Scandal Blind Item: Olivia to Hire New Gladiator (It's Someone We've Met!)

Olivia’s been Gladiating with a veritable skeleton crew on Scandal this season, but reinforcements are coming.

TVLine has learned that Liv in the near-ish future will finally get down to the business of filling one of the two vacant positions left by the dearly departed Harrison and now-White House press secretary Abby. And in a twist, I hear the new hire will be a familiar face to Scandal watchers — i.e. it’s a character Liv has previously crossed paths with (a guest star not a series regular).

Who’s the familiar face that’s about to get the coveted gig? That’s for me to know and you to speculate about in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ree says:

    Marcus, the community activist from two previous episodes. If they were trying to make that less than obvious, they failed.

  2. Gigi says:

    Hoping it’s Cornelius Smith, Jr. character, Marcus

  3. Nina says:

    Please let it be John Barrowman. =)

  4. Olivia says:

    It’s gotta be Marcus, played by Cornelius Smith Jr., right? They set it up perfectly: he wants justice, he knows what Pope & Associates is all about, and his political career is over. A job at OPA is the closest he’s gonna get to politics.

  5. TAL says:

    About damned time Olivia hire someone to replace Abby and Harrison. I say Marcus or Russell. And I’d like to see OPA in business attire again. Time for Huck and Quinn to dump the truck driver flanel shirt, jeans and steel-toe boots look

    • Cheyenne says:

      Well to be fair to Quinn, she can’t be running around in a suit and heels while she’s stuffing bodies into suitcases. But I agree, once in a while she could clean it up.

    • Larc says:

      I somehow don’t think Russell will be breathing enough when they finish with him to be of much use as a Gladiator.

      • MzTeaze says:

        Amen for that. I can’t wait for Russell to die the swift death he deserves. He’s the one character I would willingly throw to Huck for a removal via “classic fluff and fold”.

      • whoopsie says:

        Actor Brian White (RussellFranklinRussell) is scheduled to star as a regular on another show. because of the Russian spy connection, I’m thinking it’s Stephen. But it could be Marcus too.

      • girl123 says:

        This finale they show Rowan/Eli killing all connected with him B613 except Russell how How Olivia work with for her and went back to Fitzs? This crazy

  6. Sarah says:

    Marcus. No surprise

  7. Smigglesby says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it could be Portia De Rossi?

  8. Daisy says:

    I would love for it to be Leo.

  9. Charlotte says:

    Is it too much to hope for Sally Langston?!?!

  10. spindae2 says:

    Lizzie Bear (Portia de Rossi)

    • David says:

      Love that :) and the dynamics between her and Huck and being involved with Andrew and indirectly the kidnapping plus being a hard-core conservative would bring some good debates between the regulars :)

  11. Zorkel says:

    Marcus or Elizabeth North. I’d love for them both to…

  12. Tami says:

    I’m calling it. The activist guy who was running for mayor.

  13. Nicolás. says:

    Please, let it be Leo.

  14. Karen says:

    I hope it’s Marcus from last week’s episode. He had great charisma, was memorable, and seems to wear the ‘white hat’. One of my favorite guest actors they’ve had on Scandal, in my opinion.

  15. William says:

    I would love for Marcus to join the team. He’s the type of person that Olivia needs, someone who’ll abide by their sense of truth regardless of the costs.

  16. Apryl says:

    Marcus or David Rosen.

  17. missvci says:

    definitely think it’s Marcus as well, unless Olivia turns Russell into a double agent working against her father and hires him.

    • Cheyenne says:

      She wouldn’t be able to trust Russell as far as she could throw him.

      • missvci says:

        remember jake was also hired by her father to seduce her, and she learned to trust him. maybe she could get russell to turn on her father as well. I mean papa pope did shoot russell, so russell knows papa pope is cray cray.

      • herman1959 says:

        The actor who plays Russell was recently signed as a regular for another show, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of him on Scandal.

  18. Ellen says:

    I would prefer the vp. That’s one smart lady. Plus, she’d bring some naïveté to the team.

  19. Lisa says:

    It should be marcus AND elizabeth. They need more than one new face. And both characters would be great additions

  20. TVGenius says:

    Definitely Charlie given how he was with the team in the previous episode. Now that B613 is definitely going to burn down, Charlie will have no occupation, so of course Quinn bargains for him with Olivia and he’s officially in OPA!

    Possibility #2: Portia De Rossi’s character. Since her wife is in love with the show, and now that Mellie’s campain is coming to an end, she will have no occupation.

    side note: what did Portia De Rossi’s occupation in Scandal anyway?!

  21. sickofmyownvoice says:

    Marcus Walker, Liz , Charlie and maybe Leo are the names that come to mind.

  22. Kristen says:

    I feel like Marcus is the easy answer. Nothing in Shondaland is that easy. Usually.

