer” was it for me. I spent the past 10 years obsessed with their love story. Now that Shonda killed Derek in the cheapest way possible I have no interest. I am mad, upset and devastated(pathetic I know). Why would I watch Shonda’s show to watch her repair or manage her disaster. I underatand that there may have been underlying factors as to why he left but from watching the episode I feel shonda did not give the character (or the fans) the respect, sensitivity, thought that I feel is deserved. I know I sound pathetic, and I most likely am….but the way it happened felt like it was meant to hurt us. Shonda has written a whole lot of people off the show (which is another issue unto itself) and they had more appropriate endings than a tractor trailer crash and a hospital chock full of incompetent goons. Why did Shonda have to show the other man getting out of the ambulance at Grey-Sloan into the competent hands of Amelia and Owen, the two people who could have saved him. While Derek was shipped to the no names meat locker who attempted to refuse him at the door?! In short, for vengeance, to hurt us, to diminish him? I don’t know but I do know that despite Ellen’s post I have no interest into subscribing to that sort of show with a careless writer to involved in her two new shows to give a damn about her original cast who put her on the map. In addendum: I can’t help but feel that Ellen was pressured to write that by Shonda in an attempt to reign in some of the viewers that are walking away by the droves. And I hope that the ratings this weekend show that, and show Shonda just what a mistake she made.

  41. Jenna says:

    Sorry, EP, but I’m out. I get where you’re coming from, but I’m just not interested.

  42. Betty says:

    I am not watching anymore. I am just not interested in the show anymore. I have seen every episode, except for last week’s. For the last two seasons, it has been the show that I watched last from my dvr, usually on Sunday, so my interest has been waning. I guess I had the end of the series figured out in my head, Derek and Meredith sitting at Joe’s, having a drink after work, or maybe after Zola’s graduation. I am not interested in watching Meredith recover from Derek’s death, real life is bad enough. TV is more of an escape for me. I don’t watch too much network television, four dramas and four sitcoms, so I really have to be interested in something to watch it. The amount of deaths on this show is just too unrealistic. I think I counted 12 regular and recurring characters that have died. It’s hard to suspend disbelief anymore. I am sure I won’t be missed.

  43. Cas says:

    Does anyone care about Meredith that much? I know I didn’t. I enjoyed Derek and Meredith from the beginning as they were the “couple that was going to make it”. Meredith alone is just like her terrible mother.

    • Whatevah says:

      I have to agree with you. During this whole DC storyline I was on Derek’s side and I don’t think Shonda wanted me to be. Whoops.

  44. Loni says:

    Won’t be watching. Terrible, sloppy, plot driven writing.

  45. Ali says:

    No thanks. We’ve seen Meredith recover from tragedy countless times before and what we wanted was a happy ending. You’re not getting ratings from me. Hope season 12 is the last.

    • A fan of TV says:

      And to have a happy ending she needed yo have Derek? What about her kids? What about her career?

      • Nancy says:

        Um what’s wrong with having a man in her life? Being a single mother and ending up like HER mother? Yeah that’s good for her? Because that is EXACTLY where they are taking her. To turn out like her mother. Being a single mother is nothing to be thrilled about.

        • Ali says:

          I’m a married mother of 2. My kids are my world and I am my own person. But if my husband died I would be destroyed. Losing my love would be taking away a piece of the puzzle that would make my happy ending.

  46. Anna says:

    Yeeeah, thanks but no thanks. I’m done with the show. I’m not that much of a masochist.

  47. Normandy says:

    She’s the lead of the show and she probably won’t have a gig that’s as successful or profitable after it’s over. Ask Tim Daly what he thinks of Shonda. This is just PR spin.

    • Nancy says:

      And TR Knight. He went after Shonda after he quit. He had NOTHING nice to say about her. Tim was PISSED that his character was first turned into a jerk and then killed off! She has a bad habit of turning her actors against her too! And then blaming THEM for it.

  48. Fernanda says:

    Karev will sleep with Meredith the next season, mark my words. I remember the “what if” episode when they were a couple in an alternate reality.

  49. Nancy says:

    What else is she supposed to say? If she says the wrong thing god knows Shonda will can her too! I don’t buy her tweet. I don’t buy for a SECOND that EP thinks Meredith can go on without Derek. She is saying what she HAS to say. Because if she doesn’t then Shonda will go after her too! Even if she does mean it? I don’t care. GA as far as I am concerned is DONE!