  23. kathy e. says:

    I hope this means we are going to get back to fixing real problems from real people. I am so tired of B613 and Olivia’s daddy issues…enough! Let’s see the Gladiators back in action saving someone other than themselves!

  24. A-Rizzle says:

    Out of left field option: Sonya Walger. They’d have to get past that issue of her being in jail and all, but she, Abby & Liv did all go to law school together. Plus I love the idea of Desmond and Penny both having worked at OPA.

  25. Yoki says:

    Who else aside from Marcus?

  26. Cheyenne says:

    Hold up… he said someone who was a guest star on the show and is not a series regular. He didn’t say someone who never was a series regular. Soooo…. maybe Stephen??

    • missvci says:

      didn’t olivia already ask stephen to come back and he said he was happy where he was. of course he can change his mind, i would love him back at OPA.

      • Kat says:

        As much as I’d love Stephen, Henry Ian Cusick is pretty busy with “The 100”, being a series regular and all, so I doubt he’ll have time to come back full time…

  27. Dhaka says:

    its definitely Marcus

  28. Elisabeth says:

    Charlie…that would be cool. But it’s probably Marcus

  29. Tracey says:

    I hope it’s the real Olivia Pope because I don’t know who this woman is.

  30. AddieM says:

    It’s definitely Marcus…he would be a great addition

  31. Adi says:

    I so wish it would be Stephen but I don’t think that’s likely. Lizzie Bear though seems a strong possibility. Marcus seems too obvious. Liv would never trust Russell since he works for her father. Maybe a former OPA client?

  32. Eileen Hargis says:

    Duh, its Marcus, they didnt try to hide it from us.

  33. jinx2014 says:

    I think it is Charlie. Marcus has been signed for another show, so he is out.

    • Rachel says:

      I would love that!

    • Jules says:

      Didn’t hear about Marcus being signed for another show. Russell is. He’s on “Mistresses”. I love Marcus!! Darn! I thought for sure they were setting things up for him to return. I thought for two seconds that Russell might be stucking around too & pulling a Jake 2.0 as far as Rowan goes but forgot about the other show. Although, ” Mistresses ” is on in the summer so technically he could do both but that would be weird. Like when they showed the preview for Terrence Howard’s new show on Fox DURING the finale of “Empire”. It was more than strange.

  34. para says:

    the guy who played Abby’s boyfriend and was in private practice

  35. Rachel says:

    It HAS to be Marcus! They have chemistry and the same ‘fight the good fight’ ideals. I honestly can’t even think of anyone else it could be

  36. So there is definitely going to be a 5th season? Yay!

  37. Eran says:

    At first I thought, Marcus too, but then it occurred to me, well why not Charlie? Thinking about it now, bit by bit, he has been getting more screen time and from a writing POV, turning him into a series regular would be that much easier, as he already has ties to Quinn, Huck, Jake and wouldn’t flinch at any of the Galdiator-y things he’d have to do in the name of the job.

  38. kew1224 says:

    I hope that papa Pope is gone forever i am so tired of him ,i turn to something else when he comes on. I am really tired of B613. It is time for it to bite the dust. The scene where Russel almost killed Jake does not ring true. Jake is to good to be overtaken like that. I hope if Jake leaves the show it wont be this way. Ihave enjoyed his stay.

  39. Caroline says:

    This show has become so obvious. Marcus. Duh.

  40. Julie says:

    So the guest star rules out Henry Ian Cusick. I was hoping we’d see more of him after he rescued Liv. I barely remember his Scandal character outside of that but I always loved Desmond…

  41. nichole says:

    Marcus, community activist and former mayoral candidate. He’s the only person that makes the most sense.

  42. Lostie says:

    i say it will be Mama Pope…she will come back to help take down B613 and Papa Pope and become Oliiva’s new OPA Gladiator…☺…

  43. I thought Marcus from the first time I saw him on screen. It is so obvious.

  44. Cecilia says:

    I really really hope it is not that Marcus!!! I don’t like him and he will stab Olivia Pope in the back. I don’t understand why people like him. He will never be a good Gladiator.

  45. Awis says:

    Please let it be Marcus! Been a fan of Cornelius A. Smith since his days at AMC!!!

  46. Is it the guy she was sleeping with? Like you are going to tell me lol.

  47. Teri P. says:

    Marcus, definitely. Not Russell. Liv would never hire anyone she’s had a romantic relationship with. Jake helps out but he’s not officially a Gladiator. Liv likes to hire those who believe they “owe her.” Huck’s wife Kim, maybe? She is an attorney now, and has the “fight the good fight” mentality. Has she ever crossed paths with Liv?

  48. 7joanna says:

    How about resurrecting Harrison. Shonda can do it with some crazy, plot line Voo Doo. Columbus Short added so much to the mix.Great Actor. Perfectly cast. If he has done sufficient penance for his personal failings- both with his Wife and the legal system-then he could/should be brought back into the Gladiator fold.

  49. mykaayah says:

    Probably Marcus